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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ good morning, everyone. i'm jenelle wang live in san jose where the city is trying to shut down what it calls one of the most dangerous nightclubs in the city. the stabbings, the brawl, the cat fights. the story coming up. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in hillsborough where residents are getting an extremely rare warning: beware of mountain lions and keep your eyes on your
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children. the story coming up in a live report. >> here's a live look downtown san francisco where some of the fog is making its way through the delta and into the bay itself. we'll talk about where it could possibly be freezing and also it's sky spare the air day. >> you'll find a lot of that thick fog on your drive to work this morning, especially parts of the carquinez bridge, parts of highway 4. here's interstate 80 in berkeley. flooding has been reported near the oakland maze. we're looking out for it and we'll keep you posted and let you know if it causes any problems. >> you've heard about the fog and reports of flooding on the road. 5:01. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. san mateo county officials are warning residents to be on alert after the third mountain lion sighting this week. in the latest incident yesterday, a mountain lion is believed to have killed a deer in broad daylight. terry mcsweeney is live in hillsborough with details. >> i'm here on robin hood lane
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which is black mountain road. this is where the attack happened. the fact a mountain lion would attack a deer is not that unusual but the fact it happened in broad daylight has officials very concerned. robin hood lane, this is a residential street as you can see. the attack happened 9:45 yesterday morning. the fish and game is saying the daylight attack could mean the big cat is sick or injured. police are saying sightings are very rare around here. still they're advising and it's a scary advice. don't leave small children or pets unattended in backyards, especially in wooded areas and this entire neighborhood here has woods all around it. call 9-1-1 if you do see a big cat. a mountain lion was spotted in emerald hills neighborhood, redwood city, another day time spotting. and there was a big scare last month when a mountain lion -- actually mountain lion tracks were found behind the middle school in belmont but
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they believe that activity happened at night. the main concern right now is here in hillsborough where officials are warning people keep an eye out for this mountain lion because of the attack yesterday morning. it's an indication this big cat could be sick. live in hillsborough, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 5:03 now. a little less than three weeks, the city of san jose will go to court to permanently close a nightclub with a history of violence. an incident new year's eve was apparently the final straw. jenelle wang is live in san jose to tell us the story. jenelle? >> eric, this is a rare move but san jose city officials want to close down this nightclub behind me. the most recent violent incident happened on new year's eve when a badly injured woman had to get stitches at the hospital after being pushed to the ground and then get stomped in the cheek by another woman wearing a stiletto heel causing a puncture in her cheek. the club says the whole thing is overblown and it was just a cat
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fight but this is not the first time something like this has happened at wet nightclub. (screaming) >> in september 2009, a customer captured this video and posted it on of a series of fights breaking out all over the dance floor. the club's security tried desperately to break up all the fights. you can see a security guard using a stun gun. the whole thing lasted only three and a half minutes and the club says no one was hurt and no one was arrested but earlier that same year, also 2009, there was a fight at the club that left five people with stab wounds. in each of those cases, the city temporarily yanked the club's entertainment license which prevents the club from having a deejay and dancing for 30 days. the city wants to shut down the club permanently. they will get an injunction to paramedically close what city officials call the most
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dangerous dance club. according to our partner, the club's owner is confused and frustrated by the city in an attempt to damage his successful business. he says he abesides by all the rules and many accusations are false and just overblown. jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> jenelle, thank you. 5:05 now. next tuesday the san bruno city council will decide how to distribute $400,000 in cash donations for the victims of september's deadly pipeline explosion. two city council members held a meeting last night hoping to generate ideas from the public. instead they got an earful from donors angry that none of the money has been handed out four months later. it's just been sitting in a bank account all this time. >> when i went down to give my donation i asked where this money was going to go. they said it was going directly to the fire victims. four months have gone by. they haven't received anything. i'd like to know why.
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i mean, that changed -- (applause) >> that's a big decision. there's all sorts of considerations for the victims. how far you go, who gets what. >> the council members got many different ideas as to how the city should distribute the money fairly but everyone agrees the cash should be handed out soon. >> san francisco's police chief is renewing his call to arm officers with tasers after shooting a man in a wheelchair. a man captured this cellphone video tools on howard street. the suspect had a knife and had been slashing tires. he stabbed an officer that tried to stop him. police opened fire after an attempt to subdue the man with a beanbag gun failed. the commission voted against arming officers with tasers last march. chief gascon says equipping officers with tasers would take about a year. >> bart is planning a major expansion at its hayward ward.
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they want to add warehouses and tracks to store and inspect trains. some on land owned by bart, others on land privately owned right now. expansion is needed because of increased ridership and new stations, san jose and contra costa county. so neighbor worry about bright lights at night or additional noise. bart officials say any problems could be resolved and the problems will bring jobs. >> a dozen peninsula school districts are suing san mateo for its investments in lehman brothers. the school district lost $20 million during the investment firm's bankruptcy in 2008. they say the county should have protected them through wiser investments. the lawsuit also contends the county invested too much of its pooled investments in lehman holdings. it made sound decisions but fell victim to lehman's risky investments. >> the san francisco 49ers may have to up the ante if they want
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jim tarbah as their new head coach. the dolphins are supposedly willing to make tarbah the highest paid coach in the league. there are reports he met with 49ers york for hours yesterday. the san jose mercury news reports an nfl source says it may take six or $7 million a year to land harbah. you can forget about going to at&t park for the giant season opener. the plan supported by major league baseball to have the world series opener at home has been rejecteds. the san jose chronicle reports the dodgers do not like the idea so the giants will still open at dodger stadium as originally scheduled. but the league is expected to announce later today the game will be moved up to thursday, march 31st, instead of april 1st so espn can show the giants as part of the season opening package. >> i'm sure the dodgers didn't
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like the giants winning the world series either. a lot of things the dodgers didn't like. >> do we really care whether they like it or not. >> that's the point i was trying to get to. let's check with mike for a look at the forecast. >> the plot thickens there, the plot thickens here. dealing with really thick fog. quarter mile visibility in concord, fairfield, novato. unlimited visibility around most of the bay and out to the coast. what concerns me with the freezing fog is the temperatures are hanging around freezing in places like livermore. 34 the reporting station in concord. 30 in santa rosa. so black ice is possible there. look how cold it is around the bay shore, too. redwood city, 33. fremont 34. we have 37 in mountain view. 36 san jose. los gatos 34. only oakland and san francisco in the low 40s. by the afternoon hours, we'll have mostly sunny skies over our heads and a few high clouds, even more so than yesterday. most temperatures the mid to upper 50s the bay and the coast.
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even the north bay except san rafael 52. because of the tulie fog hanging around the east bay valleys, low to mid-50s for you. the poor air quality in the north bay and inland areas east bay. can't burn any wood. the 7-day forecast, looks like one more day of freezing frost and fog. and that will be tomorrow morning. over the weekend, we'll see sunshine in the afternoon and mid to upper 50s. a chance of rain is cut back into the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. well, the chp has confirmed that there's definitely flooding on the freeways this morning and has been reported on westbound 580 coming out of oakland near eastbound 80. we have this live shot of the oakland maze. we're still looking for it. we can't seem to find it, any slowdown at this point. but what you're seeing is westbound 580 as you make your way through emeryville. we'll keep you posted as we know more information but caltran is en route.
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the water 6 to 8 inches deep and 30 feet across all lanes. i think that could cause slowing and problems for the morning commute. you'll find a lot of thick fog, 680 walnut creek here and the venetian bridge in san rafael. a heads up, the two right lanes are blocked. it's been extended until 5:30. that road work was to be cleared a while ago. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. it's 5:11. >> starbucks gives its logo a face lift. what will soon be missing from your morning cup of coffee. >> ordering a small san francisco store to pull some books in off its shelves. dinner's ready! it's french's crunchy onion chicken!
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld it's 15:15. the morning coffee isn't changing but the cup might look a little different. starbucks is updating its logo. it drops the text encircling starbucks' mermaid and streamlines to a green and white color scheme. starbucks wants a new look as it rebounds from the toughest times in its 40-year history. >> lawyers for a famous artist have sent a letter to a san francisco store owner to mandate he stop selling a book end in the shape of a balloon dog. park life on clement street received a letter just before christmas. artist jeff koons created a
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balloon dog shown at versailles and museums in new york. it raises an interesting question. can you copyright something that's used in many different ways. >> party clowns, they made balloon dogs at kids for parties. do they have to stop making balloon dogs? >> park life has stopped selling the book ends until they hear from the manufacturer which says they will fight it. >> at stanford university there's fascinating research taking place that could save billions of dollars in space. abc 7's wayne friedman reports it's not just what they're doing that's so interesting but how. >> it's one of those underreported mysteries of the space age. a rocket delivers a payload into orbit, all is fine, and then... >> unfortunately we have no two-way communication or one-way communication or data of any kind. >> and it happens all too regularly.
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>> satellites are failing. there's anomalies on satellites, not quite sure what's happening. >> but at stanford university, professors have been thinking about it. >> one reason the satellites may be failing, when they hit a satellite they tend to ionize and leave behind an electrical charge. >> to prove it host and lee have put together this mechanism. they hope to send it into a small satellite unfolded and see what happens. >> no one's going to pay for such research before they know it works in zero gravity. hence the time nicholas spent in the comet recently. for 15 seconds they would see how they unfold. they want something fast, reliable and capable of
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recording meet reside impacts. if some company would just write a check. >> about a million dollars. >> how much would that save? >> potentially billions. >> what price to solve a millstry. wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> one of the winners of tuesday night's megamillions jackpot plans to claim his prize today. the two winning tickets were sold 120 miles apart, one idaho, the other washington. the washington winner is a retiree. the idaho winner hasn't come forward. one of the tickets was purchased here at d & g's company on grant avenue in san francisco. that golden ticket is worth more than $209,000. here again are the numbers 4, 8,
5:18 am
15, 25, 47. the megaball is 42. even the $200,000, wouldn't that be an auspicious way to start the new year. >> i should go to washington and buy my tickets from now on. i was thinking that last week. >> is that where you've been? >> washington? i wish! in bed watching tv with a thermometer in your mouth. >> the inland areas in the valley? >> absolutely definitely fog out there. you saw some coming in. i did, too. definitely frost on the car, too. show you what's going on and maybe colder than it was yesterday by a few degrees. coming up on 5:19. looking at the embarcadero where it is quiet this morning. hard to see much in the way until wednesday. slowly drifting out of the east/northeast. some of the fog that's in the delta communities and up in the north bay may come over san francisco from time to time but like the last couple days that's about as far south as it will
5:19 am
get. let's talk about those temperatures where it's coldest. santa rosa, 30 degrees. also freezing cold in livermore, 32. pretty close around redwood city. look at that, 33 degrees there. drainage coming out of the higher elevations there. 37 mountain view, 36 san jose. fremont, concord around 34. just about all of us in the 30s except oakland and san francisco. monterey bay, santa cruz, salinas low to mid-40s. gilroy a frosty 30 this morning. high clouds and sunshine and temperatures seasonally cool again today. we'll have one more night to deal with this tulie fog in the east bay valleys. and looks like some drier weather for the weekend and keep most of that fog back in the central valley. wet weather. found some! it's possible tuesday and wednesday back half of the forecast. until we get there, let's talk about dense fog this morning. here we are in the central valley, the delta communities. widespread visibilities near zero. some of this fog may be freezing so black ice could be a problem
5:20 am
through about the 9:00 hour. the fog will keep temperatures down in the east bay valleys. look at brentwood, 48. antioch 50. pittsburgh 52. a little more sunshine the farther west you head. temperatures mid-50s. even warmer on the east bay shore. mid to upper 50s for you. upper 50s around the south bay with 58 san jose, cupertino. mid to upper 50s on the peninsula and like yesterday mid 50s along the coast. daly city 65. san rafael 52, clear lake 49. otherwise we have low to mid-50s through most of the north bay. warmest weather around the monterey bay is inland, upper 50s. a few mid-60s salinas. spare the air day. can't burn anything until midnight. they'll let us know 11:00 if they're going to extend this. half moon bay and also san francisco. high pressure dominating our weather once again but notice the high clouds coming at us from the north and the south. these the only difference between yesterday and today.
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watch out for fog and frost tomorrow morning and then just sunny afternoons through mondays and a slight chance of a shower on tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. here's frances. >> the flooding was confirmed by the chp. it's out there in oakland maze. even though it was initially reported as several inches deep, 30 feet across all lanes, they said they drove through, it's not causing problems and not seeing any car slow down. you can see west 580 to eastbound 80 there heading towards emeryville. also look out for that thick fog mike was talking about. our walnut creek completely socked in at this point. i can't even show you that. there's fog advisory for the venetian bridge this morning. north san pedro, road work has been extended. the two right lanes should be cleared in the next ten minutes. also for the vallejo ferry, once again today they still need to do some repairs. so they are using a transited bus for the 7:00 departure
5:22 am
leaving vallejo. always get the latest traffic information for your route to work by going to it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen? >> frances, thanks a lot. it's 5:22. >> next, the vulture that saudi arabia is accusing for spying for israel. >> the legacy of governor schwarzenegger's administration is in limbo. next finding a home for bacteria bear.
5:23 am
today, we gather to recognize the selfless decision of one of the most influential women of our time. the woman who, after having one too many drinks, chose not to drive home buzzed. here today to honor rachel is the family whose lives she spared.
5:24 am
>> the fate of the back tier
5:25 am
gentleman bear is in limbo. he said he would lend it to governor jerry brown. it's become a big tourist attraction. brown likes the 800 pound statue. but he won't commit to holding on to it. >> i don't think we're going to make that decision right away. i think the bear is happy where he is. >> sacramento spca is offering a permanent home to the bear at its shelter to draw more visitors. the chp gave the bear its nickname because, as you can see in the video, so many people touch it. >> 5:25 now. authorities in saudi arabia are reportedly holding a vulture on suspicion of being a spy for israel. the bird was discovered near a shaikh's home in the town of piyal. the vulture had a foul odor coming out of its mouth, proof of a plot. it had a transmitter attached and was tagged with the words
5:26 am
tel-aviv university. scientists at the school say the vulture is part of a research project. >> the zoo at bangkok is showing off two new members of its white tiger family. the white tiger cubs were born to the 15-year-old mother and 18-year-old father in november. this is the 6th time the white tiger mother has given birth in captivity. they usually give birth to one in and four cubs at eye time -- i think that should be one to four cubs. the unusual white tigers make them a very popular attraction at zoos. >> it's 5:26. next at 5:30, where's the money? angry neighbors demand who know what's happened to all the donations to san bruno pipeline victims. >> i'm jenelle wang live in san jose where the city wants to shut down this nightclub. what it calls the most dangerous nightclub in the city. the latest incident, a woman getting stomped in the face by a
5:27 am
stiletto heel. the story coming up. >> from internet-connected tv's to cutting edge tablet computers. live to las vegas for the high trends in tech at this year's consumer electronics show. >> most areas cooler than us. the exception miami 81. low to mid-60s for new orleans, dallas and phoenix. a new flight arrival delays airport in chicago, o'hare reporting delays there. rain around seattle and l.a. could have delays there, also. we'll track them and you can too with our flig
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hey! wait up! ♪ [ female announcer ] you see a mud stain. but new wisk sees a particulate stain. with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology, wisk is engineered to fight all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you. [ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains, use new wisk. fight stains with science. i'm terry mcsweeney live in hillsborough, residents are warned to be on the lookout for mountain lions. he may be sick or injured and has attacked in broad daylight. the story in a live report.
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>> i'm jenelle wang, live in san jose, one of the city's most popular nightclubs is now being called the most dangerous, the cat fights, the stabbings. the story's coming up. >> we're tracking fog moving into san francisco. pretty much dissipating as it travels to the south. it's thickest in our inland valleys and it is freezing this morning. we'll talk about that and how long the spare the air is going to last. >> parts of the bay area because of the fog traffic light at the bay bridge toll plaza. i'll have an update on the flooding reported in the oakland maze. so far not causing any problems. >> a lot of interesting things going on out there this morning from the fog to the flooding. we'll keep you informed. 5:30 a.m.. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. thanks for joining us. san jose city leaders are moving to shut down a downtown nightclub with a long history of problems ranging from violence to cover up the fights. abc 7's jenelle wang is live at club wet. jenelle, it's been closed down before.
5:31 am
>> kristen, temporarily closed, yes. the city has janked the club's entertainment license which basically means they can't use a deejay or have any dancing for 30 days. now the city wants to shut down the club permanently after a series of brawls in recent years. (screaming) >> this is one in september 2009 posted on when a huge brawl broke out on the dance floor. you can hear people cheering, bottles breaking as the club's security tries desperately to break up all the fights. one point you can see a security guard using a stun gun. the whole thing lasted three and a half minutes and no one was hurt or arrested. in the summer of 2009, there was another fight at the club that left five people with stab wounds. then just last week on new year's eve, police say a woman went to the hospital after being punched and pushed to the ground while standing in line for the woman's restroom. then she got her face stomped by
5:32 am
another woman's stiletto heel forcing her to get stitches. the club says the whole thing is just getting overblown and it was just a girl cat fight. the city says enough is enough. the city attorney will go before a judge january 24th. that's just a couple weeks from now to get the club permanently closed. according to our partner, the san jose mercury news, the club says this whole thing is overblown and many of these accusations are false. that's the latest here in san jose, jenelle wang. >> thank you, jenelle. it's 5:32. san mateo county officials are warning people to be careful. for the third time in a week there's evidence of a mountain lion on the prowl. terry mcsweeney is live in hillsborough. terry, the latest incident occurred during daylight hours. that's kind of worrisome. >> absolutely. and that is the big concern. that's not when mountain lions are doing their feeding. they are nocturnal animals. the fact something happened
5:33 am
right here on robin hood lane at 9:45, that has state fish and game very concerned. take a look at video we shot a short time ago out here on robin wood lane. it's a good place for an animal to hide, not be able to be scene and then make a move, as it did yesterday out here on robin wood lane. a mountain lion attacked a deer. the deer was found dead on the street. sightings of mountain lions are rare around here and they're still going to issue this warning: don't leave small children and pets unattended in backyards, especially in wooded areas. robin wood lane there's a lot of wooded areas. call 9-1-1 if you do see one. now, take a look at other video we have. you can understand the scare that happened last month down at ralston middle school in belmont. that's where they found mountain lion tracks right behind the school and not one set but two.
5:34 am
there was also a mountain lion spotted this tuesday, just two days ago, in woodside in olive hill lane. there was another spotting and this one was in daylight in redwood city in the emerald hills neighborhood. so there's a lot of mountain lion sightings going on but what really has authorities concerned is what happened here at hill borrow yesterday morning when they found a dead deer here on robin wood lane. live in hillsborough, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you. it's 5:34. west oakland where police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred last night, that victim was found near 16th and center streets just before 10:00. emergency crews administered cpr but the victim died at the scene. police went door to door in the area hoping to locate witnesses. so far no suspect information is being released and no motive either. >> it's 5:34 now. people who donated money to a special fund for the san bruno fire victims are upset to find out that none of that money has been distributed.
5:35 am
the san bruno city council takes up the issue next tuesday. last night two council members hosted a public meeting to get input how best to spend the $400,000 that's been collected since september's deadly pipeline explosion. the funds are being held in a special account but the city must first come up with a way, a fair way to distribute it. fire victims say they need the money now. >> i don't have medical benefits so i've been paying all the money out and i don't have any money coming in. >> i totally say i'm glad the money hasn't been spent yet because then we'll be hearing all the criticisms why it was spent wrong. >> there were many different ideas suggested how best to distribute the money. just about everyone agrees that it needs to be done soon. >> meanwhile pg&e is facing more lawsuits over the september pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. the san mateo daily journal reports seven new lawsuits were filed in december.
5:36 am
the paper says those lawsuits accuse the utility of negligence, nuisance and other liability. a pg&e spokesman says the company remains committed to its customers in san bruno. the utility is awaiting a decision by the judicial council of california whether all the lawsuits should be heard by a single judge. >> lockswood leaders are checking a response plan for sewage bills. it ordered staff to develop a new plan following two recent spills involving the sanitary district. on december 22nd, a spill involved nearly 2 million gallons of sewage. another spill in kentfield days earlier involved 840,000 gallons of sewage. the marin independent journal reports that city leaders complain the sanitation district had no communication with the fire department about an emergency pipeline it constructed during the emergency. >> if you rely on blue shield of california for your health insurance, you could be paying a
5:37 am
lot more starting in march. the san francisco-based company wants to raise rates for nearly 200,000 policyholders pending on state approval. blue shield just increased rates in october and january 1st. the march increase would amount to a 30% rate hike in just six months. blue shield blames the hikes on rising healthcare costs. >> peninsula residents and ten cities and parts of unincorporated san mateo county should brace itself for higher garbage rates this year. it will be the regent's first new trash collector in nearly three decades. the quarterly rates are projected to increase from 9% in menlo park to more than 38% in ather ton. the biggest change and the major reason for the higher cost is a new schedule to pick up recycling and compost bins every week along with the regular garbage. recycling and compost had been
5:38 am
picked up every week under the previous collector allied waste. >> 5:37 now. time to talk about the weather. you doing okay? >> oh, yeah, yeah. i'm a tough old bird. tough like shoe leather. tough like that $2 steak. we'll take a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you. high pressure over top of us. notice the storm track to our north and down to our south. concord around half a mile, fairfield a quarter of a mile. same thing novato. most concerned around santa rosa because temperatures 30 there. as far as our 8:00 temperatures, still everybody in the 30s except oakland, san francisco and half moon bay in the low to mid-40s. an increase in high clouds this afternoon and the fog in the east bay and north bay valleys
5:39 am
will keep your noon temperatures in the 40s while the rest of us low to mid-50s. by 4:00 that hazy sunshine and high clouds. low 50s our inland valleys. mid-50s around bay, upper 50s the bay. we have a spare the air day until midnight. accu-weather 7-day forecast, we are looking at one more morning of thick fog and freezing -- freezing fog -- could say freezing frost -- we'll move on and talk about saturday, sunday and monday how we'll have sunshine in the afternoon and a slight chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. frances, tell us about the flooding. >> mike, well it's out there. chp confirmed that. this was reported over an hour ago but not causing any problems. it's in the oakland maze westbound 580 to eastbound 80. you can see that connection ramp slowing in this live shot. caltran should be arriving at the scene any minute and that will clear up and won't be an issue at all for the morning
5:40 am
commute. what is a problem is the thick fog. you can see how thick it is here. fog advisory. but elsewhere around the bay area clear, calm, no problems here. a live shot of the 280 and 17 interchange in san jose. it's also fine all along the peninsula. eric, welcome back with the $2 steak and kristen. >> never heard that one before. >> never heard about the $2 steak. >> i get it, get it. clever. 5:40 now. >> from a worldwide scare to a potential scam. the doctor whose research triggered a worldwide autism scare is accused of making it all up. >> and the army admits to cutting corners in testing equipment. that can mean life or death for
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld welcome back. it's 15:43. a british investigation is calling a study that linked autism to measles, mumps and rubella a fraud. the doctor claimed in his 1998 report eight of the 12 children he study showed behavioral symptoms of autism a fraud. the investigative report in the british medical journal looked at the data used in wakefield's
5:44 am
study and found the doctor's facts. >> i think what dr. wakefield did was a moral crime if not an actual crime. >> this was an examination of a children and their clinical problems with the best clinical experts in the world and they came to the diagnosis, not me. >> i delayed vaccines. i took multiple vaccines for him. and i wouldn't have done that, you know, if i knew it was falsified. >> the parents or actually this parent of an autistic child said her son showed signs of autism before she received any vaccination but said it did impact how she cares for him. >> the army did not thoroughly test the body armor issued to u.s. troops. the report says the army cut corners and at times lowered
5:45 am
ballistic testing for the vests. they have no guarantee the vests will save their lives as advertised. it cost the taxpayers $434 million. now the army must determine whether it needs to be recalled. >> bank of america makes it more expensive to bank. the bloomberg business report coming up. >> the computers electronics show gets underway in las vegas. >> one family's sacrifice. the ethiopian girl whose loved like honey roasted,
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>> welcome back. we're coming up on 5:48 on this thursday. watch for dense fog in the central valley for at least noon. tulie fog is possible and near zero visibility throughout the central valley. it will keep the temperatures down. sacramento, fresno, mid to upper 40s. sunshine along the coast, eureka 52. big sur 57. l.a. at 68. here's eric and kristen with more news. >> mike, thank you very much. you like gadgets, you should listen to this. the cutting edge in personal hi-tech gadgets. the consumer electronics show in las vegas is the place to find out. becky is the person with the 411. what are you gonna show us? >> good morning, eric. you know i have the 411 for ya. tablets, they're huge. we know apple right there in the bay area has the i-pad that's been massive. well, now we're seeing the competitors. these are all tablets running
5:49 am
the android operating system but this is special. you can see it's got a full version of windows 7 running here. it has a touch pad here. i can click a button and it switches over to android. how cool is that. it goes right in and out of windows and android. i can pop this out and this tablet that i can take on the go with me. this is the kind of form factor differentiation that we're seeing from all these android tablets. we've got blackberry tablets and microsoft tablets coming out. this is the product that shows you the future of computers getting smarter to interact. this is a software download that's available now for 30 bucks called lehman zoom. as i lean in it will zoom into the text and it helps me to see if i have low vision, it's really a great thing for people trying to get magnification on
5:50 am
small text on website. it's called lehman zoom. it was created at carnegie melon university. it's an interesting way to see how the human computer interface will esolve as we move forward. >> is it just me or is he a lot more popular these days. darth vadder, 33 years old. why not have a darth vadder boom box! oh, yeah! an i-pod or any music input here. it's got a radio. remember that technology. and then check this out. it's got the cd player right there in darth's head. a whole trilogy. we were all wondering what was under his mask. you want me to bring one of those for you? >> sure. very cool, becky. but the music should be da,
5:51 am
dada, dada >> call me when the princess leia boom box comes out. >> return of the jedi, huh? >> all of them. all six. love 'em all. >> absolutely. >> seriously love the first three or episodes 4 through 6. >> let's move on, talk about what's going on. >> now that i have slaves. >> so i've heard. >> look at eric, turning as red as hi tie. that's awesome. talk to ya! got him. look at that. >> seeing a little fog roaming through the sky over san francisco. you notice it's moving from right to left across your screen. since we're looking to the left that would be north to south. some spilling through the san pablo bay. it is going to dissipate before it reaches the airport. i don't think we'll have flight arrival delays. it is cold! probably didn't need me to tell you that but here the numbers to
5:52 am
back it up. we have 33 redwood city. frost on the peninsula. same thing fremont 34. 30 santa rosa the cool spot. oakland and san francisco barely making it into the low 40s. gilroy 30 to watsonville 39. monterey bay 40. 44 santa cruz. the temperatures all over the scale. also around the monterey bay and inland. how about high clouds and a little sunshine today. one more night of tulie fog and then it looks like as we head into the weekend it will be dry and not nearly as cold in the morning, nor as foggy. we have some wet weather. i found some. possible. notice possible, not likely but possible tuesday and wednesday of next week. a 24 hour temperature change. high pressure, stagnant weather pattern. not much of a change. one or two degrees cooler, warmer possible. forecasting the same thing as yesterday. we'll get another 53 seconds of sunshine today. here's a look at our high pressure dominating our skies. we have two different branches
5:53 am
of the jet stream. they're split around us and then come together over the east. that's why it's so cold there. all that cold air spilling out of canada. for us we're doing pretty good. temperatures close to average with upper 50s in the south bay. mid to upper 50s on the peninsula. mid-50s on the coast and downtown south san francisco. as you head through the north bay, a wide range of temperatures. 52 san rafael, 57 santa rosa. mid to upper 50s on the east bay shore but much cooler because of the fog hanging around the east bay valleys. 48 brentwood to 50 antioch, 52 pittsburgh. the warmest weather will be around the monterey bay and inland with upper 50s to mid-60s. spare the air day until midnight. all of us in the 30s again except oakland and san francisco tomorrow morning. saturday, sunday and monday look for sunshine and temperatures mid to upper 50s. that slight chance of a shower tuesday and wednesday. have a great day. here's frances. >> mike, i was really cold when i stepped out the door this
5:54 am
morning. you notice there's icy conditions that develop on san pablo dam road. just been reported in the area. look out for that in the east bay. a live shot of the golden gate bridge where there's no fog at all. it's been a pretty good ride so far out of marin county. check out the san mateo bridge next. it's been delay-free all morning. westbound traffic on the right. the drive time 14 minutes from 880 to 101. let's go to the maps and talk about the icy conditions. look out for them on san pablo dam road. highway 4 near the coming skyway and on the venetian bridge. our walnut creek camera is socked in. mass transit reporting no delays but the vallejo ferry has a slight reroute on the 7:00 departure leaving vallejo and 8:10 departure leaving at sf ferry building. a bus is in the way. you can go to our website
5:55 am >> it's 5:54. >> at&t puts the i-phone on sale and the break for southwest frequent fliers. >> here's boomberg's jane king with the "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. half off i-phones. that's what at&t is offering starting tomorrow. $49 and it makes room for new smart phones. those phones do include 4-g droidz that they introduced yesterday. all this as apple gets ready to allow at&t competitors like verizon to start selling i-phones. rivals introduced to the i-pad including the motorola zoom. bank of america introducing four new accounts that encourage consumers to do more transactions or pay up. monthly charge starts at $6. making up for fees they can no longer charge because of financial reform. blackout days and seat restrictions in its frequent flier program.
5:56 am
you need connections to get in an an early investor in want to put up at least $2 million, pay a fee and give goldman 5% of any gains. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> 5:56 now. today a young girl from ethiopia will undergo life-saving surgery at children's hospital thanks to the efforts of a san jose couple. an incredible journey for blaine who has a melanoma on her eye. her tiny village chipped in. physician assistant and her husband dr. john turns discovered blaine's cancer during a relief mission by the couple's nonprofit called doctors giving back. coming to the bay area has been an eye-opening experience. >> i was very amazed by plants and the bridge and the very
5:57 am
buildings, very amazing and i like them very much. >> blaine is positive she will recover. she hopes to become a doctor some day herself so she can also help others like she has been helped. >> it's 5:57. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00, the latest on another american woman that iran has now arrested on charges of spying. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in hillsborough where residents are being warned to keep an eye on their small children because of the possibility of a mountain lion attack. [ female announcer ] this is a strawberry pop tart...
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