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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 7, 2011 12:00am-12:35am PDT

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this dog that stopped a bart train in the east bay. >> are you one of the hundreds of thousands of people who might soon be paying a lot more for health insuranceshift your . take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance.
11:01 pm crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ >> very strong reaction tonight over another health insurance hike proposed by blue shield frichlt sacramento to washington, d.c. there is talk of fighting back. amy is here now with more on the possible increase and what is being done to block it. >> people can't believe a huge i hope crease this would be and it would be blue shield third rate hike since october. for some it could be a 59 percent increase. for most rate would go up an average of 30 to 35 percent. nearly 200,000 policy holders would be affected starting march the first but the company found out today this is not going to the happen without a fight. blue shield customers with individual
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policies are the ones who will now face higher costs. >> pretty devastating. i don't know what i'm going to do. i'm seriously considering cancelling my insurance and taking my chances. >>reporter: but they aren't alone in this fight. everyone from consumer advocate to attorneys are ready to take on blue shield. >> we are calling on blue shelled to open up their book and explain to the public why they need a rate increase of this much. >>reporter: the state insurance commissioner is also ready to push back. >> i have asked that the company postpone it rate increase 60 days in order to afford me the opportunity to fully review the proposed rate increase. >>reporter: even the u.s. health and human services secretary says she understands why customers want someone to step in and stop blue shield. >> while i would agree with those customers and that's really the state authority would do. >>reporter: the only one not
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commenting on the proposed rate hike is blue shield. the company refused to accept questions only release ago written statement saying even with these rate increases blue shield of california expects to lose tens of millions of dollars on its individual health care business in both 2010 and 2011. but the company will have trouble finding any sympathy. >> this insurance company treated my client fairly wouldn't have a job. >>reporter: the attorney has been taking i object insurance company to kurt for 29 years but in this case he's thinking like a business owner. he uses blue shield to ensure his employee and if blue shield raises his rate it would be more than his small firm could ham. >> this is a very devastating thing at this time in our economic situation in this state. it is terrible. >>reporter: couple of other big insurance company in california have smaller rate increases planned for this yea year. anthem blue cross wants to raise the rates up about 10%. blue cross of california rate are scheduled to go up
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average of 6 percent in march. largest health care group kaiser permanente has not filed for rate i hope crease at this time. >> thanks very much. amy reporting tonight. >> alameda county sheriff's deputy try searching for armed suspect this evening who gunned down a man on the street. >> person or persons that did this is not in custody so there is somebody out there that has a firearm that apparently is not afraid to use it. >>reporter: people reported hearing shots at about 5:45 tonight on garden avenue and 'a' street near hayward. when deputy arrived they found a 24-year-old man lying dead on the shoulder of the road shot several times. detective are interviewing people to find out what happened and why. >> hayward family is grieve strike ep tonight after someone shot and killed their pet dog for no apparent reason. police are questioning 2 men about the shooting. police found max dead near the south bart hayward bart station. they also found a gun under a car. they took one man into custody
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in the parking lot and held bart service for nearly half hour when they took another man into custody on a train. family said max was not aggressive and ran out the front door tonight when he was about to be walked. >> captain possibly have been anything to them but people are heart leads. >>reporter: police are questioning the 2 men they took into kiss custody but not yet named suspects. >> night club in san jose could be forced to shut down because of repeated violence including an incident on new year's eve. police have been called to club wet on south first street 100 times for disturbans in just the past 9 months. on new year's eva woman was stabbed in her face with a stiletto heel while in the bathroom. according to the police report the victim asked police and paramedic be called to help. those calls were never made. city attorney richard doyle is determined to shut the place down. >> this is the last straw and
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it's clear to us at this point the business can't operate despite the promises. >>reporter: club wet attorney says keeping order is a joint responsibility between managers and police. the owner of the club was not available for comment. >> san francisco family on the verge of deportation was granted a stay this afternoon. 18-year-old lowell high school graduate elizabeth lee and 16-year-old brother were brought to the u.s. from peru by their mother 10 years ago. they were seeking asylum citing racial discrimination. 3 were ordered to leave the u.s. on january 19th but they have now been given until july to make their case to stay. >> by didn't understand what it was to be undocumented until 2006 when my mom was suddenly arrested by immigration. and my brought and i found ourselves in foster care. >>reporter: immigration reform advocate say it would be inhumane to send elizabeth and younger brought to a country they don't know. immigration officials say they can not comment on the case.
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central valley man who once led thousands of gorilla secret army during the vietnam war has died. pow is former general in the army of louse and immigrated to the u.s. when communist seized power in 1975. thousands followed him to this country. in 2007 he was arrested in a plot to kill communist officials in his native country. the government dropped the case. he died today in a hospital after a bout with new money yeah. he was 81 years old. >> few days on the job california new school superintendent has declared a financial emergency. p.e. says 18 billion dollars in budget cut over the past three years have left deep approximate in classroom around california. and 174 district are on the brink of financial ruin. he's pushing for an extension therefore of current taxes to help prevent further cut. >> continuing some of the current tack that are in place
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taxpayers have gotten used to paying put in place to protect schools and education we need do it. it needs to be a priority. >> he will conduct comprehensive review of his own department to see what ks saving measures could be implemented at the state level. san francisco board of supervisors will try again tomorrow to pick someone to fill the remaining ear of mayor newsom terms. fay-year-old city administrator lee is the top candidate. he would be san francisco first chinese american mayor. lee is out of the country but released a statement today pledging to balance the budget create jobs and make the city more financial secure if he get the position. any vote tomorrow would be non-binding. mayor newsom has delayed being sworn in as lieutenant governor after saturday that's when a new more moderate board takes over and will make the final decision. >> well forget the gadget and electronic. focus ofñr this yer auto show in san jose is far more practical. saving at the pump. lisa reports.
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>> the silicon valley international auto show is back. all the big car names are here. they are all pushing the newest and coolest feature features. >> paparrazi touch screens and voice navigation systems are considered commonplace these days. that's why the 2011 consumer is looking for something else. >> people are coming to the auto show and not saying what is in that car. what is that model have. what color. they are saying what is the miles per gallon. what can i save at the pump. >>reporter: in a time when gas prices are rising and expected to jump another 33 percent this spring, fuel efficiency is the focus at this year auto show. >> we are lacking for combination of gas mile annual and comfort. >> this uses electricity to. >>reporter: the chevy volt arrived in california last month and several dealerships sold out. >> they an charge the battery pack without using a drop of fuel. so we are really moving
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into that kind of direction where we can have vehicle that don't utilizes any fuel. >>reporter: volt and prius the only plug in hybrid on this showroom floor. toyota is hoping 2011 will mane a turn around for the company that is struggling since the recall of 2009. >> over all i think the industry needs 2011 to be better. >>reporter: last year 11.4 million cars were sold nationwide. 2 2010 43,000 cars were sold in silicon valley alone. local dealers expect the number to jump to 50,000 in 2011. analyst say a few reasons for the expected rise is the extension of unemployment benefit for some, job creation, an consumer confidence. >> good time to buy. if i find something great and my which have loovs then we'll get it. >>reporter: you can't buy a car but here but it's a place to window shop. this is abc 7 news. candy star for car lovers.
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>> cars of the present could soon be fueled by discontinued drink. that story ahead. >> also bay area football phenom who is saying no to millions of dollars from the nfl and yes to his college degree. >> and later. >> is this real? is this real? >>reporter: oh, it's real all right. what the mega million winners plan to do with all of that money. >> then on "nightline". >> i'm cynthia. coming up next on "nightline". should preschool children be on anti-psychotic drugs? we have thexd inside story of america medicated kids. >> plus a study shows that women tears may actually short circuit the
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you can see
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> stanford may lose the head football coach but they will keep the star quarterback. andrew luck will pass on the millions he would make in the nfl next season and stay down on the farm. we explain why he's resisting the lawyer of pro football fortune for now. >>reporter: quarterback andrew luck led the stanford cardinal to a 12 and 1 season.
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including an impressive victory over virginia tech in the orange bowl. the payoff could have been a multi-million dollar nfl contract. but luck is staying put. teammate karen stevens says he's not surprise surprised. >> i don't think it's about money for him. it can't be. because a degree from stanford is priceless. and then i think he sees it that way. >>reporter: luck pretty much confirmed that in a statement which reads i am committed to earning my degree in architect stein from stanford university and am on track to accomplish this at the completion of the spring quarter of 2012. people on campus say that one sentence speaks volumes as to who luck is as a person. >> i think he was valedictorian in high school class. item a statement about his character. what evals. so i think item awesome. >>reporter: there is no question the quarterback decision also reflects well on stanford. >> test meant to the university and bay area for that matter that this is just a place you don't walk away from.
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>>reporter: many say luck move provides him with the education he want and only delays that nfl fame and fortune. >> he's like our john elway. so we are going to watch him succeed at stanford. we already just won the orange bowl and then go into the pro and see him there. >>reporter: thanks in large part to luck stanford set to finish the season in the top fifty a p poll first time since 1940. question that remains now is whet coach jim harbaugh can resist the lure of the nfl. his players say either way he's given them the tools to move forward. >> it's kind of like freight train. and once you get right leg the freight train you really can't stop it. >>reporter: with the quarterback on board the next stop could be a perfect season. at stanford, abc 7 news. seafood black listed by the monterey bay aquarium is four the catch of the day at a boston restaurant. roger owner
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a chain called legal seafood. he is hosting a special dinner later this month featuring seafood the aquarium recommends avoiding. atlantic cod, tiger shrimp both on the list. aquarium seafood watch pamphlet fish that experts say are not sustainable and offers alternatives. he questions the science behind the guide and says it's a way to intimidate buyers. energy drink spiked with alcohol are still being put to use even though they are no longer for sale. wholesalers sending thousands of cases of 4 loco to virginia company called mix environmental services. makers of 4 loco pulled the drink because of warners they caused a dangerous wide awake spwons indication so mix will distill the alcohol from the drink and then sell the fuel to be blended into gas leap. the process could take months. recycling effort. >> goat found tied up in the trunk of a car is adjusting to life in new home tonight. he's
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at farm sanctuary near chico this afternoon. on christmas eve police found him hog tied in the car of 3 men pulled over for driving erratically and malnourished. the goat had been in the trunk for two days. men are facing animal cruelty charges and the goat is making quite a recovery. animal rescuers say he is going to be just fine. >> terrific. >> we have some nice weather as well right about now. >> but cool tonight. 37 degrees. here's sandy. >> you could feel the winter chill tonight. getting cold out there once again. foggy as well. let me show you what it hooked like today. we had high pressure in the low 40's with fog sat around antioch and livermore, fairfield, concord, look at the temperature in san rafael. only 41 degrees as the cold air spilled in from the valley. high pressure meanwhile in half man bay. 61 with plenty of sun. you had to be in the right place at the
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right time to see the sun. here the view of the sun as it set from the emeryville camera west to san francisco. we saw higher clouds move through as well. just gorgeous at 5:06 as long as were you out of the fog. tonight we do have some dense fog forming in santa rosa where visibility is already down to half mile. it is 39 degrees there. we have upper 30's for could be cord. livermore. oakland. redwood city. certainly going to be another cold one tonight. but not kuwait as cold. dense valley fog. black ice by morning and it is a dry weekend if you do have plans. so overnight the fog will fill back in. not only in the valley already seeing in the east bay and north bay valley but follow forming. fog will spill over the bay and out towards the golden gate so it has agent more coverage as the wind flowing from the inland area down towards the coastal area a little bit stronger so that winter time fog will come back in around the coastal area
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as well. that means by morning it is going to get locally dense for your morning drive. areas of freezing fog and black ice certainly a possibility with the valley having the best chance for seeing that with the temperatures really starting to drop. by morning you are going to see numbers dropping to 30 in santa rosa. 31 in napa. down to freezing in livermore. 35 degrees in san jose. see 34 in morgan hill. that spare the air continues until midnight tonight so one more hour or less than an hour it is illegal to burnd with. tomorrow going to be another nice looking today once the fog goes away. high pressure controls the weather. friday sat areas of fog so tomorrow still the valley fog quite a bit. sat more coastal fog and then by sunday fog clears out. more sun. nicer brighter looking day for those locates that have been fogged in. if you lick the fog this is your time of year. 57 degrees in campbell for the high on friday. mick
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of sun and cirrus on the peninsula. 56 for redwood city and palo alto. 58 degrees in half man basement another nice day there. downtown san francisco. low 50's and in the north bay you start out with the chill. thick fog. poor visibility then by the afternoon you are in the low 50's. east bay 54 oakland 55 hayward head inland still a cold afternoon with only 42 for your high in brentwood. 46 in livermore and around the monterey bay 62 degrees in santa cruz. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast foggy in the morning frosty in the morning for inland valley. really cold still in our inland areas. mid 40's inland but comfortable around the bay and coast side mid upper 50's. see you in the physician range through the weekend. dry through tuesday. chance of rain wednesday and into thursday. >> all right thanks sandy. >> coming up. researchers say that men can smell women's tears. >> uncontrollable reaction that
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and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think. [ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. >> great grandfather in eastern washington who survived several heart attack and a dozen stint is one of the winners of the mega million jackpot. jim and his wife of 41 years received
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their check today for 190 million dollars. >> she looked at me and screamed. tears started flowing down and i looked at her and i started crying and all she could say was is this real? is this real? what this means to me is that the legacy is going to go generation after generation after generation. my kid, my grandkids migrate grandkids and their children also will never have to worry because we are not going to blow this. >> wow! the other winner in idaho has yet to come forward. >> wow! congratulations. >> when women cry not tears of joy but tears of sadness it can literally be a turn off for men. researchers in israel have found that tears may temporarily lower a man's testosterone level. men sniffed real tears and saw pictures of women in the study they were less sexually attractive. researchers say tears could be a approximatey
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for lowering aggression and could send a chemical signal to men that says now is not the right time for romance. you think. >> exactly. first clue? >> exactly. >> i always thought hysterical sobbing was the time to make a wonder i have been so confused all these years. >> i tell you who is crying tonight. one team drops out of the harbaugh sweeps stakes. niners back on top? going to be tears of joy for york. leaders in the clubhouse maybe. another team ready to make a
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>> good evening. 49 ers why m on harbaugh then out. now maybe they are back in. and big. tonight we know harbaugh not going to miami. dolphins are keeping tony as the head coach. espn all righting the frainers have up the offer they may go up to 6 million dollars a year for harbaugh. dolphins were supposedly willing to good to receive million a year. this is insanity. dizzy parade of suitors who took stanford to orange bowl champion. miami out. but denver wants in. set up an interview and trying to do such. always a possibility that harbaugh could stay at stanford with the school reportedly tweaking it offer
11:30 pm
today. while we wait for harbaugh, andrew luck has made up his mind. i'm not waiting 4. come on already. quarterback returning to ask luckily to continue working towards his degree in architect design. whenever he goes pro he will be the no. 1 pick in the draft. could be leaving tens of millions on the table and lock out probably coming nobody knows what future contract will lack like but if luck plays 10 or 15 years in the nfl he will make a boat load of money when he comes out. all stanford all the time tonight. cardinal basketball team at arizona state. former cardinal stand out field and lopez in the house. off the loose ball. josh owens. thank you very much.i'll take that. dunk in your face. stanford up by 5. moments later owens again. and this time the 2 hand slam. 15 point. 11 board for stanford. 55-41. winner. cardinal not 2 and o in pac-10
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play. making the trek to tucson. cal down 10 early but guiteirez making it rain. had 14. cal up by 1 at the half. second half check out this mov move. derek williams. sweet. he had 31. minutes ago arizona up 3. kyle from out of the fog. hit the triple with a second and a half left callus down 2. guiteirez with a desperation shot at the buzzer. no good. 73-71. o and 2 and pac-10 and gary payton checking out st. mary's and first half jones. with authority. jones had 20. more of the same in the second half. all gales. 15 for the freshman. st. mary's 98-75. 13 and 2. 7 straight wins. two days ago ryan called out the shark teammate saying we are not playing hard enough. how would they respond tonight again buffalo. slow. that's how he
11:32 pm
responded. against the sabres. aggression didn't translate on to the score board. first period. about up 2 nothing. about miller one of the best in the world. heatley. marlow and both nothing and like it. later in the second buffalo power play, top shelf, blank the sharks 3 nothing. they have to try even harder. >> yes they do. thanks larry. >> that's what is happening. "nightline"up next. >> i'm carolyn for larry and sandy thanks for joining us. >> i'm carolyn for larry and sandy thanks for joining us. >> have a good night. see you búbúbúbúgtoaoaos
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