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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 10, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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shooting arizona congresswoman and killing 6 people. >> consequences of cold weather in san francisco. 7 news beginsyour weigh left foot. take the right leg up, holding the inner arch of the foot... introducing instant action alerts, only from chase. left arm up... manage your account and help avoid overdrafts with a click of a button. just reply to the alert with how much you want to transfer. inhale, all the way up... so you always stay in balance. crescent pose.
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chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ >> accused killer with a grin. this is the face of the 22-year-old man charged with trying to assassinate a member of congress and killing 6 other people in the process. >> that man jerrad love being described as loaner and out cast obsessed with giffords. >> we asked her some question that made absolutely no sense to me but he said i can't believe she doesn't understand it. >>reporter: jerad loughner friends say had he spoken to greet in 2007. shortly before his life began to unravel. this weekend in a safe at loughner home police found an envelope with the words i planned ahead my assassination and giffords
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scrawled on it. >> classic delusions of persecution, dilution of falls belief, can itor of psychosis and they mean that a person suffering from psychotic illness most likely paranoid schizophrenia. >>reporter: president obama led the nation in a moment of silence today honoring giffords and remembering the 6 people killed saturday. wednesday the president will travel to tucson for a memorial service. >> spending a lot of time just thinking about the families and reaching out to them. >>reporter: at university medical center in few so that doctors continue to be hopeful about gifford recoveryment they say the swelling in her brain remains under control. >> every day that goes by and we don't see an increase we are slightly more optimistic. >>reporter: this was a very difficult day at this school where the youngest victim 9-year-old christina taylor green was in third grade. >> i found her picture on the news and i started crying my my eyes out. >>reporter: we learn more about the 5 others who lost their lives. zimmerman a 2002
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uc santa cruz graduate. he was an aide to the congresswoman who recently became engaged. stoddard died protecting his wife and high school sweet heart. morris high school sweet heart as well married 55 years. george survived. dorothy did not. phil is devoted volunteer and gifted cook. and federal judge roll had left saturday morning mass when he was killed. there are also here 0in arizona. bullet grazed bill's head but he still managed to tackle the shooter. >> when we pushed him he just went writ to the ground. there was no struggle or no fight do something. i just couldn't sit there and let this guy go by. >>reporter: patricia annette on the gunman leg and stopped him from reloading his weapon. >> they said get the magazine so i got the magazine and was able to secure that. >> in the care of that moment how could you do that? >> because that's what you p
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needed to be done. >> so many people needed to be done. >>reporter: the plan to move his office and representative dennis is closing his stockton office and moving it to a site with better security. he said he had been planning to relocate for awhile now but stepped up that effort after saturday's rampage. spokeswoman says dennis and giffords are friends who share many political values. to state politic the. governor brown delivered a tough budget proposal today that could ultimately affect nearly every california an. >> what i propose listen painful. will take sacrifice from every sector of californi california. >>reporter: budget plan goes into every aspect of state government except k through 12 education with state finance in shamble had he little choice among the 12 billion dollars in cuts 1.7 billion from medi-cal, one and a half billion from cal work. 1 bill i don't know from higher education both uc and
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csu and 10% pay cut for most state workers and 12 billion dollars in refuse new and to do that governor brown wants lawmakers to call a special election in june to ask voters to continue to pay higher income sales vehicle taxes for another 5 years. brown would also control the legislature to sign off on the deep cuts. >> when it comes to hire education item not just the uc and cal state system that face serious cuts. community colleges will also feel the pain. allen has that story. >> during this recession student enrollment in community colleges has sky rocketed. the unemployed are looking to retrain themselves. >> we retool and recharge the economy. we are basically that work force development arm that leads to ideally recovery. >>reporter: but governor brown proposed 400 million dollars worth of cuts to community colleges is expected to devastate an already scaled
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down system. plan would eliminate funding for more than 90,000 full-time community college students. also stoounts student fees would increase 10 dollars to 36 dollars per unit. >> atmosphere already tight. almost every one of these classes offered is full. in faibingt is estimated that 25 250,000 california community college student were turned away last year. >> most of them very hard to get into. very long waiting lists. >>reporter: recipient not getting the class could have a direct affect on her future. >> you don't have the certificate that says you know the job. then they continue hire you. >> come in and say i don't know what i'm going to do. today i was part of a layoff. and that is, that is happening more often than i care to tell you. >> we have to reduce numbers but we don't know yet what that affect will be becauses this is
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preliminary. >> if we don't have the taxes it's extremely difficult. >>reporter: brown budget assumes voters will approve 12 billion dollars in additional revenue in the june election. if it fails community colleges will likely suffer another 500 million dollar in am cuts for the next 5 years. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> about newsom became california 49th lieutenant governor today. he was sworn in to office by his fat william who is retired appeals court justice. the former san francisco mayor postponed his inauguration by a week in part to influence the selection of his successor in city hall. lieutenant governor newsom says he plans to focus on job creation. before newsom left for the job in sacramento he initiated a game of musical chairs at city hall. he appointed police chief george interim district attorney. george replaces harris now the state attorney general. that move created an
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opening now for interim police chief. vick lee sat down with the new chief today. vick. >>reporter: the new interim police chief is jeff go down assist at that particular time chief and veteran from the lapd known as the bright, no nonsense tough on crime cop who was hired by chief george in 20 0nichbility he's had a huge rise to the command staff and now he's the top cop. surprise also to him. >> interesting here in san francisco. makes los angeles lack very small town. >>reporter: interim police chief jeff go down says he hasn't had time to reflect on what happened since his appointment came just after his boss was sworn in as da. >> violent crime up 32 percent. >>reporter: he was a detective at the lapd. both he and george had been disciple of legendary los angeles police chief william brat ton. go down headed comstat. computer crime tracking system that the chief brought to san francisco.
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it was the center piece of his crime fighting strategy. and he wanted go down to implement it here he was the confidant and right hand man. last year he promoted go down to assistant chief. the interim chief says he has no illusions about his job. >> my goal is just to keep it moving in the same fashion which the chief has done. >> police officer association still views go down a outsider. union wants the new chef to be one of its own. >> they will understand the id yo sink race of our membership and what makes us different from most police department. >> reporter: he says the yawn doesn't have to woyvrment he made a promise to george when auponed chief yesterday. >> no. i told the chief of police i would not put my hat in the rick ring for the full time position. >>reporter: why? >> he just asked me not to do it and i told him i wouldn't. >>reporter: george explains the reason for the request.
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>> opens up a field for insider that want to concede without other ans. >>reporter: go down says his priorities will be to get taser for his officers. l 5 academy classes this fiscal year and begin planning security and big job for america's cup. george tells us this is no interim job for him. he's running for district attorney in november. >> all right vick lee reporting thanks vick. officials being pressured to release the names of candidate for its police chief. field of more than 30 candidates has been narrowed down to less than 10. city manager says cold fronting deposition at prevent her from naming the top candidate. coalition for justice and renewability review the demand that the finalist be made public saying everyone wants to know who the top contender are. decision on new chief could come as soon as next month. >> richmond police connect 2
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suspect in the death of a student. someone fired a single shot at 16-year-old about brings bee as he walked out of the grand mother home on fleming avenue. he managed to run back into the home where he collapsed and died. police found the suspect about 5 block away along with a weapon. >> violent weekend at san francisco temple night club on howard street. police say fight broke out and one man struck in the head on life support and not expected to survive. 20 ment later 2 men were stabbed with broken bottles outside the club. no arrest have been made in either incident. >> cold weather may be a factor in two what the main break in san francisco tonight. both happened around 5:30 this evening in the glen park visitation valley neighborhood. some resident are without what the service but the problem is not wide spread. >> more to come tonight. everyone gets fed up with last minute save. push for plan to secure the future of struggling east bay sky. also ahead. of
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now the people who come here have to deal with what, a machine? >>reporter: scheduled change that is taking it toll on workers at the golden gate bridge. >> later another planet out of hiding. are we one step closer to second earth perhaps? those stories coming up later to second earth perhaps? those stories coming up later on "nightline". >> come up next on "nightline". mug shot of suspected arizona shooter laugh interone clue into the psyche. we look at the life, family and series of bizarre red nroing flag that led to 6 murder and ask the periods of time how do you stop
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hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste is soup. soft! hard! [ male announcer ] how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? [ male announcer ] old el paso. hard and soft tacos. ♪ feed your fiesta. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> closed captioning brought to >> bit of relief for parents of students who attend lake elementary school in san pablo. city council working on a way to keep the doors open next fall. lee reports. >>reporter: in a crowded council chamber tonight the san pablo city council gave the city manager the go ahead to try to find the funds needed to keep lake elementary school in san pablo open for one more year. >> in the last two years the city council has voted to commit 600,000 dollars to keep
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them open for 2 more years. item a matter of crunching numbers. looking at agreement agreements. looking at our own city budget to see what is feasible or not ichltd clearly the council signaled they want to keep the neighborhood school and work a long-term relationship to help that happen. >>reporter: he went to the school and was at the meeting with her 2 kids students there now. tonight was a big victory in keeping the neighborhood school open. >> instance last year we knew it was going to close down and we still fighting for it and we really want the school to stay open. save the school. save lake. >> 4 30 student attend lake elementary. cost should run 300,000 dollars. tonight the council also pushed for the the forming of a partnership, long term financial plan between the city and the school
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district. >> very, very difficult particularly in light of what the governor proposal just come out. that exacerbate everything. so i noted there is support. it's a matter of looking at to see if we have the resources. >>reporter: this is abc 7 new news. golden gate bridge may soon do away with its toll taker and go electronic all the time. it would save the transportation district 16 million dollars over 10 years in salaries and benefits. but the brim would lose some of it charm. district board may vote on the plan as early as thursday f.approved the plan would take affect in 2012 making the golden gate a cashless bridge. >> this is industry standard is going all electronic tollingn across the world. >> they are taking away our job. our livelihood and now the people who come to the bridge have to deal with what, a machine? >>reporter: drivers who pay with fast track or camera would
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snap a picture of the license plate followed by a bill in the mail. we all woke up to freezing temperatures this morning. >> we did. sandy is tracking it along with the potential for some written, right. >> that's right. so we replace the ice cold conditions of this morning with rain tomorrow but look at the numbers. sonoma county airport hit 25 this morning. that was a record for today. 24 degrees in fairfield. freezing cold in napa county airport 27 there. same thing for livermore. concord checked in at 29 degrees. even places like redwood city low 30's this morning. as you look at live doppler 7 hd you see the changes coming. this is moisture up in the clouds. not reaching the ground. but this moisture in the atmosphere in the form of clouds is going to hold the temperatures up. as a matter of fact look at the numbers right now. yes. cold outside. in the 30's and 40's but compared to 24 hours ago, we are actually running warmer. 12 degrees warmer in napa. no
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vat up 9 degrees. same thing for half moon basement 8 degrees warm interlivermore and up 6 degrees in mountain view and san jose. so here are the highlights. not as cold tonight. chilly tuesday. light showers. looking at chance of rain remaining in the north bay on thursday. so here's the satellite radar here's what is holding our temperatures up. it is cloud cover ahead of the cold front. clouds will thicken overnight and really this will lead to chance of some early morning showers but about better possibility by afternoon. by morning numbers bottom out in the low 30's so still below freezing in livermore fairfield napa but not quite as cold as it was this morning. 32 in antioch and also in santa rosa and morgan hill. everybody else pretty much in between. 6:00 a.m. cloud cover across the entire bay area. 9 or 10 o'clock few drop make it to the coast. not until the afternoon that the light rain more organized rain moves in. this will impact the afternoon evening xhawt and then a few showers for the wee hours of
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wednesday morning and that is it. rainfall total really not impressive. we have all the dry air in place and the system is going to run natural dry wear so it takes time to moisten up the atmosphere. total are quarter in the mountains and san jose south bay location may get nothing to 5 hundredths of an inch. everyone else in between. high for your tuesday in the south bay. all in the low 50's. 53 in campbell. san jose. cupertino. open the peninsula 50 degrees in millbrae. 51 in palo alto and also in half moon bay downtown san francisco cool afternoon. need a sweater 48 degrees and it is heavy coat weather in the north bay. look at the chill. start out cold. rain moves in and you never quite warm-up. 45 in santa rosa. 46 in napa. in the east baylow 50's for oakland. hayward. inland areas still chilly. 46 in concord 48 livermore and around the bay 54
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degrees in monterey. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. it ace chilly and wet tuesday. few drops early wednesday morning. but you will notice after the chance of rain in the north bay open thursday milder conditions coming friday through martin luther king jr. day. temperatures actually rise upper 50's to low 60's and that's an improvement no not only daytime high be milder but also overnight low will be milder. >> all right sandy thanks very much. >> turn out a lot of them exercise might not be enough. >> research shows one bad habit you can not break or solve with >> research shows one bad habit you can not break or solve with fitness. that story in a
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[ male announcer ] imagine what a business degree can do for you. >> massive telescope found smallest planet yet outside our solar system. the planet is not a huge ball of gas or ice but rocky like earth but far too hot for life as we know it. plenty is called kevlar 10 b after the telescope that found it. 2 bay area scientist are connected to the discovery. natalee battle astronomer from san jose state university team leader at nasa aims and jeffrey
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mars an astronomer at uc berkeley calls the discovery a planet missing link. jeffrey says between the giant planet that dominate the distant world found so far and earth size world the scientist hope to find in the future. >> new research tonight for people who spent a lot of time watching tv or playing video games. scientist at university of college london found an increased risk of heart disease among people who spent more than 4 hours a day sitting in front of tv or computer screen. expert think it's that prolonged sitting that is harmful to heart health. they say maybe you need to do more research on this. >> good news is now that the 200 bowl games are over you can pry yourself away from the tv. >> tough for the duck. >> about awesome game. my research shows you should be watching either the 5:00 o'clock news or the 6:00 o'clock news or the 9:00 o'clock news. that is the key. contest. >> there you go. >> battle of unbeaten oregon
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auburn fight it out for the national title. key play turned in by a true freshman.
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>> gechlt auburn oregon expected to light up the score board in the championship game. did not work out that way at all. finish high drama. i'll bronze myself after the show. newton over the middle. burns going in for the touch down. throws for 265 and 2 td. oregon answers. thomas. throw back screen to michael james. duck had a two point conversion to lead 11-7. less than 2 minutes to go in the first half newton steps up in the pocket under pressure and throws to blake. 16-11 tigers and oregon down 8 in the final minutes. james. 19-17. needed 2 point my to tie. come up here.
11:30 pm
thomas rolly back across the body and tied at 19. auburn ball 2 minute left. freshman down at the 45. no. his 93 never touched the ground. everybody stops but he takes off for 37 yards. ran for 143 on the night. auburn down at the 2 and nice game over drive home safely. 19 yard field goal for auburn to win the championship championship in dramatic fashion 22-19. >> i guarantee you 5 or 6 mont months ago nobody would have approximately say that auburn university would win the national championship. now we smiling right now saying we did it. >>reporter: next stop is the nfl. 49 ers found the new coach as a result stanford has to find somebody to replace har pwuchlt it won't be peterson from boise state. stanford asked to speak with peterson but he says he's not going
11:31 pm
anywhere. testifies at the top of the wish list and turned boise into a national power with 65 and 3 record over the past years. 2 way star the award today with most versatile player in college football. hard to do more than he. he started at full back and license backer with the only 2 way player in the country. tremendous on both sides of the ball. tireless. 5 touch downs 5 leading tackle. >> very humble to receive this honey think. definitely recognition that the entire program deserves. >>reporter: and lynch literally made the earth move. seahawks running back turned in one of the most spectacular run in nfl play off history and while he was running over and around and through people for 67 yards and shoving them out of the way the crowd in quest field setoff a seismic sensor alarm near the stadium. former
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cal bear literally rocking the house and seahawks celebrate. >> that's precious. >> got away from 8 gays on the play. >> thanks larry. >> that's our report nature line up next. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time and hope to see you again tomorrow. appreciate your time and hope to see you again tomorrow. have a good night
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