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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 11, 2011 12:05am-1:05am PST

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time now for tonight's closing arguments. the shooting massacre in tucson on saturday has launched a rash of typical questions. there's a sense the killings are linked to a broader problem with society. some calling for tighter restrictions on guns. others calling for more civil political discourse. tonight we ask, are there lessons to be drawn from this attack?
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does this killer represent a meaningless anomaly? can we ever truly stop this sort of thing in a country that loves both freedom and guns? we've heard from so many of you on facebook and twitter tonight. please join the conversation. and tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or on the "nightline" page at it is a robust debate. we'd love you to be part of it. that is our report for tonight. i'm bill weir. for cynthia and terry and all of us at abc news, good night. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. do you like to get together with family and friends to play touch football over the holidays? you do? the clorox toilet bowl was created for you. the inaugural game will be played in new orleans january 13. former nfl quarterback and bachelor jesse palmer will play
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all-time quarterback for two lucky teams. my pals are warming up for the toilet bowl right now as a matter of fact. hey, guys, how's it going in there? >> very good, jimmy. rough and tumble. >> yeah, football. >> jimmy: who's winning? >> it's very close. first, i score a touchdown. then a touchdown. then -- oh, no. >> jimmy: oh, no, what's wrong, guys? >> i think -- coming in. >> jimmy: here it comes now. well, i killed them. >> the clorox toilet bowl in new orleans this january. >> jimmy: jimmy kimmel live back in two minutes. [ male announcer ] in the event of a collision,
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- cameron diaz. from "grey's anatomy," scott foley. and music from far east movement. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's jimmy kimmel live and now after all, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: very nice welcome. i'm jimmy. thank you for coming. thank you for watching. what do you say, we share a swanka tonight and take a nap? are they still selling those? i hope so. you know, we're ten days now into the new year. today by the way is the day when your christmas lights have officially been up too long. in fact if you didn't go out over the weekend, i'd like you to go out now and take them down. we'll wait. if it's always christmas, it's never christmas, right? still feels like christmas if a lot of the country though. most of the south is under a mound of snow and freezing rain. they're expecting up to a foot of snow in new york and boston. in atlanta, the real housewives are completely frozen and not just from bo tox all over their body. more than 2,000 flights were danced into and out of atlanta. while this is all terrible news for travelers and people trying to get to work, it was great news for those of us who enjoy watching people and cars slip on the ice. >> oh, [ bleep ].
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>> close the door, close the door! >> this is bad. >> jimmy: why -- i've been saying for years, this is why everything should be made out of marshmallows. tonight in phoenix, the college football national championship game between top ranked auburn and number two oregon. this is the latest they've ever played the championship game of. regular season ended more than a month ago. tonight's game was the first
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game either team has played in 37 days. which is -- that's a long -- some of the players, they waited such a long time, some of these players were forced to go to class. i don't know why they wait so long. could you imagine if they made crystal bowersox and lee dewise wait more than a month before the "american idol" finale? the game's going on right now. do we have a score? do you know what the score of the game is? >> tied. >> jimmy: it's tied? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: at zero? >> 0-0. >> jimmy: all right. auburn quarterback cam newton said if he wins tonight he's going to disneyland. or disney world. whichever park makes his dad the best offer, he's going. but the bowl game america really truly cares about is bowling. team usa bowling, the trials are in henderson, nevada. this is a bowler named josh. this is the tenth frame. the final frame. where things go both terribly wrong and right.
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it's a strike. i think that's double, right? he didn't make the bowling team but he was drafted by the harlem globetrotters so he should be fine. back to football for a moment. the new york jets upset the indianapolis colts on saturday. it was quite a game. came down to the last seconds. jets won it 17-16. which was good news for rex ryan who talked a lot of trash. even guaranteed a super bowl win before the season started. the win helped him avoid putting his foot in his mouth which for rex ryan was bittersweet. and then yesterday the -- oh, you didn't see that video? look it up. the eagles were on the losing end of a close game with the packers. which means michael vick will not make it to the super bowl. or the puppy bowl. and he threw an interception to end the game. after the game, vick told reporters the interception was the biggest mistake of his life.
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which -- that's debatable i think. i mean -- i think there may have been one that was bigger. i don't know if michael vick is ever going to be able to put his dog fighting past behind him. after the game, the focus was squarely on football. >> it was a great season. but the ultimate goal is winning the super bowl. and to do that, each and every week, you know, everybody has to be on -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: and i ask you, once again, who let the dogs out? who? who? [ laughter ] tonight on abc is week two of "the bachelor." by the way, good way to find out if your husband is gay, next time "the bachelor" is on opposite the national college football championship game, just hand him the remote and wait. tonight, the bachelor went on a group date with 15 women. the stakes have never been
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higher. one of the girls this year has herpes but they won't tell him which one till after he sleeps with everybody. it's what they call a twist. one of the bachelorettes, a gal named michelle, was celebrating her 0th birthday. she wouldn't stop telling everyone it was her 30th birthday. when batch already brad gave her a rose at the end of their date, she made sure everyone knew about it. >> seeing it is my birthday, i got a rose. and that was what i wanted more than anything. i got a rose. i got a rose. i feel like i got everything i wanted for my birthday. i got a rose. >> jimmy: oh, did you get a rose? so they hate her. i think we found our new vienna, by the way. later that night, they're having a party at the house. just as brad was about to make a toast, michelle grabbed him and pulled him away from the group. >> i just need two minutes.
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two. >> oh, okay. you got it. will you excuse me? >> before we're even done toasting, michelle goes up and steals him away. >> okay. >> people looked pissed because on the group date michelle had two one on one times with brad and now here we are, you know, the night of the rose ceremony and she's pulling him away. >> michelle's got a rose. what is she doing? >> maybe she has something very pressing she needs to ask him right away. >> do you prefer starbucks or the coffee bean? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: well, you know that is an important question, and what if they have kids? you can't have two different kinds of beans in the house. you got to -- oprah's new television channel own is up and running. oprah kept saying her mission was to create a network that had mindful and not mindless tv. she's done it with shows like miracle detectives and anna and christina's grocery bag. [ laughter ] i'm not exactly sure how to find
12:18 am
the oprah network. i tried but my universal remote tried to kill itself. [ laughter ] even oprah herself has been stymied as she explained to headline news "showbiz tonight." >> i go to my hotel in los angeles and i can't get it. i could not get it. so i am just sitting in my hotel room in los angeles with my new network on and i can't get it. and i think, well, i should have went home. i should have gone home. but the reason i didn't is because i had the interview with piers the next day. so i thought, okay, i don't want to go all the way back home. i'll just stay down here. so i am sitting in my hotel room, the o.w. of own, and i can't watch it. >> jimmy: so i bought the hotel and burned it down. because i'm oprah. isn't that a harrowing story? we're lucky she's alive. we really are. she's the o.w. in own, you
12:19 am
understand. congratulations to david and victoria beckham who are reportedly expecting a baby. [ applause ] they're not watching right now. she hasn't officially announced it but you can tell she's pregnant because she bal lapped up to 84 pounds. this would be their fourth child. i bet soccer player wouldn't have so many children if their were allowed to use their hands. lady gaga was in attendance at the consumer electronics show in las vegas last week. in doing so, she unwittingly provided us with tonight's installment of how is this news. >> lady gaga has a portable printer so small that she takes it to bars in her purse. [ applause ] >> jimmy: she also has a full-sized color copier duct taped to her head. one more topic.
12:20 am
some sad news. last night was the season finale and possibly the very last episode ever of sarah palin's "alaska" on tlc. [ applause ] the animals have all been killed and what are you gonna do? entertainment weekly says there's a number of reasons the show might not be coming back. including a possible run for president by sarah palin. also, she just likes to quit things. last night on the two-hour finale, they -- the palin family took turns kissing a moose by feeding it a banana, an exploding banana, by the way. needless to sashg the results were hilarious. >> one of these girls is going to kiss the moose. come on do it, sister. >> he won't bite. he just wants the banana. >> don't scheme either, willow. i just said -- >> jimmy: one more.
12:21 am
i think i just found my new ring tone. [ applause ] imagine that -- that laugh is probably the last thing that moose might ever hear. while sarah palin's "alaska" may not return for another season, fear not, sarah palin fans, because whenever one door closes, inevitably, another door uncloses. >> sarah palin's alaska. harsh terrain. extreme physical challenges. the struggle for survival. a land where ferocity knows no limits. a land sarah pail season sick of. this spring, the palins say good-bye alaska. and hello the beach. sarah palin's i [ bleep ] hate alaska. coming soon to tlc. >> jimmy: now that i would watch. we have a good show tonight. on the show, scott foley is here tonight. we have music from far east movement. we'll be right back with cameron
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twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back to the show. with us tonight, from the very handsome cast of "grey's ain a mi," scott folly will be here. then later -- this is their new album called "free wired," from here in los angeles, far east movement from the bud light stage. tomorrow night -- channing tatum will be with us. mamie gummer is here. and music from a day to remember. later this week -- seth rogen, sandra oh. the kids from "modern family." elle fanning. and music from fitz & the tantrums and the damned things. and also i want to mention, on thursday, the great director michael gondry will direct our show. he's going to direct the show for us. he directed "the green hornet." our first guest is part cuban, part native american and
12:27 am
full-blooded adorable. you can see her assist the semi-heroic seth rogen in the new three-dimensional "the green hornet." the movie opens friday. please say hello to cameron diaz. >> jimmy: thank you for coming. you look great as always. >> thank you, sir. >> jimmy: i know you had your big premiere of "the green horn hornet." that's a special street. that's the very street on which you set the record, the all-time record, for touching the head. now, this is -- we have that video? you touched more heads than any celebrity that has ever been on the show and that includes the likes of jack black. me, you killed me that night. you beat kathie lee gifford. >> i'm not very competitive.
12:28 am
the celebration there didn't say anything, did it? >> jimmy: you beat tom cruise who's also very competitive. >> yes, that's something i feel really good about. because tom and i, we -- we're tied -- i'm just below him on the leaderboard at top gear in england. >> jimmy: is that right? >> he beat me like by a second. and so now that i'm three up on him. >> jimmy: this is much more impressive than that. >> it's more impressive. >> jimmy: anyone can drive a car. not too many people can touch a bunch of strangers on the head. tom will be upset and try to -- >> i'm calling him out. tom, bawdy, guess out, i'm three up on you. >> jimmy: you did -- you were all over the world last month, weren't you? >> i was. we went to seven cities and six countries in eight days. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah, it was pretty amazing. >> jimmy: where did you go? do you even remember? >> clearly, we went everywhere.
12:29 am
we went to germany. we went to berlin, dusseldorf. london, paris, moscow, rome and -- is that six cities? >> jimmy: i think it's more. >> and madrid. >> jimmy: to most people, i think that sounds lick a dream come true. except for when you're only staying there for. >> 18 hours in each place at the most. >> jimmy: so you don't get to do much there? >> well, the whole purpose for me of the trip is to eat in my favorite restaurants in whatever city i'm in. >> jimmy: do you really eat a lot because i find this hard to believe. because i eat a lot. and this is what happens. >> i eat a lot jimmy but i also exercise. >> jimmy: oh, interesting. >> yeah, isn't that interesting? >> jimmy: excuse me for one second. >> you want me to write that down? >> jimmy: is that a "c" or just an "x"? okay. i'm going to put that on my list. >> eat as much as you want. >> jimmy: oh --
12:30 am
>> exercise. >> jimmy: i'm good with the first part for sure. so you do all that sort of thing. now, when you're in -- like what country's your favorite to eat in? >> italy. >> jimmy: it's got to be italy. >> italy's the best. >> jimmy: what's the best experience you've had foodwise in italy? >> i think -- well, there's a truffle situation happening in italy. in tuscany. there's the white truffle season. which is basically, like, pulling gold out of the ground. >> jimmy: most people have probably never had truffles. >> it's sort of like a mushroom. it grows under ground. they used to only pull it out -- pigs used to hunt it out in the -- because you can't farm them. they just grow wild. so they would -- pigs love them. the scent of them. they used to hunt them out and they'd dig them up and then the pigs would eat them so quickly that the farmers couldn't recover them. so they treated using dogs to do it. >> jimmy: because dogs don't like -- >> dogs you can -- stop it, like
12:31 am
that. >> jimmy: pigs don't care. >> pigs don't care. >> jimmy: you have to shove them over. >> and they still don't stop. they started using dogs. and apparently tourists because i went on a truffle hunt with these dogs. >> jimmy: oh, that's fun. >> yeah. i don't really think we needed the dogs because i am pretty sure -- what they do with dogs to get them to learn truffles is they put them in their bed with them when they're babies and in their milk so they get, you know, they crave the truffle. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah, they can smell them lake a foot underground. >> jimmy: are they putting cocaine in the bed with them? >> in their bottles. they're like -- >> jimmy: wow. >> so yeah, they give -- i'm pretty sure that we didn't need the dogs because i found like three truffles about a foot deep myself. >> jimmy: how big were they, these truffles? >> they were like this big. >> jimmy: really, and that's worth like $1,000 or something? >> at least. you have to pay the farmer to go with him to do his job. >> jimmy: oh, really?
12:32 am
that's very clever. >> being a tourist, you have to do that. after you've gone through and you've dug them up and you're muddy, which is amazing. you're in italy. you've got tuscan mud all over you. you slip down the side of the mountain. it's just so beautiful. you go back to the house and, you know, you've realized you don't get to keep any. >> jimmy: what? >> no. >> jimmy: what kind of a trip is this? really? it's a catch and release thing? >> no, it's catch and give over to the farmer. >> jimmy: you're actually doing his job. >> i'm sniffing it out for his dogs, i'm digging it up for him, he's taking it home. >> jimmy: no wonder people in other countries think we're dumb. we are. wow. [ applause ] and then there's no meal at the end where he cooks them up? >> of course they produce wine and olive oil and truffles on the property. -- >> jimmy: do they make you stomp the grapes? >> my feet are still purple. so we went -- you go and you
12:33 am
have like a nice meal with it and -- and then he, you know, you eat and drink and it's wonderful. and then at the very end, this man -- who's so charming and lovely. >> jimmy: sure, he must have been the happiest guy alive. not only to get you to come over for dinner, you paid him to. >> i paid him to. exactly. he opens up the refrigerator. i spy there's like 300 truffles. i'm like, are you kidding me? he's the richest man i've ever seen in my life. 500 truffles. that's when i asked him if he needed a wife because i was pretty sure that this -- like i had found heaven and this was the man for me because -- >> jimmy: and he said no? >> his wife tapped me on the shoulder. and she said, um -- >> hit the road, you. >> i got there first. she was like 40 years younger than him too. >> jimmy: really? >> no, just kidding. i'm teasing. >> jimmy: you are a golfer i know. i've seen pictures of you
12:34 am
playing golf. how long have you been playing golf? >> i've been golfing for about -- eight years but i hadn't golfed for, like, three years until recently. i started playing again. >> jimmy: you did? >> yeah, because it's kind of like crack cocaine. >> jimmy: i can't imagine you -- really you seem too high energy for golf to me. >> i've learned it's a game of patience, jimmy. >> jimmy: that's another reason why i don't do it. you enjoy it? >> i really enjoy it. yeah. as a child, my father used to come home blooldy from playing golf. >> jimmy: what? >> i didn't understand it really. >> jimmy: wait a minute. he wasn't playing golf you know, right? i don't know what he was doing. >> his fact that his golf clubs were, like, snapped in half. i realized that he had been playing his version of golf. >> jimmy: it's a game of patience. >> exactly. >> jimmy: or impatience in that case. so dad would get nuts. >> he'd swing the club and snap it on the post and it would come
12:35 am
around and stick him in the thigh and he'd pull it out and he'd have like a hole in his leg. >> jimmy: was your dad wily coyote or something? >> my god, yes, that was his favorite guy. >> jimmy: really? there you go. >> yeah, so it was -- i realized -- i didn't think it was my game. clearly witnessing that as a child. i didn't feel that was my game. but then -- >> jimmy: do you have like -- do you go crazy with the equipment and all the golf clubs? >> i'm getting my clubs fitted this next week. >> jimmy: oh, you are? >> yeah. i'm very, very excited. that's really sort of my -- that's as far as i go with golf. i don't wear shoes when i golf. i play barefoot. >> jimmy: for real? >> yeah, i play barefoot. >> jimmy: isn't that dangerous? >> no. >> jimmy: do you wear golfing gloves? >> it's been insisted on me. >> jimmy: so not on your feet while you're playing golf? that's interesting. >> it's really fun. you should try it. >> jimmy: i'm very, very bad at golf. i get so drunk by the 12th hole. >> that's so true. >> jimmy: once i miss the ball,
12:36 am
eight times in a row. when i say miss the ball, i mean i didn't even nick it. didn't even knock it over. >> it's like -- >> jimmy: it became funnier and funnier and funnier to everyone around me. except to me each time. and then i turned into your dad and i was like to hell with this golf nonsense, i'm not playing this anymore. i'd rather hit truffles. >> it really is one of those things where there's several sounds in golf that you -- that are really pleasing. like the ting when it hits perfectly. or the -- when it goes in the hole. but the one that's like sh-woo -- i'm making sound effects. where am i? >> jimmy: do you watch golf on television? >> i do every once in a while. >> jimmy: have you ever met tiger woods? >> i have not. >> jimmy: okay. >> met tiger wood. >> jimmy: good, good. be very careful. we have a clip from the movie.
12:37 am
there's -- i think you're the only, like, woman with a speaking part in this movie. a lot of guys in this thing. >> it doesn't really matter because nobody could understand what anyone was saying on the set anyhow. >> jimmy: why do you say that? >> because we had jay chou, amazing. he's from taiwan. speaks mandarin. then we have christoph who is from austria. and seth rogen who's canadian. we all know how they speak. and then me from california, completely linguistically challenged. and michel gondry who is the director. i can understand people who speak french better. like actually are speaking french better. i understand it better than
12:38 am
michel's english. >> jimmy: somehow it managed to come together. >> yeah, by us going what? what are you talking about? >> jimmy: that would be a great outtake reel. >> it's just every time, going what? >> jimmy: you're kind of the brains of the operation. >> of course i am. clearly. >> jimmy: but unwittingly in a way the brains of the operation. do you need to set this clip up? >> oh, yeah. okay. so i'm the brains of the operation. and the -- i don't know -- unbeknownst to me, seth -- seth rogen's character has been using my knowledge in journalism to sort of plot his attack on the criminal scene in los angeles. i just find -- and i don't know he's the green hornet. this is when i find out. and this is what happens when i find out. >> jimmy: here it is. "the green hornet." it opens friday. >> no, stop!
12:39 am
stop! how did you know my name? >> it's me. >> you guys are criminals. >> we're helping people. >> you keep asking me to do research on the green hornet when you are the green hornet? >> we don't know what we're doing. we need you to help us. you're the mastermind. >> this is the police. please open up. >> don't screw us. think about it. >> hello, officer. can i help you? >> jimmy: there you go, cameron diaz, "the green hornet." opens friday. thank you for being here. be right back with scott foley. [ david ] well, i basically started noticing my hair loss
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>> jimmy: still to come, music from far east. you know our next guest from "the unit." from "felicity." you can watch him in "grey's anatomy" thursday nights at 9:00
12:44 am
on abc. please welcome scott foley. very good to see you. >> very good to see you as well. >> jimmy: you had a daughter since the last time you were here. congratulations. >> thank you, i'm a father. thank you very much. >> jimmy: your first daughter? >> my first daughter, my first child. >> jimmy: so are you able to get out of the house or do you guys camp out around the child at all times? >> we've been pretty lucky. we've had -- it's a tough thing leaving your daughter, leave ago child for the first time. >> jimmy: you feel guilty. especially when you leave for months. >> haven't done that yet. >> jimmy: oh, okay. >> it's also hard to find people that you trust to stay with your child. it's a big deal. because they're your child. >> jimmy: yeah. >> and we've gone through a couple -- we have a couple that we love. a couple -- one in particular that has not been back. >> what happened? >> well, she was very sweet.
12:45 am
so cute. >> jimmy: where did you find her to start with? >> my wife goes to a gym. this lovely young lady worked at the front desk at the gym. we had sort of a last-minute date come up, my wife said, i know the perfect girl. we're going to call heather. she'll take care of the baby. it will be great. i thought sure. heather showed up and she's gorgeous. >> jimmy: good start. >> it's a great start. and didn't have a whole lot -- >> jimmy: you tried to pretend she wasn't? >> i agreed as soon as she walked in the door. we didn't have a whole lot of time to get to know her. because we were running out the door. we kind of showed her around. went out. came back. it was an early night. you know, usually as soon as you come back home, the sitter stands, she's putting on her shoes, she's out the door, you hand her the money and there you go. >> jimmy: right. >> this didn't happen. we got home. sitter was sitting on our coach,
12:46 am
feet tucked under her. she was watching some -- ozzy osbourne was on my tv. some osbourne special. i kind of looked to my wife. she said, just get the money out and hand it to her. she said, thanks so much. kept watching tv. and i walked across to the kitchen. i gave my wife a look. my wife looked at me and didn't know what the hell to do. so i said how is everything? she said, everything was so good. all right. what are you watching? she goes, i don't know. something on the osbournes. while we were gone, a friend had dropped off some cookies for us. it was a birthday, one of my friend's birthdays. i looked at them. she said, someone dropped these cookies off for you. i said, oh, that's great. she said, you want one? i said, yeah, i'll have one. took a cookie. >> jimmy: they're mine. sure. >> i said, do you want one? she said yeah. she sat back down on the couch
12:47 am
and tucked her feet under her again. and she's cute but, like, not that cute. >> jimmy: is it possible she's homeless and she's decided to now live with you? is she still there? >> she's not there anymore. >> jimmy: how did you get rid of her? >> my wife said, scott's going to walk you to your car. she said, okay, okay, got it. >> jimmy: maybe she doesn't have cable. maybe that's the thing. maybe you should have bought her cable. >> we've had other baby-sitters who tell us we have good cable and good food. >> jimmy: sometimes they like to stay. well, it could be nice to have a live-in person there. you almost had that. >> almost. >> jimmy: against your will. do people take advantage of you in that way? you have a good nature like that. >> people do take a little bit -- not advantage but being on television you're sort of in people's homes. you know this. every night. and they feel like they know you. >> jimmy: right. >> i'm a big coffee drinker so i go to starbucks all the time. west side of los angeles,
12:48 am
there's like ten starbucks in a three-mile radius in my house. i have a very strange thing that keeps happening to me. b baristas. that's what you call -- >> jimmy: i speak starbucks. i know the sizes and everything. >> really? i didn't know what they meant. more often than not, i get friended by a barista on facebook. >> jimmy: really? >> i know their first name but i don't know their last name but i know them in their halt and their apron. and i see the request on facebook. and i don't think about it so i don't accept their friend request and then i'll go in and they'll say, did you get my friend request? >> jimmy: no, they do not. really? >> i'm like, oh, yeah, i did. because it was like three weeks ago and you didn't respond. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> i'm like -- >> jimmy: well -- >> yeah, i got -- can i get a decaf? i have to switch starbucks.
12:49 am
>> jimmy: and they're spitting in your coffee. >> it happens again and again. >> jimmy: what is it about you? maybe you should get rid of facebook. >> i kind of like facebook. >> jimmy: you're going to have to make a choice here. maybe you should stop drinking coffee is what you should do. >> i had a guy on -- a starbucks in the palisades say to me, i'm getting back into acting and i was thinking maybe we could talk about my career. you could help me out and show me what to do. i was like, all right. yeah. spent half an hour with brian on his break. >> jimmy: will he be on "grey's anatomy kw anatomy" with you? >> i don't have that kind of pull. >> jimmy: you've married kim raver's character. married you because you didn't have health insurance. >> indeed. >> jimmy: doctors almost never do. >> i've heard that. >> jimmy: it goes above and beyond, really. >> what a great doctor. >> jimmy: really good doctor. my doctor never once proposed to me. but so you marry.
12:50 am
but it's -- you know, it's one of these legal -- waver, marriages of convenience, as they say. will you eventually have a relationship? do you know? >> well, i don't know. i think -- i could never say that yes we're going to have an intimate relationship but it's "grey's anatomy." i think at some point i'm expected to nude up. >> jimmy: if you die on that show, you will have to be shirtless in your coffin, that's how it goes. >> whether it's in a relationship with her or on a bed somewhere or against a wall, like you're always -- there's a certain -- >> jimmy: you should just show up to work naked. take the discomfort out of it. >> i'm here. >> jimmy: show up at starbucks naked. i think that's a good thing to do. >> good god, could you imagine the friend requests i'd get? >> jimmy: scott foley, everybody. we'll be right back with far east movement. [ female announcer ] applying lip balm over...
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>> jimmy: this is their new cd. it's called "free wired." here with the song, it's far east movement. ♪
1:00 am
♪ on the jimmy kimmel show now we're dreaming ♪ with you right here ♪ ♪ i'm gonna rock it to you ♪ here we go come with me get your hands in the sky there's a world out there that we should see ♪ ♪ take my hand close your eyes with you right here i'm a rocketeer ♪ ♪ let's fly fly fly fly fly up up here we go go up up here we go go ♪ ♪ let's fly fly fly fly fly up up here we go go where we stop nobody knows ♪ ♪ where we go we don't need roads and where we stop nobody knows ♪ ♪ to the stars if you really want it got a jetpack with your name on it ♪ ♪ above the clouds
1:01 am
and the atmosphere say the words and we outta here ♪ ♪ hold my hand if you feeling scared we're flying up up outta here ♪ ♪ here we go come with me there's a world out there that we should see ♪ ♪ take my hand close your eyes with you right here i'm a rocketeer ♪ ♪ let's fly fly fly fly fly up up here we go go up up here we go go ♪ ♪ let's fly fly fly fly fly up up here we go go where we stop nobody knows ♪ ♪ baby we can stay fly like a g-6 shop the streets of tokyo get you fly kicks ♪ ♪ girl your always on my mind got my head up in the sky and i'm never looking down feeling priceless ♪ ♪ yeah where we at
1:02 am
only few have known were on some next level super mario ♪ ♪ i hope this works out cardio until then let's fly geronimo ♪ ♪ here we go jimmy kimmel live make some noise. >> come with me there's a world out there that we should see ♪ ♪ let's fly yo now i ain't ever been to space before but i ain't never seen ♪ ♪ a face like yours you make me feel like i can touch the planets you want the moon girl ♪ ♪ watch me grab it see i ain't ever seen a star this close you got me stuck by ♪ ♪ the way you glow i'm like oh oh oh oh i'm like oh oh oh oh here we go ♪ ♪ come with me there's a world out there that we should see take my hand ♪ ♪ close your eyes with you right here i'm a rocketeer let's fly ♪
1:03 am
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