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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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11:01 pm crescent pose. chase what matters. just four more times. ♪ this fifth grader says the pittbull attack that will force him to have reconstructive surgery was no accident. >> we talked to his family and we are now live at the police department. alan? >> dan and carolyn, the pittbull bit a large chunk of flesh out of the boy's arm. and it could have been worse had the boy not been holding his arm up to defend himself. tonight the pittbull is still free. authorities have not questioned the owners and that's what has the boy's family so upset. the fifth grader at cooper elementary school in vallejo
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says he just came home from school yesterday around 3:00. he says he was a block away from home when he noticed a man on the street with two pittbulls. but for some reason he says the man intentionally released one of them and it came charging at him. >> if he were to go away from my neck, he got me and the second time i blacked out and he got me. his teeth just ripped. >> what did the police tell you once you called them to come out? >> they said they were going to let the animal control deal with the situation. >> why? >> because they were not going to treat it like a crime. >> they say police would not take a police report even though animal control told the family to get a police report. now ray is undergoing painful rabies shots.
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he had 16 yesterday and he has 14 more to go. on thursday he will are reconstructive surgery at children's hospital in oakland. tonight the vallejo police spokesperson told us he could not comment on the case because he doesn't have any knowledge of the incident. he says he will get back to us tomorrow. meanwhile, the pittbull is still free. authorities still haven't questioned the owner, and the young boy says he is not comfortable walking out his own front door. president aring live in vallejo,al -- reporting live in vallejo, alan wang. after four months, the city of san bruno said they have had hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to the victim of the pipeline explosion. it is a process that has taken far too long. lisa amin gulezian is live with the decision. lisa? >> the city council voted unanimously to start distributing the money next week. they will show id and pick up a check. >> i wanted to offer my personal apology to anyone who
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feels that our delay in getting this out may have caused undo hardship. >> this is how san bruno vice mayor started the conversation on how to allocate the $395,000 donated to san bruno's fiery leave fund. the money is still coming in four months after the deadly explosion. and to date, not a single dollar has been distributed. >> we really weren't aware of any definitive needs. we were under the assumption that pg&e and red cross and the other agencies were fulfilling these needs. >> they found out at the meeting that wasn't the case. tonight these guidelines for distribution were established -- 38 homeowners whose homes were destroyed will get $6,000 each. 17 homeowners whose homes were moderately damaged will each receive $4,000. and the 45 homeowners who had what is considered minor damage will get $1,000 each.
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>> if you have lost everything , 6,000 is not going to do much either. >> there were some who disagreed with the city's decision to base assessments on damage rather than need. >> the kid that was in the hospital, they should give him a little extra. >> reporter: that's where the remaining 58,000 in unallocated dollars comes in. the second part of the city's distribution plan is to allow victims to actually apply for that main. that's based on the severity of their situation. >> the resources san bruno has is a small community, basically. i think they are doing an exemplary job. >> you can always opt out and not take the money owed. that money would be added to the 58,000 unallocated fund. live in san bruno, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. >> thank you. last week he was a virtually unknown bureaucrat, but to -- tonight ed leigh is
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the first chinese american to hold his position. leigh glaser has his sudden rise to prominence and power. >> you are right. he took the office after the board of supervisors unanimously appointed him interim mayor. a true vote of confidence. >> as i hold the office of -- >> as i hold the office of -- >> mayor for the city and county of san francisco. >> mayor for the city and county of san francisco. >> with those words, ed lee was sworn in as san francisco's 43rd mayor today. an historic moment that brought thunderous applause and people to their seats. mayor lee is the first asian-american to ever hold the office. >> i may be your interim mayor, but i intend to utilize this year in office to tackle our problems with resolve and seriousness of purpose.
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>> immediately following the swearing-in ceremony, the new mayor found himself in a crush of well wishers at an inaugural reception. >> to have a mayor in san francisco and a mayor in oakland and to have so many elected officials standing behind the new mayor today and the other supervisors, we are extremely proud. >> we have this wonderful new mayor coming in who is very competent and very skilled and ready to support all of us in the community. we are very excited. >> while tonight mayor lee celebrates, tomorrow he will be faced with a budget deficit along with finding a new police chief. >> i do look forward to a new page in the relationship between the mayor and the board of supervisors. i look forward to a much more caw lab bra tiff, civil, respectful discourse between our two branches of government. >> i really do believe that if people don't trust you, you have no real role working in government. this will lead to more
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stability by police. i trust the government to do the right thing. >> and tomorrow the real work really begins. and he will have to tackle the budget and also try and find a new police chief. in the newsroom, leigh glaser, abc7 news. >> thanks, leigh. a san francisco man wrongly convicted in the double murder case will spend one last night in county jail. tomorrow he will be a free man after spending 18 years in prison. san francisco prosecutors decided not to retry conley after a judge last month overturned his conviction in a 1989 drive by shooting that killed two people. the judge said the prosecution and the police failed to tell the defense that their star witness was being paid as part of a witness protection program. >> it is a great day for him and his family. and it is a great day for justice. >> this was one of george gas scone's first official acts. prosecutors say the length of time and the fact that the key
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witness died left no other option but to drop the case. in tucson, doctors say coming woman gabrielle giffords is breathing on her own which makes them even more hopeful than ever she will make a full recovery. still a long way to go. they just released these photos showing her husband, myc kelly,-- mike kelly, holding her hand on sunday. the congresswoman was in the prayers of those who gathered at a special mass in tucson for the six people killed and the 14 wounded in saturday's rampage. >> ♪ i once was lost ♪ but now i'm found >> a children's choir sang "amazing grace" during the remembrance mass in tucson where the youngest victim where to church. the girls singing tonight are about the same age as 9-year-old christina taylor green. christina attended saturday's appearance by gabrielle gif
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forwards with -- giver forwards. he said his wife was holding kristina's hand when the shooting started. she is recovering from three gunshot wounds and heavily sedated. her husband says it seems she is reliving those horrible moments from her hospital bed. >> i hear her in her semiconscious ramblings screaming out, christina! christina! let's get out of here! she keeps talking about the holding of hands and then the realization that she was on the ground and the bleeding was profuse. her memory seems to end there. >> a former neighbor is not surprised that she took giffords to the event. they founded a nonprofit group focused on raising strong girls. >> taking that girl with her is so susie. everything to do with making things better. whether it was civic minded or something good in the community, it was going to be good for the community or the kids or the adults or anybody,
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if susie cared about it, she made it happen. >> meanwhile, the parents of the gunman have note -- not emerged. in it they say, quote, there are no words that can possibly express how we feel. we don't understand why this happened. we care very deeply about the victims and their families. 100 fbi agents are on the case in tucson, scouring the crime scene and reconstructing loughner's life. a neighbor who visited loughner's parents say the family is grief stricken. >> there are no words without crying. not only is he sad for his son , he is devastated over people that was involved. she is in bed, and she is low down. tomorrow president obama will visit tucson and deliver a memorial speech at the university of arizona. house minority leader nancy pelosi will travel with the
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president. today she stopped by gifford's office to meet privately with her staff. pelosi appeared to be wiping away tears as she left, but said nothing about the mealing. coming up next, we pick up where the movie "the social network" left off. the twins who say facebook was their idea go to court to try to get more money. and calling all state workers. governor brown wants your cell phone back. and then later on "nightline." >> i'm cynthia mcfaden, coming up next, how can the brain possibly rebound from a piercing bullet? and as congresswoman gifford fights back, we talk to those who lived through it. and they are calling it a weather bomb. we track
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to governor brown ordered thousands of state workers to turn in their cell phones today. in his first executive order, he told the state department heads to collect half of the 96,000 state-ish youked -- state-issued phones. it will save $20 million a year. >> this is millions of dollars. so what we want to do is to
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put out an order saying we want to cut the cell phone use in half because we have to look for waste. it is not just cutting out programs. it is looking for making government leaner and more effective. >> employees who are on call 24-7 will be allowed to keep their phones. brown said today he was turning in his state-issued phone today. >> nine million iphone users are expected to switch to verizon now that the company announced it will start selling a version of the iphone 4 on february 10th. this ends the exclusive contacts with apple. some have long complained about dropped calls, especially in metropolitan areas like san francisco. but technology experts warn there are tradeoffs. for example, verizon users won't be able to talk and use apps and the internet at the same time. the twins who claim facebook was their idea are trying to undo the settlement that paid them $65 million. the case played out in the movie "social network" resumed in a federal appeals court.
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they claimed facebook misrepresented the value of the company when they agreed to settle. but the justices were skeptical, saying the twins had good legal advisors and should have known what they were getting into. >> we accept their version of what occurred. they are not victims of fraud. they are out right imbeciles. >> it is in the hands of the court. we wait for the court's decision. that's essentially it. >> you were called imbeciles. >> there is no comment. >> there is no deadline or set time for the appellate court to issue its decision on this. the board of supervisors voted today to extend a more rium on the installation of smart meters. it applies to unincorporated areas and gives police the authority to site pg&e for a misdemeanor. pg&e hasn't co-ed to install smart meters around a california including cities and counties with moratoriums. they will work with customers who request a delay.
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>> have four grandchildren. they are getting killed with the radiation. >> two women were arrested today trying to prevent smart meters from being installed. it was posted on on the new report powered by youtube. the group called itself grandmothers concerned for the health of their grandchildren. if you are flying back east, check ahead. heavy snow is falling across the northeast. in new york, you can barely make out the empire state building tonight. that's it. mayor michael bloomberg declared a weather emergency, and the airlines canceled nearly 2,000 flights into new york city. forecasters are predicting eight to 12 inches of snow in what they are calling a weather bomb, unusually low pressure that results in severe snow and ind with. we can show you this live picture of the george washington bridge on the h dash dosh on the new jersey side. you can see it is blanketed in snow and inching along slowly. the teeter burrow airport is
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closed as well. air travel is very difficult in that part of the country. >> quite a mess there. we are dealing with a little rainfall. >> yes, meteorologist sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it makes us feel guilty with the rainfall we have been receiving. very light today. it is generally under a 10th of an inch. and we are expected to go into a milder winter condition over the coming days. live doppler 7hd is showing you a few showers remain right around the monterey bay. gilroy and salinas and cap paw toe law -- capatola is light. in the sierra nevada, it has been snowing. the last couple hours as you head across 80 from truckee to blue canyon and also across 50 heading toward south lake tahoe. they are reporting light snow, but snowfall is expected to remain on the light side with the about 7,000 foot elevation receiving a few inches of snow. temperatures are in the 40s and the 50s. here are the highlights -- morning drizzle, patchy fog.
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a chance of rain in the north bay on thursday. we are looking at dry and milder conditions for your friday and saturday. even beyond. if you are making plans, definitely expected to be mild. here is the satellite and radar. the cold front is weakening. it is really falling apart, and that is why we are not expecting much more out of the system. the light rain will come to an end in the overnight hours. the showers around the monterey bay will be ending. tomorrow morning for the 5:00 a.m. commute, you are really looking at quite a bit of cloud cover. a little bit of drizzle and perhaps a sprinkle or two, and that's it. after that we start to break out into some sunshine in the afternoon. a few lingering clouds around the north bay and the coastal areas. with the sun coming through, the temperatures will rise for your wednesday afternoon. don't put the umbrellas away. another system will come through on thursday. a chance of rain for thursday remaining north of the golden gate. so this is where you will see the best possibility of light rain on thursday.
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temperatures in the 40s and cloud cover and a little damp. tomorrow afternoon it is a mild day compared to what we have been seeing. 60 in san jose. 59 for cupertino, santa clara. on the peninsula, partly cloudy skies. 58 in san mateo. mountain view, lossal toes, upper 50s. the coast will be in the mid to upper 50s. downtown san francisco, 56 degrees. you were in the upper 40s today. as you look at the north bay, san rafael goes from 45 this afternoon to 54 degrees. that's an improvement. 56 in santa rosa. 58 for oakland. inland communities, you are in the low to mid50s. 55 for danville. monterey bay, a temperature of 62 degrees in sap tau cruz. -- santa cruz. a little dripy early in the morning, but after that it is a partly cloudy afternoon for wednesday. a chance of light rain in the north bay primarily on thursday. milder and milder conditions
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in terms of our temperatures as we head toward early next week. low to mid60s popping up more martin luther king junior day. the only fly in the ointment, a slight possibility of showers on sunday. right now the computer models are in disagreement. well, coming up next, what happens when a man tries to clear some ice off the top of his house. >> you will see how thisssssssss
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we want to show you one of the most watched videos on youtube. >> a man trying to clear the ice out of his gutters, and he clearly can't see. >> watch what happens here. here it goes. watch this. this is unbelievable. >> it really it unbelievable. >> that's scary. rooftop avalanche. >> luckily he is laughing about it. >> very efficient way to clear the roof of your house of snow. the sharks need to clear out their gutters.
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selected to the allstar team. part of the reason may be the draft they are experiencing. in the last 10 periods 129 shots on net and only one goal. they scored twice tonight against toronto. the former shark skipper will get his 600th career win against his former team. patrick marlow lights the lamp. his 15th of the year. and he is taken out by ore. called for a two-minute penalty for the knee. it could be a charlie horse or knee injury. he is knocked on his back and a check from behind. 1-0 after two.
11:30 pm
he flip itself by him and a 1-1 game. marlow on the break and it goes. the game is tied at two. the skate trickles in and three goals in seven minutes in the third. the leafs had an empty net. to the nfl and cleavland, denver and the raiders are looking for head coaches. al davis likes his potential head coach. he is calling and talking with assistants. meanwhile, the carolina panthers have their new etch could. the charmgers' defensive coordinator ron rivera. he grew up in seaside on the monterey peninsula. the 49-year-old won a super bowl with the bears and will be the second latino head coach in nfl history. michigan found their head etch could hiring san diego state's brady hoke. he was 9 and 4 with the aztecs. he was i'm thated the mountain west coach of the year. he was an assistant for eight
11:31 pm
seasons. and auburn is of course number one and undefeated tcu goes in at 2 and stanford and ohio state round out the top five. stanford's highest season ending ranking since 1940, and the reward is looking for a new head coach. spring training is right around the corner. the a's are looking for dukeshir. he was 33 and 25 in eight seasons with texas and the a's and an allstar in 2008. now we go to the royal christmas tree throwing championships. it is a good end to your unwanted pines. we start with the javolin throw. form and technique is optional. grip and let it rip. we go on to the spinning throw competition. it is a bit like the hammer throw. this is a sport for everyone, and they will cool down after -- afterwards. it should be made an olympic
11:32 pm
event. >> it is cool. thanks, shu. "nightline" is coming up next. >> for mike shumann and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us. >> have a great evening. appreciate your time and see you tomorrow. >> good night, everyone.
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