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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 14, 2011 12:05am-1:05am PST

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time now for tonight's closing argument. our topic, involuntary commitment. before he allegedly shot 19 people, jared loughner had a long history of troubled behavior. just this fall, his college suspended him and said it would not readmit him without a
12:06 am
psychiatric evaluation. police visited him at school and at his home. now, should someone have tried to have him involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility? should involuntary commitment be an option in cases like loughner's? we've heard from many of you, but please join the conversation, tell us what you think at the "nightline" facebook page or at the "nightline" page at that's it for our report tonight. i'm cynthia mcfadden. for terry moran, bill weir and all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> oh, crap, i'm late! ♪
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>> jimmy: why are you late, stupid? i told you, never to be late. >> dicky: tonight, seth rogen. elle fanning. music from the damned things. and special guest director michel gondry. >> action! >> dicky: with cleto and the cletones. and now, bonjour. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, thanks for coming. very nice. i'm really sorry. i guess i overslept or something. thank you for coming. thank you for being here, thank you for watching. i'll begin sbi by
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introducing our guest director tonight, the director of "the green hornet," the great michel gondry. [ applause ] >> hey, jimmy. how are you? thanks for having me. >> jimmy: thank you for being here. itch was up all night learning french to speak to you today. he's directed videos for foo fighters, for beck, the white stripes. he's directed kate winslet, jim carrey. don't say anything. he thinks i'm john travolta, so -- this is the third celebrity guest director we've had. our show has surrendered to the french, and we couldn't be happier. this should be fun and definitely different. unless you watch the show while you're high every night, then it will be about the same. >> ah, jimmy? >> jimmy: yes? >> jimmy, sorry to interrupt. i think you have a phone call? >> jimmy: a phone -- i do? >> yeah, i think -- >> jimmy: i don't usually take calls during the show. >> i know, but you better take this one.
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>> jimmy: i don't hear a phone or anything and i don't have a phone -- >> let me -- >> jimmy: now i hear a phone. is that the phone on my desk? this is very strange. and who is calling me? >> i think it's you. just interact with yourself. >> jimmy: i usually do that in the privacy of my bathroom, but -- hello? hello, jim? yeah. it's me, jimmy. oh. hey. how are you doing? nothing. i'm here in bed and i wanted to tell you not to trust michel. oh, okay. don't trust him, okay? all right. i won't. you look great tonight. oh, thank you. good-bye. good-bye, me. huh. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> jimmy: oh, crap, i'm late again. >> action!
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>> dicky: and now, bonjour. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thank you for coming. michel? michel? what should i do about him? >> interact with yourself. just talk to yourself. that's a great opportunity to sbro spekt your double personality. >> jimmy: yeah, you don't understand, i have to do a monologue, and it's not one if there's two guys. >> see, you don't respect the director here, especially the french one. >> jimmy: that's not true. i do the show by myself and that's -- i apologize. where was i? oh, yeah, there's a new animal sensation from germany, remember the polar bear?
12:11 am
well, he's old news now. the new thing the internet is excited about is heidi, the cross-eyed possum. >> say hello to heidi the cross-eyed possum has become a media sensation in the country, despite the fact that she hasn't been seen in public yet. >> jimmy: well, that is cuter than a ferret with tourette's, i tell you that. >> well, that's -- that's -- you don't respect animals? >> jimmy: no, that's not true. that's not true at all, michel. >> all right, let me make it better. >> jimmy: okay. >> say hello to germany's latest animal celebrity, heidi, the non-cross-eyed possum, has become a media sensation, despite the fact that she hasn't been seen in public yet. >> jimmy: that's nice of you, but it's not funny unless -- >> okay, okay, okay. watch this. watch this. >> jimmy: yeah. otherwise it's just a possum and -- you know, that's fine,
12:12 am
but -- >> say hello to germany's latest animal celebrity, heidi, the goi googly-eyed possum. >> jimmy: see, now that's even better than the original. [ cheers and applause ] that i like. you know, seth rogen who plays the green hornet is here tonight. his co-stars from the movie are cameron diaz and playing kato, a guy named jay chow. he's from taiwan. he's a massive star in china. he's an actor, singer, song writer, he's like the me of china. sand we get a lot of chinese tourists here in l.a. we thought it would be fun to send him and a key board out onto hollywood boulevard to pretend he's a street musician. just to start playing and see what would happen. and, well, here's what happened. ♪
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♪ ♪ yankee doodle went to town ♪ riding on a pony ♪ stuck a feather in his hat ♪ and called it macaroni ♪ yankee doodle went to down ♪ riding on a pony ♪ stuck a feather in his hat ♪ and called it macaroni
12:14 am
♪ yankee doodle went to town ♪ riding on a pony ♪ stuck a feather in his hat ♪ and called it macaroni ♪ stuck a feather in his hat ♪ and called it macaroni [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's good. he didn't get any money but it did work out fine. yes? >> jimmy -- ah, i just -- >> jimmy: oh. oh, thank you. >> i don't think you should interact -- i think in french cinema, you interact with yourself. when i was a little boy, we play with the camera and, the great french director always give me the sense that you always, just ignore, basically, who is there.
12:15 am
so, just do it for yourself and like, the french new -- it's part of the new cinema. >> jimmy: i have no idea, really, what you're saying to me right now, that's the problem. >> okay. >> jimmy: it's really just difficult. >> guillermo. can you talk to him? >> okay. >> jimmy: guillermo, what was he saying? >> ah -- i think he said just keep doing your job. >> jimmy: okay. thank you. i will then, i guess, is what i'll do. i didn't understand what you said. sorry, michel. >> well, i have my super speakerphone, good english. i said, i love your work and i love your shoes. >> jimmy: oh, thank you. i appreciate that. [ cheers and applause ] my shoes. my shoes -- why are my shoes made out of bread. ? wearing loaf loafers here. where are my regular shoes?
12:16 am
>> they are under your desk. >> jimmy: oh. excuse me for a second. i have to wear real shoes. we have mice here in the studio. this is a very strange thing to do to someone, to make their shoes turn into bread. oh there's my regular shoes. oh, pardon me for a moment. oh, where are they? >> wake up, jimmy. it's just a dream. wake up. jimmy! wake up! jimmy! wake up! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> jimmy: oh, look, i'm late again. >> action! >> dicky: and now, bonjour. here's jimmy kimmel!
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what is this now, too? i'm starting to get sick of me here. be gone again, will you? that is -- good show tonight. and it's time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things with whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> ted kennedy and or win hatch were powerful team, precisely because they didn't agree that much. and they spent a lot of time [ bleep ] each other. >> protesters arrested after they tried to [ bleep ] 200 [ bleep ]. >> fishing with the bears was really cool. >> that was cool. what did you think about them [ bleep ]? >> it was cool. >> all plans went out the window. i felt like i had a [ bleep ] in my [ bleep ] or something like
12:18 am
that. i got to unload this thing. >> they did. come confusion, he [ bleep ] some big balls. >> they didn't mug shot me, they didn't [ bleep ] me. >> i know we're freezing but can the fans see what you're wearing. or are you too cold? >> no, that's fine. >> isn't she gorgeous? >> i have the absolute smelliest and sweatiest and stinkiest [ bleep ] ever. it's really awful. >> i'm 30 today. >> happy [ bleep ] birthday to me. >> jacqueline likes to take to the pageant with her her puppet baby. he's a disabled puppet, has a little wheelchair. >> we have to hurry. >> let's all [ bleep ] like animals. >> will you help us [ bleep ] like animals? great! >> jimmy: we have a good show for you tonight. elle fanning is here. we'll have music from the damned things. yes? yes?
12:19 am
>> sorry to interrupt. i think i have a surprise behind the curtain. >> jimmy: no, i'm not going into a dream again. i don't want to do that. >> it's not that. come with me. >> jimmy: i'd rather not. i really would rather not. >> no, no, just trust me. >> jimmy: all right. >> it's beautiful. >> jimmy: michel. >> action! >> jimmy: i knew this was a bad idea. maybe there's a way i could -- oh, thank god! we'll be right back with seth rogen.
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with so many ways to lose up to six pounds in two weeks. what will you gain when you lose? get started at >> jimmy: welcome back. we're here on a special night. michel gondry is directing our show from "the green hornet." this must be what it's like to be inside gary busey's brain.
12:23 am
elle fanning will be here. and later, members of the members fall out boy, anthrax and every time i die. this is their debut album. you can see them on tour starting january 19th in san diego. the damned things, from the bud light stage. our first guest tonight is the action hero. starting tomorrow, you can see him battle evil from the passenger seat of a very cool chrysler. "the green hornet" opens tomorrow night. please welcome seth rogen. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: ah --
12:24 am
[ laughter ] that's really cool, but -- i was expecting the human seth. >> well, here's real, look. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. yeah, no, it's really, really cool. don't get me wrong, i mean, it's -- and your drumming is excellent, too, but i was hoping -- yeah, i -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, the actual seth rogen would come out. is seth not going to be here? [ laughter ] ♪ >> oh, awesome. wow. >> jimmy: wow, look at that. now i can be the green hornet. that was -- have you ever exited
12:25 am
through your own head before? >> i have, through my own mouth many times, actually. >> jimmy: very good to see you. >> you, too, thank you. this is the craziest thing that's ever happened in the world. >> jimmy: i think you might be right. how long did you -- how long -- >> i worked with him for years, if you can imagine this. you have done this for one night and it's really taking the ringer. it's pretty amazing. >> jimmy: it reminds me the affects of salvia, in a way. >> this is all in miley cyrus' head right now. >> jimmy: you're probably right. so, you were, what, you co-wrote the movie. you were the executive producer of the film and you lost more than 150 pounds -- >> 895 pounds, i lost. [ applause ] >> jimmy: so -- since you're denying you yourself all of these things, have you cut loose? >> i haven't cut loose that much. when i was younger i used to go
12:26 am
crazy, i used to, like, really drink a lot and i stopped doing that because i had an incident when i was 16 years old. it was -- it was new year's, and i was hammered and i was in whistler village, which is like aspen, a big ski resort and i was drunk out of my mind, and i was wandering around the village and there were thousands of people walking around, and i see this, like, 60-year-old lady approaching me with her hand extended. and i was like, okay, this is interesting, what do we got here and she just kind of walk and put her hand right on my testicles. [ laughter ] and i was like, okay, i didn't know what to do, i kind of froze. and i was like what's going to happen now. and then, she kind of gave them a jiggle and she just kind of walked on her way. and i realized, i was way too drunk, i was vulnerable. i was like, why did she do that, did she think she was helping me?
12:27 am
could she see my balls were uncomfortable from my outward appearance? and since then, i can't allow myself to get that drunk in public, lest a 60-year-old woman will molest my balls. and i can't leave myself vulnerable like that anymore. >> jimmy: i think that would actually encourage me to continue. >> exactly. at the time, and it was sad, and this is true, she was the second lady ever to touch my balls so it was kind of a good accomplishment at the same time. >> jimmy: is this something that happens to you regularly? are they are magnet? >> they are. her, my girlfriend and my mom technically the only three people that have touched my balls. >> jimmy: that's a club i would love to get into. >> we can do it right now. >> jimmy: oh, look, there you are again. >> is that what you look like? >> jimmy: if you were on "rug rats" that's what you would look like. well, now, you lost all the weight, and women are attacking your genitals left and right. you are recently engaged. congratulations on that.
12:28 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: do you have problems now that you're a big movie star beating the women off with a stick? >> no, i do physically beat women with sticks which is he helpful. to not having them approach you. no, a lot of people ask me that question, you know, does your girlfriend get jealous because girls, you know, now that i'm in movies, approach me, and i explain to people, my fans are not, like, hot girls. my fans are, like, hot dudes with door ree toe powder all over their shirts. those are the people who apressure me. and my girlfriend is cool if i sleep with those guys. >> jimmy: well, that's very nice of her. >> we have a few more surprises, i'm sure, in store. "the green hornet" opens tomorrow. seth rogen, everybody. we'll be right back, more with seth rogen, everybody. we'll be right back, more with seth after this. ? this is the best bike we have. - top spec gears, superlight frame. - i love it! right now, you can have it for free.
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>> oh, dude. you're forgetting something very important. ♪ that is so wicked.
12:33 am
♪ as i walk through the valley of the shadow of death ♪ ♪ i take a look at my my life ♪ and realize there's nothing left ♪ ♪ i be laughing so long that ♪ even my momma thinks that my mind is gone ♪ ♪ tell me why are we ♪ so blind to see >> where are we going? >> i have no idea. i thought you knew. >> jimmy: that's seth rogen. in "the green hornet." it opens tomorrow. seth is with us. look at this. you -- wow, you're with the police now. >> it's true. we use these same visual affects in the movie. it's impressive that it holds up so well. >> jimmy: i have working headlights and yours are really just -- >> you ran out of money from there to there. >> jimmy: i am the host of the show. i have the better car.
12:34 am
tell us about the green hornet. >> he was invented in the 1930s as a radio show originally and it was a movie serials in the '40s and then in the '60s it was a tv show and bruce lee was on it, which is the reason -- >> jimmy: he played katon. >> that's the first thing bruce lee was in in america. >> jimmy: so, it's not the same one from the pink panther. >> no, it's a rip-off. >> jimmy: who does own the rights to the green hornet? >> the family is still around, the trindle family, and, you know, we were kind of horrified to meet them because we thought they would hate us for making their, you know, their legacy into a comedy that i'm in, so -- they actually came to the set and i was just so apologetic, i'm like, i'm sorry it's me and not someone cooler than me.
12:35 am
and they were really nice actually and they were like, we're really happy that it's finally getting made into a movie, and, you nope, we're really happy that you kept it like the original show and the green hornet and kato don't kill anybody. >> and we were standing on the set getting ready do a scene where i was about to shoot squish people with my car. >> jimmy: pay no attention to what's behind me. i wanted to mention that, cameron diaz was here and she said that between you, who are canadian, and michel who is from france, and jay chou, who is from taiwan, she couldn't understand anything being said on the set. don't speak english, as well. he's maybe the most indecipherable man on the earth.
12:36 am
christoph waltz -- >> jimmy: oh, yeah, him, too. >> i want to explain how this scene was created. here, you have seth rogen. >> jimmy: okay. >> and this is the writing partner. >> jimmy: okay. >> and then you have the bomb shell, which is cameron diaz. >> jimmy: glad that's not seth. >> and then you have the big studio, sony pictures. >> jimmy: they have the money. >> that's good. >> and you have a producer who makes the car look like speedos. that's there. and then you have a french director. >> jimmy: you want to take that? >> french director. >> that's you. that actually does look like you. >> and taiwanese super star.
12:37 am
you take all that, put it together -- >> jimmy: now i understand! >> you put it together, see? >> jimmy: it was all very confusing -- >> i have to -- >> jimmy: until you explained that. >> i'm sorry, i have to keep directing the show. >> jimmy: well, thank you, michel. "the green hornet" opens tomorrow. we'll be right back with elle fanning. yeah. um, i thought this was going well for a first date.
12:38 am
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>> jimmy: hello there. we're back. while most girls her age are hanging justin bieber posters, our next guest is appearing in her 13th movie. it's in select cities now. please say hello to elle fanning. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: sorry we didn't have a giant version of your head up here. >> that was hilarious.
12:42 am
>> jimmy: when you're a 12-year-old movie star, when your parents tell you to clean your room, do you hire someone to do that for you, another kid? >> no, i still have to clean my room, make up my bed. i'm pretty good about it, though, because i don't really like things that messy. i'm sort of a perfectionist. >> jimmy: so you have a little ocd that takes care of that. >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you allowed to spend your money, the money that you make from movies? u. >> i don't really get an allowance or anything, but i just got the iphone 4, so that's really cool and i had the iphone 3 g before -- >> jimmy: it's no good once the 4 comes out. >> then it's old news. >> jimmy: you have to throw it away. >> yeah. and then i accidentally, i dropped it in the pool, the 3 g one -- >> jimmy: accidentally? >> yeah, it was totally accidental and my sister thinks i dropped it in the pool because i wanted the iphone 4, that's so
12:43 am
not true. >> jimmy: you think maybe subconsciously it accidentally fell in the pool, like, your hand said, ow, it's so old -- >> so not true. but it was weird because it was, like, a day before the iphone 4 came out so bad timing. >> jimmy: what a coincidence. and good timing, also. >> good timing, as well. >> jimmy: your sister, dakota fanning was here, and when she was here she was just about, or trying to get her driver's license. did she get it? she didn't? >> sadly no. she has -- she has her permit now, but she's -- she's supposed to get it soon, but i've never seen her drive, i'm a little scared to get in the car with her. >> jimmy: you haven't? because that would be exciting. because you guys could go to the mall or -- >> i know. i'm sort of looking forward to it because she can drive me to school and stuff but at the same time -- >> jimmy: you enjoy being alive? >> yeah, i sort of want my life. >> jimmy: yeah, that's always good. my parents always said that.
12:44 am
do you go to a regular school or do you have the on-set schooling things? >> no, i go to regular school. i just started seventh grade so, you move up and i'm in middle school now. >> jimmy: ideally, yeah, you move up. so, you moved to -- you are going to a new school now? >> well, the same school because it's kind eergarten through 12. >> jimmy: do you like that, being with the little kids? >> it's in a different section. there's elementary, middle school and high school. >> jimmy: then the cool section. now you're in the cool section. >> i have a locker now. that's a huge deal. >> jimmy: my kids have their books, they have, like, a wheelbarrow full of books that they have to carry around. >> me, too. i can't open my locker, i -- i'm not good at it, i don't get it. i remember the combination but i have one that's messed up, it's like stuck all the time. so, i don't put my bags in the locker, i don't put my books in the locker, i put it in this
12:45 am
huge bag that i have and carry it around. and everyone makes fun of me because it's so heavy. i have to confess that i can't open my locker. >> jimmy: we're going to have a generation of hunchbacks in about 60 years from the kids carrying the books around. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you should try to get that locker rop eer opened. maybe the green hornet can punch it open. how do you work school with -- are you working right now? >> yeah, i'm doing a movie called "we bought a zoo" right now -- >> jimmy: there are animals in the movie? >> i just met the monkey. it's like -- >> jimmy: where did you meet him? >> we went to the set where the zoo is, and then there's the monkey, crystal. and she was in a pink jump suit with a crystal tiara on it. she's like a person. chef do she does this thing where the trainer that trains her gives her, like, all the food and it doesn't matter. she was chewing gum one day.
12:46 am
>> jimmy: really? >> yeah, and there's this trick where the trainer goes like this to the monkey and it starts hitting you on the head. >> jimmy: why would you do that trick? >> i know. the trainer gets faster and the monkey hits you faster -- >> jimmy: have you had that with any other costars? >> not yet. >> jimmy: that's good. do you have pets yourself at home? >> i do. i have a horse, a dog and a goldfish. >> jimmy: really? those are all in your bedroom? it's amazing you keep it so clean. you have a horse, a dog and a goldfish. how long for the goldfish? >> about three years. >> jimmy: are you sure your parents aren't switching them out while you're at work while you're meeting monkeys and what not? >> mine is pretty unique, though. it was a party favor from this party, which is so weird, i went to this girl's birthday and she had this huge tank of all these
12:47 am
goldfish and they were all, of course, like the orange color -- >> jimmy: gold. >> but then they scooped the goldfish out for me and mine is see-through. like, you can see through it, like the veins and stuff. >> jimmy: you have an invisible goldfish? that's way better than a monkey, i mean -- so, you can just barely see it when it's in there? >> you can see it but it's like, fluorescent. >> jimmy: that's pretty kooch. >> and her name is angel wings. >> jimmy: really? >> i'm the only one that cares about the fish. >> jimmy: in the world? >> no, in the family. >> jimmy: they don't care about angel wings? >> my dad calls her the first. >> jimmy: your dad calls her the fish? >> just the fish. and i'm like, it's angel wings. >> jimmy: you can't just it the fish. >> and we had one goldfish named flounder but i -- but i wasn't
12:48 am
alive when they had it, like, my sister was really young. >> jimmy: and now flounder is not alive either. this movie, you're getting great reviews. made it with sophia coppola. it's rated r. are you even allowed to see the movie? >> well, i did see the movie. >> jimmy: you did? >> but it's sort of depends, i guess, because i read the script and i sort of know the story. so it was okay. >> jimmy: have there been movies you weren't able to see? >> when i was 5 or 6 i did this movie called "door in the floor." when i was 5, i definitely couldn't see it. >> jimmy: have you seen it since? >> no. that would be a nice halloween treatment for you and angel wings. oh, no. there's something going on over here. michel, what is that? >> it's a magic mirror. >> jimmy: it is. wow, look at this. i don't know if you can see what's going on here, but some
12:49 am
how you -- it's like superman 2. the villains, you captured them inside the magic mirror. he doesn't speak ing lish that well. >> elle, just relax and answer jimmy's questions by sbro spekting your subconscious. >> jimmy: that's a good idea, but i don't have any questions. elle fanning, everyone. we'll be right back with -- we'll be right back. people have breath all the time.
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>> jimmy: well, this is their new cd. it here with the song "we've got a situation here," the damned things. ♪ i've waited patiently for the crowd to gather in and to read off my demands on the news this evening ♪ ♪ i have not asked for much but i want what i can't afford just to find myself a mess at the steps to her door ♪ ♪ at the steps to her door at the steps to her door ♪ ♪ this situation is out of my hands i am the cross bearer in the cross hairs ♪ ♪ come in and get me ♪ the situation is out of my hands i got a new prayer for a new plan ♪ ♪ come in and get me
12:59 am
♪ i'm making all this up as their eyes follow along no lines between the dots it's the right time ♪ ♪ going wrong ♪ we've wanted something more than we could ever regret and i don't ever learn but i know i forget ♪ ♪ but i know i forget but i know i forget ♪ ♪ this situation is out of my hands i am the cross bearer in the cross hairs ♪ ♪ come in and get me ♪ the situation is out of my hands i got a new prayer for a new plan ♪ ♪ come in and get me ♪ ♪ didn't the dogs get the scent or you kids get the sense i've come undone ♪ ♪ didn't the dogs
1:00 am
get the scent or you kids get the sense i've come undone ♪ ♪ ♪ with all the love in the world we're still one foot in the grave for the love of god ♪ ♪ put your sites on my heart ♪ ♪ when all the eyes like i know it will when it comes it takes us in its arms ♪
1:01 am
♪ this situation is out of my hands i am the cross bearer in the cross hairs ♪ ♪ come in and get me ♪ the situation is out of my hands i got a new prayer for a new plan ♪ ♪ come in and get me the situation is out of my hands i am the cross bearer in the cross hairs ♪ ♪ come in and get me come in and get me come in and get me ♪ ♪ didn't the dogs get the scent or you kids get the sense i've come undone ♪ ♪ didn't the dogs get the scent or you kids get the sense i've come undone ♪
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>> jimmy: all right. i want to thank elle fanning, seth ro fw en, apologize to


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