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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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gunman's personal videotapes reveal about his anger. >> and the dark side of facebook. how a man stalked and black mailed women he
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good evening, everyone. home video made by the arizona gunman came out tonight. >> jared loughner narrates it and talks about his dislike of school. watch and you can briefly see his reflection in a glass door at the bookstore. >> this is pima community college, one of the biggest scams in america. the students are so illiterate that they are stuck in their daily lives. the bookstore, the bookstore, the bookstore. it is so illegal to sell this book under the constitution.
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we are also stunted by our freedom of speech. >> the nearly four 46 -- four-minute video was put up year. they discovered it and suspended loughner. the video was released by the school because of public records request. today the pima college county sheriff's office revealed a time line of loughner's day. he picked up racy pictures of himself from a walgreens at 2:19 a.m., eight hours before the shooting. in those pictures loughner was wearing a red g-string and posing with a glock semiautomatic pistol, the same one authorities say he used to shoot gabrielle giffords and 18 other people last saturday. the funeral for one of the six people killed in the shootings was held today. federal judge john roll stopped by giffords' meet and greet after attending church. mourners gathered to remember him at the same tucson church where christina taylor green's
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funeral was held yesterday. giffords continues to impress doctors with her recovery. they hope to remove her breathing tube overnight or tomorrow. and more positive news, the giffords staffer who was shot in the arm went back to the office. she said she did what she had to do to stay alive. >> i played dead. i think that was an instinct thing. i saw gabby go down. i saw them laying on the ground. >> another of giffords' staffer got out of the hospital. he was shot three times. he attended judge roll's funeral after the discharge. two dozen people gathered in walnut creek to light candles for the victims of the arizona shootings. it was organized by the peace and justice center. organizers say they wanted to bring people together to promote nonviolence and saville tee. 16 people have been forced to find a place to stay after fire swept through two
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residential buildings in san francisco. it happened in the mission district on florida street, not far from potrero avenue. abc7's lilian kim is live with the story. lilian? >> dan, there is a lot of activity here. we are between 22nd and 23rd and firefighters are busy moping up as investigators try to determine what caused the fire. when firefighters arrived on florida street in san francisco, they saw flames shooting out of the roof. this cell phone video captured the fire soon after it started. it began on the top floor of this two-story two-unit building. darrin clayton was home at the time and he says he saw smoke coming out of his roommate's bedroom. >> it was super smoky in there. i go to the backdoor and open it up. when i turn around, the closet was erupted in flames. i grab my bag and call 9-1-1. >> tenants in the bottom unit got out as fast as they could, and even one tried to put the fire out. >> we ran up and i got the
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fire distinguisher and i tried to put the fire out, but i couldn't do nothing with it because the flames were already big. i couldn't do anything about it. >> in fact, flames spread to the building next door. in all, 16 people were told to evacuate. no one gots hurt and firefighters knocked out the flames quickly. but both have significant damage. he has not been allowed back in, but he believes he lost everything. >> you have to wait until tomorrow to laugh at it, i guess. >> the red cross has offered hotel vouchers so people will have a place to stay the next five nights. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thanks, lilian. a fire also damaged an apartment complex on 39th avenue in oakland this evening. flames went through the roof. crews managed to contain the fire to just one apartment unit. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. san francisco police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a man in a coffee shop yesterday. investigators say tips from the community helped them nab
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the 30-year-old suspect today. they say he chased the victim, 29-year-old terry turner, through the coffee and tea company and then shot him several times in a back room. the victim's relatives think the dispute may scr -- may have been centered around money. up to 5,000 pg&e customers are without power in san francisco. according to a pg&e spokesman the outage started about 10:00 tonight and are affecting the western edition, civic center and van ness areas. no timetable has been set for when power might be restored to those folks. a warning about social networking. a sacramento man pled guilty to invading the lives of countless women through their facebook pages. george brock targeted women, stalking them and hacking into their accounts. lisa amin gulezian with more on how to protect yours accounts. >> facebook is a place to connect with friends, look at photos and share information. it is also prime hunting grown for hackers.
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-- grounds forking thaters. >> he looked at the profiles and he found position like people's e-mail addresses and then may have found out the name of their pets or boyfriends or where they live. through that he was able to decipher pass words. >> he admitted he targeted female facebook users and guessed their password based on the personal information on their home page. and then he would take over and find an -- and e-mail nude photos. the victims were in california, 16 other states and england. >> this is a good example of something we call a social engineering attack. >> he leads the user identification service. it could have been worse. >> it could be used for identity theft, fraud, stealing money, et cetera. >> but in this case, his main objective was to embarass the women. still experts believe the
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hacking could have been avoided. >> too many people were putting too much information on facebook. >> he recently published "a parent's guide to facebook." it helps create safe and secure profiles, something many adult users admit they don't often do. >> my pass words is one of my hobbies. >> and her hobbies are listed on her facebook page. >> it never crossed my mind. >> here is a tip for remembering a secure password. create an algorithm. take "i visited 34eu67 -- visited michigan in 199090". the password would be ivmi1990. they cracked a year old case. someone smashed out the windows of 62 sawoma county vehicles causing $40,000 worth of damage. they submitted blood evidence found at the scene to the
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california department of justice lab. they notified police that the dna profile from the blood matches 59-year-old alan snowden. snowden is a trans yept in -- transient in custody on an unrelated vandalism charge. state legislators are trying to repeal california's open carry handgun law. the law allows registered gun owners to carry unloaded firearms in public. last year the legislature passed a bill repealing the law. but it is set to get to the governor's desk before the session. the bill has been reintroduced. law enforcement groups have endorsed it. >> guns are a threat. we don't know who they are, and they have the potential to be a deadly danger. >> basically what we do is we exercise our second amendment rights. >> law enforcement personnel and hunters would be exempt from the open carry ban.
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scientists are warning that california is unprepared for a super storm that could cause more damage than a severe earthquake. the u.s. geological earthquake found the potential for an atmospheric river, they call it. it is dumping up to 10 feet of rain over 40 days. such a storm would potentially flood a quarter of the houses in the state and cause hundreds of landslides. that kind of storm only hits every 100 to 200 years, but few levies are built to with a bash -- withstand that kind of storm. >> the numbers are four to five times more than a large earthquake on the san andreas fault. >> we have better plans, and we have our communities that will save lives and properties. >> scientists are now working on a waiting scale, like they do for hurricanes, to measure the severity of storms to help us prepare. coming up next, a study that could change the way you drive. why skipping left turns not only saves time and deaths,
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but also lives. >> the learning curve is just about vertical. >> an excerpt of my interview with captain sully sullenberger, and how fame has changed his life. >> and the rebirth of a san francisco landmark. the historic bay area legacy of the palace of fine arts. >> i'm terry moran. coming up next on "nightline" a deadly disease and the pope calls it a miracle. what makes a modern miracle? and the wounded aide sending next to congresswoman giffords
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to when it comes to driving, if you could get to your destination faster and safer, would you consider changing the way you drive? they discovered the key is living without left turns. jeremy hubbard has the story. >> hanging a left may work for nascar drivers. after all, what would this sport be without left hand turns? but for the rest of us, there
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is scientific proof that left just isn't right. >> if people stop making left turns tomorrow, we in the traffic business would be out of business the day after that. left turns contribute so much of our problems. >> researchers wondered what would happen if we stopped turning left altogether. they looked at intersections wherein assisted of going left you go right, drive a little ways and then flip a legal u-turn. it may sound time-comsuming, but they found the travel times dropped 20%. collisions cut nearly in half. injuries plummet too. >> it is the right thing to do so to speak. >> reporter: left hand turns are no joke. >> we will make a right turn here. >> the company installed navigation software that minimizes the left hand turns that drivers make and the result is staggering. >> avoiding lefts has saved the company 10 million gallons of gas and reduced emissions equal to taking 53 cars off
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the road for an entire year. something to think about as you approach the intersection. apparently you can't go wrong going right. jeremy hubbard,abc news, new york. two years ago tomorrow, captain sully sullenberger went from being an unknown commercial airline pilot to a national hero in a matter of heart-stopping minutes. on that faithful -- fateful day, he safely landed his airbus 320 loaded with passengers and crew on new york's hudson river. i had a chance to sit down with sullenberger to discuss his instant fame, and how it is helping him bring attention to making the skies safer. >> we have gotten through the congress and a bill that increases the minimum flying experience that pilots have to have when they become an airline pilot. >> are you satisfied? >> no, i don't feel satisfied. we have much work to do. >> and he pledges to continue to do that work. >> sullenberger has written one book and has another about leadership that will be
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released later this year. >> a grand reopening for one of san francisco's oldest landmarks. the palace of fine arts showed off the $21 million makeover. it has been repainted. the palace was built in 1915 for the panama pacific exhibition. enthusiasts paid for several refurbishments. >> a lot of people have a great deal of passion. they have their memories of feeding the ducks and the swans or the stories of the 1915 exhibition. over 1200 donors came through for us. >> the palace of fine arts gets two million visitors a year. >> if you want to check it out, the weather should be very, very nice. >> we are so fortunate to have fans back in the forecast. >> you will need the sunscreen. you will enjoy pleasant,
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spring-like conditions in the middle of winter. it was 13 degrees warm neither santa rosa, hitting 68 degrees. san francisco, 60. concord, antioch, 64. you can see antioch was up 10 degrees compared to yesterday. san jose, 3 degrees warmer coming in at 63 degrees. take a look at the view from the high definition south beach camera. this sums up what you are going to see in the coming days. sun, occasional high clouds, really just beautiful weather, dry conditions for the coming weekend and even beyond. we will take you seven days out. it is going to be much warmer than where you should be for this time of year. saturday's high in santa rosa, 68 degrees. the average should be 57. we are talking an 11-degree warmer than normal temperature. san francisco 61 and 4 degrees above average. you will see that san jose is expected to hit 66 degrees.
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typically around this time of year you see a 58-degree reading. so 8 degrees above average. enjoy it while it lasts. no rain is coming back. the numbers right now are in the 40s and 50s. we do have thick fog in santa rosa. patchy dense fog. sunny and mild for the weekend, and we are looking at warmer days both sunday and monday. we do have a dense fog advisory, and with good reason. in the north bay valleys, they are already seeing dense fog there. it goes until 9:00 tomorrow morning. patches of dense fog reducing visibility to a quarter mile or less as you head toward the morning hours. overnight we are expecting some fog to spill back in from the central valley toward the east bay valley and the north bay valley. by morning waking up to some foggy spots. temperatures in the 40s as you can see here. really as you look at the big picture here, higher pressure controls the weather and the storm track stays to the north. that means we are in for dry conditions for the next seven days.
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and mild temperatures. look at these numbers for your saturday. south bay communities in the midup toer 60s. 67 in campbell and 66 in san jose. on the peninsula, mid60s for redwood city and palo alto and lossal toes. half moop bay, 63 degrees. downtown san francisco, daily city, 61 degrees. in the north bay, yes, you wake up to some patches of dense fog in the morning first thing. by the afternoon you are talking about 64-degree weather in napa. 68 in san -- santa rosa. in the east bay, 65 for oakland, fremont,64 in san leandro and castro valley. inland communities, low to mid60s. 65 livermore and around the monterey bay, 68 in santa cruz and hitting 70 degrees in salinas. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- morning fog the next couple, and we are really looking at plenty of sun for the afternoon. if you are off on monday, dry and mid to upper 60s across
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surgeons had to amputate jalalabad gabore's right -- zsa zsa gabore's right leg. she had hip replacement surgery in july and since then fighting a leg infection that was not getting better. gabore will turn 94 in three weeks. just days before the golden globes, an insider is claiming you can buy a nomination. a former publicist for the golden globes says he and his company were fired after trying to stop the award show from accepting cash and in exchange for votes. they slaped a lawsuit against the hollywood foreign press organization which is the association that runs the golden globes. the "the social networks"
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is making friends. the film chronicles the origins of palo alto-based book. it won for director, adapted screenplay and score. the best actor went to colin furth for his portrayal of king george. and he played a balance leer rena who descends into black -- blackness. this is a precursor maybe of the oscars. >> colin was unbelievable in "the king's speech." now we have basketball and baseball. >> and rick quan is in. >> where was "clash of the titans"? one of the most memorable lines of the season. the giants were a big hit last season and now the world champs are taking their act to show time. and for the second game in a row, the warriors were trying to beatyour weigh left foot.
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to the lakers on wednesday, the warriors were trying to bounce back against the other l.a. team, the clippers. this is one way to slow down rookie fee nom blake griffin,
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trip him. he sets up griffin for two of his 28. two-man game and ellis to leigh for the two-handed flush. golden state was up by four. montay had 38 and this just beat the shot clock. another former warrior and made his presence felt. he buried four 3's. second half now and here come the clippers. gordon with the steel and the dunk. l.a. within two. it is tied at 96. misses inside, but stays with it. the warriors hit 14 trays. he made two late in the contest. the warriors pull away to win 122-112. new 49ers head coach jim harbaugh has gone back to stanford to fill three positions. greg roman has been hired and nick fangio takes over as
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offensive coordinator and sangio offensive line. young is headed to florida. he has been hired to coach the gators' defensive line. last season bryant held the same job at san jose state. the nfl's divisional playoffs begin tomorrow, but the game getting the most hype is sunday's showdown in fox burrow between the patriots and jets. they split their two games, but last month new england embarassed new york 45-3. that loss has only stoked the competitive fire of rex ryan. >> this one will be the second biggest game in the history of the franchise. obviously super bowl three being the most. plenty of respect for them. we do not care, we will respect them and win the game. >> the jets are eight and a half point underdogs. after quite a show last season, the giants are getting their own series on show time.
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the pay channel network has been granted access to go behind the scenes and follow the team throughout the upcoming season. the series is set to premiere during opening week. former stanford golfer made his pga debut today at the sony open in honolulu after heavy rains postponed the first round. he and tiger woods are the only african-american golfers on the tour. this chip is off the, ma. he shot a one over par 71. and he was one stroke back of the leader stewart appleby. >> baltimore over pittsburgh tomorrow. >> and the falcons are going to beat green bay. the falcons are tough at home. >> what about jets and patriots on sunday? >> you have to go with the pay patriots. >> eight-point favorites? >> yeah. and seattle, i think their
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season will be ending. >> i think that's a fair guess. >> we will follow-up on monday. "nightline" is next. >> for rick quan and sandhya patel, thanks for joining us. have a terrific weekend. the weather will be gorgeous. en jow, appreciate your time and see you monday. [ female announcer ] most women in america aren't getting the calcium they need. but yoplait wants to change that. only yoplait original has twice the calcium of the leading yogurt. that's 50% of the daily value ♪ so pass on the news and we can help close this calcium gap together. to get you started, we're giving away a million free cups
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