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tv   ABC World News Saturday  ABC  January 15, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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captioned by closed captioning services inc. good evening. i'm david muir, and we're back here in tucson where today we witnessed an extraordinary gathering right here in this church. it was one week ago here in tucson that gathering outside a supermarket held by congresswoman giffords was stopped short by a gunman. today, so many of the survivors and the people who saved them, all who had gathered for the congress on your corner, came here to continue that conversation that they never had. it was an extraordinary and moving town hall, and you'll hear some of it in a moment. but we do begin tonight with another major development. congresswoman giffords' breathing tube has been removed, a sign she no longer needs a
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respirator. and then this today, a bizarre home movie made by the suspect has been released. providing insight into his troubled mind. and we're learning more tonight about the mystery woman, the photograph taken one week ago. tonight, that hero reveals what she did as she sits down with us. first, the latest on the congresswoman tonight. we're at the hospital in tucson where so many have held vigil for a week. >> reporter: good eve wrrng here at the hospital, doctors have been monitoring the congresswoman for three key signs of congress, continuing to open her eyes, follow more complex commands, and breathe on her own. doctors today removed giffords' breathing tube and performed a tracheotomy, she remains in intensive care, and tonight, we're learning more about the man police say is responsible for her injuries. abc news has obtained this video shot by jared loughner last fall as he walked through his community college campus. >> we're examining the torture
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of students. >> the video was a four-minute angry monologue. >> this is my genocide school. >> he runs into what seems to be a professor. >> how is it going? thanks for the b. i'm pissed off. >> the confrontation stops, but he later adds -- >> i lost my freedom of speech to that guy. this is what happens. and i'm in a terrible place. >> he is seen only briefly, a reflection of a door. that video prompted school officials to suspend loughner. former fbi agent brad garrett says he sees a paranoid and delusional man. >> his state of mind is completely separated from reality. >> there are new details that may shed light on his state of mind. the night before the shooting, police say he dropped off a roll of film at this walgreens. they describe a bizarre series of photographs with the 22-year-old posing with a glock 9 millimeter pistol wearing
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nothing but red g-string underwear. today, a crowd gathered outside the safeway at 10:10 local time, the exact start of the shooting. and the first responders who rushed to the scene are now speaking out. >> the amount of injured was way more than i have ever seen. >> this team says they are relying on each other more than ever and on family, too. almost all here are fathers. >> it was nice, i got a text saying my son is proud, and he said i was a hero and he was proud i was his dad. >> and david, as you know, there are so many heroes to celebrate tonight in this city. here at the hospital, many more people have begun to gather here, paying vigil, and there's a renewed sense of hope with the news that the congresswoman's breathing tube has been removed. david? >> so many people gathering at
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behind you. and some of the first responders who have stepped forward for the first time to share their stories today. all week long, we wondered about another woman, one woman who was in this photograph from a week ago. a sort of mystery woman, her jeans covered in blood. we're just now learning what she did that day and the meeting with the man late this week that she saved. >> we wondered all week who this woman was. in the corner of the picture, and we now know it was you. when you first saw this image -- >> it hurt. it was difficult. >> it was one week ago today, anna was headed into the safeway when one of the congresswoman's staffers said, wait, the congresswoman would love to hear from you, love to meet you. so instead of going into the store, she went to the congress on your corner gathering. she remembers seeing the little girl, 9-year-old christina taylor green, about to
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meet her first congresswoman. >> she was standing in line. she was jumping up and down and saying, i'm next, i'm next. >> it was soon after she spotted someone else. >> i looked over my left shoulder, and at the time, the gunman was standing there. it just went from there. just gunfire everywhere. >> and all the while, people are falling all around you. >> yes. >> diving under a table and covering her head to survive, she then noticed giffords' staffer ron barber lying on the ground just a few feet away, shot twice. >> i crawled over on my knees. the first thing i thought about is two palms, applying pressure. >> what did you say to him? >> i just looked at him and said i'm going to try to help you the best i can. >> and late this week, we learned she met the man she saved. >> he kept telling me, i'm his hero, and i said, let's just make it be that i was your angel. so that's what we decided. >> you're more comfortable with angel? >> yes.
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heroes are my marine sons. those are heroes. >> but those grown boys, those marines have told their mother how proud they are. >> do you look back and see an angel's work? >> mm-hmm. >> angel. dually noted. and on this day one week later, we took note of an american scene repeated all over the country. the congress on your corner events across the nation. kind of meetings the congresswoman was trying to hold last saturday morning. this is representative tim waltz as a minnesota supermarket. and here today, in this church, a conversation cut short here in tucson. they were determined to come back and continue it. it was all part of a town hall where we met so many of the survivors who were meeting each other for the first time. >> thank you so much for being with us. >> it was the first time they were all in the same room. so many survivors, and the people who saved them. the heroes who over and over again said they were simply ordinary americans who did extraordinary things.
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bill heilman's wife survived. she was the one who brought the little girl, a neighbor's daughter to meet the congress woman. his wife called the family for for the first time from the hospital room. >> she just this morning got a disposable cell so she could make her first call to reach out to the greens. >> there was patricia mace who grabbed the magazine away from the gunman. >> yet you're uncomfortable with the idea of having the hero label attached to you? >> i am. this is the hero. if i'm a hero, he's a superhero. my son says that i should just say thank you. that the community needs heroes right now. >> and there was the gunman's neighbor, talking for the first time. >> i wonder living across the street and with that vantage point, if you now look back and say there were signs. >> i wish i would have had more courage to have said more to his parents. >> and still there was hope. >> i would like to see something
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meaningfully done in the name of christina taylor green so her parents can find some minor fraction of solace out of this entire event. >> always bringing it back to the little girl. and christiane amanpour joins us now. pleasure to do the town hall with you today. wasn't it something to see the community come together, no matter what side they're from, they want consensus? >> it's remarkable, and that's what has impressed so many people, how the community has reacted, bonded, how they want to go forward, and even though there are difference in political opinion, today we saw them wanting to carry on an honest dialogue, but a reasonable and rational one. >> and we'll get into the dialogue about mental health and guns tomorrow morning, but one of the things that struck me today was all of the talk about ordinary americans doing extraordinary things. >> exactly, and so much is being said and being made of the ordinary people who put themselves in the position of being real heroes. they don't want to take that label, but each and every one of
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us wondered how would we react in a similar situation? i think they have really shown fortitude and courage and whatever we want to call it, they should be honored. >> thanks so much. i'll be joining christiane for a special edition of this week, after the tragedy, tomorrow morning on abc. another note on today's town hall meeting. one of the victims in the shooting in the audience became agitated and was detained by security. it happened at the end of the conversation. james fuller who was shot twice last week, took offense at what another audience member was saying and mumbled what seemed to be a threat. security did escort him out of the building, and he's been charged now with a misdemeanor. and part of the town hall did tackle the issue of guns. and background checks for mental illness. and as we held the town hall, a gun show just a few miles away. and we asked, are there any checks for people with mental illness. >> today, the flags were at half-staff at the cross roads of
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the west gun show. a tip of the western hats to the victims of saturday's shooting. >> gabrielle giffords was a friend of gun rights, gun owners herself. >> gun owner herself? >> gun owner herself, and an advocate for second amendment rights. >> who knows if her experience last week will change her views on gun control. in the wake of the shooting, some of giffords' colleagues are proposing new ways of safe guarding lawmakers, keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. and banning high capacity magazines like these. but don't hold your breath for them to pass. >> it's hard to imagine given the current constellation in washington, we're going see meaningful gun control legislation in this congress. >> if you wonder why, check out the crowd at today's gun show. these aren't protesters. they're customers. >> i like guns. why wouldn't i want to carry? >> the gun show has nothing to do with what he did.
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>> gun control advocates say gun shows make firearms far too easy to get. after the virginia tech shooting, we were there as a victim's brother came out of a gun show with a car load of weapons. since this shooting, dealers here and in other states say glock pistols and clips are flying off the shelves. in arizona, one day handgun sales jumped 60% after the shooting. nationwide, they're up 5% from last year. it's not that these people are insensitive to shooting. >> i talked to a gentleman this morning at the range. he said, i went to school with gabrielle giffords. my children had gone to the same school we went to. and said this makes my heart ill. >> they just don't buy that stricter gun control is the answer. david wright, abc news, tucson. >> our thanks to david wright tonight. overseas this evening, there are questions about the stability of some eric nations,
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especially an important u.s. ally, egypt, after the so-called twitter revolution of tunisia. the over throw of the president. anger on social networks like twitter. police and protesters clashed again today. there are reports that the president's successor has already quit. >> there's also anger at the government of brazil as the death toll rises from floosh floods and mudslides. morgues have been overwhelmed. at least 600 have died. many more are still missing. >> we turn next to an even greater natural disaster, the devastating earthquake in haiti one year ago this week. matt found out victims that lost so much are literally standing on their own again. >> reporter: these are no ordinary soccer players, and in haiti, this has been no ordinary year. the earthquake created 4,000 new amputees. a brick wall fell on this man. he said, today is one of the best days of my life. that's because this former soccer coach is now back on the field.
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called the spiders, his team played their first game this week against the national amutee team which has been around for years. the setting was pastoral, the players seemed friendly, but the play was fierce. the pace at full count. there are seven players a side. all must be amputees. >> giving them an outlet is a huge psychological benefit. camaraderie, team, all of those aspects, we were able to get to them out here. >> in haiti, amputees have been branded as outcasts. >> everybody here has lost a leg, an arm. do you think you're changing the way people in haiti feel about amputees? the goalie says we showed them something they never expected to see, amputees playing hard and well. and they also say they never expected such applause. back on the field, the spiders charged and crashed, but it was the national team that scored
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the game's only goal. >> even though you lost, you felt like it was a victory. they said, we showed haitians that amputees can do anything. >> an extraordinary picture out of haiti tonight. still ahead on "world news" this saturday evening, a brian ross investigation. the young peace corps volunteers, victims of rape and sexual assault, and now victims of their treatment by the peace corps itself. and then identical twins hitting 100 and still going strong. we did the math tonight. just what are the chances of this? and later in the broadcast, another tucson miracle. an aide to gabby giffords shot in the chest and arm, and so many asked how was she back in the office already? [ man ] ♪ trouble ♪ trouble, trouble trouble, trouble ♪ ♪ trouble been doggin' my soul ♪ since the day i was born
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[ maconstipated? to pay $10 a month with phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... the peace corps is marking 50 years of serving people all around the world, but there's growing evidence it may not be serving their young volunteers. as well. more than 1,000 female peace corps workers have been the victims of sexual assault or rape in the last decade. a figure the peace corps has now revealed as brian ross investigates tonight. >> ask what you can do for your country. >> in the 50 years since president kennedy's call to public service, more than 200,000 americans, including jess from pennsylvania, have joined the peace corps. >> i think we're going to go and do something wonderful. >> but idealism quickly met
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reality when she was assigned to bangladesh where the peace corps ignored serious safety concerns. she became a victim of gang rape. >> they raped me with their bodies, they raped me with foreign objects. >> peace corps headquarters at washington at the time, 2004, tried to keep it quiet, she said. >> i was told to tell volunteers i was having my wisdom teeth taken out. >> current peace corps officials told us they never heard of jess' brutal rape. >> but the newly appointed official said such assaults are not a widespread problem. >> 98% of the volunteers say they feel safe or extremely safe. >> but jess and a number of other volunteers have come forward to say the peace corps is in denial. maggie was raped in south africa in 2008. >> he held a glass to my neck and raped me. >> and one woman after another described how the peace corps
5:49 pm
provided only limited counseling. >> three sessions? >> three sessions. >> and good-bye. >> and a good-bye. >> some said they were made to feel responsible for being raped. even jess said she felt blamed. >> has the peace corps acknowledged to you in any way that they made mistakes? >> no. never. >> no apology? >> no. it was my fault. >> the peace corps says it's begun to re-examine its policies for dealing with an issue that until now has been very well hidden. brian ross, abc news, new york. >> extraordinary honesty. you can see more of the reporting at when we come back, we switch gears. the identical twins playing pranks for a century now. unbelievable. they turned 100 today.
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or any swelling or affected breathing, or skin, or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. i found answers about fibromyalgia. then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. well, turning 100 years old is an amazing achievement, but when identical twins reach that milestone, it's truly extraordinary. tonight, the two sisters born 15 minutes apart, now marking a century. they have been celebrating for days now. a giant cake, flowing champagne. >> it's overwhelming.
5:53 pm
>> i can't believe it's happening to us. >> it is mighty rare, the odds of identical twins reaching their 100th birthday, about 1 in 700 million. born in southern california, they remember a happy childhood together, spent on the citrus groves their father managed. they dressed alike at children and they still do at 100. denise is a widow, and inez's husband is in a nursing home. but they keep busy playing games with one another and they never miss the reunion their family holds every summer at the beach. >> how old do you feel? >> i don't know, possibly 80. >> i keep active, try to keep active. the minute you stop, you have had it. >> they're incredible. that's one birthday party i would love to go to. when we come back, so many of you asking about the staffer you saw on the broadcast shot in the chest and arm in tucson. how was she able to go back to work in less than a week? was it a miracle?
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and finally, tonight, from here in tucson, the staffer of giffords' who stunned us yesterday and apparently many of you, too. it was last night that we heard from pam simon, the giffords staffer shot in the chest and arm who smiled wide as she was wheeled back to the congresswoman's office, standing up to meet the colleagues who prayed for her. >> the bullet went through my wrist. not sure where to where, but it did -- and miraculously, did not hit anything, so i have full use of my right hand. i also took a bullet to the chest. and when i woke up from the exploratory surgery, the surgeon said, you are one lucky lady. >> it missed every vital organ? and just like us as we sat in the room with her, so many of you were stunned at her recovery, her bravery. you tweeted us, so many miracles through the whole tragedy, not forgetting those who lost their
5:58 pm
lives. and wow, that is truly amazing. she's definitely blessing. we reached out to emergency room doctors today. one said this is indeed unusual, surprising is what he said. even from trauma doctors who have seen it all. but this survivor does ncn't haa medical explanation. she's calling it what so many of you called it, a blessing, as she now prays for others. >> i got hit by bullets, but you got wounded too. >> back at work and already thinking of others. that's the broadcast this saturday night. i'll be back hire in the morning for a special "this week" the town hall that brought back together the survivors and many of the people who saved them. meeting in this room for the first time, conversation that was halted one week ago, continues here tomorrow morning on abc's "this week." good night and i'll see you again here tomorrow night.
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one week later, a step toward normalcy in tucson, grocery store re-opens on the spot where a gunman shot congresswoman gabrielle giffords and 18 other people. emotions running high at a town hall meeting. a victim is arrest for making a reported death threat at a tea party member. we're live with more on the day's events. >> reporter: there were comments made about gun control in this meeting, and one one of the shooting victims, james fuller, reacted with an act that ended in his


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