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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> good morning. a look at the bay this morning from ballmer peak. it is foggy. visibility less than a 16th of a mile in some areas and it's a spare the air day. we'll talk about all that and the warm sunshine. >> we're gonna deal with a lot of thick fog on many bay area bridges this morning. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. plus a big problem in vallejo. southbound 680 closed from industrial to 780 due to an earlier accident. >> i'm amy holyfield live in oakland where the struggling police department may deliver another blow. >> the headlines, the miracle recovery continues as doctors in tucson upgrade the condition of
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wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords from critical to serious. caltrain prepares for hundreds of riders on its annual freedom train ride on this martin luther king jr. holiday. good monday morning, everyone. it is foggy out there on this holiday. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. on this martin luther king holiday, oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened in front of a church a little before 10:00 last night. people living in fronts of saint anthony's church heard gunfire. police arrived to find one person dead on the sidewalk directly in front of the church. a neighbor who's a pastor at a different oakland church is especially disturbed what he's seeing in his neighborhood. >> we're in a spiritual ware fair right now. we have children dying, older people dying and this type of conduct, it must stop. >> so far investigators are only saying the victim is an adult
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male. they're not releasing his name, and they have no suspect information. a shocker out of oakland this morning where the city's well-liked police chief says he may soon be leaving for another bay area city. amy holyfield joins us live from the oakland police department with the very latest. amy? >> a bigger city, eric, but not that far away. he's thinking of heading south down to san jose, a city with a larger police department but with less crime. word is that anthony bass is one of two finalists for the top job at the san jose police department. the other candidate is current acting police chief chris moore. bass confirmed he is a finalist but he wouldn't comment any further. bass came to oakland from long beach. he's considered a rising star full of promise but in oakland he has found some challenges. >> well, you know, it's been obviously a tough economic crisis. i think there's a level of politics that he probably wasn't
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prepared for. maybe that's probably why he's lookin'. i also think during his time there, i don't believe he was given the opportunity to actually exhibit some of the things he wanted to do as far as getting the proper resources and funding. >> bass has been able to make a dent in serious crime here in oakland but he's had to deal with this crime with fewer officers than he had when he arrived. city leaders voted to lay off officers here in oakland to save money. bass had 779 officers when he started. now he's at 656. san jose city manager will make the decision in the next couple of weeks or is expected to. if bass leaves, this will give new mayor jean quan a huge challenge, one of her big challenges, first one since she's taken office. >> amy, thank you very much. it's 6:03 now. detectives say a weekend murder/suicide in san jose is connected to the prime suspect in the disappearance of los gatos woman nearly a decade ago.
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maurice nesma, the prime suspect in the disappearance of jeannine harms was shot to death saturday night by harms' brother sanchez who took his own life. he first talked with nesma at a nearby restaurant and later confronted him at a peace coffee shop where he was shot and killed. the detective who investigated the harms case say it's a shocking and tragic development for everyone involved. >> this is simply just a terrible tragedy that, you know, because of events that took place beginning in 2001, the sanchez family have lost two children, and now the nesma family has left one of theirs. >> the tenth anniversary of jeannine harms' disappearance will come up in july. this morning police in san leandro have shut down two blocks of a billsy street as they investigate a homicide. it happened on bancroft avenue near 150th avenue around 4:00
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this morning. so far police will only say one person has been killed and they're collecting evidence. no word on a suspect but we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more information as we get it. concord police are searching for one of two drivers involved in a pedestrian accident that killed a woman and a dog. it happened about 6:00 last night on solano way near avon avenue. the woman walked into the roadway and was hit by a car. as the driver got out to check on her, she was hit by another vehicle. that driver also got out and briefly talked with the bus driver. the second person then left the scene. police say the man who was driving a dark-colored four-door sedan with a hatchback and he had a female passenger with him. 6:05 now. san diego may be getting one of the highest profile trials in the nation's history. federal prosecutors plan to move the trial for suspected arizona gunman jared loughner to california because of extensive
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pre-trial publicity. federal judge john roll was among the victims of the tucson shooting a week ago and every federal judge in arizona has now recused themselves from the case. the new chief judge will make the final decision within a few weeks. meanwhile congresswoman gabrielle giffords is breathing on her own this morning after another successful procedure to remove her from a ventilator. doctors upgraded her from critical to serious and inserted a short tube directly into her windpipe to allow giffords to breathe more comfortably and alaw her to speak. it's much more comfortable, therefore there's less sedation. she can participate much more in her own care and physical therapy. >> doctors say giffords has made gradual but impressive improvements. they're optimistic but still caution they don't know how quick her recovery will be. the father of a nine-year-old girl killed in the shootings
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says some of her organs have been donatedto a young girl in the boston area. christina green was the youngest victim. her father says he has no further details but when he learned of the transplant he felt he and his wife were once again proud parents of their little daughter. the deadly shooting was fresh in the mind of zo laughgrin healed her first town meeting since the attack. the topic was immigration. there was a strong police presence as she and others spoke. laughgrin who was a good friends of giffords spoke about the shooting and advocated for better mental health services that she says the suspect clearly needed. >> i also think that we need better mental health treatment. clear that young man had serious problems yet nothing occurred that would allow his illness to be treated. >> the town hall was organized
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by the jewish federation of silicon valley. >> hundreds of bay area residents are getting ready to board the freedom train this morning in honor of the late civil rights leader dr. martin luther king. the 27th annual freedom train is scheduled to leave san jose's train station, caltrain station at 9:30 and head to san francisco for day of celebration at the gardens. the freedom train is a way for people to memorialize dr. king's historic 1965 march in alabama. it's one of the last remaining in the country because of the economy. the dr. king holiday is also being hailed as a day of service. we have a number of volunteer opportunities and other m.l.k. events listed on our website all right. 6:08 now. as you may have been able to hear sort of faintly, the weather kind of has mike choked up this morning looking at all that fog out there. >> the weather choking this kind
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of morning. a lot to talk about. let me get out of the way so you can see how extensive this is, north bay valley, the santa clara valley and dealing with visibilities less than a quarter of a mile. this fog will hang around at least until 11:00. livermore, a quarter mile. concord half a mile. it's just as thick there as it is around the bay shore where it gets as low as an 8th of a mile oakland, a 16th of a mile sfo. you know we're going to have flight arrival delays because of that. the beaches, quarter mile visibility, half moon bay where it's 50. the rest of us mid to upper 50s. our destination this afternoon, greatly influenced by how fast this fog fades. through the east bay valleys, the delta communities into richmond, san francisco, san mateo and san rafael. everybody else in the low 60s. the monterey bay, we should see temperatures warmer and feel warmer because of less fog. today that should be about 4 degrees warmer, concord, two in
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san francisco, one santa rosa. oakland 1 degree cooler, fremont 3 degrees cooler. 9 hours, 53 minutes and 23 seconds of sunshine. about one minute 25 seconds more than yesterday. 7-day forecast, look for more fog tonight and as it wanes wednesday, thursday and friday we have temperatures low to mid-60s and slightly cooler but drier saturday and sunday. >> we had an early morning accident in venetian. opened 4:00 but then recently they had to shut down all lanes southbound from industrial towards 780 to clean up the debris. caltran's crews are at the scene now so all traffic being diverted off at industrial. you may want to consider the carquinez bridge or you have to take the detours and side streets to get back on. the venetian bridge, of course, there's a lot of thick fog, especially all around the bay area. east 14th is closed between bancroft avenue and 146 until about 7:00 this morning.
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bancroft after is a possible alternate. >> there's police action there. 6:11. just ahead, the apparent american change of heart when it comes to the new healthcare overhaul. plus the price of politics. why former governor arnold schwarzenegger says his time in office cost him hundreds of millions of dollars and almost3q
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good morning, everyone. 6:14 on the abc 7 morning news. a live look from ballmer peak in the east bay. you see the cloud cover, the fog that's just coating parts of the bay area just covering it up. the lights underneath showing you that you can't see that from
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here. you can't see much while you're in that fog. mike's gonna tell us where it is and how long it's going to be with us coming up in his weather in just a few. we're also following breaking news from silicon valley. apple ceo steve jobs says he's taking a medical leave of absence to focus on his health. though it's unclear, jobs medical history includes pancreatic cancer as well as a liver transplant. in 2004, jobs contracted pancreatic cancer which he beat. during jobs' absence in 2009, ceo tim cook took over apple's day-to-day activities. in a memo, jobs says cook will again run the day-to-day operations at apple. well, it appears many americans' strong opposition to president obama's healthcare plan has diminished. that's according to a new associated press poll. the number of those adamantly
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opposed to the plan dropped to 30%, the lowest level ever registered in a. p. polls. opposition dropped from 47% to 41 percent. 40% of people support it. the gop-led house is scheduled a vote this week that would repeal the if you healthcare reforms. a "family feud" is brewing between ronald reagan's two sons over the mental health of his father when he was president. ronald reagan jr. says his father showed alzheimer's signs during his first term in the white house. ron jr.'s conservative half brother michael reagan is now blasting him on twitter michael says ron reagan jr. was an embarrassment to his father when he was alive and michael adds, "my brother seems to want to sell out his father to sell books. my father did not suffer from alzheimer's in the '80s." incidentally, michael reagan
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also has his own new book out this week. the fourth winter spare the air day alert. the alert will be in effect all day today and it bans the burning of wood, manufactured fire logs or any other solid fuel both indoors and out. first-time offenders on the burn ban will receive a warning. but a second violation can cost you $400. and that's just the beginning. it goes up from there. so don't burn any solid fuel today. besides, there's enough stuff out there to block our view. >> there you go. the fog out there, you might as well throw the money in the fire. >> exactly! >> that's a pretty hefty fine. 6:17 this morning. there's some of the fog. it's pretty thick once again and it's going to be around through at least 11:00. that's when we expect the visibilities to at least improve about a quarter of a mile. fog will hang around for the better part of the day, and most areas bringing us hazy sunshine and the sinking air is creating the conditions needed for the
6:18 am
unhealthy amounts of pollution to develop. let's take a look at temperatures. here's what to expect when you stem outside this morning. mid to upper 40s, monterey bay, 40s even inland to 50 and monterey. for highlights, the hazy sunshine, the poor air quality. the dense fog that returns to our neighborhoods tonight and the extended periods looking dry as the storm track stays to the north. the poorest air quality will develop in the east bay valleys in the south bay but everybody will be under the spare the air day until at least midnight. that's how long this one goes in the wintertime. as far as temperatures today, the fog will hold them down. if we didn't have this fog this morning, we would be probably 5 to 8 degrees warmer today which means some of us would be staring down 70. instead 60s in the south bay. the peninsula upper 50s to low 60s here.
6:19 am
50ed monterey bay. downtown south san francisco, upper 50s for you. where the fog is most prevalent will be bodega bay, petaluma, novato, san rafael, napa and vallejo. that's why you're in the 50s while everybody else is the low to mid-60s. east bay shore, hover around the 60 degree mark. warmer fremont at 61. east bay valley's getting dominated by the fog just like yesterday with mid to upper 50s. probably the coolest spot around the bay. we'll see more sunshine around the monterey bay and inland with mid to upper 60s. for tonight you see the tulie fog in the central valley. some will leak into the east bay valleys keeping you in the low to mid-60s. fog around the bay shore and mid to upper 40s for you and out to the coast. it's the high pressure, it's the wet ground. the high pressure, the sinking air. the wet ground that let's go of that moisture. mostly sunny in the afternoon. bring in any type of wet worth to the pacific northwest.
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i think tomorrow could actually be the warmest. the fog may not be quite as dominate. we could get sunshine a little earlier and realize some of these upper 60s to near 70 degree temperatures. low to mid-60s wednesday, thursday and friday and slightly cooler but dry for saturday and sunday. have a great day. here's frances. >> mike, the fog is out there, especially across many bay area bridges. a live shot of the bridge toll plaza. traffic is holiday light. that's what you don't need to worry about, really not a lot of accidents out there but here's another live shot of the golden gate bridge for you. thick fog as well coming out of marin county. the south bay we'll show you the 101 and 880 interchange. headlights northbound 101 and that's 880 across your screen. i tried to show you more cameras but they're all socked in and all gray. better news now heading to the venetian bridge. southbound 680 has been reopened from industrial to 780. they had to temporarily close it to clean up debris from a much
6:21 am
earlier accident this morning. san leandro, east 14th closed between bancroft and 146 avenues. bancroft is an alternate. for the holidays bart is running on a saturday schedule. a. c. transit running on a sunday schedule. you can get more details on mass transit systems by going our website, it's under the bay area traffic link. eric? >> frances, thank you very much. it's 6:21 now. arnold schwarzenegger is telling an austrian newspaper his time of governor cost him a huge pile of money and almost cost him his family. schwarzenegger says he missed out on $200 million in acting roles in holiday films. schwarzenegger says his family life is damaged and needs to be repaired. he recalled many sunday evenings when his wife maria and his children broke down in tears at his heavy work schedule. he quoted family members as saying we hate your job.
6:22 am
despite all that, the former governor says it was worth it. it's coming up on 6:22 now. still
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it's 6:25. good monday morning, everyone. consumer advocates are worried about what may soon be in your online banking account. a few accepted ads that pop up on your account page and the practice is expected to grow. mcdonald's has been testing an ad that tracks your spending and offers you 10% back the next time you use your debit card as a fast food restaurant. consumer advocates call this an invasion of privacy because the user doesn't know who's tracking them. most don't know they have the right to opt out of the service. starbucks is supersizing. a new larger size drink, the 31
6:26 am
ounce trenta. the new size will be available for iced drinks only and will be available everywhere by may. so tall, venta, granda, trenta. 6:26 now. still ahead, 6:30. the latest on the breaking news we've been following. steve jobs just announced he's taking a new leave of absence. also ahead, a commitment to conflict. the new money battle between the raiders' owner and his former coach. more room for improvement for gabrielle giffords. the latest updates from doctors coming up. >> and the link police have now made between a weekend double shooting in a south bay coffee shop and a ten-year-old missing persons case. >> crime is down in oakland, yet the police department could soon have a huge problem. i'm amy holyfield and i'll explain coming up. >> and here we're looking at the airport delays.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. ♪ good morning, everyone. 6:30 a.m. on this monday, and we begin with breaking news. apple ceo steve jobs is taking a medical leave of absence to focus on his health. he sent a letter to employees saying jobs will continue as ceo and will be involved in major decisions but he's asked tim cook, the company's chief operating officer to be responsible for day-to-day operations. it is not clear the reason for this medical leave. but, as you know, steve jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
6:31 am
in 2004, and he had a liver transplant in april of 2009 making a full recovery. in his member -- memo, he said my family and i would deeply appreciate your respect for our privacy. less than two years into the job, oakland's police chief could be leaving for greener pastures. he's one of two finalists for the top job in a much bigger city. amy holyfield is live at the oakland police department. amy, he's one of two people in the running for the job but the fun initial line isn't all that far away. >> not too far away at all. just down to the freeway, down to san jose. a city that has a larger police department and less crime. anthony bass confirmed he's a candidate but wouldn't comment any further. he's up against veteran chris moore, the current police chief. bats came to the police
6:32 am
department in 2009 with big ideas but city leaders have not given him what he's asked for. the oakland union president said this would be bad for the department but he understands why bass would be drawn to san jose. >> well, willing to give him the resources he needs to get the job done. he didn't receive the resources he needed in oakland. i mean, he asked for more police officers on a weekly basis. i know he has to rehire the police officers laid off or at least some of them. he was denied. this police department was when he arrived 779 police officers. when he leaves we're at 656 police officers. >> oakland has one of the highest murder rates in the country. san jose has one of the lowest. the crime rate has gone down since bass became chief. violent crime dropped 14% last year but it is still a huge issue in this city. also consider jean quan wants
6:33 am
police officers to contribute 9% of their pay to their pensions. that's a source of contention. morale is down and several officers are looking for other jobs. now knowing that their chief is also looking for another job he says won't help. live in oakland, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you very much. it's 6:33 now. detectives say a weekend murder/suicide in san jose is connected to the prime suspect in the disappearance of a los gatos woman nearly ten years ago. maurice nesma, the prime suspect in the disappearance of jeannine harms was shot to death saturday night by harms' brother wayne sanchez who took his own life. sanchez first talked with nesma at a nearby restaurant, then later confronted nesma again at a pete's coffee shop where nesma was shot and killed. the police who investigated the harms case say it's a shocking and tragic development for everyone involved.
6:34 am
>> this is simply just a terrible tragedy that, you know, because of events that took place beginning in 2001, the sanchez family have lost two children and now the nesma family has lost one of theirs. >> the tenth anniversary of jeannine harms' disappearance will come up in july. investigators say the weekend homicide may mean we'll never know exactly what happened to jeannine. federal prosecutors say they now plan to move the trial of the arizona shooting suspect to california because of extensive pre-trial publicity in arizona. "the washington post" quotes sources as saying the trial of jared loughner will move out of the state within several weeks. chief federal judge john roll was among those killed in tucson january 8th and every federal judge in arizona has now recused themselves from the case. the chief judge will make the final decision about any venue change but sources say it will
6:35 am
likely move to san diego. congresswoman gabrielle giffords who police say was loughner's prime target is continuing to improve at a tucson hospital. doctors upgraded her condition from critical to serious because she's now breathing without the help of a ventilator. emily has an update. >> there are more signs of improvement from congresswoman gabrielle giffords. her condition is now upgraded from critical to serious. she's breathing on her own with a tracheotomy that would allow her to speak when she's able. >> from the patient's perspective they're more comfortable. she can participate more in her own care and physical therapy. >> giffords is one of three shooting victims still in the hospital more than a week after the shooting. >> i looked over and it was just bang, bang, bang. >> they're trying to come to grips what happened next. a neighbors daughter was brought to the event.
6:36 am
taylor green was the youngest victim. >> she's a strong woman. and she knows rationally that there's no blame to be apportioned, but the fact of the matter is she took a little neighbor's girl away that morning and was unable to bring her home. >> authorities say accused gunman jared loughner is still not talking to them about his actions. >> we need to utilize this to have a more constructive discourse in the future. >> more civility in washington, that message gets put to the test when the vote repeals healthcare reform. >> it's 6:36 now. this morning we're learning a soldier from danville has lost his life in afghanistan. 47-year-old army major evan molddick died last wednesday in what the military is calling a non-combat-related incident. he had been in afghanistan a
6:37 am
year and was supposed to come back home to danville in just two weeks. >> just a great man, great father. you know, when he first told me about what had happened, i was just really devastated for his kids because i knew how much they loved their dad. >> the major is married with three children. before going to afghanistan, he served in iraq as a member of the national guard. the nation honors the late civil rights leader dr. martin luther king jr. today. the 27th annual freedom train is scheduled to depart the caltrain station at 9:30 this morning. that's a little less than three hours from now. it will make stops along the way before arriving in san francisco for a full day of celebrations at the gardens. the freedom trains were established all over the country as a way for residents to memorialize dr. king's historic 1965 march in alabama. the san francisco examiner reports the bay area freedom train is now one of the last
6:38 am
remaining because of the economy. there are a number of ways -- there are a number of other bay area events rather to mark the king holiday. you can find a list of them at our website time now for a look at the forecast. 6:38. foggy, check in with mike. >> foggy through the better part of the morning, too. good morning to you. this shouldn't have a worse effect on any of those martin luther king jr. celebrations today. a quarter mile visibility or less through that time frame. once we get past that, pretty hazy this afternoon. according to the national weather service, the north bay valleys, the bay shoreline, the santa clara valleys. why they haven't added the east bay valleys i'm not sure. 8th of a mile in oakland, 16th at sfo are the worst of the visibilities along with san jose's 8th of a mile. so break down this monday. you see temperatures in the 40s just about everywhere at 8:00
6:39 am
with foggy conditions. 50 san jose and santa cruz. mostly cloudy at noon but we'll definitely see the sunshine pushing through the deck of clouds. temperatures low to mid-50s along the bay and the coast. still holding on to 40s in the east bay valleys. that's where the thickest fog will keep your temperatures the coolest during the afternoon while everybody else is the upper 50s to low 60s. compared to 24 hours ago, we are going to be a little bit warmer in concord, san francisco, san jose, santa rosa. a little cooler in oakland and fremont. sun will set about 5:17 this afternoon. comes up about 7:23. accu-weather 7-day forecast, low to mid-60s just about every day until we get some cooler weather this weekend. good morning, frances. you have a new accident? >> yeah, mike. hearing about a potentially major problem for caltrain commuters this morning. an accident near burlingame near the broadway station. trying to get more information for you, but it could possibly
6:40 am
involve a pedestrian and now some of these things turn out, it may be a fatal accident and that could cause huge delays. no confirmation yet. first reports of this accident and we'll bring you more as soon as we receive it. for the holiday today, bart will be operating on a saturday schedule and a. c. transit is running on a sunday schedule. in addition to that problem we have another problem in san leandro. east 14th street closed between bancroft avenue and 146th avenue due to police activity until about 7:00 this morning. and you have to contend with the fog this morning. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza for you. thick fog many bay area bridges. you'll find some as well across the golden gate bridge. do slow down out there. 101 in san rafael, traffic is light. and that's southbound there moving towards 580. in the south bay we'll show you the 101 and 880 interchange. you're pretty much finding fog everywhere this morning. eric? >> that's been our experience,
6:41 am
frances. thank you very much. it's 6:40 now. still ahead, the price of prestige. why the honor of hosting the america's cup sailing race now has san francisco warning that dozens of businesses, they may need to find a new home. also dinner with two presidents. the huge honor coming for two of the bay area's newest mayors. and a social network gets some new golden friends to look at the big winners from
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
♪ all right. coming up on 6:45 this monday, holiday monday. we celebrate dr. martin luther king jr. we'll do it with some sunshine. let's take you down to l.a. where it's 80 today. palm springs 87, probably the warmest spot in the country. fog hanging around fresno, chico 68. big sur, i want sun and sand and
6:45 am
warm weather. 73 degrees there. up in the mountains it's 46 yosemite, 54 tahoe. eric? >> mike, thank you. it's 6:45. jean quan and san francisco mayor ed lee have not been invited to a state dinner at the white house this week honoring china's president. quan and lee are the first asian american mayors of their respective cities and the most prominent chinese-american mayors in the country. their political rise has been widely reported in china. oakland and san francisco have been major gate ways to the east. 44% of all cargo brought through the port of oakland now comes from china. the markets are closed for the martin luther king holiday, but business news isn't taking the day off. costs to care for cancer patients continue to rise and big names step up to the plate to report their earnings this coming week. here's courtny donahue with the
6:46 am
"moneyscope" report. >> even though the markets are closed, we're still setting up for a busy shortened trading week ahead. we'll have markets of existing home sales. the housing market is the focus because the industry is still struggling to recover after the expiration of the $8,000 home buyer tax credit. plus we're in the thick of earnings season. companies expected to report their progress through banking giant citigroup, wells fargo, goldman sachs. meantime cancer care may cost the u.s. two-thirds more in the next decade. the cost potentially topping $200 billion. the national cancer institute says as the population ages and drug costs continue to rise. cancer is the second leading caution of death in the u.s. after heart disease. well, definitely been a challenging time for the housing market. but which cities are the most
6:47 am
searched cities when it comes to real estate. says it's l.a., san antonio and miami. the company says the destinations remain consistent focusing on those sunshine states. changing conditions in those states resulting from foreclosures and interest rates created more interest in real estate. that's the latest in business. at the new york stock exchange, the bloomberg business report. >> it's 6:47 now. with prestige comes problems. that's what san francisco is about to find out as the city prepares to host the america's cup sailing race in 2013. dozens of businesses are being warned they may need to move out of their waterfront locations. the businesses in question operate along piers 19 through 29 as well as 30 and 32. abc 7's cecilia vega has more. >> larry ellison's america's cup race expected to bring in millions, some say a billion dollars when it comes to san francisco in 2013.
6:48 am
but it turns out what's good for the city by the bay isn't necessarily good for the businesses by it. from the petty cabs that cruise the embarcadero. to the soccer players in the parking lot of piers 27 and 29. to mr. toad's vintage car tours. they're at the san francisco waterfront that are about to begin a wild ride. the port of san francisco says as many as 80 businesses could be forced to make room for the regatta. but san francisco board of supervisors president david chew says they shouldn't worry. >> the city absolutely values these businesses and we are going to do what we need to do to assist some of these businesses in relocation. >> businesses like bauer's limousine and transportation are sitting on piers where the team plans to hold a public viewing area for the regatta. moving out of this 1400 square
6:49 am
foot space will mean a major headache. >> i have about 65 licenses all over the country that are all posted to that address. and if i move, i have to move 'em all. >> the port of san francisco has yet to decide which of the 80 businesses will get to stay and which will have to move. nonetheless, the first round of businesses could be forced to relocate by the end of this year. abc 7 news. >> all right. 6:49 now. time for a look at the forecast. you were saying the temperatures are differential because the fog is what? >> 5 to 8 degrees today. we could be 5 to 8 degrees warmer if we didn't have the fog. we have 50s and 70s. if we can get above it as we have here with mount tamalpais, you can see the under due lating nature of the fog. it is thick, something you have to contend with for the better part of the morning hours. let's take a look at temperatures.
6:50 am
as you step outside this morning, everybody in the mid to upper 40s except half moon bay, even warmer at 50. inland upper 40s to near 50 also. the highlights, the hazy sunshine that develops this afternoon along with the potential for poor air quality. dense fog, look for it tonight. in the extended period, storm track stays well to the north. looks like we stay dry possibly through the end of the month. here's a look what's going on as far as compared to average. even with the fog out there, still warmer than average in many areas anywhere from 1 to maybe 3 degrees warmer than average. sun sets 5:23 today. poor air quality where it pools in the east bay valleys and also santa clara valleys. but even the north bay, the south bay, the coast and central bay you're still under a spare the air day which means no burning unless you want to pay $400 if it's your second offense. the clouds, what they do to the temperatures in the east bay. this is where the coldest
6:51 am
weather will be this afternoon. the tulie fog can come in anytime with the northeasterly wind. upper 50s to near 60 around the east bay shore. down in the south bay upper 50s to low 60s. pretty much the same thing on the peninsula. as you head to the coast, not foggy half moon bay, 63. downtown south san francisco in the upper 50s. where the fog is most dominant in the north bay, bodega bay, petaluma, novato, napa and vallejo, you'll be in the mid to upper 50s. everybody else in the low 60s. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay and also as you head into the inland valleys. for tonight temperatures will be in the 40s just about everywhere. low to mid-40s inland, mid to upper 40s around the bay shore and out to the coast. look for that fog to be especially thick, especially the east bay valleys and north bay. storm track well to the north once again. the jet stream will take any wet weather into the pacific northwest.
6:52 am
your accu-weather 7-day forecast, tomorrow could be the warmest day with temperatures municipal 60s around the bay and the coast. low to mid-60s wednesday, thursday and friday. to a lesser extent, the cooling spreads to the rest of the bay on sunday. but no rain in this forecast. no sign of these coming. these were submitteded by craig reuben. beautiful rainbow. livermore, looking north from interstate 580. thank you. wonder where that pot of gold was. if you have weather video or weather photos you'd like to share, we'd love to see them. just upload them or e-mail them. frances? >> all right. a major problem on caltrain this morning. we're hearing that one of the northbound trains hit a pedestrian in burlingame, somewhere near oak grove. this is north of the broadway station. apparently this is still unconfirmed. waiting to hear back from caltrain what the official story
6:53 am
is, but we've been getting a lot of tweets from folks saying that possibly train number 305 hit a pedestrian. train number 309 right now is being held at the hayward park station in san mateo. and then we also heard that folks in the southbound direction are also be stopped right now. trains are held at the millbrae station. so major delays on caltrain this morning. i'm not sure how that will affect the freedom ride later on. it takes several hours to clear a fatal crash if it turns out to be fatal in fact. so we'll keep you posted on this but trains right now stopped as you approach burlingame. bart is operating on a holiday schedule. and a. c. transit running on a sunday schedule. ace and muni are operating on a regular schedule today. look out for the fog and you can find out where it's thickest by going to the website under the bay area traffic link. eric?
6:54 am
>> frances, thank you very much. it's 6:53. the story of the bay area's own social network took the top prize at the golden globes. >> and the golden globe goes to... social network. (cheers and applause) >> the social network which tells the story of palo alto-based won four awards. that was the most of the evening. in addition to best picture, the movie won best director, best screenplay and best score. with all the wins, it's now considered a front runner for the oscars. other winners colin firth who won best actor for his role in the king's speech. best actress in a motion picture went to natalie portman for her role in black swan and glee won for the best comedy musical tv series. now ruling on a grievance filed by former head coach tom cable against the oakland raiders and
6:55 am
team owner al davis. cable trying to recover $27,000 the team penalized him last year. cable and davis barely spoke to each other during the last half of the season. davis announced after the team's 8-8 season that cable's contract wasn't being renewed. recapping our top stories, it's 6:55. oakland police chief anthony batts may be leaving his job in oakland for the chief's position in san jose. amy hollyfield is live at oakland police headquarters. amy? >> the rank and file says morale is down here at the oakland police department and that this would just make it worse. anthony batts confirms that he is a candidate for the top job in san jose but he wouldn't comment any further. he's been in oakland since 2009 and violent crime went down 14%
6:56 am
last year under his leadership. but he has been up against a city council that voted to lay off 80 officers. the community policing program was also cut. and the new mayor, jean quan, wants officers to contribute 9% of their pay to their pensions. so now batts is looking to san jose. it's between veteran chris moore. a decision is expected in the next couple weeks. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> checking other top stories, apple founder and ceo steve jobs says he's taking another medical leave of absence so he can focus on his health. in a memo to employees, jobs says he'll continue as ceo and be involved in major decisions but he'll leave day-to-day operations to his executive management team. jobs survived pancreatic cancer in 2004 and had a liver transplant in 2009. final check on weather and traffic this foggy monday.
6:57 am
mike? >> yes, high pressure, stagnant air that brought us the fog and potential for poor air quality, especially the east bay and santa clara valley. that is until midnight. do not burn any wood. we also have fog. that's our other big weather story, especially the north bay valley, bay shoreline, to a lesser extent the east bay valley. visibility less than a quarter mile through 11:00. hazy sunshine and upper 50s to low 60s today. frances? >> mike, you'll find fog on many bay area bridges including the bay bridge but traffic is holiday light. we've got that big problem on caltrain this morning where we're getting reports a train hit a pedestrian somewhere near oak grove. trains stopped in both directions. a fatal accident, it usually takes several hours to clear as the investigation continues so you may need to think alternate drives. >> we'll let you know how that affects the freedom ride up from san jose.
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