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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is thursday, january 20th. cold case solved. decades after she was kidnapped from a new york city hospital, this woman finds her real parents on her own. this morning, the family reunion, 23 years in the making. >> carlina was a missing link. and we have gotten her back, in the name of jesus. hallelujah. hallelujah. hallelujah. winter whiteout. a monster storm coats the midwest and targets the east. state dinner snub. no-shows and name-calling before the big event. did the president's toast turn things around? and a new chapter in the famous mall fall. the woman who texted her way into a fountain has resurfaced. she's here and fighting back, taking on the mall.
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her name is cathy cruz marrero. it happened in a mall just outside of philadelphia, she said she's very, very embarrassed. she's got a pretty good point. how did that video go all the way around the world? one of the things she's upset about. we're going to talk to her about it this morning. >> it's going to be a hot topic on the message board this morning. and what about this amazing reunion? this woman kidnapped from a new york area hospital 23 years ago. she's back together with her birth family. the case stunned new yorkers, stumped investigators for years. and she cracked the case herself. we'll tell you how she did it. >> this is one of the coldest cases in this city. and she played her own john walsh. if is really incredible. also going to go to washington. yesterday, republicans in the house had repealed the health care law. they voted to repeal president obama's health care law. it's not going anywhere in the senate.
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one of the big questions is what's happened to the civility in washington. that's steve cohen, a democratic congressman, that compared republicans to nazis in his speech. we'll get to that, coming up. >> wait until you hear what he had to say. and this is like "jurassic park" come to life. an international team of scientists say the woolly mammoth will walk again, thanks to cloned dna. it's an animal extinct since the end of the last ice age. we're talking about a baby mammoth walking about in a year. >> we'll have to see that. we're going to begin with the incredible reunion with a mother and a daughter, who was kidnapped from a new york area hospital 23 years ago. andrea canning is at that hospital in harlem with much more. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is such an incredible story. the family tells us they never gave up hope that she would come home one day. at the time of the kidnapping, a $10,000 reward was offered. but no one came forward. it took a hunch and a quick search on the internet decades later, to finally reunite this family.
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>> i hope she's all right. i hope she's taking good care of my baby. >> reporter: on august 4th, 1987, the kidnapping of carlina white sent shock waves through the city. white shocked this city. at 19 days old, she was snatched out of a hospital crib by a stranger. the family claims it was a mystery woman who had been hanging around the hospital for weeks, disguised as a nurse. she was take ton bridgeport, connecticut where she was given a new name and raised by a new family, unaware for 23 years, her biological family was actually in new york city. >> nedra nance was the former name of the girl. we were very suspicious of who she was and what family raised her. she wasn't sure exactly why she belonged to that family. there were things like -- there weren't physical similarities and things like that. there was no paperwork to follow her, such as a birth certificate or social security card. in her late teens, she became suspicious of who she was.
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>> reporter: in the past few weeks, she decided to take matters into her own hands by looking on the website. searching her birth year, she spotted this photo of a baby, along with a composite of a child would look at 19. carlina called the center and said, i don't know who i am. but the photo led to this woman, joy white. and a dna test proved they were in fact mother and daughter. >> my sister called me. she made me so happy. she's like, lisa, guess what. they said they may have found carlina. i was like, are you kidding me? she said, yes. i'm going to send you the pictures of carlina. i said, send them to me. and she said, that is mini-me. she said, that's me. i know that's my daughter. >> reporter: that age-progression composite, uncanny. and today, father, mother and daughter in this "new york post" photo, beaming. >> carlina was the missing link. and we have gotten her back, in the name of jesus. hallelujah.
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>> reporter: carlina, who has a daughter of her own, was recently reunited with her entire family, including her aunts and the twin nieces she never knew she had. >> i'm so happy she's back. i'm so happy. i told her, you're going to get so many hugs. you're going to get sick of it. she said, you know what? i love hugs. she said i never had hugs like that. i'm happy she's back. thank you, god. thank you, jesus. i love her. i wish she'd never go back. i want her to stay here. >> reporter: police say they have their suspicions about who this kidnapper is. but as of this morning, they had announced no arrests. carlina's biological family say that she was mistreated. and they want this woman to pay. they say that they want jail time. >> they want justice. who can blame them for that? they're calling her carlina. she's not going by what the people who snatched her called her. carlina is what they're saying.
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>> reporter: yeah. we don't know what she's going to use going forward, what name. but we do know that the family, all weekend during this reunion, they called her carlina. they say her name is carlina white. they say it was the most magical reunion you can ever imagine. they just laughed. they ate. they talked. they had a good time. and remarkably, it was like no time had passed at all. >> just chills hearing about that. all right, andrea. thanks so much. we'll keep on top of this. >> incredible story. we turn to washington, where the white house is in the middle of a high-stakes summit with china. president obama took the opportunity to announce $45 billion in business deals for u.s. companies which he says will support 225,000 jobs. the state dinner included many top corporate executives. jake tapper is going to join us from the white house now. jake, the chinese president hu is likely to get a somewhat chilly reception when he goes to capitol hill today.
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>> reporter: that's right, george. a chilly reception, because of what human rights groups call china's abysmal human rights record. also because of china's devaluing of its own currency which keeps its prices artificially low and which economists say costs americans jobs. the president raised a glass to his guests. >> to the people. may they grow together in friendship. may they prosper together in peace. and may they realize a future together for themselves, for their children, and their grandchildren. >> reporter: a night filled with fanfare and pageantry. ♪ guests included abc news' own christiane amanpour. and disney ceo, robert iger and willow bay. also celebrities like jackie chan, barbra streisand, yo-yo ma and vera wang. the theme was quintessentially american, as requested by the chinese. jazz. lobster and steak. even apple pie. no details were missed.
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but three top congressional leaders skipped the formal affair. john boehner and mitch mcconnell declined the invitation, as did democratic majority leader harry reid who went one step further criticizing president hu. >> hu is a dictator. he can do a lot of things. he threw the former government they had. >> shame on hu jintao. >> reporter: across the street from the white house, protesters reminded the world of china's oppression of religious minorities and tibet. and its jailing of the current nobel peace prize winner. but on this trip, president hu acknowledged, for the first time publicly, white house officials believe, quote, a lot still needs to be done in china in terms of human rights. but the emphasis for president obama was having hu open chinese markets. >> we want to sell you all kinds of stuff. we want to sell you planes. we want to sell you cars. we want to sell you software. >> reporter: and in a rare moment of levity, the president
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commented on reports that his republican ambassador to china, former utah governor, jon huntsman, might run against him in 2012. >> and i'm sure that him having worked so well with me will be a great asset in any republican primary. >> reporter: george, some news. president obama formally announced last night that china has extended for five more years the loan of the two, giant pandas at the national zoo. george? >> that will make a lot of people in washington happy. jake, let me circle back to the news about ambassador huntsman. the president's ambassador to china. he has been looking at the race, potentially getting in. we have a new poll out. "washington post"/abc news poll, on the republican primary challenges. huntsman's way back, at 1%. mike huckabee, sarah palin, mitt romney, between 17% and 21%. newt gingrich, the former speaker, right in the middle there. huntsman is looking at this race. what does the white house really think about it? >> reporter: well, president
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obama's response, having covered him for several years, i can tell you was probably about 75% meant to be funny. and about 25%, a savvy, undercutting of any potential huntsman presidential bid, pointing out how well he has worked with the obama administration, which, of course, will not go over well with primary voters. >> our producer, john garcia, caught up with huntsman as he was leaving the event, right? >> reporter: that's right. garcia asked him about a run. and huntsman didn't specifically answer the question. he said we are loyal to the president. and loyal to the country. of course, you can run for president and run against the president, and be loyal to the country. we'll see what happens. >> jake, thanks very much. >> all right, gentlemen. politics, as you know, was put on hold in washington, in the aftermath of the tucson shootings. but the new civility seems to be at an end. in the house, voting wednesday to repeal the health care law. and the debate, at times, was really not so civil. jonathan karl has more. he joins us from the capitol this morning.
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good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's never a sign of civility to compare your opponent's tactics to those of the nazis. but that's exactly what one democratic congressman did. >> reporter: republicans hailed the vote as a promise kept. >> today house republicans will stand with the american people and vote to repeal their government takeover of health care, lock, stock and barrel. >> reporter: repeal will hit a brick wall in the senate. but republicans made it clear, they won't stop there. >> we will not stop until we repeal a president and put a president in the position of the white house, who will repeal this bill. until we repeal the current senate, and put in a senate that will listen to the american people. and repeal this bill. >> reporter: their next plan of attack, starve health care reform of funding. for example, no money for irs agents needed to implement the law's tax provisions. debate was, for the most part, civil.
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but one democratic congressman accused republicans of using nazi-like tactics to make their case. >> they say it's a government takeover of health care. a big lie. just like gurbles. you say it enough. you repeat the lie. you repeat the lie. you repeat the lie. and eventually, people believe it. like blood libel. that's the same kind of thing. the germans said enough about the jews, and the people believed it. and you had the holocaust. >> reporter: last night, the anti-defamation league condemned congressman cohen's words. saying, quote, invoking the holocaust and the nazi effort to exterminate the jewish people is offensive and has no place in civil discourse. robin? >> has the congressman apologized at all? >> reporter: absolutely not. in fact he is standing by his words and says he has no intentions of apologizing. >> jon, have a good day. at 7:12, let's look at the other stories developing right now. over to juju at the newsdesk.
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good morning, juju. p good morning to robin and george. we're going to turn to arizona now. a federal grand jury has handed down an indictment for the tragedy in tucson. jared lee laugh loughner is now charged. more charges to follow. meantime, gabrielle giffords has reached another milestone in her recovery. our ryan owens has more. >> reporter: with a little help, congresswoman gabby giffords stood on her own two feet and looked out the window of her hospital room wednesday. her husband, mark kelly, told diane sawyer in an exclusive interview, he didn't think she'd stay in that bed long. >> i told the doctors, i'd put her on a schedule. i told her that she's going to be walking in two weeks. >> reporter: more remarkable signs of progress are detailed in an e-mail giffords' mother sent to family and friends. the e-mail, obtained by "the new york times," says she's been scrolling through pictures on her husband's iphone. tried to untie his tie.
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and has even looked at get well cards. as soon as tomorrow, doctors here in tucson expect congresswoman giffords will be moved to a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital in houston. here at memorial herman, doctors have helped patients many thought could never recover. patients like buffalo bills' player kevin everett. he was paralyzed with a spine injury and told he'd never walk again. at this hospital, he proved them wrong. still, doctors caution, giffords' road to recovery will be a long one. >> oftentimes it's very challenging. it takes a significant amount of motivation on the part of the patient. a huge amount of family support. >> reporter: giffords also has the support of her community. we can't say for sure what she saw when she stood at that window, but this would be tough to miss. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, tucson. and a story developing right
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here in new york. a mob takedown. federal agents say more than 100 sub spekted mobsters may be arrested by day's end in new york, new jersey and rhode island. charges range from racketeering to murder. could be the largest single crackdown on organized crime. here at home, the nation's number one retailer, walmart, is rolling out a plan to cut the fat, sugar and salt from its packaged foods. and cut prices on fresh foods and vegetables. the move follows company talks with first lady michelle obama, who has made fighting childhood obesity a top priority. walmart is also pressuring suppliers to follow suit. and a dramatic scene in florida. a 78-year-old woman was dragged across a parking lot, after two women inside that suv snatched her purse. the suspects were later arrested and charged with robbery. the victim suffered a head injury and a broken ankle. as a midwest storm moves east today, a breathtaking example of blinding snow. the driver of this snowplow didn't see it. what?
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>> the truck fell into a snow covered hole as he was clearing a parking lot last week. and fortunately he won't wasn't hurt. that's the news at 7:16. >> that was georgia. >> exactly. two tons of gravel in the back. can you imagine. >> that was a huge hole. >> exactly. >> we're not getting any relief from this snow and ice. we're going out to sam champion now. 29 states under a weather advisory right now. sam, it looks like the east coast is getting targeted again. that explains why you're down south. >> yeah. good morning, george and robin. this is a bad storm for the midwest. and it does have its target on the northeast. by midnight tonight, we're getting snow. let's go straight to st. joseph, missouri. we'll show you pictures of the area. as we tell you, five to ten inches of snow on the ground from topeka, kansas, to kansas city, to st. louis. the 29 states having watches and warnings, it's a ribbon that extends from the middle of the country all the way into the northeast this morning. accumulations, here's who gets snow. indianapolis, louisville, cincinnati, pittsburgh,
7:17 am
charleston, cincinnati, cleveland, new york into new england. and barbara pinto is in st. louis this morning, right in the ribbon of snow. barbara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sam. they're expecting eight inches of snow. but some spots got more than a foot. we can show you the treacherous result. a slow, slippery commute. the roads are packed with snow. school is out here today, closed down, the entire fleet of plows, 220 of them are out on state roads. the problem this is a dry, powdery kind of snow. >> the second they scrape it off the roadway, it drifts back on. the big problem here of snow day, snow that doesn't pack you can't even build a snowman, sam. >> yeah. can't enjoy it. can't drive on it. it's not the useful kind of snow. and this storm, as we said, is targeting the northeast. let's show you who gets snow
7:18 am
there. starting at midnight, another general hit of three to five inches of snow. there will be some areas that will pick up a bit more than that. we're going in some cases, seven inches-plus, here. philadelphia, the eastern end of long island, all the way to boston, will get hit with some of the heavier snow yet again. there's a look at the big board. that is the weather around the nation. your local forecast is 30 second as way. first, this morning here's the snowiest cities on the planet. ng
7:19 am
all of america's weather in the xt hal all of america's weather in the next half hour. george, you mentioned escaping the snowstorm in the southeast. yeah, we did. we'll show you a couple other ways to escape in the next half hour. >> good for you, sam. we're now going to return to the return of the woolly mammoth, believe it or not. we've cloned sheep and other animals. now, scientists are going a step further and trying to bring back an animal that's been extinct for 10,000 years. nick watt has the story of this real life jurassic park. >> reporter: it's been 10,000 years since they roamed our earth. but now, an audacious set of
7:20 am
scientists hope to make this snorting, trumpeting woolly mammoth, bad breath and all, a living reality. >> it's amazing days, the idea that you can reach back in the past. and somehow, with modern technology, re-create it. >> reporter: imagine "jurassic park." but for real. scientists have tried before and failed. here's how it just might work. they've dug up a frozen mammoth in siberia. next, they'll try to extract cell nuclei and implant them in the mammoth's cousin, the regular old elephant. fingers crossed, out will pop a baby woolly mammoth. some think bringing "ice age" to life is just an awesome idea. >> we won't forget about you. >> the most adorable kind of cloning. anything that's wooly, pretty adorable. >> reporter: others would rather watch "ice age 2," than to see the furry beast for real.
7:21 am
>> a little bit nervous. i don't know why, exactly. >> just sounds like you're messing with the laws of nature. >> reporter: and ross mcphee, who knows a thing or two about mammoths, isn't convinced it will work. >> you can't really expect something that's 10,000 to 20,000 years old, to have enough of its nucleus preserved. it's very iffy. >> reporter: but scientists never cease to astound. and this, would be mind-blowing. for abc news, nick watt, london. >> it would be mind blowing. it makes me nervous too. i'm with that guy. >> do you think it will work? >> we've seen stranger things. >> that's the truth. coming up, the fight after the fall. the woman who tumbled into a mall fountain while texting says it's no laughing matter. she will join us live and say why she's taking some actions. also, new pictures, believe it or not, revealed from president kennedy's inauguration, 50 years ago today. jfk and jackie as you've never seen them before. and people cannot wait for a
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the tree fell across the sound wall. you can see chp has flares on the roadway to warn drivers. there are reports of trees down in berkeley. let's see if the wind's causing any other traffic problems. >> you mentioned a tree down near park boulevard that's causing a lot of problems for that stretch it have traffic. it's jammed from highway 13 out towards park boulevard. no word when they expect to clear the tree. and the drive time is about 21 minutes, normally would take about 7. extra delays this morning. westbound 580 absolutely jammed through the altamont pass because of an earlier accident. the toll plaza backed up towards the 880 overcrossing but not horrible considering there was an earlier crash on the upper deck. eric? >> frances, thank y >> all new -- oprah in australia -- oprah: ultimate wildest dreams come true. >> then -- oprah: a tribute to "the croc
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hunter" -- >> jay-z, russell crowe, and --
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>> here's a look at the clear sky downtown san francisco and some of the breezes aggressive at times. 60 to 70 mph winds in our hill tops, about 20 to 30 in some of our valleys and trees may be toppled because of that. 28 fairfield, 36 rose, 38 antioch. the rest of us 40s, even 50 and that's a springboard to nearly record high temperatures. that's where you see an asterisk. low 70s possible around santa rosa, napa and san jose. cooler tonight with 30s in our valleys, 40s around the bay shore. above average temperatures with sunsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsnsns
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keeping your house smelling like it should. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home. so many people have seen this. the viral video, a woman so focused on texting, that she falls into a mall fountain. and the laughs that you hear are the security at the mall. the mall security. they're cracking up. and she's here to tell us why she is not laughing at all. >> i didn't pick that up the first time we played that the other day. all that laughing. >> the laughing of the security guards, yeah? and that's why she has a problem. she was embarrassed. who wouldn't be? but to be posted on youtube like that, the guards not going to her aid. >> it is everywhere. we're going to get into that coming up. and today is the 50th anniversary of president john f.
7:31 am
kennedy's inauguration. and actually had photos they had never shown before. >> that's a gorgeous shot. >> it is a gorgeous shot. the top hats are something. it's hard to believe there's something new coming out of the kennedy inauguration. we'll have those coming up. and an amazing survival story this morning. a woman who spent eight days alone trapped inside her car. didn't have food. didn't have water. how she stayed alive. she'll join us with her husband in the next half hour. we begin with the pennsylvania woman, who was a cautionary tale for all of us who text-talk. her fall has millions of hits on youtube. and it may be drawing a lawsuit. miss marrero is here this morning. but juju's going to start us off. >> reporter: i'm a texting, blackberry addict. but i was one of the countless who chuckled when that video popped up on websites everywhere. but it's what happened after what you see on the video that
7:32 am
has ms. marrero asking serious questions. it was the splash heard around the world. a woman texting while strolling, falls head-first into a shopping mall fountain. then casually gets up, fishes out her cell phone. climbs out. looks around. and walks away. the video was caught on security cameras and was posted and reposted on youtube. it promptly went viral. it's been viewed millions of times on dozens of video-sharing sites, accelerated by facebook and twitter. >> the video is a youtube sensation. >> reporter: and amplified by tv stations and networks around the world. >> we know about the dangers of texting and driving. texting and walking could be next. >> reporter: the accidental star is 49-year-old cathy cruz marrero, who works at a store in the mall. she admits she laughed, too. but after being laughed at by millions, she's no longer amused. on the raw video, you can hear voices entertained by watching her tumble. >> oh, my god. play it back. play it back. >> reporter: at one point, they
7:33 am
rewind it and watch from a different angle. >> and boom. >> reporter: cathy's convinced the voices are mall security employees. she's hired a lawyer to explore whether they should have come to her aid, rather than posting her image on the internet. her husband, walter, says security should have helped her. >> they should have responded to that immediately. they didn't know if she got hurt. and for more on this, we're joined by cathy cruz marrero, and her attorney, james polyak. thanks for getting up early. cathy, let me say, i get it. when i saw this video, i said this could be me. i sometimes get lost in the text, as well. but can you just take us back to that moment? what happened? what were you thinking? and what made you realize that you had a terrible fall? >> i realized when i was falling when i was in the water already. yeah. unfortunately, i didn't have anything to grab on to. and hold my balance.
7:34 am
i was actually texting a friend of mine from my church. >> what was so important about this text? >> she was just asking me for my birthday. and my husband's birth date. and i don't know what got into my head. i said, let me text her back quickly. quickly was that, i was in the fountain. >> from looking at the video, you look pretty composed for someone who just fell in a fountain in the middle of a mall. you got out. picked yourself up. what happened next? >> i was probably more dumbfounded. i was totally embarrassed. i was like, well, i'm hoping nobody saw me. so, let me just walk away. a kind lady of a store there, manager at the mall, was kind enough. i walked up to her.
7:35 am
and all i kept saying was, i fell. i fell. i fell in the fountain. i fell in the fountain. and she came -- she says she wanted to hug me. but i was so drenched, she didn't dare. >> you didn't hear anything from mall security, correct? >> nothing at all. to my knowledge, they got there 20 minutes after i left. >> when did you know this went viral around the world? >> i got a phone call monday morning from my nephew, saying you know you're on youtube? >> that's two days after the fall, right? >> yeah. but i did call mall security thursday, the next morning. i called them and i let them know that i'm a mall employee. i said, i do not want to see the store where i work or my name because i'm really, really embarrassed. i didn't get an apology over the phone, either.
7:36 am
i said, i don't think that was nice what your people did. and he said, no, it's not. that wasn't very nice at all. but, you know, we'll try to take drastic measures. and just be lucky that knows it was you. be glad that nobody knows it was you. >> meanwhile, the whole world was watching this on youtube and television, our show. >> and having a great laugh on my account. i admit, it was funny. but nobody took my feelings into consideration. nobody. nobody called. are you okay? it shows in the video, nobody went to my aid. not one, single person went to my aid. it could have been anybody's mother. it could have been a senior citizen falling. and would they have gotten the same treatment as i did? >> so, james, what kind of
7:37 am
claims do you plan to pursue against the mall operators now? >> well, we're at the very early stages of our investigation into this matter, george. but certainly, we intend to hold all responsible parties accountable. whether that means requesting or demanding an apology. certainly requesting an explanation for why this happened, how it happened. and certainly, we want to know the identity of all persons responsible, with making the video public. >> how did it get out? >> and posting it on youtube. well, it's unclear. but we suspect that an official within the security office at the mall viewed the footage and allowed the footage to be videotaped on to a cell phone. and it was that cell phone video that ended up being posted on youtube. >> and, cathy, i know that you -- as embarrassed as you are from all this, you did learn a big lesson, huh? >> absolutely.
7:38 am
absolutely, george. do not text and walk, especially to the younger generation. it -- a fountain could have been empty. i could have been in the hospital. i could have walked into a bus. you know, gotten hit by a car. it can happen anywhere. anywhere. >> well, thank you for being such a good sport and for sharing what you learned this morning. good luck with everything. thanks very much. >> thank you. thank you so much, george. thank you for having us. >> we want to know what you think about all this. you can weigh in on our shoutout board at it's now time for sam and the weather. hey, sam. [ cheers ] >> good morning, george. good morning, george. and we are live on the deck of "the disney dream" this morning. we're so glad to be able to show you the ship we talked so much about yesterday. by the way, lest you think that people can't win online, you guys were all online, when "good
7:39 am
morning america" said, come sail with us. yeah. they're here. they're here with us this morning. missed the big snowstorms we're going to talk about. but onboard the ship, let me show you something. in case you're a folks that loves gorgeous sun rises, we've got one. let me show you what it looks like from the deck of the ship, as we watch the sun come up over the area. on quick speed here. we were moving overnight, look how beautiful that sun rise is, over castaway key. beautiful, clear skies this morning. one of the few places that it is. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what a lot of folks are dealing with this morning. that's tough air. cold, arctic air, and a snowmaker in front of it. after the snow moves into new england, it's out by 1:00 in the afternoon. the cold air insures that what falls on the ground stays on the ground. today in boston, 26. by saturday, 20. new york city, down to 21 on saturday. chicagoland, you're at 9 degrees by the time you get into tomorrow. and minneapolis stays in single digi
7:40 am
here's what's ahead on "gma," on "the morning menu." royal memorabilia. we'll show you some of the unusual and odd things are that are already on sale, talking about will and kate's wedding. tiger mom debate. when is tough parenting too tough? it is a nationwide debate. and ashton kutcher. he is the actor that may have invented punk'ing your friends and putting them on tape. he's live in the studio this morning. [ footsteps approach ]
7:41 am
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it's another entry in our royal diary. it's just 99 days until will and kate tie the knot. and the memorabilia market is exploding. if you don't believe me, look right here. george wants to take it home to the girls right now. it can be yours for $29.99. it's gone. sold. miguel marquez has more on this from london. miguel? >> reporter: good morning, robin. we have all of the details on the wedding plans. and you're so right about the souvenirs. there's lots of them out there. and we found some that are royally unique. the five-star goring hotel, just $550 a night near buckingham palace, seem to be the place where family, friends and maybe kate herself, will stay leading up to the wedding. this, unlike diana, who stayed at an official residence before her big day. every royal event comes with a torrent of royal memorabilia. the official stuff is already sells like hot cakes.
7:45 am
unofficial stuff is pouring into london's souvenir shops. more mugs than you can shake a tea bag at. royal couple ashtrays. even thimbles. do either of them even sew? but william and catherine, a contemporary couple. inspiring a new class of collectibles. the boutique design k&k outlet, updated the collectible plate. >> we wanted them to either appeal to a younger generation. or have a little bit of a satirical kind of vent. >> reporter: among them, there is william, who has laser eyes for kate. and for the runner-ups out there, it should have been me. and there's even a plate inspired by facebook. prince charles, camilla, her royal highness, the queen, and 6 million others like this. but the wedding is inviting a bit of a backlash, as well. >> it is the lovely prince william and kate middleton,
7:46 am
represented in gore. >> reporter: that's right, zombie will and kate. why zombies? >> i would prefer vampires. it's a more apt creature of the undead. >> reporter: love the zombies. suffice it to say, no matter how you want to remember this royal wedding, there's a souvenir out there. >> miguel, thanks so much. coming up next, jfk and jackie. the unseen photos, 50 years after his inauguration. 50 years ago today. [ bell rings ] well, well, well. what do we have here? frozen pipes. a classic. well put. pretty obvious. ms. young? that's why it's so important, as an agent, to sit down with our clients, so we can get to know them and talk about stuff like this. why don't they just turn off the main water supply? you do realize this is just an exercise, right? - i do now. - moving on. okay, let's get the fire-retardant suits on. [ man announcing ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> those words will live forever. probably the most memorable moment from any american inaugural address. now, we have new pictures from john f. kennedy's inaugural, 50 years ago today. has opened up its archive and a treasure trove of photos that have not been seen before. there you see jackie kennedy, going to celebrations. lifting up her dress. >> looks like a princess. from the night before? >> there she is again. >> beautiful. >> there were five balls the night before. the next one is a favorite of mine. it's frank sinatra and beater loughner. they stayed up so late, they
7:51 am
couldn't go to the inaugural the next day. >> they co-produced the inaugural ball. >> they did. >> this is my favorite right here. here they are. they're walking to the inauguration. i love -- is that a stove pipe hat? what do you call that kind of hat? >> top hat. >> he's the last president to wear that type of hat in the inauguration. >> this is after the inauguration. harry truman signing the president's in -- speech. and what's great about that is that harry truman did not think john f. kennedy should be president. he did a lot to try to undermine his candidacy. but they made up at the inaugural. finally, robert frost. he had written a new poem for the inaugural. but he couldn't read it. >> because of the glare of the sun. >> the glare of the sun. that's exactly right. it's great to relive those moments again. 50 years ago today. 30 years ago today, ronald
7:52 am
reagan got inaugurated. we'll be right back. fact ore fiction? your handbag should match your outfit? stripes make you look heavy? what are the ten fashion rules that aren't true anymore?
7:53 am
♪ man: whoa! mom just caught air. not that she'll describe it that way to her book club. she'll probably say something like, "everyone had a wonderful time. the food was great. it was good to get away." but let's be honest... mom just caught air! now, there's a first. tell us what you've always wanted to do, on facebook. [ ship horn blows ]
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♪ in contra costa county parents will now have to wait until february 8th to find out which school the school district decides to close. school board members heard emotional pleas at a packed meeting trying to keep their schools open. they need to shut down three from a list of seven to reduce the budget deficit. breezy out there. >> especially the hills at 50 to 70 mph winds. kept temperatures up. so near record highs with upper
7:57 am
60s to near 70. a few mid-60s around the bay and the coast. warm weather through the 7-day forecast forecast. >> a major problem in oakland with a tree down on the freeway. two right lanes will be blocked until 8:30. this stretch of traffic horrible. 880 a better alternate. that will take you 30 minutes. >> father: going the wrong way can make a long family road trip... >> you think we'll be there soon? >> ...feel even longer. >> you said we'll be there soon. i hope we're not lost. >> so i always make sure i've got the right guidance.
7:58 am
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♪ won't you take me to funky town ♪ ♪ won't you take me to funky town ♪ hello, everyone. we have a lot coming up this morning including our "morning mix." we have the tiger mom debate. it's on the cover of "time" magazine. "time" calls it mommy dearest. even sot some death threats for the author. >> really? >> that's exactly right. we're going to talk to someone who calls themselves a tiger kid. that's connie chung. she will be here with her husband, maury povich, for our "morning mix." they're here right now. >> look at that dynamic duo. that was sweet. also ahead, we have the
8:01 am
stunning survival story, of a woman who looked like she vanished into thin air. listen to this 911 call, as her husband pleads for help. >> so, what you're telling me, is unless she turns up dead, you're not going to care. >> we don't go actively searching for missing people, sir. we don't go out looking for people who are missing. >> that delay head to tanya rider eight horrible days clinging to life in a ditch. she and her husband, tom, are here to tell us how she survived. it's an amazing story. also, some fun in our last half hour. ashton kutcher will be here. he has a new movie out with natalie portman. about friends with benefits. >> and maybe you can talk about that around "the morning mix." elisabeth hasselbeck will be here. she's going to talk about the gluten-free diet that keeps her healthy. and we go over to juju at
8:02 am
the newsdesk. >> good morning, everyone. china's president could be in for a cool reception as he meets with members of congress today. some of whom skipped the state dinner held in his honor last night, to protest china's human rights record and currency policy. before dinner, president obama announced $45 billion in business deals with china. the accused gunman in the tucson shooting rampage has been indicted. jared loughner faces three counts for allegedly trying to kill congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her aide. additional charges could lead to the death penalty. with help wednesday, congresswoman giffords stood up for the first time since being shot. and tomorrow, she will be flown to a houston rehab center. a woman kidnapped from a new york city hospital 23 years ago has been reunited with her family. carlina white was kidnapped when she was 19 days old. she grew up in connecticut. and grew suspicious about the woman raising her and investigated. eventually finding her baby
8:03 am
pictures on a missing children's website. as we learn more about bedbugs, they have a genetic secret. researchers find that bedbugs are producing enzymes that ward off poisons. scientists say this could be the first step to finding a way to kill them for good. finally, are you one of those people that has to be first in line to buy the new gadgets like the iphone? a new study finds those people so eager to be first in line, have names at the end of the alphabet. research says it's from being forced to be in the back of the line in elementary school. who knew? it's time for the weather with sam, who is partying out on a cruise ship. good morning to you, sam. >> good morning, juju. i wanted to start with a little bit of music first. this, from the melody players aboard "the disney dream." this ship is amazing in so many ways. don't worry. we're going to give you a top-to-bottom tour. i wanted to show you. we're going to start this
8:04 am
morning with what is unique about this ship and the cruise world in general. this is the first shipboard water coaster ever. it's a crystal-clear tube that goes all the way around this part of the ship. we're standing by it right now. you can hear the water and the people going by. let me take you on a ride of your own, so you can see exactly what it's like. so, you go up, all the way up, to the top of this ship. and then, you step in -- there you go. it goes straight through this tube. now, it takes about three times to go through this before you're really aware that you can look out and around. let me tell you, that it combines a water coaster, which is like a rollercoaster, with a lazy river feeling, where it rocks back and forth, as you go towards the end. 10,000 gallons of water a minute. it's 750 feet of a ride. it drops four decks. it starts on deck 16 and goes all the way over to 12.
8:05 am
and it goes 13 feet over the side of the ship. you're off the ship when you see that. it's an amazing experience. it's what everybody is talking about onboard this ship. let me show you something else that everybody is talking about. that's the northeastern snowstorm. what happens with that storm? where does it go? we have your answer for who gets what on this. here comes that low. it shoots up the northeast in that familiar pattern. there's cold air behind it. the heaviest snow will be in southern new jersey, eastern long island, and massachusetts. most big cities in the northeast will get a three to five hit of snow. there's a look at your big board, including the west, where the santa ana winds are back. 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts near
8:06 am
and we are live aboard "the disney dream." a tour of every inch of this ship is coming up. and we'll talk about food, too, in the next half hour. robin? >> you are having such a great time there, sam. good to see. thanks. we'll get back to you, as you said, in just a little bit. we'll talk about something else. there's some individuals surviving conditions that most of us couldn't endure. our next guest is one of them. tanya rider spent eight days alone, trapped in her car. didn't have any food. no water. she not only survived. she has written a beautiful, new book about her experience. and it's called "missing without a trace," which was published this week. we're going to speak to tanya in a moment. her husband is here, at her side. first, the story of how she
8:07 am
disappeared. and how she was found. it was thursday, september 20th, 2007. tanya rider was leaving her overnight job at this store. and then, just seemed to vanish. her husband, tom, was terrified. >> i don't know. and that's what's killing me. but i think even worse, is if something did happen that was bad, knowing would be even worse. >> reporter: tanya worked overnights. and tom worked during the day. so, he didn't realize that his wife was really missing for two days. when he called 911, he was shocked at the resistance he encountered. >> i think that someone has done something to her. >> it just that it doesn't meet the criteria for us to take in a report. >> what you're telling me, is unless she's turns up dead, you're not going to care? >> we don't go actively searching for missing people, sir. we don't go out looking for people that are missing. >> reporter: it wasn't until a day later that officers took a report. and days after that, until
8:08 am
police finally checked her cell phone. and traced a signal to this tower. searched the area and made a shocking discovery. >> we found a vehicle. we have movement. >> we got movement. >> reporter: tanya's wrecked car was found in this ravine. she had been here eight days. no food. no water. and yet, still alive. >> this is that missing female, tanya rider, that was on the news. we found her vehicle. and she's still moving inside of it. >> wow. >> reporter: she was air-lifted to the hospital with kidney damage, severe dehydration and broken bones. the memories of her ordeal, just fleeting, painful images. >> i remember flashes. hearing cars. tugging at my seat belt and trying to get it off. >> reporter: the past few years have been a long, difficult journey of recovery. tom and tanya rider take the
8:09 am
steps every day in that journey. we're happy to have them both here. tanya, i wouldn't help watch you as you were watching that piece. and you couldn't watch some of it. what goes through your mind when you see the story, your story, told like that? >> i think that it's been really hard just to recovery process. especially if you don't remember something. i think the most important thing i've learned is just to face it. i tried to bury it. but it's not the way to handle things. you have to take pride in what you've gone through and become stronger from it. >> you have a lot to be proud of. the fact that you were able to endure the eight days without any food. without any water. and you said you really -- just flashes you remember? what do you recall? >> i have bits and pieces. but i remember tugging at my seat belt. i remember hearing my cell phone ring and trying to reach it. and not being able to reach it.
8:10 am
i remember hearing cars go by and banging on my window for someone to hear me. >> no concept of time. you had no idea how long you had been there. >> no. >> that whole time, your husband is frantically searching for you. doing everything you could, tom. tell us about the first time you contacted police. >> i kind of felt like they were taking it not very seriously. in fact, their quote was, she's an adult. she can go where she wants to. she doesn't have to tell you a thing. and i didn't want to accept that answer. so, i pressed and pressed. finally, was able to get them to take a report. and then, i made it so loud that they couldn't ignore the case. >> you were not going to go away. the police claim that one thing that happened, is there was a debit card, a bank account, that looked like there was activity. and so, they thought that you
8:11 am
had just run off. but they discovered that it was you. >> i put gas in my truck. >> that's how they saw the activity. >> yeah. i don't understand how they came to that conclusion, when i told them in the 911 tapes and in every interview, all she has is her nordstrom visa. why are you monitoring our usa checking account? >> but once they got that cleared up. >> once they got that cleared up, it still took them another two days to go off and look for her. the most important thing is, she's here. >> yeah. and how is your recovery going right now, tanya? >> i think i've realized you can't always control what life throws at you. but you can control how you deal with it. and that god can make good out of evil. >> and how have you gone about in the recovery process? what kind of assistance have you been given to help you with this? >> i think the book has help me surface feelings that i buried.
8:12 am
i tried to bury it. tried to pretend like it didn't exist. but we need to rejoice in life. and rejoice in our trials and triumphs and become stronger from them. >> tom, for you? >> for me, watching her has been kind of like an inspiration to me. she came from death's door to be sitting here by you. >> yeah. and it is a real treat and a blessing to meet you. and for you to share your story that you feel is so important that people can get something out of it. so, continue to do -- you're healed, as far as bones and everything? physically, everything is okay? >> i still have issues. >> oh. but you're still work on that? >> moving forward. >> moving forward. that's your bottom line. it is. >> the only way i can move. >> yes, ma'am. tanya, tom, thank you very, very much for sharing your story with us. we really do appreciate that. you can read an excerpt of "missing without a trace," on
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8:18 am
>> no sleepovers? >> no sleepovers. but i never did sleep overuntil -- >> okay. how about play dates? >> no. she tried to get me to grow up. i was very, very shy. i didn't want to. >> this is when i knew that margaret chung was a tiger mom, connie's mom. when we got married, and connie wanted to endear herself, obviously, i believe so, to my parents. she asked my parents, can i call you mom? can i call you dad? and my parents just melted and they loved that. i went to mrs. chung, who i had known for many, many years. i said, mrs. chung, connie's going to call my parents mom and dad. can i call you mom or margaret or anything you want? and she said, i prefer you call me mrs. chung. and that was the way it was for the rest of her life.
8:19 am
>> until the day she died. >> i'm not -- you know, i never rejected a birthday card from my daughters. i'm a little more of a tiger dad than my wife is. how do you balance that out? who is the disciplinarian? >> i am. >> the son. >> he threatens and threatens. then, he doesn't followthrough. i'm the only one that follows through. but even a tiger mom, the whole controversy, i think is way out of control. she has written a book. and i dare say, so many people are, you know, criticizing it. but nobody's read it. exactly. i haven't read it. you haven't read it. >> she admits her mistakes. >> yes. and i think all these people are just going crazy because it is typical journalism that we all practice. that is, "the wall street journal," the original article, took the sexiest part of the book and made it the story. >> you're exactly right. without any of the context.
8:20 am
>> right. >> we would have done the same thing. >> absolutely. and that's what i'm talking about. that's journalism today. so, she is not -- she didn't claim to make this a parenting book. she claimed that this is her memoir. >> it struck a chord. a lot of parents deal with this anxiety of what is the right thing? >> and her daughter came out. you saw this in "the new york times." her daughter came out and said, it was great. she let me do this. she let me do that. and i completely understand the chinese thing. i grew up in a very chinese home. and you know, chinese parents, just like jewish parents, push their kids. >> and one of the things we're learning, the other reason it strikes a chord, as american kids are falling behind in math and science, chinese are rocketing to the top. >> we always got the -- we were the scholars, you know? >> we greeks like to think the same thing. >> you were the original
8:21 am
scholars. >> let's talk about this -- we -- earlier in the program, the woman who fell into the fountain. >> yes. >> at the mall. and when i first heard she was thinking of suing the mall, i thought what? how can it be? but she made a pretty good point. the security guards are laughing. and you can't help but laugh. put it on youtube. and the whole world was laughing at her. >> i think she has a point there. but if it extends into the question of wounded pride, i mean, if everybody who suffered from wounded pride could sue in this country, we'd be broke. half the attendees at the golden globes the other night. they suffered wounded pride. right. all the guests on my show suffer wounded pride. >> were you ever sued on the show? >> oh, yeah. >> all the time? >> oh, gosh, yeah. >> no, no. i was going to say, regarding ricky gervais, the celebrities are thin-skinned.
8:22 am
and they should just man up. >> ashton kutcher is coming on the show. >> bruce willis is the dad. right. >> it's more bruce willis' hit than ashton. aside from that, falling in the fountain, i've done things like that. i do stupid things all the time. do you remember when we were in las vegas? and i was in a hotel -- we were in a hotel. i was with you, right? and there were these flowers. these beautiful flowers hanging from the ceiling. and there were potted plants down here. and i just wanted to touch to see if they were real because they were so amazing. you know? and i fell, right into the potted plant. and all the flowers fell out. and all the dirt fell out. you know? i was like, oh, my god. i put the dirt back in. and i was trying to push the dirt. and typically, i thought of the security cameras. and i looked around like this,
8:23 am
which would have been a great shot. >> would have been a great shot. >> exactly. but i couldn't get it all together. i ran away. and nobody released it. >> you did luck out. we've all had those moments on video. can't help it. i wish we had more time. i want you guys to come back. >> it's always good to see you. >> great to see you. >> and congratulations. say hi to ali. how many kids do you have? >> two. >> we're going to go to the computer right now. sorry. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep. i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane. it got my attention, telling me that i wasn't paying attention. i had no idea the guy in front of me had stopped short.
8:24 am
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kleenex tissues. softness worth sharing. ♪ divers and deputies will be back in the water this morning to resume the search of a central valley canal for a kidnapped four-year-old boy. divers found the stolen vehicle in the water yesterday but not the silver toyota corolla that the suspected was driving when he abducted the boy from his home on tuesday. they saw the car matching the description plunge into the canal. winds causing big problems in the east bay. several trees knocked down in berkeley and oakland. this was the view from sky 7 about an hour ago. you can see that large tree that came down across two westbound lanes at interstate 580 near the
8:28 am
park boulevard exit. >> even though they clear county the tree, westbound 80 jammed from san leandro all the way up into oakland. northbound 880 not really a good option. pretty slow as well. bart is reporting ten-minute delays out of daly city to the east bay and southbound 101
8:29 am
[ male announcer ] is your current denture cleanser missing something? now you get a cleanser with scope freshness. ♪ new fixodent plus scope ingredients. ♪ cleans...kills germs that cause denture odors... and provides your dentures with the freshness of scope. ♪ new fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients. >> welcome back. off to a sunny start at the golden gate bridge. but the breezes are keeping temperatures all over the place from the 30s in the north bay valleys to 50s concord, oakland, san francisco and mountain view. breezes will relax a little during the afternoon hours but
8:30 am
since they're blowing offshore, they could have record high temperatures, mid to upper 50s, napa and san jose. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back lots of star power in times square this morning. there is ashton kutcher. he is here to tell us about his new movie, "no strings attached." he's in it with natalie portman. he's also going to tell us his secrets -- to lip-syncing. >> there's something about being on the jumbotron. >> the traffic is stopped in times square this morning. good morning, america. alongside george, i'm robin. >> this show is an endless
8:31 am
lesson in humility. you were having a nice talk with the girls here. ashton kutcher walks in -- >> the wind blew him by. that's so true. elisabeth hasselbeck is also here. she's here to tell us about the gluten-free diet. she believes in this. and treating an allergy that people don't know they have. let's go to sam, now. he's on the high seas. the biggest ship in the disney fleet. hey, sam. >> hey. good morning, george and robin. you never know what's going to happen here. there's a little bit of music here. the melody players that tyrone and benson are playing. and if you're on the four-night cruise here, there's a pirate night. did you know that, by the way? did you know that? you heard there may be a pirate night? i saw an outfit that was already ready. the pirate shorts, the whole thing. pirates drop down from just about any place. there's a pirate menu. speaking of which, there's a pirate loading up on top. right there. are we going to see him?
8:32 am
we're going to miss the pirate. we're going to talk about the menu there, as well. and we have lots of food to talk about onboard the ship. we're going to take you on the tour, from bow to stern. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about. there's a lot of weather coming up for friday and the weekend. the snow exits the plains. it goes straight into the northeast and into the southwest. those winds are back, all the way from l.a. into las vegas, the santa ana winds will be are you guys ready? the sliver, family, from naperville, illinois. right outside of chicagoland.
8:33 am
you've taken the tour together. by the way, you have a little elevation on us here. you're standing by the water park, where william and matthew are coming out. which one's this? >> william. >> william, i understand you have a friend like me, crush. what does crush say? >> dude. >> dude. exactly. thank you for hanging with us this morning. robin? >> sam, thank you. it is a romantic comedy for the digital age, the film "no strings attached." it asks the question, can men and women be friends? well, friends with benefits. and the star of the film, the one, the only, ashton kutcher, ladies and gentlemen. i really, really, really like this film. >> thanks. >> not many really good date flicks anymore. >> yeah. i think it's been a while since i've seen an original romantic comedy. the writer of this movie is a woman by the name of liz
8:34 am
meriweather. and she had a different take on romantic comedy. it's a little -- it's funny. you see the jud apatow movies that are a little raunchy and racy. and they're always tailored for guys. but we all know that girls are just as dirty as guys. >> come on. >> at the end of the day, they appreciate that sensibility just as much as the guys do. it comes at both angles. but it's got a really sweetheart. >> i think that's what i appreciated about it. the women in the flick, they were holding their own. >> they do hold their own. it's natalie portman, she holds her own against anybody. >> that has to be just an experience. coming off her golden globe for "black swan." she's terrific. >> she can do anything. she is like superwoman. she literally can do anything. one of the reasons i wanted to do this movie is to do a scene with her. the fact that i got to do a whole movie, i was honored, really. >> i know you're getting asked this a lot. can you do this? can you be just friends?
8:35 am
can you be friends with benefits and -- i'm trying -- she's watching. i'm trying to figure out a way to ask this question. >> i'm a married man. you know? all right. here's my perspective on it. i think that the courting process has changed. right? in relationships. so, it used to be that you'd go on a first date. you don't know somebody. maybe you know a little bit about them. you find out who their friends are. maybe you find out what their parents do or something. and then, you go on another date. and it just takes more and more time. nowadays, before you even go on the first date, you go on facebook. and you're friends on facebook. you know all their friends. >> that's true. >> you know their family. you know their marital status. you know what they ate last week. you know what they did for christmas. and then you can google them. it's accelerating the courting process. i think this process can work in
8:36 am
the short-term. then, you go up against a cliff. and you have to jump and be all-in, or leave. >> feeling, i'm sorry. >> they get involved. >> going to play a bit of the movie. your character, you're a bit of a romantic. >> yeah. a bit of it. >> a little awkward about some things. >> yeah. i just had -- my character's coming off of a bad breakup. and her character's -- >> really bad breakup. >> her character's really focused on her work. and so, we decide to just be sex friends. and so, this scene is like -- i think what we're about to see is right after we've had sex for the first time. >> that's a great setup. "no strings attached." >> congrats? what? having sex with you? >> yeah. you did a good job. so, i thought you deserved a balloon. >> i'm working. >> okay. what's up with not calling me back? >> i'm not good at this stuff. >> what?
8:37 am
talking? >> yeah, talking. communicating. relationship stuff. it's just -- this is -- if we were in a relationship, i'd become a weird, scary version of myself. and my throat starts constricting. the it's like a peanut allergy. it's an emotional peanut allergy. >> and it keeps going on from there. really good cast, as you were saying. kevin kline plays your dad. >> yeah. great scott. >> and he's a celebrity in the film. and you're living in the shadow. how do you and demi make it work with the girls? it seems like it's really balanced, and they don't have that problem like in the film. >> it's interesting, between me and demi and bruce and the girls. it's different because it's not like we can all go to the mall together and hang out. you don't get to go to disneyland and walk around the park and check things out. so, there are compromises that they've made because of that. and so, in this movie, i'm the son of this big tv star. and i started to think about
8:38 am
that. like, it really made me think about what their upbringing is and what it is from their perspective and what they've had to sacrifice because of that. and i think about my brother when he goes -- like, when he's writing a check for something. and they see the last name, kutcher. what does that do to him? but there's some compromises. but then, at the same time, there's some advantages. you know? that come with it. we get to cut the line. so, there's a give and take there. and i think as long as you understand that and recognize that with them, and make their success about what they want to do and about what they're passionate about, i think you sort of -- they'll have their own path. and i think they're going to do greater things than the three of us will. >> i don't know about that. they're very well-adjusted and great kids. okay. as we're going away, the bears. ashton's a big bears fan. they have a big game coming up with the packers for the nfc
8:39 am
championship game. we have some gifts for you. we know you're going to the game. >> oh. i was watching mike martz on the sideline with this hat on and said, i need to get one of these hats for the game. i'm so excited. we're going to chicago. and we're going to win. >> that's a great matchup with the packers. >> oh, it's like one of the greatest rivalries in sports. >> i know. >> and the fact it's for the nfc championship, i'm so excited. >> it's a birthday gift for you. ashton kutcher, ladies and gentlemen. "no strings attached," in theaters tomorrow. >> man. >> look at that. he really likes that. >> it's great. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings. that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat.
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for anyone, celiac disease or gluten intolerance, the tiniest bit of gluten can cause distress. that can make eating away from home an adventure. elisabeth hasselbeck is here with "the g-free diet." remind us again. when you discovered you had a
8:43 am
gluten intolerance, it changed your life. >> yeah. i went through nearly a decade of feeling -- going from healthy type of body to feeling incredibly sick for almost ten years. and i couldn't get to the bottom of why. i was having stomach pains, fatigue. things that are -- we can't talk about on television. but i talk about in the book. these can be common. migraines. i wasn't able to have -- conceive a child, my body was in such distress. i found celiac disease. and finally found a doctor that was able to diagnosis me. he gave me the celiac genetic test. and i think anyone who has symptoms and i talk about them in the book, i encourage you before going on a gluten-free diet to check out with your doctor and get the test. >> gluten and contained in host the grains. the glue that holds them together. >> the protein found in barly, wheat, rye and contaminated
8:44 am
oats. if you have celiac disease, you combine that with those of the gluten intolerance, one out of seven. >> if you're trying to cut down on gluten or can't have it at all, what do you do when you go out? >> it's gotten easier, george. i started off by walking into a restaurant and explaining to someone what gluten was. it's gluten. and why i wrote the g-free diet, is to give everyone an easier way of the talking about it. in the handbook, i outline how to be in an restaurant. there's tons of mainstream restaurants that you can be a part of. you can go to wendy's, d.q., p.f. chang's. outback steak house. on the broad range of price and cuisine. it's important to call ahead. if it's restaurant that doesn't have a menu that's gluten-free.
8:45 am
call ahead, with severe intolerance to gluten. you're able to open up the conversation. can you have a special pan that's clean, available to make my chicken. >> when you get to the restaurant, that may not be gluten-free, there's warning words to watch out for. >> yeah. a lot of marinades, unfortunately, do contain gluten. if something has a gravy, watch out for that. soy sauce is something that tripped me up for years, early on when i was just learning about celiac disease. i september going out for chinese food. and i kept getting sick after. and wondering why. it was gluten. there are gluten-free versions available. just knowing that making it easy. and labels have gotten more worth coming about what's in the products. >> it must be especially tough for dessert. >> no. honestly, having celiac disease or gluten intolerance, dessert is the easy part. you don't have to give up
8:46 am
sweets, candies. you can have chips. check with the manufacturers. peanut putter cups. you can go through. part of my problem is i was finding a loft sweets that were gluten-free. i wanted to work on something. for me, i'm active by i like to run. i have a ton of jobs. i worked on a product that was gluten-free and high-protein. i did that. that's available on my website. the nogii diet, if we have the pastas and the sweets, i want something that's powerful for me. but i encourage people, too. you're removing everything that's healthy from your body. no. if you replace more powerful grains, especially for women, more magnesium, more protein, more iron, more folate, as opposed to ordinary wheat, you're giving your body more than it has. >> there's more advice in "the g-free diet." read an exert on
8:47 am
>> thanks, george. >> we have recipes for gluten-free lasagna, tomato sauce and parfait. that's on our website. when we come ba >> all new -- oprah in australia -- oprah: ultimate wildest dreams come true. >> then -- oprah: a tribute to "the croc hunter" -- >> jay-z, russell crowe, and hunter" -- >> jay-z, russell crowe, and --
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ we know the weather's bad in a lot of the country. but we want to get you a tropical feel. all morning long, we've been on "the disney dream," the newest and biggest cruise ship in the disney fleet. we showed you some of the fun that goes on outside the ship. i wanted to take you some time to show you the inside because truly -- and i'm not kidding, it's spectacular. take a look. ♪ at over 1,100 feet long and 100 feet high, the newest ship in the disney fleet is also its biggest. your first look inside is the
8:50 am
elegant atrium. its center centerpiece, a massive, shimmering chandelier. it's 13 feet tall and filled with hundreds of hand-cut crystals. and it lights the way to our next stop. the food, six restaurants to choose from. this one, remy, the first premiere dining option on a disney cruise ship. another choice, and this is for the entire family. animators palace. these screens make this season underwater oasis, complete with special guests. >> hey, sam. >> reporter: we'll see you later today? >> hello, dude. >> reporter: you have to check out the staterooms. 1,250 of them. nearly 90% of them give you an ocean view. and there is luxury on that ship. look at this. the royal suites, the fanciest rooms onboard. royal is right. it's fit for a king.
8:51 am
>> anything is possible, if you just believe. >> reporter: looking for entertainment? you are steps from broadway anywhere in the world. disney's "believe" show offers a broadway style theatrical experience. this is another in the latest in gaming technology. but the best part of all may just be this. or the food cause we have to talk about food when we talk about food ships. martin kemp is the "disney dream" executive chef. i want to say thank you. i've enjoyed every moment of food on this ship. good cruising and food don't go together. but disney has stepped this up. take me through -- we'll talk about the pirates menu. then, we'll talk about the fact that you have fresh food and delicious food on the ship. tell me about this. >> that's absolutely right.
8:52 am
this is featured the pirates dinner on our four-night cruise. we have the treasure of the sea fish. >> prawns. >> scallops with prawns. and couscous with seafood. >> things like the sea bass. these are microgreens. >> that's right. >> someone told me this came from a farm in ohio. to have fresh greens on a cruise ship, this is amazing to me. >> everything we produce is all produced fresh onboard. the saffron risotto. >> someone was telling me this is awesome last night. i want to tell you, as well, we're talking about this great food. and martin has kind of begrudgingly, but we made him, put menus an online. if you want to see some of the food that's available, it's on and we put some of the menus up for you. martin, it has been wonderful. remy was a treat. some of the best food in the world. >> thank you, indeed. >> i'm not just saying that
8:53 am
because we work for the company. back to you. robin and george in new york. we'll be right back. i'm sorry. ♪ hey! wait up! ♪ [ female announcer ] you see a mud stain. but new wisk sees a particulate stain. with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology, wisk is engineered to fight all the major stain groups like particulates and oils. [ girl ] that lip gloss is soooo cute on you. [ female announcer ] you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a powerful clean against a full range of stains,
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use new wisk. fight stains with science.
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you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. we are signing off from up here today because we want to say a special good-bye to one of our long-time family members. >> we often talk about people behind the scenes that you never have the privilege of meeting right here. like this man right here, arturo
8:56 am
gonzales. he passed away after a long battle with brain cancer. such a rare soul. he had such passion, patience, persistence. he worked behind the scenes for more than 30 years. and whenever we saw he was there, covering the biggest stories around the country, we knew we were in the very best hands. and our hearts go out to his family, especially his beloved 9-year-old daughter, elena. >> so long, arturo. we'll see you tomorrow. even the leading dishwashing detergent
8:57 am
doesn't dry dishes completely, leaving spots. finish jet-dry dries dishes better than detergent alone. two times better ! for a brilliant shine, finish jet-dry rinse agent. finish. the diamond standard.
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♪ in contra costa county the mount diablo school district will decide which schools it will close by february 8th. school board members heard from concerned parents and students at a packed meeting last night. the board needs to choose three schools from a list of seven to shut down before the next school
8:59 am
year. san francisco school officials have suspended middle schoolers that tried to pass off rat poison as candy last week. several students who sat it were taken to the hospital for precautionary medical exam. officials don't know how poison got into the classroom. lots of sunshine again, mike. >> possibly record high temperatures and strong breezes that knocked over trees will subside during afternoon hours. could reach 70 san jose, napa and. cooler tonight with upper 30s inland. near 40 around the bay. temperatures will be above average all seven days of the forecast. frances? >> mike, bart reporting ten minute delays from daly city to the east bay. also a new injury accident in san jose at10th street but look how jammed up towards saratoga with another crash and an earlier tree down has been cleared westbound 580 in oakland. but traffic is still heavy out of


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