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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. >> the search for this little boy is still not over in that central valley canal. it continues. tomorrow morning investigators will use sophisticated sonar equipment to search for 4-year-old boy. >> julianne was kidnapped tuesday. investigators say his mother's ex boyfriend took him right if his home in patterson. lillian is here with the latest on the search. lillian. >>reporter: dive team haven't been able to locate the car they are looking for but investigators are hoping sonar technology will make the difference. >> you need to bring him home. because i don't know if you are taking care of him. i don't
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know if he's hungry. or thirsty. you know. >>reporter: she pleadd with her ex boyfriend to bring her son home. deputy say it has been two days since jose rodriguez kidnapped 4-year-old boy of patterson. >> still following up on the dozens an dozen of leads coming in. >>reporter: stanislaus county deputy ladies in the case are coming in from the sierra to southern california. so far they have been focusing their evident on the canal outside patterson. today crews pulled a lexus out of the water though it wasn't the car they were lacking for. investigators say rodriguez was driving a silver toyota corolla seen here in video. farm worker reported seeing a car matching the corolla description drive into the canal which is why investigators aren't calling it quits just yet. special crew being brought in first thing in the morning checking the area around the pipeline using sonar equipment. >> that is was an area that our dives are unable to get to
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because of safety concerns. current in the what the. so it is too dangerous to send personal divers into that section so we use, try using some equipment. >>reporter: until then friends family at the home are keeping vigil. tab that eight months pregnant with his child is holding out hope that they are still alive. >> jose is scared. i know he is. he probably doesn't know what to do. but he pshtion i know he will start feeling like he's tired of running. and he will want to give up and he will want to turn himself in. >>reporter: here at the california license plate number of the toyota rodriguez was his lasts seen driving. item 6 hbw 4 4 5. authority say it could be hard to remember an entire license plate number so if you see any light color toyota control with the number 4 4 5 authority still want to you call 911. >> okay thanks very much. lillian reporting. >> in oakland tonight educators
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and parent can hardly believe what they are hearing. second graders supposedly involved in sexual acts in class. thomas is live outside the school with the story thomas? >>reporter: really is incredible. we here at the school on 73rd avenue near bank croft and the word the school district are using to describe the sex act they say occurred at second grade students here are shocking, unbelievable and alarming. now they still don't know exactly when last week these events occurred. because the principal only learned about them yesterday. >> we are trying to get to the bottom of it and determine how something so hane you could have occurred. >>reporter: oakland school district spokesperson flint running out of words to describe the shocking sexual incidents that student said took place in a second grade classroom here at mark hammel elementary school some time last week. >> on one occasion 2 student were engaged in sexually explicit acts in a separate incident students were disrobing in the class and were
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in various state of undress. >>reporter: when the principal leaped of the incident she began an investigation and sent out this letter to all the other parent describing what happened and adding that the teacher in the classroom where the acts allegedly occurred will not be reporting to the site pending the outcome of the investigation. >> there was an adult present at the time so obviously there was an egregious lapse of supervision. not clear how this could have happen. totally unacceptable. >>reporter: has a niece who attends the school. >> unheard of. this would have never happened during the time when i was in school or the time when my children was in school. this is just l l absurd. unpwloouv believable. >>reporter: district has council already talking to the children to find out why and how these event occurred. >> we know it is natural for young children to have curiosity but certainly not to express it in this way and it is not acceptable for it to happen when an adult is presen present. supposed to provide guidance so we'll be going over with the children how to
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restrain that curiosity. >>reporter: now the investigation is being conducted by the oakland police and school district police department as well as school counselors. in the letter that principal pam booker sent to the parent she also included an apology and said that she was actually going to get to the bottom of this and make sure that it 97 happens again. reporting live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. letter the principal sent to parent that thomas just mentioned is posted on our web site. look on our home page. google chief executive schmid is stepping down in surprise shake up at the top of the mountain view company. google co-founder page is reclaiming the top job. schmid was brought in his as ceo a decade ago because google investors believed the company need add more mature leader. on the twitter account today the 55-year-old wrote day-to-day adult supervision no longer needed. schmid will
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still oversee strategic partnership and act as advisor to page and co-founder and changes take affect april fourth. >> i believe larry is ready. he's been working on this area for listening time. ideas are interesting and cliff and time for him to have a shot at running this and doing it i'm sure he will do a fan take particular job. >>reporter: also today google revealed schmid plans to sell 5 34,000 google shares over the next year worth about 335 million dollars. also big changes at h p including whitman return to the by world. palo alto base tech giant named 5 new director to the board today including former ebay and candidate whitman. 4 of h p current board members will step down in march. the changes come just 6 months after the company ousted former ceo hurd in scandal oath personal relationship with a part-time marketing contractor. hurd departure triggered shareholder loss and an internal investigation over the size of had severance pay.
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drastic decision tonight in san jose to gut adult education. school board voted unanimously to take millions of dollars away from a program that teaches people english and trains them for jobs. as lisa reports it is all to protect k through 12 education. l. >>reporter: tonight san jose unified school board meeting the focus was on a money grab. superintendent want to take money away from the district metropolitan adult education program. or metro ed and use it instead to fund more progra programs for children. >> state legislature has put us in the position where we have to eat our own. >>reporter: two years ago the state gave control of adult education funding which used to be protected money to the school board. now if the district needs that money it can take it. parent and student of all ages sounded off about which group should get financial priority. >> i do request on their behalf that you allow adult education services to remain. >> i urge you to please vote
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for the staff recommendation to shift the fund. >> reporter: san jose unified want 3.6 million of metro ed 5.4 million dollar budget. the money would restore furlough day. reinstate summer school and help at risk middle school students. >> unfair to adult education. many definitely is unfaishtion currently 7000 did you also use the program. without 2 third of the budget metro ed will serve just 2000 adults and all core classes like english as second language, ged and vocational skills will be scaled back dramatically. all enrichment classes like kniting or art will be cancelled and 99 teachers will be laid off. >> more important for the adult to have a good education so they can approximately give, have support of children. >> these guys only get one chance. this is it. we need to start at the low definitely. >> all the cut to adult
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education begins in may. in san 0jose, this is abc 7 news. >> as you know probably firsthand school district throughout the bay area are hurting. now we checked in to see how the adult education programs are being affected. we didn't get an answer from mount diablo unified. san francisco usd tells us there have not been any adult education cuts at least not yet but oakland unified slashed it program last summer closing 2 adult education campuses and discontinuing many courses. >> still to come tonight. her silence has been broken. >> people don't hangup on me any more. i have a real voice. >>reporter: next. uc davis transplant that changed this woman's life. >> first lady michelle obama introduces a partnership between the white house and wal-mart. >> later from the food court to the courthouse. revenge of a woman whose texting accident got a lot of l o l. and later on "nightline". >> i'm bill. coming up next on "nightline". what is it lake
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to be married to the mob after the biggest bust in history? today more than 100 alleged mobsters rounded up so will the mafia as we know it survive? >> risk taking you tube
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>> a woman has new voice and all thanks to one of the most complex transplant operations that surgeons can perform. 52-year-old brenda yen sen thought to be just the second person ever to receive a larynx transplant. she underwent the 18 hour surgery at uc davis in october. team of surgeons from around the world practiced on cadaver for two years before performing this complex operation. thanks to their work, jensen went are sounding like this. >> they think i'm a robot. they laugh. >>reporter: to sounding like this. >> i want to talk again. i'm doing it. it was very much worth it to me. >>reporter: isn't that incredible. now brenda jensen vocal chords were paralyzed years ago when a ventilation tube in her throat was accidentally removed. new
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voice continues to grow stronger and she hopes to have her breathing tube removed in the next few months. >> the gunman caused of shooting 19 people at political rally in tucson including congresswoman giffords will appear in court monday. this as givds remarkable recovery continues. she saw sun lit today for the first time since being shot in the head. she's beginning to stand with assistance and able to scroll through an i-pad. tomorrow she will fly to houston to begin her rehabilitation. she will meet her new team of doctors led by one of the army top trauma surgeons. his experience in iraq make him uniquely qualified to help the congresswoman. >> attention wal-mart shoppers. the food in your shopping cart may soon get healthier. first lady michelle obama joined wal-mart executives today as they announce plans to change thousands of their products to reduce salt, sugar and fat content. wal-mart also promised to reduce prices on fruit and vegetable and build stores in under served areas that don't already have grocery
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stores. >> the largest corporation in america is launching a new initiative that has the potential to transform the marketplace and to help american families put healthier food on their table. >>reporter: wal-mart is by far the nation largest grocer and experts say it could have a significant affect on the rates of diabetes and heart disease in the country. >> earlier in the day before that announcement first lady surprised group of tourist at the white houseth she greeted them personally in the blue room along with first dog bow posing for picture and handing out hug. this special appearance mark 2 year anniversary of her husband inauguration. >> chinese president is in the obama family hometown tonight. he arrived in chicago this afternoon and tonight had dinner with the mayor, illinois governor pat quinn and city business leader. earlier today in washington president hu spoke to business executives your honoring u.s. to continue
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to recognition their sovreignty over taiwan and tibet. they are not a military threat to anyone despite the arm buildup and called for closer cooperation between the u.s. and chin 8. back at home. crew back tomorrow to repair damage from powerful wind storm that blew through the east bay hills early today. winds in excess of 50 miles an hour caused significant daniel to this home on sterling drive. not far from keller avenue. gust blew gravel off the roof and appealed back tar paper beneath it. from the picture the sky 7 hd. trees fell all over the east bay actually in the win. this big one blocked 2 lane of westbound 5 80 during the morning commute. slowed traffic for hours. and not far away from 5 80 on detroit street the wind blew another huge tree on to 1976 el camino o. no one was hurt. beloved classic car was l totalled. talked to the owner great attitude about it ka. nobody is hurt. item okay. >> what damage that was.
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fortunately the winds blew on. >> sun will shine. sandy is here with the forecast. >> that's right. winds have definitely eased up. earlier in the day 40 to 50 miles an hour wind gust in the oakland hills resulted in the kind of damage that you are looking at but that wind was a down sloping wind resulted in the warm reading. oakland saw today. it was 70 degrees. 70 in santa cruz. really mailed for this time of year. oakland typically afternoon 58 degree reading so good 12 degrees above average. at the oakland airport it was 67 today. set a new record previous record 64 set back in 2009. and it is so clear tonight that just about couple of hours ago i believe to capture this beautiful time lap. waning moon. 98 percent of full. silhouette of the bay bridge there and man rising. absolutely stunning. tonight other than a patch of fog in concord, skies are clear. temperatures tonight in the 40's and 50's except napa at 39
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degrees. but with the clear skies temperatures are really falling compared to 24 hours ago, item running 19 degrees cooler in napa. fairfield 18 degrees cooler. one of the reasons 80th is running so much cooler tonight is because the whipped had a dropped off. so the atmosphere is not as well stirred up. and we are lacking at clear and colder night tonight. mild spring like this weekend and the dry pattern will take us right into next week. good part of next week is going to remain dry. here's what was happening this afternoon. higher pressure. dry flow of air continueed to come counsel from the land towards the ocean and this pattern is really going to stick around. only thing we see is fairly subtle. we'll see slight drop-off in temperatures tomorrow. the dry pattern takes us into the weekend. temperatures will remain a good 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of year. take advantage of it. this mild stretch of weather of
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spring leak conditions will be coming to know a end before you know it. tonight mid 30's around santa rosa and nap a.fairfield. livermore. these are the wind shelter valley really going to see the temperature coming did you know. till getting chilly. low mid 40's right around the bay around the coastal area and really tomorrow afternoon enjoy the sun. south bay of 67 in san jose. saratoga, los gatos 68 degrees. sunshine open the peninsula. you lack at mid upper 60's there 66 in palo alto. al the coast lane low to mid 60. no fog to speech of. mostly clear skies in downtown san francisco. 64 degrees and if you like the mild weather you are going to enjoy the north bay. look at this. 68 in santa rosa. 70 degrees up in ukiah. east bay, 68 for oakland inland area you see low to mid 60's except brentwood upper 50's around the monterey bay 67 in monteray. 71 for new salinas. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. 60's across the
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board for the next 7 days. sunshine really each and every day. with occasional patchy fog. few high clouds. cool it down a little bit heading into the middle part of next week. but still no rain any time soo soon. end of the month we could see a shift in the weather pattern. >> yes. thanks sandy. >> well still ahead tonight. water fall seen round the world. >> woman who item peld while texting. now threatening to get the last laugh. the:00.
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>> placer county parents looking to drug test their kids at home won't have to pay as much to do so. law enforcement and schools in the county are offering discounts as much as 25% off on drug screening kits. the kits test for everything from alcohol to marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other illegal drugs. >> pennsylvania woman who fell into a fountain while texting now says she's thinking of suing the shopping mall where it happened. may have seen this video. went viral on you
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tube. viewed by million and a half people. now a security guard has been fired for posting the security camera footage on the web and the woman in the video kathy has hired a lawyer to explore whether security should have come to her aid. >> nobody took my feelings into consideration. nobody. nobody called. are you okay. about shows in the video nobody went to my aid. not one. >> she works in the mall admits she was texting a friend and did not see where she was going. >> another good reason not to be texting and walking or driving. >> larry. >> if she wins i'll run out and trip of a whole bunch of thing things. sue everybody. come on now. the sharks find a new goalie on the road trip to vancouver. kid who wept to school today and was wearing teal by
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>> good evening. sharks old goalie to sign with detroit tonight in russia and still has to clear waivers. replacements was between the pipes this evening against the best in the west vancouver. back up. a kid from the university of british columbia named jordan white replacing one hurt in the morning skate. one day try ou out. kid you are in the nhl. first period. henry one handed to beat miami where is the kid is he going to be in my spot here in a few moments. no. former shark christian has it taken away by logan who pounce on the rebound to tie i it at 1. shoot out. joe with the only goal of the shoot out right there. sharks win their third straight beating the canucks 2-1. ton of college hoops tonight. last time santa clara bet gonzaga a at home was back in 2000. thanks to foster
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they took down the zag tonight. 2 players dive for the loose ball. wanted it more here then welcome to the foster show. after the basket there. went off. catch and shoot 3. by 5. co over. to the rack. stron strong. foster went for 36 points then rise and fire. he had 6, 3. kevin foster making it rain. sixth time they scored 25 points. they stormed the court. they take down gonzaga 85-71. walters usf big win of their own against portland. codey knocking down 4, 3. gave them a 54-37. came in at 14 and 4 but no d over the top williams 18 points. win 81-74 now tied with gonzaga for second place in the wcc. worst shooting night since they put the shot clock in and in
11:31 pm
1985. what a night. i mean tonight a horrible way. 2 for nip get it out of here. 5 point. shot 22 percent. almost do that blindfolded. just hit 14 shots all night. p.m. he almost had that many by himself as they throttle stanford 65-42. cal and ucla. tape delay. only partial highlights on this one. we have a full highlight though of nelson dunking. he had 24. joerj a nelson tip in at the buzzer. 86-84. stanford women. ucla 64-38. and ca over usc 82-71. done deal. new offensive coordinator of the raider as of tonight. sander spent 3 decades on the side line in the nfl. most recently as consultant in baltimore. he worked sentence willful campbell in washington and knows hue jackson with his time with the ravens. word is
11:32 pm
that sink 0is trying to talk his way into silver and black so sander has plenty of weapon and anybody into tweeting is happy. >> a a lot of challenge. maybe more than weapon actually. >> very entertaining. thanks. >> all right that's what'sing news. nature line up next. >> for all of us, thanks for joining news appreciate your time hope to see you again tomorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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