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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  January 23, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PST

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good morning. thanks for joining us. oakland police are investigating an officer-involved shooting that left a man dead last night. it was school district police officers that made a traffic stop just after 9:00 near the intersection joaquin road and millers drive. skyline was having a dance
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nearby. a school district official says the driver tried to stop the police officer with some kind of tool. when the suspect reached for a weapon a second officer fired into the car killing the driver. oakland police later recovered a gun they say belonged to the man. a female passenger was injured. the officer was protected by his vest and suffered only minor injuries. >> a woman is in critical condition this morning after being shot by a daly city police officer in san francisco. investigators say the woman was shot after she backed her car in the direction of the officer. it happened on carazal street near the cow palace last night. the woman crashed her car into a house after she tried spo speed away from officers. she reversed her car and hit an officer. she was shot and is in critical
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condition. the officer received non life-threatening injuries. officials say daly city police officers attempted to make that traffic is stop even though they were in san francisco because the area borders the san mateo county line. a male passenger was arrested. >> in violence, police are searching for one of the two suspects in connection with a woman found dead in a car yesterday morning. investigators say 27-year-old casey sevella of alameda was found fatally shot. one man has been arrested. police are searching for another suspect. they are still trying to determine the motive. >> divers are taking a break today from searching a canal linked to the kidnapping of a four-year-old boy. last night authorities downgraded the amber alert for juliani cardenas. the alert is now confined to the central valley and san jose. police say jose rodriguez, you
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see him there, snatched the boy right from the arms of his grandmother last tuesday. tomas ramon has the latest. >> after five days searching the canal, divers have recovered six stolen vehicles from the water. cart in which four-year-old juliani cardenas was abducted, a 2003 silver corolla is not one of them. >> that doesn't mean we're going to give up our search. there is hope we can find him alive. that has always been our goal. >> a local man said he saw a toyota drive in the canal. that and recent tire tracks where the witness saw cart is why searchers are using sonar and divers in an attempt to determine if the car is in the canal. >> there isn't any reason to disbelieve him. he appears very trustworthy. >> last tuesday, john mark karr
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juliani cardenas was abducted from the home. the boy was taken from the grandmother's hands. co-worker of rodriguez describes the man has odd. >> the fact that he was so quiet never really spoke out. >> deputies tried to understand the reason for the abduction, they suspended their search after combing two miles of canal. >> as for rodriguez the only leads they have the witness that saw a car enter the canal. >> we're not getting anything. he is not making purchase west side a debit card that wo he was normally using. >> after search crews get badly needed and well deserved rest.
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now this is the license plate number on that car a 2003 silver toyota corolla. 6 hbw-445. if you think you see it call police immediately. >> they are looking for a san francisco man who is believed to have fallen from a fishing boat yesterday. coastguard received reports of an empty 20-foot recreational boat off of eastern contra costa county yesterday afternoon. the boat's motor was still in the water. food and fishing poles were still on board. missing fisherman is identified as 51-year-old harry lee of san francisco. his truck was located in the oakland marina but she is still missing despite the search. san jose police have arrested a 17-year-old boy in
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connection with the shooting death of another teenager. police say the 18-year-old victim was riding a bicycle on story road friday night when at least two people approached him and opened fire. it is the seventh homicide in san jose so far this year. at least three of them are thought to be gang-related. lisa amin gulezian reports, san jose leaders are admitting they have a gang problem. >> reporter: everyone here as has the same goal to clean up san jose. a growing graffiti problem is part of a bigger problem with gangs. >> that is why the city organized gang prevention summit it comes after a murder. police say a 17-year-old shot and killed an 18-year-old as he
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rode his bike. it's the city's seventh homicide since january 1st. >> we've been able to regain control of our city. >> so the focus here is on plo vehicles, intervention. for the first time the city is asking faith based groups to take a leading role in the effort but the decision isn't just respiratory, it's also economic. >> in limited resources, they have the sweat equity, volunteers, mentors that come out of their parishes and that is where we need more adult action. >> they say adults are the key. >> when your mom and dad has to work all day and you have down time, down time is when you are hanging out on the streets. >> the she is here with her son. >> very concerned.
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it's going to be tough to keep an eye on them. the area has a lot of gangs. >> as part of the city's outreach they will contact victims' and suspects' families to help them get out of the gang life. a dream vacation until a cruise from hell has entered san francisco bay where it will dry dock. take a look at the carnival splendor. it's going to pier 20 where it's due to dock. over the next four weeks, the ship will undergo repairs creating thousands of hours of local union work. san francisco has the largest dry dock on the west coast so this is where this 950 foot long ship needs to come. it normally carries 3,000 passengers plus a crew of more
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than 1100. >> still ahead, president obama is putting the finishing touches on the state of the union address. what he'll tell the nation on tuesday night. and the first straw poll for the 2012 presidential race, how ?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?t?ñ
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when you watch president obama's state of the union address you will see something different about the audience.
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david curly has a preview from washington. >> number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs, not just now, but well into the future. >> when he is not talking about jobs tuesday night, the subject will be civility. >> the tone needs to be cooperation and compromise. if he does those well, he could advance the ball to a large degree. >> when he looks into the audience, he will see something different, republicans sitting next to democrats. >> would you like to sit me and they said yes. >> that is right, blue and red couples, pledging to sit together. to a new york congressman, the seniors from illinois, 60 members, more than 10% making a statement. >> i think its measure to show that we are willing to cross party lines to work together to solve these problems, to create
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jobs. >> but that raises an interesting question. if the president says something a democrat really likes and that member stands to applaud what does the republican do? >> it will be a dynamic, how is it going to play out? this may be a one time only deal but the sense that people are trying to help. >> so when you watch the speech you may want to keep an eye on the republicans, do they stand and applaud as the democrats do. today some senators that announced for reelection, what will they be looking for. >> how do you keep growing jobs and at the same time deal with the biggest long term threat to our economy and that is the debt. >> will be there be a follow-through? will he get the regulatory commissions to cut back on the regulations that is hurting the growth of business. >> number three, reducing our
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independence on foreign energy because i think all three of these are deeply related. i hope he will come out and be specific about what his plans are in each of these areas. >> all three senators made their comments on abc's this week. >> in a new straw poll, ex-massachusetts governor come mit romney came in first. ron paul had 11%. pawlenty came in third with 8% and in fourth place, sarah palin with 7%. this is by no means a scientific sample but it does show the sentiments of the most active republican voters. >> lisa argen is here with a preview of the accu-weather forecast, about the same? >> kind of stagnant. we're going to see some fog move in, later on today. it's clear from mount tam.
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cold in the delta with 30s and 60s on the coast but 30 degree spread. stay tuned. the forecast is next. >> also next, the warriors try for their fifth straight win. could they stop blake griffin? mike shumann has the highlights of the battle that came down to the final minutes.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the weather back east is downright dangerous with temperatures below zero in many places. people can get frostbite in just a few minutes. now more from one of coldest places, boston. >> it is bundle up, cover your ears. >> keep moving. you stop, especially on a day like this, you are done. >> mail men earn their reputation and meteorologists say i told you so. >> arctic blast grip on much of the midwest and east coast is so extreme this north carolina beach is covered in snow. in boston the commute to work will require a ski mask, so brutal it's downright painful. >> most pain i ever had in my
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life. >> this is bad winter for frostbite. >> so frigid, football fans will need, on top of several layers. >> so chilly this bank at ohio could only muster up a single digit but it's not all that bad. at least they want to take a polar plunge. >> however the colder it gets, the harder it becomes to snow. good news after tomorrow we can expect a bit of a warmup but the bad news is going to come in just in time of another massive snowstorm. >> how would you like to be working out in those conditions? >> they can't get a break. we had our share of rain. it feels a nice to have a dry
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stretch that seems to be going on and on. you see all the sunshine. it's a pretty start out there. sunny from the peninsula, san francisco southward into the south bay. we do have high clouds in the north bay and into the east bay, we have a little bit of haze for concord and around the delta where fairfield is reporting 38 degrees. 59 in san francisco. look at half moon bay, 64. plenty of mid 50s from fremont to mountain view and 50 in san jose. besides a few high clouds passing by the north bay right now, we have some winds up in the east bay. mount diablo, wind gusts are up to 35 miles an hour. sunshine is on top and no rain throughout next week. here is a look at some highs. mid and upper 60s, normally we should be in the upper 50s so that is six to ten degrees above the average.
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the forecast is about the same throughout the rest of the week. here is the high clouds i talked about in the north bay and tule fog. some of this is going to seep into the delta, into the bay tomorrow morning because we have a light east wind. this is what you can expect tonight. concord, san rafael, napa getting impacted by the fog. poor visibility but the bigger picture shows high pressure in command. this is a strong area of high pressure keeping the storm track well to the north. besides a few impulses rotating around the high we have it on tap, staying put for the next several days. 60 in vegas. in the south bay more sunshine for you, 64 sunnyvale. 68 in los gatos. low 60s at the coast with 65 in redwood city.
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mid-60s once again and in the north bay, north wind will keep temperatures in the mid and upper 60s. 67 calistoga. 64 in hercules as well as newark but in between we've got mid-60s returning for oakland today and over the hills, a little bit of east wind will keep the temperatures in check here in the mid-60s for dublin and walnut creek. numbers will be more on the mild side topping out around 70s, gilroy and salinas. seven-day forecast, some of that tule fog tonight, north and east bay valleys and wake up to that in the morning, probably tuesday, too. middle of the week, maybe a high cloud here a and there. that is about it. a lot of nice weather to enjoy considering much of the nation is in a deep freeze. >> thank you. >> blustery weather, at noon green bay packers face the
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bears. later the new york jets mountain the steelers for the a.f.c. title. both of those games are going to be played in frigid temperatures. the winners will be meet in superbowl 45. the warriors last night were in los angeles against the clippers. here is shu with all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, warriors going for the first five game win streak against a team that used to be a an automatic victory -- not anymore. monta ellis, offer the alley-oop clips led by 14 in the first half. but the warriors rally, jeff curry, unbelievable. then in the fourth, warriors down by 9. munta driving. he had 17. moments later curry drills a jumper. he had 32. warriors within 2. now under a minute to play, game
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tied and griffin, here is the big 3. 113-109 your final. >> and sharks looking for their fourth straight win most tinge minnesota. first period, he is at it again. 1-0 sharks. in the second, off the power play and off a palveski shot. second goal of the period, sharks up 3-1. and joe thorton finds him and find the back of the net. sharks win their fourth straight 4-3 the final. >> college hoops, usf beat gonzaga and guess what? the dows did it again. under a minute to play, zags are down by 1 and here is a big three, 89-79 bulldogs. >> and --
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>> came out of that early. we'll have the latest of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her recovery. why doctors say they will likely keep her through intensive care delaying the start of her rehabilitation. the future of golden gate park. w
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welcome back. a build-up of fluid in arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords's brain could delay her transfer from an intensive care to a rehab hospital in houston this weekend. today, houston chronicle reports that her doctors will have to decide whether a catheter that drains fluid can be removed. good news is the fluid build-up was down yesterday and there
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doesn't appear any infection. more on the rehabilitation she faces is clayton standell. >> she is chasing her next milestone. a short journey from the intensive care unit to had th rehabilitation center. giffords could be moved sometime this week where she'll be kept busy with three physical therapy a day. >> she will get occupational therapy, as well. she is progressing very well. >> the congresswoman still as long tough road ahead. nobody knows that better than daniel. >> my heart went out to her, i've been there, done that. >> in 1993 he was a 36-year-old houston police officer when he, too, was ambushed by a gunman. >> i was shot four times in the face and head. >> three of the four bullets that lodged in the brain are still there. >> i had to learn how to eat again and chew food and swallow.
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>> it's like starting from scratch? >> it's like being a baby. >> it's not clear what she may face during her own recovery but he has some advice. >> the main thing is fight. don't give up. as long as she is fighting, it's not over. the man arrested in the case jared loughner has a court appearance scheduled for tomorrow. >> california state treasurer says the state may have to issue ious by may. if they don't adopt a timely budget california will run out of money to pay bills. lawmakers need to act by march. the state faces a $25 billion deficit. governor jerry brown has proposed $12 billion in spending cuts and wants to extend temporary taxes in a june special election. >> mount diablo school district
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officials finds out what a committee recommends for closing schools. the district finds itself in the odd position of registering students for kindergarten at a school that could be closed in june. they are deciding which seven schools to close to save money in the wake of state budget cuts. plans to make that decision by last month will push back to give the committee more time to make its recommendation. >> closing the achievement gap in our schools is a critical challenge. one oakland school has done it so well they have received an award. here is lyanne melendez. >> students at school celebrated their many accomplishments parents and teachers shared in the success of their school.
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there are 6,000 title one schools in california. the vast majority of the students here come from low income families. just six years ago manzanita was the lowest performing schools in oakland. because it was failing, the district allowed the staff to deviate from the traditional curriculum and follow its own. >> it becomes exciting and fun and you build a curiosity. so really giving the kids an opportunity to love to learn. >> today they are reading and math scores are well above the state's average. their academic performance is close to 850 out of a possible 1,000. state's goal is for all schools to reach 800. the parents, many of them, english learners have been a huge factor in the school's
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success. >> parents like this are encouraged to spend time in the classroom. >> yeah, i'm a believer the more attention parents pay the better the kids respond. >> another way parents get involved through the family literacy project, english classes are offered. this way parents are more connected to their kids' education. >> a lot of parents observe the class, they didn't help out. if they don't understand the homework they are invited to come in. >> while many schools in california struggle to close the achievement gap, manzanita officials remind it can be done. by the way,. >> boulder gate park opened in the 1870s is widely viewed as one of the crown jewels. some say the entire park should
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be listed in the national registrar. >> golden gate park was placed on historic district back in 1994. they have the conservatory of flowers and the dutch wind mall as well as the francis scott key monument. now, the commission are debating whether all of park should become a landmark. landmark status would mean major alterations would have to undergo extensive review. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. >> supporters are looking for the extra protection to proposals to bring more venders in the park and put a water treatment facility there. >> the park is under great pressure to produce receive, but i'm not sure who is looking out for the park's best interests.
9:34 am
>> others feel there must be a balance since the park opened. >> we don't know what the future is going to be. therefore we want to make sure we have some opportunity and flexibility. >> the head of the recreation and park department wants to preserve what he calls the property's timeless character but details of landmark status. >> i think many san franciscans would be frustrated by additional regulations and cost where it's not necessary. >> city officials are conducting an inventory of the parks buildings monuments and trees. >> the preservation commission is expected to receive an update in april, maybe may. then the planning commission gets involved before it hets heads to the board of supervisors. this is not something that can happen overnight. >> tomorrow morning road crews plan to close a section of the great highway again. city crews will relocate shifting sands that could pose a
9:35 am
hazards to drivers. on a section of road between lynn conway and sloat boulevard. trim vegetation from the medians to improve visibility. the road will be closed for one week from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day. >> lisa argen is here now with a preview of the accu-weather forecast. >> we've got sunshine out there. a lot of it. few high clouds in the north bay. from sufro it looks pretty nice, numbers near 50, above the average again today. how long will this dry, sunny weather last, i'll let you know coming up. >> and identical twin sisters on a mission to serve the country. we
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aren't we fortunate we live
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in the bay area when you rook at the dangerous, freezing temperatures, we are just enjoying, splendid weather. lisa argen will lining to tell us when we will get needed rain. >> sales of previously owned homes in 2010 as at the fastest pace in several months but last year was the worst in 13 years. down 4.8% from the year before. prices were down in december in almost every county. karina rusk reports from san jose. >> they are looking to downsize and has an eye on buying a home in san jose and selling. >> to be a seller is an uncomfortable position. there is not pressure for beam
9:39 am
people to buy. >> home sales across the bay area are down a little more than 8% in the last year. in santa clara county, there were 1646 homes sold in december. that is a drop of 14% from the previous december. prices fared much better, dropping just over 3% to 460,000. real estate agents say prices are stabilizing. gone are the days of appreciation and investors. >> we are probably easing into a more normal market. people are buying homes in terms of long term thinking. >> many an lifts are worried that the market still faces problems with a steady stream of foreclosures. >> nearly one out of three every homes sold was a foreclosure resale. there is a pentup demand that have swung to the other extreme.
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>> we have willing buyers, we have ready sellers, but we have to bridge the gaps to make loans easier to obtain. >> he is not worried about getting a loan but he is caught in the middle. wanting to sell this property for at least 700,000 and buy for less. san mateo officials are warning residents after a mountain lion was spotted near 280 last night. big cat was seen just after 9:00. this is the second mountain lion sight inning the area this month and emergency officials say you should keep a close watch on your children and your pets. a new preliminary report shows sea otter deaths are on the rise along the coast. last year 304 otters were found
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dead. that is up from last year. they were thought to be extinction at the turn of the century. the numbers peaked in 3,000 in 2007 now down to 2700, experts say chemicals and farm nutrients that have gotten in storm drains play a role. >> this weekend, 21st anniversary the invasion of the sea lions are being celebrated. there are walking tours between 11:00 and 4:00. the pier 39 sea lions have become one of san francisco's biggest tourist attractions. there were as many as 1700 at one time but some of them just mysteriously took off about a year and a half ago. lisi, i was telling my nephew, that the sea lions aren't getting the cake, it's the kids. >> that is good to know.
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>> nice looking day out there for any activities downtown or across the bay area. full sunshine in lake tahoe. we're looking at sunny skies, blue canyon, 54. truckee is at 16 and tahoe valley airport is at 23 degrees. a few clouds over the mountains and we're looking at dry weather. no additional snow there the next week. back home from mount tam you see a little bit of haze out there. sunny skies, high clouds in the north bay and in the east bay this morning. the fog is really confined to the sacramento valley. look at the 38 at delta and plenty of 40s and 50s. starting out warmer. in mountain view. pat downtown. that is pretty mild. few areas have some wind. in fact, we are looking at mount diablo, 25 mile-an-hour wind gusts, oakland hills. so besides the passing clouds,
9:43 am
this afternoon, sunny, mild, no rain in sight. average highs above normal. we should be in the mid and upper 50s nor late january. we're talking about upper 60s so 6-10 degrees above average. here is a look at the visible picture. here is the tule fog. it's going to sneak in tonight on a light easterly wind. more fog in the morning. high clouds and see more sunshine this afternoon but look all the sunshine all the way down into southern california. here is the trend. light easterly wind bringing fog in overnight, waking up to that tomorrow and burning back for more sunshine as high pressure continues to be in control of our weather. our dominant weather of people to today, tomorrow and into the week ahead, minor impulses rotate around the high that will bring breezy winds and some fog. all in all, we're looking at a dry weather pattern. looks like through the end of the month. temperatures across southern
9:44 am
california, 76 los angeles, 49 in northern sierra today. 60s for cupertino and los gatos. gorgeous day, 65 again downtown with more sunshine for south city. richmond district. couple upper 70s well to the north in ukiah. east bay, good visibility, 65 in san leandro. a little bit of fog wants to sneak through the gel that, even this afternoon keeping temperatures at about 64 in brentwood. 67 in danville and monterey bay, upper 60s santa cruz. 70 in watsonville and salinas. here is a look ahead, talking a couple degrees warmer today. mid and upper 60s, minor fluctuations and by the end of the week, maybe a few more clouds. it looks like our dry weather
9:45 am
wants to hang around. >> i love those weather trends, minor impulses. >> major move by twins in the east bay, they are taking an unusual step enlisting in the u.s. army together. it's been an emotional journey for the young vallejo sisters. they are preparing for boot camp and what may come next. cecilia vega has their story. >> even their own family has a difficult time to tell them apart. at 18 they have tried to go their separate ways but haven't managed to get very far. >> we always wanted to go our different ways but we end up at the same place. >> it was a recruiting center in hayward where they decided to enlist together. it was a sight that caught them
9:46 am
by surprise. >> we haven't been able to track any case where identical twin sisters have joined together. >> this sway to pursue an education and make their parents proud. >> once i said we are going, i'm going to teach you guys that i couldn't teach you guys. >> they know their mother is proud because she told them so right before she died of cancer just a week after they enlisted. >> so everything you do and i know you guys are going to do good. this is for your future. >> melissa, the oldest, will be first, leaving for south carolina boot camp in about two weeks. the sister follows but nine weeks after that for the first time they will go their separate ways. one stays on active duty in virginia. melissa comes home to valz to
9:47 am
join the reserves. -- home to vallejo to join the reserves. >> you know, it's like one, everything we have to share but giving us room to separate from each other. don't go away. 7 on your side is next. >> the real worth of a penny.?tñ
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there is an old add average, penny wise, pound foolish. a company that make a big deal over a penny. one cent. here is 7 on your side with the story. >> he is showing a christmas present he bought for his daughter. it's the cruiser. it's made by a company called electra. >> i paid 399.99 and the owner came in, mail this rebate in and you'll get $25. >> that is pretty sweet deal. he copy of the paperwork chris was given. $25 rebate. but when the check came in the mail it was only for $10. >> i called the lady at company
9:51 am
and asked her what the problem was, you didn't spend $400, you spent 399.99. i said over a penny you are going to not give me the full rebate? this isn't right. >> so chris contacted 7 on your side and the company told us that purchase total was 399.99 and thus only qualified for the $10 rebate. we work hard that the program's outlines are clearly stated. they were, here are rebate instructions, $400 or more. here is the receipt. 399.99. but chris wasn't done. he went back to the bike shop and redid the deal. >> he allowed he to return the bike, he gave me a new receipt and gave him two pennies more
9:52 am
and i got a receipt for 401.01 and i mailed that in. [ laughter ] >> i got my rebate. >> did you really? >> it came in the mail about three days ago. >> the bike shop's owner says it was right. do you have a problem, even if it's over a penny. let me know about it. go to >> natalie portland and as phone kircher get involved with no strings attached. don sanchez on the aisle just rpep
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did you play super lotto plus last night. here are the winning numbers.
9:55 am
mega number 12. no one got all six numbers. you might have won a smaller prize. jackpot is rolling over to wednesday's game where it will be worth $9 million. >> in theaters this weekend, natalie portman is into romance with ashton kutcher with no strings attached. its comedy about relationships. don sanchez checks it out, on the aisle. >> the intimate with no commitment, no strings attached. natalie is a medical student and ashton is assistant producer on a tv show in a relationship without romance. >> if we in a relationship i become a scary version of myself >> everyone around them is dating or getting married but
9:56 am
not these two, it's about physical. we do get a shot of ashton's back side but inevitablely you know where it's going. >> i think i'm falling for her. >> she'll have none of it. ♪ >> you are such an overachiever. >> there are lessons about relationships. actors make it work. there is a chemistry and stay for the credits. there are scenes not to miss. it was rated "r" for the language. this one starts out sunny but has emotional depths. i think she could be the defining actress for this generation and ashton kutcher could be the hip actor for
9:57 am
comedy. i'll give it three-quarters of a bucket. i'm don sanchez. >> cruise ship that turned a dream vacation into a nightmare when the engines failed late last year, it's just entered san francisco bay where it will dry dock for repairs. this is the carnival splendor. it is heading for pier 20 where it's due to dock any minute now. the ship will undergo extensive repairs and that will create thousands of hours of local union work. san francisco has the largest dry dock on the west coast so it can handle this 950-foot long ship that normally carries 3,000 passengers plus a crew of more than 1100 today would be a great day to get out there and take a look. >> very cool. >> high clouds out there. still in the north and east bay.
9:58 am
that is about the only weather factor we have throughout the morning hours. tonight we'll see more tule fog enter the bay but sunny and mild 65 again in san francisco. mid-60s in the east bay. 70 in salinas. if are hoping for rain, no, not this week. >> that is going to do it for us. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. have a great sunday. get out there and enjoy never ie did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people.
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i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.


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