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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ i'm amy hollyfield live in the lower haight in san francisco where police and firefighters are on the scene of a car fire. once they put the fire out, they found a body inside. details coming up. >> also this morning the mount diablo school board is preparing to get its first look at the three schools a special committee is recommending be closed. parents at one school on the short list will rally this morning against the closures. >> good morning. a live look from sutro tower back to the east bay hills. pretty clear this morning. it is rather cold but we'll talk about temperatures well above average once again, where the
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tulie fog is this morning and if we have any rain the next 16 days. >> here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. you notice cars slowing down to make sure they get in at 5:00 for the lower carpool rate. road work in san francisco. >> oakland police are investigating a fatal shooting involving a school police officer. a man is killed not far away from a weekend school dance. and it's monday. hope you had a nice weekend. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. topping our news, breaking news, developing news now rather, firefighters responded to a car fire in san francisco this morning may have run into a murder mystery. amy is live in san francisco with the story. amy? >> yeah, found a body inside this car that's still parked here, eric. it's on a side street called rose right off webster in between paige and haight. police are still investigating so they haven't moved the car yet. here's a picture of the car when it was on fire. this was taken by a man who
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lived across the street. he said it was too big to get close to. he noticed the fire because he heard a horn going off. it seems the fire may have activated the alarm so it kept going off. he came outside to see what was going on and he saw the fire. he and his roommates all grabbed a fire extinguisher in case someone was inside. >> the flames were so large, we thought we didn't want to get any closer. we thought he might hurt himself. and then a few minutes after the gas tank exploded and there was like a little -- yeah, the whole car was engulfed at that point. >> and after firefighters put the fire out, they found a body inside. they say it's too early to determine the cause of death and this point they don't even know the gender of the victim. the police department is now here. investigators are interviewing people who live here on this block and homicide investigators just arrived. they're all still trying to figure out what happened. they got the call at 3:30. so the investigation is still very new. they're just getting started
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actually but homicide and arson investigators are both on scene and will be working together on this case. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. parents of holebrook elementary are planning a rally today to keep their school from being closed next year. three from the list of seven face closure in order to save $1.5 million a year. an advisory panel presented leaders of the school district with three closure options at a meeting last week. the board meets again tomorrow. a vote on the closures is expected on february 8th. meanwhile kindergarten preregistration has already begun at one school and will begin next week at others, though their future is uncertain. >> oakland police and the alameda county district attorney's office are investigating a fatal shooting by an oakland unified police officer that happened over the weekend. it happened about 9:15 near joaquin miller park. two police cruisers approached a
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man and woman sitting inside. the man pulled out a screwdriver and attacked one of the officers. a second officer fired the shots killing the man. >> a grassroots effort is underway to reduce violent crimes. yesterday a group of marchers rallied in front of a high street apartment complex where a 19-year-old man was shot to death just nine minutes into the new year. their theme is take back the streets of oakland block by block. >> people see that we're doing something. and they eventually become involved if they wanna make a change. >> lettin' the neighbors know that we have options. we have services. and together hand in hand we can turn oakland around. >> a recent survey shows 40% of oakland residents polled don't trust the police. oakland mayor jean quan told the group she's getting up meetings, setting them up between police and schools to foster better relations. >> crews plan to resume a search
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for a fisherman missing in the delta. they think harry lee fell overboard while fishing alone in oakley. they found the man's 20 foot boat adrift with the keys in the ignition and no one on board. the coast guard suspended the search saturday night. the contra costa county marine unit picked up the search yesterday. lee's family believes he's still alive. >> we're holding up. we're gonna stay positive. you know, hope for the best. and, you know, something will come up. >> lee is thought to have been wearing a manual life jacket that has to be inflated using a pull string. >> federal regulators had at least two chances to force utilities to gather more accurate pipeline data but passed on both opportunities. yesterday san francisco chronicle reports the pipeline has hazard materials facing administration with tougher reporting rules in 2003 but decided against the idea. it came up again in 2005 but was
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opposed by a trade group representation pg&e. the accuracy of pipeline records have become a major issue since last september's pipeline blast in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. pg&e admits its records inaccurately show the san bruno pipeline segment was seamless when it actually had welds inside and out. >> a mountain lion sighting is prompting officials to warn residents of being aware of their surroundings. it was seen late saturday night. it's the second mountain lion sighting in the area this month. emergency services officials say people should keep a close watch on small children and pets. >> state treasure says the state may have to issue iou's as soon as april or may. bill lock ner says if they don't adopt a timely budget, california will run out of money to pay its bills. he says lawmakers need to act by the end of march. the state faces a $25 billion deficit. governor jerry brown proposed
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$12 million in spending cuts and wants to promote temporary taxes in a june special election. tracking developing news in maryland where a sinkhole has opened up on an interstate freeway, really busy freeway. this is the capital beltway's inner loop in prince georges county where a large water main break closed all southbound lanes of interstate 95. as you might expect major traffic backups are reported as a result of this break and predawn temperatures were 10 degrees, well below freezing. what's that's doing is causing some of that water to freeze over. that has everything to do with the water main break in the first place. the spilled water now freezing over creating a layer of ice on the highway. no word when that 54-inch distribution line might get repaired and the freeway will be open. >> it's even worse than it was when we checked in a few minutes ago. it wasn't covering the vehicles. now look at it. it's fully covering it. >> right there on the freeway.
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>> 5:07 now. time for a check on our weather forecast. >> that could be a problem if we don't get rain also. i'm looking out the next 16 days, still nothing really to grab on to as a bona fide chance of rain. aren't i just full of great news. we do need some rain. we will get some eventually but this tends to happen in a little lull. like 2009 we had that week stretch where we set record highs. that's what we're doing right now. fairly calm. our fastest wind is 5 mph out of the south at sfo in fairfield and concord. the temperatures you're going to see is actually what it feels like outside. there's no windchill. that is the mid to upper 30s in the inland valleys. antioch 47 because we have tulie fog there and then 40 to 50s around the bay. as we look to the afternoon, slightly cooler than yesterday but warmer than average with mid
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to upper 60s everywhere. less likely to threaten any records like we did yesterday. around the monterey bay, if you want to see 70s more likely here watsonville, gilroy and salinas. here's your 7-day forecast. patchy fog in the morning but temperatures still well above average in the 60s until slightly cooler weather for start and sunday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. back to san francisco where we have a major connection ramp closed right now on north 101 to the central freeway. people head over to vanness. you won't be able to connect along that stretch. if you need to head in that direction, you need to continue on to eastbound 80 and then get off at 7th street and then work your way back up. now, on the freeways traffic pretty light. a new accident just reported eastbound 580 but it's already in the center divide. here's a live shot for you on the san mateo bridge. you'll see it's flowing well in both directions. eric, kristen. >> thank you very much. it's 5:09.
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>> the new fees on travel. experts believe the airlines will hit passengers with this year. >> the recession forced more people to eat at home instead of going out. next why they may stay at home even when the economy improves. >> and a new smart toy that takes a classic game and adds a new dimension of human computer interaction.
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>> we begin your "moneyscope" report with companies adding jobs over the next six months. that's compared to 76 companies that plan to shed workers. that's the biggest gap since 1998. g.m. looks for $9 million vehicles and parts to china as part of a two-year agreement. it is announcing it's adding a shift and 650 jobs at the plant in flint, michigan. toyota has opened two new quality field offices in the united states, one houston, the other jacksonville, florida. it will help to catch potential problems early. the top box office, $20 million. natalie portman knocked the
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green hornet to second place. >> possible new airline fees. today's l.a. times talks to the founder of the website which predicts airlines will be tempted to adop new fees to compensate for possible fuel costs. a charge for holding a baby on your lap. these supposed to be free right now. credit card fees. passengers could be charged a lock-in fee that holds your bags while you shop around. if your bag won't fit under your seat, prepare to pay $45 extra. >> south of market and san francisco not just about social net working. now there's a new smart toy that's improving human computer interaction. the drive to discover a video game that responds to touch. >> taking the hands-on table top style of classic and infusing it with the inner activity of video games. >> this is a new way to play
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games. and to learn apps and use computers. smart cube designed to mimic the way we interact with game pieces. >> you reach in and push some around, just very physical way with interacting with objects. we thought why can't our interactions with computers be more like that. we both studied human computer interaction. we have a background being interested how we can improve the experience of using technology. that's something we both care very deeply about. >> so from stanford university to mit's media lab, gene and david invented 50 oak cubes, rechargeable screens that respond to touch to each other, to the way you hold them and tilt them. like a wii controller that went to college. they communicate with a computer through a wireless network. in a game called chromea-shuffle, you align the areas to match colored dots. another you rush to create new
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paths to find lost eggs and escape a monster. learn to spell by touching the correct letter to a partial word. or work math problems without a calculator. part of the technology behind this is the same technology that makes smart phones know where they are and how they're being held. >> that's reduced the cost and boosted their quality and made them generally available. >> cubes will be sold first as a new kind of game system but they are betting the development kit will robust market in apps that nobody has envisioned. call them cube apps. with the next step in games, rich hart, abc 7 news. >> what do you think? >> app for everything. >> isn't there. all right. still trust you for the weather though. >> appreciate that. >> the record warmth this weekend. boy! >> 14 record highs. working on a blog putting all the data together since wednesday. i think today maybe the high
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clouds will dim to sunshine just enough and plus a lot colder this morning. show you what's going on at sfo where we have sfo no delays. wasn't that cheesy. >> like the sound of that. >> hopefully people will on a monday morning but flight arrival delays at chicago we're keeping an eye on and you can too at let's talk about those temperatures. you can see the inland valleys, still in the 30s except for the tulie fog that's made it into antioch at 45. san rafael 43. low to mid-40s around most of the bay shore and out to the coast. oakland and san francisco warmer around the upper 40s. monterey bay and inland, salinas, mid-40s. for gilroy 34 degrees and you will get patchy frost especially inland. i know my car thermometer got to 33 degrees at one point. high clouds and warm temperatures today, completely opposite what most of the country is dealing with. look for more tulie fog in the east bay, patchy fog in the north bay. the extent not only this seven
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day but has been the trend, going out 16 days with those medium-range models. a little mini-drought. haven't had rain in three weeks. san francisco same temperature today, concord, san jose and vos 2 to 5 degrees cooler. that's 72 oakland yesterday. record high temperature. about 10 hours and almost 5 minutes of sunshine today. down in the south bay 70. campbell and los gatos, everybody else upper 60s. as you head into the south bay, south of mountain view, 70 there. mid-60s along the coast today. mid-60s the north bay valley. 70 ukiah, cloverdale. east bay shore high clouds, sunshine and mid to upper 60s. the fog will keep us a little cooler in the east bay valleys, low to mid-60s for you. monterey bay and inland, upper 60s near 70. caramel a little cooler 65 degrees. for tonight look at the 30s.
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widespread in our valleys once again, san rafael 42. the tulie fog makes it far enough into antioch, you may only drop to 39 degrees. the bay shore out to the coast, low to mid-40s once again. high pressure dominating our weather. a little weaker today. that's why it will be overrun by some high clouds. but you don't get rain out of high clouds. you get evaporating rain but no rain out of those. temperatures well above average in the low to mid-60s around the coast. even inland and around the bay we may hit upper 60s tomorrow and wednesday. here's frances with an update. >> still road work in san francisco which is blocking the north 101 connector to the central freeway. you need to take the 7th street exit as a detour. mass transit systems off to a decent start. so far ace, muni, bart, caltrain reporting no delays. traffic delay free with a live shot of the 101 and 880 interchange. 880 traffic very light.
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interstate 80 also looking good through berkeley. and it's only an 18-minute drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze. you can get more drive times and personalized traffic by going to our website it's under the bay area traffic link. eric, kristen. >> all right, frances. thanks. it's 5:20. >> next why your favorite post office may soon be going away. >> apple tightening the screws on its customers in an effort to keep people from opening up their i-phone. >> the new spy plane that flies longer and higher than anything else in the sky. that's your "moneyscope" report. i'm vinita nair.
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>> 5:22. welcome back. you may have to travel farther to get to a post office. the postal service is going to start closings up to 2,000 post
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offices on top of the nearly 500 it announced late last year. usps will also review another 16,000 branches operating at a deficit. most are rural communities. the postal service recorded an $8.5 billion loss last year. closing branches may be hardest on the elderly who may have a hard time traveling. >> apple has changed the screws in some of its products to keep consumers from mixing or altering i-phones. the new screws are called pentalobe with five rounded points. the companies are using the screws forcing customers to buy rare and hard to find screwdrivers in order to change a battery or tinker with other parts. apple has not commented. >> two communities are competing to host the u.s. iowa and turn it into a tourist attraction. it's part of the moth ball fleet in the bay. the u.s. navy is expected to
5:24 am
name either mayor island in vallejo or san pedro in southern iowa's new home. they fought the japanese in world war ii and served in the persian gulf. they both have financial commitments with millions of dollars. >> abc news has been given an exclusive look at a new type of unmanned spy plane. the global observer is being flown in the ha harvey desert. it can be flown in either direction. it's dark at that altitude. the wing span less than half a football field. it can hover a week at a time, actually loiter a week at a time if necessary. it's essentially a satellite but operating at a fraction of the
5:25 am
cost. >> a large satellite billion plus -- >> so we're talking to buy a plane like this tens of millions as opposed to hundreds of millions? >> correct. >> the drone's manufacturer says its uses can go beyond military purposes. during 9/11 it could have served as a platform to restore critical communications. >> at 5:30, the latest on our breaking news. firefighters discover a body overnight inside a burning car. >> also the remarkable life of jack lalanne from his bay area roots to america's father of fitness. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live at pier 70 in san francisco looking out at a very sick ship that's coming to drydock but a very sick ship a lot of people are glad to see in port. >> the arctic air mass is retreating but still holding on in the northeast. 19 new york, 13 boston. those are highs today.
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30 d.c. looks like some pretty pleasant weather seattle and portland, 53 there. flight arrival delays at chicago o'hare. you cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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i'm amy holyfield live in san francisco where firefighters found a body inside a burning car. homicide investigators are now on the scene. >> also in the headlines, divers will return to a canal this morning to continue searching for the car and kidnapping of a four-year-old boy. >> a couple weather headlines. live from sutro tower to the east, much colder this morning. possibility of record high temperatures this week. tulie fog in the forecast and no rain. >> and there's a connection ramp closed in san francisco north
5:29 am
101 to the central freeway split but traffic still light at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> and the man charged in the arizona shooting rampage is expected to be arraigned this morning at a federal courtroom in phoenix. meantime gabrielle giffords in an intensive care unit in houston. >> 5:29 on this monday. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. we begin with developing news here in san francisco where police are investigating a body discovered in a burning car less than an hour ago. amy hollyfield is live at the scene in lower haight. amy? >> eric, check out the large team of investigators out here on this side street. it's called rose street. it's just off webster in between haight and paige. the car is still here. the investigation is just getting underway. here's a picture of the car when it was on fire. this was taken by a man who lives across the street. he says the fire was just too
5:30 am
big to get close to. he noticed it because he heard the car horn going off. it seems the fire activated the alarm so it kept going off and he came outside to see what was going on. that's when he saw the fire. >> yeah. i told my roommate to call the police and get the fire extinguisher so we all came out here. but the flames were pretty high. probably like way up to here. and it looked like the car had been on fire for a few minutes or a while. >> and once firefighters got the fire out, they found a body inside. they say they haven't been able to determine if it's a man or a woman and it's too early to determine the cause of death. the police department is here. they're investigating people in the neighborhood. walking around with flashlights and looking for clues that could be on the sidewalk or hiding in the bushes. they're just trying to establish if there's any evidence in the area that can help them and then
5:31 am
help them figure out what happened. they just got the call at 3:30 so the investigation is pretty new that homicide investigators are here and will work together in this case. >> amy, thanks a lot. the search for a kidnapped four-year-old boy resumes today. so far divers have recovered five vehicles from the canal near patterson but none match the car used in the kidnapping of giuliani. last tuesday a man reported seeing a vehicle matching that description drive into the canal with two people inside. investigators say there were fresh tire tracks leading into the water. josé rodriguez snatched the boy from his grandmother last tuesday. what was once a statewide amber is letter is now confined to the central valley in san jose. >> it's 5:31 now. the suspect in an arizona shooting a. shooting rampage is expected to be arraigned today.
5:32 am
but all future hearings for jared loughner will be held in tucson. they filed the request late last night. the case against loughner should be sent back to tucson because the surviving victims and witnesses live in that area. loughner is charged with killing six people including u.s. district judge john roll and the attempted assassination of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she remains at the texas medical center in houston this morning. doctors say her condition is improving but they've not given any updates on the excess buildup of fluid on her brain which is being drained by a tube. she was transferred friday from tucson to the texas medical center. doctors will decide when she's ready for a rehabilitation center. >> a crash left two people critically injured. the collision occurred just before 11:00 on 98th avenue near lawler street. a red sedan collided with a van. one woman was put in a patrol
5:33 am
car in handcuffs but police could not confirm any arrests. san francisco district attorney george gascon is drafting plan to reduce a backlog in justice system to remove petty offenders into volunteer-run community court. the san francisco chronicle reports gascon wants mediators in seven or eight neighborhood courts who would decide cases and hand out non-jail sentences for crimes like illegal sidewalk sitting, shoplifting, prostitution, even minor drug offenses. he wants to avoid the filing charges for misdemeanors. offenders who cooperate could do community service and have the offense wiped off their record. >> san francisco's accidental tourist attraction is docked this morning at pier 70. the carnal splendor, that cruise ship adrift for several days is undergoing major, and we mean
5:34 am
major repairs. live in san francisco with memories of the backed up plumbing and the mystery meat being fed to the passengers. >> you're bringing it all back when some people are thinking of having breakfast. nobody called it the love boat back then but now things have changed and now that this ship has come into san francisco they might call it the cash cruiser because it needs 56 million bucks worth of repairs and san francisco is where she's getting put back into ship shape. take a look at gorgeous pictures yesterday as the ship was brought in under the golden gate bridge and later the bay bridge. still a beautiful sight if you can forget that stuff back in november. not such a beautiful sight back then. backed up sewage, food flown in, talking about spam and pop tarts. the up side to all this now in san francisco is jobs. big-time repairs. repair crews in san francisco will benefit. estimates of hundreds of jobs
5:35 am
created but people coming down just looking at this thing will mean money to local businesses. >> definitely when there's drydock work we have a lot of workers from the drydock visiting us for cocktails after work. we're hoping to see some visitors to observe the cruise ship as well. >> the crowds at the local restaurants, better crowds and more work for repair crews. this is happening at the only facility on the west coast able to handle such a big ship. thousands of feet long, 210, 220 feet tall. several cruises had to be cancelled because this ships has just been out of commission for so long. but they hope to have it all ready to go and back out there on the high seas come february 20th. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> all right, terry. terry, if anybody can find out if they were served alleged spam or actual spam, terry will find
5:36 am
out. >> kristen is trying to find out if it was spam or other meat we don't know of. >> the ship denied it. but the people saids it's spam. spam is good stuff. i don't see what the big deal is. >> let's check with mike for a look at the forecast. low to mid-40s the bay shore. you can see some of the mid to upper 30s in the east bay valleys. 45 in antioch because of tulie fog this morning. look for variable conditions along highway 4. they'll have an ebb and flow of that fog moving through the east bay valleys and the delta communities. fairfield one degree warmer. concord, oakland, half moon bay, mountain view and los gatos, 11 to 18 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. by 8:00 we'll pretty much have the same temperatures we have right now. tweak at 1 or 2 degrees.
5:37 am
high clouds and sunshine but at noon we'll have upper 50s to low 60s and by the afternoon all of us are under high clouds, sunshine and low to mid-60s. we're talking about 64 in fairfield, 66 antioch. if you can get rid of the tulie fog. 61 san francisco, oakland and san jose around 60. look for patchy fog in the valleys the next couple mornings we'll be near record highs once again and slightly cooler as we head to saturday and sunday. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. let's start with the good news. the connection ramp from north 101 to the central freeway now open. you're good to go in that direction northbound 101. that is all open. you've heard amy's report, police activity continues. she's on rose street just off webster. if webster is closed you may need to avoid that stretch and consider fillmore around haight and paige street as an alternate. mass transit system reporting no
5:38 am
delays. if you're driving or taking mass transit, looking good. eric, kristen. >> frances, thank you very much. it's just about 5:38. >> the father of modern fitness has passed away. next the jack lalanne story from his san francisco roots to his climb to become the nation's workout king. >> and santa clara county prepares to make more deep budget cuts. coming up who will be feeling ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪ sunnyd! ♪ it's the way you make it all fun ♪
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welcome back. it's 5:40 now. santa clara supervisors are planning to make sweeping cuts to the social service agency when they meet tomorrow. the board is looking to cut $6 million in spending that will affect the foster care system, elderly care. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports more than 125 layoff notices have been sent out. the budget plan calls for reducing nearly half of the front line social workers leaving only 27 in the county. the group affected collects donated food and clothing, enrolls foster children in school and supervises family visits. >> jack lalanne, the fitness guru has died of pneumonia at the age of 96. he discovered fitness as a teen and spent the next eight decades of his life inspiring others.
5:42 am
>> i hate workin' out! but i like the results. >> this was jack lalanne in front of our studios over a year ago. the fitness guru was in san francisco to celebrate his 95th birthday. >> inspiration. and perspiration. >> lalanne was born in san francisco in 1914. 22 years later he opened his first health club in oakland becoming a pioneer in weight lifting and proper nutrition decades before it was vogue. he launched his exercise show on abc 7. he held noon exercise classes in the studio. >> one, two, three, four. >> when the show was syndicated out of hollywood, lalanne became a national icon. the show stayed on the air through the 1970s. >> i tell the truth, i practice what i preach. i'm helping people to a better life. >> he designed and invented strength machines still widely used. by the 1980s he had his name on
5:43 am
over 200 health clubs. he was known for his amazing feats of strength. he rowed from alcatraz to the shore handcuffs. when he was 60 he did it again loaded with half ton of weight. >> anything you do in life that's beneficial, meaningful, it takes efforts. if you can't afford a half hour three or four times a week taking care of the most priceless possession, the body, you gotta be sick, you're stupid! >> workers at john's grill say they will miss lalanne. he and his wife were regulars here. there's even a salad named in his honor. sandra remains the words of wisdom he passed on to her. >> always keep happy. that's the secret to a long life. >> on his 95th birthday, jack lalanne told us he worked out two hours a day lifting weights for 90 minutes and swimming for a half hour. he was passionate about health and fitness. that man was. >> it's 5:43.
5:44 am
the i-pad 2 may be on the way soon. >> president obama says his state of the union address will focus on jobs. still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, the major shift in policy he could unveil. >> many people are waking up this morning to the coldest day in years. keeping up with the falling temperatures just ahead. >> and the next time you reach for that piece of pie, you can just say no. so they say. the interesting results of a study on the power of your mind. next. lysol believes that kids shouldn't miss school days
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good morning, everyone. 5:47 on the abc 7 morning news. these are live pictures and breaking news out of a town in ohio. this entire town is being evacuated. it's being evacuated because of several fires and gas leaks in the area. we know how dangerous that can be after the san bruno fire and explosion last year. fire crews from about a loss local cities are responding to the scene. residents are being taken to a nearby senior village. the fires were caused by overpressurezation of a gas line fire officials say so crews are
5:48 am
shutting off gas to the entire community way has about 3,000 people. you see there one fire going. >> we'll continue to watch that. meantime what's happening here in the bay area. our top stories. san francisco police are investigating the discovery of a body found inside a burning car. it happened a little more than two hours ago in the lower haight. neighbors saw the car burst into flames. no word yet on the identity of the body or how that person ended up in the week. >> san francisco district attorney george gascon is drafting a plan to reduce the backlog in the city's justice system by moving thousands of petty offenders into a network of volunteer-run community courts. they would decide cases and hand out non-jail sentences for crimes such a illegal sidewalk sitting, prostitution and minor drug offenses. >> the suspect in the arizona shooting rampage is expected to be arraigned today. they want all future hearings
5:49 am
for jared loughner to be held in tucson. the case against loughner should be sent back to tucson because all the surviving witnesses and victims live in that area. the latest coming up at 6:00. >> president obama is putting the finishing touches on his state of the union speech that he'll deliver tomorrow night. the president says the central theme will be jobs. he's expected to talk about key investments and incentives to make u.s. companies more competitive and ready to hire. but aides say the speech will be tempered by the need to start bringing down america's mountain of debt and there will be something different at this year's speech. many republicans and democratic members of congress say they plan to sit next to one another in a show of unity and cooperation. >> the cold snap. we'll tell you about that right after this. >> expecting to deliver the state of the union addresses at 6:00 tomorrow night. abc will carry is live as well as the public response
5:50 am
afterwards. both streams will be carried at >> sorry about that. the cold snap back east continues this morning. the northeast facing the coldest temperatures in six years. boston could drop below zero for the first time since 2005. emily reports. >> those people don't look terribly cold. >> they were frozen. they were frozen in spot. man, that's cold, mike. >> it's one thing for your nose and but your whole body to freeze. >> friends on the east coast are saying why are you rubbing it in as i tweet about our record warmth. >> i was doing the same thing. a friend of mine's daughter wants to go to the university of new hampshire, 9 below right
5:51 am
now. why would she do that. >> not a selling point. >> no. see if we can sell you on the wonderful weather we're going to have. if you'd like sunshine and warmer than average temperatures. i've seen the e-mails, we need the rain, i know that but for now a lot of people enjoying being outside and getting a little color in their skin, a little vitamin d over the weekend. 5:51 looking from sutro. a little hazy but pollution standards below so we don't have a spare the air day. let's talk about those temperatures. rather chilly inland. antioch 45. san rafael 43. low to mid-40s the bay shore and out to the coast. upper 40s san francisco and oakland. mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay in line to salinas. getting close to frost in gilroy at 34. high clouds and warm temperatures again today. chilly tonight. watch for tulie fog in the east bay, patchy fog in the north bay
5:52 am
valleys. extended not only 7 days but talking 16 days. still nowhere do i see a solid chance of some rain. back here at home, low to mid-60s the east bay valleys today. warmer on the east bay shore with mid to upper 60s. look at oakland, castro valley and fremont 69 degrees. upper 60s to near 70 in the south bay with campbell and los gatos most likely to reach 70. the peninsula upper 60s for you. los gatos and mountain view possibly reaching 70. mid-60s aalong the coast. upper 60s today. mid-60s north bay valleys. a little cooler but sunshine at your beaches and low 60s. upper 60s to low 70s not only the monterey bay but also inland. carmel may be a little cooler but 65 is pretty comfortable. through the central valley, fog right now. sacramento, fresno a little cooler relow 60s.
5:53 am
tahoe no snow and 49. bring it back home. you see tulie fog develop again tonight with mid to upper 30s in our east bay valleys and north bay. low to mid-40s the bay shore and out to the coast. couple areas of high pressure still being dominated but kind of expanding and developed by this low. bring us high clouds that's why not quite as warm as it was yesterday. that storm will dump most of its rain up in washington and oregon. temperatures in the 60s all the way through the extended forecast. here's a look at your traffic. good morning, frances. >> good morning, mike. let's start in the east bay where we usually see the first signs of slowing in the morning. always antioch westbound 4. the drive time now 18 minutes lone tree way to 242. and the ride through solano county, pretty nice. highway 37 to the carquinez
5:54 am
bridge westbound 80 only 6 minutes. north bay riders a quiet start with a live shot of the golden gate bridge for you. traffic is light all the way out of novato. headlights move northbound. mike not expecting weather-related flight delays at sfo. you can get all that information by going to our website it's under the bay area traffic link. kristen? >> not sfo, frances, but maybe on the east coast. we don't want to rub it in but we want to see what's happening with the cold snap. >> it isn't record breaking but it does make typical winter activities a bit more difficult and in some cases much more dangerous. >> this is the type of weather that people die. literally. >> massachusetts elementary school principals have been advised to hold recess indoors today and hopeless shelters are extending their hours. >> people get acclimated to living in a situation like this.
5:55 am
they don't realize the difference 20 degrees above and 20 degrees below zero and just how lethal that can be. >> it's so cold in minneapolis, some homeless have had to go to an overflow shelter. many michigan this thermometer reads 30 below zero meaning it would take a giant swing just to get above single digits. temperatures in chicago are predicted to go up to the 20s but the south and east coast are keeping their eyes on a midweek storm that could dump a foot of snow if it stays on track. >> 5:55. we have possible good news for job seekers but a major retailer is scaling back operations. >> boomberg reporter jane king has our "moneyscope" report. >> good morning. a new survey says companies' outlook about hiring has jumped to a 12-year hire. j.c. penney closing five department stores, 19 catalog
5:56 am
outlets and two call centers including one in albuquerque. also closing a custom decorating facility in california and william akman, biggest shareholder to the board. the federal reserve's two-day meeting on the economy and interest rates starts tomorrow and tomorrow night president obama gets his state of the union address focusing on cutting the deficit and boosting economic competitiveness. the new version of the i-pad may be on the way. production of i-pad 2's will start next month. poppa johns plans to give a free pizza to every american as next month's big game goes into its first ever overtime. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> is it a lack of will power that makes you reach for that extra piece of cake or pie or pizza or whatever it is. researchers at stanford say people have more self-control
5:57 am
than they think. people who think they have unlimited will power can fly complicated tasks. one answer is teach people to think they have unlimited will power. be trained. >> they say it works. 5:57. just ahead on abc 7 news at 6 a.m. the east bay school that can expect protestors this morning. >> a fee for your carry-on. the new predictions experts are making about what airline passengers will be charged ford this year. >> i'm amy hollyfield. 4q7i@(rpñduhúoe
5:58 am
5:59 am
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