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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 24, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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breaking news. >> good evening everyone. police right now searching for a missing 90-year-old woman. family last saw her around 7 this morning as she prepared to take her usual 1 to two hour walk. often walked from the south end of sausolito to as far north as spring street. search will continue until midnight. the family says she does not speak english door shows carry any identification. she is 4 foot 11. last seen wearing a black coat. black baseball cap and glasses. if you see her sausolito police want to hear from you immediately. in the south bay san jose
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city leaders say they have a pretty good idea of what is causing a spike in homicides this year and they are taking urgent action to put app end to it. much of the violence is happening in city council district 5 and 7. that's in the southern and western parts of san jose. allen is in the santee neighborhood of san jose with tonight's packed emergency meeting. allen. >> san jose prides itself on being one of the most safest cities in the nation but 7 homicides in just the first month of the year are threatening to damage that reputation. >> have you found any suspects or any people that may have or have done the homicide. >>reporter: tonight anthony wanted to know about the case of 15-year-old friend oscar gonzalez. he's one of 7 homicides victims this month. police say 3 of those homicide are definitely gang related. including last friday somewhating death of an 18-year-old who was riding his
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bike interthe capitol expressway. >> i believe with all the budget cut they are shutting the doors on our young people and they are forcing them to the streets. they have nowhere to go. >>reporter: youth center all over are closing or shortening the hours. >> this meeting is not meant to cause fear among us. rather this is a call to action. >>reporter: the neighborhood where many of the murders occurred police add mid lack of money is part of the problem. >> there was never more of a time than right now but we need to work together as partners to combat this. >>reporter: patrol are limited, too. so police are asking residents to get involved by reporting any gang activity. >> i need information from you in order to effectively control where my officers go to help you in your neighbor. >>reporter: some resident voice their fear of retaliation but community leaders try to inspire them to organize and fight back. >> you have to start taking stuff to do something about it. i really encourage you. >> that's why i'm here. i wouldn't have come. i want to
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see for myself$x. it is not a waste of my time i'll not stop.i'll keep coming. >>reporter: signs of progress after several residents tonight promise to attend next month meeting. true budget cut are causing problems city leaders say the best solution community involvement costs nothing. reporting live in the santee neighborhood of san jose, i'm allen, 7 news. >> all right thanks allen. community involvement the is a strategy and oakland as well. that city has had 11 homicides so far this year. city hopes this army of outreach voluntee volunteers will reduce violence in its foremost dangerous neighborhoods. the outreach workers started training at city hall today. they will have the full support of police but officers won't expect to get help from them. police admit that could ruin the volunteer credibility or even put their lives at risk. some of the volunteers have turned their lives around. >> a lot of the people out here in west oakland in particular i
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have been to prison with. at one time or another. and been through illegal activities involved with the streets with them. >>reporter: the outreach volunteers will walk the streets at night and on weekends and parts of west oakland, fruitvale district and east oakland. >> public feud flaring between oakland mayor kwan and city attorney reduce 0. it began after reduce 0read media report this the new mayor was getting advice on city mat from a private attorney. on friday russo fired off a letter to kwan and sent cope to news reporter saying the city charter states only the city attorney can advice the mayor on city issues. his letter states violation of the city charter is a crime. it is now incumbent upon you to uphold your oath to defen the charter. mayor kwan office shot back today saying russo letter was released to the media before she had a chance to see it. her statement reads in part he has the duty of confidentiality and he broke that confidentiality by his actions
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last week. long time bay area radio listener are mourning the death tonight of a legend. carter b smith, dj. >> eventually i admit i had become a disk jockey and stop doing the news at all. >>reporter: he sat down for the interview with the california historical radio society nearly a year ago. he began his career as an intern at ksan in the mid 1950s. smith then served as sherwood side kick at k sfo and made stops along the dial at knbc, kabl. listeners sent smith t-shirt to wear on the air and ended up with the world largest collection of them. the bay area raid why hall of fame member died from a brain tumor. he was 74 years old. for the first time we are hearing the 911 calls recorded the evening of the pipeline explosion in san bruno. it is aneurysm team exclusive. hear it play out from the first report to the confusion it was
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a plane crash to word of the mying, dead and injured. here's dan. >> fire department emergency. what is the status of the emergency. >>reporter: from the first 911 call just after 6 that evening it was clear. this was no routine incident. >> big explosion and fire. okay. brentwood area. looks like houses down the street from the explosion. i was able to see it up close from my house and it felt like an earthquake. >> is what ite1 on fir, do you know? >> i don't know what happened but explosion. >>reporter: some neighbors stayed with their homes and called san mateo county fire for help. others ran for their lives. >> i live very close to the fire too. we just ran out with what we had on. >> where the hell is the fair department. we are on clairemont and san bruno. i have been out here 15 minutes there is no fire department here. >>reporter: fire crew scramble to respond3w san mateo county
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dispatch tries to verify reports of plane crash. but all aircraft out of sfo are accounted for. some calls from the public point to a gas main explosion. >> i don't think anyone has picked up on the fact that could very well be high pressure gas main involved. >> i think it's fuel from the aircraft but i will let them know that, okay. thank i. >> okay. >> is what on fire there? >> gas pichlt it's a serious fire. house across the street from me. the flames are about 150 feet in the air. >> okay. >>. >>reporter: emergency officials somehow conclude item a plane crash. >> we have alarm aircraft down. multiple patients. multiple rescue. multiple occupied residences on fire. >>reporter: reports roll in of the missing and the injured. >> yaiv-year-old female burned and smoke inhalation. >> my girlfriend i had to take her to the hospital. she's burned. >> her house is one of the ones
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on fire. her mother is missin missing, though. >>reporter: local hospital seeing a surge of burn patients call for information. >> hi this is debby at mill peninsula. we have received 5 patients. we are wondering about how many more we can expect and what is going on? what can you tell us. >> well, we don't have any idea of how many more you may expec expect. >>reporter: while they are dealing with such annie men tragedy, first rae responders have to handle their normal work load. heart attack and the minor accidents. >> i can't understand you. what is it you need. >>reporter: fire dispatcher spends 8 precious minute on the phone. trying to get to the bottom of a scratch on a car if if he saider. she even has to call in a traps laytor. >> okay. tell her i'll get somebody on the way i have to go. >>reporter: now dan has posteded audio from more of the 911 calls in a new blog at abc 7
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investigators in russia say a suicide bomber likely carried out the attack that killed 35 people at moscow airport terminal. another 1 80 were injured. this surveillance video shows the explosion at the airport. happened in the international terminal in an area where people greet arriving passengers. witnesses say a man carrying a suitcase setoff the blast. no group has yet claimed responsibility but chechnya militant launched previous attack in moscow including last year deadly subway bombing. >> president will deliver annual state of the union message tomorrow night and cup freely santa cruz will be there with from gelingt of first lady michelle obama. she opened the penny ice cream last year and their store makes home made ice cream. they received a loan from the small business administration as part of a federal stimulus package to jump start their dream. the president plans to focus his speech tomorrow on creating jobs and expanding the economy. >> my no. 1 folk us is going to
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be making sure that we are competitive. that we are growing and we are creating jobs not just now but well into the future. >> congressman paul ryan of wisconsin will deliver the gop response to the president speech. house budget committee is considered to be a rising republican star. >> state of the union address begins at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. we will carry it live here on abc 7 and stream it at 7 new special edition of our news will follow the speech and republican response at about 7:30 tomorrow night. the. >> when one family put out an urgent call for help they never imagined a former forty-niner star would come to their rescue. ahead how he is changing the life of san jose police officer. >> new york city may never sleep but it does freeze. >> later tonight. "nightline". >> i'm bill carolyn up next on "nightline". mcdonald's happy meals and toys inside coming
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>> search for little carter will resume in the central valley canal. divers took yesterday and ka off. so far they found 5 cars in the canal near patterson since they started searching it last week. none of those cars though is the one linked to the kidnapping. investigators say the ex boyfriend of the mother kidnapped him last tuesday. witness saw a vehicle fitting the description of the kidnapper car plunging in the canal. in the south bay a family call for helpxd was answered bya sports hero. former forty-niner star brent jones stepped up to help change a boy's life. lee has the story from san jose. >> called up. introduced himself. no different than anybody else in the world. >>reporter: when san jose police sergeant tom put the word out he was raising funds to get his child louisa service dog to help with his severe
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seizures he never dreamed he would get a call from forty-niner great brent jones. but he did. this morning. along with a check for 10,000 dollars. >> this is not about him this is about andy and i. so squarely that he was taken back by the story. and this was something that he really wanted to do for him. >>reporter: 9-year-old lewis has severe epileptic seizure and weakness in the muscle and low oxygen level. 2 years ago doctors implanted the child with a generator placing a magnet over the chest electronic impulse that eases the seizures. the hope is that this dog button will be trained to assist in an emergency. >> dog would later be trained to wear the magnet on the collar and if he had a seizure the dog would lay the head on the chest and stop the seizure. >>reporter: with the help of
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brent jones complete strangers the family has raised 20,000 dollars. meanless to say the family is overwhelmed with gratitude. for lewis he will begin the training with buttons in june. >> to have the day that we have had today has just been about incredible. >>reporter: in san jose, abc 7 news. >> orange county surfer in critical condition tonight after nearly drowning at mavericks on saturday. 35-year-old jacob trent was surfing in 15 to 18 foot wave with 15 others when a huge sneaker wave hit. photographer eric nelson had the camera on as the wave crashed on to the surfers. trent was forced under water. he was found short time later face down an not breathing. >> you just get caught inside and you are in front of the wall of water and so you try to get under it or through it and it takes you over and just item a really bad wipe out. >>reporter: man on wave runner
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pulled trent out of the what the. flown to sanford -- stanford medical center where in drug induced coma tonight. >> rand mcnationaly announce lake tahoe the no. 1 can ski destination in the united states. they say people are backing more trips to tahoe than any other u.s. or canadian ski destination because of the lake off slope activity. after tahoe 5 colorado resort made the list. >> weather dipped to 5 degrees this morning in new york city and the owner of this audi got up to find his car encased in ice. for two days cars drove through a puddle caused by a what the main break that splashed water and froze on contact on his car. as you can see crews steamed that ice off. no word on how that car is doing, though. >> spencer here now with a look at our forecast and what a different story. >> aren't you glad we live her here. look at some of our high pressure today. high up to 72 in clover dale. 71 santa rosa.
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70 in half moon bay. 69 santa cruz. 69 red wad city. really, really mild spring like weather and we have another day like that tomorrow but it is getting cool tonight. already temperatures in the low 40's in napa and fairfield and we have got 50 degrees here in oakland. 54 in san francisco. on to the highlights clear and cold overnight especially in the inland valley of the north bay and east bay. sunny mild day will continue this week then this weekend it turns cooler and remain dry but a bit cooler. black and white close-up satellite image shows fog in the central valley retreating south ward today giving way to clearer sky. few high clouds over the bay area but mainly a blue sky or sunny sky. low pressure tonight under mainly clear skies. crop down to 36 at napa. 37 at santa rosa and fairfield. 39 at concord and morgan hill. 36 at livermore so pretty chilly in the inland areas but mild again tomorrow. satellite radar composite picture shows the little cold front that brought us to the little bit of cloud. breaking up. hurry
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delevoping behind the frontal system and forecast animation calls for the high to reestablish itself tomorrow and bring us yet another day of warmth maybe even a record warmth. very good chance we see high pressure climb to record level and stay in several location so let's get rate to the high. start in the south bay where skies will be sunny and high up to above 70 degrees in several locates and san jose if it hits 70 will seat new record high for the date tomorrow. we'll see upper 60's to about 70 on the peninsula and low to mid 60's on the coast in and around san francisco 66 degrees downtown 64 in the sun set district. north bay high climbing into the 70's as well. 73 clover dale 74 ukiah and forecast santa rosa 72 degrees. that would be a record high for the date tomorrow in santa rosa. nearest bay community we see high in the upper 60's. 68 at oakland. castro valley. fremont then inland valley of the east bay look for high up in the low 70's and 71 at pleasanton and 70 at livermore
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and near monterey bay lots of warmth. 75 will be the high. watsonville 74 at santa cruz. 77 salinas. if that works out that's a record high tomorrow and gilroy if it hits 72 record high for tomorrow's date. here's the 7 day forecast. we have 2 more days this kind of warmth coming our way tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures start to moderate a bit on thursday friday but still high in the mid to upper 60's then we get more significant cool down over the weekend. still high remain in the low 60's even with the cal down. >> it is january still. >> almost february as a matter of fact. >> all right thanks spencer. >> still ahead. how oprah secret half sister keeping a >> still ahead. how oprah secret half sister keeping a secret of her own.
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>> oprah opened to her audience and she has an half sister. her mother gave birth to a daughter in 1963 in million one and gave that baby up for adoption. winfrey was his 9 at the time and lived with her father in nashville. she didn't even know her mother was pregnant. patricia now 48. she spent many years looking
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for her birth mother before realizing she was related to oprah in 2007. >> hair on the back of my neck stood up. i said no. i said that can't be. >> she never once thought to go to the press. she never once thought to sell the story. >>reporter: oprah says that is one of the main reasons she wanted to meet patricia. the fact that they met on thanksgiving day. >> it is a remarkable story. >> unbelievable. you think temptation if you were patricia would be to at least call and say. >> for 3 years she tried to and had a hard time getting through but she just had patience. >> amazing. >> warriors get a look at the best team in the nba. the spurs. they were amazing. they come to town and put on a spurs. they were amazing. they come to town and put on a clinic. sports
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>> good evening. warriors playing well lately but they face the best team in the league. spurs came in with a record of 37 and 7. owner of 10 game winning streak against golden state. make it 11. they call duncan the big fundamental. put him in the torture chamber. right to the rack. 16 for duncan who tweaked the knee in the game. he's okay. wright come get some. warriors shot 61 percent in the first quarter. but the spurs were scoring at will. somebody stop the ball. coast to coast here. spurs by 7 at the half. playing defense. warriors still down 8. san antonio double digit lead. where is the defense? george hill so easy. so efficient. tony parker for 18. spurs win 113-102. golden state now 6 games under 500.
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nobody has ever won the australia open 5 times. federer has a chance down unde under. club fed. advancing to the semifinal. i tell you who is fed up tonight. the guy playing federer. chance laws can somebody get me a new racket. second set. drop shot by federer. all fed. third set. approach. defensive lob. witness for it. wait for it. federer rolls. move over venus and serena. the next great american tennis star just might come from dublin. dublin, california. miss simmons 15 years old bears a striking resemi-wrans to venus williams. she's leaving for tennis academy next month and could be playing venus and serena in a couple of years. >> i wouldn't completely say i'm there but i think at least 2 or three years and i'll be right on top where everyone else is. >> going to be the next rising
11:31 pm
star. she's showing this talent that i think that i see on tv. >>reporter: young lady is a phenomenal athlete. weekend to remember and one to forget in las vegas for those that were in las vegas. on the pro bowler tour. tom bold the lo lowest tell vaseed score in p ba history. >> 2, baby. come on we are cheering for you. about yes. give him 100. yes. he bold a 100 in the semifinal. 100 as in the score you see at a kids birthday party. he had 7 split. it was so bad. you laugh or cry sew decided to laugh about it.
11:32 pm
>> can't take it. >> the victory was worth. >> hadn't bold in lake 15 years. she rolled a 115. it >> hadn't bold in lake 15 years. she rolled a 115. it can be done. 7 splits he. >> nature line is next. see youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
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