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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 25, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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she is does not speak english, does not have access to money on her and those aren't the only problems. story in a live report. >> i'm amy holyfield live in san jose where even drug dealers have apparently figured out the benefit of the light rail system in this city. the story just ahead. >> here's a live look from sutro tower where it is clear and kind of chilly this morning but we will rebound quickly. more records will fall today and tomorrow. might be a little cooling trend for the weekend. >> a few lanes blocked heading to the ceremony valley due to road work. all the details coming up. >> good morning, everyone. 5 a.m. on this tuesday. thank you so much for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. topping our news at first light sausalito police are set to search or a 90-year-old missing for nearly 24 hours. her particular circumstances make her disappearance even more
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worrisome. terry is live at the fire station. >> this is a woman who goes on a walk every morning but yesterday she did not return from that walk. take a look at the woman sausalito police and marin county search and rescue are looking for. she is 90-year-old yin chin last seen 7:00 yesterday morning as she went on her daily one to two hour walks. when she didn't return her family called police and around noon the search begin. chin goes for a walk every morning, walks one to two hours but doesn't follow any particular route. she can cover a lot of ground and that presents a challenge to searchers. >> this is it marin county rescue. one dog on scene if not more. the area search dog, not trail searching dog. we have all kinds of people out here. >> and i'll be back in a couple hours to resume their search. chin was wearing a black book,
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black baseball cap and glasses. had her hair in a pony tail, 4 foot 11 inches tall. she does not speak english, has no money on her as far as anybody knows. missing now 24 hours. the search resumes at daybreak. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thank you very much. it's 5:02 now. commuters aren't the only ones making use of the transportation authority. drug dealers are using the buses and light rail trains to get around and it's a safe bet they're not trying to help the environment. amy holyfield live in san jose with the story. >> yeah, eric, apparently the light rail system makes it real easy to deal drugs but according to the san jose mercury news the police department has created a unit for this problem. south first and east santa clara street is close to a bus stop.
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these dealers are from out of town so they come in with the bus and use the light rail to meet with their san jose clients. the number of drug arrests in the area has nearly tripled in the past year and the business owners tell the mercury news they have noticed adifference and appreciate it and some would like to see more cops but not likely in a city with a $110 million deficit. the dealers like to come here because there's not that much competition and they feel safe here. >> amy, thank you. it's 5:03. job creation will be the main focus of president obama's state of the union tonight. critical to not only the millions of unemployed americans but also to the president's popularity and his new reality facing a divided congress. jenelle wang is live with a preview. >> kristen, yes, with republicans running the house
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you would think there's more division at the state of union's dress but that's not necessarily true. americans will see some signs of unity and cooperation. at least 60 members of congress have signed up to bipartisan seating. republicans and democrats will break from the tradition as sitting on opposite sides of the room and pair up and sit together. the latest abc news washington post poll shows 72% of americans want it to be the top issue in congress. it's nearly 3 points higher here in california. >> my number one focus is going to be making sure that we are competitive, that we are growing and we are creating jobs. >> we have big challenges in this country. we've got great opportunities but we're not going to meet them and see them unless we do it together. the white house says the president wants to focus on five pillars, innovation, education,
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infrastructure, reforming the government and reducing the federal debt. republicans and the tea party will both give responses after the night's state of the union address. that will be the first sign whether congress will be working together or bickering once more. reporting live from the news room, jenelle wang, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. the state of the union address begins at 6:00 this evening. we'll carry it and the republican response live. they'll be streamed at >> it's 5:05 now. the search for four-year-old giuliani resumes this morning in a central valley canal. divers will move two miles downstream from where they found fresh tire tracks leading into the canal. they'll continue using sonar commitment looking for the silver toyota corolla. so far they found five cars but none linked to giuliani's kidnapping. his mother holds a candlelight
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vigil marking the abduction. they hope to find him and suspect josé rodriguez who have been missing since rodriguez took the child out of his grandmother's arms last tuesday. >> san jose police have arrested a suspect for allegedly pointing a laser at a small plains and a police helicopter. the plane was near the general aviation airport when it was hit with a green laser beam. the pilot alerted police. when the police helicopter arrived it was hit with the laser beam. police tracked the laser to the 1200 block of pipe dream court and arrested one person. this is the latest incident of laser beams aimed at planes. a major problem for airlines. >> they can temporarily blind the pilot. information about the 1956 installation of the san bruno pipeline that exploded last september. eight people died and dozens of homes were destroyed in the fireball that erupted when the underground pipeline ruptured
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september 9th. the ntsb has found that segment of pipe was riddled with defective welds dating back to its installation. pg&e told our media partner that only the national transportation safety board can release those records now. >> sonoma county officials warn hundreds of county employees could lose their jobs this year due to budget cuts. the board of supervisors will begin a budget process at today's meeting, one that could lead to reductions in community policing, gang prevention, transportation and public works. the sheriff's office could bear the largest portion of the cuts, up to a hundred jobs. past cuts have become mostly from atician but not this year. officials say they need to flash spending by 25%. >> the city of richmond is close to a deal with subaru that could bring dozens of jobs to town. subaru wants to use the port of richmond for up to 35,000 vehicles shipped from asia this
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year. the proposed five-year contract would create at least 40 full-time jobs and bring in millions in revenue but first the board would have to make up to $750,000 in improvement and environmental review of the project is currently underway. >> we're gonna review our weather and, boy, has it been gorgeous. >> it's been beautiful and some temperature records could fall again today, mike. >> 7th day in a row. absolutely. probably eight in this run and that is it. the models are starting to change. it's out there by itself right now. while i mention it, i don't have it in the forecast but something we'll keep an eye on. i think it will get cooler towards the weekend though. let's talk about how calm it is this morning. everybody reporting calm conditions, napa out of the north, fairfield the same. 3 mph out of the northeast. we have a little fog to contend
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with right now up to fairfield, three-quarters mile visibility, santa rosa half a mile here. 39 livermore. the rest of us 40s, even 50 san francisco. as we head into the afternoon hours as is the custom, i'll put an asterisk what could be a record high. 69 at concord would shooter the high today. san jose at 70. what else do we have? napa 69, san rafael 65, 72 santa rosa. you can see when you get in the valleys, a little warmer than around the bay. upper 60s? that's incredible this time of year. that's why the record. low to mid-50s, 70 i should say around the monterey bay. even upper 70 inland to salinas. your 7-day forecast, i think tomorrow's another record-setting day. thursday maybe one or two holds on around the bay and you can see everybody's in the low to mid-60s by friday. we see the 60s return to the coast saturday, sunday and into
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the bay on sunday. it will be cooler this weekend. good morning, megan. any road work out there? >> good morning. we do have road work. funny you should ask. 680 heading through the walnut creek area through the north main exit. no taillights through walnut but as you approach the san ramon valley area you'll find road work in both directions of 680 at sycamore valley road. that should be cleared by about 6:00 this morning. we have some road work on the nimitz preway between 66 and hagin burger. a couple lanes blocked there until 6:00. a live look at the commute in the north bay. these headlights moving southbound along 101. no problems heading out of novato making your way towards the golden gate bridge right now. eric, kristen? >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 5:10. get ready to pay more for your big mac. >> a bay area man faces
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deportation after 20 years of living legally in the u.s. next the danger he could face if he returns to his homeland. >> google's top executive is getting a new title. now eric schmidt may be ready for prime time.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with general motors within striking distance of
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being number one again. worldwide sales fell 4,000 short of beating toyota last year and expects to sell more vehicles this year. the reason, china. sold more vehicles here than here. mcdonald's is warning that it may raise prices this year to deal with the rising cost of beef and other ingredients. the price hike will be on selected items and not an across the board increase. the food industry has unveiled a new label designed to help shoppers make healthier choices. it includes salt, sugar, calories on the front of the package. the irs has a new app for the i-phone and on dried phone that tracks refunds. >> a decision whether a family will be deported to guatemala. it took 20 years for his asylum
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request to be processed and then denied. the american-born daughters are free to go. their mother went last year to prepare for the move. she was held at gunpoint and died of a fatal heart attack. >> the family goes back there, they're gonna be known, known as the husband and kids of this woman who's already been killed. we believe there's significant danger in this particular case because of that. >> the opportunities that his kids have had because they're americans and, you know, the life they've enjoyed and the freedoms and joy they've had here have been great. i think that will all be removed from them if they go to guatemala. >> nine-year-old evelyn and five-year-old stephanie are undergoing counseling after losing their mother. >> the state controllers office is launching a review of 18
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redevelopment agencies to see if they really simulate the economy or are simply a waste of money. among them are the redevelopment agencies in san jose, fremont, richmond, pittsburgh and hercules. property taxes in redevelopment areas stay in those areas instead of paying for schools and fire departments. >> two more giants in the internet world to prevent your online activities to be tracked. google is coming out with features that allow users to opt out by being tracked by third-party advertisers. this includes the next version of internet explorer. the federal commission strongly urged them to implement do not track mechanisms. >> what does a newly retired google chief do when you step
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down? eric schmidt said you might host your own tv show. schmidt is talking with a cnn producer about doing his own talk show. he did a pilot in august and it was a "complete disaster." cofounder larry page can take over as ceo. >> the next generation of apple's i-phones and i-pads will be embedded with technology to make purchases much like a credit card. it would tap into consumer information already on file including debit cards, credit cards or other financial accounts. nearfield technology which beams and receives transactions 4 inches away will be embedded in i-track 2 and the i- phone next from at&t that could make it an
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alternative. >> a little chilly start to the day but that's gonna change. >> and fast? >> rather rapidly after the sun comes up. after 9:00, a rapid extension of temperatures even by 70s this afternoon. take a look outside. a changeable day, a day where temperatures could jump 30 to 40 degrees from this morning's low. here's a look at sfo this morning. good news coming out of the airport with unlimited visibility. we should not have any flight arrival delays. we'll check the rest of the country in a few minutes or check our flight tracker right after this weather. let's talk about temperatures. still in the 30s santa rosa and fairfield, livermore. the rest of us in the 40s. san francisco even warmer, about 50 right now. these are warmer by about 2 to 4 degrees than yesterday. 53 monterey. mid 40s for santa cruz, watsonville, salinas and gilroy.
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more sunshine than yesterday. won't have as many as high clouds. easier to get to the record ones. in more areas today than yesterday. cold again tonight with patchy valley fog, mainly up around santa rosa and tulie fog trying to move into the east bay. cooling though. the clouds come in this weekend, change the winds and drop our temperatures nearly 10 degrees in most areas. but for today our trend is going up except for san francisco where we'll be 66 again. santa rosa and concord set records yesterday, probably again today because it will be even warmer. fremont, oakland, san jose all 2 to 3 degrees warmer than yesterday. about 10 hours, 15 minutes and 7 seconds of sunshine. a jet stream is driving it to the east. behind it high pressure will come in. the sinking air, the compressing air, the drying and ever heating air that's going to take over not only today but tomorrow as this high pressure starts to move into the great basin.
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what kind of temperatures are we dealing with? we'll talk about 70 degrees weather in some areas. upper 60s for the rest of us. 69 sunnyvale, 68 milpitas. sonoma, santa rosa, cloverdale, mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore. look for the asterisks. upper 60s to low 70s through the east bay valleys. low to mid-70s most of the monterey bay. salinas 77 degrees. accu-weather 7-day forecast just as warm tomorrow and the winds start to shift a little. cooler weather arrives on thursday and back closer to average saturday and sunday. hope you have a great day. here's megan. >> thanks, mike. good morning. off to a great start. we have road work and probably the only thing that may slow you down. a live look at the bay bridge
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toll plaza. no problem making your way through the tolls heading into san francisco. road work heading out eastbound 80 between the skyway and the tunnel, the left lane blocked until about 7:00 this morning. a live look at interstate 80 heading right through the berkeley area. headlights moving westbound. the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze, just 15 minutes. if you're commuting through the south bay this morning, a live look in san jose. this is 101 right at the 880 overcrossing. problem-free making your way out of morgan hill and heading up to the peninsula. for the latest traffic updates, go to our website and click on the traffic link under abc 7 extras. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 5:21. >> the new obesity study that could have you letting your children sleep in.
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oprah: all new. 25 years of groundbreaking shows. olympic hero greg louganis -- the landmark interview. 15 years later, he returns. plus, the world's only openly gay prince is bababababababababa
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>> good morning. it's 5:24. areas below the bart tracks could become more picturesque. they call for building a 12 mile bart path beneath the bart tracks between oakland and hayward. the so-called east bay greenway would offer a landscape corridor completely free from cars. the project has received $1 million in funding from the county's half cent transportation sales tax. another $1.5 million in federal stimulus money has also been approved but it's far short of the estimated $30 million needed to build the project. >> drugstores like cvs and walgreens have been selling groceries for years but aisles
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have been getting bigger and bigger. sales have been good. a survey found some significant savings, especially sales items. sales are designed to woo you into the store. they send to be higher than traditional grocery stores. >> getting a good night sleep could be key to helping the kids keep the weight off. a study in the june of pediatrics say most average 8 hours of sleep during the week but weekends most had 20 minutes less for various reasons. it's associated with chance in cholesterol. they believe getting catchup sleep will heap ease rising obesity rates. >> a stealth fighter according to military officials from the
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wreckage was recovered from parmers. it had been shut down in kosovo in 1999. china denies using any u.s. technology. its stealth fighter has the first flight earlier this year. right now the u.s. is the only nation with a fully operational stealth airplane. >> you know how celebrities typically want their beauty sleep, right? >> that's what i hear. >> but not this morning. some of the biggest stars may be up early. hollywood is getting ready for the oscar nominations in just a few minutes. the big announcement in ten minutes. >> i'm amy holyfield live in san jose where the light rail system is so good, even drug dealers like it. i'll explain coming up. >> traveling, here's a look at the highs across the country. close to average this time of the year. good news if you are traveling by plane. all our major airports are running smoothly but rain moving in later
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i'm amy holyfield live in san jose where drug dealers are taking advantage of this city's light rail system. it's become an important part of their business. the story coming up. >> and good morning. we're looking live from sutro tower to the east showing how clear and cool it is this morning. today is day seven in a row of record high temperatures and possibly the warmest in your forecast. i'll show you where those records may tumble. >> caltrain working on the nimitz freeway in oakland. >> 5:29 this tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> we're following developing news in san francisco where police are on the scene of an overnight shooting that took the life of one teenager and injured another. >> it happened inside a home in the 1600 block of kirkwood.
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that's in the city's bayview district. they don't know if the shooting happened inside the home or if someone shot into the home. they say two people were hit, one killed, the other seriously wounded. both believed to be 15 or 16 years off age. no arrests have been made. >> san jose police will begin a new push to crack down on an aun expected problem on buses and light rain trains. dealers using transit to transport drugs. amy is live at a downtown station to explain. >> dealers need to get around too and apparently this light rail system works really well for them. but according to the san jose news, the san jose police department created a unit to crack down, find these guys and get them out of here. according to the article they really seem to like the station near south 1st and east santa clara which is close to a bus stop. the dealers come from out of town on the bus, hop on the trains and go around and meet
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with their clients. fellow passengers tell us they have suspected something's going on, they smell marijuana, see suspicious activity. they're glad to see police are doing something. the number of arrests in this area have nearly tripled in the past year. businesses tell the mercury news they like it. some say they'd like to see even more help but in a city with a $110 million deficit they probably won't be hiring more police officers. officers are trying to crack down so the rails can be reserved for the law abiding citizens who are trying to get on to their jobs. amy holyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you very much. sausalito police are planning to resume their search for a missing 90-year-old woman at daybreak. 90-year-old yin chin was last seen by her family yesterday morning as she prepared for her usual one to two hour walk.
5:32 am
yin is 4-11 tall. she failed to return home yesterday. family was combing the streets until midnight. she often walks from the south end of sausalito to as far north as spring street. the family says she does not speak english, nor does she carry any i.d. >> the search for the four-year-old will resume this morning in the central valley canal. they will move two miles downstream from where fresh tire tracks go into the canal. they'll continue to use sonar commitment. forgive found five cars but none is the one linked to giuliani's kidnapping. his mother plans to hold a candlelight vigil this evening to mark the one-week anniversary since her son's abduction. they hope to find the son and
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suspect josé rodriguez who have been missing since rodriguez took the child from his grandmother's arms last tuesday. >> a meeting last night was held in the san teen neighborhood where gang problems are a particular problem. neighbors heard some familiar themes from giving information to police even when there's fear of retaliation to finding new ways of helping to keep young people busy. >> i believe that with all these budget cuts, they're shutting the doors on our young people and forcing them to the streets. they have nowhere to go. i need information from you to effectively control where my officers go to help you in your neighborhood. you have to do something about it. >> san jose's assistant police chief say city budget cuts mean now is the time for neighborhoods to get involved in preventing violent crime. >> a public feud is flaring between jean quan and russo.
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it began after russo learned that the new mayor was getting advice on city matters from a private attorney. on friday russo fired off a letter to quan and sent copies to new reporters saying only the city attorney can advise the mayor on city issues. russo says violation of the city charter is a crime. it is now incumbent upon you to uphold your oath to defend the charter. mayor quan's office issued a statement saying russo's letter was made public before she had a chance to see it. quan says he has the duty of confidentiality by his actions last week. >> things are warming up in oakland city hall. almost as warm as outside this afternoon. >> almost. but 70s, mike, in january? >> definitely could see 70s in january and many places. right now let me start the machine here and you can see that we're very chilly this morning with upper 30s around fairfield, santa rosa, and
5:35 am
livermore. we have 4 degree temperatures in most other areas to san francisco at around 50. compared to 24 hours ago, just about all of us are warmer. half moon bay only 2 degrees cooler and the lack of tulie fog in antioch so far has allowed your temperatures to drop 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. let's talk about temperatures, go through the day. 8:00 mainly clear, a few high clouds from time to time. not much of a khan from right now. upper 30s from santa rosa, fairfield, concord, low to mid-40s throughout the bay shore. as we head to noon, low to mid-60s everywhere from the coast all the way to our inland valleys. by the time we get to 4:00, we've peaked out but still holding on to a lot of mid to upper 60s and even 70s still around santa rosa. as far as compared to yesterday, a little warmer today. expect more record high temperatures to fall. places like santa rosa, san
5:36 am
jose, oakland, hayward, concord. those are just some of the areas that we may see some of those records fall. today's probably going to be the warmest day but tomorrow just as close. thursday the winds start to change. a little more tulie fog in our valleys and highs drop eventually about 10 degrees by saturday and sunday which means we're back to average but still looking fairly dry all seven days of your forecast. you have a great day. we're going to turn over to megan. >> if you're ready to leave the house you have a nice commute awaiting you. happy to report we have no accidents or major slow spots right now. let's check a live look at walnut creek. those taillights are moving southbound. no problems heading through the walnut creek area. road work through the san ramon valley heading northbound and southbound between sycamore valley road. you will find a couple lanes blocked until about 6:00 this morning.
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caltrain's working on the nimitz freeway in oakland. a couple lanes blocked there until about 6:00. if you are taking mass transit, no delays. everything is running on a normal weekday schedule this morning. eric, kristen. >> our time now 5:37. >> you have something in common with the biggest stars in hollywood. find out who is being nominated for the academy awards. >> also up early or just back from cann or wherever, don sanchez is joining us to take us through it all. >> just back from hollywood doing movie junkets, talking to sir elton john. but, anyway, that's then and this is now obviously. big night and a big morning. the big night will be in february of course during the academy awards. what's happening here? this is the samuel golden theater in beverly hills. they're going to announce the nominations in just a minute.
5:38 am
monique of precious who won the best supporting actress last year and tom shrak, up to make the announcements. does come down to the social network and voters certainly the two front runners when it comes to the best film. most of the critics have agreed that the social network seems to be the odds on favorite however the producers during this weekend gave the award to the king's speech. it's actually my favorite more so but i'm kind of in the minority when it comes to the critics, we'll see. >> shoe-in's best actor colin firth's is extraordinary as queen elizabeth's father. a two-person race for best actress. >> natalie portman and annette benning. here we go. >> good morning. i'm tom cher rick, president of the academy. welcome to our home. big news to announce this
5:39 am
morning and to help me i'm happy to welcome academy award winner monique. (applause) >> thank you, tom. and good morning, everyone. >> the 2010 nominees for best performance by an actress in a supporting role are: amy adams in the fighter. helen carter in the king's speech. melissa leo in the fighter. hayley "seinfeld" in true grit and jackie weaver in the animal kingdom. monique? >> thank you. for best performance by an actor in a supporting role the nominees are christian bail in the fighter, dawn hawk in when is bones. jeremy winner in the town. mark rufallo in the kids are all right and jeffrey rush in the
5:40 am
king's speech. >> so best performance by an actress in the leading role, the nominees are annette benning in the kids are all right. nicole kidman in rabbit hole. jennifer lawrence in winston's bone. natalie portman in the black swan. and michelle williams in blue valentine. >> the nominees for best performance by an actor in a leading role are: bardem in beautiful, jeff bridges in true grit. social network. carlin first in the king's speech and james franco in 127 hours. >> the best achievement in directing, aaron aronasky for black swan. david owe russell for the fighter. tom hooper for the king's speech. david sencher for the social network and joel cohen and ethan
5:41 am
cohen for true gift. >> best original screenplay, the nominees are mike lee for another year, scott silver, paul tomassi, eric johnson and keith dornington for the fighter. chris knoll lan for exception. lisa toding for the kids are all right and david sila for the king's speech. >> for adapted screenplay amy boyle and simon goboy for 24 hours. michael art, john lassiter, andrew stanton and lee ungrag for toy story 3. joel cohen for true grit. >> the best foreign film language for -- for best foreign language film we have from
5:42 am
mexico beautiful. from grease. from denmark in a better world. from canada on sunday. and from algeria outside the law. >> for best animated feature film, the nominees are how to train your dragon, chris saners and dean dawa. the illusionist and toy story 3 leak umfridge. >> the tenful film selected for the best picture nominees for 2010 are black swan, the fighter, inception, the kids are all right, the king's speech,
5:43 am
127 hours, the social network, toy story 3, true grit, and winner's bone. >> you're invited to join us on february 27th when we celebrate the very best that movies have to offer. we'll see you then. thank you. (applause) >> there's the announcement and big nominations for the oscars. we saw in best picture the area is represented with toy story 3. isn't that great. >> they were hoping for that. not only they nominated for the best animated film but the best film and also the best adapted
5:44 am
screenplay. at least a trifecta so far for toy story 3. that's grand news for them. we're going to be talking to them later on this morning. we'll have the reaction from all the folks over there a little bit later on. >> a lot of excitement. such an intelligence to it. >> so emotional. also it was the highest grossing film of the year. >> like that. >> absolutely no surprises in the rest of the best picture nominations. the truth, there was some question maybe about inception. this low budget film shot in video winter's bones is a bit of a surprise with the supporter actor nomination there. the actor in that film was not -- yes, she was. lauren. she was. i'm just catching up here. >> nobody -- i'm just looking at my list here. ryan gossly maybe in blue valentine because his co-star michelle williams was nominated. maybe that's the only one.
5:45 am
we'll come back about an hour from now and do a little more wrap-up. >> you're not going anywhere. >> no. >> james franco from palo alto, best actor. >> and also the cohost of the oscar's this year. >> great for him. all right, don. >> thanks for getting up early. >> the 83rd academy awards are sunday, february 28th. you'll see the show here abc 7. an hathaway cohost. >> the vallejo city council considers a new plan to dig out of bankruptcy. why years of
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> welcome back. it's 5:48. the vallejo city manager is planning to present his financial assessment at the city council after announcing last week vallejo is financially ready to emerge from bankruptcy. he has reduced his police force from 155 officers to 90, shut down three fire stations and delayed road repairs. 60% of homeowners are also underwater on mortgages. but the city has balanced its budget and says there will be no more layoffs. to get out of bankruptcy, hundreds of current and former
5:49 am
employees could see big cuts in pensions and lose sick leave and vacation time. >> there is new legislation in san francisco aimed at cracking down on the litter generated by the distribution of hand bills and fliers on private property. the ads are usually tucked in residential security gates or left on door mats but often end up on neighborhood sidewalks. the chronicle reports the proposed measure would require that fliers be attached in such a way they would not blow away. owe fendsers would face $100 fines. the public works would take over enforcement from the police department. the board will temperature that measure next month. >> mike will have an update on a wonderfully warm tuesday's forecast, as warm as your cup of tea. as megan is keeping a close watch on your morning commute next. >> i like iced tea, too. a relationship between the government and google. a consumer group
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♪ >> busted! or we will be walking on sunshine later on today and record temperatures. >> she won't be. >> i don't even know. i'm just very excited about the weather. >> i can tell. >> getting out there, taking advantage of it. >> we'll find something else for you to sing about next.
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let's show you what's going on. thermo, dynamic. move on. >> the laws of thermodynamics. >> whatever. >> i wouldn't mind somewhere with a rainbow. >> but we don't have any in the forecast. the golden gate bridge this morning. actually beautiful. it has no fog but the central valley does. check out the areas shaded in pink from sacramento to bakersville. possibility less than a quarter mile. 30s fairfield and santa rosa and livermore. 50 san francisco. 53 monterey, 35 gilroy, mid-40s santa cruz, watsonville and salinas. our highlights, more sunshine. record warmth again today. patchy valley fog is possible and cooling clouds and breezes this weekend. for today looking at temperatures. where you see an asterisk, record high. low 70s for most, your neighborhoods. upper 50s through the peninsula.
5:54 am
los altos 70. mid-60s downtown and south san francisco. mid to upper 60s through the north bay valleys. sonoma, calistoga, low 60s to mid-60s around brentswood, antioch. mainly low to mid-70s the medical records. salinas a little warmer at 77. as far as tonight, could be the 30:inland, 40 around the bay and coast. tomorrow afternoon sunshine and i think we'll set even more records. that will be day 8 and that will be probably the final day. temperatures about 10 degrees cooler by the weekend. good morning, megan. >> a beautiful day, beautiful commute to match it. let's start with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not on yet. no problems through the tolls.
5:55 am
the left lane is blocked between the skyway and the tunnel until about 7:00. this is interstate 80 heading through the berkeley area. headlights move westbound and the drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze just a light 20 minutes. for our commuters across the san mateo bridge this morning, a live look where traffic is moving nicely in both directions. these headlights move eastbound into hayward. for the latest go to and click on the traffic link. eric, kristen? >> megan, thanks a lot. it's 5:55. in russia security has been beefed up following a suicide bomb attack that killed 35 people. the blast yesterday as moscow's largest airport also injured 180. hundreds of people were in the loosely guarded international arrivals terminal at the time. the attack even has bay area airports reviewing security now. officials at oakland international airport say they have an increase in the presence
5:56 am
of uniformed officers and they'll make changes as needed. >> the consumer advocacy group is calling on congress to investigate google for what it calls special deals because of its close relationship with the obama administration. google's clout has enabled the company to house its jets at helicopters at nasa's moffett field airstrip. they use defense department jet fuel and no paperwork how much google is paying per google. they say it's a press stunt from an organization that works closely with our competitors. >> the new car deal that could be driving much needed revenue into richmond. >> the latest on developing news of an overnight shooting that took the life of a san francisco teenager. >> i'm amy holyfield live in san jose where even drug dealers
5:57 am
have discovered the benefit of the light rail system here. apparently it's really good for
5:58 am
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finish, the diamond standard. ♪ i'm terry mcsweeney live in sausalito where an hour from now the search will resume for a 90 year old woman missing for 24 hours now.


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