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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  January 26, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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richmond where in just a little bit they're gonna start counting contra costa county's homeless population. we're going to hear from the director of the homeless program in a minute. >> it may look clear in downtown san francisco and over to oakland but we have dense fog. i'll show you where and record highs today, possibly tomorrow. i'll tell you how much cooler it's going to be this weekend. >> we also have an injury crash in newark. several fog advisories in affect coming up in a few minutes. >> 6 a.m. on this wednesday morning. thank you for joining us so early. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen. our top story a long wait finally over for survivor's of san bruno explosion and fire. handing out hundreds of thousands in donations made to the survivors' fund. >> victims can come here to city hall at 8 a.m. when it opens to get their check. there's no need to rushing. the money is here.
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it's decided who's going to get what. it's here at their convenience. here's how it's going to break down. the city has $395,000 to hand out. of the 38 homeowners whose homes were totally destroyed, they will get $6,000. 17 homeowners had what's considered moderate damage and they'll get $4,000. and 45 homeowners had minor damage and they'll each receive $1,000. now, the vice-mayor explained at a meeting a couple weeks ago why the city waited four months to hand the money out. >> we really weren't aware of any definitive need. we were under the ashum hon at least pg&e and red cross and the other agencies were filling some of these needs. >> when they found out at a public hearing that the victims had plenty of needs and wanted the money right away. this is money that was donated to the victims through the city after the september pipeline explosion. officials said in this
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unprecedented situation, they had to figure out who gets what and they wanted to hear from the public. they said this isn't a perfect solution. everyone's needs are different. they have to come up with a formula that fits. they aren't going to be handing it all out today. they set $58,000 aside and victims can apply for that money. even if they get checks today, they could get even more. they have to plead their case telling the city what they'll use it for, just exactly what their needs are from that explosion. >> amy, thank you very much. it's 6:02 now. contra costa health workers and volunteers are about to begin counting the homeless population. it will give them the first snapshot of the problem in two years. terry mcsweeney is live in richmond where the effort is beginning. terry? >> yeah. a lot riding on this. a lot of federal money and an effort by the county to take care of the homeless problems, take care of the homeless
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population with a number of programs. joining me is the woman who is in charge of the county homeless program, cynthia bellon. tell us about the money we're talking about here, serious federal money as you count the homeless. >> hud requires us to do this count. we've been doing it since 2005. we receive close to $9 million annually from hud. and that allows us to continue to provide homeless services and housing for our homeless residents in contra costa county. >> i think a lot of viewers wonder how do you go about counting a homeless population that seems to be on the move so much. >> in project contra costa county in particular, it's not a very visible population like some of the larger cities where you walk down the street and you see homeless people, you're absolutely correct. we go to encampment areas where
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you wouldn't see homeless people living by driving down the street. by familiarity and doing it daily they have a pretty good idea where homeless people are living in encampment areas throughout the county. we also have volunteers that are going to be going out today and driving in their cars. they've been through training as part of this process and give p a geographic area to go in and count homeless people that they visibly see. it's an unscientific count. it's a snapshot. it gives us an idea about the number of homeless in our community at any one time. >> cynthia, the director of the homeless program, thanks for being here with us. we're going to be going out with some of the homeless counters as you could call them, going out with them. we'll have that midday at 11:00 this morning. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:04. oakland police are investigating the death of an official with
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the service employers international union. they found the body of bingham in his home on henry street yesterday. two union employees who failed to reach him earlier in the day had called police for assistance. the 54-year-old bingham was political director of the union's local. police wouldn't say how he was killed but say there was trauma to his body and are treating this as a homicide. san francisco police think they have arrested a man responsible for killing a woman and leaving her body in a burning car yirl -- earlier this week. johnson faces charges of murdering 25-year-old vanessa herrera. they believe he drove the body here where he lit the car on fire in the lower haight neighborhood monday morning. >> he has family members that reside here in san francisco. he was familiar enough with the area and we believe that's why
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possibly he drove here. >> herrera had been missing since sunday. she leaves behind a seven-month-old baby. >> an attorney representing two same sex couples hoping to overturn prop 8 is now asking the state supreme court to reject a federal court's request for a ruling regarding the state's same sex marriage ban. the 9th circuit court of appeals asked the california supreme court to decide whether state law gives supporters of prop 8 legal standing to defend the ballot measure when officials refused to. the couple hoping to overturn the bab has written to the state high court asking them to stay out of the case and saying it involves a federal constitution issue. the federal appeals court says the case will not go forward if the state court cannot or will not answer the question, that would mean prop 8 would be overturned by default. >> this afternoon in oakland, organizers are planning a demonstration against the gang
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injunction. they plan to be in front of city hall. oakland residents want to end the city's temporary injunction that bars specific known gang members from gathering in the city. they're planning a similar injunction in fruitdale. >> santa clara county's new bort system is rebuilding the justice system. supervisors david cortez said during hills state of the county speech yesterday was his goal was to put the juvenile hall out of business. he eventually wants to prevent juvenile hall for being used for anyone under the age of 16. this year he's calling for most kids 13 and under to be diverted to treatment centers instead. he said they provide better atmosphere to rehabilitate the teens. >> any minute now gabrielle giffords is set to be moved from a houston hospital icu to a
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rehab bill center after doctors upgraded her condition from serious to good overnight. doctors at the texas medical center hospital determine she is now ready to move to another facility where her rehab will begin. this is the ambulance which will transport her between the two facilities. giffords has been kept in intensive care since tucson. she was shot at nearly point blank range in early january. >> let's get an update on the weather forecast. got some fog in spots. i saw some on the way in. mike was hurdling so fast you saw nothing. >> you're the butt of the fast-driving vote. >> i had the wife's minivan. no hurling down the highway! >> if anybody can, you can. >> smoke coming out of them.
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i was told not to call this pink so we'll call it bubble gum. that's the color. through the central valley into the north bay valleys, that's where we have dense fog this morning. it will hang around until about noon. visibility about aquarter mile in concord, fairfield, santa rosa. novato. 8 napa and unlimited for the rest of us. let's talk temperatures and what's going to happen today. we're in the mid to upper 30s in napa. 53 in san francisco. 63 in half moon bay where we'll hit 70 this afternoon. let's go to the monterey bay. warmest with mid to upper 70s to salinas. accu-weather seven-day forecast. looking at the possibility of record high, 9th day in a row.
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ten to 15 degrees cooler this weekend. >> an injury crash blocking two lanes of traffic on the nimitz freeway in newark. right at central, two left lanes are blocked. there's a tow truck on the scene there. the sensors show speeds are moving on the limit in both directions of 880. not causing major delays yet. expecting delays in orinda on a major connector to highway 24. only one lane is open at minor road. pg&e is on the scene replacing the power pole. that's emergency repair work there. >> megan, thank you. it is 6:10. >> a new plan to plant hundreds of trees in menlo park is drawing crit tism. >> a romantic
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good morning. it is now 6:14 on this wednesday morning. you can see from this beautiful crystal clear picture of san francisco we don't have fog here. not in this spot. but, eric, you found some. >> i did. and it's not my imagination because megan saw some too. >> mike will talk about where those temperatures go today. are they going to be just as high? megan will check your traffic. >> the santa clara county board of supervisors has now made major cuts to the county's social services. the county's trying to close a $55 million budget gap. social services took a $6 million hit, as many as 31 workers in the foster care system, public health nursing and elderly care are facing
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layoffs. yesterday's board meeting one social worker spoke in favor of cutting management positions in order to save more front line workers. she wore a bra outside her shirt as you can see suggesting the departments are top heavy. >> the body speaks to the top. the knees ache, the feet ache, the backache and start telling because this is the expert of the body. telling the top there needs to be reduction. you need a reduction. >> officials say these layoffs are due to state and federal funding cuts. >> menlo park is moving forward with a plan to plant 1,000 trees and shrubs despite protests from a surprising opponent. environmentalist arguing against the plan to greenfy at last night's city council meeting but the city voted to go ahead with the program. the new trees are meant to offset the environmental impacts to widen highway 4. wildlife may be harmed and tree roots could release methane gas.
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the city will now try to get the state grant to fund the project. >> almost 6:16. we saw a crystal clear picture in the environs but further east and north? >> kind of fogged in this morning and many that would be fogged in if we had cameras high. how clear all way to fremont. how unlimited visibility is around the bay but difficult in our inland valleys where we have fog santa rosa, napa, antioch. temperatures upper 30s to low 40s. around san rafael, livermore and most of the bay into the south bay and los gatos. 53 san francisco and still 63 in half moon bay. around the monterey bay, we have mid to upper 40s. possibly fog getting close
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around gilroy at 35 degrees. all right. our other big story besides the fog, the report temperatures this afternoon. not as cold tonight but look for patchy fog once again and weekend breezes bring us seasonally cool conditions. let's take a look at our 24 hour temperature change. warmer today. even with the foggy think we can make it up to 68 which is 3 degrees warmer. san jose about 1 degree warmer. concord and san francisco the same. where you see the asterisks, those were record high temperatures yesterday. 10 hours, 8 minutes and 3 seconds of sunshine. by the sun sets, about 5:28 this evening. two areas of high pressure. boy, looks the same. keep kind of shuffling around the west coast and also into the ocean. what they do is keep the ridge or jet stream, the storm track well to our north. that's why we have nothing about
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sunshine in the forecast today. milpitas. warmest spot half moon bay along the coast 70. drop to 66 in the sunset. upper 60s downtown south san francisco. because of the fog, you'll be in the mid to upper 60s in the north bay valley. not fog, faster heating because of the sun. low 70s ukiah and cloverdale. low to mid-60s the highway 4 corridor. upper 60s throughout the rest of the east bay valley. upper 70s monterey bay into salinas near 80. low to mid-70s gilroy and hollister. the upper 30s to mid-40s inland. not going to be quite as cool this morning. mid to upper 40s around the bay and 52 in san francisco. here's a look at your accu-weather 7-day forecast. another run at record high temperatures tomorrow.
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you'll notice the cooler weather friday and especially this weekend and around the bay look for some extra clouds that will keep us in the 50s by sunday. have a great day. here's megan. >> good morning. chp actually just issued a new fog advisory for the carquinez bridge so do allow extra time making your way over the carquinez bridge. the east shore freeway getting a little crowded. headlights move westbound. the drive time from the carquinez bring to the maze about 22 minutes. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not on yet. no delays heading into san francisco. a live look in walnut creek where it's foggy. this is a live shot of 680 near the north main exit. low visibility here and throughout several parts of contra costa and solano county. allow extra time if you're commuting through those areas this morning. we have an injury crash blocking lanes on the nimitz freeway.
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the two left lanes are blocked. a tow truck on the scene so hopefully cleared to the shoulder shortly. mass transit, no delays. a great way to avoid the fog this morning. you can always go to our website and click on the traffic link. >> megan, thank you very much. it's 6:20 now. a san francisco jury has now convicted the skyscraper man. the panel found dan good win guilty of two misdemeanors for his september climb up the millennium tower, one of san francisco's tallest buildings. he did it to bring attention to his claim that firefighters are unable to put out fires in high rise buildings. he disputed the way the judge handled the trial. >> the jury really was denied an opportunity to hear my side of the story. i was limited what i could say or not say. every time i choose to say anything else, the jury was escorted out. i was scolded by the judge.
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it was very frustrating. >> goodwin will be sentenced next week. >> the idea of music at the beach isn't new but at one florida beach it's getting a new twist. a grand piano has recently appeared at a sand bar at biscayne bay in miami. whomever did it had to be committed to the stunt. it weighs 600 pounds. authorities have no plans to move it. gods wonder if it plays in c-minor. >> or c-major. 6:21 now. coming up, expect complaints. >> that's right. over a pl
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. welcome back. about 6:25. this morning new details about data plans verizon will offer for its new i-phone. it will offer $30 a month unlimited data plan but only for a limited time. eventually the company plans to move to a usage-based model. at&t did away with its unlimited data plan last summer. at&t made the change to so-called limited change to improve network performance. >> when you like something on, your friends may not like the ads. a new ad program designed to generate more revenue. when you check in to announce you're at a starbucks but a sponsored story on the right. you can opt out by deleting the original post. >> 6:25. still ahead at 6:30, the police
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chase and crash that could have a big impact on the commute for several east bay residents this morning. >> students at a marin school left worried and wondering after a teacher vanishes. >> what opponents are now planning to do to keep a plastic bag ban from going into effect. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live where the count of the county's homeless is about to begin. exactly how do you do that? and how many millions of dollars is it worth? the story coming up in a live report. >> if you're traveling to east, another snowstorm heading to the mid south. expect more, even cancellations and flight departure delays out at3q
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while there are some home disasters you can't avoid, there is one you can. septic system breakdowns affect 1.2 million homes
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headed for a higher opening on wall street as investors weigh president obama's state of the union address and another round of corporate earnings. xerox, kodak, united technologies and quarterly results before the market opened. we'll see how the investors react when we go live to the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> right now our top story volunteers are about to fan out across contra costa county to begin counting the homeless. it will be to get public funds to help with medical and other services for those in need. terry mcsweeney is live in witch mond to tell us how it will work. >> it's going to work like this. the volunteers gathering here at the grip building in richmond at the greater richmond interface program building are gathering right now or laying out their strategy where they're going to go, who's going to go where and
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they're going to tally up the number of homeless and it's going to translate in millions of federal money. take a look at the pictures from a couple years ago. they do it every two years to get a snapshot picture of exactly how many homeless are in the county. the number one program they're trying to help out, permanent housing. it bases assistance on it. here alone it's meant $9 million a year for substance abuse treatment programs, job training and of course the permanent housing i mentioned. a short time ago i asked the director of the homeless program for contra costa county how do you count this transient population? >> we have outreach teams that go to encampment area where most wouldn't see homeless people living by driving down the street. by familiarity and doing it daily, they have a pretty good idea where homeless people are living in encampment areas throughout the county. >> they also count people in the
6:32 am
street, for example, those pushing their shopping carts or those that seem to have all their worldly belongings with them. the count begins first light. they're organizing right now. it is estimated that there are about 4,000 people at any given time in contra costa county. the people going out this morning are going to get a better handle on that number. we're going out with some of those volunteers. we'll have that at midday live this morning. >> terry, thanks a lot. 6:32 now. we expect to find out more about the circumstances that led police to fatally shoot a man in the rural hills east of san jose. it happened around noon yesterday in a ravine. it was possibly a suspect that burglarized another home. he was armed with a knife. sheriff deputies were questioning neighbors in the sparsely populated area following the shooting. >> yeah. i was questioned by one of your
6:33 am
deputies, hey, did you see any homeless encampments, vagrant are, suspicious people walking around. that led me to believe they knew the person didn't belong up here. >> rescue crews were called in to pull the body out of the steep ravine. no word on his identity. >> commuters should expect delays to highway 24. all but one lane at minor road are still closed. it had to be closed yesterday after a suspect crashed a stolen s.u.v. into a power pole while trying to escape from police. it was one it have two vehicles stolen from the same family in the last 24 hours. pg&e crews are still at the scene working to replace the power pole. >> a search resumes for a kidnapped four-year-old boy. last night family, friends and community members gathered for a candlelight vigil in patterson to mark a week since giuliani was taken from his grandmother's arms from josé rodriguez, the
6:34 am
former boyfriend of giuliani's mother. >> with every day, you know, it gets harder. it gets harder to keep the faith, you know. it's already been a week. >> for days now divers have scoured the canal after reports that a car that looked like the one driven by the kidnapper was seen going into it. police and sheriff's crews have found ten cars in the canal but none used for the abduction. >> police are investigating the disappearance of a school teacher. 53-year-old deborah schmidt was last seen a week ago in her classroom. she had left a thank you note on the block board and school keys. she did not return to school. she left her vehicle, identification and credit cards. at this point investigators say she may be in need of her
6:35 am
prescribed medication. >> today the oakland union nighed school board will consider giving pay raises to employees while also trimming its budget deficit by $12 million. our media partner the oakland tribune says the current proposal includes a 2% raise for all district employees at a cost of $2 million. at the same time oakland school principals are asked to cut their school's budget by 13%. she believes employees deserve a raise but she's concerned about the economic climate. soon shoppers in marin county won't get to choose between paper and plastic at the grocery store. the board of supervisors voted to outlaw plastic bags at the checkout counter. the measure imposes a 5 cent surcharge on paper bags. the board enacted the ban without studying its environmental impact and they're
6:36 am
vowing to sue to keep the ban from taking effect. the ban takes effect next year in marin county's unincorporated areas. >> toyota's qual control woes are growing again. the japanese auto maker is recalling 1.7 million vehicles around the world for various defects that may cause fuel leakage. among the cars are the is and gs luxury models here in north america. the defects haven't caused any accidents. japan had the largest number of vehicles effected with 1.3 million being recalled. >> let's get a look at the weather forecast and find out when those temperatures are going to return to normal. this is january. >> and this is day 8 of records being broken, mike? >> day eight. good thing we're not going past ten, i'd run out of fingers. it's been a phenomenal run. we've lived through history the last seven days and today we'll do it again.
6:37 am
get you out the door and let you know quarter mile visibility in concord, fairfield, half mile santa rosa. napa two and a half. as you head out highway 4 to antioch, brentwood, that area you're going to find dense fog and that's going to make the morning commute a little difficult from time to time. as far as our temperatures they're running in the low to mid-40s most inland areas. around napa and vos, we have low 40s redwood city. here's the real kicker. look at san francisco. you think impressive at 53, then you look at half moon bay, 63 degrees right now in half moon bay. that's 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. most of us are at yesterday's temperature. if not, 1 to 4 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago and that's going to springboard us to warmer weather this afternoon. temperatures remain pretty much the same by 8:00 but by noon already upper 50s to near 60. maybe cooler in the east bay valleys because of the fog.
6:38 am
by 4:00 all in the mid to upper 60s. even 68 at half moon bay. your 7-day forecast, we'll make another run tomorrow but that will be it. the winds of change come in friday. you'll notice a 10 to 15 degree temperature drop by sunday. >> heading into san francisco on the bay bridge, expect about a 15 minute delay making your way through the toll plaza and heading into san francisco. metering lights have been turned on and we have a backup to the west grand overcrossing. a live look at walnut creek where it's foggy. this is 680 right at the north main exit. low visibility southbound into the san ramon valley. chp has issued fog advisory for parts-solano and contra costa county as well as the carquinez bring. allow extra time commuting through those areas this morning. we have a crash on the nimitz freeway. an injury crack bloshing t
6:39 am
two -- blocking traffic. it's slow making your way out of antioch on westbound 4 from lone tree way to 340 and a foggy area through the altamont pass, almost a half hour from 205 to 680. highway 37 to the carquinez bridge, 6 minutes. we have a fog advisory on the carquinez bridge. eric, kristen? >> megan's in for frances this morning. thank you very much. >> trading's underway on wall street. a live report from the new york stock exchange straight ahead. here's a live look at the big board. the dow is down 7 money markets. >> a critical milestone for one of the most anticipated bay area road improvement projects. >> this is our generation's spudnick moment. >> president obama's call to all americans and why this is a very different kind of state of the union. >> i'm amy holyfield live in san
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♪ 6:43. time for your travel forecast. the big story the fog, not only here in the bay where it will hang around until 11:00 but the central valley where it will linger longer into the afternoon, 1:00. visibility less than a quarter mile, occasionally less than that. especially the central valley. fresno 56. sacramento 62. no fog 74 chico. sunshine and 69 in big sur. we'll have 46 with no snow in tahoe, 50 yosemite, dry there also. mid to upper 70s san diego and los angeles. here's kristen with more news. >> mike, thank you. it's 6:43. president obama is traveling to wisconsin as part of his white
6:44 am
house to main street tour. he'll be touting the economy, the same topic that was the focus of his state of the union last night. republicans and democrats sat together resulting in more than just a symbolic gesture. >> the president began by acknowledging the empty chair of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and calling on congress to put a side the noise and rancor of partisan politics. >> what comes at this moment is up to us. what comes at this moment will be determined not by whether we can fit together tonight but whether we can work together tomorrow. >> the theme of the speech in winning the future. >> this is our generation's spudnick moment. >> the president says the country must invest in biomedical research, information technology and clean injure. >> i'm asking congress to eliminate the billions in taxes we currently give to oil
6:45 am
companies. (applause) >> i don't know if you've noticed but they're doing just fine on their own. >> he also called for investments in education and not just in dollars. >> we need to teach our kids it's not just the wish of the super bowl who deserves to be celebrated but the winner of the science fair. >> and the third step? investing in the nation's infrastructure. >> we'll put more americans to work repairing crumbling roads and bridges. >> he advocated closing loopholes and lowering the corporate income tax race for the first time in years. he will cut relun dant regulations. >> instead of refighting the battle the last two years, let's fix what needs fixing and let's move forward. >> moving forward without taking a particular position left
6:46 am
republicans little to push against. >> that skepticism is justified, especially when it comes to spending. >> the president said the economy is coming around and in the past year unemployment has fallen by half a percent. the dow is up 17% but the deficit is also up 1.7 trillion dollars and home prices are down. mark matthews, abc 7 news. >> the mayors of california's largest cities are meeting with governor jerry brown today to tell him how his proposal to eliminate redevelopment throughout the state will hurt the economy. the bay area mayors include ed lee of san francisco, jean quan of oakland and san jose's chuck reid. the governor has proposed eliminating redevelopment agencies to trim the budget deficit and diverting an estimated $1.7 billion to schools and public safety instead. reid and the other mayors say redevelopment is one of the only tools the city has left to spur job creation.
6:47 am
>> 6:46. wall street is searching for clues about yahoo's future and that old child's car seat or stroller may be worth something. >> jane king joins us live with our "moneyscope" report. hi, jane. >> hello, eric and kristen. my little baby girl about ready to grow out of the crib so maybe something for me. investors responding to all the headlines out of yahoo are here today. way below analysts' estimates. microsoft hurting yahoo's profits. ceo carol bartz say it's not producing as much revenue as expected. the "new york post" saying yahoo cutting 150 jobs. on google doing better. kind of a theme here between these two captains. the company said yesterday 2011 would be the biggest hiring year
6:48 am
ever with more than 6,000 people expected to be hired. i guess they're waiting on the fed, come out with their decision. we don't expect any change this afternoon. silicon valley index up slightly. toys r us announcing another trade-in program starting this friday. bring in strollers, cribs, get a 25% discount on new products. the tray-in good until february 21st. the world's biggest chip maker black-eyed peas. >> thanks a lot. more news for you right now. more than 900 jobs will be available at the hiring event we're sponsoring today. some companies include verizon wireless, valley yellow pages and state farm insurance. they need accountants, loan
6:49 am
officers, software developments and more. the event is co-sponsored by abc 7 and the job currently from noon to 4:00 at the convention center on airport boulevard. >> a lot of folks will be all dressed in suits for that event. >> if you're standing in the sunshine it will feel warmer but i think everybody will feel comfortable. >> okay to wear flip-flops with a suit today? >> what do you think, kristen? >> for a job interview? wouldn't advise it. >> toes, whatever, if they're done. beautiful picture. look how clear the area is over the bay area all the way back to the dominant stance of mount diablo in the east bay this morning. let's talk about temperatures and fog. temperatures are running rather cooling in the north bay. in the upper 30s. thick fog along the highway
6:50 am
corridor from wentwood all the way to walnut creek. around the bay lower 40s redwood city. 53 san francisco. and 63 half moon bay this morning. mid to upper 40s around the monterey bay into salinas. about 35 in gilroy. today it will be day 8 of record warm temperatures. not quite as cold tonight but fog in the same areas we've seen this morning. going to bring in seasonably cool temperatures. today the land breeze. that means livermore, san francisco, 8 degrees above average. sunrise 7:18, sexual set 5:26. look for the asterisk. that's where record highs possible, 71 san jose. 69 to 71, that's the temperature spread in the south bay. pretty much the same spread on the peninsula where redwood city should have a record high today.
6:51 am
68 pacifica, 66 sunset. upper 60s for downtown and south san francisco. mid to upper 60s through the north bay. fog will slow your temperatures down. we'll have mid-60s to near 70 on the east bay shore. low to mid-60s throughout most of the east bay valley. if you head to no fog, you get the upper 60s, mid-70s the monterey bay to 80 in salinas. tulie fog in the east bay and fog developing in the north bay valleys where we'll have upper 40s around the bay and out to the coast. san francisco possibly around 52 degrees. 7-day forecast, tomorrow day nine in the final day of record high temperatures. our temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler. no rain in the forecast. have a beautiful picture. walking along ocean beach, this is what you will see. the signs of spring? yeah, beautiful yellow flowers.
6:52 am
such a gorgeous picture. ed with love to see if you had those or video. just upload them or e-mail them to us. have a great day h1-n1 here's megan with a look at your morning commute. >> this is not the morning to be in a rush because it's foggy. we have areas of very low visibility. this is a live look at walnut creek at 680. chp has a fog advisory for the carquinez bridge, highway 4 at willow and contra costa and areas of solano county. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights have been turned on. we have a backup west grand overcrossing. about a 15 minute wait time here and head into san francisco. we are expecting delays along highway 24 this morning due to
6:53 am
the emergency repair work on a major connector in orinda. only one lane of traffic is open on camino pablo on mineyor rod and due to a crash of a downed power pole. chp on the scene there. for the latest go to and click on the traffic link. eric and. >> megan, thank you. 6:53 now. a major break-through at devil's slide. caltran says they've now completed the excavation work of the two tunnels they've been digging as a bypass of a treacherous stretch of highway 1 near pacifica. crews have been digging nearly two and a half years now. they have to line the tunnels, pave the roadway and install the lights. the bypass is expected to be open to traffic early next year. >> the city of san bruno will finally begin distributing the nearly $400,000 in donations. >> amy is live in san bruno with details. >> it's been quite a controversy
6:54 am
here, who to give the money to, how much to give them. about $400,000 was donated through the city. city officials decided to hold on to it while red cross and pg&e were handing out money but the victims spoke out at public hearings and say they wanted it now. after many discussion officials agreed to a tiered system. the 38 people who lost their homes will get the most, $6,000. those with minor damage will get $1,000. they're going to start handing that money out today. they can pick up the money here at city hall when it opens up at 8:00 this morning. this will be four months after the disaster. other top stories in the east bay, these where terry mcsweeney is this morning. what's the latest out there? >> good morning, amy. i'm here at richmond at the greater richmond interfaith program building and volunteers are in there now, fanning out in
6:55 am
just a little while looking for the county's homeless. it's the homeless population count. take a look at the count that occurs here. it happens every two years. health services, homeless programs, volunteers going out in just a little bit. an effort to make sure the county has an accurate count for the federal government of the number of homeless people in the county. that translates into money as in $9 million per year for contra costa county alone. the homeless program here in the county provides case management, substance abuse treatment, employment training and what they say the most important, permanent housing. starting in just a little bit going out and get a much better idea looking in parks, looking under the bart overpasses and near train tracks where the homeless live and getting an accurate idea so they can give that to the federal government to get that federal government
6:56 am
money. live in rich mopped, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. final check on weather and traffic. >> start by taking a look at visibilities outside rather low in some areas like the north and east bay valleys. in fact, we have a dense fog advisory for those areas, especially the north bay and east bay valleys until 11:00. as you head into the central valley, that tulie fog could hang around until 1:00 this afternoon. dangerous driving on 99, on 5 and even 80. visibility quarter of a mile faired and concord. if you're leaving now temperatures all over the scale from upper 30s, rose, napa. the rest of us 40s. 63 half moon bay. day 8 of record high temperatures as we are in the upper 60s to near 70. day nine tomorrow and then it's over. much cooler by the week. macon and.
6:57 am
>> heading into san francisco on the bay bridge, allow a wait time. metering lights on and the backup to the west grand overcrossing. allow extra time commuting through contra costa county and parts of solano county. check out this live shot of walnut creek. this is 680 right at the north bane exit. areas of low visibility as you make your way into the san ramon valley. a fog advisory in effect at carquinez bridge, willow and contra costa county. mass transit a great idea to skip those foggy conditions. ace, muni, bart, caltrain all running on schedule. >> let somebody else do the driving. megan, thank you very much. thank you for joining us with the abc 7 morning news. >> we'll be back with a local news update at 7:24 it is join us at 11:00. stay connected 24/7 at our website
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