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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  January 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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jose and juliani is not in the car. >> the search for a kidnapped boy in a dangerous new direction. >> and they can't call home, so they are calling on god. violent protests in egypt leaves the bay area family aping shoes for word from
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unfortunately the vehicle was empty. jose and juliani are not in the car. >> the car connected to a kidnapped boy and the man who grabbed him has been pulled out of the central valley canal, but no one is inside. tonight the mother of little juliani is holding out hope. >> i still believe he is out there somewhere. >> abc7's leslie brinkly is live in patterson with the latest on all of this. leslie? >> i can tell you i am here in front of the family's home. you can see the sheriff's car
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still in home. and all across the cul-de-sac you can see candles in the front yards burning still tonight in hope. there there was hope the resurrection of the hope -- of course, the car was found with no body. for others there was the grim possibility that they hated to acknowledge. >> unfortunately the vehicle was empty. jose and guiliani are not in the car. >> by night fall the silver toy crow tau was -- silver toyota was pulled out. >> detectives have to go through the outside to find the evidence. the vehicle is badly damaged because of having been in the water. >> they descended in and it was located in two sections of the canal. it is designed to move water under the creek bed through three 15 by 15 foot square
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tubes. they found the silver corolla lodged inside one of those tubes. a sophisticated sonar got close enough to read the license plate. >> we are going to continue to search the siphon. we will continue to search the canal downstream, and we are going to continue to look and hold out hope. >> officials said with the 42-degree word bodies would not surface for 14 days. meanwhile, outside juliani's home in patterson, there was silence as friends and neighbors prayed inside. >> are they holding out hope? >> absolutely. they are always holding out hope until there is finality. >> the mood in the home is still hopeful and faith that this child will come home safely. >> neighbors set candles on on their doorsteps after watching the car brought up from the canal on tv. >> broke down. i broke down. >> she has been worried since she heard the kidnapping suspect yell at juliani's
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family in the past. >> he would come in here and threaten them. >> juliani's mother was near sacramento for a vigil and expressedy ter national hope. -- expressedy ter national hope. >> as a mom you would think i would get a gut feeling like something is ng wrote. i never have gotten that feeling. that's why i believe he is out there somewhere. >> tomorrow in the morning officials will be back out at the canal to resume their search. this time not for a car, but possibly bodies in the canal. leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. president obama is stepping up the pressure on egypt after massive anti-government protests there today. protesters are demanding egyptian president mubarak step down from his 30-year rule. he said he is dismissing his
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cabinet and forming a new one. president obama phoned mu bar rok and urged him to -- mubarak and urged him to take concrete steps and refrain against violence against protestor. >> continue to stand up for the rights of the egyptian people and work with their government in pursuit of a future that is more just, more free and more hopeful. >> as evening fell, many protesters stopped to pray. the demonstrations started soon after. people were desperate to tell their stories. >> people are out on the streets and thousands protesting. >> the only u.s. air carrier that flies directly to egypt has canceled two flights
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between cairo and new york. many with families in egypt are praying for a peaceful end to on the violence halfway around the world. lilian kim is here with their story. >> with many of the communication lines cutoff, many are having a hard time coping with what is going on in their homeland. tonight they got together and found strength in prayer. what was supposed to be a regular friday night meeting turned into a prayer service. most of the members of the orthodox church have friends and family in egypt, and tonight they pray for their safety. >> it is really scary. i feel like we are watching history in the making. it is a resolution and i hope the end result is something that is great. but i think nobody knows what will come of it. >> since the violent demonstrations broke out, many in the bay area haven't been able to get through to friends and family. the egyptian government have restricted internet and cell phone service. even those who can get through are choosing not to for fear
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the lines could be taped or traced. which means for most, all they have been able to do is watch the turmoil unfold on television. and for members of the church, opinions are strong how the protests have been carried out so far. >> to make fires and to destroy the shops and the restaurants and the banks. >> all of this puts the u.s. government in a tough spot. well, it can't ignore the overwhelming call for a new regime. egypt is a major u.s. ally. the stanford professor joel brinkly is a former cory spawn department for the -- correspondent for the "new york times." the united he united states has needed egypt for terrorism intelligence and help with palestine issues and a variety of other things. >> it is a complicated situation. one these egyptian-americans can only hope will end peacefully. >> hopefully a change to the better and more democracy may
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be and more justice. that's what i hope for. >> there will be a rally for justice on market and montgomery in san francisco. >> thank you, lilian. anger is building in cairo. the weapons used by the egyptian forces they say came from this country. and this shows a teargas canister clearly stamped, "made in usa." tonight "night nightline" has extended coverage including with a key member of the obama administration who will not be there to advise the u.s. response. that's next on "nightline" right after this newscast at 11:35. there are new worries about gas pipeline safety now that pg&e can't find records for hundreds of miles of its pipes. the company told jackie spear that it cannot find records of who made or installed about
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30% of the 1800 miles of urban pipelines. the revelation could lead to the shut down of major pipelines for expensive testing. there are some documents we don't have. and so we are verifying everything. we are validating our records. >> pg&e thought it had a seem less pipe running under the neighborhood. that turned out not to be true. that's why they ordered them to confirm what is underground across the west of the system. governor brown is planning to take the keys from some state workers. he wants to selloff government cars to put a dent in the $25 billion budget deficit. the department of general services reports that california owns 11,000 cars and trucks, but are not used for public health and safety. many are driven rarely, or not at all. governor brown wants to cut california's fleet in half. >> it is all part of an on going effort to make this
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government as efficient and as effective as i possibly can make it. >> the state has issued permits that allow them to commute in official vehicles. they want to see that number cut in half as well. they plan to highlight the potential for economic growth in his state of the state address on monday night. a job around since the golden gate bridge has opened is going away. they voted to replace toll collectors with an electronic system starting september 2012. the bridge will collect tolls through fast track and scanning license plates. this move is expected to save $19 million over the next eight years. the district thinks it can reassign the 32 toll takers to the other positions. part of highway four will be closed for construction at midnight. all westbound lanes will be shut down from summersville road to leverage road in pittsburgh so the crews can
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lift and rotate an electronic message sign. it is part of a project to widen the freeway in that area. one lane of eastbound highway four will be closed until 7:00 tomorrow morning. still to come tonight, he sliped, she ran. an icy sidewalk helps a hostage get away. >> what is the other 12%? it is our secret. >> taco bell's no bull approach to questions about what's in its beef. and the affect of the unseasonably dry weather on our
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of whole grain and a good source of calcium? cereals they already love, like lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch. give your kids more of what they need to be their best. grow up strong, with big g kid cereals. ♪ >> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to taco bell has a major beef with its critics. the chain is fighting back against charges that it substituted beef with fillers. lisa amin gulezian talks about taco bell's reaction. >> i am president of taco bell. >> taco bell is unleashing its own aggressive campaign to prove where the beef really is. >> it contains 88% quality usda inspected beef. >> the company launched this youtube video today and bought pricey full page ads in major
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newspapers nationwide. this after an alabama law official filed a class action suit this week claiming the meat taco bell uses is one-third beef. >> this is a great headline. >> the ad reads -- "thank you for suing us. here is the truth of our seasoned beef." >> thank you for suing us. here are what the facts really are. i think the public will find this believable. >> sam singer knows crisis management. jack in the box hired him after an e-coli outbreak. they call it a strong move. >> they are coming back and counter attacking. and they are doing it with assuredness that gives the public the sense that they are telling the truth. >> the truth is somewhere between meat and what is called extenders. nonmeat substitutes meant to add bulk and texture. it includes isolated oat products and silicon dioxide which is essentially sand. it doesn't list this as an ingreed yept in the secret
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recipe. the taco bell customers wooy spoke with really -- the taco bell customers we spoke with really don't care. >> to me it doesn't matter if it is beef or some other filler. >> nationwide taco bell serves 35 million customers every week. the company's ceo says he does not know if the lawsuit is hurting sales. earnings reports will be out next week in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc news. the postal service are trying to figure out who sent a project tile to a woman. she thought she ordered a cooking mold through e bay, but she found a 40 millimeter anti-aircraft mortar in the box of her mail yesterday. she called police. the bomb squad evacuated several nearby apartment buildings, but it appears the device was harmless. a snow-covered icy sidewalk triped up a bank robber and allowed a hostage to sprint to safety. they cap you are tood these
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i'm menes of a -- he used her as a human shield outside the bank in takoma park, maryland. you can see a red cloud. that's the security dye pack and the money exploding. the robber will slip on the snow and the ice. the teller bolts and that's when six officers opened fire on him. >> the suspect came right toward him. it is a dangerous situation. it is something these officers have never seen in her career. >> the suspects died at the scene. a bullet grazed an officer's leg and his wound is described as minor of the. this january has been one of the driest in years. even so, we will have more water thanks to several fall storms. they measured the snowpack for the second time, and today's results show water content ranging from 108% of normal in the northern sierra to 176% of normal in the southern sierra.
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the sierra runoff provides a third of california's water. and we are expecting more water in the form of rain. sandhya patel is here with a look at the forecast for us. >> yeah, carolyn, we are going back to winter, and we will be seeing some fresh powder on the slopes. get ready for that. let me show you the current temperatures. we have 40s, 50s and we do have some areas of fog, and that is reducing visibility. three quarters of a mile and two and a half in fairfield, concord and also reporting fog in those locations. tomorrow morning you will be dealing with fog, and it will be dense in spots of the showers arrive tomorrow evening. showers are possible sunday morning, and look for cool and dry conditions as we head toward next week. just so we are giving uh quick idea, we are heading after two weeks of dry weather finally getting some rain. san francisco is at 105% of normal. oakland is at 104.
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santa rosa is well above average at 112% of normal. as you can see in the south bay, san jose is only 70% of average. ukiah 97 and sacramento is at 110% of normal. the rain hasn't arrived. it is clouds and fog tonight. mid30s to the mid40s. so watch out for the fog first thing in the morning. then the clouds will increase as this storl system -- as this storm system approaches. showers on saturday evening and really sticking around through the first half of sunday. look at the time lapse here. computer animation is showing you the cold front approaching. rain is approaching the north bay at 5:00. by 8:00 p.m. it is slicing across the coastal regions. and then behind the cold front, numerous showers on sunday morning. possibility of a thunderstorm or two. it can happen just about anywhere. as this low pressure tracks
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overhead, we will see colder air in sunday afternoon. it certainly will be a cooler day sunday and cool, dry conditions continuing into next week. rainfall totals are varied. up to an inch in the north bay. elsewhere you are looking at a 10th of an inch to three quarters of an inch to a quick-moving system. in the sierra nevada, snow returns this weekend. it has been two weeks. the first snow was since scran 14th. -- since january 14th. three to six inches at lake tahoe and 6 to 12 above 7,000 feet. if you are going to the sierra nevada, tomorrow will be your first chance to get up there before the snow actually comes in saturday night and into sunday. for saturday look for upper 50sin the south bay and 58 in san jose and 59 in campbell. on the peninsula, clouds and a little sun here and there. 56 in redwood city. coastal areas, pacifica 52, sunset 52. you are looking at temperatures in the mid50s
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for santa rosa and napa. the east bay community, clouds increasing. and the fog will hold you down. 56 in concord. 59 degrees in santa cruz. here is your accu-weather seven-day forecast -- showers saturday evening into sunday. possibility of a thunderstorm. then cool weather, low to mid50s for the afternoon highs. monday through friday, dry and some cold mornings coming up wednesday and thursday with freezing cold conditions. by the way, wednesday is groundhog day. we will see if punxsutawney phil sees his shadow. >> any pre duckses? -- predictions? >> i think he will see his shadow, and that means six more weeks of winter. it is devoted to making some of your favorite beverages. stay with us. 3q it's a beautiful day inside
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being in a movie. >> i can help them teach a class consuming what they are producing. if they need a center for that, i can run that. steven jackson returns to his old stomping grounds to stomp on the warriors. delivering pure agony in the
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with six bay area locations, one is closer than you think. captain jack returns to wreak havac on his old team. he delivered the dagger and then buried the warriors in a game that turned into absolute agony for golden state. jackson is killing them with kindness early and then scored 12 of charlotte's first 13 points. what a nice game. warriors up 16 at one point. somebody box him out, please. curry hot hand and corner three and knocks it down. steps into another three.
11:30 pm
curry with 27. wright falling down real hard on wallace. warriors up five and what could go wrong? well a few free throws and then the bobcats go for the tie. he breaks it in with 0.6 left on the clock. they go to overtime. and he is saying, boom! championship bells and more from jackson finishing with 31. absolutely devastating loss for golden state. 121-113. tiger woods not playing his best golf by any means, but he is in contention after two rounds of the farmers insurance open, and so is john daley. daley rocking the green pants and blends in with the course at torrey pines, or maybe not. he is eight under and three back of the leader. tiger with his second consecutive round of 69 and saving par on 17. he rallied late. he is five off the pace. phil mickelson and great to
11:31 pm
see his wife back on the course. eight under and tied for third with the daley. the world will be watching the superbowl nine days and there will be extra interest in berkeley with rogers leading the packers against the steelers. he had to wait on the bench behind brett favre and now the packers are his team. rogers had a near impossible task replacing the legend and pulled it off. >> brett favre has done phenomenal things and is very well respected, but the level that aaron is playing at right now, you have to mention him as the best in the game. >> the giants closer brian wilson has up ... ed his look -- has updated his look on the george lopez late show. he explained his nautical theme. >> what is happening with the outfit? >> well, when i meet folks for the first time they say, you look like a few characters, chuck norris is one of them. with a little edge.
11:32 pm
>> are you chuck norris with a little edge? >> a little bit. >> how would you relate your pitching to chuck norris? >> well, chuck norris has been known to throw a 100 mile an hour fast ball. i have been known to throw chuck norris 100 miles an hour. >> if you have been to a warrior game you have seen the trampoline guys, but never dunk himself off the trampoline and rattles himself around in the rim and down he goes. i don't know if he can do that if he tried. that sun believable. >> it is unbelievable. and it looked painful too. >> thank you, larry. >> have a greatttttttttttttttttt i have fallen in love with making bird houses. caw caw! [ director ]what is that? that's a horrible crow. here are some things that i'll make as little portals.
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