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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 1, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america, i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos, it's tuesday, february 1 and this morning, blizzard blowout. snow and ice take aim at the more than a third of the country from new england all of the way to new mexico. some cities brace for the worst storm in 40 years. breaking right now, the largest demonstrations yet. egyptians pour into the streets, demand president mubarak steps down as his grip loosens. we're on the ground at the heart of a revolution. the challengers can anything stop mitt romney from taking on president obama. we ask him as he weighs in on the crisis in egypt, health care and the race for the white house. and shark invasion, have you ever seen so many? why thousands of sharks are lurking just off a florida
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beach. good morning, for so many of you watching right now time to get ready for the big one. robin, seems like every single week, we're waiting for a new storm, and this is the worst one yet. >> just getting started and it's a real messy mix, snow and ice expected to cover more than 2,100 miles from the northeast to southeast with indianapolis expecting the worst of the ice, an inch or more. the nation's ice zone, it's as if the state of texas turned into a skating rink. it's so massive. it's close to that size and winter storm warnings for new york city, boston, with predictions the ice is worst than first expected. >> it's gotten so bad that the federal emergency management association is helping states deal with the impact and federal government dealing with that other major story this morning, the demonstrations in egypt. look at these live pictures of liberation square in cairo, more than 100,000 have gathered. the army said it will not
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intervene, will not take on the protesters. troops are standing by peacefully at that hour and that announcement is increasing pressure on president mubarak to step aside. some opposition groups saying they won't negotiate until he steps aside. our team is on the scene, and we'll get to them in just a moment. >> but first our team covering the mass of storms in the mid west. sam champion in chicago this morning. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. good morning, george. as you said this is the biggest winter storm so far. we've got 2100 miles covered by this pattern of storms. we've seen 28 degree temperature drop in dallas, texas. ice and snow there. big snow going on in tulsa, and oklahoma city. let's show you where the ice something falling. this is about 1500 mile path.
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the ice could be the worst part this snow system. once you're in ice, it's almost impossible to get out of it. and the snow in this system will be measured in feet. chicago, possibly two feet. from blinding snow to bitter cold, this winter storm is already blasting snow and ice all across the midwest and now it's headed east. in its wake, mangled cars from dozens of weather-related accidents. in kansas city a bus full of students flipped over on this icy, narrow lane. in loveland, colorado, emergency crews responded after several cars lost control and tumbled off the highway. winter watches and warnings from new mexico to maine with blizzard warnings in at least nine states. take a look at this time lapse video from the storm spotters from oklahoma city to kansas city to chicago, expecting one to two feet of snow, chicago could receive its biggest snowfall in 40 years. this system could create potentially deadly conditions. fema has already dispatched teams with emergency supplies to
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six cities across the midwest. >> we know it's going to be bad, prepare like it's bad. >> where there isn't snow, there is accumulating ice. on sidewalks, roads and power lines, possibly an inch of ice expected in some places. >> i'm barbara pinto in indianapolis, you see the trouble under foot and above. thick coats of ice on everything. >> in denver temperatures may not get above zero today the first time that's happened in 15 years. clayton sandell is there. >> reporter: we poured water and as you can see, it's frozen solid after only 15 minutes. the real problem is water in your skin. that, too, can freeze if it's exposed, and with windchills here in denver 30 degrees below zero, frostbite kicks in only one minute. >> and while the rest of the country wait force those conditions to appear, some have been in those conditions all
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night long like m our ryan owens in new york city. good morning, ryan. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm 800 miles to the west and south of you. here in oklahoma city they're predicting a foot of snow. there's also easily 6 inches or so on the ground and the bigger news is really the wind. it has been howling, gusting at more than 50 miles an hour at some point this morning, so that is causing a windchill well below zero. >> the schools shut down here, so are most businesses. the governor has declared a state of emergency in all of oklahoma's 77 counties. and here's the problem. whatever does fall today, will not be going anywhere for a while. that's because this state is supposed to see the coldest temperatures it's seen in 15 years. george. >> it has really whipping, ryan. thanks very much. as we said, federal emergency officials taying this storm very seriously, trying to get ahead
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with t. and bianna golodryga is here with how big the impact will be. >> this is a colossal storm, affecting the vast majority of the country. particular concern are power outages from texas to new hampshire now just on the ground. here is what is happens, these are plane real time flying across the country. 3500 flights cons canceled today. 2 200 canceled tomorrow. take a look what that's costing the city. 20 million in new jersey, 38 million through the budget for snow cleanup in new york city, and, george, i'm not just reporting on this storm, i'm going to live it. i'm going to the airport after this. what are the odds you think i'll be getting out. if you need a until reporter at laguardia tomorrow, call me.
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>> that's a pretty safe bet. >> bring sweat pants just in case. >> tips on how to prepare for this protect yourself from the storm at abc news news/gma. we'll move on to the other big story, of course, what's going on in egypt right now with tens of thousands of protesters are there at the biggest demonstrations we've seen as yet. christiane amanpour is there in cairo for us, we'll talk to her in just a moment. lama hasan is in the middle of it all. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, you're right. forgive me if you can't hear me because of the loud chants and music coming from the square. we're just overlooking the biggest demonstrations we've seen so far. look, men, women, young and old, all united by one message. they're all saying they want president mubarak to step down. and hearing all kinds of chants from mubarak you must leave to
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mubarak, you are a coward and collaborating with americans, and finally, mubarak, you leave, we're not going to leave, alluding to the fact they'll stay in the square for however it takes until their demands are met. we're expecting this protest to get bigger, people are still pouring into the square and this protest so far has been a peaceful one. >> thank you very much, stay safe there. we saw the tens of thousands of people streaming there and the biggest protests we've seen since the demonstrations began a year ago. christiane amanpour, we're starting to see concession by president mubarak, army standing by, as the protesters allowed to continue. the big question is, is this enough for mubarak to save his position? >> reporter: that is the big question, everybody is waiting to see whether that will be the case. these huge protests are sending a very long and strong and sustained message. at the same time, president mubarak yesterday authorized his vice president to open immediate
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dialogue with the opposition but the response from the opposition today is yes they want a national conversation said mohammed elbaradei and the muslim brotherhood but no, they would not start a conversation with the government until president mubarak leaves. these demands look like they're getting harder and harder by the opposition. now, we also are seeing from our vantage point just behind me you see a highway, a bridge that turned into a parking lot as more and more people have to abandon their cars to go into the central tahrir or liberation square. on the bridge behind that is absolutely full of people walking in. and in the meantime, of course, this is being watched by the u.s. administration and special envoy, former ambassador to egypt and other strategic places over the last 24 hours, talking to president mubarak. robin? >> yes, because you talk about that connection, christiane, and the u.s. has been able to work somewhat with mubarak over these many years, these many decades and the question would be, the
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successor, if there is a successor, that relationship, what that relationship would be with the u.s. >> reporter: this is what is troubling the u.s., countries in the region and israel, they don't know what will happen in a post-mubarak situation. now, many people who we've talked to here and have actually waved flags at us and signs at us saying we're friends with the united states, we are friends with israel. they're mindful that egypt is one of the only two countries in arab world which has signed a peace treaty with egypt, with israel, rather, and many people told us they have no expectation of their alliances being overthrown but still people are suspicious, they don't know in the absence of a strong and unified opposition leader, what the future will hold. again and again people tell us what we want is what you have, freedom, democracy, and the opportunity for a better life. >> i have to tell you, watching the protesters from this distance and having seen other
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protests in the arab world, it does appear to be different. is that fair to say? >> reporter: it is fair to say, because we've seen over the years protests erupting in various capitals for various reasons where the political or economic, and this one obviously started a week ago with some violence because the police were on the streets, mr. were battle, people were injured and killed. on friday police were pulled back and military deployed. so, this is entirely peaceful and has been since the late hours of friday. and if this sparks a change, whether it's revolution or an evolution of the political system, and if it stays like this and the army keeps to its word and does not use force against the people, it will mean an extraordinary and unprecedented move. that would be political change in an entirely peaceful way in the arab world. robin? >> we'll see what happens we'll
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check back with you later in the morning. thank you so very much. let's go over now to george. let's get more on how the president is handling the situation from jake tapper at the white house. jake, we just heard christiane say the president sent former ambassador to egypt there for talks with the government and op figures. is that a sign that the administration's moving toward a more explicit call for mubarak to step aside? >> reporter: well, they have not yet made that call but tone has certainly shifted from last week when protesters call ford reforms and president mubarak described the process of reshuffling his cabinet, the white house feels that mubarak lost an opportunity there to get ahead of the protest. you hear the protesters calling for mubarak to step down, so they did send frank wisner. on sunday, wisner, they're not commenting on what the message is, other than for mubarak and
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the government to initiate political reforms. if the white house were to send someone to deliver a tough message to mubarak, wisner would be the one to do it, he was ambassador to egypt during the golden age of relations between the u.s. and egypt, in the '80s and early bush, senior, administration, he would be the one to deliver a tough message. >> he's one tough man. thank you. and for more on this, we turn to one of the men looking to replace president obama, former massachusetts governor mitt romney came in second to john mccain for the republican nomination in 2008. he's the next guest in our series "vote 2012, the challengers" and written a best-seller "no apology, believe in america" out in paperbook. thanks for coming in this morning. >> thanks, george, good to be with you. >> if were you in the oval office now would you tell president mubarak go? >> we have to make it clear to the people in egypt that we stand for the voice of democracy and freedom and we have to communicate as the administration has we would like to see a transition to a permanent democracy, not just a
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one-time, one-vote and extremists take over. instead of permanent democracy with the rule of law, with the support for the allies that existed in the past and that kind of transition i think would be best undertaken if president mubarak would step out of the way or lead the transition. i don't know i would say to the president you should call for mubarak's resignation. that, i think flies in the face of a long history of the friendship between he and our country and our friends. but it's very clear that he needs to move on and to transition to the voices of democrat congratulations. >> sounds like you have no quarrel with how the administration is handling this so far. >> i think they got off to a rocky start. i think some of the early statements were misguided. they want to see transition, and i think that's right. and you'll see mr. wisner and others will say there is a transition that you or mr. mubarak leads to voice of democracy on a street.
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we are a nation who demands freedom, free enterprise, democracy, right course for egypt. >> let's turn now to health care, a major court ruling, federal judge down in florida targeted individual mandates that the president obama health care reform is unconstitutional and in doing that, he wrote this, he said "it is difficult to imagine that a nation which began as result of opposition to a british mandate giving the east india company a monopoly and imposing a nominal tax on all tea sales in america would create a government with power to force people to buy tea in the first place." do you agree with with that? >> i do. i think it is a very bad piece of legislation. i think the president should have been more attune to what we did in our own state. which is that we allowed each state to create a solution to the issue of the uninsured in the way states thought best, that's the what the constitution intend. we're a federalist system, we don't need the federal government imposing a one size fits all plan on the nation. >> he was talking about requirement that people buy health insurance, you had that
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same requirement in massachusetts. why is it right for a state to impose that kind of a mandate and not the federal government? >> states have rights. the federal government doesn't have. under the 10th amendment of the constitution, the powers of the federal government are specifically limited. states have right to mandate kids going to school, auto insurance, states have rights they can exercise, try different things in different states. find out what works and what doesn't. the last thing you want to see is the federal government usurping the power of states. this is a federalist nation. by the way, it's also bad policy. what works in one state is not going to work somewhere else. i'll be the first to tell you as well, our plan isn't working perfectly. there are a number of things i would do differently the second time around and right thing for the president to do now with these decisions saying his bill is unconstitutional with the house taking action to repeal it, with the senate considering doing so, he should press the pause button and say let's hold back on this obamacare.
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>> i'm interested in the distinction you're drawing on, but it's not going far enough for many republicans, as you know, even karl rove, president bush's former adviser, number one challenge to you getting nomination in the republican party is your support for individual mandate. you have to find some way to work around it but you're sticking by the title of your book, no apology. you won't apologize for the individual mandate? >> i would indicate differently, i point that out. >> is that one of them? >> i won't apologize for rights of state to craft plans in bey partisan basis they think will help their people. >> but i can tell you this, which is the politics of it are something i'm not going to give a lot of worry to. i'll focus on the things i believe. >> are you apologizing for imposing that requirement that people buy health insurance. >> of course not. i'm not apologizing for it. i'm indicating that we, in one direction, and there are other possible directions. i like to see states pursue their own ideas, see which ideas work best. that was the whole idea of our federal democracy, have people
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able to try different ideas state to state but what we did not do was say that the federal government could make its choice and impose that on all of the states. that's one reason why this bill is unconstitutional. >> you're leading the republican pack in fund-raising, is there anything that can stop you from take on president obama? >> well, i haven't made a decision yet as to what we'll do. that decision will be made down the road. but i can tell that you i'm very drawn to the fact that this country needs someone who has private sector experience because this economy is troubled. we've got a president who says a lot of the right things but doesn't know how to get the job done. almost everything he has done in his first two years has made it more difficult for our economy to grow. it's been the most anti-investment, anti-job, anti-growth administration we've seen in a long time. i'm inclined to make sure there is somebody in the race who understands how the economy work, and can get jobs back.
7:19 am
>> i notice once change from the last campaign already. you're not wearing a tie. >> i'm not a candidate, i'm just having fun. >> what else did you learn from the last run? what mistake won't you make the second time around if you run? >> i'm sure i'll avoid some mistakes last time but i'll make new ones this time. probably first and foremost is to make sure your message gets through. that you don't get diverted by all of the daily events and speak on every possible topic but focus on what you care about. in my case, getting america working again, getting our economy strong so we can protect ourselves globally, provide freedom for our service and our friends and our kids. >> governor romney thank you, hope you come back when you're an official candidate. you can read a chapter from his book on let's go back to sam with the rest of the weather in chicago. >> hey, george.
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the weather that continues to astound and amaze. take a look at this graphic, because it's amazing. here's the warnings and watching out for all of the country. we're not showing the severe rain problems and weather problems in the southeast this. is just the winter stuff. a quick look what else is going on in the country. if you don't think this is cold enough to keep it in the form mf ice and snow. take a look at windchills, 55 below in glasgow right now. storms in texas near houston, some severe weather in the south. we are live in beautiful chicago this morning, george, robin? od
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we are live in beautiful chicago this morning, george, robin? >> stay bundled up there. coming up, a closer look at the tampa mother accused of killing her two children. were warning signs missed? and the key to sleeping better, the 15-minute surgery
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internet to search for phone numbers. as a result phone books end up in the trash. under chew's plan companies would be fined $500 for leaving them at doorsteps without permission. it would not affect the white pages. act being chief police chris moore recommended to be the new chief. the council would vote on his selection. there is opposition from minority groups though call him an department insider. they question whether he would institute changes they feel are needed. >> frances, your accident? >> a new crash at oakland. northbound 880 at fifth. that's oakland northbound 880 at fifth. you may want to consider 580. we'll check on speeds in my next report. what's been jammed all morning
7:26 am
is north 101 in san jose. slow from highway 85 all the way up to 880 because of earlier accidents. you'll find heavy traffic as well an northbound 280 but the bay bridge toll plaza only backed >> all new. oprah and 378 harpo staffers go vegan for one week. then -- oprah: lisa ling finds out -- where does our meat come from? wawawawawawawawawawawawawawaw a
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good morning from our sutro camera. isn't it beautiful. lots of low clouds and fog though in the lower elevations. north bay valleys to the east bay valleys and look at santa rosa. feels like it's 32. not only foggy in our north and east bay but cold. airport delays at sfo. looking at that fog to lift and then we'll see sunshine, beautiful day, low 60s. look ahead, sunny and warmer all week long but with thosesesesese
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we often wonder about those cameras at lights, take a picture as a car is flying through trying to beat the light but do they really ep sprept accidents like the ones you're seeing right now? there is a new study that we believe you need to hear. time and time and again we see that. as we say good morning, america on tuesday, i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos. this is a horrible story what drove a grouch teens to bully this boy here, hanging him up from a metal fencepost? we'll take a closer look at what police are calling a wolf did the dl pack. >> this is flat-out assault watching this video. >> like a lynching. >> could there be a cure for snoring? oh, goodness, you heard it. that wasn't you, was it, george?
7:31 am
new treatment -- >> may be, actually. >> as you were saying, may save some marriages as well. >> i've had the whole room banden me at various times. >> even the dogs ar s aren't th. the tampa mother accused of killing her two teenaged children, we're learning more about julie schenecker and a family life that was not as perfect as it may have seen. yunji de nies with information about the family and a sign of trounl three months ago? good morning. >> reporter: that's right, robin. good morning. we're learning a lot more about this family and some of the warning signs that may have been missed outside their gated community this morning. this memorial continues to grow and what makes it all hit home is so many of those coming here are themselves teenagers just like the victims. julie schenecker cried softly in her first court appearance, this suburban mom perhaps the last person anyone would expect to see with "inmate" across their
7:32 am
chest. police went to the home in this upscale gated community and found her alone on the back porch. >> she was wearing a robe and there was blood on the robe. first they found the 16-year-old daughter upstairs in bedroom with gunshot wounds to head and 13-year-old son was in the front seat of the family suv. >> reporter: she told them they killed them because she was tired of their back talk. inside police found handwritten notes outlining the crime, written before and then updated after the shooting. >> it's hard to believe a mother authored the notes because it's a very methodical, nonemotional description of the murder of two innocent children. of her own children. >> reporter: so, what went wrong? in november, police visited the house after a school counselor was told her mother hit her, insurance including an incident where she backhanded her daughter in the face three
7:33 am
times. they closed case after concluding the teen had no signs of physical injury. that same month, schenecker got into a severe car accident. police report indicated she showed signs of drug impairment and mush-mouthed speech. we also spoke to this woman, who met color in schenecker and the children at an al-anon meeting for families struggle with addiction. she asked us not to show her face. >> i don't think anybody knew what they were doing, i think it was hidden. >> reporter: she said daughter spoke first. >> as soon as she tried to speak, she was bawling, no other words but "my mom." >> reporter: that's when color in schenecker took over. >> he didn't cry, didn't sound depressed, sounded like he was there to tell a story. >> reporter: what was that story? >> his wife had a drug and alcohol problem and they were there to talk by the and cope with it. >> reporter: and as you know, colonel schenecker was on assignment in the middle east at the time of the murders.
7:34 am
he is now back here in tampa and last night he released a statement saying that he is devoted to the lives and memory of his children. police tell us they do not expect him to support his wife. robin? >> can only imagine what he's going through right now. thank you. this is an unusual case for many reasons, joining us to talk about it is dr. michael wellner, a top forensic psychiatrist. good to have you in. we say unusual, not unusual for a mother to have drug and alcohol problems, we do see that but to go this far and to allegedly kill her children like this. of course, you have to think there is something much more there, mental issue here. >> best way to understand a case where a mother kills her children is to look in three directions. the relationship with the children, the relationship with the husband, and the relationship with the self. there could be psychiatric issues, there could be medical issues that contribute to suicidal thinking that contribute to how she relates to
7:35 am
the children and there could be drug and alcohol issues. those who have gone through addiction and dependence as family members and even in themselves, experience a dead deadening in how they relate to others and how they relate to themselves. there is a deadened quality, a banality of how she approached her relationship with her children. we don't know enough to say how drugs and alcohol or even psychiatric illness contributing. we look in three directions at this point. >> is there a trigger point? it seems from what we've been told, the son was in the car going to soccer practice, the daughter was sitting at her computer doing her homework zplf when a parent kills the children there is always a trigger point, in my professional experience. it's ironic, when we talk about mass shooting, i tell you there is not a trigger point. these kinds of cases there is. however, one thing we need to know is that this is not a case that is going to resemble the happy pictures you'll see.
7:36 am
in my professional experience in working in cases both where mothers kill their children and fathers kill children, there has been a progressive alienation that's gone on for some time. by the time the mother kills the children, there is a lot more distance there than you saw in the happy pictures of days gone by. >> very detached at that point in how -- >> that's right. it may be self-serving. the mother may detach because she may have suicidal thinking or there may be conflict, so both feed into each other at the same time. but that alienation is well in play by the time this -- it gets to a homicidal point. >> looks like premeditation here, talking about she got the gun. >> she wrote notes. >> wrote the notes. so, you think that if somebody is unstable they're not quite thinking in that regard? >> it tells you that intoxication is off the table. it tells you that a conflict over privileges that just es ka laid out of control, i want the car, you can't have the car, i want to go out, you can't. i want to date him, you can't.
7:37 am
those kind of things are describes in intrafamily homicide but when you see a note and a gun, that's not the case. >> but she could have 'delusion. don't know that. we don't noer medical state. she could be someone who was alien ated from the children or may be something in the dynamic with her husband. there are a couple of possibilities and it's important not to leap. >> talk a little bit more possibly with her husband. he was overseas, he's back now, giving indications he's not going to support his wife. he's there for the memory of his children. >> yeah. well, couple of things to keep in mind. first of all, in my professional experience and i consulted the prosecution in the and rhea yates case, rusty yates, most people don't remember this, when rusty yates came home and discovered his children were murdered, he yelled and screamed at his wife, how could you kill my children and she ignored him. he went to the jail. she blew him off.
7:38 am
she said, have a nice life. what happened? the media descended on the family, looked at him and said how could you leave your children alone with her? under that pressure, in my professional experience, sometimes oftentimes the husband will turn around and blame the sipsychiatrist or the communityr someone else because otherwise it draws scrutiny to him. this is not to take anything away from the husband because he was going to an al-anon meeting, involved in family support, but he wasn't there and those questions are painful, especially because he's asking them himself. i will say this, in closing, the sad experience i have as a professi professional, for desperate mother and parents, killing children is actually an option. that's unacceptable. that's the unacceptable message from the and rhea yates case. nobody speaks for the children, noah, luke, paul, mary, john,
7:39 am
those are the yates children. people don't remember them. and someone has to speak for the children because otherwise you have someone doing her homework and zbhets shot in the face. someone coming back to soccer practice who gets killed because the mother doesn't work at the issues. >> never an option. never. michael, thank you very much. we appreciate it. for other stories developing, let's go to juju cha chang. good morning. >> good morning. global financial markets are closely watching the massive pro nests ee jupt. one big concern, oil and whether tankers through the suez canal will be affected by the turmoil. oil prices are already at the highest level since 2008 and analysts fear gas prices here in the u.s. could rise by up to 20% as early as next month. new evidence of the impact the housing crisis is having on millions of families. new figures show only 66% of americans now own their homes, lowest rate since 1988. mortgage industry meltdown and foreclosures have wiped out more
7:40 am
homeowners than the housing boom created. a volcano in southern japan has erupted with its biggest explosion yet. today's blast was so powerful it shattered windows five miles away while launching boul ining into the air. residents had already been evacuated. eve wall been late to work but no idea if harry reid is your boss. he openly chewed out a senator for showing up five minutes late. he was supposed to lead the pledge of allegiances and made his boss late for an appointment. he said, you cannot do this. >> that's a mistake he won't make twice. check of the weather and sam who is there in chicago. good morning again, sam. >> good morning, robin, george, juju. we're going to look at wfaa in dallas, our friend there is with overnight pictures, temperatures dropped 25shgs 28 degrees, they went from what sounded like a stormy night to a snowy morning. real dlist and it will continue for a good part of the day there
7:41 am
and then the system will continue in a lot of other places. here is who gets ice out of this. a long line. it's about 1500 miles of a path of ice with the heaviest ice bull's-eyeing indianapolis and snow and often on top of the ice. so, this is really difficult to get through. and it could be more than a foot of snow, places like chicago are looking at two feast snow and when you add lake enhancement, could be three of snow and that system moves into boston. inland areas in new york state, massachusetts, vermont getting hit with very heavy amounts of snow. a quick look at the big board. storms rumbling through houston area as well. mild
7:42 am
> > here is what is ahead on "gma morning menu." remember lights on traffic cameras, they might stop accidents. did they? we'll talk about that. does someone you love snore at night? does it keep you awake? a brand new treatment may bring silence to the bedroom. that's a good thing. "dancing with the stars," i'm sorry tom bergeron, she's the lovely host and here to talk with us. (jennifer garner) there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there to cover up flaws and make skin look pretty but there's one that's so clever, it makes your skin look better even after you take it off. neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% of women saw improvement in their skin's natural texture, tone, or clarity. does your makeup do that?
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7:46 am
light. it's extremely dangerous, in 2009, red light rung kills 676 people and injured 100,000. when this car ignores the red it hits an suv which rolls on to a pedestrian. miraculously he survived. 3-year-old marcus was not so lucky, the car he was riding in was hit broadside but an unlicensed 17-year-old who blew through the light. marcus died two days later. >> nothing will ever be the same now that we don't have marcus here. it was all because of a bad decision a driver made. >> reporter: the insurance institute for highway safety found fatal intersection crashes can be dram atically reduced, people stop remember than get a ticket. fatal accidents in 14 cities with compares compared to those without. the cameras cut fatal red light
7:47 am
running crashes by 24%, even had a spillover effect at other intersections, saving 159 lives. the institute says if every large city had the cameras, 815 deaths would have been avoided. >> it's been a very significant safety benefit. >> red light cameras sound good but not good for you. >> reporter: opponents point to other studies which found yes, the cameras decreased this type of crash but can increase rear end accidents. when drivers slam on brakes to avoid the red light ticket. >> motorists don't like them. they feel they're unfair and sometimes can cause an accident. >> reporter: now, cameras do remain controversial and some say cities like them because they bring in lots of money from tickets. in hust ln recently residents there voted to turn the cameras off. this study will no doubt add to the ongoing debate. >> that is a lot of evidence there. lisa thank you. and coming up, the sound of silence. a cure for snoring that may make
7:48 am
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still ahead on "gma," how to save major money on groceries. we'll take you to a new kind of supermarket. also, "dancing with the stars" host brooke burke here to reveal the naked truth of her life, wait until you see the cover of her book. it is really something. >> just so happen to have it right here.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
safeway is opening six new bay area stores. those stores there be pleasanton, castro valley, campbell and burlingame. they are trying to get city approves for pleasant hill, berkeley and oakland. each store creates about 200 jobs. lisa has a look at the weather. >> cold and foggy in our north bay valleys. also the east bay valleys. some fog in san francisco and delays at the airport. but that fog will begin to dissipate the winds kick up today, especially east bay
7:57 am
valleys low to mid-60s. frances. >> an earlier injury accident has been cleared but traffic is horrible on northbound 880 from san leandro to fifth avenue in oakland. there's an injury crash at edgewood slowing things down. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary. who thinks she might be at risk for heart disease and it could be time to listen to her heart.
7:58 am
so she talked to her walgreens pharmacist who gave her a free blood pressure test and showed her how easy it is to do it herself at home. a message mary heard loud and clear. get a free blood pressure test any day in february at most walgreens and take care clinic locations. expertise. find it everywhere there's a walgreens.
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8:00 am
♪ you're as cold as ice >> so many folks this morning getting ready for the monster storm headed into the midwest. it could be the biggest some cities have seen, oh, in decades, talking 40 years. it will be cold as ice. and sleet and snow, all of that will be headed for the northeast and many of us still digging out from the last storm. >> we've been digging out since christmas. >> it does seem that way. >> not so bad in times square this morning, a dusting. >> we'll take it after what we've been through. >> big one coming tomorrow, especially for chicago. as the music fades out, we have some important news for supermarket this is morning.
8:01 am
elisabeth leamy looking at new places where shoppers look to cut their food bill, it's really working. also, brooke burke, i can't -- i have having -- brooke burke. that says it all right there, from her beauty and fitness secrets from behind the scenes "dancing with the stars" drama she has never revealed before, derek hough was her partner, did they get along? did they have go to counseling? >> we'll find out. >> he's taking some time off from "dancing with the stars" next season, has a movie coming up. >> no one has won more as a celebrity -- >> our cover girl here. zoom in. cover of "prevention" there is robin roberts. what a terrific picture. [ applause ] >> it ain't this cover. what a difference between these two covers right here.
8:02 am
love you, brooke. i talked about the milestone of 50 and some new details about the cancer, but you know who else is turning 50, thex week? that's right. i'm leading the way for you. >> thank you so much for that. went from being the youngest person -- >> easy, tiger -- easy -- sam turns 50, you're the young one over there, juju. >> i'm the baby. >> all right, all right. shall get to sam? >> let's get to sam. what's going on in chicago? >> younger than springtime, george and robin. let's get to it. this major storm that's moving mostly across the country. i mean, three-quarters of the country will be touched in some way by this system. dallas from overnight thunderstorms to early morning snow. big-time thunderstorms, severe weather in houston now. oklahoma city near blizzard conditions. chicagoland picked up some snow and will have blizzard conditions. here is who gets ice out of
8:03 am
this, a path of about 1500 mile stretch of ice. and we're talking about accumulating ice, in many cases about an inch thick of ice that will certainly make traveling difficult, drag down power lines, mean that you'll lose power in a lot of locations. snow will be measured in feet in many locations here in chicago, talking about possibly two feet of snow out of this system and with lake enhancement some areas could see three. george, robin? >> all right, sam, i know you're keeping a close eye on it. >>. >> disturbing case of bullying caught on tape. recorded on tape, police say by one of the participants, a 13-year-old pennsylvania boy, dragged through the snow, tossed as you see there into a tree. hanging by a group of seven teens. police arrest six of those boys on monday andrea canning in upper darby, pennsylvania, with more. so disturbing to see continuing stories like this unfortunately. >> reporter: it really is, we
8:04 am
see them all of the time. police calling this a wolfpack mentality. the boy claims he was hunted down on his way home from school for no reason. alleged bullies as young as 13, recorded the whole thing, seven minutes of a 30-minute attack. this cell phone video shows a 13-year-old boy being kicked, dragged through the snow and then hoisted into a tree by his alleged attackers. in the video we blurred to protect their identities, he tries to run away but is caught again and finally after several attempts the bullies hang him by his jacket on a tall metal fence. >> they could have killed that kid. impaling him by that metal barrier. this scream was screaming for help and they beat this kid. it's bullying, it's bullying in america at its worse, caught on video. >> reporter: the video take by one of seven alleged attackers, six were the victim's classmates
8:05 am
and were arrested. >> the teen said he was terrified. >> tried to leave, escape, get out the tree and run away when i did that, when i got out the try first time, they attacked me and caught ghen. >> reporter: his mother in tears. >> this is scary. this is crazy. nothing you can do to protect your own kid. >> what can do i? i'm a single person, i have two hands, two feet. i can't fight a whole school, a whole district. >> reporter: it's not exactly clear what prompted the attack but teens attended an alternative school together. the superintendent leased this statement -- although news report of this insurance department may appear to give upper darby high school a public relations black eye please know the safety of every child in this district is of our you the most importance. i'll take blake eye in the press any time if it keeps a child safe. thankfully a good samaritan did come by and help the boy off the
8:06 am
fence and walked him home. he says he's not afraid to testify against these teens, none have entered any pleas yet and robin, i spoke to the police and they said one is still missing, they are look for another teen to arrest him. >> hope they will find him soon. thank you. >> it is now 8:06 and a look at the other top stories, back to juju at the news bessing. >> good morning. we'll turn to breaking news in the middle east and the ongoing massive protests in egypt this morning. the biggest yet. more than 350,000 people flooded cairo central square even though the government shut down roads and trains and blocked internet service. "this week" anchor christiane amanpour is there. the president said he will replace his government because of the protests sweeping the region. how significant is this? >> reporter: it's very significant, of all the arab countries, egypt egypt is biggest ally and jordan is the only other country made peace with israel, very close
8:07 am
cooperation with the united states. i spoke to a senior jordanian government official in the last two days and asked him about the protests there over the last week and more than that, he said these were not political protests but more against rising prices and a bad dysfunctional economy. the king, he said, was taking measures to try to improve. again, this is coming right after this political turmoil here in egypt and so many countries around the region are having their own protests. cairo today is packed with protesters, the biggest we've seen in the last week, since this began. the army is deployed around liberation square, so far, as it has been for the last two or three days, it is peaceful. the people are organized and they've been flooding to the square. i've been down this early this morning and that's the situation right now. they've called for a million people to come out and the opposition leaders are now saying that they want a national conversation but they won't have
8:08 am
it until president mubarak steps down. that's the late frest here. >> christiane amanpour, thank you. back in this country the obama administration is expressing confidence that the new health care law will be kwup held, vowing to peel after a florida judge became the first to declare the entire law unconstitutional. ruling the federal government can't force people to buy insurance. >>. >> and we have a fol le-up to the story of replaced remains at arlington national cemetery, a three-month review blamts cemetery for not digitizing records and not properly overseeing remains after they leave the funeral home. one senator called cemetery management a disaster. in medical news, want to improve your memory? take a walk. a new study finds older adults who took a brisk walk three times per week performed better on memory tests and increased the size of their brain. moderate exercise can verse loss of brain volume in old age. with more on aging, diane
8:09 am
sawyer previews her special series tonight. >> we'll continue your coverage of the crisis in egypt, christiane amanpour on the ground and our special series about caring for aging families. do you how many drugs the seniors in your life are really taking and what they do? be sure to watch tonight. it is stunning. it's on "world news." look at this, thousands of sharks swimming only 300 feet off palm beach, florida. a helicopter pilot shot this video on his phone. the sharks are migrating and not unusual to be lurking this close to shore to chase their meal which hopefully is fish and not swimmers. time for the weather with sam champion in chicago. good morning again, sam. >> hey, good morning, juju. i might take shark-infested warm waters for the cold temperatures of chicago this morning. and this is just the beginning of it all. let's get to the boards, we'll show you how this storm system puts itself together. and makes its move across the country and you heard it this
8:10 am
morning. it's at least 2100 mile track of what will be snow and brutal icing conditions across this country. there is that low, into america's heartland and into the eastern coastline. here is what we think basically other things that are happening this morning for you. right behind that this arctic blast comes in, everything that falls on the ground, whether you have ice or whether you have snow or whether you have both, it's likely to stay in place because these numbers are just brutal. look at chicago going to 12 degrees on thursday. dallas, 18 degrees on wednesday. one of the places where it's close to normal is on the west coast this morning, strong to severe storms rolling near houston, they'll continue along th
8:11 am
and we're live in chicago this morning as we track this season's biggest winter storm so far. george? thank you, sam. we'll turn now to a new treatment that just may put you to sleep. a cure for snoring that may be the answer for so many that suffer from it and their part fwhoers suffer with them. tanya rivero with a simple surgery that helped at least one couple get together. >> such a unique medical problem that the person afflicted often doesn't suffer at all, it's the poor spouse or partner who must bear the burden and it's a huge problem, by some estimates 30 to 50% of americans snore, multiply by two and you got lots of couples affected. we met with one who says this
8:12 am
procedure may have saved their marriage. >> i was a desperate woman for sleep. >> reporter: for 25 years, dan and pam starky's marriage has been interrupted by one noisy problem. >> the snoring has lasted a long time. we've been married 25 years. and it's lasted all 25 years. but it's gotten progressively worse as we have gotten older. >> there have been occasions when i've snored myself awake and i wake up and i don't really know why. >> i do. >> reporter: the couple tried all sorts of remedies. >> the tennis ball sewn into the t-shirt. >> electronic thing. >> rotor rooter deviated septum. >> i had part of my uvula removed. don't ever do that. >> moeth device. >> oral appliance. >> reporter: after ten years of sleeping on the couch, dan desited to take his snoring setback into his own hands or
8:13 am
sinuses, he participated in a sleep study and learned about something called the pillar procedure. >> this is a pillar implant, made of polleeth lean, it's soft, oit goes into the soft palate and we put them, line them up, the body forms a bridge of scar tissue which reduce the vibration of the soft pal ate. >> the pillar implant is tiny. less than a diameter of a nickel but it's had a huge impact on sleepless spouses who say it's worth its weight in gorld. >> for many of these patients, they have a serious health issue and ones who don't who suffer from snoring have a serious relationship issue and you can laugh or scoff but something needs to be done or both the person who snores and their spouse or significant other is going to have a lower quality of life than they otherwise should. >> it was pretty simple. it was very simple. >> as a matter of fact i didn't know he was doing this. came home and told me about it.
8:14 am
i was like flabbergasted. it. >> was really a nonevent. and worked. just like a charm. it was really pretty cool. >> reporter: experts caution the pillar procedure is not for everyone. >> the problem with the pillar procedure is that it doesn't cure the sleep apnea. it may improve it but it doesn't provide a cure. perhaps 50% of the patients do better, the other 50% of the patients they don't show significant improvement. >> reporter: but for dan and pam, it's sweet and silent dreams, together. >> before the procedure -- >> here we go. >> it was more like a -- absolutely drove me crazy. this is not conducive to a good night's sleep and now it's kind of more of a gentle -- >> reporter: and there are some other surgical procedures that
8:15 am
have seen some success, if you think you're a candidate consult your doctor. basic tips, sleep experts say don't drink at night. alcohol sedates the muscles in the back of your throat making it more likely you'll snore. sleep on your side, not on your back. lying yourn back causing your tongue and soft pa lalate to collapse. and access weight around your neck restricts air flow. >> that was a brutal imitation she did of him. >> when you live for it that long you know it well. >> thank you. coming up, when less is more, stripped down grocery stores, the new wave in big savings. with chili's new $6 lunch break combos. choose from a house salad or hot, tasty soup. then pair it with a massive texas toast half sandwich, like our delicious classic turkey or our gigantic new southwestern blt, smothered in cilantro lime mayo and jam-packed
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with three glorious slices of applewood smoked bacon. served with fries, that's big flavor for just 6 bucks! the $6 break for bold, weekdays at chili's.
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8:19 am
selection if it meant lower prices? millions are doing just that and consumer correspondent elisabeth leamy live in washington to tell us what you have to do without and what you gain in return. isn't that right? >> that's right. they are called limited assortment grocery stores, best known are aldi, save-a-lot and grocery outlet. you probably won't find artichoke brush etta, brie or basmati rice but you can find big savings. here is an overview of the concept. start with a space about half the size of a typical suburban supermarket. stock it with 95% store brands. and only carry about 80% of the selection traditional stores do. i traved to save a lot in hyattsville, maryland to see for myself. save a lot, new experience. there wasn't as much produce on display but it was good-looking and affordable.
8:20 am
i spotted bananas for just 45 cents a pound, compared to 80 cents at a dra digsal chain nearby. save a lot only carries name-brand products when it can score a deep discount on them. how much did you pay? >> 2:49. >> reporter: what do you think? >> a bargain. >> reporter: other signs of unique philosophy, smaller meat department with few irkutsk. mustard, they got it, one size, one type. ketchup over there, same deal. one size, one type. not using up a ben bunch of shelf space. save a lot claims to save their customers a lot, as much as 40%. >> get in, get what you need, get on your way and save up to 40% on every trip. >> reporter: the thing is, retail analysts back up that number, while traditional grocery steals are stagnant, revenue at limited assortment
8:21 am
grocers, is growing. in fact, all three chains plan to expand dramatically in the next couple of years. >> they come in every day because we do save them so much money. to be able to save a family money in this economy, it's a great thing for us. >> reporter: some limited assortment stores push prices even lower by not accepting credit cards. save a lot i visited charges a few cents for plastic bags and asks customers to fill those bags themselves. all to cut costs. i don't mind bagging my own groceries if i bag a bargain at the same time. and that is what they're banking on. so, of course you want a price comparison of those save a lot store brands to famous national brands, right? all right. tortilla chips, 2.99, name-brand, 99 cents save a lot brand. how about juice boxes? for kids, famous name-brand cost 2.80 for a package like this. save a lot, 1.79 for the same
8:22 am
amount. and canned veggies,'s a staple, 1.70 for the famous brand, save a lot, 49 cents for each can. >> you got our attention, but even traditional supermarkets if you use store band you save some money. so, how do the two jive? >> you're right, we did a comparison of that and here we go with that. let's see, macaroni and cheese, the traditional store brand, 99 cents for a box like this save a lot store brand, 33 cents. big old can of coffee like this, the traditional store brand would be about $8.90. 4.99 for the save a lot brand. and soda in two liter bottle, traditional store brand 1.09, save a lot brand, 69 cents. so it's impressive. >> it is. those prices that you were showing during your piece, were those regular prices or were those sale prices? >> those are regular prices. the way they do it at these
8:23 am
limited grocery stores is their own store brands are low prices all of the time and they om offer sales on the occasional name-brands that they get in and those come and go. >> is it true you have to pay for your shopping cart? >> yes and no. at aldi, not where went to save a lot but at aldi you have to deposit to get the cart off the rack but you get it back as long as you return your cart. once again, trying to cut labor costs of people scurrying around to collect carts to pass those savings on. >> thank you, appreciate it. we have brooke burke, telling >> thank you, appreciate it. we have brooke burke, telling all, in our next half hour. which prepared meal tonight? roasted chicken recipe? okay, savory rice and lamb stew. [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. you've made another fine choice. look at those beefy chunks all packed with protein, the real vitamin-rich vegetables, the wholesome grains. and you think you're getting spoiled. it's so good for you too. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals.
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tell your doctor if you are taking other medications or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. let's go! [ laughs ] if you have high cholesterol you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. >> ( beeping ) ( beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at
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♪ force force san francisco board of supervisors is expected to consider a ban today on unsolicited delivery of the yellow pages david chew says phone books don't get used much anymore because people use the internet to search for phone numbers. as a result phone books end up in the trash and the city has to pay for disposal. the ordinance would not affect the white pages. in oakland the city council plans to make changes to license medical marijuana production. the permit process was suspended in december after pressure from the u.s. justice department. the new proposal includes capping a pot farm at 50,000 square feet. >> normally don't see delays on
8:28 am
southbound on the peninsula but this time traffic is jammed south 280 approaching 92. there is an accident to the area to edgewood because of an earlier crash but 101 not a better bet because it's slow as well through san mateo and palo alto. north 880 continues to be jammed through san leandro because of an earlier crash.
8:29 am
>> our dense fog moving out of santa rosa. cold and foggy in the north bay. fog until 10:00. then it begins to evaporate.
8:30 am
we see a sunny and mild afternoon. a little fog tomorrow but a cold ♪ everybody comes to hollywood >> to be young, beautiful and talented. there they are, new hollywood stars gracing the cover of "vanity fair's" 17th annual hollywood issue. behind the scenes with jake gyllenhaal. photos of anne hathaway and james franco. they're hosting the oscars and they're ready for their close-up. what a spread that is. i'm george stephanopoulos with robin. >> we'll look inside the magazine, a sneak peek at stunning portraits of the oscar contenders. bests actress nominee annette bening. nicole kidman. colin firth and helena bonham carter, both up for "the king's speech" i saw it this week. you did, too. >> it's fantastic. >> i like it a lot.
8:31 am
"vanity fair" hits new york and l.a. on thursday and the rest of us get it on tuesday. see these tos and more on >> brooke burke calls herself a naked mom. we had fun with that cover earlier. it is something. >> if you got it, brooke, that's right. looking good, hon. >> she's telling the naked truth, dishing on juggling family and career and the behind the scenes drama at "dancing with the stars." what is that? >> the drama behind the scenes? i know what's, because i read the book. we'll dish, won't we, brooke? >> we will. >> we will. are your children getting -- this is another, every time we talk about this, it's a big buzz, are your kids getting all of the vaccinations they need? there are new recommendations out this morning and we'll tell you the three things you need to know to keep your children healthy. >> you saw the babies but there is a special recommendation for teens and older children as well, dr. richard besser here with that.
8:32 am
and winning game plan for healthy and delicious super bowl snacking. >> just east what you want, it's super bowl sunday. think about it on another day. if you don't feel that way -- >> robin editorializing right there. >> you said the same thing when we were talking. but people that of course want to always be healthy with what you eat. >> those veggies look good. >> number one over pizza -- super bowl sunday, didn't know that, i don't know who those folks are. >> that is coming up. let's go to sam with an update on the weather. >> really? hot wings? you got to show me hot wings right now? like george, robin, hot wings? you know. seriously. all right. i'm freezing in chicago. let's deal with what's going on outside this morning. we'll show you how the system is beginning to put itself together in places like washington, d.c., where the temperatures are about 30 degrees right now. we have a bit of freezing drizzle going on, freezing rain happening in that area. in new york city this morning, about 27 degrees. and we've got some sleet falling. so throughout the day we'll watch this kind of ramp up, all
8:33 am
across the country watching this big storm system move. here is how it does move across the country. early in the morning, dropping temperatures in dallas, changing everything into snow, firing up some storms in houston, white-out conditions in oklahoma city near tulsa and watch snow pick up from kansas city into chicagoland and then that low will travel through, look how many watches and warnings this morning. west coast, mild, one or two degrees below normal. dry, very nice thing. severe storms move east from houston to new orleans and louisiana in general during the day today. wouldn't be surprised to see some in alabama kick up as well. ice may be the biggest issue, stay with your local abc stations.
8:34 am
and all that weather was brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. >> we'll wrap up those wings get them to you. >> please do. "dancing with the stars" co-ost brooke burke may look like she's gliding through life, may look that way but we know juggling career and family is not as easy as it looks, busy mother of four children is revealing how she does it in her first book, called "the naked mom." and brooke is here with her insights from health and fitness to love and romance with a multitasking woman. >> great to see you. >> nice to see you, too. last time we were together was derek and i dancing after our win. too long ago. >> can't let that much time pass again. but you have been doing a lot in the meantime. i know you have -- >> very busy. >> i thought the book was here. no, flowers here. >> i'm excited. it's been an amazing year writing this book.
8:35 am
i have to say it's very vulnerable, very honest, a bit scary. i'm kicking off the tour with you guys, going all over the country this week. i almost named the book "dancing through chaos" because it's about maneuvering through life and finding my own rhythm and trying to gracefully manage the chaos and i think most mothers are going to relate to it. it's a book for everyone. it's for moms, even for dads. >> i found it much more humorous than i thought. >> i hope so. >> great, great bits in there. you did decide to go this route, and you say you are baring all, you're just the bare truth because you were quite candid. >> thank you, "the naked mom" is about motherhood revealed and parts of me no one has seen before. when i committed to book, that's how i feel about modern mom and yi blog, either i'll do it truthfully and tell all or not at all. that's what people can relate to. i'm one of those mothers i'm not ashamed to share my challenges and difficult moments and the things i did right and things i'm learning. raising a blended family, not
8:36 am
easy. i learn every day from my children. i never do it perfectly. i was in conversations to write a book about balance for a period of time. i was like balance, what's that? >> we're always searching for that, talking about balance. you have the help and the health and beauty and all that, doesn't matter. it helps -- >> i think it's too much pressure. i hope that women can read this book and realize they have to take it day by day, always going be somebody doing better than you're doing and about finding humorous moments in the most stressful moments of your life, doing the best you can, not losing your sense of self, finds moments of me time. it's funny, when i worked with florence henderson on "dancing with the stars" she really changed my point of view because i always thought raising a blended family, i have four kids, david, i'm last on the totem pole, she said, don't be last, you have to be first. i laughed with her, i said how old were you when you figured that out? it's true, you become a mom, you lose your sense of self.
8:37 am
very dangerous. >> you admitted that what's you did in the first marriage. something else that you said in the book, we've had this discussion with tiger moms, had this ongoing, the mommy wars, it's a battle, everyone has their point of view and their side. you wrote something that many mothers will not admit and that was how sometimes you feel about your children. >> yes. >> just explain. >> yeah. >> share that with us. >> one of those scary naked truths i call them in the book and i revealed that i don't always like my children. and taken out of context, that was actually on the back flap copy for a bit, i thought that could be misinterpreted, i don't think most people are strong enough to understand that. i love my children madly and deeply but there are different things i prefer with different children. i have a tween, she has her moments. a 4-year-old that is full of light and love and energy and my son is bad to the bone sometimes and my 8-year-old has her issues
8:38 am
but i love them all madly but i think as a mother you love your children differently and go through phases and it's about communicating and listening to them and figuring out what works with each child. what i do successfully with one absolutely fails with the other one. and you know, those are moments where it's not supposed to be blissful or perfect every day. that's what the book is about. it's about taking it day by day, being best that you can be. >> you -- i could hear you talk about this on and on, something we discuss a lot on this program, everybody tries do the best they can. >> a lot of pressure. >> you write and this is what was shocking for me, like you said last time you were here you were with derek and smiling and dancing, happy couple and i read that you all had some really tough times and even had to go to counseling, you and derek? >> we had our ups and downs and there is never enough time on live television to get through that. the good news is, i learned so much about that experience.
8:39 am
so many life lessons. the couples on "dancing with the stars" are forced into almost a pre-arranged marriage and each other's arms for three months. you don't know the person, you have to trust them. the naked truth in the book about what i learned from "dancing with the stars" and it's about being flexible, learning to trust a partner, being brave. i talk a lot about doing something that scares you every day, taking chances, finding your confidence. just persevering, derek and i had to learn how to really listen to each other and face our fear, figure it out, find our rhythm. great life lessons for any couple. went to counseling to figure how to tune in and really hear each other and treat each other with compassion. once we did that, then we were like in it to win it. we would show up to work and say how are you, with honesty i would say didn't sleep all night. i'm exhausted. i'm frazzled but i'm here. i'm totally committed, from that place we could really work together as a team. it worked out. >> we're going --
8:40 am
going to miss him next year. >> i'm going to miss him so much. >> so many life lessons you are sharing with us now and sharing in your book, thank you very much. thank you. i know people are going to really get a lot out of this. >> i think it's important. it's really about community healing. that's why i blog and i write. from woman to woman, so much to share and learn. i hope that everyone enjoys it. >> continued success. tell tom bergeron we said hey. >> i will. >> check out a copy of her book "naked mom "on three things you need to know to keep your children healthy. ♪ me and you m m m m m
8:41 am
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in america's health this morning, three things you need to know about your teens and immunizations. the american academy of pediatrics updated recommendations with a spotlight on older children and teenagers. dr. richard besser is here with important information. they tried to focus on these older kissed. >> that's really important. as a pediatrician it's easy to get parents to come in with babies and young children, they need to have these shots to get into school, but once they're in school it can be hard to get them back and teenagers notoriously don't like to go to the doctor, this is focusing on all those new vaccines that are recommended for teens. >> let's go through with them. one more meningitis. >> we've been doing this for a
8:44 am
number of years, that horable one that hits college campuses. 11-year-olds have been getting the vaccines but new recommendation is a booster before age 16 before your off to college or before they hit adulthood if you want them to be fully protected. very important one to get. >> recent weeks we read about this increase in whooping cough, especially in california, we have a vaccine for that. >> that's right. one of the reasons we're seeing an increase, as we get older our production goes down, the vaccine you got as a child or your children got is no longer fully protecting them. new recommendation, instead of just a booster for at the time news, every ten years you need a tetanus booster, that first booster should include vaccine that protects against whooping cough called pertussus. >> i have to get a booster on hepatitis. >> hepatitis b, we've been vaccinating for a number of years, babies, but some babies miss out on that, so it's a
8:45 am
disease that is the leading cause of liver cancer and liver failure. so make sure that your teens are protected from that disease as they're entering those years where they may become sexually act iive. >> more controversial, hpv vaccine which can help prevent cervical cancer. >> it's recommended for girls for a number of years for prevention ever cervical cancer, the change this year is that it's now available and licensed for boys for protection against genital warts, the question is whether you want to use this vaccine for something that is readily treatable and it's an expensive vaccine. for girls for prevention of cervical cancer, i think it's a great way to go. >> do you recommend it for the boys? >> i'm not git getting it for my boys, until there is real evidence to show it helps protect the girls against cervical cancer i don't think it's worth that cost. >> rich besser, thank you. go to for the complete list of updated immunization recommendations. when we come back, super
8:46 am
healthy super bowl treats. ri >> all new. oprah and 378 harpo staffers go vegan for one week. then -- oprah: lisa ling finds out -- where does our meat come from? wawawawawawawawawawawawawawawawa ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] coffee's like life. it's better when you add your flavor.
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>> good wings. super bowl sunday, you know it is party time. if you want to watch your waistline, while watching the action, "in health" magazine editor at large and "williams's heal -- women's health are here, people want to consider this when they are -- but wings, that's a big -- >> i am dris dis traistracted b
8:49 am
packers helmet, i'm a bears fan. with wings, choose the lesser of two awesomes, is my strategy. we have the deep-fried wings, battered deep fried wings and roasted wings. you save 300, six of those, about 900 calories versus about 600 calories for the roasted wings and of course, if you want to avoid altogether, need to fill up on something like chili, nice healthy boil about 300 calories and protein and fiber keep you fuller longer, will help you resist the wings. >> really? >> maybe. >> give that a try. >> you lose it here, that's true. i did not know this but last three super bowls, veggies number one with people watching the super bowl. >> can you believe that? in homes for the past three super bowls, vegetables were the number one food eaten, something that makes me smile, very happy about that and also you can fill up on them at the beginning, not just the chili, water and fiber in the veggies help us fill up
8:50 am
but we don't want them to become vehicles for high-fat, high-cal dips, instead of blue cheese dip this year loaded with calories, swap it out for something healthier. this cottage cheese with herbs and spices, white horseradish in there and puree it, you can trick your guest there is a bit, they won't even notice a difference. >> the horseradish helps. >> less calories and satisfying. and something interesting that just came out also about vegetables, the keratenoids increase the yellow skin tone of your skin and may help you appear healthier. >> or just glowing. >> just a little glowing. if you start to turn orange, cut back and go for the celery. >> jersey shore tan. >> darker the veggies, the better, has more nutrients? >> call flour, mushrothe better better. >> we haven't even talked about
8:51 am
pizza yet. >> you eat it by the slice, not like a hamburger if you have five, five slices of pizza okay, italy rate of obesity 9%, here 34%. how do they eat pizza in thin and not a lot of cheese, neopolitan size. instead of a meat-lovers, this gut bomb, go with a veggie, thin, manageable. eat something health y that wil fill you up so you don't go for that fifth, sixth slice. >> some dip. >> we mindlessly eat chips, if our team is losing we sit back and keep eating those chips. first of all, get rid of the chips, bring in some veggies and choose the healthier dip. you want to go for the guacamole, there are calories but healthy fat and fiber. try to visualize two tablespoons
8:52 am
go for the salsa with ten calories versus the sour cream. >> you get a lot of flavor. >> and nutrients. >> if you want to wash it down. >> sam adams brew and guinness drought, they're delicious go with something in the lower calorie range, whether it's light or not light. some of the boozier beers, double ipas can be 300 calories, so not necessarily about light or regular just about doing the research. >> bill, you have been drinking here? i see -- i see this is a bit lower than the other. and fine ll i the sandwiches. doesn't matter which meat we go with? >> exactly. as far as deli meats go, they're all about the same calories if you choose lean, go with what will satisfy you and get creative with the condiment, skip mayo, go for flavored vin gars and mustards, thin layer of
8:53 am
humus or pesto and when it comes to your sandwich, take off the top piece, save calories, open face, cut lean meats in half, half the amount of meat would you put, and add vegetables and whole wheat on the bottom, a bit of fiber and protein to help fill you up. >> great suggestions. thank you very much. >> we'll do our best. >> now we can still indulge and not feel bad about doing it. >> we try. >> get details on healthy football party snack options at our website, superabababababababababababababp
8:54 am
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you're getting ready for the super bowl right now. >> bring it, baby, bring it. >> it's a healthy choice. >> looks good. matthew perry will be here tomorrow. >> woman: with the right guidance, i get exactly where i want to go. >> gps: turn left ahead. >> turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me to every deduction and credit i deserve. and calculations are guaranteed accurate. so i get my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> man: try turbotax now.
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city council will meet in closed session to formally consider naming a new police chief. presenting acting chief chris moore to the council. a coalition representing the city's minorities and immigrants oppose moore calling him a department insider and they want change when it comes to what they consider racial profiling and excessive use of force by officers. lisa with the forecast. >> chilly temperatures with 30s in the north bay but improving visibility around the bay area throughout the morning hours and the winds are going to pick up in the east bay hills. watch fought for that. that means less fog. cold mornings but warmer throughout the week and still dry right after the weekend. frances? >> lisa, a surprise slowdown in san mateo southbound 280 approaching 92 because of an earlier accident so very heavy there. south 280 west


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