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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  February 2, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PST

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♪ fire bombs, rock throwing and beatings. violence breaks out today in cairo from supporters and opponents of egyptian president hosni mubarak. >> this 9th day of row test we're seeing a full riot resulting in hundreds of injuries. >> cheryl and kristen, it's now wednesday night in egypt and the situation is calm for now. but just a couple hours ago this is what we saw out of cairo, pro and anti-government
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demonstrators clashing for hours. they had an uprising to take down egyptian president hosni mubarak. there were reports of people wielding knives and firing gunshots into the air. the egyptian army has done little to stop the violence. it has positioned its tanks to try and separate protestors but these about all it can do. we heard hundreds of people are hurt, bloody and badly beaten. sources are confirming at least one death. this all unfolded about six hours ago when supporters showed up for the first time and stormed into that main square, anti-government demonstrations have been holding peaceful protests the last couple days. they're refusing to leave unless the president steps down immediately. he announced he would leave his post this fall and not seek re-election in september after 30 years of power. when his supporters stormed in, they rode in on camels as you
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can see and horseback. they are trying to leave the square but can't because they are surrounded by the opposition. the white house responded in the past hour condemning the violence. >> obviously if any of the violence is instigated by the government, it should stop immediately. but the time for a transition has come, and that time is now. >> robert gibbs also said the obama administration will consider the egyptian government's actions in reviewing decisions about $1.5 billion in u.s. aid to egypt. they urged egyptian president hosni mubarak to stop the violence but stopped short of saying he should step down immediately. journalists are now being attacked they say by pro-mubark recruiters. we'll be following the developments all day and, of course, bring you the latest at
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5 and 6:00. >> jenelle, thanks very much. back here at home more than three-quarters of the nation is feeling the effects of record snow, coatings of ice and high winds steam rolling from texas and the midwest all the way to new england. the blizzard is now considered the third worse in chicago history. 250 drivers had to be rescued from the city's lake shore drive overnight. some were stranded for five hours it is. >> frozen, nothing's moving. it's just like insane. >> we know that hundreds of people were very inconvenienced and we apologize for that. >> more than a million americans could be without power by this afternoon because of downed lines. and more than 6,000 flights never left the gate yesterday. another 5,000 have already been cancelled today. and all those cancellations are causing horrible backups and delays at airports. terry mcsweeney joins us at san francisco international with more. terry? >> some people out here we met
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this morning are living those cancellations and delays. more than 40 flights cancelled here, more at san jose and more at oakland international airport. the people we're talking to out here are very concerned how they're going to get anywhere. that blizzard back east is impacting air travel south here in the west. >>. (laughter) >> she laughs when some people would be crying. her flight home to toronto has just been cancelled. >> i'm happy. that's okay. no one controls nature. >> no one controls nature. >> no. >> the departure board here at sfo affirms that no one does control nature. flights cancelled to chicago, new york, milwaukee, detroit and the list goes on. one man who hopes to be in philadelphia tonight is hoping the list doesn't go on much longer. >> we're opening it's pretty good. >> what have you heard. >> the storm stays north a little, what i heard. probably a little just rain there i hope. >> hans williams of belmont
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wants to get back to duke university. >> supposed to be major delays. i'm hoping -- >> delays where? >> delays going from houston to durham. >> there are winter storm watches, warnings and advisories in more than 30 states and the big storm is sliding east where it could stop air travel at a whole list of airports. mike mccaron is offering time-saving advice for every traveller. >> check with carrier either by phone or internet. call your destination. you could be going someplace warm and wonderful like hawaii and that plane may start the day in chicago or new york and may not get here on time or at all. >> advice she did not think of this morning but told me she will call before coming back out here tomorrow morning. call ahead or you can check it out at scroll down to the bottom of our web page and you will see flight tracker down there, all the information on all the flights
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for all the airlines. live in san francisco international, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> what a mess. so when will the folks combing with this brutal monster storm get a break. >> let's check with lisa argen here for mike nicco. >> hi there, cheryl and kristen. the snow is winding down in the east here. it's moved into the northeast but the air temperature in chicago is 22 degrees. they have a windchill. feels like it's 6 out there. the winds are out of the north-northeast at 23 mph gusting to 37. the overnight low 3 below zero tonight. here's a look at the nation. everyone. you said three-quarters of the nation encompassed in this fridgedare except for miami and california. windchills overnight below zero and this all slides to the east but yet there is more arctic air to come. i'm going to talk about the prospects of our own weather changing. we've been enjoying a prolonged dry spell but we do need some
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rain. i'll talk about that coming up. >> lisa, thanks a lot. a child care worker and san jose elementary school is in custody on multiple accounts of child sexual abuse. keith woodhouse committed acts with after school day-care. investigators are looking for other possible victims and witnesses. woodhouse has worked with children for more than a decade including kid counseling, children's ministry, day-care and afterschool activities. >> a 56-year-old man accused of shooting and killing two employees it scheduled to make his first court appearance today. he shot a 30-year-old man and woman inside a souvenir and luggage shop sunday night. they say the victims worked there. police say the suspect works at a similar souvenir shop nearby. the investigators say they argued over the sale of similar merchandise at their shops prior to the shooting. >> the bay bridge may soon not be the only bay area bridge that
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charges varying tolls during different times of the day. considering higher tolls during rush hour on the san mateo and dumbarton bridges following the bridge model that started last summer. the idea is ease traffic jams by encouraging off-peak driving. although the dumbarton and san mateo bridges are fine right now, delays on those spans could lead to bottlenecks on highway 101. >> crews pulling another ship out of the sassoon bay moth ball fleet today. moving the ss to vallejo for cleaning and recycling. you can see right there the boats busy at work in a picture from sky 7. the turman is supposed to be the first ship to be processed at the recycling facility, the only one of its kind on the west coast. it's the 17th ship to be pulled from sassoon bay under an obama administration plan to clean up the site and it'ses will going to mean a lot of jobs.
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>> trying to hire as many people as we need, as we can and hopefully be able to fill some jobs here. >> the ss turman was built in 1961 in san francisco. so jobs back then and jocks now. >> he's a threat to some and a hero to others. >> still to come this morning, the major honor some people think the founder of wikileaks rightly deserved.
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>> norwegian nominated wikileaks for the peace prize. julian assange is under fire for releasing confidential material on the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the one that nominated him said the website is one of the most important contributors to freedom of speech in the 21st century. it exposed corruption, war crimes and torture. >> a new newspaper is making its debut today but you can't buy a copy to collect and keep. the first ever newspaper created just for the apple i-pad is out. rupert murdock charges 99 cents a week. it looks snappy. he's going after consumers used to getting news for free online.
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>> verizon wireless is revealing detailless how much it will charge i-phone users for voice, text and data service. the company will begin taking preorders for the i-phone 4 at 3 a.m. tomorrow. prices for a two-year plan will begin at 70 bucks. that includes the most basic call-in plan and unlimited internet use. the verizon i-phone will be in stores next thursday. >> so if you have gadgets you don't want anymore, retailers want your junk, now buying back products from consumers and offering credit toward new purchases. people are dumping their old smart phoneson craigslist or e-bay. it could bring a higher price than customers originally played because the phones are subsidized by the wireless carrier. >> don't need to guess to tell it's nice and sunny for us.
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>> already 60 in napa. there you have to north wind and it's appropriate groundhog day. i don't know if you saw that movie, they keep having the same day over and over. kind of like our weather but subtle changes i'll tell you about coming up. >> i don't think they're complaining too much about that. seems like spring for weeks but what did punxsutawney phil predict on this groundhog day? >> a throne for the tv... room for movies...
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so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. super poligrip free made even the kiwi an enjoyable experience. [ charlie ] try super poligrip free. the environmental protection agency is reversing a bush administration ruling on water safety. the new rules aim to limit the amount of forecolor rate. it's a toxic ingredient in rocket fuel. it was found in 153 water supplies in 26 states. that's based on monitoring from 2001 to 2005. most of those water supplies are in california and texas. >> punxsutawney phil today predicted what we've already known here in the bay area. >> he surveyed his surroundings
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carefully and found that there was no shadow around. (cheers and applause) >> so an early spring it will be! >> oh, yeah. hear those cheers? people on the east coast sick of the snow and people in the midwest, too. emerged from his hole around dawn on this groundhog day and thousands braved the cold temperatures. phil's handlers revealed the famous weather prediction and before today phil had seen his shadow 98 times and isn't seen it 15 times since 1887, right? >> good news. hopefully at some point, eventually. maybe. >> don't like their local weather. promising more winter and for us for looking at more sunshine. temperatures above average from sutro camera. a gorgeous shot, great visibility. temperatures warming rapidly today because of the dry air mass, the warmer start, the offshore flow. those downsloping winds and our
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other beautiful bridge, the bay bridge where temperatures this morning have surpassed yesterday's in some spots but not everywhere. so we will see minor fluctuations today. i talked about napa already. it's 60 degrees! 59 oakland, 58 downtown, 57 mountain view. we still have some wind out there. those winds are allowing for a little bit of cool air to drain down through monterey and also through in parts of southern california some gusty winds. so back home they're keeping us quite mild. mountain view north wind at 20. northeast winds gusting to 20 more in concord. livermore a northeast wind as well. we will look for these winds to continue to dial back today and that's going to bring a cold, cold night tonight. sunny, a little warmer today, especially northeast bay valleys. clear skies tonight. talking about sweeping temperatures santa rosa. maybe patchy fog. also around napa, numbers in the 30s. probably los gatos as well and
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then more warm weather for the weekend. so here's a look at some of the high temperatures today. reaching 70 in santa rosa. everyone anywhere from 2 to 9 degrees above the average. redwood city, you should see a high of 65 with mid-60s in livermore and san jose. so we're looking at a couple areas of high pressure dominating our weather pattern. this one here keeping this cold front from affecting you guess and it's also allowing for the storm track to ride well to the north into canada. there's another area of low pressure. that's the one that's been strong yesterday and today. the winds around the high allowing for those offshore winds and the dry surface winds to push that fog away. and those are gonna relax. i think we'll see a little bit of fog tomorrow. 63 santa clara. look for 62 redwood city. pacifica only 50 degree temperature, 59 there. 62 downtown and in the north bay, yeah, you're gonna warm the quickest today with numbers in the upper 60s from novato, santa
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rosa 70s and san leandro, 65 for you as well as union city and say little warmer here. still kind of windy in the higher elevations of the oakland hills and those will continue to a lessons throughout the day. down by the monterey bay, mid-60s here. our look ahead we drop maybe a couple degrees tomorrow because we're starting out much, much colder. tomorrow, saturday and sunday 70s all the way into next week. that means the flip side of the coin, cold, cold weather remains in the east coast. >> thanks, lisa. the late charlie's angels actress farrah fawcett would have been 64 years old today. her los angeles companion ry ryan o'neil marked it with some of her memorabilia. >> she was the golden girl who defined an angel. >> good morning, angels! >> good morning, charlie! >> from charlie's angels to that
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iconic poster. the best selling poster in history. a year and a half after her death, her long-time love ryan o'neil is on a personal and public journey. >> it's definitely an honor. >> he brought that red swim suit and some other quintessential farrah fawcett memorabilia to the smithsonian museum of american history. >> i don't know any gentleman of my era who did not have one of those posters on his wall. >> she would never wear a bic kinney because she had a scar on her stomach from a childhood surgery. >> she had such an impact on people with what she did at the end of her life. >> yeah, yeah. the end of her life. it was hard. >> was still hard for you to talk about.
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>> what may really connect the public to farrah fawcett, her public displays of vulnerability, especially her brutalitily honor struggle with cancer in sarah's story. >> no conpunktion. no problem with doing that at all. never a question. >> what do you think she would want her legacy to be? >> she was a mother. that was the thing that appealed to her most. to raise her son. and she adored him. and i think that -- that that's the tragedy of this, is that she lost him and he lost her. >> that was claire shipman reporting. the farrah fawcett exhibit opens to the public at the smithsonian this summer. >> when we come
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more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply and get a free gift. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. >> today on oprah at 4:00 the new "american idol" judges with jennifer anderson and adam sandler. the internet is back up in egypt. you've been seeing all the violence that erupted there today. we're going to talk via skype with a bay area woman right in the middle of the chaos in cairo how the situation's changed drastically from yesterday's peaceful protest. and why if you're having problems with your teen daughter, you might want to try playing some wii video games or maybe guitar hero with her. those stories and more later today at 5:00. >> nasa's keppler space telescope took a look into deep space. a lot more planets than the
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astronomers first thought. a thousand new planets outside our solar system and that's double the previous amount. it raises hope that one or more of them could actually support life. the keppler telescope was launched in 2009 and is orbiting the sun between earth and mars searching for earth-like planet outside our solar system. >> so intriguing. i wanna say my daughter and i jeopardy, not good when we play together. >> play wii. >> i'm going to try that. we're too competitive. >> oh, no. >> more of that soccer game, too. especially when that panda head comes flying. >> everyone together. >> have oprah: all new. mega-star jennifer aniston. the 40's are working for you. and super-duper funny man adam sandler. plus all the scoop from the sandler. plus all the scoop from the "americacacacacacacacacacacacaca
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