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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  February 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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good evening. they are accused of abusing alcohol, and tonight a college hockey team is off the ice as a result. >> the complaints against the team could put their entire season in jeopardy. the players, their parents and coaches held a closed door meeting. thomas roman is live in san jose with this story. >> carolyn, more than 20 san jose state university hockey players who were supposed to play were disappointed. they accused them of abusing alcohol while in uniform. now they have been suspended indefinitely. the san jose hockey spartans,
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their parents and coaches left a closed door meeting at the logitech ice center. neither the team nor parents would discuss it. we talked about the suspension the team was given. the university received a couple calls about the team abusing alcohol while in uniform. harris is a san jose state university spokesperson. >> this does involve alcohol and all of our club sports and teen members are fully aware that alcohol and teen sports don't mix at san jose state. >> this was the teal playing last march. harris would not say when or where it was consumed, whether it was on the road or during a game. they were ea -- elected to speak for them tonight. he didn't want to say too much. >> we will do anything that is needed to look into any allegation. >> he repeated several times he didn't know why his team
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was suspended. he has faith and thinks they will be cleared of any charges. >> we believe it will be. i'm sure the players -- i'm confident the players will be exonerated from any of the allegations. >> the team was supposed to play tonight against san diego. no one is sure when the team will play again. adas was a junior at state and was looking forward to his first san jose hockey game. >> this was going to be my first game i would have attended. a little disappointed. >> the team is supposed to hold a national division final here in san jose in march. they don't even know if they are going for able to play. and the university says their investigation will take anywhere from two to three weeks and if they find serious wrongdoing, the students could be expelled. thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thank you. a google executive has been named the symbolic spokesman of the youth uprising in egypt.
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he disappeared last thursday when he joined the initial protests in cairo. his family believes he is in the custody of government officials. there was calm in tahrir square after two days of violent clashes between supporters and opponents of president mubarak. behind the scenes the obama administration is exploring diplomatic channels to speed up mubarak's departure. lilian kim is here with the latest on the story. lil -- lilian? >> it was called day of departure in hopes president mubarak would step down. but the day ended with him in power. protesters were undetered. in cairo's streets, peaceful protesters took back control. tens of thousands ofy egyptians gathered to pray. president obama urged egyptians to maintain the peace. >> the issues will not be resolved through violence or suppression. we are encouraged by the restraint that was shown today. >> despite the calmer atmosphere, concern is
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mounting for the google exec. the 30-year-old is the head of marketing for the middle east and north africa. he took part in the protest from the very beginning, but hasn't been seen or heard from since january 27th. he is believed to be in the custody of the egyptian government. former google employee of mountain view worked with him two years ago. >> i don't have a high opinion of the sort of human rights standards they have over there and that makes me worried. >> they hope they will pressure the government to released him. according toall jazeera they received threatening phone calls from his captors telling him he is being taught a lesson. >> it is sadening to see him end up in this situation when you know his heart is in the right place and you know he was working for the better meant of his people. >> meanwhile, back on the streets of cairo protesters vowed to rally until mubarak
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is gone. they made this plea -- >> he should hear the clear voice coming from the people and leave indignity. >> several ideas are being discussed on how to transition from 30 years of mubarak. the u.s. has been talking with top egyptian officials on the formation of a caretaker government until egypt's election in september. >> lilian kim reporting. in fresno, thousands of moreners paid respect to a key u.s. ally in the vietnam war and a hero in the community. during the vietnam war general pow lead them in a cia-backed battle against communists. they were credited with reset lig in the american cities including fresno. he died at age 81 after
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battling pneumonia. today's elaborate ceremony was muted by news the army vowed to bury him in the arlington national cemetery. >> we are very humble. we are not going to get angry like that, but we will be feeling betrayed. >> it is not clear where his remains will be laid to rest at the end of the 6th day funeral. oakland's police chief says he is staying on the job despite some frustration about budget problems that are making his work more difficult. his future has been in doubt since he said he was applying for the chief's job in san jose, a position he did to the get. today he joined the oakland mayor. >> the bottom line, the reason they came to the city is to make a difference. the community responded and asked me to stand by them. that's what touched my heart. >> the decision came after meeting the top city officials that lead to a deal to rehire
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10 of the 80 officers laid off last summer. the san francisco arson investigators are working to track down those responsible for a recent string of fires in the castro district. three broke out yesterday. a fourth erupted today. investigators believe all four are connected and were set on purpose, possibly by the same person. so far no one has been hurt, but in one building at least 13 people lost nearly everything theyen oned. property damage is estimated at more than $1 million. and there was another unreloted fire in san francisco tonight. they responded to a house fire and they found a marmg marg growing operation. police and firefighters are investigating. >> milpitas police released sketches. the latest suspect is accused of trying to grab a 17-year-old girl on roswell drive. he is described as hispanic, 20 to 30 years old, 5 foot 8
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inches tall and physically fit. now, here is the other suspect. he is accused of trying to lure two girls ages 13 and 17 into his van on separate occasions and exposing himself. we have a link to the sketches on our website. if you want to take a longer look, under "see it on tv." well, he is accused of mutilating dogs, cutting off their ears and tails and claiming to be a licensed veterinarian. there is a search for the man who may be believing to hurt other animals. here is a warning. some of the images could be disturbing. >> the ear has been literally cutoff. this ear should cover the ear canal. >> anna is a pittbull and she and her brother had most of their ears cutoff. this is what anna looked like when officers found her two weeks ago. >> the stitches were holding it flush along here and it was
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on a fishing line. it is senseless. >> the spca is looking for damion maldonado. th is his business card. he claims to be a licensed vet who can do ear cropings and tail docking. surgeries they opt to do for cosmetic purposes. but in five cases, this was the result. this doaber minute's tail was completely cutoff and ears taped to popsicle sticks post surgery. they raided the home yesterday, but couldn't find him. this neighbor doesn't want to be identified, but he heard nonstop barking from maldonado's house. >> authorities believe he operated on animals all over the state including fresno and santa clara county. there is a $5,000 reward to anyone who helps with maldonado's arrest.
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in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. hackers broke into a stock exchange computer network. >> and a program could save you a ton of money. i'm michael finney with the details coming up on 7 on your side. >> and also ahead, snake on a train for a month. >> all that coming up here. and then later on "nightline." >> dan and carolyn, coming up next, it is another exciting dispatch from the front lines of those egyptian protests. calm today in cairo, but how long can that last? plus we've got a sneak peek at
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to here is interesting consumer news. new programs are rolling out beginning this month that could safe -- save you serious money. >> and michael finney is here to explain. >> it is a real win, win, win on this one. the car owner els will get a better deal. insurance gets to peg their cost and the earth will be a better place.
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>> it is something that doesn't happen much to you. but in the car next to you there is a guy who is in this traffic every day. is it fair you pay the same for car insurance? >> when you have insurance you want to get rewarded. if you are not as much of a risk as the other guy. >> and now you can be. the state of california is just now allowing the insurance companies to base rates on how much you drive. state farm is the first to offer a program in northern california. >> the program is called drive safe and save. and essentially what it is, it means the less you drive, the less you will pay. >> that is state farm agent dave stewart. the program starts in a couple weeks. >> i think it does a better job at matching risk to price which is always something we are concerned about. >> i don't know if i have ever been on the same side as a news story. >> he says the state farm
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program is following the spirit of the law by allowing savings even a little at a time. >> which means if you are driving 9,000 miles a year right now, and you are able to carpool or take the train once or twice a month, you are going to go down 500, 700 maybe a thousand miles, and you will see real savings. >> for every 500 miles less you drive, your insurance premium will drop between 1 and 2%. drive a thousand miles less and you save 2 to 4% and on and on. >> for doing nothing really except showing what i'm driving. telling them the miles i have driven which is not a problem. >> i live in a green building. so i am always about reducing the carbon footprint. i like to use public transportation. >> the catch is if you drive more you will pay more. so there is a catch, but it is an honest one.
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>> now, if you have on star that will keep track of the mileage. if not you sim simply self-report. >> the honor system. >> yes. they have the right to go check it, but that's not the point. the secret service is trying to ind foo the hackers who groak into nasdaq's computer net work. they reported there were multiple breeches over the past year and evidence points to hackers in russia. sources tell the journal that the stock exchanging platform was not affected. it appears they were just looking around a, but they could have sinister inteptions including game, theft, trade secrets or even a national security threat. target is paying the state millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit over how it throws things away. the los angeles times reports that target will pay $22.5 million, but admits no wrongdoing. pros -- prosecutors have a habit of throwing paint down
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drains and even donating expired food to food banks. as part of the settlement, target will have to train employees on pooper -- on proper waste disposal. and a restaurant used to be a favorite spot, but it tried to be on the music scene, but that didn't work out. the owners cooperate i- couldn't make the rent and lost the lease. they don't know what they will do with the space, but they will probably divide it into two or three spaces. shame to see it go. we enjoyed lovely weather and more on the way. >> maybe some records? >> record warmth this weekend, no doubt about. it let's show you the view, and if you didn't get a chance to get out today and enjoy the sun it was spectacular. picture perfect evening. the sunset at 5:36 and it was
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so nice that we will have another view to show you from the high definition emeryville camera. you will see sunsets like this over the next couple days. certainly warm afternoons and mild evenings. so get outside and make the plans. the temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. just a couple patches of fog mainly in places like santa rosa and half moon bay. not to worry, the fog will burn off quickly once the sun is out. warmer days this weekend. record highs are likely and no rain is expected the next seven days. look at the temperatures for tomorrow. these don't look normal. but they are going to be this warm. santa rosa, 74 degrees for saturday. average temperature is 61. a good 13 degrees above normal. oakland expected to be around 70, 10 degrees warmer than usual. moffett field, same thing. 71 tomorrow. normally they see 61-degree temperatures, so a good 10 degrees above average.
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we are going to be in record territory not just tomorrow, but sunday as well. here is what will bring about the warmth. we have a northerly wind flow that will develop and strengthen. the wind advisory has been posted for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow through 6:00 p.m. the northerly wind flow is a down sloping wind 15 to 30 miles an hour and gusting to 45 miles an hour. the north and east bay hills in the bay area, we will see wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour at times. certainly going to be gusty. the wind flow is around an area of high pressure. it is the north, northeasterly wind that brings about the warmth. and it is a strong ridge in place this week -- weekend. it will be quite some time before be see anything breakthrough this ridge of high pressure. expect a warm winter weekend. chilly tonight, but not as cold. upper 30s in livermore, fairfield, santa rosa, napa. the rest of the bay area in the 40s. here are your highs for the south bay. low 70s across the board.
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72 in saratoga and 71 in san jose. sunshine on the peninsula. has hard to believe it is february when you look at these numbers. coastal areas in the mid60s. downtown san francisco flirting with 70. expected to hit 69 tomorrow. in the north bay, santa rosa likely a new record, 74 tomorrow, 72 in petaluma, sonoma. in the east bay, oakland will likely shatter the previous record at 70 tomorrow. and as you look at the inland areas, low 70s from concord to walnut creek, livermore, around the monterey bay. it is beach weather. 70 for monterey and 71 in santa cruz. here is accu-weather forecast. 70s bayside and inland. cooler starting next week. but still temperatures in the 50s and 60s. you really can't complain about that. extended models indicating possibility of rain next weekend which is of course
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daughter bristol are trying to protect their names by trademarking them and turning them into brands. they have applied to the u.s. patent office. it was initially refused because the form was not signed. palin's attorney says they have until spring to submit the paperwork. here is a relief, no snakes on the trains in boston. penelope the boa constrictor that slithered away is now safely back home. her owner travels with penelope wrap had -- wrapped around her neck and didn't know the snake escaped. a rider spotted it and a transit worker caught it. penelope's owner promises to be more careful from now on. you think? >> i find it hard to believe you didn't notice it was missing. >> i find it hard to believe they allow her on the train with a snake. larry is here. >> remember samuel l jackson? snakes on the train. >> the giants show off their
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new look for a new season. and pablo sandoval has lost some pounds and timmy has added a muss
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i've been given a second chance. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit there is nothing like a world title to get people all fired up. the giants may have up to 40,000 fans come out for fanfest at at&t park. they will see a slimer, trimmer pablo sandoval. the popular panda had all kinds of problems last season. his weight went up and batting average went down. he got serious about his diet and exercise routine this off season. he clearly lost a bunch of weight. wouldn't say how much. he got hitting advice from barry bonds and is hoping for a big year as the giants begin defense of their crown. >> it is like a big in the big league. do i negotiate or play or lose
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my job? >> the season was over and i was antsy about getting back and getting going again. it definitely makes it fun to come in with the world series title. >> coming back with the people we have, we have the promise of tomorrow that is so good. everybody has been there and we know what it takes. we will be able to do it again this year. >> two different feelings in the nfl right now. excitement for super bowl sunday and fear of a lockout on are ma of 4th. they were getting ready for the super bowl and roger goodell is preping to avoid arm. there will be talks this weekend. among those questioning are chad ochocinco. >> seriously, i don't want the politically correct answer, but do you know how far away we are from getting a deal, realistically done? >> chad, as i said before, both sides are prepared
11:31 pm
forever outcome. i can tell you the commitment on behalf of the ownership is to get an agreement. and we will get an agreement. i think that is only going to happen when there is intensive negotiations between your union and the owners, and that has to take place now. >> see if they can get anything done. raiders' quarterback named one of the three finalists for the walter payton man of the year award which will be given out on sunday. the award honors they volunteer off the field as well as excellence. the warriors were off. the clippers and hawks and this just in. griffin can jump really high. griffin goes from 19 points and 11 boards. want to see a dunk? josh smith with authority. owe is right, dan. three seconds left and atlanta down one and he takes it to the rack and hammered by griffin. he goes to the free throw line
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with .60 of a second left. the hawks win it 101-100. >> wow. >> by the way, tim lincecum with a muss -- with a mustache. he says he has been working on the mustache and growing it out for a month. so by next world series that thing is going to be looking great. >> he will look like tom selek. >> that's our report. "nightline" is next. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn job son. -- johnson. thanks for joining us. >> have a terrific weekend and enjoy the warm weather. >> good night, everyone.
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