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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 6, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, february 6th. this morning, end game. in a big step, egypt's main opposition party, the fundamentalist muslim brotherhood says it is beginning talks with the government today. their main demand, egypt's president must step down. is this a breakthrough? fight for freedom. after 18 months in captivity, the two american hikers imprisoned in iran are finally going on trial today. it could be the first step toward their freedom, or it also could be one more giant setback. grand theft lindsay? prosecutors are reportedly set to charge lindsay lohan with theft as early as tomorrow. did the troubled star steal this necklace from a jewelry store? just one month after leaving rehab, she could be facing some serious prison time. and super sunday. one thing that sets this super bowl apart is that it's a
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matchup between two of the most rabid fan bases in all of sports. espn's josh elliott goes wading into the interesting worlds of the cheeseheads and the terrible towels for us. josh elliott is having a real adventure down in dallas, he's espn's sports anchor, and he will be with us live in a bit. he met a guy, a fan who stayed in dallas to watch the game even though his wife was giving birth to his first child. bianna, could you forgive your husband for something like that? >> unbelievable. no, my advice to josh elliott, take that man to the nicest jewelry store in dallas before he goes home to his wife and baby. well, obviously food is a huge part of super bowl sunday, it's actually one of the five busiest days of the year for pizza delivery. dan, i don't know if you've got your order in already. we engineered a little competition. contestants are domino's, papa john's and pizza hut.
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we're testing them on the speed of delivery, heat of the pizza upon arrival, and generosity when it comes to the distribution of the pepperoni. >> that's a key thing. that's a key thing. >> yes. also coming up, an incredible picture from ohio where a train derailed near the town of arcadia. the freight train was hauling tankers carrying ethanol and at least one of them exploded. so far no injuries. we're going to have much more coming up on that, as well. also, a fascinating story out of florida where the lawyer for a man who admits killing his father said an energy drink and a lack of sleep made him do it. this so-called red bull defense, is what he's calling it -- could it really work? >> the fascinating legal question. we'll get to that in a little bit. we'll start in egypt. it is really hard to overstate how extraordinary today's meeting is between the government and the muslim brotherhood. this is a fundamentalist islamic group that is actually banned in egypt. for decades president mubarak has stayed in power in part by telling the rest of the world that he is an enemy of this group. so this meeting is really a huge sign of how much has changed as a result of the uprising over
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there. we have both christiane amanpour and alex marquardt in cairo this morning reporting for us. we'll go to christiane in a moment. but we'll start with alex. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that's right. a major development. the first meeting with the brotherhood in years. they've been banned since 1954 when they tried to assassinate president nasser. they are the strongest opposition party in this country. president mubarak has been very successful at dividing and suppressing the opposition. vice president omar suleiman had called for talks. the muslim brotherhood said they would not negotiate until president hosni mubarak steps down. news came that the brotherhood will meet with suleiman today. a big hurdle towards dialogue that this regime hopes will placate the protesters. on saturday the leadership of the ruling national democratic party stepped down including the president's son and once presumed heir. on tahrir square this morning, a peaceful, festive atmosphere.
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after two weeks of often violent anti-government demonstrations, protesters are convinced they're making headway. >> the fact that every day they are making concessions is our monitor that we are the stronger side. >> reporter: despite the concessions, the ever-present threat of a violent crackdown, most say they're not budging until president mubarak steps down. >> we will destroy this regime of mubarak and we will continue here and tahrir until we die. >> reporter: effigies of mubarak hung from street lamps as they hoisted a coptic christian priest and an imam on their shoulders. the protesters gathered for a service. there are many muslims throughout the today but they're chanting "one hand" and that's something we've heard over and over again that regardless whether you're christian or muslim, they're all egyptians. outside the square, there was a
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sense of calm as we drove through the streets. life returning to normal. long lines at state banks as they opened for the first time in a week. there are a lot of questions that still need to be answered. will president mubarak be able to ride out his term? what would a transition government look like? and would it fulfill the demands of the protesters? and there's another debate brewing this time among the protesters. as much as they want to see mubarak go many want their lives back. their businesses have been suffering. their children haven't been going to school so what's most important? bianna? >> that's right, alex. a huge blow to the economy. christiane amanpour is also in cairo, and she is joining us now with the latest. christiane, how does this explain how significant this latest development is with the muslim brotherhood essentially reversing course and agreeing to meet with the government? >> reporter: well, it is, again, a concession and a change, because a couple of days ago vice president suleiman told us exclusively that he was going to meet with the muslim brotherhood. they said no until president mubarak steps down, and now in
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the wake of the resignation of the ruling mubarak party, the leadership of it, the muslim brotherhood has agreed to go into talks, but, of course, they have conditions, lifting the state of emergency. one other thing that is keeping these protesters in the square is a fear, as well, that if they disband and disperse, they might be hunted down by the security forces, so they want to know that they're going to be safe if they move out of the square. bianna? >> and, christiane, i was particularly struck by the commentary from one political analyst who said whether egypt can be a successful democracy is in the hands of the people we have not yet heard from. now, if that is, in fact, the case, that would rule out vice president suleiman and mohamed elbaradei and it now appears that mubarak's reign there is just a matter of time before it ends. what are the people on the ground you're talking to saying as to who they believe their new leader will be? >> reporter: well, that is the big question. you know, it sounds like a cliche. we've been asking it for the last, you know, 13 days or more.
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one thing that is ruled out at least according to himself, vice president suleiman told me no way, no how will he be running for presidency. however, what really is at issue is in this big crowd of protesters, the youth, which has really been the center of this uprising, which voice from among them will emerge to represent them? so that they're not overtaken by the old political parties here, and the muslim brotherhood has told us that they will not field a presidential candidate or accept any cabinet positions for at least five years. whether they keep to that remains to be seen but they're very aware of the fear they inspire in this region, in this country and around the world, bianna. >> thanks to you and alex. of course, christiane will have the latest on the crisis in egypt live from cairo later on "this week." dan? >> another incredible day in egypt. and over in iran this morning, this is an incredibly high stakes day for a pair of young americans. these two young men were hiking
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along the iran/iraq border when they were arrested and accused of being american spies. they go on trial today, and it could lead to a lifetime in prison, or it could lead to their freedom. simon mcgregor-wood has more from our london bureau. simon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that's right, the trial finally underway in tehran. and only two of the hikers still in detention. the third, sarah shourd, was released on $500,000 medical bail last september. she's been tried in her absence. all three being accused by the iranians of espionage, which is a very serious charge. today's session was held behind closed doors in tehran's revolutionary court. even the swiss ambassador, america's only diplomatic representative in iran, was thrown out. the court is controlled by the islamic republic's hard line religious clerics. the iranians say the three are spies, a charge that can carry the death sentence. all three have denied those charges. and there is hope that this
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trial may be the end of the ordeal, that they could be set free with time served. it's been a grueling 18 months for the three americans. all of it spent in tehran's notorious evin prison. fattal, bauer and bauer's fiancee, sarah shourd were arrested by the iranians as they hiked along the border with neighboring iraq. after 410 days in solitary confinement, the iranians released shourd on medical grounds after she discovered a lump in her breast. it was bittersweet freedom. >> my disappointment in not sharing this with shane and josh was crushing, and i stand before you today only one-third free. >> reporter: for the parents of fattal and bauer the agonizing wait continues. their mothers now campaign full time for their freedom. they saw them last nearly a year ago. shourd now leads the fight to free her fiance and his friend. she's even appealed to iranian president ahmadinejad for their release. she still wears the makeshift
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engagement ring that bauer made for her. she showed it to us on "good morning america." after her release. >> i'm still wearing it. it's just red and white from string from his t-shirt. >> reporter: a sign of her faith that he will return home. and that's the hope, of course, shared by the obama administration which is still locked in its long-running diplomatic conflict with the iranians over their secretive nuclear program. ultimately many believe that the hikers' fate will be determined more by political interests than anything else. bianna? >> all right, simon, thank you. well, today would have been president ronald reagan's 100th birthday. and in california today, republican heavyweights will be gathering at his library to celebrate his legacy. a legacy many are trying to tie themselves to. david kerley is in washington with more. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. jets from the ronald reagan aircraft carrier will be flying over the site of his presidential library as nancy reagan lays a wreath. and there will be a special remembrance during the super bowl as well, all of this as potential republican candidates
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continue to try to drape themselves in the robes of ronald reagan. ♪ >> reporter: there will be celebrations and candles marking what would have been ronald reagan's 100th birthday. >> i thought a bit of the shining city upon a hill. >> reporter: but it's a party with some tension. after riding a horse on reagan's ranch and feeling his spirit she says, sarah palin charged that america is on the road to ruin because it has strayed from reagan's values. >> as an alaskan, i proudly consider myself a western conservative in the spirit of ronald reagan. >> reporter: reagan's son ron who has written a new book at his father at 100 is having none of it, saying palin is a soap opera, not serious. with nothing in common with his father. he even tried to channel his father when asked by bianna golodryga what the former president would think of palin. >> he would say she seems like a nice young woman that in years to come perhaps with a little more seasoning she might want to
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consider running for high office. >> a little more seasoning. >> maybe even a lot more. >> reporter: it's just a sign of those hoping to connect to that reagan mystique. >> i think it's more than republican politics. i think everybody, whether it's president obama, tries to grab the reagan mantle because it is one of strong leadership, great communication, of big ideas, of bold strokes. >> reporter: so is there a republican out there that fits the bill? >> no, at the end of the day, you know, hopefully some of them will be communicators like he was. >> reporter: but that doesn't mean they won't try. the campaign season just around the corner, and the one name you're going to hear a lot, bianna, during that campaign, ronald reagan. >> that's right, and, david, it is quite fascinating even 22 years after leaving office reagan continues to be one of the biggest influences on many of today's republicans leaders. take a look at how many times they reference him. in mitt romney's new book he references him 11 times. tim pawlenty, 24, sarah palin's
7:13 am
"america by heart," 33, and in "going rogue" one more reference, 34 references. is this something we'll see more of going forward? >> reporter: absolutely because ronald reagan redefined the party. he's become an icon of the party. and everybody wants to be a part of that. so you'll hear his name quite a bit as we go toward 2012. >> all right, david, thank you. and now to someone who's redefined morning news. >> yes. >> an icon of this party. >> i'll take that. good morning, bianna and dan. good morning everyone. an evacuation has been ordered in the northern ohio town of arcadia following a freight train derailment. several explosions were heard and a huge fireball could be seen for miles early this morning. it was carrying ethanol and derailed near a fertilizer storage facility which is highly combustible. residents within a two-mile radius of the accident have been evacuated. no injuries have been reported so far. and new york state senator charles schumer says the nation's airport plane tracking
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system is in need of modernizati modernization. this after another near miss. schumer says that the current radar system is antiquated and should be replaced by gps. and that comes after a close call on january 20th. investigators say an american airlines jet came within one mile of two military planes shortly after taking off from kennedy airport in new york. and a planned speech in switzerland next weekend by former president george w. bush has been canceled because of security concerns. human rights groups have threatened massive protests against bush's appearance in geneva because he personally authorized the waterboarding of terrorism suspects. finally, giving a new meaning to dine and dash. more than 7,000 people took part in the annual krispy kreme challenge in north carolina on saturday. participants ran two miles then stuffed themselves with a dozen doughnuts then ran two miles back. the charity raised more than $100,000. they had 7,500 entrants. 2,000 didn't make it. >> what was harder for them, the doughnuts or the running? >> probably the doughnuts and the running. >> i'm surprised you weren't there. i've been to breakfast with you. and i mean you -- >> i like a doughnut. >> when it comes to -- >> then you run. right?
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>> i do not run unless there's like a doughnut sort of like a few feet ahead of me on a stick. >> he's chasing it. more like a sugar coma. >> that's right. to the weather now, jackie meretsky here. take it away, jackie. we won't throw any doughnuts at you. >> all right. dan, thanks for the segue. let's start in the northeast where our big storm is now in the canadian maritime provinces. what we're left with is that counterclockwise circulation bringing us gusty winds. temperatures where they should be. where they are not where they should be is in texas. if you're on the backside of that front, chilly conditions in snow and northwest texas. meanwhile, who is ready for gridiron football? this is what we're looking at. these fans are so pumped i don't think they'll notice how chilly it is and you could even get some flurries mixed in with the showers in arlington, texas.
7:16 am
>> dan and bianna. >> thank you, jackie. we were saying this earlier, one of the things that makes a super bowl so interesting is that the two teams, the packers and the steelers, have some of the most fervent fans in all of football. >> the fans from both sides have overrun dallas doing some serious partying in the run-up to the big game. >> and our very brave josh elliott, who is an anchor for espn's "sportscenter" has been out in the middle of all of it partying with both sides and joins us live from ft. worth, texas. josh, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan, good morning, bianna, and, yeah, the day has finally arrived. and as you mentioned, so did the fans all week. tens of thousands of arguably
7:17 am
the nfl's most storied franchise. and certainly the most fashl fan bases. we wondered which is the most rabid? we decided to let you be the judge. >> touchdown. >> reporter: the green bay packers and the pittsburgh steelers, two of the nfl's most iconic franchises. winners of a combined nine super bowls. two teams though also defined by their fans. [ cheers ] >> we're down here to win. >> go, pack, go! >> reporter: whether roaming the frozen tundra, their heads crowned by foam cheese. >> go, pack, go. >> hey, steeler nation. >> reporter: or roaring by the three rivers waving terrible towels some bearing famous names like susan lombardi, daughter of the packers' legendary coach. >> we're going to bring that trophy home to where it belongs. >> reporter: or wisconsin governor scott walker. let's call him the state's cheesehead in chief.
7:18 am
>> our fan base is phenomenal. there's a 42-year wait for season tickets. >> here we go, steelers, here we go! >> reporter: tim "mad dog" doggerty, a pittsburgh legend was there. you last missed a home game when? >> well, i missed one this year but that's the only time in 38 years. >> reporter: a familiar scene for former steelers great yancey thigpen who played wide receiver for the team he grew up worshiping as a boy. >> it will be a good game. i'm looking forward to it. i'll be in the stands waving my terrible towel like all these other fans. >> reporter: when it's the lombardi trophy at stake, it's best not to be surprised by what packers fans will do to be a part of it all. >> i got to raise some money before going to the super bowl so i put my snowmobile on craigslist. >> reporter: that's nothing nothing compared to the unexpected sacrifice of pittsburgh fan dan cook. i understand there was a momentous arrival in the family yesterday. what exactly happened? >> my wife had our first child. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you.
7:19 am
>> reporter: and you're still here. >> yes, she's very forgiving. let's just say that. >> reporter: and son's name is? >> liam dallas cook. >> reporter: are you worried about giving him the middle name dallas? before the game? >> you gotta have faith. >> reporter: i can only hope everything works out. although i would argue it already has. seriously, congratulations. >> thank you. >> reporter: and lest all of you, america, think that dan cook is just incredibly heartless for not being there, the delivery was actually five weeks premature, although we can assure you that mother nicole and son liam dallas are resting comfortably back home. and i can also tell you that dan and his family here did everything possible to get him back. looking for flights, trying to rent cars, but the inclement weather didn't allow for his departure, however, again, nicole said, honey, you stay there, you'll be back soon. >> i suspect he'll enjoy the game any way. >> josh, did you script that for him?
7:20 am
you know, i want to know how cheated you feel. not only does the super bowl lack cheerleaders for the first time, but it also is very cold. you're wearing your gloves. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it was an interesting thing to see this weather roll through. one of the reasons they put the super bowl here was because they thought they could expect temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. and while the game time temperature today will be not above 40 it's still warmer here than it is in green bay. it is warmer than it is in pittsburgh and all will be forgiven tonight when everybody heads to cowboys stadium and a balmy 72-degree evening. >> josh elliott, so great to have you there. thank you for your reporting. we'll come back to you later. we want to remind people, you can get all of your super bowl news on espn today. "countdown" coverage starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern and we'll go back to josh later for some of his fearless predictions for the game. coming up here on "gma," did lindsay lohan steal a $2,500 necklace? she says she was just borrowing it.
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she could be facing charges as early as tomorrow. that story coming up in our next half hour. this is my band from the 80's, looker. hair and mascara, a lethal combo.
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♪ we're showing pictures of people gorging on pizza because today happens to be, bianna knows this, the fifth busiest day for the pizza chains in terms of delivery across the country. so we engineered a little test. we had people, mostly college students, order pizza. and we decided to see how fast people could get the pizza, how hot it is when it arrives, and most crucially, how many pieces of pepper ronny are on each piece. and we've crunched the numbers and have answers for you coming up, via becky worley. one of our favorite correspondents. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's sunday, february 6th. you know, domino's is expecting
7:31 am
to deliver over a million pizzas today alone. it will be interesting. also ahead, espn's josh elliott is hanging in the big "d," that's the big dallas, for the big game and we're going to check in with him to see what we can expect from the packers and steelers coming up. >> he's going to share his predictions. this is a man who knows what he's talking about. plus, they're calling it the red bull defense. there's a guy accused of murdering his father. he says lack of sleep and too much red bull made him do it. could this legal gambit actually stand up in court? that's coming up. but we are going to begin with more trouble for actress lindsay lohan. tmz is reporting that she will be charged as early as tomorrow with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a necklace from a california jewelry store. mike marusarz is on the case and has the latest. good morning, mike. >> reporter: good morning to you. just when you think lindsay lohan has a shot at redemption, another setback. and this one could be the most damaging yet. barely a month out of rehab and already more legal woes for lindsay lohan. tmz reports the 24-year-old actress is facing grand theft felony charges. the reason, this $2,500 necklace. a jewelry store in california says she stole it from them and they have the surveillance tape
7:32 am
to prove it. tmz's harvey levin says lohan claims the necklace was loaned to her and she was planning to return it, which she eventually did. >> the lapd got a search warrant to search her house and then and only then did she decide i better do something. and she had an assistant beeline it to the lapd and return it. >> reporter: lindsay's attorney fired back telling abc news "we vehemently deny these allegations, and if charges are filed, we will fight them in court, not in the press." the troubled star is already on probation and has been arrested twice for dwi. she served three separate jail sentences and entered rehab five times in three years. lohan has been accused of stealing before. in 2008 a college student accused her of swiping her mink coat, which lindsay denied. >> there's such a pattern here of two-bit criminal behavior that, you know, these things can add up in a judge's mind or a prosecutor's mind where they might want to throw the book at her. >> reporter: when lohan left
7:33 am
rehab in january, she tweeted "today is the first day of the rest of my life," but this latest accusation is a terrible twist for a promising hollywood actress now tangled in a web of real-life drama. and if convicted, lohan could face a maximum of three years in prison. bianna, dan? >> all right, mike, thank you for that. >> thank you, mike. >> perhaps lindsay should try the red bull defense. that's what a guy down in florida is trying. he is accused of murdering his father. his lawyers say he is not guilty by reason of insanity. they say he was pushed over the edge by lack of sleep and red bull. here's jeremy hubbard. >> reporter: it is an unbelievable crime. steven coffeen has confessed to smothering his 83-year-old father with a pillow. but almost as shocking, the reasons his lawyer said he did it. bull and exhaustion that led to
7:34 am
a psychotic breakdown. his own brother doesn't buy it. >> it's crap. this red bull -- i don't even think the man even drank red bull. they cannot 100% tell me he didn't know what he was doing. >> reporter: steven coffeen's defense team disagrees. in fact, the american psychiatric association defines caffeine overdose at 300 milligrams. that's four cans of red bull. but his attorney says these are not stunts. >> these people are insane. i don't put a defense on that i don't believe in. >> reporter: in this case the prosecution's psychiatrists agree, an insanity plea is appropriate for steven coffeen. the red bull insanity defense is hardly unique. a defendant once blamed hallucinogenic tea. another says he was being chased by space aliens when he killed a cop. and remember the infamous twinkie defense? harvey milk shot and killed by dan white, whose attorneys claimed a diet of sugary foods gave him mood swings that made him snap. >> why do these cause insanity? it doesn't say anything necessarily about twinkies or
7:35 am
red bull. it's, frankly, a series of events that causes an individual to not be able to understand that the actions, activities they're involved in are criminal. >> reporter: we have seen and will likely continue to see the insanity defense in a slew of high-profile cases but it's used less than 1% of the time and it works for just one-quarter of those defendants, like stephen coffeen who could be released from a mental institution in just months if a judge agrees he was insane at the time. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> and we should say that we did reach out to red bull, and they did not have any comment on the story. >> we return back to ron claiborne with the other headlines. >> thank you. good morning again bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. in the news in egypt talks are set to begin today between the embattled government and the country's largest opposition group. that group, the muslim brotherhood, is demanding president hosni mubarak step down. u.s. and russia have completed a new treaty to control nuclear weapons. the s.t.a.r.t. treaty took effect on saturday as secretary of state hillary clinton finalized it with russia's foreign minister in germany.
7:36 am
bank of america settled a federal lawsuit alleging that it charged excess of overdraft fees. the bank will pay $410 million as part of that deal. and going out in style, hundreds of people gathered in east los angeles saturday to pay final respects to one of the pioneers of low riding. jesse valadez, who died last week created one of the world's most famous lowriders, a pink chevy impala named gypsy rose. that is a quick look at the headlines. time for the weather and jackie meretsky. >> thanks, ron, well, one of the biggest problems that residents in massachusetts have had with all the snow is snow falling on the rooftops. and actually a lot of this accumulating snow has forced people to shut down schools in some cases on monday and tuesday so that no roofs collapse. they got to do a lot of work to bring all that snow off the roof. now, take a look at this. a tale of two storm systems. one in the northeast. this is for monday and tuesday. probably some rain mixed in with a bit of snow for coastal cities in the northeast, and,
7:37 am
meanwhile, look what's going on in the south. this could be a big weathermaker for wednesday and thursday with possibly some heavy snow and some of the big cities across the deep south. all right.or >> this weather report has been brought to you by breathe right. bianna and don? dan. don. >> hey, don. >> either one is fine. thank you, jackie. coming up on "good morning america" this sunday morning, the pizza test. no matter how you slice it -- i'm sorry. that was a horrible pun. today is a big day for delivery. we're going to say who is the best at getting it to you hot and fast. with just hours to go till kickoff in dallas, we'll head back to super bowl central and check in with espn's josh elliott. that's coming up. ":
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pillsbury crescent pizza pockets. with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight. super bowl sunday is about super bowl sunday is about more than just football. it's also about the food. a whole lot of food. americans will chow down on a billion chicken wings -- >> really? >> yes. >> somebody counts them.
7:41 am
>> 53 million pounds of guacamole and 28 million pounds of potato chips then of course there's the pizza. >> yeah, i'm skeptical about these statistics. who's counting? anyway it is estimated we'll eat 30 million pies allegedly today. we wanted to know which pizza chain has the best delivery. our becky worley has our answer. she is joining us via skype from her home in oakland, california, where it must be too early to eat pizza, becky. >> it's never early to eat pizza. that is the cardinal rule, especially on this day, dan, come on. >> all right, fair enough. >> you got the beer. you got the chips but the all-important pizza question, who has the meatiest pie? whose is the cheesiest and also my question, if i order at kickoff, will it make it here in time for halftime? we asked our army of college journalists to help us figure that question out. >> go, packers. >> reporter: on super bowl sunday, the battle on the field is only rivaled by the battle for your stomach.
7:42 am
domino's, papa john's, pizza hut. they all play rough trying to win your delivery dollars. pizza hut. thank you. how much do i owe you? but who is the best of the bunch? to find out we devised an unscientific test, and who better to judge pizza than college students? we asked students at five different universities around the country to order large pepperoni pizzas from the three chains and to measure them not on taste, that's just too subjective. >> very good. >> reporter: but on what really matters when you're trying to feed a hungry crew. speed of delivery. temperature, how hot on arrival. and critical for meat lovers, how many pieces of pepper ronny per pie? delivery time. everyone called their local pizza places at the exact same time. 5:00 p.m. on sunday. >> timer has started for domino's. >> reporter: and then timed
7:43 am
them. most took around 30 minutes. but in syracuse -- >> this pizza took an hour and 15 minutes. >> you got here fast. >> reporter: and in florida the fastest of the bunch, dominos, took just 14 minutes. after adjusting for distance from delivery location, the winner of fastest delivery on this day goes to domino's which won in 3 out of 5 of our test locations. next up, hotness. of course, the sooner the pizza got to the students, the more likely it was to be nice and fresh. for the most piping hot pie, it came from domino's in syracuse. >> this pizza is coming right out of the oven and they literally just drove it here. about 152. >> reporter: but not every slice was good and hot like this from papa john's. >> it's so cold it ripped apart like this. i ordered a pizza from you about an hour ago and it just got here and it's cold and it's nasty. >> reporter: who had the hottest
7:44 am
and ooziest pizza? in our experiment the winner was domino's. >> very hot, fresh, and lots of pepperoni so two thumbs up for me. >> reporter: final challenge, a tongue twister. how many pepperoni pieces are on each pizza pie? >> it looks like a lot of pepper ronny. so let's count this. >> one, two, three -- >> lots of pepperoni. >> 54, 55. and 55 pieces of pepperoni. that's a lot of pepperoni. >> reporter: and the meatiest with an average of 54 pieces per pie. pizza hut. now, out here in san francisco, we don't have a lot of these chains that actually will deliver, so i did my own unscientific test, a local joint against domino's. domino's was still really fast. ten minutes faster than the local place, and it was a little bit hotter. but the local place had an oozier pizza, bianna and dan, and only in describing pizza would oozier be better. >> they should hire you for their commercials. you sell that ooziness so well, becky.
7:45 am
we understand one of the chains is doing a promotional deal tied to the super bowl, as well. tell us about that. >> reporter: oh, yeah, get this. if you go to papa john's website before the game and register for this promotion, if the super bowl goes into overtime, they'll give you a free pizza. now, mind you, the super bowl has never gone into overtime. >> safe bet. >> watch it happen. >> hey, becky, thank you very much for all your work with the oozy pizza and we also want to thank our college students all over the country, our on campus reporters for doing all that hard work. and coming up -- >> such a tough job. coming up, who is going to win the super bowl? espn's josh elliott makes his fearless forecast. ron knows, as well. coming up next. right now, all over the country discover customers are getting five percent cashback bonus at restaurants. it pays to switch, it pays to discover.
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all right. that horn flourish can only mean one thing. that is that we're going back to ft. worth, texas, and our super bowl expert, "sportscenter" anchor josh elliott who is going to give us the lowdown on what we should looking for during the big game. josh, you have three things we should be looking for? >> reporter: indeed. i should say, dan, use the expert term extraordinarily relatively, but if you want to sound smart, if nothing else, at your super bowl party i do have a few tips for you. you should discuss how this game is going to be won in the trenches. both of the offensive lines for these teams will be hard-pressed to protect their quarterbacks. the steelers had a big injury at their center position which is almost like the quarterback of the offensive line. as for the steelers' defense they will be coming after aaron rodgers, and he'll be running for his life.
7:50 am
you can also talk about how you think this game is going to turn on a turnover. both of these defenses really attack the ball, and they're both led by the players that finished one-two in the nfl defensive player of the year voting. troy polamalu for pittsburgh. clay matthews for green bay. i should also point out -- two of the best heads of hair in all of sports. and most importantly, perhaps, we should point out that this is actually going to be a good game. this opened our folks in the desert as one of the smallest lines that we've seen in some time. the packers opened as the slightest of favorites but usually a game that ends with really a blowout of epic proportion could actually be a very thrilling game. dan? >> so we want to know, bianna, you've got a question, right. we want to know what -- >> what the predictions are. come on. give us your best shot. what are you predicting? >> reporter: all right. all right. here we go. so, again a coin flip game, i like both teams, both teams deserve to be here but because
7:51 am
most of my friends back home are, well, hailing from the pittsburgh area, i couldn't face them if i didn't go with the steelers. i'm going to go steelers, 27-24 winning it on a late field goal, however, enough about my pick, i'm much more interested in and i think america is in what you all think, and so, bianna, bianna, let's start with you. i want a prediction from you for the super bowl. >> okay, i really thought long and hard about this. i think that it will not result in a tie or overtime. >> there's her prediction. >> don't forget this game is going to be won in the trenches. >> in the trenches, yes. great hair in this game. >> josh, i'm taking the steelers only because it's warmer in pittsburgh than it is in green bay. >> ron? >> pittsburgh, experience. they've been there twice in the last six years. >> i go with pittsburgh too because i like ron. we'll be back in just a second. josh, thank you. [ female announcer ] valentine's day is not for saying i love you.
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well, now that we have josh well, now that we have josh elliott's advice on how to be smart tonight, we are going to say good-bye to you. don't forget, catch all the super bowl action at for coverage.
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