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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> i'm amy hollyfield where firefighters are on the scene of fire. we'll let you know if things are connected straight ahead. >> also in the headlines, pg&e admits to spiking the pressure on east bay gas pipeline. >> and within minutes a google executive being held in egypt is expected to be released. >> looking at the embarcadero, notice how calm it is. winds of change will drop our temperatures nearly 250 degrees in the next couple of days. >> if you are getting ready to leave the house, no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have a complete traffic report coming up. >> it is now 6:00. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. >> let's start with developing news. another suspicious fire near the
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castro. sixth in san francisco in less than a week. amy hollyfield is live in the 1300 block of clayton street. >> the fire chief is here. she says she is concerned she is not ready to say yet whether all these firings are connected. this fire started at 3:00 this morning. two buildings burned, two-unit buildings and six residents were displaced. maybe the construction on a new deck could be to blame. they don't to believe that somebody would intentionally start the fire. they don't know if an arsonist is responsible for this. >> the fires that occurred last week we determined to be intentionally set. we are fully aware of that but it's premature to say whether it was intentionally set fire. it's too early in the investigation to determine that.
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>> reporter: the victims are talking about how quickly firefighters got here that was in part because a police officer was patrolling the area and spotted the fire and called it in right away. the officer was doing surveillance in the area because of the fires in the castro last week. there were four on thursday and friday. firefighters believe three of them were arson. fourth one was a trash can fire. they do believe three buildings were inlegislationly set on fire. this is above the castro, on the other side of market street. this is lower twin peaks area. it's not the castro but it's pretty close and firefighters are trying to figure out if the arsonist has struck again. newly released records show pg&e boosted the pressure a
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pipeline shortly before telling state regulators that it had the highest risk failure in you any pipeline area. they spiked the line in june of 2009 even though the company knew some sections were 80 years old and manufactured by a supplier with a poor quality record. pg&e has responded by saying the pressure on the fremont line was still below the maximum load allowed. it's independent of the san bruno line but they are looking into whether increases contributed to last year's deadly san bruno explosion. >> any time now this morning, the egyptian government we have word that there is the release of a google executive. that could be happening at any moment now. he has been detained in cairo since 27th. they will release the marketing
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director for arabia this morning the family and friends are very concerned about his well-being since video first aired. it shows plainclothes agents grabbing him and dragging him behind police lines. since then he has become a hero for getting involved. >> look, i went out there. i put my life on the line literally. now i'm back. >> hopefully he will be able to use it to inspire people to not just be afraid. >> again, we are expecting the release of him any minute now. he is a google executive and we'll let you know as soon as we get word of his release. >> couple of moves of appeasement from the egyptian government. one they are offering 15% raises to many government employees in order to get their support. government says it's willing to begin negotiating reforms with
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opposition groups. but protestors in tahrir square says the negotiation will go nowhere as long as the president remains in power. they are in 14th day. witnesses say despite thousands who remain in the square, many egyptians are returning to work. look at the size of that crowd. many got cash from banks that were open for just three hours today. protest leaders say they will not negotiate anything with the government until president mubarak steps down. despite reforms promised by the vice president over the weekend it's still not clear when the president will step down. president obama talked about developments on fox news before the superbowl. >> you have to start a transition now, mubarak has decided he is not running for reelection, his term is up this year. what we said let's make sure you get all the groups together in egypt, let the people make a determination what is the
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process for an orderly transition but one that is meaningful transition. >> there is concern in washington about the role that a group known as the muslim brotherhood will play in the new government. they were outlawed when mubarak took office. >> tsa is investigating a security breach at san francisco international airport. officials say around 1:30 yesterday airport employees noticed a suspicious person in the area of the terminal and they should not have access to. they chose not shut the terminal down tsa is not saying whether they were arrested. >> san francisco could soon have a walk of fame like the one in hollywood but this would have a twist. a group of merchants and residents have chosen the first 20 names for san francisco's rainbow honor wake. names of the city's most financial gays and lesbians will
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be displayed on that sidewalk. names like alan ginsberg but you won't see the name harvey milk. organizers they say the first honorees should be e-mail who received awards but not as many accolades as harvey milk. he has received so many at this point. did you watch the superbowl or get outside? >> was there a superbowl yesterday? >> there was. my kids with were swimming when the game was happening. >> but your husband was glued to the tube. >> it's tough to be inside like a day like yesterday. but nice days ahead of us. it won't quite as warm. good morning to you. in fact right now you may notice it's a little cooler in some areas. 50 in antioch and san rafael. 54 in san francisco. we cracked the 30-degree mark
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and 40 in napa. they in santa rosa. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. these temperatures, they seem mild are anywhere from nine degrees cooler in san jose to 18 in redwood city. 22 in fairfield. 16 degrees cooler n cooler in oakland. still a pretty good day to see temperatures above average but not record setting. 70 in ukiah and look for breezes to pick up. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay. inland valleys 50s to low 70s. cooler tonight and slightly breezy. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, breezes will taper and drop another 5-8 degrees. along the coast low to mid-50s throughout the bay and inland and slight chance of a shower
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saturday night into sunday morning. it's going to be quiet weather wise, let's find out the traffic. >> it's been a quiet monday morning commute. we've had a couple fender-benders but it's not going to slow you down. east shore freeway, heading through the berkeley area, headlights are moving westbound and the drive times from the carquinez to the maze, just about 20 minutes. if you are taking the golden gate bridge into san francisco from sausalito, no problems there. live look from the south bay, 280, right around the 17 overcrossing, looking good. if you are taking mass transit, no delays there, as well. parents need to listen this one. study linking parents to children's weight. >> hidden banks getting ready to cut a deal on overdraft fees.
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>> and facebook may be getting ready to change locations. ♪ ♪ >> later on, fumbling the words, musical mistake seen by hundred
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good morning, it's 6:13. what a gorgeous shot of the bay. the cruise ship working on there. it's a lot colder. yesterday, 80 degrees. we'll talk about more about the changing weather conditions. right now hundreds of parents are camped out in hopes to get a position at charter school for their children.
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some of the parents waiting around buckingham charter school have been there since friday night. they are hoping that lottery will win their children a position at the school. there are only hundred spots available. there are no residency restrictions and kids can come from anywhere california. >> bank of america has agreed to pay $410 million involving overdraft fees. there are lawsuits against 30 other lending institutions. a bounced check can cost consumers as much as $35. new regulations prevent them from doing that. >> palo alto's based facebook may be moving up the peninsula.
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they have scheduled a news conference tomorrow. the company may be getting ready to move into the sprawling campus once occupied by sun microsystems. it's been vacant since oracle bought it. if you are mom a new study may have you hitting the farmer's market. researchers look at 900 children. based on the years their mothers work the higher the risk of becoming obese. they don't know why they have higher body masses but because working parents have less time to cook. marry much more on the study coming up on 7:00 on "good morning america." i was trying to combine two words indices and indexes.
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>> and it's like superbowl sunday. >> absolutely. a little hang over in traffic, nothing is going on there but we do have stuff here around the bay as far as weather. what we're seeing, what we're feeling is cooler conditions because of the lack of wind. but it is the wind that comes off ocean later today that is going to start our cooling trend and wipe away those record highs from saturday and sunday. let's talk about those temperatures. here they come. we still have 38 in fairfield for the cool spot. 42 around if a napa and santa rosa. mid to upper 40s until you get to oakland and san francisco at 52. around the monterey bay, temperatures in the upper 40s, even inland to salinas and ten degrees cooler, 38 in gilroy. high clouds as the cold front comes in today and keeps us not as warm over the weekend. it will be clear but cool breezes will funnel in behind
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that cold front. that is what is going to keep us dry and seasonal through the weekend. for today, check out 24-hour temperature change. everybody much cooler. asterisks, all those are record highs yesterday. eight degrees cooler. san jose 9. start down in the south bay, we have 70s in los gatos the warm spot. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula today with a low 50s along the coast. mid-60s for downtown and san francisco. mid to upper 60s through the north bay valleys. peaking at 70 in ukiah. mid to upper 60s along the east bay shore. hercules, castro valley, fremont 67 and 68.
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brentwood and livermore, 69. upper 60s to low 70s in the valleys. gilroy the warm spot at 71. tonight, upper 60s livermore, fairfield and santa rosa and also cloverdale. everybody else in the low to mid 40s except for san francisco at about 50 degrees. here the clouds we're taking about. the cold front, notice the brighter clouds and system will miss us but the high clouds will help us dim the sunshine and then once we get into the colder air mass, we will be five to eight degrees cooler tomorrow. next of the week, near 60 around the coast and a chance of light rain on saturday night into sunday. >> good news we have a crash but it's on an on-ramp so it's probably not going to slow you down. it's on milpitas.
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on northbound 880. a car slammed into the metering lights there and actually locked it down. caltrans is going to be on the scene for a while trying to repair that. if you you may want to take another on-ramp to avoid delays. drive times, westbound 580 through altamont pass, about half an hour to make your way to 680. westbound 4, there are delays, 23 minute drive time and sunol grade commute, looking at half an hour, as well. outside for a live look at contra costa county walnut creek this is 680, southbound, nice ride heading into the san ramon valley. commuting into san francisco at the bay bridge, no delays at the toll plaza. for the latest go to and click on the traffic link.
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statement explaining the blunder i got so caught up in the moment of the song, i lost my place. but everybody could feel my love for the country and the true spirit of the anthem came through. her mistake isn't unique, in 2001, macy gray was boo'd for her rendition of the national anthem. >> francis scott keyes is on the phone. >> and most important part of the game is commercials. ♪ ♪ >> several online polls as well as the one here in the studio. it's for volkswagen on, more than a hundred million people tuned in to see the game and the
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commercials which cost about $3 million. the panelingers defeated the steelers to win the actual game 31-25. >> san francisco giants will consider making fan fest a multidate event next year. giants at the free event to allow the long lines to thin out and they sent a twitter message who not left home yet not to come. they attracted way more than 25,000 that attended last year's event. you can see why. tim lincecum there. you see a lot of the players. >> it was a good time even though the end of football season. >> still ahead, a bouncing ban.
6:26 am
to ban it at city parks. >> and mysterious circumstances have oakland police investigating this morning. >> and latest as u.c. berkeley graduates go on trial in iran on spying charges. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco where firefighters are trying to figure out if an arsonist has struck again. we'll take you to the scene live coming up next. >> good news if you are tralg by plane this morning, no delays at major airports but we do have snow in memphis and thunderstorms around atlanta heading to charlotte. if any delays
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini slee good morning, live look at the new york stock ex change, waiting for the opening bell. as it rings in a few seconds,
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concern that both exchanges. [ bell ringing ] >> there it is. concern that both exchanges that hackers managed to get into the system that runs the nasdaq. they definitely got in several times. we'll go back to the new york stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> let's begin with the latest on developing news out of san francisco. firefighters are investigating a fire at an apartment building not far where a string of arsons were last week. >> the fire is out now and speculation begins, is this connected to the arsons last week. they are spending time in the floor of this building. it got started somewhere in the back of the building. they won't say if an arsonist is
6:31 am
responsible. residents say they don't think it is. they don't want to believe that somebody did this on purpose. the fire started at 3:00 this morning. two buildings burned. two buildings with two units each inside, six people are looking for another place to live but everybody got out okay. the arsons last week were on everyone's mind. >> they just finished and deck and it could very easily been something left, you put the stain on and the weather has been dry. anything could have happened. if somebody tossed a match, i don't know. i don't like to think it was that i have no way of knowing for sure. >> firefighters are being very
6:32 am
careful about what they say. every fire is unique will they wouldn't say if they think it's connected to last week's arsons, there were four fires last week. they expect an arsonist is responsible for four of them. everyone is okay and everyone has gotten out okay but the building suffered significant damage. it was very scary for victims. extra patrols were added to the area and one the ors were driving through the neighborhood which is pretty close to the castro spotted the fire and called it in. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." it's 6:32 now. oakland police are investigating what they are calling a kidnapping after a missing woman turned up at a local hospital.
6:33 am
late saturday night witnesses told police they saw two men chase down an unidentified woman assault her and forced her into a car. it happened at a north oakland apartment complex in 100 block of eileen street. yesterday the woman showed up at oakland hospital, she is listed in stable condition. investigators say they are looking for at least two suspects who were last seen driving a chrysler with the license plate gjf056. >> we are waiting word from cairo of pending release of a google executive. egyptian leaders say they would release google's marketing director. we have no confirmation out of egypt. the family and friends are very concerned about his well-being since video first aired on the
6:34 am
al-jazeera network. it shows plains close government agents dragging him behind police lines. >> they are thrilled to hear his colleague is about to get thinks freedom back. >> i am hoping she totally healthy and all right which is a little -- i wasn't sure that would be the case. >> some 1300 protestors have been detained over the past 14 days. most have already been freed. meantime, egypt's vice president is reaching out to a protest group called the muslim brotherhood to try to calm protestors. yesterday, omar suleiman offered new concessions including freedom of press. meanwhile, president obama has downplayed prospects that the muslim brotherhood would take a major role in any new government.
6:35 am
it's just about 6:35 now. this morning, a hearing is expected to continue in iran for two of the u.c. berkeley grads being detained in that country. shane bauer and josh fattal pled not guilty before a judge in their first trial. sara shourd also pled not guilty in absentia. it's been 18 months since they were hiking near the border. supporters in the bay area remain hopeful. >> we don't know enough about the system, i mean the fact they have a court date. at least we know they are acknowledging it publicly. >> shourd was released last september and ordered to return for the trial but did not go. she reiterated in a film they did not intend to cross iran's borders. >> tomorrow a federal judge returns to san quentin prison
6:36 am
for a tour of the death chamber to review the state's new lethal injection procedure. he eventually halted executions over concerns that the facility was outdated and the execution team -- i should say was poorly trained. they have developed a new protocol that the judge must be convinced enough has been done to carry it on humane executions >> in san jose a hearing is going to be held in a move to shut down what police say is the most dangerous nightclub in the city. they have been called to club wet a hundred times for disturbance in the last ten months. early new year's day morning a patron was stabbed in a
6:37 am
restroom. city officials pulled the club's license for now. this week, walnut creek will consider a plan to ban inflatable stresmers in parks. they are popular for children but the city's recreation commission say they present a liability hazard and chew up the grass in public parks. the commission is set to consider the ban. several nearby cities already have similar bans. >> it always look like fun to do that and weather is going to be food for it. is it going to continue? >> we'll see temperatures drop significantly today. we're still going to be above average and when we drop more
6:38 am
tomorrow, we'll be average the rest of the week. here is one of the reasons why it's cooler it's much calmer. look at the winds, 3 at sfo and oakland, 3 in concord. 5 in hayward. so it has allowed the colder air to sink in our valleys. we'll have some 30s around napa and fairfield. low to mid 40s for rest of the inland valleys. mid to upper 40s out to the bay shore and out to the coast. we'll see an increase in high clouds as the cold front pushes through. breezes will pick up this afternoon. we'll have low to mid 60s at noon. afternoon hours, pretty much mid to upper 60s except the coast, 50 at half moon bay. temperatures are 35-15 degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll drop another 35-8 degrees tomorrow. low to mid 50s for the bay and
6:39 am
inland. >> good morning. if you are commuting into san francisco on the bay bridge, expect to come to a stop at the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on right now. north bay this morning, live look at san rafael. taillights are moving southbound heading out of novato heading towards the golden gate bridge. drive time to 580 is light ten minutes and live look at san jose, 101 at 880 overcrossing. it's nice and light as you make your way out of morgan hill. we do have a new crash in martinez, northbound 680 but it is over on the shoulder so it shouldn't slow you down too much there. major slow spot is going to be westbound 580 making your way out of tracy heading towards pleasanton. debris in the road that slowed things down.
6:40 am
speeds under 20 miles an hour. >> time is just about 6:40. >> trading is underway at wall street. a live report and look, dow is up 30 points. >> and is it a more posh place for pups, trying to change the world's perception about world's perception about changing medicinal
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welcome back. pretty quiet across the state. coolest weather makes it to eureka but 72 in chico, mid-60s in sacramento and fresno. warmest weather, san diego, palm
6:44 am
springs, sunshine low to mid-70s and cold front that is bringing us the change today is moving through the sierra. dry and 49 at tahoe. 52 in yosemite. if your idea of a medical marijuana club is a tiny storefront office in a declining part of town or a huge impersonal warehouse, you want to see this. in san francisco one collective is trying to change the paradigm. >> from the outside it looks like a trendy neighborhood cafe and inside gives off the same sort of vibe until you check the menu and take a close look at what they are serving. >> our mission is to provide high quality medicine. >> home-grown for the clients of the canibis club called spark. it's located in the mission district. >> a lot of people come to us and say i have a lot of pain or
6:45 am
i suffer from nausea. >> customers can spoke on the merchandise right on the premises using machines that vaporize the marijuana. very little secondhand smoke. the patients say the whole operation is a cut above the rest. >> it's very quiet. it's very well organized. the staff is so helpful, to give you all the necessary information. >> the customers say the prices are pretty good that is because they grow most of the medical marijuana and that keeps overhead down. not only proceeds are pumped back into the business, it supports other non-traditional medicine sources. want is a health center that
6:46 am
lost it's city is contract to budget cuts two years ago. >> it was really unfortunate. 700 patients lost access to care. along with spark we have a clinic that subsidize every week and people can get treated. >> the clean design and low key but professional style inside are apparently attracting clients through word of mouth. >> you have a large percentage of women. we've got elderly, younger people that are looking for an alternative to prescription medication. >> it's clean and inviting, women on board, many women staff here. we're making sure that women feel welcome and safe when they come here. >> it may look different but the rules are the same. customers need a doctor's recommendation as well as an
6:47 am
i.d. >> turn to business news, national retailers are looking out for you. billions of dollars in mergers. >> jane king is live at the new york stock exchange with money scope report. >> good morning to you. it's merger mania. here the details on just a few. they are buying, paying 11% premium as of friday's close and aol is buying huffington post $315 million and paid in cash and warren buffett is buying west coast financial. so that is $550 million investment gives the full ownership of wesco. >> we have the kow and s&p 500 are all trading higher so far this morning.
6:48 am
and silicon valley index is up half a percent. best buy trying to help you save money offering a buy-back program for free for a limited time. it will cost you $70 otherwise, so if you return a cell phone, and that deal is good through february 12. thanks very much. have a great day. >> thanks. >> san mateo officials are warning residents to be aware of increase number of phone scams. three elderly people have been conned into wiring money abroad. the bail woman was told to wire money to the philippines to collect her lottery prize. >> it appears the sagging economy is catching up with posh beverly hills.
6:49 am
>> the city is now laying off it's ambassador, greg donovan has been a fixture in the l.a. community for past dozen years hearing was hired after the movie pretty woman, they couldn't go to the stores to dress up. his job was to stand on the street welcoming visitors giving directions and posing for pictures. well now, the visitors bureau they can't afford him anymore. and turn things over to mike. we have gorgeous record setting day but now we're talking changes. >> changes, absolutely. temperatures will drop and breezes will pick up this afternoon. you can see the high clouds being induced by the cold front that will move through our neighbors in a dry many. gorgeous picture from sutro. look at diablo off in the distance and pinks and blues and
6:50 am
morning sunrise, i would say about 25 minutes away. let's talk about what is going to happen. by setting the foundation, 38 in fairfield, we have they in napa and santa rosa. rest of us in the mid to upper 40s. san francisco, 52. pretty seasonal but anywhere from 10-25 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. that is another reason we'll be cooler. so we'll have high clouds today and that is breezes will kick up and clean out the clouds. for today, temperatures even though we're dropping so much, we're still well above average. oakland 5 degrees and sun will come up at 7:08. you see a nice rivet of clouds, that is the cold front.
6:51 am
bulk of the moisture is moving away from us right now but the high pressure right there with that clockwise flow will bring the cooler air into our neighborhoods and that is why we'll see a drop this afternoon. east bay valleys, mid to upper 50s today. same type of temperatures along the east bay shore. upper 60s to near 70 degrees in the south bay with los gatos reaching 70. mid to upper 50s along the peninsula. out at the coast, low 60s today, mid-50s to downtown san francisco. north bay valleys, nationwide upper 60s. ukiah at 70. mid to upper 60s around the monterey bay. upper 60s inland with 71 around gilroy. tonight more 30s, morgan hill, livermore and cloverdale. >> accu-weather seven-day forecast, breezes stick around and drop us another five to eight degrees. throughout the week we'll be to near 60 along the coast. low to mid-60s around the bay
6:52 am
and inland slight chance of rain saturday night into sunday. isn't that a beautiful picture with the sky being mirrored in the pool, wonderful colors and high clouds this afternoon you may be able to see a sun dog line shawn did in santa rosa. >> if you have weather video we would love to see them. upload them or e-mail them to us good morning the we do have a typical monday morning slow spots but we don't have any major accidents, no lanes being blocked. live look at walnut creek of 680. right at the north main exit. lights are moving southbound but nice and light. commuting east shore freeway,
6:53 am
live look at 80 through the berkeley area, drive time from carquinez to the maze, around 21 minutes. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights have been turned on. about 10-15 minutes to make your way into san francisco. >> slower spots for the commute, 580 through altamont pass, almost 40 minutes to get from 205 to 680. also westbound 4 in lone tree way to 42, allow a half an hour there, as well. 67 we have a message for moms this morning about what you feed your babies. researchers say formula fed infants that are introduced to solid food before the age of four months run a higher risk of
6:54 am
obesity. they didn't see the same effect for infants that were breast-fed. the results support the guidelines of starting solid food between four and six months of age. green bay bay packers are scheduled to return home with the superbowl trophy today and show it off to their fans. they beat the steet steelers last night. three of the touchdowns came on passes from quarterback aaron rojsers. this was the fourth superbowl title for green bay. pittsburgh pulled within three points in the fourth quarter before the packers had the field goal and held on for the win. rodgers a former cal quarterback was named the game mvp. it turned out to be a big disappointment for hundreds of fans even though they had ticket they couldn't get in to see the game.
6:55 am
it started when an entire section of the stadium were determined to be installed incorrectly and unsafe. some of the fans were shuttled to other areas of the stadium. many complained they had traveled hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles to cheer on their team. n.f.l. apologized and offering them a refund of three times the face value of their tickets. >> recapping top stories, another suspicious fire their the castro the fifth in less than a week. >> amy hollyfield has details. >> reporter: the fire chief was out here, she says she is concerned she is not ready to say whether all the fires are connected. this fire started at 3:00 this morning, two buildings burned. six people were displaced. residents think it could be because of a new deck on one of the buildings, that could be the
6:56 am
blame. they don't want to blame somebody intentionally set the fire. firefighters say they don't know yet if the arsonist is responsible for this one. victims were talking about how quickly firefighters got here. it was in part that a police officer spotted the fire and called it in right away. the officer was doing extra sows this area because of the fires that have happened in the castro. there were four last thursday and friday, three of them are believed to be arson. there was a fourth with a trash can fire. this fire is in the neighborhood around the castro, on corbet and clayton so it's just down from twin peaks. it's close to the castro, it's not the same area. firefighters are taking a look to see if the arsonist has struck again.
6:57 am
final check on weather and traffic. >> good thing the fire was this morning but tomorrow morning will be breezy. step outside, pretty mild, 39 in fairfield. 50s around san rafael. san jose and antioch. destination, mostly sunny and breeze and mid to upper 60s and cooler tomorrow. >> live look at this bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are back on. we do have a back-up to 880 overcrossing. 15 minutes to make your way through the tolls. other slow spot, westbound through altamont pass, 40 minutes and half an hour out of antioch toward concord on westbound 4. >> thank you for joining us for the morning news. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. have a great day and we'll see is naturally satisfying.
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