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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 11, 2011 12:00am-1:05am PST

12:00 am that is our report for tonight. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> dicky: tonight on an all-new "jimmy kimmel live" -- justin bieber. >> jimmy: said or sang the word baby in 20103.4 million times. look what's going on here. i think we have a visitor. i'm going to call 911 because diddy has a serious case of bieber fever. >> dicky: and music from travis barker, game and swizz beatz. >> jimmy: it would be fun if iht
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- justin bieber. and music from travis barker featuring game & swizz beatz. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live" >> dicky: and now, honestly, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching and for coming and i want to give a special greeting to the 40 million 9-year-old girls who are up after midnight for the first time in their lives tonight. [ applause ] i have some -- i have some bad news. justin bieber did not make it here tonight. but fortunately, as a replacement, i think you're going to be very happy. we got the mayor of cincinnati, mark mallory is here. >> hey, how you doing? >> jimmy: so -- exciting. mr. mayor, what's going on in your beautiful city cincinnati? >> we got a lot of things going on. we just built a $400 million office tower. >> jimmy: very nice. >> we are just about to break ground on $128 million streetcar
12:07 am
system. >> jimmy: i heard about that. >> and, we're building a $400 million casino. who doesn't like to gamble? >> jimmy: everyone loves to gamble. [ applause ] so -- you don't sing or anything, do you? >> no, i don't sing. i don't have that talent. >> jimmy: do you swag or anything like that? >> i got a little -- >> hey, what's up? how are you? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you? how you doing? you're a little early. little bit early. don't -- don't attack him. i was going to say -- we're going to -- i'm going to have you come out in a minute but there's one guy i want you to watch out for. the guy in the pink glasses there, he's got tattoos and -- >> hey. what's going on? >> jimmy: okay?
12:08 am
all right. justin bieber. we'llback in a minute. sorry, mr. mayor. justin, take the mayor with you. mayor mark mallory of cincinnati, everyone. thanks for -- he's the best pinch hitter there is. [ applause ] so, justin is here and let me tell you something, i'm never going to wash this building again. it's -- uncle frank, are you excited about our guest tonight? >> really -- he's an animal. >> jimmy: what is his name? >> justin bieber. >> jimmy: oh, okay. why -- why would you say he's an animal? >> a beaver. >> jimmy: oh, a beaver. no, it's not beaver. guillermo is allowed to pronounce a v bike a b but you're not. >> only me. >> jimmy: who is the big teen idol when you were a kid? beethoven? >> me? sinatra. >> jimmy: frank sinatra. there you go. and by the way, i want to
12:09 am
compliment everyone here in the audience for the orderly fashion in which you came in tonight. we actually videotaped it. there's everyone. only 11 fatalities. 40 people injured, but -- it's either bieber inside or godzilla outside, we're not sure. for the safety of everyone's hearing tonight. we replaced our applause signs with these. scream. and stop screaming. so, let's try it a few times. let's hearing the screaming. [ screaming ] >> jimmy: and stop screaming. and if neither of them is lit, just go ahead and default to stop screaming. i want to -- you know, i went into the dressing room after justin took a shower a little while ago. i wasn't up to anything, but whoever i decide is the biggest bieber fan is going to get this. i pulled this out of the shower drain. it's -- some of it might be his.
12:10 am
so -- [ laughter ] also on our show tonight, travis barker is here. travis barker and justin bieber. it's -- all part of our continuing black history month celebration. there's a new edition of "american idol" tonight. do you watch "american idol"? [ applause ] things seem to be working out well for the new judging team. the ratings for the show aren't as big as last year but aerosmith's record sales are up 250%, which is good for steven tyler. and eight more people rented "gili," which is great for j.lo. 317 contestants made it through to hollywood. this is a much worse problem for california than illegal immigration. we really -- we need to build a karaoke fence to keep these people out. only one or two of those will hit it big, if that.
12:11 am
i don't look at them as singers who didn't make it big. i look at them as future spidermen posing for pictures outside on hollywood boulevard. i'm an optimist. just because the -- just because the audition rounds on "american idol" are over doesn't mean steven tyler is done wooing the contestants. tonight, he continue what's become sort of a tradition on the show. it's time for steven tyler's creepy leer of the night. ♪ you can't give me what i need ♪ ♪ when she begs you not to go >> come on. >> jimmy: he never disappoints. every night. [ applause ] i know we have a lot of justin bieber fans here. did any of you watch the -- did you see the sign? any of you watch the super bowl on sunday?
12:12 am
111 million people saw it. it was the most watched television broadcast ever from the united states. and fox wasn't the only one that got big ratings. animal planet got a huge rating on sunday, too. every year they hold an event called the puppy bowl. what they do is, they put puppies in a little football stadium, let them sniff each other for three hours. 9.2 million people watched that this year. sadly, though, there's some controversy now surrounding one of the puppy quarterbacks who allegedly texted this photo to a -- [ applause ] to a team couch cushion and now -- sometimes you have to wonder what is going through these athletes' heads. speaking of exposed genitalia, a new episode of j"jersey shore" tonight. i have to say, the more i watch this show, the more i see these young men and women growing and
12:13 am
blossoming into intelligent, thoughtful young adults and i have never been prouder. tonight, sammi and ronnie broke up. she gave him back his promise syringe. they shared their hopes, dreams, stds. mostly stds. here's a story. seems like about once every eight months you see something on the news about somebody guying their kids a dvd, or in the old days, vhs, and fog home to find porn on it. i don't know how it happens. it seems very unlikely that the same people producing porn are also pumping out "yo gabba gabba" dvds. >> a mother is out raged that a dvd she bought her kids was actually porn. the queens mom thought she bought her sons a dvd at the to toys r us but when the kids put it in, they saw a nude couple
12:14 am
having sex. instead of getting "all star sports day," they got "bubble butt bonanza 17." >> jimmy: 17? seems like 12 would be enough. according to an annual report released by the university of florida, the funumber of shark attacks increased by 25% this year. sharks are turning to crime, with the way the economy is. it's sad. experts say the number of shark attacks could be cut in half if people used common sense, like, never go in the ocean, is one. or, here's another tip. try to swim with fat friends. it's a good idea to surround yourself with more appetizing options. it's been an embarrassing couple days for christopher lee. he resigned from office yesterday after this photo, he texted in response to a personal ad on craigslist turned up. i told you this "jersey shore"
12:15 am
was a bad influence. he's married. though he told the woman he was texting he wasn't. the woman asked, are you divorced, he said yes. get this guy back in congress. he can see the future. he will be divorced very soon. when he ran for office he said it was time to roll up his sleeves and get to work. maybe he just got carried away with the rolling of the sleeves. put that picture back up for a second. to me, the creepiest thing is, he's got a red cell phone. what kind of -- what middle aged man goes to the store and says red? here's -- here's a general tip. women looking for a generous financially secure gentleman on craigslist are hookers. they don't care what you look like with your shirt off. so, congressman lee is no longer apart of congress and on monday his wife is about to get the biggest delivery of valentine's day roses in american history. valentine's day is a tough day for a lot of guys. traditional gifts are, flowers are boring, chocolate and
12:16 am
lingerie sends a mixed message if you buy your wife, if you buy your wife chocolate, make sure to give the lingerie first because they might not fit after the chocolate, is what -- [ laughter ] not knowing what to get your significant other for valentine's day is a common dilemma. i scoured craigslist to find some items for sale that could make a perfect and economical gift for that special someone in your life and we've actually asked the people who are selling them to come here and show them to us live on television tonight. so, here we go. let's meet our first seller, which is scott. hey, scott, how are you? >> thank you. [ applause ] >> jimmy: so, tell us about what you have here and you've posted this on craigslist. >> these are some carl's jr. table numbers that i posted on craigslist. they were given to me by a friend. >> jimmy: where did you your friend get them? >> he took them after he was
12:17 am
fired from carls jr. >> jimmy: was he fired for -- >> for stealing. >> jimmy: you can't afford not to buy these for your loved one. and if you have like 100 tables at your house this is a great thing. do you have a lady friend yourself? >> i do. >> jimmy: might want to save a couple for her. >> i may. >> jimmy: again, okay, if you want to buy this, go to craigslist los angeles, search for lot of carl's jr. numbers, assorted, and you can take home this excellent -- who wouldn't want these for their? all right, next up, we have saul miranda. is that right? hey, saul, how are you? saul, you had a great ad that -- you are selling these, what are these? >> plumbing pipes. >> jimmy: pipes. >> little dirty. but they don't have any holes in them. >> jimmy: no holes. and how much do you want for these? >> ten bucks for all three.
12:18 am
>> jimmy: would you consider selling them individually? >> i could do that. yeah. >> jimmy: okay. >> this one's for electrical, so -- >> jimmy: okay, great, so this is practical and romantic. >> pipes can be romantic, yes. >> jimmy: this is a great reminder to your wife that she married the wrong person. if you want to purchase this item, search for three ten foot long plumb pipes on craigslist and you will find them there, and -- yeah. that's -- hi, gary. gary works for us and he's selling some things on craigslist, too. what do you have here? >> i have two things. this one is, it's called a face-changing baby. it's a unique thing. it goes from happy to sleepy to drunk. >> jimmy: that's nice. [ applause ] and that's -- if you're a justin
12:19 am
bieber fan would go baby, baby, baby. and what is this you have here? >> well, this is a humping dog. and what you do is, you press the button -- >> jimmy: and -- could make your real dog very jealous. and what are you asking for these two? >> 5,000 for the pair. >> jimmy: thank you, gary. if you want to bid on the baby and the dog, and you have $5,000, go to craigslist and search for face-changing baby and humping dog. and finally, we have darren dawson. darr darren, wow. look at this. >> how are you doing, buddy? >> jimmy: this is michael jordan. >> as close as you can get. it's actually -- >> jimmy: you could have got closer, i think, actually. >> he was never 32 -- >> jimmy: he was 23. >> i guess you had to have -- >> mirror or something? >> your eyes are backwards.
12:20 am
>> jimmy: where did you get this thing? >> i traded a buddy some spare car parts. >> jimmy: why did he have this? >> he had some statues in hiss garage. >> jimmy: he was an art collector. how much are you asking for this? >> $650. >> jimmy: what would you take for it? >> $650. >> jimmy: a firm price. >> i gave him expensive parts. >> jimmy: what -- i thought you added something to michael. >> yes. >> jimmy: that's -- >> that's actual size. >> jimmy: i think michael jordan's birthday is next week and i may buy this for him and -- >> that would be good. >> jimmy: and actually deliver it to him. so, i am going to give you -- you won't take $600 for this? >> from you, no. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: in you go. thank you very much.
12:21 am
darren dawson, everybody. you can't buy his because i bought it. thank you, darren. one more thing, it's thursday night, time for our weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. it's "this week in unnecessary censorship." >> big night for the green bay packers but wasn't exactly a great super bowl for singer christina aguilera. she [ bleep ] the national anthem. >> we want to know how fast you can [ bleep ] a bunch of [ bleep ]. >> talk about marquis [ bleep ]. he was really good. >> i'm 16 so i like to date and [ bleep ] girls. >> that's good. that's good. >> you [ bleep ] your bed with your pets, you know it. >> hey, extra. here is your gps. >> great picks of stars like mario and his [ bleep ] and his [ bleep ]. his whole body. >> so, you won't [ bleep ] him? >> jennifer aniston's stunning new confessions.
12:22 am
i had a [ bleep ] in a year and a half. >> do you plan to see his movie? samantha writes, i love him with a all my [ bleep ] heart. >> the lady says they haven't seen a vampire any night. her exact words were, out of my bloo blood bank, [ bleep ] wad. on the show tonight, we'll have music from travis barker featuring game and swizz beatz and mix master mike and we'll be right back with justin bieber. my contacts are so annoying. they're itchy, dry and uncomfortable. i just want to rip 'em out, throw 'em away and never see them again. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? get the contacts you've got to see to believe. acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses. feel how hydraclear® plus keeps your eyes exceptionally comfortable all day long. it feels like it disappeared on my eye.
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>> jimmy: that's one of the best purchases i've ever made, i have to say.
12:27 am
tonight on the show, music from a man who has pounded his way into our hearts. this is his upcoming album comes out next month, it's called "give the drummer some." travis barker will from the bud light stage. with some help from game and swizz beatz and mix master mike. next week on the show, martin lawrence will be here, from "glee," dianna agron, oscar nominee jeremy renner, from "modern family" eric stonestreet, oscar nominee javier bardem, jason sudekis, blake griffin from the clippers, and music from black dub, stone sour, keri hilson, and jewel. our first guest tonight is a platinum selling recording artist with more than a billion youtube views, 20 million facebook friends, 7 million twitter followers. it's ridiculous. his new 3-d movie opens in theaters tomorrow. please say hello to justin bieber! [ cheers and applause ]
12:28 am
>> jimmy: i bought you a present. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm flood. >> jimmy: good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> jimmy: congratulations on all the success. >> thank you. >> jimmy: are you starting to lose your hearing? i know you lose your voice, but hearing -- >> my hearing is pretty good. >> jimmy: i did some research this afternoon. did you know that you either said or sang the word baby in 20103.4 million times? >> yeah? i feel like that actually happened. >> jimmy: we have important business to discuss, you and i. because next friday, i'm the coach of the celebrity nba all-star weekend basketball -- >> i'm playing in it. >> jimmy: you're on my team. i picked you to be on my team. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i've seen you play a little bit, like, on video and stuff like that and it looks like you're pretty good. >> i'm pretty good. not as good as magic johnson.
12:29 am
>> jimmy: not as good as magic johnson? don't worry, magic's not playing. you don't have to worry about him. >> that's good then. >> jimmy: here's my thinking with you. if anyone -- you're going to have the whole crowd on your side. and i think it's going to be a home court game for us with you there. >> nice. >> jimmy: nobody cares about anybody else when you're around. >> well -- >> jimmy: yes? >> i guess. >> jimmy: also, i would like you to practice nonstop from now until game time. no staying up late. no girls. no nothing. >> no girls? >> jimmy: no girls. >> that's going to be really hard. >> jimmy: valentines -- let's talk about girls for a second. i'm worried about you. every time you seem to be interested in a girl or a girl seems to be interested in you, there are death threats. people try to kill them. you're like -- dating james bond is safer than being around you. how do you handle something like that?
12:30 am
i mean, do you have to warn people beforehand? you're probably going to die. >> i just kind of let them find out on their own. >> jimmy: it's a fun surprise for them. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what are you doing for valentine's day? >> well, i'm going to take my mom out. >> jimmy: you are? really? >> yeah. and then the nighttime i'm actually flying out but before then i want to go to a random theater that's playing my movie and surprise them. >> jimmy: oh, really? that will be good. that's a fun thing to do. that always seems like maybe the best part of making a movie is being able to go into the theater and watching people watch the movie. >> exactly. going to be funny. >> jimmy: and the mu view is really good. i'm not exactly your target audience, but it's really good. we have a clip of the movie. and you've been -- your life has been videotaped since you were a little kid. >> yeah. >> jimmy: by your family. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's remarkable. take a look.
12:31 am
>> he never had any lessons or anything. i just never thought of it being anything other than for fun. i would have friends over and they would bring their guitars and jam out at the house. >> where does this talent come from? does he play drums? you have to get that kid a kit. it was a little plastic miniature kit and he got to bang on that for two years. >> jimmy: there you go. you were a very cute kid. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you're still a kid, but now you're like a young man. and then everybody kind of knows your story. on youtube, you became this phenomenon and your manager saw you on youtube and came and said, hey, come to atlanta and meet people and you started meeting people and -- the title of the movie is "never say never." did people say no to you? >> yeah. when i first moved to atlanta i was going all over the place
12:32 am
trying to get people to believe in me and so many people were like, you don't have disney, you don't have a platform, like, and people were, they were all saying no. so i kept going to different radio stations and then we went to def jam with l.a. reid and they ended up signing me and it's been pretty cool ever since. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. do those people -- do you run into those people that said no to you that didn't want to sign you? >> yeah. >> jimmy: how does that go? >> it's funny. it's like -- sorry. [ applause ] >> jimmy: i would think they would want to keep that as quiet as they possibly could? >> yeah, maybe. >> jimmy: probably. and now you got this crazy life. you're doing things, really nonstop, all the time. do you have much time to yourself? >> not really. i don't have a lot of down time. the only -- i get one day off a week so i try to, like, sleep a lot during that day. try to, like, because, like, the battery needs to be recharged. >> jimmy: for sure.
12:33 am
>> so, i need to sleep that day and just like rest or go to the movies or something. >> jimmy: what if you want to buy something. how does that work? >> well, i just go to the store and buy it. >> jimmy: you don't have to go to mom, i'd like to buy this -- >> well, i have kind of like a limit, like, my mom, like, i can't just go and buy random stuff all the time. i have a limit. so, like, as soon as that limit's gone i can't get anymore. like, my card gets declined. >> jimmy: really? your mom has a thing on your credit card. wow. have you ever gone and had your card declined somewhere? >> yeah. it was embarrassing. >> jimmy: oh, no. >> they were like, aren't you justin bieber. i was like, just don't ask. >> jimmy: that's terrible. >> yeah. >> jimmy: wow. you should make your mom's card get declined. you could do that if you want. >> she has my business manager working for her. like, i'll be like, so, can you, like, put money in my account. he's like, i got to ask your mom
12:34 am
first. >> jimmy: so there are some pitfalls to being a teen superstar, i guess. soon enough you'll be able to control all that. you'll be able to spend money like diddy. >> yeah, diddy's really cool and, yeah. >> jimmy: as a matter of fact, i think diddy is -- i think diddy is -- is he around here somewhere? >> no. >> jimmy: are you friendly with diddy? >> yeah, i mean, pretty well. >> jimmy: don't get to know him too well because he sells vodka and stuff like that. >> yeah. like -- >> jimmy: this is why advertising is bad for our children. you know what, i think actually -- i heard diddy might be around here somewhere. let's look around the building and see if we can find the diddy and if we find the diddy maybe we'll bring him out and maybe he will bring us some vodka. >> you. >> jimmy: justin bieber, everybody. "never say never" opens tomorrow. we'll be right back with justin and maybe diddy.
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b@ twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
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>> jimmy: hey now, we're back with justin bieber. travis barker still to come. justin, i -- is it true that your tour bus used to be kid rock's tour bus? >> yes. >> jimmy: did they clean it and steam it and everything? >> they sanitized it completely. >> jimmy: you didn't find anything left behind, meet any
12:40 am
women or anything like that? okay, good. that's good. do you know him? >> i met him briefly at, i think it was the vmas or the -- yeah, the vmas. >> jimmy: at that point he handed his tour bus over to you and said, to the next generation, enjoy? >> yeah. >> jimmy: all right. and do you sleep on that? that's kind of where you live? >> when i was on tour. i'm not on tour anymore. >> jimmy: you're not living in a bus. >> not living in a bus. i was for, like, six months. >> jimmy: do you like living on the bus? >> yeah. i sleep really well on the bus. >> jimmy: when you're in your regular bed, you are like, i wish it was moving. >> no, but when i slept on the bus, it was like some of the best sleeps i've ever had. >> jimmy: you get used to that kind of thing. i hear that, guys like it. and it's almost like when you're a baby. >> it's soothing. >> jimmy: take the kid in the car and get them to sleep and there it goes. yeah. and -- >> that's like, my little sister
12:41 am
she will scream and cry and you put them in the car seat and you start driving and she just falls right athree. >> jimmy: how old is she? >> she's 2. >> jimmy: does she go crazy when she sees you also or are your powers lost on her? >> well, she doesn't really understand the whole thing of it all but she calls me bieber. >> jimmy: she does? she' >> she'll be like, bieber, bieber. she can't say justin very well. >> jimmy: really? she's not a bieber then? >> she is a bieber. >> jimmy: oh. well, that's -- that is confusing. oh, my goodness. look what's going on here. i think we have a visitor. [ cheers and applause ] skrk that's -- [ cheers and applause ] that's -- >> what's up man? how are you? >> jimmy: how you doing?
12:42 am
well -- you guys are two peas in a pod. you really are. two p. diddies in a pod. >> so i'm staying over at the roosevelt and everything and watching, you know, on tv, i heard you say my name. i was in the bathroom handling some business. >> jimmy: really? >> don't want to get too much into that. hurried that up and i ran over here. i heard you were looking for me. >> jimmy: do you see what an impression you're making on the young man? i hope you're going to be a good role model to him. >> swag. >> swag. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what's going on with you guys? are you working together? >> i think that we -- we've become like -- we've become friends in a strange way. >> it's like rob and big.
12:43 am
>> exactly. >> i'm big and you're rob. >> yeah. no, i mean, he's -- to lot of us he's like a little brother, you know what i'm saying? he's not afraid to call and ask for advice. he's somebody that, in the industry-wise, the record industry is a strong family, and he's somebody that, you know, we definitely have our arms around and we want to protect him because he's genuinely a nice person, besides his talent, he's one of the greatest kids that you could ever know. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: justin -- you know, diddy bought his sont a bentley. maybe he could -- >> he got me a lamborghini. i haven't gotten it yet, though. >> jimmy: when is that coming? we talked about this last time? >> he had that for a day or two and he had access to the house and he knows better than to be talking about the things he does with big brother puff on national television.
12:44 am
>> jimmy: apparently not. >> some things -- everything ain't for everybody. but you know, i was very excited, i was very, very, very excited to be able to stop here, because i think i have a perspective on this movie that is important for people to hear. >> jimmy: what is it? >> can we get a closeup on me or something? >> jimmy: there's always a closeup on diddy. >> i went to see this movie with my kids and first, one of the things that struck me is that this is not a kid movie, number one. this is a movie that's about, a human success story of years of hard work, it's -- his talent is ordained by god, his family is a family story in there and it's so aspirational and so motivational and it's not -- it's also -- it's not just a girl movie, you know? so, i want the men out there to go see the movie because it's a movie that can inspire them, inspire them -- you have people, guys, young men out there that want to be ball players, they
12:45 am
want to be lawyers, actors, recording artists, they want to be doctors, and you got to work to get to that point and when you see this man's story in the work ethic, i don't want people to try to put it in their own box that this is a teen flick. >> jimmy: i'm going to call 911 because diddy has a serious case of bieber fever. >> yes. yes, i do. >> jimmy: i mean, it could be fatal. >> and i'm not -- and how about this? how about this? i'm not finished, okay? so -- check this out, um, what i want to say to the guys, be smart enough to know that all of the girls are going to be at the movies this weekend. >> jimmy: that is good thinking. see, this guy is always thinking. he's always thinking. >> this guy. diddy is the smartest guy i've ever met. >> jimmy: he is a smart guy. and one thing about diddy is, he's had, like, 11 names.
12:46 am
he started as puff daddy, and then p. diddy, sean combs for awhile and p. comby. he's always evolving. and that's something i wanted to talk to you about. i was thinking -- we had this contest on twitter where people would actually write in a song title and one of the titles was "jimmy cuts justin's hair." and instead of us singing the song, it would be fun if i actually did cut your hair. you know what i'm saying? >> you guys want him to? >> jimmy: you know, give you a little -- a little trim here. >> did you actually take some off. >> jimmy: i did. i would like to shave your whole head if that's possible. would you allow me to do that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: let's do it. we're going to take a break. "never say never" opens tomorrow and -- diddy, diddy --
12:47 am
>> i don't think you should do that. >> jimmy: diddy, remember -- >> this is big brother to big brother. >> jimmy: don't listen to him. he's drunk. we'll be right back with diddy, justin bieber, travis barker and a bald kid. if you don't like driving in snow. get the 2011 jeep grand cherokee. it has a select terrain snow setting. so it can grip snow covered roads. and if you do like driving in snow... get the 2011 jeep grand cherokee. it has a select terrain snow setting. so it can grip snow covered roads.
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12:52 am
>> jimmy: i like it. >> i kind of like it, too. >> jimmy: it's -- >> what do you guys think? do you like it? you look like a young lex luther. >> yeah, yeah. i like it, too. i look like michael jordan. >> jimmy: this is going to be great for your basketball career. >> i think maybe it's going to help me be more aerodynamic on the basketball court. >> jimmy: and people won't focus on your hair so much. >> just my smooth vocals. >> jimmy: let's do the eyebrows, too. this is a great look for you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: i'm very proud of myself. i never shaved anyone's head before. >> and you did it, it's a smooth bald. >> jimmy: i do it smooth. when i shave something, i go completely crazy smooth. >> so you're like diddy smooth.
12:53 am
>> jimmy: you know what i am? i'm bieber's barber. that's what i would like to be called from now on. i look it a lot. do you think the kids are going to be upset? >> the girls will be but they'll get over it. >> jimmy: they'll get over it. and maybe -- it would be nice if they shaved their own heads in solidarity with you. and it would be a great message to send. all the girls of america, shave their own hes. spl yeah. >> jimmy: look at this. look who is here. it's the mayor of cincinnati. >> hey, hey. >> jimmy: it's the mayor of cincinnati again. >> hello, mayor. >> you guys wanted me to give a key to the city to justin. you actually have to come to since gnatty for that. but since you messed him up so bad, you got him looking like a q-tip. so, i'm going to have to fix this. i am officially giving you a cincinnati reds baseball cap. as a mayor of the city.
12:54 am
>> no, i think -- i kind of like this hair. i think you should rock it. >> jimmy: i'll keep the cap. what the heck. it's big. i feel -- i've never felt more like a goof ball. how do i wear this properly? >> a little to the side. and flatten. and right at the top of my head or push it down? >> you need to push it down so you can't hardly see your eyes. >> i feel like a pea nnuts character. well -- thank you so much. >> you realize right now there's so many girls staring, like, oh, my gosh, i can't believe you cut his hair. >> jimmy: well, you know, britney spears did this once and it worked out great for her. well, thank you, again, mayor. mayor mark mallory of cincinnati. justin bieber, his movie is called "never say never." it's really good. you'll like it. it opens tomorrow. go see it. who knows, justin might be in the theater behind you watching
12:55 am
it along with you. so, look around. we'll be right back with music from travis barker, mix master mike, game and swizz beatz. three years from now, a 2011 ford fusion is
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>> jimmy: this is his upcoming album "give the drummer some."
1:00 am
here with the song "can a drummer get some," travis barker featuring game & swizz beatz and mix master mike. ♪ party all night ♪ let's go ♪ all right ♪ we gonna rock and roll ♪ who want to rock and roll ♪ can a drummer get some can a drummer get some can a drummer get some can a drummer get some ♪ ♪ can a can a drummer get can a can a drummer get ♪ ♪ can can a drummer get can a drummer get some ♪ ♪ boom guess who stepped in the room dressed in black diamonds like a monsoon ♪ ♪ back from the dead but they never found my killer so i jumped up out this grave like michael jackson ♪ ♪ in thriller iller than most emcee's cause i be killin' 'em most emcee's turn into ♪ ♪ ghost emcee's, yeah give a drummer some if 32 seville when that all black hummer run ♪ ♪ face off nicholas cage with a gauge
1:01 am
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1:02 am
♪ like a rock star ♪ listen in ♪ coming through your speakers ♪ don't stop me ♪ the record don't stop ♪ travis barker make this whole place rock ♪ ♪ can a drummer get some can a drummer get some can a drummer get some can a drummer get some ♪ ♪ can a can a drummer get can a can a drummer get ♪ ♪ can can a drummer get can a drummer get some ♪ ♪ can a drummer get some can a drummer get some can a drummer get some can a drummer get some ♪ ♪ can a can a drummer get can a can a drummer get ♪ ♪ can can a drummer get can a drummer get some ♪ ♪ hands in the air ♪ hands in the air ♪ hands in the air ♪ hands in the air ♪ you know i got diamonds in my chain ♪ ♪ give it up ♪ travis barker got famous ♪ this is another travis barker track ♪ ♪ famous track ♪ i never leave the without my
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