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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  February 17, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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him. he said triple a was on the way. it's been two hours. >> if you weren't playing today there were uplifting reports. >> the rangers. you've got to love them. >> they did it free. they won't take anything. >> and i guess we can cut triple a slack here, i'm sure they were busy today. as for a downed power line only two customers without power because of that. the snow here is already melting. >> and thank you very much. and a heavy snowfall closed highway 29 between middleton and lake county. and the snow made for treacherous driving conditions along the highway. and many drivers had to pull over to chain up. chp crews work quickly. officers say five cars were involved in accidents. >> there is still active weather out there to be sure.
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sandhya patel is here with a look. >> take a look at live doppler 7. you can see where moisture is focused, around the peninsula, south bay, monterey bay and east bay. let's show were you there is a cell we're tracking. this one will be in the north fairoaks area by 5:08. redwood city, 5:1 p.m. expect brief down pours. and we have seen reports of heavy rain around the bay area. pacifica, thunderstorms this morning, thunderstorms have been erupt td around monterey, points south, you can see heavy rain around the bay. it's why they're under an urban and small-stream flood advisory. this is until of:45 this evening. it's snowing around the clear lake area. and cobb mountain area. that is why there is a winter storm warning until midnight tonight. four to eight inches is expected. there is more rain tomorrow. it will hit during morning commute. i'll be back with details in a
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few minute autos today's storm has caused plenty of accidents around here, these photos sent to us through you report powered by you tube. take a look. around 1:00 in the afternoon, a car flipped over. and as you can see, the culvert on the left of the screen here was flooded. take a look at that. part of the off ramp was covered in water and cars had to drive through it in order to exit. >> and a eroding cliffside is being monitored by officials tonight. officials are watching for erosion along esplanade avenue. so far saying boulders and drain pipes are keeping erosion to a minimum. the apartment buildings were red tagged in 2009 and they're helping. >> it helps to have these buildings here. the two of them are baking. they're covering the top of
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the bluff, preventing rain water from above. >> and look at this, pacifica pier is closed due to stormy season high tides. police say they close that had pier about 20 times per year. >> as is often the case the storm hit the north bay today. it brought heavy rain, thunder and lightning there. is a section of shoreline highway looking like a river than a road. take a look. traffic restricted to one lane. vehicles were partly submerged and drivers made their way through the flooded streets. the national weather service issued a flash flood warning for willow brook creek. the creek ran high. officials say there was never a threat. >> the hofy rain caused thousands of power outages today but most of them have been restored tonight. pg&e reports 150 customers still without power, another 150 have no electricity along the peninsula. 130 in the east bay and 180
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customers in the south bay. san francisco zoo closed at 1:00 this afternoon, three hours earlier than normal because of the storms drenching the bay area. officials say this closure helped to make sure animals stayed safe and dry. last time the zoo was forced to close because of severe weather was in january of last year. >> and we have more weather pictures from viewers to share with you. and this was the snow seen on mount hamilton. and this picture of a rainbow in los gatos spotted by rachel schwartz this morning. you can send us your photos or video by uploading or e mail them. >> and want to turn to other news of the day now. police arrested a man accused of grabbing a 13-year-old girl on her way to school, forcing
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her into an apartment then sexual assaulting her. abc 7 joins wuts story. >> reporter: this happened this morning. police are trying to piece together details. they say the girl was abducted and forced into a home and brutally sexual assaulted. the 13-year-old girl was walking to school at 8:00 in the morning. police say a 50-year-old man approached her, she says the man threatered -- threatened her skplif forced her into this apartment where he lives in a lower unit. the girl was sexual assaulted, she managed to escape when the man became distracted. police say the girl does not know the man after escaping she managed to describe the apartment to police and that is where they'd located the suspect and arrested him. the girl attends school just blocks from where this assault occurred. she twont school and told officials, who called police around noon. police say it's unclear how
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the man lured this girl into his house. >> only that according to her, she was threatened you know of being 13 years old she went with the man he threatened her life. >> at the apartment police discovered another young child inside. she was carried out by the suspect's god sisters. the girl is now in protective custody. the woman did not want to speak on camera but told us today the man does not have a history of sexual violence. the victim, she's being treated in a local hospital. the suspect's name has not been released but he's being questioned by police. a former walnut creek police officer was arrested on charges he had sex with a minor. the chief confirms a former officer shawn wallace arrested on february 3 just hours after resigning from the department. at one time wallace worked as a detective investigating crimes against children.
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a spokesperson with the district attorney's office says the booking charges include two counts of having sex with someone under 18 years of age and one count of intimidation of a witness or victim. >> every once in a while a police officer does something wrong. like the general public making a mistake they're held to the same standards the general public s they're held acat kthable. >> the what-year-old bailed out of the county jail and the d.a.has yet to file formal charges in this case. >> and antioch police say a 2-month-old baby has been declared brain dead after being punched in the face by his father. the 23-year-old westbound charged with murder. police say he confessed to punching his son watching the baby and his 2-year-old son while the mother was at work. investigators say the 2-year-old showed signs of abus. >> let's move on. president obama is scheduled to arrive at san francisco
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airport less than an hour from now, flying in to meet with titans of the silicon valley high-tech industry to talk about the economy and jobs. >> you remember during state of the union speech, the president said this is another sputnik moment for america. and tonight his meeting with giants of silicon valley to reinforce the message in a dinner meeting. the dinner will be at the woodside home of john dorr a partner of a venture capitol firm. forbes estimates his worth at $1.5 kbrinl. other guests include steve jobs, google ceo and ora cell coe, yahoo ce skpo. cisco's ceo. the president looked from the white house this afternoon, the trip described by a press secretary as moving forward
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with the president's agenda to promote innovation and jobs in high tech, and green tech. political observers are describing this as donor maintenance. the president is meeting with very deep-pocket ceos. >> he has to reconnect with his fund raising base to get that operation started again. it's more than that. we have to look at, is this in the context of what is going on now? >> abc 7's bruce cane says what is going on is that republicans goring after the call for government investments in high tech and green tech. and this visit is about countering that that message. >> a lot of republicans believe there is nothing of value that comes out of involvement in investment z you know, you've got to build that case and show that that is wrong. >> meeting the president this evening will be san francisco mayor ed lee. >> our future is depending upon the growth of our
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technology companies and jobs that are there. >> and tonight, the mayor saying he wants to thank the president for budgeting for san francisco's central subway. the president arrives to take that helicopter over to canada college. from there just a short drive to woodside. we'll be back at 6:00 with the president's arriveal. >> and coming up, the cancer that may be associated with early hair loss in men. a local family paid the price for a home security system until 7 on your side put an tond their double
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. if you own a burglar alarm you may know about the fines for false alarms.
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in san francisco there is a fee just to own a burglar alarm. >> one couple found out they were paying that fee and they were overpaying. >> in san francisco you must register your alarm and pay that fee. this couple did pay. then paid again. twice. every year until realizing this isn't right. krista has just one alarm system in her san francisco house. she wondered why was she getting two bills? >> one from city, one from bay alarm. >> first city sent this bill for 45ses today cover the registration fee. then another invoice came, this one from bay alarm, demanding $55 for what it called a city alarm permit. it seemed like two bills for the same thing. so she called bay alarm. >> i said well, i think i paid this before. they're like no. have you not paid for this. this is -- you have to pay.
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>> krista couldn't get answers from bay alarm or this city about the reason for two bills. so... she contacted 7 on your side. >> it's just sounding like there was confusion there at some point. >> that is the city treasurer. he says as far as he knows burglar alarms must be registered with the city and there is a fee. is its meant to hold owner as ktible for false alarms going off. now, owners can be fined. >> there is a number that has decreased. they're available to take care of real emergency autos krista shouldn't have to pay two fees. the treasurer found there were two licenses issued for her one alarm system. bay alarm had obtained one license, another in the name
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krista's husband. >> it's puzzling. he doesn't actually believe in alarms. so that is a funny thing. >> krista says her husband doesn't recall, still, they'd been double billed for three years so the city refunded the dupe ply kit payments and she received a check. >> good. i'll be able to use it. i'll go out to get a glass of wine or something. one glass of wine. probably. >> now, it's still a mystery how her husband's name got into the data base. the treasurer encourages everyone to register their alarm but not paying twice. if you have a problem let me know about it. look under 7 on your side. >> it's snowing lake crazy now. take a look at what blizzard
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conditions are doing to traffic on highway 80 at truckee. a parking lot. take a look. chains are required. chp closed eastbound 80 because of spinouts. it's awfully tough going into the sierra. >> when you get up there, skiing is good. >> take a look at that. they're not even moving. oh, goodness. >> it does. you're right. >> sandhya patel has got an eye on that crazy weather. >> there is a chains required and up to three feet of snow has fallen in 24 hours. >> and there is a view from our heavenly camera. there is a quarter mile and there is truckee it's 27 degrees. and let's show you another live picture now. quite a different view there. is a glimpse of sun there.
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we'll see more sun towards weekend but not just yet. taking a look at live doppler 7 hd. moisture has been focused around south bay and towards east bay as you can see here. into the east bay we've been seeing rain and snow mixed in around mount diablo towards the south bay. there is some rain around san jose and fremont, around the bay, it has been raining and they've seen thunderstorms there. and some down pours now so if your travels take you there it's going to be a rough ride. into the sierra nevada a rough ride. they're dealing with snow right now across 80, 50. i'd not recommend traveling yet. wait until this snow storm is over. there is going to be more coming besides that. i have a picture to show you. but this isn't from the sierra nevada. take a look at this shot from lee this is hidden valley lake
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and it's not snowing there. you can see deck areas covered in snow. there is another beautiful shot submitted by middle town. nobody was hurt. and there is some damage done with snow coming down and there is temperatures into 40s and 50s, rain mainly south and east bay for friday. and snow level will remain around 2500 feet. so highest peaks continue to see that snow we've been dealing with. there is a satellite and radar. there is a cold front and there is a lot of cold air. so here is our computer animation. you'll see mixed precipitation. 7:00 tonight mount hamilton. take a look at moisture. still focused in this area. dry in the north bay.
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and tomorrow morning you're going to have to deal with showers, then rain starts to intensify a bit. and becoming more wide spread. still seeing that rain-snow mix there. and so rain starts to move out of here tomorrow. rainfall totals highest in the south bay and around the bay. there is where you'll notice north bay from zero to a quarter inch. so very little there. peninsula and east bay quarter to an inch of rain. and there is two to four feet above 7,000. and i would not recommend going there now. wait. you still have time. mid-30s to mid-40s tonight. tomorrow afternoon beautiful
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as far as the rain is concerned if you like it. upper 40s to low 50s and around the bay there is a cold, wet winter day. here is your accu-weather forecast. there is rain-snow tomorrow. get ready to ski this weekend. chance of showers over the hills mainly saturday here locally. another chance of rain president's day. then thursday. and there is a strongest part of the storm will be out of here. >> coming up next take a look at this picture. there is a sharp object found that gave him years of headaches. and new at 6:00 why critics
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a study links early hair loss in men to prostate cancer, doctors in paris found male with male pattern baldness by age 20 were twice as likely to develop it later in life. previous studies linked to it both conditions. and there is no link between balding at ages 30-40 and prostate cancer. >> and doctors in china made a surprising discovery, examining a man complaining of headaches for years. check out this ct scan. it's a four-inch dagger in his lower right jaw. the man believes it's been there for years when he got
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into a fight with a robber and was stabbed. he received several exams trying to find a reason for his headaches but doctors never found the blade. it's been removed. there it schl the man is now ñññ'ñ'ñ?ñ?ñññññññññññ
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at 6:00 san francisco bay sees only about twice a year, but why they could be a regular occurrence. >> and a crack down on crack pipes. problem so bad it's prompting action by one city. and... the clipper card clater driving transit riders crazy. how the i team helped you fix
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it, coming up at 6:00. >> thank you. >> and president obama set to arrive in about 15 minutes from now. >> we think we can show you, here he is leaving washington. he is boarding marine one the helicopter taking him to anders air force base to fly out to california. >> and on the left is sfo. on the right? >> that is just above canada college. then motorcade down to dinner toni tonight on "world news" -- a mutiny in america. public worker take to the streets. as governors try to cut their pays and perks. freedom fever. chain reaction protests in the middle east and hundreds of peaceful protesters and our reporter were beaten in
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bahrain. secrets in the jungle. health news about an isolated group of dwarfs. why don't they get cancer? we'll take you there to find out. and we want a rematch. did that buzzer give watson the computer an advantage against humans? see what happens when david muir takes on the machine. good evening. today, we saw america's money trouble meet a reality. a human reality as teachers, nurses, tens of thousands of state workers took to the streets in this country, protesting cuts by the governors. saying to these governors, a promise is a perhaps. one lawmaker looked out at the crowds gathered in the wisconsin capital today and said it's like cairo moved to madison. and chris burry was right in the middle of it all. chris? >> reporter: good evening, diane. for the third straight day, thousands of state workers and


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