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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 19, 2011 12:00am-1:05am PST

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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- adam sandler. chef bobby flay. and music from ke$ha. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live"
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>> dicky: and now, as if you didn't know, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, cleto. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks for coming out to see us. i know a lot of you are from out of town. have you been enjoying the weather here in los angeles? [ cheers and applause ] special night. once again, it was freezing in much of the country, except here where it was 71 degrees. above zero. we try to stay above zero. experts say if you are in any of the heavily snowed-in areas, the best way to stay warm is to try to convince randy, steven and j.lo to send you to hollywood.
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i saw something on "american idol" tonight, right at the top of the show that i still am having trouble believing i saw. >> i just thought i was going to be famous. how am i going to go home and tell my mom i didn't make it? i'm sorry. >> you have a message for the judges? >> just because somebody farts, let them finish singing, okay? [ applause ] >> jimmy: so rude of them. good thing she didn't sing "pants on the ground," i guess. tonight was the last night of auditions before hollywood week begins tomorrow. tonight, the judges traveled to san francisco. that's one way to get steven tyler to stop hitting on the contestants. i've been watching "american idol" regularly this year. steven tyler apparently is under the impression he's part of a reality dating show. he looks at the young girls like a rottweiler looks at roast beef.
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and tonight, mr. tyler got a surprise visit that, to me, seems long overdue. >> what is your name? >> holly. >> where are you from? >> originally from england but i live in texas. >> how old are you? >> i'm 17. >> i'm chris hansen from "dateline nbc." what are you doing? you're not going to have sex with this girl. >> i'm going to say yes. >> did you bring condoms? >> heck yeah. [ applause ] >> jimmy: and then he was tackled by a cop dressed as a shrub. truth be told, nothing can stop the love train known as steven tyler. the man has been mowing through women since 1948 and tonight was no exception. it's time for steven tyler's "creepy leer of the night." >> good grief, you're so cute and precious. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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>> jimmy: i think he broke our creep-o-meter. might be time for chemical castration, you know? we have quite a show for you here tonight. jam-packed from beginning to end. and we have some judges who don't want to have sex with you -- or, if they do, they keep quiet about it. first, adam sandler is here tonight, as is chef bobby flay. and we have music from ke$ha. bobby flaw hosts a show called "throwdown." where he goes around the country challenging well-known chefs to cooking competitions. the show originally was called "throw up" but i guess that wasn't as appetizing. anyway, bobby stopped by our office the other night and had the tee marty to challenge me to a throwdown. he challenged me to my best eggplant parmesan. i take this very seriously. tonight, we invited a blue ribbon panel of judges. to evaluate our eggplants parmesan.
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they are kat o'dell, russ parsons, food columnist for the l.a. times. and leslie barger-suter. who is the dine editor for "los angeles magazine." now, these are people who know food and tonight, hopefully with their assistance i plan to bury bobby flay in an avalanche of eggplant. how dare he come into my house and challenge my cooking? [ cheers and applause ] everyone's making fun of me because i've gone crazy with this. but i made the eggplant last night and i think it came out pretty good so we'll see. lindsay lohan was back in court today, charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. this is actually a step up. all of her previous arrests were drugs and duis. thieving jewels is kind of a classy crime. i don't know why she needed a necklace. the police gave her an ankle bracelet for free and she didn't want it. [ applause ]
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lindsay pleaded not guilty today. the judge set her bail at $40,000 and gave her a hearing date for later this month. if she's found guilty, she could go back to jail for three years, so -- i guess the message -- i guess the message here is, the jewelry stores are allowed to rob us the week before valentine's day but when we do it, it's illegal all of a sudden. [ applause ] unfair, i think. tomorrow night, justin bieber will be here tomorrow night and -- [ cheers and applause ] and justin bieber, he's got a movey, 3-did mo movie called "n say never" coming out on friday. the premiere was held last night here in l.a. fans waited in line for, like, hours to get a glimpse of him. as you'll see, the power of his charm is not limited to little girls. >> more than 4,000 die-hard fans waited for the biebs. even the youngest of them all came down with bieber fever. >> future miss justin bieber.
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>> that is from you or from her? >> that is from her. >> jimmy: no. my mother. someone please take me away from this woman. when justin's here tomorrow night, we're going to sing a duet together. this was his idea. i announced it on the show last night, we're taking title suggestions for an original song. getting the title and going to write the song. i have never experienced a response like this to anything. we're getting like 100 suggestions a second or something crazy. and for some reason, the whole thing ended up being an open invitation for people to insult me. here are some examples of the title suggestions. for songs we've received so far. from volleyball swag said "bieber and butthead." ha, ha, ha, kidding. i guess i'm butthead, thanks. the dan woo says "i don't believe in mexico." that's kind of weird. michelle ariele said, the song title should be "my favorite girl michelle." which is her name so that's
12:08 am
clever. lily bates said oberschleg de oofterbin, which translates to an ode. to spray cheese." a lot of them were food related. "just me and my pal having some lemonade." that could be good. robert d kelly suggested, "i'm almost old enough to do you, woman." [ applause ] i would be uncomfortable singing that with him. and live laf luv 897 suggested, "baby, there's french toast on my plate." so, if you want to submit a title of your own, there's still time. tweet it right now with the hash tag kimmelbieberduet. if it's good enough, maybe we'll win a grammy. together. and one more thing i want to get out of the way before justin bieber gets here. an absolutely outrageous story from ft. wayne, indiana. >> residents have come up with all sorts of names for the soon to be home of the city and county offices.
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they've posted around 66 suggestions on how to spend the $75 million. the number two is to build a curling center. the other question is what to rename the square. the front-runner is the harry baals government center. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i didn't know they needed -- [ applause ] apparently the deputy mayor of ft. wayne says she's worried not everyone outside of ft. wayne will realize that harry baals was a long-time mayor of the town. i don't think anyone outside of fort wayne is going to realize there's a place called fort wayne. and she said they don't want to be the target of late night talk show jokes. well, too late. nary baals, i looked him up, was mayor from 1951 to 1954. then again from -- and
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the saddest part about this is, really, is there's a real-life man named harry baals and i never got to meet him. a street was named harry baals drive in honor of him but they changed it to h. baals drive. isn't that crazy? it's his name. we have a planet named uranus. we can't have a building named harry baals? i think it's ridiculous. in fact, if you don't mind, i'm going to get up on my high horse for a minute here. because this is really bothering me. hey, guys, how you doing? ♪ ♪
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♪ okay. listen up and listen good, ft. wayne, because i want to tell you a story. a story about a man who dedicated his life to public service. a man who served four terms of mayor of the city, who died in
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office and was buried in the city he loved so much. and now, some of you have chosen to ignore that man's tireless contributions to your town. because his name was harry baals. well, i got news for you, ft. wayne. first of all, you're not even a fort. and secondly, even if you were a fort, you would be a fort named wayne, which is not so impressive. and yet you have the audacity to be ashamed of your own harry baals. you worry that out of towners might laugh when they look up and see harry baals on your building. you want to hide harry baals. you want to tuck harry baals away. well, i have news for you. this is the united states we live in and in the united states, we don't discriminate. because today it's harry baals. tomorrow, it could be someone else. like [ bleep ] and anita [ bleep ].
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a boner wiener shaftman. or any of us. and i'll tell you something -- i won't sit by quietly and allow this injustice to take place. when i look around, i see harry baals everywhere. i see harry baals in each of your faces. be proud of harry baals, ft. wayne. show the world your harry baals. shame on you, deputy mayor milloy. i say ft. wayne needs more baals now more than ever. god bless america. we'll be right back with adam sandler. so benny, i'm proud of you. welcome to the 21st century. thank you very much. you're on e-trade. huntin' down stocks, bonds, etfs. oh i love etfs. look at you.
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. on the program, a man who challenged me to a good old fashioned eggplant fight. the author of this cookbook, which is called "throwdown," chef bobby flay is here. he challenged me to make eggplant parmesan. i did. i was up late last night peeling the eggplant. chopping the eggplant and putting it on the thing. roasting the eggplant. looking good, right? i put the tomatoes and everything on. and then i grated the cheese and you'll see the result.
12:18 am
i think chef bobby might be in for a surprise tonight. i think he might be underestimating me. and then later, after that, with music from this two-cd deluxe edition of her album "animal plus cannibal," ke$ha from the bud light hotel in dallas. and if you want to see ke$ha live in concert, you can see her "get sleazy" tour, kicks off february 15th in portland, oregon. that's really the name of it. i'm not -- tomorrow night we'll be joined by lord justin bieber with whom i'll sing an original song, and we'll have music from travis barker featuring game and swizz beatz. all right. our first guest tonight is a phenomenally successful entertainer whose movies have made more than $3 billion and that doesn't even include snacks. his latest alongside jennifer aniston is called "just go with it." it opens in theaters friday. please say hello to adam sandler. [ cheers and applause ]
12:19 am
>> good to see you. hi, guys. >> jimmy: hey, i want to say congratulations, because i know last week you got your star out on the hollywood walk of fame which is pretty cool. [ applause ]. >> thank you. i want to say a bigger congratulations to you. you got a good hair cut. >> jimmy: thank you. >> that's classy. it really is a good one. >> jimmy: don't get used to it. it's not going to last. >> i'm a 50/50 shot every hair cut. oh, why did i do it? yeah, i got that star, that was fun. it was good. i figured i should do that. i should put something up so homeless people can do to my name what critics have being doing for years. >> jimmy: did you get a good spot? where exactly is your star?
12:20 am
>> i have it on my -- i don't -- i don't know, two nice guys. one wrote poetry and one was in the original "parent trap." >> jimmy: really? haley mills? >> no. no, but two -- i looked them up on the computer and they seemed like great guys. >> jimmy: they have a poet -- >> a poet. he wrote humorous poems. >> jimmy: really? >> yeah. one actually went "turkey for me, turkey for you." no, but the guy really did, he did write poetry. >> jimmy: some people have many stars for their different talents. yours has a camera on it because you are a movie actor. then guys have a camera and a microphone and then, well, the poet, i don't know what they put on there. >> i would guess glasses and just a face hard at work. >> jimmy: i guess the emcee for your ceremony was henry winkler. >> pretty good, huh? >> jimmy: and we're just about exactly the
12:21 am
same age. >> yes. >> jimmy: what would an 8-year-old adam sandler have said if he -- somebody said, one day, fonzi is going to present you with a star on the hollywood walk of fame. what would happen? >> i wouldn't have said anything because at age 8 when fonzi was on the air, i was telling people i knew him anyways. >> jimmy: oh, you were, okay. >> just because they knew he was jewish and in my town, i was the only jew, so those jews know each other, so -- but no, the 8-year-old me would have been more impressed with the fact that i banged penny marshall. >> jimmy: oh, is that right? laverne, huh? >> that 8-year-old would have been like "yeah." [ applause ] thank you. henry was the best to do that for me. everybody says, he is the nicest guy. has he been here? >> jimmy: he has been. he seems like the nicest guy. >> he's a gentleman. >> jimmy: and your kids were at the ceremony. >> yep. >> jimmy: we have a clip. >> i knew this was going to happen. >> jimmy: to my wife's family, i want to say thank you for making me feel like i'm in your family, too, i
12:22 am
love you guys. >> i love my daddy. >> all right. >> me! i love my daddy. >> okay. my uncle mike -- >> i love my daddy. >> jimmy: they really love you. [ cheers and applause ] they love microphones and you. >> yes. they took over. my -- the last -- they said i loved my daddy about 17 times and then my, the last -- my little sadie grabbed it and then threw a switch up "i love my momma." isn't that nice? for my wife. and in the back of my head, that was a tribute to bobby boucher in "the water boy." >> jimmy: we have identical musical tastes, i think, because every time i hear the soundtrack of your movies, including this one, i think, i could have put that soundtrack together. it's like my ipod. >> you like this last one, the -- >> jimmy: i love how you mixed
12:23 am
all these police songs, you mashed them i guess is what they call it. >> yes. and i didn't know that. that's how pathetic and old i am now. they would go, the mashups. i was like -- i heard it, i was in spain, i'm in mallorca, like all you guys. so, i'm in mallorca and they are playing it at the hotel. i asked the deejay, what is this? they split a police tune with another band's tune, whatever, sounded great. i came back and i'll telling everyone in my office, they split the -- they call it a mash-up. they do it over there in spain. and everyone is like, no, they've been doing that here for, like, five years. all right, but still. but anyways -- >> jimmy: i like it, though. good ones in there. did you do those or -- were they existing match-ups? >> they were existing and then if they weren't i would say, i love this police tune, can you guys mash it up with something? >> jimmy: mashers. >> mad mashers out there. and the whole police gang was cool, they let us use their tunes.
12:24 am
>> jimmy: you have to ask them? >> i called sting and he was in the middle of making love with his wife. >> jimmy: really? >> and he goes "hang on, i'm almost there, listen." literally seven hours i had to wait. he's like, i'm almost there, man, hang in there. [ applause ] >> jimmy: the last movie -- >> yeah, yeah, he's good at that. >> jimmy: in "grownups," there were a lot of bob seger songs. >> yes, i love seger, just like you. >> jimmy: of course. did you interrupt his love making to ask him? is he a guy that's one of your favorites? >> yeah, i always loved seger. i grew up in new hampshire, you know that. so anyways, i always wanted to put his stuff in my movie. he wrote this movie i did where my character worshiped seger. i got to a show, nice tickets. we show up a little late to the
12:25 am
show, and it's me and binder show up and these two big, like, real men are in our seats, you know, i pretend to be tough but these guys are like real tough guys. and so, they're in our seats and they're big, like 6'3" each and they weigh 250 each. and they were with chicks, too. they are proud of their good seats and they are with chicks. i go, hey, how are you doing, you're in my seat. he goes, you're late, i'm not moving. he said it so loud, everyone heard. i'm like, god, i got to stick up for myself. so i go, you're moving, buddy. you're moving. he's like, i'm not moving. i go, oh, you're going to move. and it was getting heated. back and forth. i'm looking at binder, he's not helping at all. you heard me, binder, i won't forget that. anyways, it was getting ugly and legend has it that "down on main street," bob seger started playing "down on main street" right when we were going to go
12:26 am
to blows and we switched it up and went into a slow dance. >> jimmy: that's part of the charm. adam sandler, the movie "just go with it" opens on friday. we'll be right back, more with adam sandler when we come back. you've got one of a kind eyes, so individualize with exact eyelights eye brightening mascara, liner, and shadow collections from covergirl. find your custom colors ith light-reflecting metallics and say hello to brighter eyes! ♪ green eyes -- here's the look for you. blue eyes have their look and hazels too! for a stunning effect on eyes... individualeyes! with the exact eyelights collection from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl.
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yo, yo. >> i'm so happy you could be here. did you bring any botox? >> i didn't bring the botox. i brought my cousin eddie. >> nice to meet you, eddie. >> is this a halloween party? >> are you kidding me right now? >> you got a little more work done, huh? ? just a little bit, tweaking, tweaking. maintenance. maintenance. i want to stay in the game. i don't want to hit home runs, just some singles. that's all. >> you got to stop, though. you have any feeling in your face? >> just in this one spot right here. and then from the eyebrows down, dead, dead. ahhhh. >> is that a car alarm? >> he's laughing. >> jimmy: there you go. that's adam sandler. "just go with it." >> kevin nealon.
12:31 am
>> jimmy: he looks great. for a moment, i was like, is that kevin nealon? yes, that is indeed kevin. you play a plastic surgeon in the movie. >> yes. >> jimmy: who has come up with a diabolical way to pick women up. >> right. he stumbles upon this way. my -- my character is about to get married in the '80s. and i find out the girl i'm about to marry is running around on me. and that girl who plays that lady is actually my wife. i don't know why we did that. >> jimmy: your real wife? >> yes. anyways -- >> jimmy: she plays the most despicable character in the whole movie. >> the one who has the possibility of destroying me. my wife knows that. at any moment, she can destroy me. but anyways, so, my character's sad and i go to a bar and drinking, holding the ring that he was going to get married in and doing this kind of thing and then minka kelly is at the same
12:32 am
bar. everyone's hitting on her. my guy says something to her and then she snaps, will you leave me alone and sees the ring and all of a sudden becomes nice, i'm sorry, you're married, and starts talking to me and then i say i'm in a bad marriage, my guy just loses his mind, starts making up lies about his bad marriage. she feels bad for him and goes home with him. so, my character starts doing this all around town, over and over. getting women with the fake bad marriage trick and blah, blah, blah. then, he meets brooklyn decker, he actually picks this girl up, falls in love. >> jimmy: brooklyn decker for people who don't know, she is a "sports illustrated" swimsuit model. >> terrific girl. nice girl. married. she can do it. yes, she can. but she's a great, very good in the movie. >> jimmy: can i ask you a movie-making question? there's one scene in which you are sitting there and brooklyn decker takes off the robe and it appears that she is completely naked one inch from you as you sit there. was she completely naked?
12:33 am
>> i'm married. and brooklyn is married, also. so we know to do the right thing. we had two guys holding up two frisbees right here. i didn't see a thing. but then someone tells me, she wanted to feel the scene a little bit more so she's not -- >> jimmy: who tells you this? >> you don't need to know this guy. it's a friend of the sandler family. so, anyways, i'm told nothing is on downstairs and i nervously look down there. she is nude down there but andy roddick is down there with a tennis racket going, yeah? what's up? >> jimmy: that's -- wow, yeah, she is something else. she did a great job. >> she's a sweet girl. knows her sports great. she really does. you would love how much she knows about football. >> jimmy: i wouldn't listen to anything she's saying.
12:34 am
i would be into it. one of my favorite moves and you seem to have this in almost every movie is your sudden and inexplicable violence towards children. and i know it sounds like you're throwing dodge balls as hard as you can at their heads and there's a little of that in this movie, too. do you do this with your own kids? >> they're just getting to the age where i'm going to. right now, i know i'll go to court and all that stuff but they're about six months away from -- no, no, my kids get away with everything. i don't know what to do because my father used that with me. he beat the crap out of me a few times, and i had total respect for the man. any time he said to do something, yeah, or that guy might beat the [ bleep ] out of me. my kid, i cannot find out what that moment is. i'm not going to do it, but my kid just does anything she
12:35 am
wants. both of them. >> jimmy: with girls it's different. it's more fun to beat your boys. >> yeah. i'm waiting on a boy for that. >> jimmy: you should have a boy. yeah, well, i tell you what. the movie is very funny and jennifer aniston -- how long have you known her? >> i know her -- since 20, 22. >> jimmy: really? >> when i first moved out to california, i knew jennifer from a friend of mine and we used to hang a little bit. she used to see me do stand-up. >> jimmy: what does that mean, you used to hang a little bit? >> no, no, my friend was dating her and -- >> jimmy: the friend was? >> i went to jerry's deli with her. i mad mazda ball soup with her. >> jimmy: close enough. thanks for coming. movie is called "just go with it." it opens friday. adam sandler, everybody. we'll be right back with bobby flay. [ snort ]
12:36 am
[ snoring ]
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>> jimmy: all right, we're back. still to come, ke$ha. our next guest is an accomplished chef who is about to experience the bitter taste of defeat at my hand. his show is called "throwdown." chef bobby flay, everybody. [ applause ] how are you? well, welcome. first of all, i think for those who don't know, tell us what a throwdown is. >> throwdown is i try to find
12:45 am
people across the country who are really good at one particular thing in cooking. and so, for instance, eggplant parmesan. i lost this throwdown, so, i'm trying to redeem myself. >> jimmy: perfect. >> against these guys in the bronx and i have to be honest, i'm glad i lost. >> jimmy: you are. you wind up chopped up and covered with cheese on your own. >> they actually said to me while the judging was happening, ah, the parking lot is a long way from here. >> jimmy: that's right. and that's kind of a bold thing to do, because people who make the same thing over and over and over again, they become famous for, they usually do it very well. >> and they're great at it and so many great people that cook these kinds of things. i take about two weeks to kind of practice, to do what they're doing, and then we surprise them, we tell them we're going to do a profile of them on the food network. we basically lie. and then i'm like, hey, it's bobby flay and i'd like to beat you at your own game. >> jimmy: do they ever say no thank you? >> one person said no but it took me two and a half hours and i finally convinced them. all about doughnuts. you can beat me at that. >> jimmy: people take it
12:46 am
seriously. take us through your recipe, your losing recipe for eggplant parmesan. show us how that is put together. >> one of the things that i do is i actually keep the skin on the eggplant. >> jimmy: you do? >> i've been told by a lot of italian-americans that you are supposed to take it off. >> jimmy: i remove the skin. it tastes like scotch tape. >> i'm a rebellious irish-american. i'm going to keep the skin on. i go like this. little flour. a little bit of egg. and then bread crumbs. i just go into some hot vegetable oil. >> jimmy: why not olive oil? >> i don't like to cook with olive oil. i don't like to heat olive oil. i like to splatter with it. you make it back and forth. and then what i do is, i get it nice and crusty like this. cook them through but they have a nice texture on the outside.
12:47 am
contrast of texture is important. and then i make a tomato sauce, but not any tomato sauce. to mato sauce, san marzano tomatoes, one of your favorites, and roasted red peppers and crushed red pepper and then i put basil and fresh oregano at the end. here's the secret. a touch of honey. not only good for tea, also for tomato sauce. just a touch. and it brings out the natural sweetness of the tomatoes. >> jimmy: all right. >> that's my sauce. those are my eggplant. >> jimmy: you want me to tell you how i make mine? >> yeah. i'd louvre to know. >> jimmy: first, i get some tomatoes, i blanch them, get the skin off. >> fresh? >> jimmy: yes. olive oil, basil, salt and pepper. i let that sit for awhile. i use the japanese eggplants because those taste like rice cakes or something. i will go ahead and peel the eggplant. i chop them up like you see here. i put them on a pan full of olive oil so they brown. i put them in for 15 minutes. another five minutes. this is roasted eggplant. >> roasted. there's no sauteing in your
12:48 am
house. >> jimmy: it's not like we're at mcdonald's here. this is a real -- this is serious. also -- [ applause ] one thing i notice you're doing here is i use actual parmesan in my eggplant parmesan. >> i have romano. >> jimmy: this is eggplant romano? we've changed the recipe all of a sudden. >> that's what i do. when i feel like i'm losing, i change the recipe. >> jimmy: then i put it into a pan and it's got garlic and onions and the whole deal in there and i press it down and i put only parmesan, 30-month-old parmesan on the top. 30-year-old would probably not be as good. and i put it in the oven at, like, you know, whatever, 450 degrees for whatever, 20 minutes or something like that. and then it comes out miraculously. i have to say. >> i don't think this audience understands how serious you are about this. >> jimmy: very serious. >> he's been practicing this thing for, like, four months.
12:49 am
>> jimmy: no, no. >> his whole crew has said to me, you don't understand something, no smiles back there. you don't understand something. um, he wants to win. >> jimmy: that is true. i do want to win. i like to win things. you remember when we played softball together. i hit that home run. >> please. you have shown that clip 400 times. >> jimmy: oh, we do have a clip of that. remember that? i don't know if you remember that. yeah, that was -- see, that i loved. i enjoyed hitting that. i feel like i'm onto something here. now, shall we -- should we get to the judges? i think we have to. we have to get to the judges. let's bring them out. cat odell, russ parsons and lesley barger-suter. wait a minute. it's going to be obvious when we put the -- >> we were supposed to put the food out before they came out. >> jimmy: we're not that bright, i'm sorry. all right, kat, that's for you. >> that's for you. >> jimmy: don't look. they are different styles. we go back over here and -- you guys can open your eyes now.
12:50 am
one of our plates is square and the other plate is round. and go ahead and enjoy and tell us what you think. this will be exciting. guillermo, who are you rooting for? >> for you. >> jimmy: thank you. [ applause ] >> he knows where the paycheck comes from. >> jimmy: i'm so nervous. look at how, like, professionally they're eating. they really know how to use the fork and chop it in there. very good at this kind of thing. >> if i win, does that mean i never get invited back? >> jimmy: this will go on and on and on. if you lose, i'll never see you again. and look at them how professionally they're eating and enjoying and tasting. and nodding and all of that stuff. are you guys going to eat the whole thing or -- >> very serious judges. >> jimmy: it's tough for them to decide. i like that. that's a good sign for me. >> which one of them is the
12:51 am
steven tyler? >> jimmy: i'd have to say russ. russ, you're the steven tyler, right? all right. russ doesn't talk. he's polite. he doesn't eat with his mouth full. all right, here we go. all right, judges, do you have a verdict? okay. round plate or square plate? >> huddle. >> jimmy: russ? we'll begin with you. >> i'm going to go square plate. >> jimmy: all right. kat? we go to you. >> i'm going to go round plate. >> jimmy: kat, thank you. lesley? >> it was really tough. they were both delicious. but i'm going to go square plate. >> yeah! >> jimmy: you picked wrong. thank you, kat. look at that. bobby flay. congratulations. bobby flay's "throwdown," available now. you can get bobby's recipe at we'll be right back with ke$ha. [ male announcer ] the average person has 28 first kisses.
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12:59 am
>> jimmy: well, this is her two-cd deluxe edition.
1:00 am
"animal plus cannibal." from the bud light hotel in dallas, texas, with the song "backstabber," ke$ha. >> this song is about this bitch that stole my car. ♪ back, back, backstabber back, back, backstabber back, back, backstabber ♪ ♪ back, back, backstabber back, back, backstabber back, back, backstabber ♪ ♪ back, back, backstabber back, back, backstabber back, back, backstabber ♪ ♪ bored, stoned sitting in your basement all alone 'cause your little conversations ♪ ♪ got around and look at what we all found out lookie what we found look at what ♪ ♪ we all found out ♪ that you have got a set of loose lips twisting stories all because you're jealous ♪ ♪ now i know exactly what you're all about what you're all about this is what ♪
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♪ you're all about ♪ girl, you're such a backstabber oh girl, you're such a talker and everybody knows it ♪ ♪ and everybody knows it girl, you're such a backstabber ♪ ♪ run your mouth more than anyone i've ever known and everybody knows it and everybody knows it ♪ ♪ back, back, backstabber talk, talk, talk talk, talk, talk ♪ ♪ i'm sick and tired of hearing all about my life from other [ muted ] with all of your lies ♪ ♪ wrapped up so tight so maybe you should shut your mouth shut your mouth ♪ ♪ shut your [ muted ] mouth ♪ honestly, i think it's kinda funny that you waste your breath talking about me ♪ ♪ got me feeling kinda special really so is what you're all about ♪ ♪ girl, you're such a backstabber oh, girl, you're such a talker
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and everybody knows it ♪ ♪ everybody knows it girl you're such a backstabber you're such a backstabber run your mouth more than anyone i've ever known ♪ ♪ and everybody knows it everybody knows it ♪ ♪ ♪ katie's to the left just rippin' my style damn, jeanie, why you gotta tell the secrets ♪ ♪ about my sex life all i ever did was drive your broke [ muted ] around pick you up, take you out ♪ ♪ when your car broke down back, back, backstabber stabber, stabber back, back, backstabber ♪ ♪ girl, you're such a backstabber oh, girl, you're such a talker
1:03 am
and everybody knows it ♪ ♪ everybody knows it girl, you're such a backstabber run your mouth more ♪ ♪ than anyone i've ever known and everybody knows it everybody knows it ♪ >> jimmy: hey. i want to thank adam sandler, bobby flay. thank the eggplants who gave their lives to be here tonight. apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. tomorrow night, justin bieber. "animal plus cannibal" is out now. playing us off the air with "the harold song," from dallas, ke$ha. good night. ♪ i miss the scratch of your cheek on my cheek ♪ ♪ i miss it so hard ♪ because i didn't see
1:04 am
♪ that you were the love of my life ♪ ♪ and it kills me ♪ i see your face ♪ in strangers on the feet ♪ i still say your name when i'm talking in my sleep ♪ ♪ and in the limelight ♪ i play it off like ♪ but i can't handle it ♪ when i turn off the light light ♪ ♪ ♪ they say the truth love hurts ♪ ♪ this could almost kill me ♪ young love murdered ababababab


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