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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  February 19, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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down at the saratoga gap. somebody building a snowman there. lisa argen is tracking the snow and the rain. >> let's start in the sierra where we have four more hours until our winter storm warning expires. 2 to 4 inches here at lake level, maybe 3 to 6 at 7,000 feet. it will begin to wind down in the next 4 to 5 hours but the north bay a bit of a break but further south we've got pockets of moderate to heavy rain just in daly city now. you'll notice a cell moving onshore. also further south and east union city into fremont we're looking at some showers. yeah, this is around mount diablo. higher elevation snow. we showed you the pictures and to the west around 680 and 880, wet weather, atascadero. this is where the rain will be focusing today south of the bay area. scattered showers, but look at the temperatures.
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that cold air in place so, yes, more low snow levels this morning. jenelle. >> bundle up out there. the republican controlled house passed legislation to cut $16 billion from hundreds of federal programs. the vote was along party lines and led by freshman republicans. the $1.2 trillion measure will keep the government running through september. there are sweeping spending cuts to schools, housing subsidies and other domestic programs but it protects coal companies and farmers from new environmental legislation. president obama has threatened to veto. the deadline for congress to agree to some sort of funding measure is march 4th. after that mark matthews says
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the government could shut down. >> they want to start with $61 billion this year. >> we are taking the first step intacteling our unsustainable debt and preserving our economic strength for future generations. >> when jackie speier described it a bit differently. >> the silly, the dangerous and hypocritical. >> instead of passing a budget for 2011, the president says he will veto republican cuts and that sets up a showdown. when this country acts, money will run out in little more than two weeks, the first government shutdown since president obama clinton and newton beginning given squared off in 1995. >> they remember they tried that strategy and it failed. and they realized that coming up 2012 they need the center voters. they don't want to lose the
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center voters. republicans in the house are split. newcomers with ties to the tea party are pushing for the big cuts and threatening a showdown. but it's more show than anything else. >> preventing funds from being used for president obama's teleprompter. oh, right, we're gonna cut $3,000 from the budget. that's really gonna help us. >> our political analysts say republicans led by john boehner are already signalling that they will back away from a government shutdown. >> as the headlines hit about which particular programs are gonna be hurt and who's gonna be hurt and people see the pain that's gonna cause, it's going to be very hard for them to be uncompromising. >> in a victory for the president, the house voted to cut an extra engine for the joint strike fighter, a engine the pentagon said it did need but one that was being built in the district of house speak he were john boehner. speaker boehner abstained from the vote. >> wisconsin is expecting tens
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of thousands of people to rally today to protest the republican governor's attempt to cut union workers' pay benefits and bargaining rights. >> we're broke. we don't have anymore options. we can't do what the previous governor, legislative majorities did and that is wait for the federal government to bail us out because the federal government doesn't have any money either. >> protests filled wisconsin capital for the past four days and have drawn support for people like jesse jackson. lawmakers have left the state of wisconsin to delay action on the proposal. today conservatives including tea party members are expected to be bused in to counter protests. riot police have shot and killed a protestor this morning in yemen. during the 10th straight day of protests inspired by egypt. five people were injured in this morning's violence as security forces opened fire and threw stones, thousands of people have been marching through the capital city chanting for the fallen yemen's president who's
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ruled the company for 32 years. yemen had been an allie in the fight against al-queda. somali pirates captured americans including a couple from southern california. the attack happened about 275 miles off the coast in the indian ocean. the pirates hijacked a yacht owned by scott and jean adam. they live in delray. the group had been on an around the world sailing trip for more than a year. a distress signal was sent by the boat a week ago. they are reviewing options for a rescue. why california 8th graders are flunking high school algebra and what's now being done to prepare them. and later don sanchez tells us why the movie [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread
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>> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software. more and more students are being encouraged to take algebra in the 8th grade instead of waiting for high school but a new study finds they are not prepared. it was cited by our media partner california watch. lee ann melendez takes you to one school where the 8th graders are ready. >> by the time the students reach 8th grade in california, most of them should have the skills to tackle algebra.
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but one-third of those who took the algebra one test in 8th grade scored below the basic level, this according to a nonprofit that studies education issues. >> what this report is saying is really not that the kids shouldn't be taking algebra in the 8th grade but that they need more preparation. >> for example, before tackling algebra, they should have mastered fractions and percentages. lewis freeberg with our media partner, california watch, a nonprofit project of the center for investigative journalism. >> 'cause kids shouldn't be patterned in without either more preparation or support while they are taking that 8th grade math class. >> presidio middle school in san francisco is part of the program using i-pads and applications designed by a boston publishing company. three of the classes study
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algebra using a text book but her 4th class uses the i-pad. >> along with this i-pad, it's not just a text book on there. there are supplementary videos, math games on it. >> at the ends of the year they will see if the students with the i-pads learned more algebra. so let's look at things from a kid' perspective. the book? heavy. lots of pages. intimidating. the i-pad? light. the screen easy to read. not intimidating. >> when they're handed an i-pad, which everybody has heard about, they're only looking at the page that they're dealing with. they don't see the,0 thousand pages so emotionally they say i can learn this. >> riverside and long beach are also taking part in this
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program. in san francisco, lee ann melendez, abc 7 news. >> here's lisa with the forecast. >> still heavy downpours in spots but the focus of today's rain south of the bay area. a live look outside, emeryville, definitely chilly out there. temperatures in the 30s, windchill factor right around freezing. and you talk about the snow in the lower elevations. we'll talk about that and have your forecast for the week ahead coming up. >> thanks, lisa. how all this rain and snow will help californians for months to come. úúúúúúúx/çççççççççñsñññss [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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put a band together and won the first ever folgers jingle contest. [ kara ] that was great! let's do it again. ♪ the sun shinin' when i rise... ♪ [ kara ] so, we're doing it again. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner go to ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪ [ laughs ] welcome back, everyone this saturday morning. challenges for joining us. you're looking at a live picture of the golden gate bridge. looks like the rain has stopped temporarily right there but the roads are definitely wet and slick so be careful when you're driving across the bay bridge and around the bay area today. very chilly. we're going to have our full forecast with meteorologist lisa argen in just a moment. all the rain and snow we've seen this week are having a huge impact on water supplies around the state. water managers say nearly every
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major california resevoir is holding more than it usually does this time of year. the resevoir in los gatos is at 101% of capacity. locally we've added 1.5 billion gallons of water source in the last three days. how long's it gonna last? >> the beginning of this week we were below normal and we've erased all the deficits. so, right, anywhere from 2 to 6 inches for the week across the bay area. so welcome news. we're gonna see a little more rain, more in the way of scattered showers for the day today. a live look outside. this is our roof camera. things have quieted down here but south of us there is some rain. we'll take a look at live doppler 7 hd and you notice we have showers here and will continue to rotate in today. here's a look at the north bay. right around -- right here south of san francisco look at 101 and brisbane looking at shower
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activities. be careful, the roads are slippery and some of these downpours could contain some hail. fremont another cell, just south of union city and around the coast. atascadero into the santa cruz mountains and higher elevation snow. 37 livermore, san jose. 38 santa rosa. good morning, oakland. it was only 42 for the high yesterday in kentfield. definitely that cold air trapped at the surface allowing no lower snow levels. then we'll see some sunny and dry conditions tomorrow as this weather system continues this week out of the area. so here's a look at the cold speckling of clouds and that indicates the chilly air mass that will continue to sweep to the south and east bringing the scattered showers. here's the time line on that. notice a few pop-up showers and
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then by noon you see most of the activity from the peninsula on southward but a few around mount selenena, concord as well. mount hamilton, that rain/snow mix. the activity sliding south and the focus once again around monterey. we will look for the numbers to stay cool. 2 to 4 inches at lake level, 3 to 6 inches above 7,000 feet. after that winter storm warning going on. you'll notice the chain controls and the delays around 80 and 50. high temperatures today still in the 40s for our north bay valleys. it will be cold. mid to upper 40s here with 51 san francisco. so cold winter's day with scattered showers. down by the monterey bay, that rain/snow mix around mount hamilton. monterey, santa cruz, gilroy you'll see some pretty good rain. a look ahead. a dry day tomorrow. another weak system for president's day.
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we'll give you a chance of showers but then you'll notice the temperatures, although we're dry. another cold system heads our way by the end of the week. so a little bit more today but the bulk of it is behind us. >> basically we got through it. >> yeah. >> thanks so much, lisa. it's official. sports director larry beil has caught justin bieber. everyone is talking about his performance at the nba all-star game last night in l.a. the other big topic, one superstar's future. >> all of these festivities will take a backseat to the medical la drama. his new team, he wants to go back east. both trying to acquire him in a trade. one report indicating the nets and nuggets have agreed to a
5:19 am
deal but everything rests on mellow siding with new jersey. they may meet this weekend or maybe not. don't know where i came from as far as me supposed to be me. the nuggets haven't called me and said, you know, we're close to a deal with new jersey or anything like that. >> trade deadline is next week. former warrior chris mullin for induction into the basketball hall of fame. stanford williams coach also made that list of finalists. warriors plan on last night's rookie sophomore challenge in l.a. curry going to the hoop. check out john wall to blake griffin, the dunk king! he's actually going to compete in the dunk contest as well as a regular all-star game. showing up angry for the sophomores.
5:20 am
rookies leading. rookies pull away. the market cousins have 33 points but reverse roles. rookies win it 148-140. the celebrity game is unbelievable. welcome to the justin bieber show! i'm sitting next to bieber. first quarter. bieber shakes common with a cross-over, kicks it off to a. c. green. explaining to do back in the hood. then bieber from deep. bieber fever. the kid can shoot. it's unbelievable. i never thought i'd say this. i'm becoming a bieber believer. the fans voting even though his team lost 54-49. he can do no wrong. back of eli whiteside had an mri yesterday. he's got tenderness in his right elbow. the giants taking it kind of easy because of a sore back. begin full workouts today.
5:21 am
also in camp, the phnom. mike shumann is in arizona for the first full day of training. we'll have sports 5 p.m. 6:00 and 11:00. we did a prefile of a bay area boxer. he fights tonight in las vegas facing phantom weight champion. one of the key members of his training camp happens to be master mind victor conaty. >> benito has surprising power for a guy that weighs only 118 pounds. his strength and stamina have both increased since he started working with victor conaty last year. conaty is often at ring side. >> we measured 7 different physiological parameters.
5:22 am
what we keep track of in terms of improvement in his fitness. >> many friends told the boxer to stay from conaty who was at the center of a scandal and did serve jail time. >> man, ire signing yourself to the devil, you know. (laughter) >> i'm like, you know, anyone to prejudge anybody. >> i think they're very open. that's the greatness for me, is that a lot of people i think have been unable to find it in their heart to forgive me for the serious mistakes i made in the past. >> he said he left steroids in his past. he helped with training which simulates high altitude breathing. >> these oxygenate 100%. >> anyone who doubts enforcement enhancers. >> you got a needle. no needle preparation. i'm always very approved that i'm for real. victor's for real. >> he is for real. collin rush, he's for real as
5:23 am
well. he'll be here with all your college basketball highlights at 5 p.m. 6:00 and 11:00. have a great weekend, everybody. >> if you're caught up in the oscar films, why not do something new. i. number four, an action adventure that stars a bay area actress who stars in glee. on the aisle don sanchez predicts i am number four will be number one this weekend at the box office. >> before they come for the others, they'll come for me. >> set up for his number four and a hit squad is after him. they've already taken one, two, three. they're from another planet. he just says... >> alex and his guardian are always on the run. but this time he wants to stay at this high school because he's
5:24 am
met diana agogra. peninsula theatergoers remember her for performances here when she was attending burlington high school. >> no, no. you can go wherever you want. see whatever you want. >> a lot of teens can relate to feeling like an outsider. but having extraordinary powers helps. next a bill role. you know when dialogue doesn't work, go for the action. this film is aimed at the same crowd that flocked to "twilight," young teenager girls, some sort of supernatural powers. when i did the junket a couple weeksal at beverly hills, they downplayed that connection. they should be so lucky. they're hoping for a squel with
5:25 am
this one. it has a lot going for it. it's not an epic but i'll give it a half a bucket. i'm don sanchez, abc 7 news and we'll see you on the aisle. >> next at 5:30, this isn't the high sierra. this is mount tam. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking snow in the bay area. plus... >> i lost a baby. >> a
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♪ welcome back. we wanna give you a look what's been happening in some spots in terms of weather. this is a live look at the sierra from the caltran camera. this is highway 80 at truckee. there's a big rig just taking off. maybe just put on his chains. chains are required from baxter to the state line on highway 50 from twin bridges to meyers. they have been working around the clock to keep the roads clear. closer to home though in marin county, there was steady snowfall last night atop mount tam. how beautiful is that. it started with a light dusting 2:00 in the afternoon and a steady pace around 5:00. several inches accumulated at the intersections of highways 9 and 35, a lot of parents brought kids to play in the icy mix.
5:29 am
they had snow fights and there was a bit more snow over castle rock state park. >> i wanna do a snow fight and make snowmans. >> we wanted to come because he told me there was snow. i was like let's go! >> we come up here and there's a lot of rain. i didn't know if there was gonna be snow and kind of a pleasant surprise. >> well, caltran's trucks and teams are standing by around the bay area just in case there's more snow. they're also working to keep the rainwater off the roads. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the snow and the rain right now. >> we have to bundle up out there. it is cold. we still have some scattered showers sweeping through the bay area. here's a look at our live doppler 7 hd. a closer inspection of point reyes, the north bay, a few light showers bodega bay and heading towards santa rosa. here in san francisco, a shower moving on over into the east bay, moving out of 4th street
5:30 am
here across the bay. further south around 880, milpitas to fremont and san jose around cupertino. some light to moderate showers. and the main activity right now and today will be the santa cruz mountains around boulder creek. we could see another inch of rain. so the focus will be the south bay, the monterey bay. but look at the temperatures. we're in the upper 30s right now for more of a day of low snow levels. you can see mixed precipitation in the higher elevations. we'll have a look at the rest of the weekend which looks dry coming up. >> thank you, lisa. developing news in oakland this morning. two separate early morning shootings have left at least two people dead. at first happened about 2:00 on 62nd avenue and hilton street. police were called to a car that had its rear window shot out. two bodies were found inside that car. no word on the victims' identities or any possible suspects. the other near the inn near the
5:31 am
oakland airport. there are two victims. at least one is in critical condition. officers tried to look down the motel but they had trouble with their radios. the problems have plagued oakland police during the past couple months. a bill to block funds for planned parenthood is headed to the senate. jackie speier stunned the floor to silence when she told them of her own experience with a medically necessary abortion. >> i lost a baby. but for you to stand on this floor and to suggest, as you have, that somehow this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done cavalierly or done without any thought is preposterous. >> speier's comments came after
5:32 am
graphic detail about abortion on the house floor. >> the doctor goes in with forceps and this device and literally hacks that baby to death. planned parenthood itself says it takes ten to twenty minutes to literally dismember that child. >> that procedure that you just talked about was a procedure that i endured. i lost a baby. >> speier says planned parentshood does not use any federal funding for abortions but for surgeries like cancer and birth control. she showed anger at the debate for having to reveal her private tragedy. >> they never endured this. how dare they speak with the venom and the vitriol that they do about something that is so painful, so personal. >> the bill is not expected to survive the senate.
5:33 am
the house went into recess just a few hours ago. lawmakers went through the night and passed a spending plan including amendments that included a planned parenthood cut. >> pg&e made an unusual request for all past employees. searching their homes for missing pipeline records. it was prompted by the gas explosion. as part of the investigation, the federal government has ordered pg&e to produce accurate records of its entire urban system. now the utility has sent a letter to 42,000 former or retired employees asking them to look for any reports, charts, or drawings they may have. >> what we are doing is a massive undertaking of not just reviewing all of our records but making sure anyone else out there invad vertly they may still have records. we want to leave no stone unturned here. >> pg&e said so far it can't find about 30% of necessary records. a new bart station opens this
5:34 am
morning. trains will officially start running from the west dublin pleasanton station. yesterday they gathered for the station's grand opening. it's located right in the middle of interstate 580 between the castro valley and dublin pleasanton station. there are 12 hundred needed spaces there. caltrain's coffee mugs around the house? still soon be
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san francisco sheriff michael hennessey has announced he's retiring after 31 years on the job. he told staffers in an e-mail yesterday he will not seek re-election in november. he won his first election back in 1979 and he's the longest serving of san francisco's current elected officials. governor brown wants to get rid of key chains, coffee mugs and other freebies given away by other officials. this blinking light cost taxpayers $7.2 million. caltrain spent the most on giveaways, more than $5 million. they haven't decided what to do with the stockpile of promotional items but he's open to suggestions. your forecast is free though.
5:38 am
>> it's changing. so fog and weather the past couple days, rainfall deficits and right now we're looking at scattered showers. emeryville definitely the wet pavement out there and just down the road in berkeley they had some snow in the hills. so we've got cold air trapped at the surface in the 30s. feels like it's around freezing. live doppler 7 hd, still very busy this morning with the scattered showers from hillingberg all the way to the santa cruz mountains. here's a closer look at the north bay. port race, bodega bay, wet worth for you and across the bay around alameda about to get wet this morning on the peninsula or i should say the east bay into the south bay, 680, 880, fremont, milpitas down to san jose. shower activity but more concentrated rain is here around boulder creek, the santa cruz mountains. more heavier downpours. some hail possible and also some snow mixed in with the rainfall
5:39 am
that's falling. 42 san francisco, another high in kentfield was just 43. we're talking another cold winter day with more rainfall. it will be more widely scattered today with the emphasis south of san francisco from san jose on through monterey. we'll see low snow levels around 1500 feet to 2,000 feet with a sunny and dry day tomorrow, though we're not going to warm up anytime soon. here's the satellite and radar composite. one system has moved through. the next system, all the moisture in place and with the cold air we continue to see showers pop up throughout the afternoon. it seems to sneak up from the south throughout the afternoon. by 1:00 we've got rain in the south bay around half moon bay. some showers around mount diablo and concord. by later on in the afternoon, still that rain/snow mix around mount hamilton and by 11:00 tonight, things really quiet down. for the chinese new year parade,
5:40 am
definitely scattered showers or the possibility of that today with a cold evening out there. winter storm warning for the next few hours until 9:00 in the sierra nevada. still have the light snow falling now. 3 to 6 inches about 7,000 feet and then you too get a break. chain controls, of course, and watch out for those delays. upper 40s today, san rafael to richmond. about 50 around fairfield but only in the low 50s with more rain for you from oakland on south. more scattered but if you head towards san jose and also around morgan hill and watsonville, you'll see more rain, some of it embedded with hail from time to time. 53 in watsonville. a look ahead, a dry day but another chilly one. more clouds, a chance of a shower on monday. looks like we get a little break midweek but another system will bring cold air with a chance of rain by the end of the week. so the heavy stuff looks to be over. we're not warming up anytime
5:41 am
soon. >> don't go away. "7 on your side" is next. >> what if the streets in your neighborhood is so confusing, your mail can't be delivered. i'm michael finney ahead with [ female announcer ] it's monday, some people will stick with their old way of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try total raisin bran with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, and thluscious taste of plump juicy raisins ancrunchy whole grain flakes. ♪ guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. ♪ how are you getting 100%? ♪
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welcome back, everyone. you're looking at a live picture from our hd camera atop our abc 7 studios. there's the embarcadero there as people are already out and about in san francisco. you can see the rain has stopped but the roads are slick. so be careful traveling on the roadways. lisa argen will have an update on our forecast later in the show. have you ever had your mail delivered to the wrong address? or get someone else's mail in your box by mistake? well, it happens often in neighborhoods where streets have similar names. one spot is in sunny vail and it's a prime example. michael finney has one couple's frustrating story. >> julio is showing us the puzzling cross streets. hidden lake this way, green lake that way, lake fair the other way. it's the main reason he hasn't been getting his mail. >> technically we're supposed to be on lake fair but i don't know
5:45 am
why it's considered -- very confusing. >> it's just one corner in a neighborhood full of streets named lake something. there's lake hayden, lakewood, lake noel, lake chime, lake bird, silver lake, meadow lake, twin lake. by the way, there is no lake here. it seems right for lost visitors and misdirected mail, especially for julio and his wife. their house sits on green lake drive right where it turns into lake fair drive. because of that their mail has been going where they don't live. >> with a driver's license, intact information. started not getting that stuff, that's when it becomes really a big deal. >> here's why. their official address says the house is on lake fair drive but it really sits over here or green lake drive. a mail carrier looking for the house down here on lake fair won't find it. >> neither of these addresses exist. so there is no such address for
5:46 am
green lake, nor is there an address for lake fair. they're sending our mail that way and when they go there is no house. >> return to a mystery mail pile back at the post office. it meant getting bills late, making payments late, missing documents and credit reports. >> we would get calls saying how come you haven't paid your bill. we didn't get our bill in the mail. >> the couple tried to fix the problem by calling the post office. they put this sign on the mailbox saying their house is on both streets. mail still went missing. after two years of this, his wife had enough. >> she said i saw michael finney. she said i'm gonna give him a call. she gave him a call. >> we took the problem to a postal service which agreed all those lake streets were pretty confounding. >> apparently there was some confusion as far as the address and where the house is actually located. lake fair.
5:47 am
>> a postmaster paid a visit, realized the address didn't match the house. the city looked into it, too, saying indeed there was a clerical error way back in 1957 when the house was built. official records mistakenly show the address on lake fair drive. right away the city changed it to green lake and waved the usual $176 change fee. also mail carriers around here now carry a special note. this house is officially on green lake drive. >> a month it was -- which is kind of nice. after two years not getting resolved. so we got our mail now. >> amazingly the postal service says even with this confusing maze of streets, it has not received anymore complaints about misdirected mail. no one could tell us why the lake names when there is no lake there.
5:48 am
i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> the first ship recycling center on the west coast is now open for business on mayor island in vallejo. they had a ribbon cutting ceremony for allied defense recycling. it will scrap navy vessels in half the time. it expects to employ at least 120 workers. the first ship to be dismantled will be the uss thurman. >> if you're headed to the sierra this holiday weekend expect crowds but also good skiing, snow boarding. what you may not know is how much work goes on to make sure the ski conditions are as good as possible. dan ashley has more. >> late in the day, as you're taking your last run down the slope, these modern day mountain men are just getting to work. this is the snow grooming team at heavenly, one of lake tahoe's biggest ski resorts.
5:49 am
it takes 16 snow cats running all night to keep the slopes in top condition. >> a lot of veteran operators here. 250 years combined experience on the crew. >> and this year they all want the same thing. >> yeah, everyone wants to run the beast. >> the beast is a brand new grooming machine, bigger and more efficient than ever before. in the world of snow cats, it's considered the sporty model. >> 500 horsepower designed on the inside, an italian company if you work for ferrari. >> the heavenly fleet includes two beasts. we rode along as they headed out to make their mark on the snow. >> you show up here at the blank canvas. people have been skiing it all day long. it's pretty beat up, especially those holiday weekends. >> as people ski and snow board, they naturally push the snow to the end of the runs and down the hill. the groomer's job is spread it evenly back to the center. the beast has a front blade 22
5:50 am
feet wide compared to 7 feet on older models. the blade pushes the snow in play and the tiller creates the smooth surface. >> you want it as flat as possible and, of course, have that seamless corduroy. >> they go up again and again until it's perfect. >> this is the best job on the mountain. you can't beat the office view. i run around all night grooming and -- this is my baby here. >> early in the season, brian spent two weeks scoping the snow to get this black diamond run open. heavy winds and weird angles still make it particularly tough to claim. the beast can make a big difference with both power and great visibility from the cab. >> we have a rear view camera that's in reverse. >> the top of the mountain the temperature can drop below zero but inside the cab it stays toasty warm.
5:51 am
this team works until midnight, then another crew works until the lifts open in the morning. then that perfect corduroy is all yours. >> definitely a crowd. the product you leave behind you is your signature. >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> makes you wanna get up there this morning. the heavenly team says grooming technology is changing so quickly they replace a third of their fleet every year. well, they call him the klepto cat. next a literal cat burglar caught in the act in a peninsula neighborhood. it's the bay area story that got people talkin' nationwide. ♪
5:52 am
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>> this next story has gone viral. media outlets around the world picked it up this week. the story of a cat burglar on the loose in a peninsula neighborhood and no one seems to be in much of a hurry to stop him. vic lee caught up with him in san mateo. >> meet dusty. by day he's a house pet. when the sun goes down, it's time to hit the streets. dusty is a cat burglar. >> she always steals stuff. >> neighbors like five-year-old ethan know him by his alias, klepto, the cat. >> well, he took my mom's swimming clothes. >> neighbors are on guard but
5:55 am
his victims don't intend to file police reports. >> we haven't because we know where to go. >> i think those are for playing hockey. >> they go to jean chew and jim coleman's home. dusty belongs to them. in the past three years they figure he's stolen about 600 items, and he's not choosey. he'll take anything that's not locked down. >> towels, gloves, shoes, socks. little toys, children's toys. >> this pair of shoes which he took in two trips, and even people's personal items. >> we have some -- we had some black ones, too. >> he especially likes bathing suits drying outside. he stole kellie's bikini bottom. >> and came back ten minutes later and took the top home. so, yeah, we know him very well. >> dusty's m. o. is always the same. he leaves home at night and returns with his loot in the early morning. the tv network animal planet
5:56 am
recently installed a camera outside the house. it captured his nightly forays for a week. chew says dusty's record take for one night is pretty amazing. >> one night how many? >> 11. >> 11 different things. >> it's getting dark now. the question is which house will dufty hit? it's a purrrr-fect night for a heist. >> making the lower elevations >> making the lower elevations look more♪ ♪ do do da do doom da do ba do [ female announcer ] last year, ethan thompson and three friends from missoula, montana, put a band together and won the first ever folgers jingle contest. [ kara ] that was great! let's do it again. ♪ the sun shinin' when i rise... ♪ [ kara ] so, we're doing it again. to find out how you could be the next folgers jingle contest winner go to ♪ the best part of wakin' up is folgers in your cup ♪
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indoors and out. ♪ in the news this saturday morning, snow in the bay area. and the sierra gets slammed. dangerous roads are putting lots of holiday skiers in jeopardy.
5:59 am
>> a federal spending plan but the possibility of a government shutdown still looms. >> californians among the americans on a yacht hijacked by somali pirates. >> we begin with the weather and the dangerous driving conditions. let's start with the sierra. if you have plans to drive there this morning, you might want to reconsider. as you can see right there, this is a live picture of i-80 at truckee scales. lots of snow on the side of the roads. there's not much of a backup right now anywhere. it's clear in most spots but chains are required on 80 from baxter to the nevada state line and 50 at meyers. there's snow at lower elevations. grizzly peak at the hills last night. a rare sight. the elevation here under


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