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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  February 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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just a very tragic incidents and our hearts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the boys. >> reporter: the boys didn't have any floaks -- flotation devices but they were wearing helmets. grief counselors were on campus today. >> alan: the fresh snow on our bay area mountaintops is providing some really nice views out there and a rear treat for snow lovers. take a look at the pictures we took with sky 7hd. let's move on to another story here. san francisco beach re-opened this afternoon after a bomb squad dealt with a suspicious item that washed up january --
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onshore. explosive technicians detonated the device this afternoon. we don't know what it was. someone first report seeing the device at 10:00 this morning, and park rangers kept the area closed. the fort is popular with dog-walkerswalkers and hang-gli. >> pg&e is blaming a faulty water here for a carbon monoxide leak that hospitalized a mother and two children. officers responded to a complaint of light headedness. all three victims were taken to the hospital and everyone is doing okay today. pg&e found low levels of carbon monoxide in the apartment and found the water heater was malfunctioning. more than 400 people died from carbon monoxide in the u.s. each year. well, the fresh snow on our bay area mountaintops is providing some beautiful views, and a rare treat for snow lovers. look at the pictures we took
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with sky 7hd today. this is mt. diablo in east bay, which is step capped with a layer of snow, as much as 16 inches deep. a lot of people wanted to get on the mountain, but park rangers had to close the park after it reached capacity. you can see the parking lot packed with cars. you can see plenty of snow still left on mt. tamalpais. there was a throng of snow lovers of all ages waiting to get in. some people rode on mountain bikes, others brought their kids to play in it. >> never seen snow, so we took them up to the snow. i think it's hilarious. they're falling in the water,/ing. >> alan: here's what we found in the santa cruz mountains. this is what is left of the snow that fell friday night on skyline boulevard and highway 9. >> what you think of it? >> it's awesome. >> do you get to the snow a lot?
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>> not really. >> well, what do you think of the snow? >> it's kind of cold. we can make a lot of stuff with it. >> alan: and in the sierra, ski resorts are cashing in with several feet of new snow falling on this holiday weekend. s a as for the road, caltrans cameras showing traffic moving well in the mountains, including interstate 80 near truckee. resorts have gotten anywhere from four to seven feet of new snowfall presidents day weekend attracts some of the largest crowds to the slopes every year. >> we're getting more great pictures from our viewers. nancy sent us this one of a snow plow trying to clear old highway 53 in the clear lake area. this one is on the empire grade in the santa cruz mountains where carolyn found several fender benders and roads closed. and a couple shots of
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mt. diablo. this one is shot from morgan territory rod in clayton. and from the other side of mt. die an blow, -- mt. diablo from the east. you can upload your videos or e-mail them to you report at kgo -- tv santa clara officials will formally ask the governor not to take the city's redevelopment money. the city is concerned the governor may yank up to $40 million already promised for a new 49ers stadium next to the great american theme park. the governor recently proposed disbanding all redevelopment agencies in the state as a way to help close a $25 billion budget deficit. without the money, city leaders have no other public money to tap for the project, and they would have to turn to private sources. >> up next, protests spread across the middle east. some of them, like this one in
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libya, are the most violent yet. plus, our looming government shutdown. >> i don't know anybody that wants that to happen. >> alan: the budget battle in washington that could have an
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: prodemocracy protests are continuing in the arab world. some of the most violent
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demonstrations were in the country ruled by one of the most notorious and quirky did taters. >> in the most violent protests yet, hundreds have reportedly been killed and thousands wounded in libya. demonstrating against the 40 year dictatorship or moammar gadhafi. security forces have turned machine guns and mortars on protestors. one doctor witnessed the carnage. >> oh, my god. they're crazy. they're going crazy here. >> reporter: gadhafi cut off communications. he was surrounded by supporters, raising his fist in the air. >> what we're seeing across the region is a yearning for change, hunger for political reform, economic reform, economic opportunity, greater representation, and we support that. >> reporter: in stark contrast, nearby bahrain is quiet, after a week which saw seven killed and hundreds injured in prodemocracy
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protests. secretary of state hillary clinton reflected on the possible dangers of new-found freedom. >> this process can be hijacked by both outside and inside elements within any country. what a tragedy to see what happened in iran. >> reporter: in yemen, thousands marched on the capital, and in morocco, some 2,000 filled the streets, calling for a new constitution, freedom fever clearly contagious, and the world wondering where it will lead next. laura abc news. dubai. >> alan: in washington, both parties insist they want to avoid a shutdown of the federal government, but democrats democd republicans remain far apart on agreeing to a new budget. the u.s. government will run out of money in 2 -- 12 days, lawmakers have justify days to strike a deal when the return to
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work. that could force a government shut down on march 4th. >> the worst outcome. if we end up shutting down the government and calling into question whether we're going meet our obligations for social security checks and troops. >> i think nobody wants that to happen, and i think everybody realizes that we have to make some significant cuts. >> alan: the government last shut down in 1995 after president clinton vetoed a spending bill. >> the head of wisconsin's teachers union urged teachers to return to the classrooms. this comes as protesters remain beneath the capitol dome in madson for six days. they're posing the plan to take away bargaining -- collective
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bargaining. democrats plan to remain out of the state until walker agrees to compromise. coming up, the staff riecks surf contest has yesterday -- yet to be held. the clouds parted for a beautiful day tonight. leigh glaser has your forecast. >> larry: pablo sandoval has dropped over 30 pounds. will his batting average go back up? we have a live report.
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>> alan: poor conditions may wipe out plans for this year's surf contest at mavericks. the cop test is an invitation only event and surfers are given 48 hours notice behalf big swell is set to hit the coast. this year only five or six swells have hit the area, and none have been big enough to produce the world-class mavericks wave. a week from tomorrow the permit expires. >> on to leigh glaser.
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an interesting week coming up. >> leigh: especially the latter part of the work week, we could have another cold blast move in across the bay area. didn't you like today? here's a shot looking towards ocean beach. the nice seth -- setting sump this is a nice day indeed. we will take a quick peek at live doppler 7hd, just to check in. it's also getting a little bit of a rest today as the storm cloud have moved out. here's a look at the current readings. temperatures definitely will come down tonight. very cold readings expected overnight. right now we're already in the 40s in san francisco, in the north bay, napa, you're at 47. 49 in concord. 49 in san jose. so, cold temperatures overnight tonight. once again. north bay communities, last night,, in the upper 20s.
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so we do that again this evening, though the possible of black ice developing. and inland, frost. we look for increasing clouds by tomorrow morning as a secondary system will stay off the coast but it could possibly throw a few drops, maybe few light showers, mainly in the north bay tomorrow morning. otherwise look for dry conditions through mid-week and we'll continue with cold, overnight temperatures. here's a closeup look at the satellite. you can see the high clouds ven temperaturing in. -- venturing in. a delightful day but you can see what is upstream is this area of low pressure, and it is going to start to push down towards the south. now, this is kind of a difficult low to forecast, simply because any dation, closer to the coast, we get wet. if it stays off the coast, we stay dry. this commuter model is suggesting this evening we'll see a few clouds.
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as you see, the bulk of the rain starts to move in across the bay area this year, the timing at 10:00 a.m. we may sue a -- see a few light showers north of the golden gate bridge. as this drops south, it just pulls back away from the, -- from the coast, leaving us dry and clear. as this system moves closer to the bay area, we could see a few more chances of rainfall. the latest computer model suggesting this will stay off the coast. for, tonight, it will be controlled. cloverdale, 49. 40 for san francisco. 32 for the livermore valley area, and highs, partial clearing in the afternoon. 52 for san mateo. a mixture of sun and clouds late in the day. in the north bay, that's the best chance of us seeing any type of moisture at all tomorrow.
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cloverdale, 32 -- excuse me -- 52. 53 for napa. and the east bay, oakland, 54. 54 to fremont. east boy, 50s. and 55 for watsonville. the seven-day forecast. after the system moves through tomorrow, we'll keep it dry. also warmer. clouds thicken thursday, and the next chance of the colder system moving in and that could potentially be with us on friday and saturday, and also lower snow levels around the bay area. >> alan: thanks a lot. larry beil is here because shu is in arizona in giants camp. >> larry: and checking out pablo sandoval. last year the panda's weight went up, his stats went down, .268 average, 13 homers, this offseason, sandoval dedicated to getting himself in shape. the hard work seems to have paid
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off. >> mike: no question. there's only one opening and that is at third base. sandoval had the job last year. lost it at season's end, and in the offseason did everything the giants asked him to do to regain his starting position. with his first swing of the bat in spring training, pablo sandoval got his manager's attention with a home run. >> evident how hard this guy has worked this winter to get in the kind of condition he is in. first swing, looked like he was trying to make a statement. >> mike: pablo lost his starting position after a breakout season in 2009. >> start your career, you got good moments moments and bad mo. >> mike: he was told to lose weight or lose his job. >> i have to come to spring this year working hard. that's what been doing. i want to prove myself. >> you don't mind the extra pressure? >> i don't mind. preble for all three months for -- prepare for all three months for be the guy i am right now. >> mike: after shedding 30 poundses, the panda feels like his old self.
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>> the most important thing is pablo has gotten himself back in shape and he will be out there. i think on a mission to show he is back, and we'll see the player we saw a couple years ago. >> mike: pablo and miguel at the had da at shortstop were the wild card with the loss of uribe and renteria. >> like i always say, better for me, and have anything that we can do to be helpful, and i think the much better we both can be, is better for the pitching. >> mike: pablo's bat is what the giants missed the most in 2010. >> he plays a critical role in our offense. he can change our offense. he is back to where he was couple years ago. >> mike: pablo has a great attitude. he looks great. his hand speed is quicker, and now he just has to keep that weight off. tune in at 11:00. we talk to the hottest young
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prospect, brandon bell, who hopes to be the next buster posey. >> larry: i'm sure giants fans would love to see another buster posey. that would be fantastic. >> it's the super bowl of nascar. the daytona 500 kicks off the season. what a start, featuring the youngest river -- driver to win the race. fans stood with three fingers to remember dane dale earnhardt. >> a bunch of wrecks in this race. later, a few land left, ryan newman spins out. dale, jr. crashes into the wall so no storybook ending for junior. after a record 16th caution, trevor bayne, just turned 20 years old yesterday, holds off the pack. the youngest driver to win the daytona 500 in just his second sprint cup start. the third ranked stanford women's basketball team went for
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their 52nd straight win against pac-10 teams, taking on ucla. stanford with their star, barack nnemkadi ogwumike, who turned her ankle. her sister took up the slack. later, peterson, spins it in. and then poland making her range. the cardinal victorious, stanford 15-0 in pac-10 play. on to golf. final round of the northern trust open in los angeles. they love aaron bad elly. hoarse why. the big bender. fingers at 12-under par to win his third pga tour title. wins by two strokes over vijay singh. and a big victory for baddeley. he automatically qualifies for the masters. >> alan: a new thriller about stolen identity.
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it made a big box office splash this weekend. we have the box office winners coming up.
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>> alan: wow. moviegoers paid to see a wild chase scene in liam knee son's newest movie, unknown. it debuted with almost $22 million in sales. another action tale, i am number 4, came in second with $19.5 million in sales, and disney's movie came in third with just over $19 million. disney owns abc-7 news. >> that's it for abc-7 news. we have to see you tonight at 11:00. captioned by closed captioning services inc. ♪ going to the bank without going to the bank...
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next. >> right now in the home of an oscar nominee, johnny depp makes a movie for the kids. >> i have done a number that they can't watch until they are about fourth, it nice. >> and a mad forkemad love. >> i hope we do this for years and years. >> clowny around with hollywood's newest star. alex got his start. he turned out to be preparation for his personal
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life. rachel: working the runway up to oscar sunday. we're rolling out the red carpet now. now. >> i'm alex o'loughlin from "hawaii five-0", you are watching "on the red carpet." chris: welcome to "on the red carpet" from fashion institute of design and merchandising in downtown los angeles i am chris ballish. rachel: i am rachel smith, you can see 19th annual art of motion picture costume design exhibit featuring over a hundred costumes from dozens of movies. >> speaking of oscar nominees, with one week to go, entertainment guru george pennacchio with a look at this year's contendor. >> i got a tour in jeremy renner's home, this nom he is taking it in stride. >> i never had intentions


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