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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 21, 2011 7:00am-8:59am PST

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to see how this turns out. we're looking forward to your conversation with the governor. we're going to begin with the developments in libya where the violence is escalating. gadhafi's son went on state television to say his father is still in charge and backed by the army. >> of course, there are many rumors that gadhafi has left the country as the fighting spread to the capital, tripoli. and protesters saying they've taken over another major city as well. we'll be feeling effects here at home. oil prices climbing on this news. >> let's get to miguel marquez in the region this morning. >> reporter: this morning, fighting out in libya's capital, where state government buildings were ransacked after witnesses report heavy fighting across the capital overnight. and companies like british petroleum are preparing to pull their employees out. rumors are ripe that libya's controversial and erratic author tar yan leader of 42 years,
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colon colonel gadhafi has already left the country. in a gruesome image of revolution, pro-government forces hang from flag poles after protesters take over a government building in benghazi, one of several libyan cities now controlled by anti-government forces. rebellion has gripped libya for a week now. witnesses reports of slaughter, hundreds killed, thousands injured after security forces open fire on protesters with heavy caliber weapons. >> here in benghazi, 208 bodies have been putted from the street until this morning, this is in one city in libya, and in one hospital. >> reporter: saif, gadhafi's son and heir apparent, made a rambling speech on national television, looking nervous, he blamed the uprising on islamic extremists. claiming the media was exaggerating casualty figures and offered his people a deal. constitutional reform and a new government in 48 hours or civil war. if it comes to war, he says, 5
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million people will fight. 100,000 will die. it will be a bloodbath. we will fight to the last man, the last bullet. protests and violence in iran is also ramping up in one act angry defiance, protesters dragged police officers from their car, the tables turned on government forces. witnesses report scenes like this in some areas in tehran. the capital, protesters in running battle, with security forces riding motorcycles. iran and libya are different from every other place we've seen the protests take off. it is much more difficult to get information in or out of the country. still, it is a telling sign of how unhappy these people are with their governments. even a little bit of information can be incredibly damaging to the authoritarian regimes. robin. >> all right, miguel, thank you. >> christiane amanpour host of "this week" joins us now. we just heard from miguel saying the differences between egypt and libya.
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and getting information out. how difficult is it to get accurate information on what's actually going on inside of that country? >> well, robin, it is difficult. mostly, we've heard from human rights watchers and activists. we've also heard radio reports from doctors at various hospitals. and the little snippets of information that we can. even from libya, the social media is not as active as it has been in other parts. it is much more difficult. in iran, there's much more activity on social media. but the sensors there are much more able to keep up with the young people than for instance in egypt and other places. >> good point there. >> what do you make of gadhafi's son's speech last night on television there, saying there could be a civil war and they're going to fight until the last bullet? >> well, robin, he did what they all have done. all the leaders said this is a foreign conspiracy. this is an international conspiracy to get rid of him, that it's islamists and it's
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chaos and confusion. he did that but it was particularly incoherent. it was unscripted. it was detached. he seemed to be completely out of touch with what was going on. at one point threatening to unleash civil war in the country or that would be unleashed, saying hundreds of thousands of people will be killed and then saying in 48 hours we'll have massive across-the-board reforms. clearly, this is the most significant threat to the regime, ever. >> of course, the white house keeping a close eye on what's going on. with colonel gadhafi, they know what they get. and the uncertainty of the regime and what is going to replace him is of great concern? >> well, yes, but colonel gadhafi has not been a reliable partner by any stretch of the imagination over the last several decades. you remember, there were ties cut between the united states and libya for many, many years only resumed back in 2009. only after the war with iraq,
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after which gadhafi decided to put on the table and basically hand over any plans for any weapons of mass destruction and then started coming in. of course heavy oil supplies, which makes it a very attractive place for business. >> it does. christiane, thanks very much. have a good day. we're going to switch gears to the latest blizzard in a brutal winter. it's hammered the midwest. canceling hundreds of flights this morning, a travel nightmare from montana to michigan now in the east as well. let's go outside to sam champion in times square. hey, saj. >> good morning, george. 3 to 5, 3 to 6 inches expected in new york city. it's part of the line of snow moving through from the northeast to the great lakes today. let's show you who gets watching and warning, basically all of the way from the great lake area, through detroit. chicagoland on the northern, southern edge, right through the new york city area. if you're travels east today,
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this gets that big bull's-eye of snow mostly in the pennsylvania area. but minneapolis/st. paul got the biggest hit. >> reporter: sam, look at the snowfall question hind me. officially 12.3 inches of snow here h. that's the biggest snowstorm on record for the area. a fast-moving snowstorm swept through the midwest dumping snow at a rate of up to 3 inches an hour in some places. abandoned cars line the highway in parts of wisconsin. rescue teams responded to more than 211 accidents in minneapolis. and this car ended up on its back after it lost control on the slick roads. in michigan, a massive pileup of at least 50 cars, shutting down this highway and sending dozens to local hospitals. >> you heard sounds of cars hitting or going off to the side
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of the road. >> this guy here, we're going to have to push him out. he just came down the road, and he is stuck, big time. >> reporter: 15 inches in bloomington. we'll verify it for you. 12-inch ruler there it go. long gone. >> reporter: whiteout conditions made it nearly impossible to drive. >> on the highway, the car in front of us would go in and out of focus. it was crazy. >> reporter: parts of minnesota picking up a foot to a foot and a half of snow and some areas reporting thunder snow. snow coated the runways at minneapolis/st. paul international airport where 700 flights were canceled. 1 to 2 inches of rain soaked the streets of chicago. along the east coast, a path of damage from heavy winds. more than 100 brush fires smolder from virginia to maryland. rapid winds downed power lines in parts of new york. and in the d.c. area, 100,000 people are still without power. and right now, you can see, here in minnesota the snow shovels, snow blowers, they're
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getting a workout. here in the between cities we've had 6 feet of snow on the season. two months at least left of winter here, if possible, we could compete for the most snow ever on record. robin. >>. >> that's right h. six feet and counting. thanks so much. sam will have more for news a moment. in wisconsin, the two sides show no signs of backing down on that huge budget battle. protesters camping out in the state capitol. democratic legislators hiding out to avoid voting on a measure that would strip public employees of their bargaining rights. bob woodruff has the latest. and joins us this morning from madison. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there's going to be protesters coming out here today for the seventh day in a row. this weekend has been just huge. about 70,000 already showed up. there are two more rallies scheduled for today. don't know what the weather's impact is going to be,
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they say they're going to stay in the statehouse until the governor gives up. they've been here a full week now, intent on stopping the governor's plan. come to town, negotiate. >> talk to us. that's all we want them to do. >> reporter: they've been marches inside the rotunda with music and megaphones. making themselves at home. the protesters say they're prepared to make concessions but the governor so far is refusing to budge. >> we are willing to negotiate. but do not take away our rights. >> no cut, no! >> reporter: supporters of the governor were out in force, too, this weekend, trying to get their message heard. >> we're here to show support for governor walker, we want the democrats to show up back to work. we want elections to have consequences. >> reporter: the democratic senators who went on the lam to avoid a vote on the bill called for a very unusual photo op in the stairwell of an aging hotel in an undisclosed location in illinois. >> we want to slow up the
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process. the reason we have left the state temporarily is to give the people of the state a chance to realize what our governor is doing. >> reporter: state senator julie lassa is six months pregnant and has two young daughters at home. >> i am teaching my daughters who are 6 and 3 that it is very important to do what you can to help your neighbors when people need help. >> reporter: they vowed to stay out of the state until governor walker signals a willingness to negotiate. >> for as long as it takes. as long as i get clean underwear or as long as it takes. >> reporter: the senators are taking some really radical steps to hide their locations. they wouldn't even allow us to take pictures of their vehicles. they're still hiding. george. >> all right. thanks very much. let's turn to the governor right now. governor scott walker of wisconsin.
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you just heard the state senators there. governor, thanks for joining us. they're going to stay out as long as it takes. are you ready to negotiate? >> well, the bottom line is, we're trying to balance our budget. there's no room to negotiate on that because we're broke. nearly like every other state across the country, we've got a massive deficit, $3.6 billion deficit. ironically, those same democrats who are hiding out from taking on the responsibility to vote are the same folks who voted two years ago along with the previous governor to put $2 billion plus into the budget that was one-time stimulus money. they helped create the hole. through a short-term fix. we need a government solution which is more than just negotiation now. >> you say it's not about balancing the budget. it's about union busting. the union from the democrats have said they're willing to take the concessions on wage and health benefits. they're willing to take an 8% paycut but they simply don't want you to take away their collective bargaining rights. >> well, wisconsin has the strongest civil service system in the country. we had it long before collective bargaining rights.
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the rights that workers have are not based on the contract, they're based on the law. which again is the strongest in the country. it protects things like hiring, the grievance process. termination without just cause. all those things remain even if the bill passes. the difference is there is a cost to collective bargaining. the school systems, with the chance to buy from the teachers health and trust company, the school district could buy off the state employee health care plan, they could save $68 million. i know it well. i used to be a county official for 8 1/2 years. every time i tried to do something sensible to balance the budget, without laying people off, the union said no. we don't want any changes. go ahead and lay people off. that's wrong. that's unacceptable. what we're asking for, realistically, is something that nearly ever other person in this state and in this country is paying a whole lot more for when it comes to the retirement and health care.
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>> governor, they already said they're willing to give up on the pension and health care, they've already said that. they've made that concession. >> well, you can say anything in the debate. in december, after i was elected. but before i was sworn in, they tried to ram through a bill to push forward and lock in state employee health care -- state employee health and contracts. the bottom line is, they can say these things but there are 424 school districts. there are 72 counties. there are 1,000 plus municipalities in the state. all of those can't guarantee the savings that a handful of state union leaders are talking about. we cannot pass a budget that's going to have over $1 million in cuts and aid to local budgets. we end up like new york state or california state who are cutting billions of dollars. from their schools and local governments without giving them tools to handle it. >> we only have a little bit of time left, governor. as far as how this all ends, as far as i understand, if you don't reach some sort of agreement with the end of this week, you're going to lose your ability this time to refinance your debt which is going to
7:14 am
create even a bigger budget hole in the state of wisconsin. will you sit down and talk to your opponents before that happens? >> if the state senators would come back, we'd gladly talk to them. the reality is, they're hiding out in a different state. they think a handful of minority can hold people hostage. the reality is, if you want to participate in democracy, you got to come to where it's at, that's in the arena. the arena is in madison, wisconsin. not in rockford or any other place. they've got to come to wisconsin, do the job that they were elected to do. do the job that they're paid to do. and if they want to do that, we'll sit down and talk to them. the bottom line is, we can't negotiate a budget because we're broke and we need the money. >> governor, thanks for your time this morning. >> my pleasure, george. >> it's not going to end anytime soon. >> a lot of states watching what's going to happen there. >> let's go to rob nelson in for juju. good morning, happy presidents' day. good morning, everybody. we begin with the price of gas soaring yet again. prices have jumped another 5 cents in the last two weeks to the natural average of $3.18 per
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gallon. the prices are 55 cents higher than the same time last year. two west point cadets are safe after spending eight hours teetering on a cliff 500 feet in the air. the cadets became disoriented during training and ended up on an 18 inch ledge. it's hard to see in this nighttime video, but police eventually hoisted them into a helicopter as winds gusted to 30 miles per hour. oprah winfrey's school in south africa released a statement there about the latest scandal there. a newborn was found dead in a student's bag. police believe a 17-year-old gave birth at the school but they say it's unclear if the baby died naturally. the school will provide counseling and wait for the police to determine if the charges will be filed. and the new champion of the daytona 500 is also the youngest ever. trevor bayne took the checkered flag sunday one day after turning just 20. earlier, a crowd of 182,000 saluted dale earnhardt, holding up three fingers for his number.
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he was killed in a crash ten years ago. that's the news now at 7:18. here's sam with the latest on the weather. hi, sam. good morning. as it snows in places like detroit to new york city, we've got 3 to 6 inches of snow coming to the new york city area. let's show you what the storm system does. there's another one behind the first low. the first low will be geared a little bit more north from staten island, new york city north toward boston getting snow. the secondary low comes in south of new york city to philadelphia and maybe into washington, d.c. overnight tonight. a quick look at where the warmth is squeezed in orlando at 81 degrees. new orleans at 73. houston at 75. a look at the big board, it's quieter in the west. c
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>> and it is a very wet sn >> and it is a very wet snow falling. very, very wet. robin? >> all i can say is yuck. thanks sam. in our royal diary this morning, the envelope, please.
7:18 am
invitations were delivered to 1,900 guests this weekend. on the guest lists, european royals, the couple's former flames. and the world famous soccer players. nick watt has more on who made the cut. >> reporter: the guest list for the party of the year. the wedding the century, well, some snubs and surprises. britain's new vogue royalty, the beckhams will be there. david and william became friends working on england's soccer world cup bid. >> she's probably been invited on the premise that she doesn't sing at the reception afterwards. >> reporter: but no room in the abby for the obamas or president sarkozy of france or his wife carla bruni. apparently, kanye west's name is on the door. william's a big fan. and thumbs up, too, for sir elton john. and harry is bringing chelsy davy.
7:19 am
kate's pre-william fellow, yes, william's first love, yes, both on the list. william's aunt fergie, a snub. she fell out with diana and suffered some lurid headlines. >> he's not prepared to bury the hatchet with her. and frankly, i think the thought of her sitting in the pews with the rest of the world that day was too much. >> reporter: kate's black sheep uncle gary is coming. >> he's a millionaire exposed by the newspaper allegedly taking cocaine. >> reporter: 1900 guilt-edged invites were sent for the westminster abbey service. 600 of the guests will go on for lunch thrown by the queen and an intimate 300 will dine and dance that night at the palace. >> there will be foreign royals. the king of bahrain was invited before his troops opened fire on democracy protesters. there will be politicians, charity workers and william's military buddies. he's getting married in uniform, by the way. kate's dress, well, your guess is as good as mine.
7:20 am
for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london. >> my invitation got lost. >> oh, well. >> coming up terror at sea. the latest on four americans captured by pirates. why they were in such dangerous waters. what will it take to rescue them? ry, a day when we can eat what we want, drink what we want, and sleep soundly through the night. finally that day has arrived with prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn-free for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn all day, all night. now we are free. happy. with prevacid®24hr, happiness is a day without heartburn. the uconnect touch system on the 2011 dodge journey controls the radio, media player, heated seats, climate control, navigation, phone and more. this means that if you call shotgun on a dodge journey,
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breakers race in san francisco say they're working to make sure the 100th anniversary event in may won't be the last. the san francisco chronicle reports race representatives say the race has been losing money for years. there's no title sponsor for this year's race after ing declined to renew its five-year sponsorship last year. city officials are also frustrated about drunkenness and public urination along the route. this president's day holiday, the morning commute? >> what commute! here's a live shot of 680 in walnut creek. traffic has been light heading for highway 24. check out the bay bridge toll plaza. you'll see what i mean. no metering lights. weren't even turned on this morning. some transit systems running on a holiday schedule, muni, bart, caltrain on a saturday schedule, golden gate transit on a sunday schedule. no service today for the alameda harbor bay ferry and the alameda
7:24 am
oakland ferry. eric? >> a lot of work for you this morning, frances. hanks a lot. oprah: all new. the tv debut of celine dion's miracle twins! then -- six tiny treasures hit the jackpot-ola! wow! and -- today's your lucky day!
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the way it looks from sutro tower. scattered showers possible along the coast. the bulk of the weather will stay off to the ocean. mid to upper 30s inland, upper 30s to low 40s around the bay. temperatures hit low to mid-50
7:27 am
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one more time. another big storm hitting the northeast and the midwest today, that's ramsey, new jersey. a live shot of ramsey, new jersey. right now, anyone off for the holiday facing very slushy roads. in westchester, new york, as well. up in westchester county. rough in the northeast, even rougher in the midwest. >> it just won't end. we still have another month or so to go. but also ahead, why is this mother screaming at a former
7:29 am
judge? the kids for cash case causing turmoil. >> kids for cash. a judge gets kickbacks for sentences for these juveniles. and 2012, we're going to talk to former arkansas mike huckabee live. he's actually at the top of the abc news poll right now. he he's not decided whether he's going to run yet. >> he hasn't decided? >> no. >> okay. how much do you spend on your child's birthday party? why more and more parents are breaking the bank on that special day. is it too much, too soon? that's ahead. first, the latest on the americans held hostage by somali pirates. today is their third day in captivity. pirates currently hold 30 ships. almost 700 hostages. why did these four sailors chart a course through dangerous waters. jim acosta has the latest. >> reporter: good morning.
7:30 am
the pilot has made radio contact with the pirates for the first time. it's one u.s. navy ship and several helicopters not letting the pirates or the americans out of their sights. the harrowing ambush at sea took place in dangerous waters nearly 300 miles off the somali coast. the pirates' target the yacht "quest." a u.s. navy warship is actively tracking them. shadowing their hijacked yacht as it nears somalia. >> they think they're americans, they must be rich. they've made a grave mistake. >> reporter: the last time the pirates boarded a vessel the "maersk alabama," they were targeted by shooters. the pirates making it toe the
7:31 am
somali shore where they and their hostages can easily disappear. pirates held british couple paul and rachel chandler there for 388 days. >> please, please, help us. >> reporter: so they were paid a ransom believed to be $1 million. we ventured to northern somalia ourselves last spring. crossing hundreds of miles of beachfront village overlooking the world's shipping lanes. we got a hostile welcome. a captured piertd told us foreign fishermen had fished out somal somalia's waters. they had no choice but to start foreign ships for ransom. >> our prayer tonight is for them, for their safety, for their families. >> reporter: back in california, churchgoers are praying for a safe return home. as they wait, a one-time victim of pirates told us what the americans may be facing. >> they're just praying that the ransom is going to get paid. and they have no idea whether
7:32 am
they're going to live or die. >> we learned on our trip to somalia, the terrorists believed to take a cut of the money, carrying those bibles could be an added danger for the americans. of course, the u.s. navy will do all they can to prevent the americans from ending up in their hands. >> john edgar is a friend and former boss of phyllis mackay, one of the hijacked americans. john, thank you very much for being with us. we're going to slow you pictures of phyllis' website and the adams' website. you've known her for over 30 years. how long has she been sailing? >> phyllis has been sailing for a year. she's been on leave now for about three years. she called me one night and said she was going to go son sabbatical and sail around the world. thought she would be back a
7:33 am
year, year and a half. now, it's going on three years. >> that's not unusual for her to say something like that, that she was going to take off like that, the type of person she is? >> well, for anybody, it's a surprise. she is a very independent, very strong woman who is at the peak of her career in our industry. so it's surprising to me that she was just very well respected. but she wanted to go on this with bob and away she went. >> so they were out on their own boat. do you know how they ended up with the adams? >> no, i don't. they were on their own boat. that's why i'm surprised about this. but i heard they hooked up, i guess in india, they joined the adams. which is common in the sailing industry. people hook up on boats and take off. >> so what do you think about -- and have you talked to her, did you ever, about pirates? as a friend, knowing she was sailor and going off in that part of the world, was that ever
7:34 am
a topic of conversation between you two? >> very little. she did talk about that with my father-in-law, fred, who has recently passed away. he was a yachtsman. they talked about going. he used to go to the islands from florida every year. they talked about that a little bit. but i wasn't involved much because i don't sail. >> but you had to, i would imagine, as a friend, be concerned, even though it wasn't the topic too much did you think about that for her? worry about that for her? >> oh, yeah, i sure did. especially when she extended her trip and was gone so long and all of this happened. i thought it's really tough and i was worried about her, you bet. >> you said that you thought that she would be coming back sooner than she is. how much are you able to communicate with one another? and how did she tell you that she would not be coming back too soon?
7:35 am
>> well, she communicated with our team the last time in 2010. and we followed her on the internet, the course of her boat. and she just kept extending, extending her leave. and was having a great time and obviously with her soul mate and loved what she's doing. but we kept a place for her. we'd love to have letter back. >> you can see from the pictures how much she truly enjoys herself. john, i know that you are concerned. we all are. we're going to be thinking about her and the others. thank you very much for giving us insight and perspective on your friend phyllis mackay. thank you. >> thank you, and god bless phyllis. >> it's 7:37. go back outside and get more on the weather with sam. good morning, robin. it's tapered off to a light snow. on and off like this for new york, all the way through detroit. through chicagoland, as well. a heavier collecting snow out of the detroit area. we talk a little bit about 10 inch of snow in detroit. about 17 inches of snow in the
7:36 am
minneapolis/st. paul area. and chicagoland changes over to snow during the day today. here's who gets totals. the biggest bull's-eyed in pennsylvania running from the south. that area will get 6 to 10 inches of snow. that's because there's two systems working through that that will collect in that zone. today, the coastal areas of new england will get morning snow. 'portland's got scattered showers at 48 degrees. san francisco could have one or two showers. it's fairly dry. it's cooler in the l.a. area. where it is not ab
7:37 am
>> here's what's ahead on your "gma" morning menu this morning. he may be one of the leading contenders in the presidential 2012 race. this morning, we're talking to former arkansas governor mike huckabee about that. also, when you think of oscars, it happens right here. we are counting down all this week. we're sitting down with the godfather of film, francesed for coppola. don't miss that. and we're showing you the big-budget birthday parties, apparently, right here on "gma." ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it ♪ express yourself
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on top of the gop field right now, the former governor of arkansas, mike huckabee, whose new book comes out tomorrow. i want to put our new poll out there. it shows you on the top. 21% with sarah palin, mitt romney, all bunched out. you've got the book out which could form the core of a campaign platform. you're the most ambivalent front-runner, i can't figure it out why. >> george, i don't have to tell you what it's like to go through this whole grinder. i think that i've done it before gives me a sense of gravity towards the process. but it also gives me an understanding that it's not always smart to be the first guy out of the corral out there in the arena riding around on your pony yourself. >> how much is your calculation that president obama is going to be tough to beat? >> i think he is tough to beat.
7:42 am
all this talk, that he's a one-term president. people forget that only one time since 1868 has a incumbent president been taken out. every other time, a president may have taken himself out of the running. but you don't beat presidents easily. this idea that he's an absolute one-term and easy to beat. this race is going to be like climbing a ladder pointing towards you because barack obama is going to start this race with $1 billion. he's going to have no primary opponent. the republicans are going to have a crowded field. all elbowing their way under the basket for the lay-up. and there's not going to be a lay-up. it's going to be a tough shot. so i'm thinking very carefully. i'm seriously considering making a run for it. >> when will you decide? >> i think in summer. i think for a lot of people that's late. but i remind people that a gentleman you know very well, bill clinton, announced in october of '91 and ran against an incumbent. >> you're not afraid to take
7:43 am
president obama on. just the other day, you're talking about this whole controversy of the public employee union. you said the ungodly influence that the public sector unions have on this white house is scandalous. ungodly? scandalous? >> when the president first came out and started talking about wisconsin, he had spoken like it it was going to cover everyone. it doesn't cover firemen, policeman. i think it's an example of barack obama overreaching. >> do you think the governor is overreaching now? >> no, in essence, he's drawn a line in the sand. part of the reason he's had to stake the stand is because the democrats have fled the state. i think it would be a different dynamic if they would come and do their duty and show up for work and say, okay, let's start talking. it's hard to talk when they're not even in the borders of the state. >> meanwhile, you've got a federal crisis as well. what are the odds that you see
7:44 am
the federal government shut down? >> the difference is unlike '95 with social security checks, those processes have been automated. it's not going to have the same -- let me use a word that's overused -- draconian impact. >> do you think the government could tough it out? >> i think there's a point that we recognize that we cannot continue to live off the credit cards and barrow money off the chinese unless we all buy a rosetta stone course in mandarin. at some point, george, we've got to stop the nonence and borrowing money that we can't pay back. >> the first part of book is interesting. you take on the republicans. you say anybody that thinks you're getting a book about hating president obama, think another thing. we've seen, with michele bachmann on the show last week. we saw speaker boehner last week
7:45 am
on "meet the press," and it seems that republican leaders have the hardest time in the world saying simply and clearly president obama say christian, president is a citizen. get over it. >> i don't know why. i have disagreements. sharp disagreements with president obama on almost all of his policies. whether it's domestic in relationship to spending or debt or whether it's foreign. i think a lot of his foreign policies are misguided and frankly naive. i don't dislike the man personally. in fact, i celebrated that in my lifetime i saw an african-american elected to the presidency, having grown up in a very deep segregated south as a child. he's my president. i don't want him to fail in the sense i want him to fail in the sense he's a democrat. i want the country to succeed. i want limb to change his policy. >> do you think it's smart for your fellow republicans to keep the controversy alive? >> i'll leave it up to them as
7:46 am
to whether they think it's smart. i don't think it's necessary to delve on extraneous matters. the idea he's not a citizen, to me, you know why that's nonsense? because if there were any shred to it, hillary clinton would have found it and used it. for the republicans to be bringing it up it a waste of energy and time. let's focus on the issues which we have the disagreement. >> the book is called "a simple government." thanks for coming. go to also, all my interviews with the other 2012 contenders are there as well. coming up, what you need to know to feel more restful when you wake up. so you have five brothers.
7:47 am
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7:54 am
♪ san francisco's muni can soon be looking for a new chief, according to today's san francisco chronicle. ford, the current muni head is said to be finalist running the airport authority in washington d.c. ford has not publicly commented on this yet. forecast now. cold out there, mike. >> definitely is. still 30s and 40s, watching
7:55 am
scattered showers to our north that will put scattered showers in your forecast in the north bay. low to mid-50s today. dry through thursday afternoon. wintry mix this weekend. frances? >> okay, mike. even with a couple accidents, nothing's going to slow you down this morning. a live shot of the bay bridge toll traffic. transit systems operating on a holiday scheduled. a. c. running on a sunday schedule. eric? >> the news conditions now with
7:56 am
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7:58 am
♪ hey baby lookie there. >> look at the people there. >> happy presidents' day to everybody out there. >> they did not need an invitation to come out this morning. just needed a good warm coat. 1,900 invitations have gone out for the royal wedding. they came in over the weekend. we'll tell you a lot more about who made the cut and who didn't
7:59 am
for will and kate's big day. and the hat designer for kate. that is coming up as well. speaking of invites, if you're a kid, hottest invitation is for your birthday party. more and more parents are spending big to celebrate the little one's special day. we're going inside extreme birthdays. >> i hope harper is inside. i don't want her to see any of this. now, it's ron claiborne. look at close cheeks. she's throwing caution to the wind. competing against the youngest indoor skydiving team there. that doesn't look fun there. but that sure does. >> we'll see how ron does. and you've tried everything to get a good night's sleep and you just can't. we're fascinated with this whole topic, as can you tell. we have a wake-up call. what you need to do. we're not greedy. we'll start with the "royal diary."
8:00 am
the hottest wedding invitations of the year have been sent out. while kate's dress is still under wraps, we know who will be designing the hat. you're getting ready for the oscars, that's why you're out there on the west coast, good to see you, katie. >> nice to see you, too. i'm doing a different royalty. >> tell us about the invitations. who got one, who didn't? >> well, the invitations went out last week, so can you imagine it was probably a tense weekend for a lot of people who expected to be invited, possibly haven't been. or celebrated that a very stiff suitably regal invitation did land on their door step over the weekend. i think it's been in keeping with what we expected. i think the biggest surprise that the duchess of york hasn't been invited. as we know, she was very much expecting to be there.
8:01 am
i'm told it's all down to seating arrangements at westminster abby that she wasn't able to sit with her daughters. i think perhaps to both parties it's easier that she's not there. i think there's disappointment on sarah ferguson's behalf. and there's speculation that the obamas haven't made the list. the palace is stressing the point, even though they're not concerned, this stressing the point this is not a state wedding. it's a royal wedding. it's very much about the couple. actually, if you look at the guest list, more than 1,000 of the 1,900 that have been invited are the couple's friend. this is very much about their day. my source is saying the queen's list is actually the smallest of the day. there are probably a number of crown heads there which is perhaps surprising. >> when i saw michelle obama a few weeks ago and i asked her about it, she said just what you said, she said they should have their friends there. they should have exactly who they want there at the wedding.
8:02 am
that appears to be the case. their exes, though, made the guest list? >> yes. the thing is william's exes are this very close friends. rose, william's first girlfriend, she's been at all the weddings that the couple has attended. jackie has also made the list. and we think airabelle, the girl he was dating just before kate, is going to be there as well. kate has no problem around these girls. they've become friends as well. i don't think there's a awkwardness. hopefully not. >> what do you hear about the beckhams? >> well, the beckhams are one of the high-profile names that have been picked out as invitees. again, we haven't had that confirmed. i tried this morning to get it confirmed but everyone is staying tight-lipped. i think this is a royal wedding. i was in frick when william met
8:03 am
david beckham. they did get along very well. it's possible, again, a confirmation, i suppose the only risk ever having posh spice at your wedding is you do risk being upstaged. >> oh, come on now, there's no way kate is going to be upstaged. if anybody could, it could be posh. hatmaker is all set? >> that's right. philip tracy, he designed camilla's beautiful hairpiece that she wore back in her wedding back in 2005, it was camilla's suggestion that kate consider philip as the hat designer. >> all right. i'll see new l.a. soon. you can visit our royal diary blog for the latest headlines. let's get over to the overnight guy. rob nelson who's in for juju
8:04 am
this morning. >> i can tell you like that hat. >> i really should, huh. good morning, everyone. violence is spreading and uncertainty rising across libya today. protesters stormed state and tv buildings today. federal cities are now controlled by anti-government forces. at least 200 people have been killed. as for gadhafi, there are reports that he's ordered the air force to bomb their own bases to keep the forces from getting weapons. outside the region, thousands in morocco have demanded democratic reform. and in bahrain, the royal family appears to be stalling after negotiating with opposition leaders. back in michigan, minnesota and wisconsin, officials are urging people to quit driving after a winter storm dumped snow in that area and causing people to literally abandon their cars.
8:05 am
sam will have more on the forecast coming up. wisconsin's governor is calling on democrats who fled the state in protests to return to the capital. speaking with george earlier this morning, governor scott walker said his state is broke and there's no room for negotiation. workers protesting for a seventh day are promising to stay there at the statehouse for as long as it takes. a former court judge in pennsylvania could face more than ten years in prison after being convicted in a kids for cash scheme. prosecutors say he used children as pawns, locking them up unjustly in a plot to get rich. our linsey davis has more. >> you remember me? you remember me, remember my son, an all-star wrestler, he's gone. >> reporter: this mother's rage over he sent him to jail, years
8:06 am
later he killed himself. he's involved in a kids for cash program, accused of taking $1 million in exchange for putting juvenile defendants in private detention centers. >> absolutely never took a dime to send a kid anywhere. if that were the case that would would be in this trial. >> reporter: he sentenced a child to two years for joyriding in his mom's car. some of the kids he locked up was as youth as 10. in 2009, the court dismissed 4,0$4,000 cases he handle. saying they had no confidence in his rulings. on friday, he was found guilty of racketeteering, money laundering. >> you know what he told everybody in court, they need to be held accountable for their actions. you need to be! >> reporter: he remains free at this time. but he's expected to get a minimum prison sentence of 12 years behind bars.
8:07 am
sandy doesn't consider that justice. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. for a check on weather, here's sam in times square. >> good morning. a lot of folks on the corner of times square. joe, shana, where are you guys from? >> san francisco. >> shana, lift the sign. this is basically -- yeah, you can't really read it. t says -- >> surprise, we're pregnant! >> congratulations. this is basically so you don't have to put out the e-mail chain, right? fingers are cold. molly made a sign as well. let's get to the boards. chicagoland, your shot includes low clouds and fog and drizzle. we can move over to the new york shot which is not that much better. but there is snow falling from the clouds in the new york city area and that will continue off and on until 11:00 today. a quick look at who gets rain. in some of those places in
8:08 am
central illinois, you've got high-river gauges. so we're watching this very carefully with additional rainfall which could be 2 inches in indiana. the central areas there. up to 6 inches of snow in central pennsylvania, the 3 to 6 line is in new york city. philly, you'll get snow. washington, d.c., you'll get kissed by a lighter edge of >> i love you that guys are looking out for me. they're like don't forget to
8:09 am
throw to george. what do we mittens, thanks so much. you know, all of us are probably a little guilty of spoiling little kids around their birthdays, it's part of the fun of being a parent and a kid. but some parents, not just the rich and famous, are taking this to an unbelievable extreme. lavishing the equivalent of a little wedding on 6-year-olds. >> i know, seriously, i think my daughter is expecting dora to show up next month at her 2 year birthday. we found there's big competition among families bowing to social pressure or just trying to outdo each other. the parties are the new status symbol to some parents, but do the kids even remember these milestones? >> reporter: it's almost expected, celebrity parents throwing over-the-top birthday bashes. sean diddy combs bought list son
8:10 am
justin a $360,000 car on this episode of s"sweet 16." >> this is going to be a fairy tale birthday party. >> reporter: 6-year-old gracy from utah may not be a celebrity but she might as well be it. with the show "outrageous kids parties" capturing every moment. >> i was thinking 15. >> $1500 or $15,000? >> reporter: try $32,000. if there's no expense from the perfect skin to the perfect looks. >> gracy. >> reporter: to the right cake. >> that one's mine. >> that's you what want? >> that's what i want. >> our whole staff worked on that for a couple week. our total including tax and delivery would be $2,26538.
8:11 am
>> reporter: not to mention the flowers and costumes. yes, all for a first grader and the pressure is on. >> gracy is a little bit of a perfectionist like her mother. when it came out, she said, i thought the bird was supposed to be blue. so she started to cry. >> reporter: she may not be 16 yet, but for the grand finale, a new set of wheels. whatever happened to pin the tail on the donkey and a homemade cake? >> this unforgettable experience gives parents a lot of validation and making them feel like they are doing a good job. >> reporter: today, birthday parties are becoming big business with billions spent every year. >> there's an initial sort of wow factor. it sets up an expectation for kids that every birthday, every milestone in their life is going to have these fireworks. >> reporter: lisa says her party business "send in the clowns" has exploded over the last decade with her clients bear nothing expense. this backyard was turned into a
8:12 am
farm. this one into the wizard of oz for $40,000. >> 20 years ago, a clown, making ballooning animals was a big deal. over time, that's become a norm. now, people are trying to online outdo one another, but trying to outdor themselves. >> reporter: some question who are the parties really for, the kids or adults. on "real housewives of beverly hills" taylor threw a party for her daughter kennedy. it appeared that mom was enjoying the party a little too much. >> look at all of this for you. can you believe it? do you love it? >> she was definitely ail little overwhelmed. >> i want to go upstairs. >> you do. >> all right. people, whatever happened to pin the tail on the donkey? >> exactly. some tips for keeping the costs down. have the party at home. bake the cake yourself. hire a team or babysit tore do face painting.
8:13 am
all kids enjoy games like scavenger hunt. stay focused on the memories. >> i hope my daughter doesn't watch the piece. >> i say string up a pinata. >> exactly. >> tlc premieres "outrageous kids parties" tonight. when we come back, ron claiborne takes on the indoor skydiving champ. is monday... sounds like a mini-wheats day to me! and becka's science fair is on the 8th. she's presenting the solar system. hey, i've got just the wholegrain fiber to keep her full so she can stay focused. um, you rock. she'll be ready to rock. [ female announcer ] make your kids big days, mini-wheats days. packed with 100% whole grain fiber, kellogg's frosted mini-wheats cereal has what it takes to help keep your kids full so they can stay focused on the days that matter most. keeps 'em full. keeps 'em focused.
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[ male announcer ] discover why it's the #1 doctor-prescribed contact lens in the u.s. and if you're not 100 percent satisfied, you get your money back. guaranteed. are they on? 'cause they don't feel like they are. [ male announcer ] acuvue® oasys brand. see what could be. are they on? 'cause they don't feel like they are. taking on the big challenges. juju goes head to head with the cake boss. and bianna battled that basketball legend, hakeem, the dream. and sam got his -- >> it was a match. >> it was bloody. this morning, ron claiborne is
8:17 am
taking off on what seems the most dangerous challenge. >> maybe not quite the most dangerous. the kid in me thought it would be fun to try a sport that's about the closest thing to flying without jumping out of a plane. going out of a giant wind tunnel that simulates a plane. like a couple of kids. how did i do? take a look. ♪ >> reporter: it's called indoor skydiving and this brother and sister are two of the best fliers in the country. >> i think every season, the at any age, one time nor another, they have the dream of flying. with that indoor you actually get to fly. so it's really a cool experience. >> reporter: that's right, two the best indoor sky divers in america are just 12 and 15-year-old. justin and kayla, known as team future are the youngest indoor skydiving teams. for the past five years they've been taking on and beating
8:18 am
grown-ups. if i'm going to compete against them, a couple of kids with a cumulative 350 hours of wind tunnel flying time compared to my zero. well, the first thing i'd have to do is learn how to fly really fast. i went to ifly hollywood, where they started off showing me a video to show me what i'd gotten into. then instruction by my instructor steven. i suited up, suit, goggles, helmet. on the top of the tunnel there are 250-horsepower fans which circulate the wind down which then comes back up through the vents in the floor. up to 160 miles per hour. as strong as a category 5 hurricane. this enables the person in the tunnel to simulate skydiving and flying, in theory.
8:19 am
well, there's theory and then there's me. i rolled over, banged into the sides of the tunnel. the powerful surge of wind even ripped my shoes off my feet which was fine as long as 33 were going up, up and away. but they nearly killed me had they turned off the wind and they came crashing down on my head. tiring. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: adding insult to near injury, that contraption hanging off my helmet was a video camera which i didn't think was possible, taking the humiliation off. slowly, even foray into the wind tunnel built my confidence and my ability. i eventually got the hang of balancing, sort of. and began to grasp the basics of how to manipulate my body to make turns. something i'd have to do in the competition. before long, i was ready to rumble. >> i'm going to take them out, both of them, out! i'm going to try. >> reporter: day two was
8:20 am
competition day for which i got a new instructor and new body suit. >> just kind of roll your head toward me. just kind of -- i know it's tension right now. >> it's sore. >> reporter: i'm still feeling the effects of my previous day in the wind tunnel. but when my competition showed up, i put on a game face. what's the fastest wind speed you've ever done? >> roughly around 180 miles an hour. >> reporter: little showoff. we took turns practicing around in the tunnel. i was feeling better and better. now, the moment of truth. >> you know the rules? >> yeah, touch, turn, touch again, turn. get the heck out thereof. >> reporter: i had to go into the tunnel and touch a heart-shaped decal to the side, three turns, four toumps. touches. justin and kayla had to do the same thing, do it individually, perform a few acrobatic moves with the touches.
8:21 am
and their combined time, versus mine, would determine the winner. 28 seconds was the time to beat. it was my turn and i was determined to take down these champs. 31 seconds. i came up three seconds short of beating the champs, but what a ride. oh, my goodness. >> you know, professionals use this to train. but kids as young as 3 years old can do this. >> it's a real workout, huh? >> it's a real -- i was tired in my shoulders and my back. the strangest thing is, a week later, my cheeks still hurt. >> but you got a diploma. >> i got a diploma, i did. working out my face. >> you're in. while a body in motion tends to stn motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arths, staying active can be difficult.
8:22 am
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smothered in cilantro lime mayo and jam-packed with three glorious slices of applewood smoked bacon. served with fries, that's big flavor for just 6 bucks! the $6 break for bold, weekdays at chili's. ♪ santa clara officials will meet tomorrow night to formally ask governor brown not to take the city's redevelopment money. the city is concerned the governor may yank up to $40 million promised for a stadium. he proposed disbanding all redevelopments in the state to close a budget deficit. the fremont school district starts negotiations on a teacher contract this week. the teachers haven't had a pay raise in three years but the district is talking about an
8:26 am
unspecified salary decrease. the district's funding dropped 20% the past three years partly due to state budget cuts. a holiday monday. let's see how traffic is going. >> so going well. i haven't found slowing at all. live shot san mateo bridge flowing well in both directions but mass transit changes for the holiday. no service on the alameda harbor ferry or the alameda oakland ferry but muni, bart, caltrain are operating on a saturday
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> welcome back. mainly cloudy with temperatures in the 30s and 40s but scattered showers developing off our coast and off to the north. we'll keep the coast and north bay in scattered showers, after the least this afternoon. we'll top out in the low to mid-50s. 7-day forecast, ♪ ♪ mr. big stuff huge, huge stars lighting up broadway. they're going to be here on times square. kiefer sutherland. mr. big himself on "gma," live on tuesday. we've got a big crowd still outside. fighting the elements on this holiday weekend. >> and dealing with that snow. and starring on that championship season. looking forward to seeing them tomorrow. also coming up on this half hour, tips to get a good night's sleep. we're going to separate the faction from the fiction. to help you wake up refreshed.
8:29 am
>> it's one of our favorite topics here. >> it's about our only topic. plus, christmastime not the only time of year to snag that seasonal job. spring is a good time as well. we're counting down, hollywood's biggest night is almost here. today, we're going to take you inside a private, invitation-only event that features francis ford coppola. and now, a supermom who family suddenly develops superpowers after a crash in the amazon. and hers is an ability to run -- what a six-second mile? >> yes, in heels. >> every week, julie, there's a new challenge of some sort. >> yeah. every week, we have these really amazing supervillains. a couple weeks ago, we had a guy
8:30 am
that can turn into a mist. he scares me in the shower. michael hall stars where he's stronger than man. and we had a body morpher that morphs into each one of us. it's really cool. next week, we have trisha, she plays a woman with the power of love. >> are you guys ever going to clear up the mystery and tell us how this happened? >> yes, will you find out how it happened and why. i can't -- >> you're not going to tell? >> i'm not going to tell anybody. >> but the special effects of out of this world. >> they're really cool. >> yeah. >> we have an amazing special effects team behind the show. we do the coolest stuff. we have one guy that morphs into a werewolf. it's amazing how they put the show together. >> did you get the supercar you that wanted? >> i did, actually. i like superspeed. i hate sitting in traffic. i really do. >> it would come in handy here. >> we had a superhero as a pilot.
8:31 am
we were on the same flight coming back from l.a. yesterday. we got in an hour early. >> we did. super speed. >> that never happens. >> ahead of the snow. >> and you went to nyu? >> yes, it's great to be back in new york. it's fun to see the college. i can't believe it's snowing out. >> just for you. >> i know. right. >> thank you. you'll have to come back again. i want to be on the flight with you again. >> good luck. >> yeah that never happens. "no ordinary family" airs tuesday nights at 8:00 on abc. we are going to find out eventually how they did get the superpowers. time now for the weather with sam champion. you back outside? >> hello, george, robin. a little holiday snow. i'm amazed and loving you guys. all of you guys. this is a huge crowd. we'll get a chance to pan them in a second. tell me your name. >> i'm julie. >> julie, there's got to be one team, i don't know, one team that you're cheering for tonight. >> go, syracuse!
8:32 am
>> right there. give a little crowd shot there. look how many folks turned out to stand on times square. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about as you head out the door. we'll show what you it looks like in ramsey, new jersey. early morning pictures in ramsey. where they picked up a little bit more snow. there are some places that in the new york city area collect 3 to 6 inches of snow out of all of this. this is where the heaviest path will be, right in pennsylvania, they think it will be. new york city is right on the line. more snow farther south, as the second round comes in tonight and drops some in southern new jersey. all the way through philly and probably close to washington, d.c. miami, 80 degrees. i feel like i ought to be there right now. 73 in new orleans. we look at 59 in l.a. it's fairly nice in southern california, though it's a little cool. one or two widely scattered showers from oregon all the way to c
8:33 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by chili's, kirsten. >> what? >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> you scored the tickets to madison square garden to see lady gaga. i know she was just on the show. it's a great concert. >> i know. >> george, robin. >> all right, thanks, sam. >> thanks for the gift. >> yeah, canada! >> thank you. is there anything worse than tossing and turning when you really need some sleep? it happens to a lot of us. 10% have chronic sleep problems and more than a third of us sometimes have trouble gets shut-eye. in the new issue of "prevention" has halle berry on the cover -- oh, no, that's me.
8:34 am
that's an easy sleep solution for all of us. juju sat down with the editor in chief of "prevention" diane salvador to find out how we can get sleep. >> this is such a chronic problem. >> it is. >> it's an epidemic. what is the first trick? it's about don't party on the weekends. >> i'm sorry to say. the trick is to go to bed the same time, whether the weekend or not. what that does, sets your biological sleep clock. it's effective. it's simple. it really works. >> i do it all the time. >> you say a sleep diary might actually help you? >> yeah, this is a way of becoming a sleep detective. if you're not getting satisfied with sleep. write down the obvious, what time you go to sleep, when you wake up. but also, what did you do in those few hours before you went to sleep. were you watching violent television. reading, having an argument on e-mail. what you'll do is organize it over a course of two weeks. if you want to get a jump-start, go to
8:35 am
and actually print out a worksheet and it will talk you through what things you should be listening for. >> that's great. sometimes, exercising will keep you up, right? >> that's right. it makes your body warm and a warm body is not good. >> exactly. the other thing you might be doing is drinking alcohol which you falsely think that might help you go to sleep? >> yeah, this is bad news for the night jacket and the sleeping jacket crowd. this will keep you waking up regularly through the night. that's because alcohol. >> caller: -- as your body is working to metabolize, will play havoc with rem sleep. if you're a milk lover, you're in good shape, milk actually metabolizes into melatonin. >> you say if you're going to drink, drink two hours before you go to bed. >> that's right. >> finish two hours before your head hits the pillow. >> the happy standby, chamomile, it works? >> it does.
8:36 am
it activates brain waves in the back of the brain which actually tells the body to go to sleep. >> we all know energy drinks are all the rage. now, it seems like there's relaxation drinks for cures. >> there's nothing magical about them. they have chamomile, melatonin, tryptophan that you can get in turkey. so there's nothing that you can't get in other places. the best thing about them is cute names, including one that's "very, very tired." >> that's cute. but you could just have a turkey sandwich and a cup of chamomile tea. >> and the warm milk. >> right here, we have a white noise maker. let me see what it sounds like. to me, that would not help me sleep. >> to me, that also sounds like an afghan sandstorm. and my dogs would run. for people are bothered by the slightest sound like a branch on a window, this helps to block out all that distraction, you become accustomed to it. and it becomes kind of a screen for noise and people can sleep. >> speaking of screens, one of
8:37 am
the things you're doing, you're staring at the clock or looking at your blackberry which is a trap. >> evolutionarily speaking, your body is trained to wake up when you have light. if you have a digital readout on your night stand, that light actually enters your eyeball and again it tells your brain to wake up. the darker you can be, the sounder you will sleep. >> now, we know this is a real problem for a lot of people. when do you know you need to see a specialist? >> if you're in fact doing all of this and you can't figure it out. and if you're getting a good seven or eight hours' sleep and still waking up exhausted, cow have a problem like sleep apnea and that means professional diagnosis. and possibly medication or behavorial therapy. >> diane, thank you so much. we love your cover girl this month. we love your cover girl this month. >> so
8:38 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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we all know that retailers ramp up their hiring to be able to deal with the busy season between thanksgiving and christmas. but anyone who needs a job right now should know that there are at least 100,000 seasonal jobs posted for spring with more to come. in today's "america's jobs" tory
8:41 am
johnson is here to tell you how to get one. this is a big number, 100,000 plus. it depends in part about the weather getting better? >> that's right. in parts of the country that we expect the weather to get better, hopefully, sam's working on that for us. the biggest thing we see are the desire to go outside. when we go outside, we want to spend money on our yards, to make them more beautiful, more usable. so the two giants in the home improvement industry have announced big hiring goals. home depot, 60,000 seasonal hires. lowe's, 50,000 seasonal hires. and in both of their cases, these jobs last about 90 days. for some people, depending on the region and the position will get to stay on even longer. some will become permanent based on the company's performance and their own performance. that's on a national level. we can see a lot of the cues and clues kind of on what happens locally. >> that's a lot in just two big companies? >> just two big companies, right. that also shows the signs of what we see locally. locally is definitely the place
8:42 am
you want to be able to look. nurseries, land scape eka scaper stores. the places that sell and service barbecue grills, the places that supply all these different companies. and you also want to look at their support services. maybe we're hiring that gardener to take care of lawn. but there's somebody in the back office who is selling those services or scheduling the appointments. look at type in "seasonal jobs." not only will they give you things to apply for right now but also might help to get your mind thinking for some of the local businesses that you might want to pursue that may not advertise online. >> also the big tax season. april 15th for the first return. tax preparers are starting to hire as well. >> a lot of the giants, when we look at h & r block, jackson hewitt, they've done the majority of their hiring for this type of work but also openings for support services.
8:43 am
also, i spoke to one of the leading staffing firms, accountemps. they have 250 locations across the country. they say many of their tax-preparing firms actually wait to staff up in late march. for the late people who decide to file taxes right on time, up to the end. it's not just tax preparers, again, it's also support services. for example, telesales, people who call you up and say, hey, we did your taxes last year. will you come back this year? bilingual services. that's a good place to look. >> then for summer, hiring for sports and recreation which makes sense? >> exactly. even though there's snow on the ground in some places. amusement parks, ballparks. definitely ramping up right now. whether six flags, hershey that you're looking at. city, state and federal parks departments are another great place to look. one of the areas where there's a lot of these specific type of jobs listed is a
8:44 am
website called a lot of them host their own open houses. a lot of them post their jobs online. another place to look is travel destinations. think about where you are going or where your kids want to go, where you've been on spring break. think about summer destinations. it's all of those places that staff up as well. >> you say to find a lot of these jobs you've got to get beyond the job boards? >> yes, social media and the local newspaper. kind of the old and new. you can be sure, on social media, use your facebook status update to say that you're looking for a seasonal job and ask for ideas of where people are applying. your local paper. if a company in your area is hiring in any significant numbers or that company is doing well, you can be sure that's going to make your local business papers. don't overlook your local paper. >> all right, tory. more tips at when we come back, you're invited to the exclusive all-star oscar party to honor the godfather of directors. %@%%%%%%%%% i%% i%%%%%%%%%%%%%%ñ
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> going to a job interview, i make sure i've got the right guidance. it's the same with my taxes. turbotax has a unique gps feature that guides me step-by-step. and calculations are guaranteed 100% accurate. they even offer audit support. and help me reach my maximum refund, guaranteed. >> man: try turbotax now.
8:47 am
♪ hooray for hollywood we are counting down to the oscars. less than a week. the governors' awards are given by the academy of motion pictures and arts and sciences. his movies are american classics. >> i want to make him an offer he can't refuse. >> reporter: "the godfather." "apocalypse now." he co-wrote and mastered dozens more. films from his american company have won 15 oscars and 63 nominations. >> i like to choose a subject matter that i'm either in love with or i'm desperate to learn
8:48 am
about. ♪ >> reporter: that includes his devotion to passion projects like making wine. his two california wineries features displays of movie memorabilia. and resorts, guatemala, argentina, later this year, italy. yet, this larger than life showman does not want a spotlight. and he admitted it here on "good morning america." >> i'd prefer to be one of everyone and be accepted without being signaled out so much. i don't like being an odd ball although i realize sort of i am. >> reporter: he realized that as a boy. >> i was paralyzed. i tend to have a big fantasy life. >> reporter: as a director, he has sometimes struggled to turn his fantasies into films. infamously, turmoil on "apocalypse now" was transferred on camera by coppola's wife
8:49 am
eleanor. there was also trouble on "the godfather" set. coppola's friends remember how he nearly got fire. >> he had a horrible time making the movie. the studio was always bugs hip. it was an uphill climb. >> a give limbhim a lot of resp. >> i can't have a weapon on me then. >> reporter: he helped launch the careers of today's veteran actors. >> i was very young, unknown. in a lot of ways i was unwanted in that picture. but he wanted me. and he fought for me. >> i had good fortune to know him when i was very young and so was he. >> reporter: and for this dreammaker who is still making movies, one of the highest honors from the academy of motion picture, arts and sciences, coppola received the award for unique filmmakers. >> the significance is not lost on me because this is producing.
8:50 am
>> reporter: at a pre-oscar ceremony called the governors award, coppola's daughter and grandchildren play tribute. >> always looked up to her father. >> he had such an enthusiasm. >> reporter: coppola's movies and wine were coasted and roasted by his famous friend at the governors awards. >> you're an inspiration and one of my biggest influences. you can see it in my acting, my directing, my producing, and perhaps most of all in my de niro 2010 pinot/shiraz blend. >> he's been my big brother, my mentor. he taught me how to write. he taught me how to direct. >> reporter: as he soon turns 72, francis' advice --
8:51 am
>> trust those instincts, they will guide you to something true. >> i thank you from the bottom of my heart. i thank my family. i thank my friends. so many of my friends are here tonight. people i've worked with. whose films i've admired. thank you so much. thank you. >> and we're grateful that he trusted his instincts as well. remember, you can watch the academy awards sunday 8:00 p.m. remember, you can watch the academy awards sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc.ububub
8:52 am
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rob, thanks for coming in. >> the pleasure, always. >> great to have you. juju was out. the tomorrow keither sunderland lighting up broadway.
8:55 am
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♪ the union representing a. c. transit bus drivers and mechanics wants more security. somebody shot out the back window of a bus in north richmond ten days ago. sheriff deputies shadowed the buses but they stopped following them a few days later. they could possibly seek arbitration to get more security. a look at the weather forecast. >> live doppler 7 hd seeing a few scattered showers develop off our coast and more to the north and as that low slides down we'll see that along the
8:58 am
coast. winter weather possible this weekend. frances? >> traffic absolutely light. no delays and mass transit systems on holiday schedules. bart operating on a saturday schedule. a. c. transit running on a sunday schedule. >> frances, thank you announcer: it's "live with regis and kelly." today, from the comedy "rules of engagement," david spade. and star of the lifetime movie "the amanda knox story," hayden panettiere. and a closer look at dean karnazes as he prepares to kick off "live's" run across america. plus performing their hi song "last night," good charlotte. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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