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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  February 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts in hollywood. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos in new york. it's friday, february 25th. and this morning, wild weather, coast-to-coast. southern floods sweep away four amish children from their horse-drawn buggy. and a rare western storm may see snow on the hollywood sign for the oscars. mass protests in libya. as rebels drew closer to the capital for a showdown with gadhafi. and the crisis takes a growing toll on the economy back here at home. cbs suspends charlie sheen's show after he calls his boss a loser and a clown in a scathing rant. his response this morning. michael jackson's children reveal their hopes and dreams. how they're coping without their famous father. our exclusive interview is ahead. and it's oscar time. robin goes one-on-one with hosts
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james franco and anne hathaway. "gma" is live on the red carpet for hollywood's biggest night. good morning, everyone. and we have gone hollywood, as you can see here. george, we're in the renowned el capitan theater. it is right across the street from the kodak theater, where the oscars will be held on sunday. and taking center stage on sunday, the co-hosts, anne hathaway and james franco. and it was a hoot hanging out with them yesterday. we'll bring that to you. of course, a lot of news to get to between now and then, george. >> there sure is, robin. it could be a decisive day in libya. rebel forces are closing in on the capital city of tripoli. still controlled by gadhafi and he's hunkering down with his mercenaries and family. there was a chilling message today from gadhafi's son.
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he says that plans a, b and c for the gadhafis are to live and die in libya. we're learning more about a home grown terror threat. security officials have been warning about. a saudi student in texas arrested after officials discovered he is collecting explosive on a possible attack on the home of president bush. this morning, the suspect's roommate speaks out. we're going to start with the weather walloping so much of the country, from coast-to-coast. sam is out in a rainy times square. good morning, sam. >> good morning, george. seven states were whipped and blown and flooded by this wild weather overnight. more than 200 reports of severe weather in those seven states. this storm is really just getting rolling. the storm moved through fast. at one point moving at 60 miles per hour, racing across the southeast overnight. in as many as six southern states, there were possible tornadoes threatening homes. and high winds damaging roofs, knocking down trees and snapping power lines. torrential rains drenched parts
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of kentucky. authorities in graves county say they recovered the bodies of three children in an amish family, who were swept away while trying to cross a flooded road in a horse and buggy. the mother and two of the children escaped. parts of southern missouri drenched in nearly 5 inches of rain. in little rock, there was this incredible image of lightning striking the state capitol. storm chasers found two tractor-trailers that were blown off the highway by wind and heavy rain. also part of this storm, snow. heavy snow is falling from central illinois to detroit and cleveland. moving into the northeast. and speaking of snow, portland, oregon, blanketed in two to three inches, thanks to an unusually cold air mass that could move into san francisco and even los angeles this weekend. so, we've got two, separate storms to talk about. the east coast rainmaker and the west coast snowmaker. let me show you the historic snow on the west coast first. just to mention that, by the time we get into oscar morning, if the snow level drops to 890
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feet in the hills above l.a., that's where the hollywood sign is. there would be snow on top of the hollywood sign. it's the first time in a long time. this is being called the cold air system of a generation. robin? >> yes. and i can see the hollywood sign from my hotel room there, sam. i know. all right. and this all pales in comparison, the weather, to what's going on in libya right now. it is expected to be a day of terror in tripoli, as protesters will be back in the streets, trying to oust moammar gadhafi. it's a rapidly changes situation. want to go to our correspondent, alex marquardt, who is in eastern libya, where gadhafi has already lost control. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. there are calls for large scale demonstrations from eastern libya all the way to the capital of tripoli. there are reports of gadhafi in the capital, today could be a major turning point.
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a sea of violence blanketed the capital, tripoli, thursday night, as the walls of gadhafi's stronghold and regime appear to be caving in. in the nearby city of zawia, a war zone. families there mourned loved ones who were killed in thursday's battles. across libya, support for gadhafi is quickly dissipating. officials from his inner circle have defected, including one of his closest aides, his own cousin. still by his side, paid mercenaries. most imported from impoverished african countries. al-jazeera showed some captured by the protesters. this classroom turned into a makeshift detention center. they told us there was a free flight to tripoli, says this man from chad. instead we landed here and they told us to join the fight to support gadhafi. in a rambling speech on libyan state tv thursday, gadhafi insisted over the phone that libyan children are being brainwashed by al qaeda cells to launch attacks.
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and that the protesters are in hallucinogenic drugs, given to them by bin laden. here in the east, the opposition has gained full control in the area. people try to get back to their normal lives. but there are reminders of the violence in the hospital in toebruk. man recovering from wounds received when the fight started to overthrow gadhafi's regime. it's his security forces that who are killing our people, this man told us. he was shot by an ak-47. a lot of them don't speak libyan. they just kill our people. and the almost 200 americans trying to days to leave libya have now set sail for malta. george? >> okay, alex. thanks. as we've been reporting, the chaos in libya and unrest in the middle east, is beginning to pose a real threat to the u.s. economy. it's had oil prices bounding around the $100 a barrel mark. and the ripple effects are being felt by consumers all across the country. bianna golodryga is tracking that at the smart screen. good morning, george.
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>> oil prices spiked to $103 a barrel, before closing down at $98 a barrel. anybody at home that doesn't think this affects them, what's happening in the middle east, this is your wake-up call. take a look at what's happening to gasoline. as we told you yesterday, light sweet crude being produced in libya, it's what's most conducive for the production of gasoline and jet fuel. the average price of gasoline is at $3.29 a gallon. that's up 60 cents from a year ago. take a look at what we're seeing in other parts of the country. in covina, california, we're seeing gas prices there are peaking to as high as $4.59 a gallon. i mentioned jet fuel earlier. look at the airlines. united and american are raising their round-trip costs by $20. if those numbers don't rattle you, take a look at what will. to put it in perspective, what it does for the average american family, every dollar it goes up in gas prices, it adds $120 billion in their overall household cost. robin, that's a lot of money. >> it certainly is. we're going to turn to your
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home state of texas, and there's a new terror threat there, terror scare i should say. a saudi arabian student living there in texas, is going to be in court later today, facing charges of allegedly buying chemicals and equipment to make a bomb. and one of the alleged sites he was looking at, the dallas home of former president george w. bush. among other sites. for the latest, let's go to pierre thomas in washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. in a sign of just how serious this case was, the president was briefed before the fbi's arrest. on february 14th, the fbi was so concerned about a terrorist bombing plot, it sent a special operations team to covertly break into this apartment in lubbock, texas. what was found, they say, was chilling. evidence that khalid aldawsari was allegedly planning mass murder. a former roommate who asked not to be identified, told abc news, that aldawsari was reclusive and antisocial and that friends were
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suspicious. >> everyone that came to our apartment, thought he was a terrorist, just joking around. we would blow it off and defend him. i guess we were wrong. >> reporter: in aldawsari's apartment, agents say they found a hazmat suit, lab equipment, wires, clocks and chemicals used in bombmaking. like sulfuric and nitric acid. much of it bought online at and there was this message written in a diary. now, after mastering the english language, learning how to build explosive and continuous planning to target the infidel americans, it's time for jihad. >> he is a guy that i think is destined, would have been destined to pull this off. >> reporter: the fbi said potential targets had been identified. president george w. bush's dallas home. streets in new york for possible car bombs. dams in colorado and california. aldawsari, only 20, was here in the u.s. from riyadh, saudi arabia, on a student visa since 2008. fbi officials locked in on him on february 1st after a north carolina supply company notified
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them that aldawsari had purchased phenol, a chemical that can be used to make a high explosive. but for a tip, sources say this could have turned out very differently. ugly, in fact. and the question this morning, if the allegations are true, how many more people like aldawsari are out there? >> that's been the big concern. pierre, thanks. we're going to shift gears to the strange journey of charlie sheen. cbs has finally said enough is enough. pulling the plug on sheen's program, after he let loose with a scathing and some would say an anti-semitic rant about the show's creator. andrea canning has been covering this story for us. andrew degree -- andrea, he reached out to you. >> reporter: he did. and he says he's 100% clean. he plans to show up to work, no matter what's going on. we'll see what's going on there. he also tells me chuck lorre is a loser and a clown, and worse than that. it's unclear what started the bitter feud. but lorre, who runs "two and a half men" and has a long history
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with the actor, accused him earlier this week, publicly of having reckless sex and a drug problem. charlie sheen delivered a scathing and rambling message to "two and a half men" creator, chuck lorre, on "the alex jones radio show" thursday. >> i've spent, i think close to the last decade effortlessly and magically converting your tin cans into pure gold. the gratitude i get is this charlatan clearly believes he is above the law. well, you've been warned, dude, bring it. >> reporter: sheen's comments seemed to be the final straw for cbs. based on the totality of charlie sheen's statements, conduct and condition, cbs and warner brothers television have decided to discontinue the production of "two and a half men." for the remainder of the season. hours later, sheen wrote this letter to lorre. i fire back once and this contaminated, little maggot can't handle my power. i wish him nothing but pain. clearly i have defeated this earth worm with my words. imagine what i would have done
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with my fire-breathing fists. earlier this week, his father, martin sheen, weighed in on his son's troubles. >> if he had cancer, how would we treat him? the disease of addiction is a form of cancer. >> i have a disease? bull [ bleep ]. i cured it with my brain. with my mind. this bootleg cult arrogantly referred to as alcoholics anonymous, has a 5% success rate. my success rate is 100%. >> reporter: the actor is vacationing with his girlfriends natalie kenly and porn star brie olson. he has another message. >> i have real fame. they have nothing. they have zero. they will have that night. and i will forget about them as the last image of them exits my beautiful home. >> reporter: and sheen says he's in talks with hbo for his own show called "sheen's corner." radaronline says it would be a $5 million per episode deal. >> he went to the bahamas? >> yes. he went there with the two girls and his ex-wife. soon to be ex-wife, brooke
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mueller. she reportedly left after a big fight. he told me that. something went wrong on the island. >> what a group. andrea, thanks very much. let's get the rest of the news with juju. good morning, george, good morning, everyone. a big development in the battle over union rights in wisconsin, despite days of protests. the state assembly has approved a bill that would strip most public workers of their collective bargaining rights. now, it goes to the senate, whose 14 democrats are still in hiding. budget woes have forced providence, rhode island, to send pink slips to every teacher in the city. 2,000 of them in all. not all of them will be laid off. but state law requires teachers be notified by march if their jobs are in jeopardy next year. and the city says it needs flexibility to make extreme cuts. new figures show a dramatic increase in the number of mistakes made by air traffic controllers. errors are up 81% since 2007, with 43 near-misses. last year, the faa says the higher numbers are thanks to
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new, no-fault reporting methods. finally, at the white house last night, the joint was jumping. ♪ really got a hold on me really got a hold on me ♪ >> smokey robinson and sheryl crow paid tribute to the legendary motown sounds. stevie wonder, jamie foxx, john legend took the stage. even president obama kicked it up there with daughter sasha. what a celebration. that's the news at 7:14. time, now, for the weather with sam. hey, sam. >> good morning, juju. it's about two inches of rain that's expected in places like philadelphia, new york city, boston, today. this is a big, heavy rainmaking system. let's get to the graphics and show you what's going on, that will also have some wind. we think when a line of storms comes through in the afternoon, it will be up to 60 miles per hour of winds. this is a rough time for the northeast. there's the history-making storm on the west coast. the storm of a generation. remember the arctic outbreak on the eastern coast? this is the arctic outbreak on the west coast. it could bring snow as close to
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that famed hollywood sign probably by sunday morning. it would be unusual. we'll talk about that throughout the morning.
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we now have an exclusive brian ross investigation he first reported here on "gma." how rental car companies may be putting lives at risk by refusing to fix recalled cars in their fleets. now, the federal government has followed up on brian's report with a study that shows the problem may be worse than we first thought. and brian is here. brian, this started with a story you broke back in december. >> reporter: that's right, george. it turns out that renting a car may be a consumers' version of russian roulette following a study that started with an investigation here on "good morning america." a survey of the major rental car companies by safety officials found in an overwhelming number of cases, the companies are renting cars under safety recall
7:17 am
without first fixing the defects. based on the survey, the big three in the rental car business, hertz, enterprise and avis are letting tens of thousands of cars go on the road with unrepaired defects. >> the bottom line here shows that none of the rental car companies are doing a good job. >> reporter: the best overall performance came from enterprise national. but it was hardly outstanding. in a study of ten gm and chrysler recalls after 90 days, it had fixed an average of only 30% of the cars before renting or selling them, meaning 70% not fixed. for avis/budget, 26% of the cars fixed. 74% were not fixed. and for hertz, only 21% fixed after 90 days. meaning 79%, not fixed. the study came after we reported last year on the deaths of the houck sisters of california. 21-year-old rachel and 20-year-old jacquie, killed when
7:18 am
the enterprise car they were driving caught on fire. it was a chrysler p.t. cruiser, that one month earlier, had been recalled because power steering fluid could result in an underhood fire. but it was never fixed. >> we found out they had rented this same car three times in that month period before they rented it to raechel and jacquie. >> reporter: now, the girls' mother, cally houck, has been pushing the california legislature to pass a law requiring rental companies to ground all recalled vehicles until they are fixed. >> i do not want another family to have to go through this type of ordeal. >> reporter: the rental car companies dispute the survey's findings. they pick and choose which is most important. they have a high rate of fix for the mosterious problems. >> they cannot pick and choose. >> reporter: why not? >> because they're gambling with your life. they're gambling with the consumer's life. >> reporter: and some of the defects they choose not to fix are clearly listed having a potential for causing a crash. now, hertz has dramatically
7:19 am
changed its policy. telling "good morning america" that as of last summer, it does now ground all cars recalled for any reason. and will not rent them until they are fixed. a change of policy that grew out of the tragic case of the two sisters. and a position that safety advocates hope that other rental companies will follow. >> good morning, brian. thanks very much. let's go back to robin in l.a. all right. george, time to add another chapter to our "royal diary." hundreds of people lined the streets of st. andrews in hopes of seeing prince william and kate middleton. the company couple returned to the university where they met. we understand the school had a special gift for the royal couple. let's check in with nick watt, who is there in scotland, with much more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, william and kate are somewhere in that mass of people, feeling the love here at st. andrews, their old college town where, as you say, they met. it was right here that they fell
7:20 am
in love. today, the prince kicked off his alma mater's 600th anniversary celebrations. >> this is a very special moment for catherine and me. it feels like coming home. >> reporter: william's done all this before. but for kate, this royal duty is all brand new. >> a case of him helping her learn the ropes a little bit. >> reporter: william and kate were both freshmen here in 2001. that's their old dorm room where they met over breakfast. >> i went bright red and sort of scuttled off. >> reporter: it was kate's catwalk strut in a student fashion show that caught william's eye. >> seven, eight years ago, they were walking these streets as young, newly dating couple. >> reporter: now, they're back. they're getting married. and kate's style has, um, moved on. shades of diana? >> i don't know about shades of diana. i think she had a little touch there with that fascinator.
7:21 am
>> reporter: that was yesterday, of course. they were on a welsh island, launching a lifeboat. champagne on his shoes. who cares? kate's feather and velvet fascinator was all the talk. it's like a hat, a beret, but smaller. keeps wind blown hair in check. but you can admire the luster. today, she wore a scarlet suit against the cold and black accessories. this little mini royal tour was designed to introduce kate to the public. and judging by the crowds, it's been a great success. robin, i would say she looks like she was born to be a royal. >> well, the crowds there, eating it up, seeing the royal couple up close like that. thank you, nick. appreciate what you are saying about fashion. we'll have tim gunn coming on a little later to tell us his thoughts on the royal couple and their fashion. we have katherine jackson, and michael jackson's children. our exclusive interview with them, coming up this morning.
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our exclusive interview with them, coming up this morning. ♪ have a better day
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mateo bridge where you can see the heavy cells of rain. the cold front is now moving through the heart of the way. you can see the yellows, the oranges especially the santa cruz mountains, the diablo range but the snow level is above 4500 feet right now. here's the cold front. you can see the light rain behind it. temperatures will fall this afternoon as this cold air comes in and changes these rain showers, the snow showers to about 1,000 feet by this evening. eric. >> when we come >> all new. oprah: she dared all us little girls -- >>♪i'm coming out♪ oprah: to dream big. miss diana ross. her family -- >> and -- oprah: billy dee williams. a surprise reunion. >> a rare television event. next "oprah."
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flooding reported in san francisco south 101 blocking two lanes. traffic is heavy from the
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downtown area, north 101 slow as well. the bay bridge toll plaza back to the overcrossing. look out for windy conditions across the bay bridge, the richmond and carquinez bridge. getting there from the carquinez over 30 minutes to the mains. things slow down in the north bay for 101 riders through san rafael. apparently there's some debris and possibly a new accident at lincoln that may be blocking a couple of lanes. there have been numerous spinout reported all around the bay area. try to take it a little easy on you might also want to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ funny how nature just knows how to make things that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit
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take a step forward and ♪ we just keep ons.e jun keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on ♪ we are up in lights on hollywood boulevard. el capitan theater, right across the street from the kodak theater, site of the oscars, as always. and we're inside, as we said, el capitan. and the oscars right across the street, for the first time ever. hollywood's youngest and brightest stars. anne hathaway and james franco. they will be the co-hosts at the oscars on sunday. and yesterday, i had a chance to spend a bit of time with them. so, are they nervous? what do they have planned? we'll share that coming up. george? well, robin, the buzz here in new york is you were having a lot of fun behind the scenes
7:31 am
with them. >> trust me, it was. can't hear it all. >> that's too bad. i know you're also out there with tim gunn, fashion guru. he'll have all of the trends you'll likely see on the red carpet sunday night. and his picks for the best oscar looks of all-time. >> yep. that is coming up. we're going to start this half hour, george, with our "gma" exclusive. i had the chance, a couple nights ago, to sit down with katherine jackson, the mother of michael jackson, and also his three children. it was really a revealing conversation. they talked about everything about how they are adjusting to life after michael. it's been about two years since his death. and their hopes and dreams to carry on michael jackson's legacy. oh, my gosh. when did you shoot up so tall? they're taller than i would have thought. more mature. but these are three of the most famous children in the world. prince, paris and blanket jackson. so different, now, than when they broke our hearts almost two years ago, at their famous
7:32 am
father's funeral. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> reporter: today, they are still very much connected to their father. continuing his legacy of giving. and on this day, they are inside l.a. family housing, an organization that provides services to help families and individuals transition from being homeless. mrs. jackson, i look at your grandchildren. and see how they're just so well-adjusted. so, just kids. caring children. >> they're good kids. >> reporter: and here, the three children are playing among the other kids. having ice cream, making waffles. >> b-5. >> reporter: playing games. the late king of pop's children are here on behalf of the heal the world foundation. >> on behalf of vintage pop and heal the world foundation, we present you with a check for $10,000. >> reporter: as the kids mingled, i had a chance to chat with their grandmother,
7:33 am
katherine jackson, their legal guardian since her son passed away. >> this is the first time they've had regular school days. the rest of the time they had homeschools. >> reporter: they seem to be adjusting well. >> they are adjusting well. you don't have to get them up. they're up and ready for school. >> reporter: to see it, with the veils gone, and with my own eyes was pretty remarkable. these are normal kids. complete with ipods and yellow nail polish. and action figures. and grandma is a regular grandma, too. >> sit up straight. you need to sit up. >> reporter: how are you doing? >> we're doing just fine. almost two years. and the children are coming along just fine. >> reporter: is there a time of the day that becomes more difficult? >> there's not an hour of the day that doesn't go by that i don't think about my son. just, that's hard. >> reporter: do you think of him especially on occasions like
7:34 am
this, with children and how much he wanted to help them? >> he always wanted to help them, since he was a little child. he just loved children. michael had a very good heart. people misunderstood him. all the lies that were told and the way he suffered from what these people had done to him, these wicked people. i get upset when i think about it. through all of that, he still kept his composure. and he still -- he didn't -- he wasn't angry inside. but he still tried to help children. >> reporter: as for michael's own children, one can only imagine how happy he would be to see them coming into their own. now that they're in school, i know it must do your heart good to see how well they're doing and being in school. >> they're doing very well. >> reporter: do you all concur? are you going well in school? what's your favorite subject? >> gym. >> reporter: gym?
7:35 am
>> it's the only -- >> reporter: i know they were. but paris, you want to be an actress? >> yeah. i think about auditioning for a play next week. >> i need to sign for her to be able to audition for this play in school. she's excited about it. >> oh, yeah. prince won a game today. >> reporter: what did you win? >> oh, basketball. the season ended. >> reporter: you're a hoopster? >> he's a beast. >> reporter: blanket, what do you have there? what's that little thing? they're ready for showbiz. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: what are you going to do, prince? i know that paris is going to be the actress. >> i'm looking at opportunities in show business, mostly producing. >> reporter: producing? such as? >> mostly movies. >> reporter: it's an interest that michael instilled into his young son. >> they had some classes in it. well, what were you doing? talk about what you were doing with michael. >> we had a teacher from ucla
7:36 am
come to our house. and he would do film class there's. and when we were in ireland, we would film a couple movies with him, too. >> reporter: oh, you were doing this before? >> yeah. >> reporter: they were saying it would be natural you want to continue that. >> even now, blanket, he gets his. and paris dresses up like a little waitress or something. and they shoot their little movies. >> reporter: they're kids with big dreams and big plans to give back. >> it makes you feel so very good. one reason why, it's following what michael wanted. >> reporter: but so much of michael's life was filled with controversy. and sadly in death, controversy remains. howard mann, one of mrs. jackson's business partners, and the charity, heal the world, are in litigation with the estate. >> i think the notion to me that mrs. jackson is not able to use her son's name. or the heal the world foundation is stopped by the courts from using michael's name is utterly
7:37 am
ridiculous to me. i don't understand whose agenda this services, outside of a group of lawyers. >> reporter: in a statement to "good morning america," jackson's estate told us they believe howard mann is making the allegations for his own financial gain. the current heal the world foundation has no relation to michael jackson's charity that touched so many lives before becoming inactive several years before michael's death. the estate does not believe michael's children should be used to exploit a foundation that a federal judge found was not associated with michael jackson. but regardless of the legal battles, michael's children are committed to carrying on his legacy of helping others. prince is on the board of heal the world. what would you like to do? you work with the board. what would you like to see? >> i guess, continuing what our dad was doing. helping children from across the world. and animals, who couldn't speak up for themselves. >> reporter: and you, paris? >> ditto. >> just like a kid. ditto. and i have to tell you, george,
7:38 am
that was not the first time they had spent time at the l.a. family transitional center in north hollywood. in fact, when i was there with them, looking through this book that katherine jackson has put together, "good-bye, never say good-bye." we're looking at the book. it's great. pictures of michael and the stories. and paris has the book, too. and a young resident there was looking at it. wow, michael jackson. did you know michael jackson? didn't realize that it was his daughter. and that's the way they like it. they just blend in there. they just want to give as much as they can to that center and other charities, as well. >> you can tell, at least from the appearances, robin, they are amazingly unaffected by all this. >> i have to tell you, george. that's the first time i've been in their presence. and i was just taken aback. just very comfortable. just normal kids. and that's how katherine jackson and -- they lead by example. mrs. jackson is just so elegant. so composed. still, still grieving very much for her son.
7:39 am
but i appreciated the opportunity to spend time with them here in los angeles. and i've got to give you and sam a little bit here, george. i noticed how both of you have mentioned how there could be snow on the hollywood sign come sunday oscars. i just want to know that i did notice you both have said that already. >> you knew it was coming, robin. >> robin, can i just say, you look beautiful today. absolutely gorgeous. >> you can say it. >> you are radiant. ravishing. >> nice, nice. >> you might want to look for a coat for that gown. that's all i'm saying. >> hey. don't say just saying. let's get to the boards. we have a lot to talk about. we're going to start first with what's going on in the middle of the country. some pictures out of memphis with this storm. this is what you can expect in the northeast. a quick hit of very heavy rain. three to five inches of rain in that area. 70-mile-per-hour winds. this is the kind of storm that comes in, soaks the ground. and the wind comes in behind it and takes trees down by the root ball. that's exactly what we expect will happen in some areas.
7:40 am
and into the west, that robin was talking about, the once-in-a-lifetime arctic shot of air on the west coast,ri here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." it's not just an award. it's the award. who's in the front-runner? you get behind the scenes only right here. it's an abc thing. it's going to happen on "gma." it's their party, they can do whatever they want to. we'll talk to anne hathaway and james franco about what they'll do oscar night, before, during and after. and what does it take to have the razzle-dazzle you have on the red carpet? does it take a team? erin andrews will show us what
7:41 am
everybody needs to know before they get ready to step out on the red carpet. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] we asked coffee lovers to come and try coffee-mate's new cafe collection flavors. then we asked them to show us how the taste inspired them. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] introducing new rich caramel macchiato. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] indulgent white chocolate caramel latte. ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] and creamy cafe latte. ♪ express yourself [ female announcer ] add your flavor... with coffee-mate, from nestle. but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that? neutrogena® cosmetics. how are you getting to a happier place? that? running there? dancing there? how about eating soup to get there?
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7:44 am
"gma" is at the oscars this morning. at the el capitan theater. so much ahead in our next half hour. we wanted to start off with a cheat sheet, something everything you need to know about the contenders heading into sunday night. chris connelly, take it away. >> reporter: thank you, george. and good morning. yeah, the event i like to call the hollywood prom is just a couple of days away. it seems like lots of speculation about who will be having a big night. as the red carpet leads the way to the kodak theater's front entrance, who will be heading out the back door with an oscar? >> and the oscar goes to -- >> reporter: after months of campaigning and ships of fortune "the king's speech" is the best
7:45 am
picture front-runner. stutter-stepping past "the social network" as the favorite a few weeks ago. >> listen to me. >> you have the right -- >> i have a voice. >> reporter: it's reluctantly starring colin firth, as the odds-on best actor choice. with best actress, with co-favorites, natalie portman, in "the black swan," to annette bening in "the kids are all right." there's been snarky chatter in the hallways about these ads that melissa leo purchased herself. well, haters are going to hate. she remains the likely best supporting actress choice. and christian bale has been flashing his smile throughout
7:46 am
the oscar season. >> micky has a chance to do something i never did. >> reporter: to be the winner, that's even better. but for all the nominees, that will have to wait until sunday night. and a lot of speculation to see how james franco and anne hathaway do as hosts, in a show that's figured to pay tribute to movies in the past as well as the present, george. >> they're going to spill all their inside secrets on what to expect. be right back.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
sam has been teasing robin all morning about the potential snow out in hollywood for the oscars. but the big news may be that it could snow in san francisco for the first time in 35 years. and, sam, you brought in a special correspondent for that breaking news. >> we have an expert on san francisco. and i may have the most wonderful guy i know, by the way. spencer christian is with us this morning. good morning, spencer. >> good morning, everybody. how are you guys doing? >> hey. >> spencer, fill us in on what's happening in the bay area. 35 years since you had snow at bay level. >> the last time we had snow at bay level was 1976, 35 years ago. and there's many people that haven't seen snow. maybe not face-to-flake. they've seen it on tv. and so, it's a big deal here.
7:51 am
we're leading every newscast with the approaching snowstorm. and, of course, it's an important story, given the rare occurrence it is here. to me, because i worked back in new york for so many years and braved so many major snowstorms, it's kind of amusing. we're waiting for it. hasn't quite materialized it. it's in the higher elevations. but hasn't come down to bay level yet. >> juju, do you have a comment? >> i grew up in the bay area. i was a baby at the time. >> of course. >> it was like a national holiday. at least a citywide holiday. we didn't know what to do with it. we were playing. it was fun. >> there are people that are planning to miss school or miss work today, just in case we get snow at bay level. >> do you even have plows out there? >> no. i think we have two, standing by. >> they barely have shovels out there. >> spencer, just quickly. i know robin is listening in, as
7:52 am
well. we've been teasing her about going from san francisco to l.a. any advice for her? >> from san francisco to l.a.? >> yeah, the snow. >> i don't think it's going to make it down there. >> there's the good news, robin. >> if it was, i expect a weather oscar. >> you just brought a big smile to robin's face. thanks, spencer. take care. >> thanks, spencer. >> okay. thank you, guys. i want someone to bring the make-up counter to me. i want to be the first to discover the latest. and get a little advice from my avon representative whenever i ask. this is beauty that delivers from avon. see how avon can deliver extra income for you. go to or call 800 for avon to become a representative. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes.
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7:56 am
♪ it has been cold, wet and windy all morning from a weather system that mike nicco's been warning us about. mike, will it be cold enough to produce snow? >> yeah, but later this afternoon into the evening hours. eventually the 1,000 foot level but most of the moisture will be gone by then. the heaviest showers to the dumbarton and keep moving to the south. a hard freeze tonight and tomorrow night. frances. >> with all the tough driving conditions, check the live pictures from sky 7 hd.
7:57 am
apparently a freight train, looks like it's now moving but did hit a big rig earlier but it was stuck on the track. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there's a wind advisory still in place. traffic is backed up to west grand and look out for heavy traffic in san francisco south traffic in san francisco south 101
7:58 am
[ male announcer ] is your current denture cleanser missing something? now you get a cleanser with scope freshness. new fixodent plus scope ingredients. cleans and kills germs that cause odors to your dentures. new fixodent cleanser plus scope ingredients.
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8:00 am
lights, camera, oscar. ♪ baby, you're a star >> we're counting down to hollywood's biggest night. this morning, the hosts. the nominees. and the fashion. we have it all. "gma" is at the oscars. ♪ we are, indeed, here at el capitan, right across from the kodak theater. this theater has a lot of history of its own. built in 1926.
8:01 am
they had live plays here. then, they went to movies. did you know that "citizen kane" made its debut here. and ron howard. kobe bryant, we learned a few days ago, the first athlete getting his star on the walk of fame. i can see erin andrews over there. she is our oscar correspondent. she is on the red carpet. she will talk fashion with us. and we have the two, young co-hosts of the oscars we will talk to. a lot of oscars the last hour, george. >> i'm going to start a facebook petition for you to get a star on hollywood boulevard. >> would you? that's so sweet. and i'll do one for you, too. right next, side-by-side. we saw erin andrews out there. what does she have in common with jennifer lopez and halle berry? that is the designer to the stars. looks like she'll have fun
8:02 am
trying on great dresses. also, wolfgang puck. one of our favorite traditions at the oscars. he is whipping up the menu. is that the dessert table? i need my glasses this morning. looks fantastic. >> you know, whatever it is, george, it's going to be delicious. and wolfgang puck is whipping it up. we're looking forward to all that. we've been talking about kate middleton making her second public appearance in as many days, at st. andrews with her prince. and she's taken the fashion world by storm. if she wears something, it is flying off the rack. we wanted to bring in our fashion royalty, mr. tim gunn. >> thank you, robin. >> he is the greatest. >> chief creative officer. >> and also love your book. >> thank you so much. great to be here with you. >> we want to talk a little bit about kate middleton. what do you think about her style? >> oh, robin, i'm a huge fan of kate's style. she has a sophistication and a
8:03 am
taste level that's unexpected in someone so young. if she wears it, it flies off the rack. here's an example. this is a replica of sorts of the fascinator, the hairpiece or headpiece she was wearing yesterday. >> we were talking about it. it was really smart she had it on. it was so windy. it was keeping her hair in place. you're not normally for headwear. >> i'm not a big fan. but when you think about the society and culture that she comes from and the united kingdom. i mean, this is emblematic of their society and culture. and when she can do it well. and also, she understands counterpoints. this has exuberance. she was wearing a very tailored coat. and black accessories. a sleek, sophisticated, wonderfully polished look. >> it goes with her. she looks comfortable in what she's wearing. >> i think that's why we believe her. and we're fascinated by her and women want to emulate her.
8:04 am
that confidence is contagious. >> is that something we can take away from her style? >> definitely. >> we were fighting over who should wear her. we had a hard time finding this. we will take it to the royal wedding. >> let's do it. >> we'll have you looking at the trends we're going to be seeing on the red carpet. everyone saying, is that patagonia. looking forward to being on the red carpet. >> thank you, robin. let's get all the news headlines back in new york, with juju chang. good morning, juju. >> good morning, robin. the first ferry evacuating americans from libya has just left for malta this morning. we're getting reports of violence in the capital, tripoli, as moammar gadhafi hangs on to power. the u.n. says thousands have now died in the violent uprising. the anger in the arab world has spread to iraq today, where at least five people have been killed in clashes with police. thousands of people across the country are protesting
8:05 am
corruption and high unemployment. the severe weather that moved across the midwest and south overnight is blamed for the deaths of three amish children, including a 6-month-old. their family's horse-drawn buggery overturned while crossing a flooded creek in kentucky. a fourth child is still missing. charlie sheen's sitcom "two and a half men" has been canceled for the rest of the season, after sheen trashed his boss on the radio. now, diane sawyer, with a special duet on tap for tonight's "world news." diane? >> a good friday morning to you, juju. and we know that you've been watching the oscars with anne hathaway and james franco. well, guess what? they're going to interview each other tonight. and you have to see the questions they dare to ask each other. it's our "person of the week." and you'll see them, tonight. happy friday. >> happy friday, to diane, as well. that's the news at 8:05. time, now, for the weather with sam. hey, sam. >> good morning, juju. let me hear you. this is a crazy large crowd on a rainy day in times square.
8:06 am
i love that you guys have joined us on our corner this morning. where are you guys from? >> dallas, texas. >> rochester, new york. >> and you guys have -- i say taping. dvr? what are they doing? >> yes. dvr. >> you'll be able to watch this when you get back home. excellent. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning as you step out the door. we're standing in the heavy rain in times square. there's gusty winds, as well. 60-mile-per-hour, 70-mile-per-hour winds come after the rain. trees down, power outages, street flooding, the whole works new york city to the boston area. on the west coast, we've been kidding everybody about the snow. and it is a possibility. but the real deal is the cold air. there will be near record lows in san francisco and l.a. this weekend. so, get prepared for the cold air. if y@k
8:07 am
you did such a great job with the sign. i hate that it's raining on you. show that to me. lift that up so we can see it. and you glued it. it's a little rainy here on times square. but we're in a good mood. >> having fun there, sam. but we're missing here here at the oscars. the oscars are 83 years old. you pick the co-hosts, 20-year-old anne hathaway. 32-year-old james franco. you mix that together. and what do you get? everyone thinks it will be a heck of a show on sunday at the kodak theater. so, i had a chance to sit down and talk with them yesterday.
8:08 am
and believe it or not, their initial reaction, when they were asked to be the co-hosts was no. >> i never thought that i'd be asked to host the oscars. i was honored. but i just thought, no. i got to say no. >> when i got asked to do it, i said no thank you. he said, well, james franco's in. ooh. that is going to be interesting. ♪ >> reporter: it seems like you all have known each other a lot longer. i mean that as a compliment. >> that's the chemistry. >> admired her from afar for many years. >> oh, james. it's mutual. >> reporter: you had a "grease" clip. >> yes. >> reporter: what's that about? are we going to see a sneak peek? >> we're going to do some stuff. it won't be like that. >> reporter: playful host.
8:09 am
franco has been posting a storm, showing videos of himself shaving, in preparation for the oscars. and getting mock advice from producers like judd apatow. people say you're young, you're hip, you're relevant. the thought is that the younger view will be tuning in to see the oscars because of you two. >> i thought a lot of the previous host were relevant. but the young and hip seem to be the buzzwords that get thrown around. i'm trying to figure out which one i am. i think you're hip and i'm young. >> reporter: 32-year-old franco received his first oscar nomination this year for "172 hours." >> ah! >> reporter: the riveting story of a daredevil mountain climb climber's desperate fight for survival. franco is also known for taking risks with his work. whether it's film or calling up the producers of "general
8:10 am
hospital." >> i'm back. you miss me? >> reporter: that is wicked cool. you'll be on tomorrow. >> yeah. check it out. >> reporter: you're full of surprises, james franco. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: besides sharing a love of acting, co-hosts hathaway and franco share a devotion to their families. you both have parents who are performers. i understand that you watched the oscars as kids. are your parents coming? or are they going to watch you on tv? >> my folks are coming. >> my family's coming. everybody. both grandmothers. my brothers. >> reporter: are your parents going to be here? >> yeah. yeah. they're golfing right now. but they will be here on sunday. my folks are superduper excited. i have the best parents in the world. they are as excited for me hosting the oscars as they were when i was the lead in the school play. >> reporter: i have to tell you. we contacted your principal and guidance counselor from middle school. mr. rogers and mr. cahill. they said, way to go.
8:11 am
and they're really proud of you. >> wow. from middle school? >> mr. rogers was an amazing guidance counselor. and mr. cahill was my favorite teacher of all-time. >> where's mine? >> i think this is kind of like -- >> are they like a big part of your life? >> it's just nice. what are you missing? it's a beautiful, heartfelt moment. >> reporter: we turn the tables on franco and hathaway, and had them ask each other just one question. >> everything i want to know about you, i don't want the cameras to be rolling for. >> reporter: is there a question you would like to ask miss hathaway? >> seems this year is the year of hollywood pregnancies. >> yes. >> anne hathaway, do you have any dreams of getting married anytime soon? >> are you asking, james? >> well, one of the reasons i was excited about anne hosting
8:12 am
is, you know, thought i had a shot. but there's a boyfriend around. so, those dreams have been shot. just curious. >> i have no plans to get married currently. but i am getting to be -- it's weird. i'm getting to be of an age where, yeah. i have to start thinking about motherhood. i'd like to have a large family. so, it's like, i have to have kids soon. i'm imagining, hopefully, in the next five years, i'll be a mom. i'd like that. >> reporter: you asked the best question of all. >> is that what everybody wanted? >> reporter: that's going to be the headline of everything. anne hathaway wants to be a mother. >> did i get away with something? >> okay, james. if you were a color -- [ laughing ] >> you are really good at this. >> if you were a scented candle -- >> this is what they are dying to know. >> this is what they're dying to know. >> if that is an indication, everyone's in store for a great time on sunday, with those two
8:13 am
on center stage. and speaking of that, what is she going to wear? is he going to sing? what's going to happen? most importantly, who is going to win? it starts with the preshow, 7:00 p.m. eastern on abc. i'll be out there on the red carpet with tim gunn and others. then, it all gets going. 8:00, inside the kodak theater, just across the street. also across the street is the red carpet, where we find erin andrews. when we come back, the fashion, the jewels, what to expect, when we come back. i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep.
8:14 am
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i can't think of a better way to kick off your day. so i just have one question for you. are you eating quaker for breakfast?
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8:17 am
♪ i throw my hands up in the air sometimes ♪ back inside the el capitan theater. we are just about here. the oscars are just about here. and right across the street from the kodak theater, the red carpet is under wraps. it needs to be protected from the elements. and needs to be protected, also, from our erin andrews, who is our special oscar correspondent. we can already see how one star is going to look on the red carpet. good morning, erin. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the red carpet under construction here. they put that roof up here. i would love a few heaters out here. but it was such an experience to see what the actresses actually go through to get red carpet ready. let's be honest here. i'm so out of my element. i'm a tomboy. this is a lot more effort than it takes for me to get ready for a college football game.
8:18 am
but i needed a lot of help from the pros. very special friend helped me get my glam on. >> rise and shine. >> reporter: outside the kodak theater, oscar is getting ready for his close-up. but let's face it. it's the couture, heels and bling that always steal the show. we're going to talk about the toughest thing getting outfitted for the oscars. they're inside. so, let's go. helping me is stylist extraordinae extraordinae extraordina extraordinare, suze yalof schwartz. >> this is what you want to wear. >> reporter: what do you like about this? >> i love every inch of this dress. the sequence feels like it's dripping wet. how do you feel? >> reporter: i think it's amazing. i love it. i've never worn anything like this before. i feel like i'm a krinkety cream
8:19 am
puff right now. >> i don't like it. it's too short. don't like it. >> reporter: i feel like a pride. >> what i love about this is the drama. it really is all about drama. >> reporter: next on the agenda, handbags to hold my lip gloss, phone and a breath mint or two, in case i have to interview ryan gosling, of course. >> they've all carried bags. now, erin andrews will be carrying one. >> reporter: no oscar look is complete without a few special bobbles. and for that, no one beats lorraine schwartz. she designed the earrings that donned angelina jolie. >> you can wear a big earring. it's oscars. you want the bling coming to your face. >> reporter: we have the dress. we have the purse. we have the jewels. i need shoes. >> this is where we want to go.
8:20 am
louis vuitton. >> reporter: i feel like cinderella come to life. i love these. >> it's all about fantasy. >> reporter: it's one of those julia roberts, "pretty woman" moments. >> absolutely. you're gorgeous. >> reporter: where in the heck is richard gere? i've got my look together. now, a little overtime in the keri feinstein spa. >> it's great all the time. but oscar time, they hook you up. >> reporter: a-listers can walk away with everything from body slimmers for men, to ipads, to champagne. if you're a nominee, forget about it. >> this is actually going to notally portman. there's a "black swan." it has the all-natural skin products. >> reporter: all set. >> you're a celeb. >> reporter: all right. so, another big trend on the red
8:21 am
carpet, the sapphire. thanks to kate middleton's engagement ring, this big gem is in big demand. thanks for the oscar treatment. i'm so excited for sunday. >> i know you are dropping a hint. but that's out of our price range there. back with us now is tim gunn. he's the chief creative officer at liz claiborne. and also, best-selling author of "gunn's golden rules." what can we expect to see there on the red carpet? what do you think? >> i'm always hoping of seeing glamour and elegance. and of all the others being weddings, the oscars are the coronation. it really is. and i love it when women exude who they are. when we get a sense of their personality. we're always talking about the clothes. the clothes we wear send a
8:22 am
message. >> also expecting to see certain trends. trends out there on the carpet? >> every woman wants to distinguish herself. as people start talking about trends, i start to think that the stars and the stylists run the other way. we're hearing that white and light colors, blush -- i'll call it red, will be in. i think white's dicey for the oscars. a little too bridal. i love deeply-saturated jewel tones on women. i think they're incredibly flattering. and everyone looks great in them. we'll see. >> uh-oh. i think i better get a new dress. >> what are you wearing? >> no. we'll talk later. did you get a sense from the s.a.g.s and the golden globes, we've seen the red carpet. what caught your eye? >> i get a sense from the s.a.g.s and the golden globes that that was then. and we're really defining a new moment with the oscars. that's what is exciting about it. >> and right here. you said exactly --
8:23 am
>> helena bonham carter. we'd be disappointed if she wasn't a hot mess. we would be. >> do you have favorite, all-time oscar looks? >> i do, as a matter of fact. we're going to be looking at some of them. one was julia roberts in 2001, in the vintage valentino dress. it was simply stunning. we see her here. gorgeous, sophisticated, elegance. another is cate blanchett, wearing john galliano, in 1998, i believe, when she was nominated for "elizabeth." and here we have the blush colors. we have penelope cruz and helen mirren. they're dicey. >> we'll have more. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arths, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide our relief
8:24 am
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♪ ...financially. announcer: debit card control and credit card flexibility. get both with slate. ♪ bart station agents say they need protection against increased assaults and pleaded with bart's board of directors for help. they want bullet proof glass. they said the agency needs to take a stronger stance against passengers who spit at, punch or threaten them. 330 agents open and close the stations each day and offer customer assistance and call for police help when needed. it's been raining off and on all morning in the bay area. the roads are wet and expected to get wet later today. >> we see numerous spinouts because of the wet weather and even flooding reporting in san francisco.
8:28 am
here's some earlier footage taken at 101 at paul. lanes have been flooded so be careful out there. also flooding reported in san francisco so traffic really slow in and out of san francisco. bay bridge toll plaza, you may want to consider there because the alameda harbor based ferry service has been cancelled for the morning due to weather. the morning due to weather. >> never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park.
8:29 am
from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> welcome back. here's a look at snow in ukiah. live doppler 7 hd, the see the heaviest showers starting to exit. scattered showers will develop,
8:30 am
temperatures will drop and the snow level will be 1,000 feet with these scattered snow ♪ i got a feeling that tonight's gonna be ♪ ♪ a good night that tonight's gonna be ♪ we have a feeling that sunday's going to be a great night. the oscars. as we are getting all prepared for that. inside the el capitan theater. it was built in 1926, the stage. they used to have plays. and then, they switched to movies. so, a lot of history along hollywood boulevard. and i have to tell you what. what would the oscars be without our good friend, wolfgang puck? he's busy, working, getting ready for the governors ball. oh, my goodness. and he gave us a sample of what he will be serving the stars, come sunday.
8:31 am
and erin andrews is also gonna be back. she's going to give us the behind the scenes in what's going on over there in the gorgeous governors ball. george? >> you have your special on sunday night before the oscars. and afterwards, jimmy kimmel will have his "jimmy kimmel live" show. new stuff. look at humpilates. did i say that right? he's going to have a terrific show, with a lot of stars, including tom hanks. first, let's get to sam champion and the weather. hey, sam. >> i don't know what to say about the jimmy kimmel picture. i was just going to say don't go with the '70s athletic shorts. don't go with that. good morning. you guys all good? we have an amazingly huge crowd here on the corner of times square. it is friday, by the way. happy friday. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to tell you about as you go out the door. how about an oscars forecast? and okay, let's be fair. there might be a little snow that creeps down the coastline that gets very close to places
8:32 am
like san francisco and the l.a. area. it's just cold. and it's really cold air. it's headlinemaking cold air. that 39 degrees would tie a record low temperature in l.a., if they get to 39 degrees on sunday morning. but it will be a pretty afternoon for the oscars. it dries out in the northwest. the storms develop this weekend where the storms were yesterday. so, be prepared for that. and into the northeast, we get a shot of cold air after this rain. and there may be a light snowflake before this weekend's over. we are a wet but happy crowd in times square. and all that weather was brought to you by chase. george? >> one happy band out there. sam, thanks. from the outside, everything seemed perfect for one utah family. the father, a doctor, a lawyer,
8:33 am
sunday school teacher. the mother a beauty queen. when she died unexpectedly, the daughters began to doubt their dad. elizabeth vargas tracked this for a year for "20/20." and she's here now. this turned out to be a tale full of secrets and lies. >> reporter: it's a tale of a well-established doctor and his wonderful wife, raising eight children in utah. it all started innocently enough more than 30 years ago. michele summers was a fresh-faced beauty queen from california. the sometime model, with a string of suitors. but it was a handsome, aspiring doctor named martin macneill that made her fall hard and fast. may got married in 1981. and soon after, there was a family. >> she had four kids in five years. it was boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: alexis and rachel macneill grew up idolizing their father. >> i wanted to follow in my father's footsteps.
8:34 am
i always wanted to be a doctor like him. >> reporter: a doctor who also taught sunday school at their local mormon church in utah. and seemed to have a heart big enough to adopt three, ukrainian orphans. from the outside looking in, it sounded like a perfect family. >> yeah. >> reporter: if you're thinking it seemed too good to be true, you're right. take a closer look at the picture-perfect patriarch. and a different image begins to emerge. >> not the perfect father. he was very haugty, arrogant. >> reporter: they say the father they knew turned stranger. he became obsessed with the way he looked. >> he started tanning a lot. >> reporter: went to tanning salons? >> tanning salons. he started exercising all the time, in the middle of a conversation jumping and doing push-ups. >> reporter: how did your mom
8:35 am
react to all this behavior all of a sudden? >> she was suspicious. >> reporter: and even more suspicious, says alexis, was when their father began disappearing for long stretches. when alexis says michele confronted him about it, martin told michele, she should do some improving of her own. your dad decided that your mom should get a face-lift. >> out of the blue. and my mom had never talked about that before or anything. >> reporter: april 3rd, 2007, just two weeks after alexis says her father first suggested it, michele undergoes a full face-lift. alexis says martin insisted the surgeon provide powerful pain pills and sedatives, almost never given to recover from this type of procedure. and the surgeon agreed? >> he knew my father was a physician. he knew how to dose different medications. >> reporter: alexis came home to care for her mother. but one morning, she says michele dropped a bombshell. >> she started to cry. she said, if anything happens to
8:36 am
me, make sure it wasn't your dad. and i said, mom. what do you mean? what are you saying? she said, make sure if anything happens to me, it wasn't your dad. >> just two days after that conversation, michele macneill was dead, after being found unconscious in her bathtub. martin macneill called 911 and told police he believes michele fell into the bathroom and drowned while preparing a bath. the examiner ruled the death natural causes. police did not collect any evidence or interview any other witnesses. but martin's daughters suspected foul play. after a long crusade, the investigators began looking into it. macneill has denied having anything to do with his wife's death. but obviously, this investigation and the two daughters have not given up their quest for justice. they believe he killed their mother. >> and this would not have happened but not for them. and he's in jail right now? >> he's in jail right now. as a result of their
8:37 am
investigation, they found out he has been lying about everything for 30 years. he forged college transcripts. he wasn't a doctor. they found out he was a convicted felon. he had been convicted of falsifying checks earlier. all sorts of things and all sorts of fraud. he's in prison for four years for fraud. >> for fraud but not for the killing. elizabeth vargas, thanks very much. a lot more on this tonight on "20/20" at 10:00, 9:00 central. when we come back, behind the scenes at the most fabulous oscar party of them all. at purina one, we want your dog to be as healthy as possible. so we set out to discover the science in some of nature's best ingredients. we created purina one with smartblend. delicious shredded morsels and crunchy bites with real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidants for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog. purina one with smartblend. discover what one can do.
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8:40 am
♪ as nick watt was saying, knees-up. that means party on the other side of the pond. and this is the time we give you the real dirt. behind the scenes. the rare access you'll see only here on "good morning america." oscar night is a time that hollywood eats, drinks and they're merry. the oscar after-party is the governors ball. look at the list when you're feeding 1,500 hungry stars. only wolfgang puck can pull that off. how does he do it? i went into wolfgang's kitchen
8:41 am
to find out. they walk the red carpet. they grab their awards. >> thank you, academy members. >> reporter: and then, they eat. but it's not just any meal. it's the 83rd annual academy awards governors ball. a culinary ballet, orchestrated by this man, wolfgang puck. and his team, who slice and dice to feet 1,500 of hollywood's elite. the favorite part of the oscars after it's over, is to come in here and eat your delicious food. >> everybody is hungry. everybody has to stay hungry, especially the women. look at you. >> reporter: like you said, when they come in, they want to eat right away. >> first, when people come out, we give them seafood and
8:42 am
appetizers. our miniburgers are a big hit. and we have the salmon oscars. >> reporter: how difficult is it, cooking for so many? >> it's all about organization. we have to be ready. we have over 350 chefs. some do just to order. some do the first course. some do dessert. some do the main course. we have somebody for everything, organized. >> reporter: it's a schedule that's carried out with military precision. when best actor's announced, salads are prepped. best picture, the main course is fired up. and when everyone leaves the theater at 8:00, desserts are plated. and i had to learn the secret about the biggest crowd-pleaser at the governors ball, the miniburgers. >> we toast the bread. >> reporter: how do you find them so small? >> we make them. put a little more. >> reporter: okay. i still have to get many my
8:43 am
dress. >> okay. garnishes. >> reporter: everything has to be tiny. >> yep. you can have one, little burger. in one bite. >> reporter: this is perfection. something about the miniburger. >> people love them. >> reporter: advertisers are delicious. but the main course this year, a pan-roasted fish. picture-perfect, it should be nominated. >> we're going to put that in the center. like about two tablespoons. and then, we grill this all so it's really, really freshly cooked. here, we have olive oil with olive puree. we have olive oil and puree olive. then, we have tomatoes. baste them in very hot oil for a second. then, put a little on top. look at that. that's just as nice as we have at the restaurant. except, we have to make 1,600 of
8:44 am
them. >> reporter: but there's always room for dessert. so, i paid a visit to executive pastry chef, sherri yard. how do you go about deciding what you're going to serve? >> we're fortunate that there's a different theme. this year, it's "coca bana." we did the living room, with the chandelier. we have raspberry, lemon, grape, and tangerine. >> reporter: these are always a big hit. >> in addition to the dessert, we have a 24-foot chocolate dessert buffet. >> reporter: this is really good. and no glamorous evening would be complete, without a special appearance by a fella named oscar. >> they're edible gold. >> reporter: real gold? >> puck has eaten more chocolate oscars than anyone.
8:45 am
>> reporter: how much i love this job. i still have a food coma. it was so absolutely delicious. and the paella that he will be serving on sunday, you can make it at home. i'm telling you. he showed me. it's easy. we have that on our website. you should check that out. when i was looking at the chow, you were looking at the ballroom, huh? >> there's luxe. deluxe. the governors ball, ultradeluxe. the crystal. and people who get to attend the governors ball, they have never seen it. every year, they reinvent themselves. it's a new party each year. this one may be one of the most spectacular of them all. >> party. party. >> reporter: it's hollywood's biggest after-party, where oscar's biggest winners bring their new golden best friends to celebrate. with 1,500 guests attending, the governors ball is well prepared.
8:46 am
1,200 bottles of champagne. 10,000 pieces offer wi cutlery. >> a massive amount of roses. >> reporter: the celebration is put together by a staff of 900 people. not including the 250 members of the culinary staff or the 150 technicians it takes to get this party running. there's still a lot of work that needs to be done in this room with only a few days left. but it's going to be decorated with 10,000 swar oo ki crystals, weighing 850 pounds. 8.4 miles of cable will be used to put up hundreds of light fixtures. and 28,000 square feet of fabric will be draped from the ceiling. >> we decided to really mix it up. >> reporter: this year's theme is modeled after three musical styles. classic standard, swing and lat
8:47 am
opini latin. and for the first time, dancing will be added to the repertoire. cocktail waitresses and waiters and entertainers will be dressed. and everyone will be taking home one of these chocolate oscars, dusted with real gold. now, that's really sweet. robin said she just needed a cup of coffee. how about breakfast of champions, momma. check out these chocolate oscars. i just broke it. what time is it? >> 4,000 of these. >> there's gold on my fingers. >> it's the real deal. >> are you going to have one? >> no. i'm trying to make -- we'll invite you back. he'll be back. >> what am i doing here? i'm out of my element. i'm breaking oscars. >> our oscar coverage, including this one missing, 7:00, it gets under way. and 8:00, the big show.
8:48 am
we'll have our oscar predictions. yes. knee knees-up, el capitan. ke
8:49 am
8:50 am
the first movie i went to i ate goobers. i will pay for that later. time to weigh in with our oscar picks. we filled in our brackets. let's begin with the expert in l.a., chris connelly. all signs are pointing towards a big night for "the king's speech." are you going to buck the trend? >> i'm not going to buck the trend. but i think oscar will win the love a little bit. i think we'll see "inception" win something like cinematography. i don't see a huge number going to one film. this could be the year that best
8:51 am
director and best picture goes to two different movies. you won't know who will win best picture until the very end. >> with best director, are you going with "social network" and best film, "king's speech." >> that's very likely. i think "king's speech" looks strong for best picture. it's a wide-open race for those things. >> supporting actress. do you think that's a place we'll see an upset. >> we always do see an upset. and there's been a disturbance in the force with melissa leo taking the lead. we know what it's like for you guys. it's hard to play with the lead. >> i get it now. >> could hailee from "true grit" win? that could go in a number of directions. i think melissa leo is the
8:52 am
favorite. >> and what about supporting? >> i think supporting actor will be christian bale. you have a performing of performances. christian bale and geoffrey rush that are like leads. i think christian bale will win because he was terrific in "the fighter." he helped to get the movie made. and i think the academy wants to pat him on the back for an interesting career. >> now, the lead category? >> lead actor, i think colin firth is money. i think you can sit back and expect him to win. it's the perfect oscar resume. he plays a british royal. he has a disability. he cries in his wife's arms. he triumphs over adversity. how could he lose? he's going to win. >> you said this is going to put up the brackets. should we put up what everybody had? >> juju, you go first. >> i hate to go with conventional wisdom. but i was up with most of those choices.
8:53 am
i diverge on "the social network." what do you think, sam? >> i think sno-caps and popcorn are really good together. if you eat them together, it's really good for your oscar party. >> i guess so. we are going to put them up online. we have to go now. >> bummer. >> erin was picking the upsets. >> i'm going "social network." i was back and forth. but i changed my mind. >> see there? >> a little less tan conventional thinking. that's what we like here. conventional thinking. that's what we like here. >> academyababababababababababaa
8:54 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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8:56 am
george, as you would say, bottom line, have fun watching the oscars on sunday. miss you guys. >> we'll have fun watching you. see you monday, guys.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
♪ good morning, everyone. the bay area got a good soaking this morning and more rain and cold weather is expected today. mike is here with a look at the forecast. >> anywhere from 1 to 3 inches this morning and last night. the heaviest of the storm's down in the south bay and heading into the monterey bay in your inland neighborhoods there where the cold front is that's gusty when you're around that cold front. for the afternoon cold rolls in bringing us those showers and snow levels lowering to 1,000 feet. freezing temperatures tonight in north bay valleys, all of us tomorrow. >> a major power outage in sonoma. an earlier car crash where the car hit a power pole. look out for that. if you're heading across the bay, here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up towards the west
9:00 am
grand avenue overcrossing. alsos alameda ferry has cash registered service due to announcer: it's "live with regis and kelly." today, from the hit drama "criminal minds," thomas gibson. and liv live from disneyland in california, kelly ripa on special assignment with our super runner dean karnazes. plus, before the hour's up, view with us the official track. "live's run across america." all next on "live." [captioning made possible by all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television]


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