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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  April 1, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the news this friday morning, governor brown releases a plan to are reform the state pension system. >> eric: also press in the barry bonds trial is dealing with another setback, a key witness contradicts the testimony of another star witness. >> good morning. it's 53 degrees in downtown san francisco. nice weekend but not as warm. >> and good morning, i'm sue hall in for frances dinglasan. happy friday. friday light so far but we do have a traffic alert in san francisco this morning. there is a truck fire. details coming up. >> kristen: and oakland a's open the 2011 season at the coliseum. par of the series will be
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dedicated to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. opening day for the a's, how exciting. we're all about the a's and giants. >> eric: giants and we love the a's today. we begin with developing news and a word of warning for thousands of san francisco residents. >> they may be making up to a flashing alarm clock and no lights. the lights went out around midnight and that is still the case for about 6700 customers in the city willow heights and haight neighborhoods. pg&e says they don't know when the lights will go back on. utility officials it started with an underground equipment failure. >> eric: new survey center finds state voters like the idea of increase go taxes on high income earners who help fix the budget. the response by the california
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federation of teachers find 78% of the 800 voters asked favor a 1% tax on people that make more than a half a million a year. the poll comes a day after brown viewed vowed to revamp the state's pension system. >> we will look very closely at the governor's proposal. everyone wants to help california remain solvent. >> ken is a political director for the united educators of san francisco. there are 6,000 k-12 teachers and they like other employees would be affected by the pension reform plan. the package would limited so-called pension spiking. practice of boosting pension benefits before a worker retires. pensions would be based on three-year average salary and not include overtime or unused vacation time. the proposal would also ban cash
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payments to raise ppx benefits and paying benefits to workers who have been convicted of an employment related felony a likely reference to bell city officials that have been accused of corruption. critics say it's a good first step but they don't go far enough. >> the governor's plan to solve the budget crisis it's like taking away bureaucrats cell phones. >> other proposals are still being worked on including a cap on benefits, and move toward requires employees to be responsible for part of their retirement planning. teacher unions will no doubt be giving the governor their thoughts on these proposals. >> everyone has to contribute to find a solution but it ought not be on the backs of educators who are retiring on a very modest
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pension. >> in less than an hour, labor department will release the latest unemployment figures for march. employers added 1935,000 new jobs next month but the gains will be off set by a decline in government jobs. economists expect the jobless rate to remain at 8.9%. yesterday a labor department report shows that claims for unemployment benefits decreased last week. analysts say that it's a sign that the economy is recovering. >> san jose officials are hoping to save $10 million with a proposal for police officers. city officials plan to negotiate with the sheriff on a tentative contract that could be voted on by the city council at the end of the month. they also want to have a private company replace city firefighters at the airport. police and firefighter unions
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that replacing officers and firefighters is a risky safety experiment. >> kristen: prosecutors hope to regain their moesm when testimony resumes on monday. they had a set back by one of their own witnesses. a surgeon testified that he did not have multiple conversations with the former businessman manager steve hoskins. that is contrary to what hoskins told the jury last week. he admitted to one phone conversation about the side effects of anabolic steroids. >> richmond police are facing more violence following two shootings. richmond police have beefed up patrols. the killings have stemmed from a long ring feud between gangs. one man was shot and another man
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was injured on wednesday night. it followed the fatal shooting the night before. >> a group is taking the stand against prostitution and violence plaguing their neighborhood. they shut down 17th avenue and held a rally against the rampant prostitution they see on the streets every day. business owners say the prostitutes are driving customers away. police say police are intentionally targeting young girls. >> three hotels throughout city and i think it's time to send a message, you can't make money off the lives of young children. >> they come to where i live and they do their thing there. i have to close my blinds because i don't want my kids to see this stuff. >> the city is taking legal action against the hotels.
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>> they are working on damaged portion of a pipe that carry a creek under a mobile home park. city officials hope to have a replacement pipe installed by tomorrow. damage is estimated at $10 million. >> homeowners in a hillside neighborhood of san pablo continue to watch helplessly as their backyards crumble. they declared the area a disaster zone. that is the first step in requesting state and federal aid. an engineer outlined a plan by shoring up the hill at itself cost of $100,000. >> one of three mobile homes in mountain view is in a new who location this morning. the owners of the two units are expected to move their trailers into the next day or. two the mobile homes were tagged after their foundations were compromised by an eroded creek bank. >> kristen: 2011 season starts with the oakland a's with opening night against the
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seattle mariners. this weekend series has an extra special meaning following last month's tsunami in japan. the teams have two of the most prominent japanese players, matsui and suzuki. think are donating a dollar for each ticket sole to the red cross uniforms worn by the players will be auctioned off. >> pretty good ballplayers. >> it's 4:38. lisa argen is in for mike this morning, 20% chance for rain. >> i think it's going to favor the north bay. we went right to summer, back to spring. it's really not a bad forecast. minor changes today. more changes by tomorrow. 54 in naip. how about 60 degrees already. 53 in san francisco.
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some of the cooler numbers in protected valleys, 49 in livermore, 58 in mountain view. this morning, you are warmer in the north bay and san francisco. couple degrees cooler in fremont but 8 degrees cooler in the livermore valleys. much cooler tomorrow, slight chance showers mainly in the north bay but the bigger picture will be the winds that move in by saturday afternoon into sunday. those will be cooler onshore winds. over the ridge of high pressure but we will see the numbers trim back today. still 80s in inland valleys and closer to the santa clara region 60s heading back to the coast. look at more sunshine. windy and much cooler this weekend a little warmer next week. >> we're going start off in san francisco where we have a garbage truck that has caught fire and sig alert, traffic alert in effect. southbound 101 approaching
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caesar chavez, two right lanes and sig alert until further notice. construction hot spots around the bay, san ramon, on-ramp is closed around bollinger road and just for fun, at noon, as april fool's day. parade begins at noon. embarcadero and notice some road closures but expect them for the financial district. >> kristen: it's 4:40. >> small phone app an attorney general claims protects criminals. >> kristen: and two people come up with an invention, warms up on coffee and what is really hot is how they are
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>> eric: good morning. a nice view of san francisco that we don't ordinarily show you. how did you like the weather past couple of days? >> i love it. >> and lights in this picture but in other parts of san francisco, there is still about 6700 customers, laurel heights, hate neighborhoods that don't have power. pg&e is on it right now. no estimate on when power will be restored. >> kristen: attorneys from two states is asking apple and google to ban smart phone apps such at d.u.i. check points. they can help drunk drivers circumvent laws that is meant to save lives. a text trade group says lawmakers need to consider the implications of will the moving
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app. >> have burned your tanning tong on a scalding cup of coffee. it bothered two people so much they invented something and they also got it funded. here is lisa amin gulezian. >> entrepreneurs dave petrillo and dave jackson decided to do something about their coffee temperature dilemma by inventing coffee joulies. >> the temperature drops to a drinkable level. the phase changing material inside each joulie heats up the coffee once it's gotten too cold. >> we're just happy we're going to help people not burn their lineups coffee anymore. >> but it comes at a price, the two daves or different coasts and they need money for their start up. these inventors are opting for something else. >> there are a lot of stories
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where people are stifled. >> they went to it's a place where anyone can help fund creative ideas like a cd or coffee joo lies. >> you don't get a piece of the company or anything like that. >> it's very different, not equity and it's not technically donations. >> they founded the entrepreneurship program. he calls kick starter a innovative money raising social networking tool. >> coffee joo lies founders knew exactly who to antarctica to get the buzz going. gizmodo and gizmag. >> lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." it's a great idea. some companies want their kind of a oh at a high temperature like starbucks, 18 degrees. >> kristen: really? now they can avoid that problem.
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>>. >> eric: video got a drug allegations dismissed because of police misconduct and an angry police chief fires back. >> it's april 1st, but the weather is no joke. take a look at it all coming up. >> kristen: and childhood dream comes true for brian kill son.
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good friday morning, on the east coast, we are looking at a snowstorm, rain and mix and snow down to the new jersey, delays in philadelphia and thunderstorms in the midwest and temperatures well below the average in contrast that to our lovely weather. no delays along the west coast but we will be looking at cooler
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weather coming our way. i'll have the details of that coming up. if you what tonight check your flight or other weather, check our website at >> kristen: a war of words is erupting between city leaders over accusations of police misconduct. police chief is critic go jeff adachi for repeated attacks on the department. he released surveillance video showing what he says is police officers mishandling the arrest of a marijuana suspect. >> i'm troubled and perplexed why an elected official in the city named jeff adachi continues to paint the police department with reference to rampant misconduct against the plains close units in this city and that is untrue. >> kristen: godown says the
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latest video doesn't show anything illegal but a judge dismissed the case against the suspect after reviewing the suspect. >> british media says that moammar gadhafi's en voice invoice, comes on the heels of two defections from gadhafi's regime. meantime, forces have regained momentum on a rapidly gaining front. they retook the down of brega in eastern libya. this information just in, a libyan opposition leader says rebels want a cease-fire if gadhafi fulls his forces from all cities and allows peaceful protests. >> kristen: nice here but on the east coast, winter without end. tornados in florida to big snowstorm. weather on this april fool's day is no joke. here is the latest. >> the problem started in florida with warm wet air that
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turned dangerous. the storm crippled a canopy that protects train cars and caused a work delay on the space shuttle at kennedy space center. the lightning came close, some damage was reportedly minimal. there was major damage at an air show that attracted half million people a year. a plane flipped over and people were trapped in tents. in new england there is no hiding from approaching snow. >> i can't wait till it's over. >> public crews are reinstalling the snow equipment. towns in western massachusetts are already tens of thousands of dollars over the snow removal budget. snow will be fallen on ski slopes. >> there are winter storm warnings in six northeastern states. northern plains could get up to a foot of snow sunday into monday. >> kristen: just the opposite here. we have records set yesterday.
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>> we kind of paid our dues. zbloors. >> eric: i got to tell you, i got within maybe four inches of hitting the air conditioner. >> kristen: people were complaining it was too hot. >> 6:55 will be the sunrise this morning. notice the winds really pick up by tomorrow and much windier conditions late tomorrow into sunday. definitely more spring-like weather in the air for the weekend but today, subtle changes with numbers coming down just a little bit. take a look right now, 63 san francisco, 60 in oakland very, mild out there. livermore has dropped quite a bit. 49, 49 in fairfield. 57 in los gatos. not as warm today in some areas but still we will see temperatures much above normal. 80s around the bay. much cooler tomorrow and i'm
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keeping a slight chance of showers but i don't think we're going to see any. mostly breezy and definitely need a jacket by afternoon saturday and sunday. we'll rebound by sunday. we'll look for temperatures to be almost as warm in inland valleys and also in the south bay but is elsewhere a little cooler. 70s north bay and on the peninsula, 50s returning to the shore. here is the setup, high pressure to the east and west of us. a trough of low pressure that will be dropping down from the north and west and behind it, high pressure builds in quickly. that will bring the windy conditions that we're expecting over the weekend. as a result, those onshore winds dropping temperatures. 78 in santa clara with 82 in los gatos. on the peninsula, 75 redwood city. 64 in half moon bay. san francisco coming out of the 80s today but still a nice afternoon with a high of 70.
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north bay numbers ranging from the 60s. 79 in sonoma with a few 80s through cloverdale and calistoga. lo 70s by the water in berkeley and richmond and 75 in san leandro. numbers ranging from the upper 70s in wall nut creek to low 80s antioch, livermore, 82 and down by the monterey bay, look for 72 there while gilroy and hollister warm to the lower 80s. one more day of some 80s in far-reaching valleys but then we'll see windy, cooler conditions over the weekend. temperatures rebounding into the low to mid-70s. >> we do have a sig alert that has been lifted. garbage truck caught fire just before caesar chavez. that is not a problem and traffic is moving smoothly past
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the area. debris in lanes, mill valley, you may see vehicles swerving. if you travel the vallejo ferry, it is a bus service today or having for the 8:30 trip due to mechanical failure on one of boats yesterday. the vallejo boat, there will be a bus at 8:30. check out bay bridge toll plaza, so far so good. it's friday light. before you leave the house, check all your traffic details at click on bay area traffic. >> kristen: highway patrol still looking for a vehicle that created a huge mess for the evening commute on the peninsula. two lanes of highway 101 in millbrae were closed for almost three hours so crews could remove a cable line. the closure made a huge back-up. but 380 and 280 and local
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streets up and down the peninsula. a flatbed truck and brought down those wires. the truck license plate number 4 r 23454. >> it's described as a gray and white flatbed. >> brian wilson is on the bench nursing a muscle injury but he is still in play. popular closer with a clue in "new york times" crossword puzzle. he reportedly has been doing the puzzle since he was 12. he said to the "new york times" he would like to be a clue one day. he was clue number 30 down, giants hurler, 2010 champ, and beach boys vocalist. who was a back-up vocalist on help me rhonda.
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>> are you talking about oakland? >> giants. >> and witness for the prosecution, the contradictory testimony dealing a blow to the government's case against barry bonds. >> the oakland a's home opener is today, but it's not going to be about baseball, but they are focused on the victims in japan. i'm amy hollyfield andite explain coming up. >> police in richmond is bracing for an outbreak of violence this weekend. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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