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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 2, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, april 2nd. this morning, pandemonium at 36,000 feet. a hole rips open in the roof of a southwest airlines jet in midair terrifying the 118 people on board and forcing it to make an emergency landing. >> it was crazy. >> i've never been that scared in my life. >> we'll talk to two passengers who were on the plane. poisoning the pacific. highly radioactive water from that damaged nuclear power plant in japan is now leaking directly into the ocean. what does this mean for us? also this morning, some incredible news. a dog rescued at sea three weeks after the earthquake and tsunami. she said/she said. 911 tapes of lindsay lohan's
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fight at a rehab clinic are released. >> i'm really uncomfortable with the woman that's in our house. >> i have a problem because lindsay lohan pushed me and hit me with the phone. >> the drama she was hoping nobody ever heard. and queen grandma. as the queen pays a visit to prince william at work, we're going to take a look at the special relationship between queen elizabeth and her boys. >> okay. >> i am in trouble this morning, dan harris. i'm going to get an angry phone call from my grandmother. i'm expecting that. i have never brought her into my place of work. >> it is making me remember that i haven't called my grandmother in a while. i will do that, granny, i promise. this is such a sweet story. the relationship between queen elizabeth and her grandsons. >> an incredible story. we'll get into that further in the show. also this morning, christie and the kangaroo. christie carr says caring for this disabled kangaroo has
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helped lift her out of a depression. but it's against the law in the city where she lives in oklahoma, so the question is, should an exception be made? >> that kangaroo is disabled, as you might be able to see from the video, and christie says caring for her has really helped her out of the depression. also this morning, we've got a little bit of a quiz for you. the story about the kangaroo is a true story, but there were a lot of tall tales out there yesterday for april fools' day. so answer this, which of the following stories is true, and which is an april fools' joke? true or false, diminutive "jersey shore" star snooki is getting a massive fee, $32,000 to speak at a prestigious university. >> that's right, and what about this, a high chair for your dog. true, false, what do you think? >> i'm going to wait. i'm going to wait. you'll tell me later in the show. >> made for an interesting morning meeting yesterday in our show. >> that story is coming up. but we're going to start this morning with the last thing you want to see when you are in a plane at 36,000 feet, the sky through the roof of the plane. a hole ripped open midflight in
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the roof of a southwest airlines plane. lisa stark has been on this story all night long, and she's in washington with the latest. lisa, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. well, even as we speak, investigators with the national transportation safety board are right now leaving. they are heading to arizona to try to figure out what happened, what went wrong to cause this gaping hole to rip open in this southwest jet. as you mentioned, it happened at 36,000 feet. the pilot was forced to put the plane into a dive. it was a terrifying experience for passengers to say the least. when the passengers finally made it to their destination, an explosion of joy. >> just glad to be here. >> reporter: southwest flight 812 started routinely leaving phoenix at 3:45 p.m. local time bound for sacramento. 118 passengers on the boeing 737, but at 36,000 feet, loud pops, then the roof peeled back. >> well, when we could see daylight out of the plane, i
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go -- this is -- you know, you always think of people getting sucked out of airplanes when there was a hole in it. i was really -- it was really scary. >> reporter: oxygen masks dropped as the plane depressurized. >> the top of the plane was ripped off, and all of a sudden, the masks came down, and it was pretty frightening. >> reporter: the pilots declared an emergency and began a rapid descent dropping 25,000 feet in less than 5 minutes. >> i've never been that scared in my life. >> reporter: one passenger sent a text to his wife, "plane going down, love you," but pilots landed safely at a military base in yuma, arizona, where passengers waited for another jet to take them on their way. investigators with the national transportation safety board will arrive later today for a firsthand look at the 737. a jet that's 15 years old. >> it's a young airplane to a middle-aged airplane, and certainly we know how to maintain airplanes like this where this sort of thing should theoretically never happen. >> reporter: two years ago fatigue cracks led to a hole in
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another southwest jet, and in 2005 an alaskan jet opened up in flight. it had been bumped on the ground before takeoff. but the worst mishap, more than 20 years ago when an aloha jet came apart literally ripping a flight attendant from the plane. she plunged to her death. now, that aloha incident was really a wake-up call. it led to an extensive program of inspections for older planes. they're checked for any metal fatigue, any fatigue in the fuselage skin. dan, it's far too early to know whether that was a factor here. >> it's a terrifying story, especially for frequent fliers. lisa stark, thank you very much. we're going to talk now to two of the passengers who were actually on board that flight, willie wright and shawna melvini-redden. they are in sacramento this morning, and good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> so, shawna, let me start with you. you tweeted out some rather extraordinary pictures from the ordeal, from the plane. let me ask you at what point did you know that something was very, very wrong?
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>> when the big explosion happened and the air masks came down. >> and you said in the piece that lisa stark just produced, you said that you have never been so scared in your life. tell me more about that. >> it's what you -- a nightmare traveling. the loud explosion, covering my ears, all of a sudden we're pointed down. there's a mask in front of me, and it's like i've watched or ignored the safety briefings for so many years that i'm fumbling to put on my mask, and even though i know that it's likely that we're going to be fine, just feeling my heart pumping out of my chest and watching people around me panic. it was truly terrifying. >> you're reminding me that i should stop ignoring those safety warnings, as well. willie, let me turn to you. one of the passengers described the scene as pandemonium with people passing out, et cetera. does that jive with what you experienced? >> well, we had one little girl that passed out because her mom
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was kind of nervous and couldn't get her oxygen mask on fast enough. but the funny thing is, the guy in front of me, it was his first flight ever, and he was talking to me before we took off and he said, so how is it? oh, i said everything is smooth. never a problem. i said, here's a piece of gum, it'll help your ears when they pop. i didn't know how much they'd be popping. >> so did he turn to you and say does the roof usually come off during the middle of the flight? >> well, once i finally got him to get his oxygen mask on, him and his sister turned to me and said, is this normal? does this always happen? i said, no, this never happens. you know, it's not something that happens, especially on your first flight. >> you know, i notice the two of you are laughing together. about this. i assume you didn't know each other before the flight. i understand that a lot of the passengers, there was this sort of immediate camaraderie that happened. can you tell me about that, shawna? >> yeah, one of the things i was talking to my seat mate gary about was, you know, i get a little anti-social on planes. you're sitting so close together
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and with this experience, everybody was so nice to each other. i mean, i held gary's hand. we talked through. i mean all of the passengers sitting around really got along and took care of each other. i didn't think pandemonium was the right word. >> no. >> i just -- most people stayed really calm, and like at one point, somebody a few rows ahead of me was getting up to help other people with his masks. he was passing out gum for when we landed to help, you know, with the ear popping. i thought that people really worked together well and showed true human spirit. it was really neat to see. >> willie and shawna, i got to say we are very really glad to see you both healthy and safe this morning and we're also very appreciative to both of you for getting up and joining us this morning. and, shawna, you've made me rethink my anti-social policy on planes and also listening to the safety briefings. thank you both. take care. >> thank you. we want to turn to japan
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where we're also tracking some news that broke overnight. the first confirmed report that radioactive water is now leaking directly from that nuclear power plant into the pacific ocean. neal karlinsky is in tokyo this morning with the latest on this. and, neal, good morning. any time we hear a report like this, the reflex is to say, what does this mean for us? is that radioactivity going to reach our shores? what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, they've had really high levels of radiation that have been leaking for several days setting new records in fact every day and today for the very first time they actually detected radioactivity, unusual levels in the air above the water there. that sounds like bad news. the good news, though, is that that led them finally they think to the source of the leak, an eight-inch crack in a pit right next to reactor two right along the water. they think that is where all of this highly radioactive water is leaking out, gets into the ocean. they are right now working on
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sealing it up with cement, and they're hoping that that will lead to the levels of radiation in the ocean dropping. by the way, all that radiation that's gone out to sea, experts on both sides of the pacific agree that is not a threat at any distance other than the immediate area and also in the air. even here in tokyo, the levels are minuscule and certainly much smaller than that in the united states. >> so important to reinforce that, radioactivity will not reach us. and on a brighter note, neal, i understand there was a miraculous rescue yesterday. can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yeah, in the middle of a huge rescue operation to try to find some of the 16 plus thousand people who are still missing, a japanese coast guard helicopter actually spotted this house floating offshore more than a mile off the coastline with a dog walking around on the roof of it. after three weeks, he was alive, roaming about on the roof of this in the middle of the ocean, i mean, remember, this is more than a mile offshore.
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they tried to get a helicopter down there to rescue him. the rotor blade scared him. he went under the roof a little bit. finally they got a boat in there, rescuers were able to get a handle on that little guy and get him to safety. >> it's a great story. neal karlinsky, we appreciate your reporting from japan this morning. over now to bianna. >> all right, dan. we want to turn to afghanistan where an angry mob became violent on news that a controversial pastor in florida burned a copy of the koran. the mob stormed a u.n. compound and killed at least seven people. here's nick schifrin. >> reporter: in the east, in the north, and this morning in kandahar, afghan protests are turning violent. demonstrators are furious that pastors burned a copy of the koran a world away in florida. in the normally peaceful town of mazar-i-sharif, 20,000 became incensed when a radical preacher claimed "infidels burned multiple korans." afghan police fired into the air but they were quickly overrun. demonstrators took their ak-47s
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and shot four nepalese u.n. security guards and then stormed the compound burning it, killing three foreign staff cutting at least one of their throats. at first it received barely any attention but then president karzai condemned it and the afghan media covered it, and today the government here called pastor terry jones "an uneducated racist" 13 days after his stunt. this is what sparked the protests. terry jones, a fringe preacher with a tiny following held a mock trial of the koran. he was the self-appointed judge. >> and the koran was found guilty. >> reporter: in front of him, pastor wayne sapp, who went on to light a koran soaked in kerosene. in an interview with "nightline," jones was unrepentant. >> we do not feel responsible, no. we feel more that the muslims and the radical element of islam use that as an excuse. >> reporter: but jones' act of hatred tapped into deep
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hostility here to the u.s. and inspired a massacre. nick schifrin, abc news, kabul. we're going to shift gears now and turn to the u.s. economy. the government released its latest monthly jobs report friday, and the headlines are encouraging. the unemployment rate is at its lowest level in 2 years at 8.8%. employers added 216,000 jobs last month, and that's more than what economists had expected. david kerley has more on the story from washington, and, david, this is the number that economists were hoping for. >> reporter: it's the first time we've seen more than 2,000 hired in a month since the recession, bianna. and the strongest hiring was in the professional level, so office buildings like these across the country are filling up, and good news from small businesses too. >> what are you working on, my friend? >> reporter: the recession cost this internet start-up company nearly a third of its staff in layoffs. >> i like that one, yeah, actually that's good. >> reporter: now they can't hire enough workers. >> we're looking to again double our staff once again next year. >> reporter: double the staff
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next year. >> yep. >> reporter: but you're having a hard time finding people. >> yeah. >> reporter: he found greg sykes who had been laid off, unsure how long he'd be unemployed. you're happy with your job? >> love it. >> reporter: what do you think about the economy in general? >> you know, there's definitely signs of hope. >> reporter: manufacturing too. >> we had about a 15% cutback 2 years ago, and we've rebuilt our staff accordingly with our sales. >> reporter: manufacturing added 17,000 jobs last month, more than 36,000 in health care and 37,000 in leisure and hospitality suggesting consumers are ready to spend more. >> nearly two years after one of the worst recessions in our history, certainly the worst one in our lifetimes, our economy is showing signs of real strength. >> reporter: but all the numbers are overshadowed by this one, more than 13 million americans are still out of work. but this latest report and what businesses are saying is encouraging.
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>> in 2011 i think we're feeling good. we're feeling really bullish about it, and i think this year actually is good, but i think next year is going to be great. >> reporter: one bit of bad news in the report, wages were flat while gasoline and food prices continued to go up, so our buying power is going down, but, bianna, more of us are going back to work. >> all right, david. some encouraging news there. and joining us now to break down the jobs report is "the wall street journal's" chief economic correspondent john hilsenrath along with "gma" workplace contributor tory johnson. we've asked them to come in and answer your questions on the best way to find a job. thanks so much for joining us. john, i want to begin with you. encouraging news we saw. we saw employers hiring more but unlike the past recession this is coming from a different sector, right? and you say the heartland is where we're seeing -- >> very different. i would call this a heartland recovery. we're seeing jobs coming up in manufacturing, mining, agriculture. in fact, one out of every five jobs have been in manufacturing or mining sectors. surprisingly michigan has seen the biggest drop in unemployment that we've seen across the
7:16 am
states in the country. what we're seeing is a globally driven recovery. manufacturing, basically places in the country where we make stuff and pull it out of the ground and then export it overseas are the kinds of jobs that are coming back right now. >> and, meantime, we have turmoil in the middle east. we've seen oil prices close above $107 a barrel. that was yesterday. obviously the devastation in japan and the fallout. how concerned are you about that? >> i am concerned about that because i mean we need to have a recovery like this that's more export oriented and we don't depend so much on consumers to borrow more and spend more, so we need a recovery like this, but what it means is we're more vulnerable to global shocks, and i think we're starting to see some of that right now. a lot of economists are bringing down their growth forecasts in part because of all this turmoil overseas. >> and, tory, you're really out there talking to these folks trying to find jobs. we've asked them to weigh in, and i wants to
7:17 am
read one comment we got from a viewer who said, is there a better place to learn and search through counting postings that don't apply on sites like monster, career builder and simply hired? >> yes, yes, yes, there are better ways. so typically what we see that people are doing is they apply and wait. so we just put a lot of resumes out there online and wait for the phone to ring, and it doesn't ring, so instead i rather people apply and engage, and engagement means calling somebody who works at that company, finding someone through linkedin, twitter or facebook or who works where you want to work or could help you connect to someone there. it means start something right now. so even this weekend you can start thinking about, maybe i'm going to start a running club, maybe i'm going to start a small fund-raiser, maybe i'm going to start a small lawn mowing business so you have something to talk about and you have something to do so you feel worthwhile every single day because the frustration of the rejection and the job search fatigue causes people to diminish the way they job search. they're not job searching effectively enough and if we
7:18 am
focus on the engagement part i think we'll see much better results. >> so be creative, think outside of the box when searching for jobs. thank you so much. we have to leave it there. we appreciate it, tory, john. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. let's check the other headlines this morning. for that we're going to go to ron claiborne. good morning, ron. >> hey, good morning, bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin in washington, d.c., with a deadline for a new federal budget in less than a week away. the federal government faces a shutdown if congressional leaders cannot come up with a compromise. house speaker john boehner said there is no agreement on budget cuts while president obama warned that a shutdown could slow economic recovery. and now to libya where a nato air strike near the city of brega killed at least 15 people and a rebel convoy of cars including an ambulance. it appears that the incident was a case of mistaken identity. according to the rebels some of gadhafi's forces are now using civilian cars and clothing which make them indistinguishable from the opposition. and finally, what would you name a runaway reptile, dan and bianna? that's the question that the bronx zoo was asking the public. the slithering serpent that had a lot of people here in new york jumping on chairs went missing for six days, of course, earlier
7:19 am
this week before being found in the zoo's reptile house. now you can enter a name for the cobra that caused the kerfuffle. by going to the bronx zoo website. you got a name? >> i don't. i know that the twitter feed for the bronx zoo cobra still has 230,000 followers. >> 200 -- >> whoever it is is tweeting out messages for people to deliver cakes to the zoo with saws baked inside so the cobra can escape. >> my favorite tweet of the week came from you. you said, rest assured, everybody, breathe, the snake is alive. >> it was a happy day. a happy day for new york city. let's check the weather with our guest from the miami affiliate wplg, meteorologist scott padgett. good morning, scott. >> good morning to both of you. i'm going with curly for the name of the snake because it curls up. we have video out of worcester, mass, of the snow system that rolled through yesterday. 3.8 inches of snow officially for the folks there but in some areas more than a foot of snow. at the height of the storm about 50,000 people without power. now, the good news today is that
7:20 am
low pressure is on out of here, but the problem is biting winds, winds anywhere between 20 and 30 miles per hour gusting to near 40 and temperatures 5 to 10 degrees colder than that. another storm rolling in that will bring snow to the rocky mountains and possibly severe weather in the southern plains. >> bianna dan? >> bianna and dan? >> thank you, scott. we decided your nickname is now curly. we appreciate it. coming up, we've got an explosive 911 call, just
7:21 am
released audio of lindsey lohan screaming and cursing at a betty ford rehab clinic worker. we are going to play you these tapes in just a minute. >> an unlikely pair. a woman fights to keep her unusual pet, a paralyzed kangaroo she's cared for since he was a baby. why the two may soon be separated is coming up next. for three hours a week, i'm a coach. but when i was diagnosed with prostate cancer... i needed a coach. our doctor was great, but with so many tough decisions i felt lost. unitedhealthcare offered us a specially trained rn who helped us weigh and understand all our options. for me cancer was as scary as a fastball is to some of these kids. but my coach had hit that pitch before. turning data into useful answers. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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you are looking at irwin, the kangaroo. he's a best friend, family member to a woman in oklahoma who says that he's helped cure her depression. now the state wants to take the kangaroo away. >> he's cute. >> dan, would you adopt the kangaroo? >> there's no room in my apartment for a kangaroo, but he is really cute, and she says he's made a huge difference in her life, and city officials say he may be against the law, so there is a bit of a conflict there. we'll get into that and talk to irwin and his owner coming up. irwin apparently has a new suit for the occasion. >> you're going to talk to irwin. you prepared some tough questions for irwin? >> wow. all right. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. it's saturday, april 2nd. also this morning, our little
7:31 am
quiz for you. >> yeah, this is fun. >> can you tell fact from fiction? so here's some amazing hoaxes floating around yesterday. obviously it was april fools' day but also some incredible true stories. for example, did kate middleton really get caught on camera drinking and smoking just weeks before marrying the prince? dan? >> i somehow doubt that one. >> well, we'll tell you which one is true, which one wasn't coming up in the show. but we do begin with the just released tapes of the 911 call lindsay lohan made from the betty ford clinic last december. you can hear the actress and the staffer screaming at each other, and mike marusarz is here with all the details. good morning to you, mike. >> bianna, good morning. lindsay lohan just can't seem to stay out of the headlines these day, and now for the first time we are getting access to the struggling starlet's real-life drama. >> 911 call. >> reporter: in this newly released 911 tape, you hear a chaotic lindsay lohan and betty ford clinic employee dawn holland. >> but i have a problem because lindsay lohan pushed me and hit
7:32 am
me with the phone while i was trying to talk to you. >> okay, so you want to file charges against her? >> yes, i think i do. >> reporter: for six minutes the two women struggle for the phone during the december 12th call from the palm desert rehab facility. lohan tells the dispatcher. >> i'm sorry. i'm really uncomfortable with the woman that is in our house. i've seen her before, and she's freaking me out. >> reporter: holland was fired for giving interviews like this one to tmz violating patient confidentiality rules. >> i did not touch the woman. i am not willing to risk my job over any patient. >> reporter: but this week prosecutors decided not to file charges against lohan citing insufficient evidence. it's yet another headline grabber for the 24-year-old luscious lightning rod of controversy. she still is facing trial in l.a. for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. she denies it and turned down a plea deal. >> if you plead in front of me, you are going to jail, period.
7:33 am
>> reporter: and a few nights ago, cameras caught this unflattering wipeout on a new york city street. lindsay facebooked, "is it not allowed to slip and fall," as she nurses yet another bruise to her ailing image. lindsay lohan is due back in court for a pretrial hearing on the theft charge april 22nd. >> did you clear the luscious lightning rod of controversy line by her publicist? >> i have not cleared that with her, although she might try to trademark that from now on. >> classic. >> mike, thank you. it's a similar nickname to what we use for ron claiborne. >> i knew that was coming. >> luscious. >> dan, good morning to you, bianna, mike, good morning, everyone. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this gaping hole in a southwest airlines plane 36,000 feet in the air. pilots put the plane into a controlled descent dropping 25,000 feet in less than five minutes and landed safely, but the hole could be seen by the
7:34 am
118 terrified passengers. there were no serious injuries reported. more good news about the economy. u.s. car sales are up 17% from last year. general motors, ford, honda and nissan, also double digit sales increases thanks in part to gains in employment. rising gas prices, meanwhile, drove consumers to smaller and more efficient cars. and calorie counters will no doubt applaud the fda's decision -- proposal, that is, requiring chain restaurants, bakeries and even drive-throughs to post the amount of calories of each item on their menus. the calorie counting will apply to about 280,000 eateries and could be on menus by next year. and finally, congratulations to the third grade class of zachary elementary school in east baton rouge, louisiana. the kids who call themselves the wetland warriors won the grand prize in the disney planet challenge, that is a contest by our parent company, of course, to get students involved in environmental issues. the zachary students grew and transplanted bitter panicum plants to stem the coastal erosion of the beaches off grand
7:35 am
isle in louisiana. time for weather and scott padgett from our miami affiliate wplg. >> it's been cold. if you want heat, you have to go well down to the southwest. take a look now. phoenix, arizona, 100 degrees. record high, las vegas, 92 tying a record and san jose, 84 degrees tying -- also having another record there. so with that in mind, temperatures will really cool down, and the warm air gets replaced by a real cold blast of air. and temperatures cool their way down, dallas, 82, cools down to 72. my nephews, your birthday should be a-okay. that >> i got my mouth to work. this weather report has been --
7:36 am
maybe i didn't get it to work -- by bush's baked beans. dan? >> it's tough in the morning, hey, scott, don't go anywhere. i want to embarrass you for a second. i understand today is your birthday. >> it is, number 37. >> that's fantastic. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much to the makeup person for making me look like i'm not that old. >> you needed no work whatsoever. we appreciate you working on your birthday. great to have you. >> great birthday present. thanks, guys. the latest chapter in our royal diary. we're just 27 days away from prince william and kate middleton's huge day and events of the wedding, prince william got a special visit from his grandmother at work. lama hasan is in london this morning with more on the special relationship that the queen shares with her boys. lama, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. well, yes, the countdown is on and being the head of the royal household, the queen is not only playing a major role in overseeing all the wedding preparations, she's also playing a major role in the princes' lives. ♪ >> reporter: when you strip away the titles, the pomp and the
7:37 am
circumstance, she's really just a grandma, and like any other, the queen has always been there to support her boys, especially after their mother diana died. >> the grandmother and grandfather were at william and harry's side right throughout, and they actually got the boys through. >> reporter: christenings, graduations and even on the job giving her nod of approval. just yesterday fighting the wind, the nimble monarch visited prince william at the air force base where he is a search and rescue pilot. of course, his proud grandparents got the detailed tour. her influence over them is strong. in 2007 william said, "my grandmother inspires me. i look up to what she does." even harry controls his not so inner bad boy when grandma is around promising to be on his best behavior under her watchful eye at the wedding. >> i will have a few stories. i think my grandmother will be there, so i'll have to be
7:38 am
selective is one way to say it. >> she's always there to offer advice. william and harry got their head screwed on the right way, but if there's a little bit of a problem troubling them, yes, she's always there to hear them out. >> reporter: and the boys have repaid their grandmother back by introducing her to modern-day technology. >> they actually taught her how to twitter. they taught her how to text. they taught her how to use a mobile phone properly, and so there's constant communication between the two. ♪ >> reporter: and in case you're wondering just who her favorite grandkid is, well, apparently the queen likes to treat all of them equally, but according to one royal insider we spoke to today, he said it was prince william. prince william is her favorite. dan, bianna, back to you. >> lama, thank you. i'm going to have to call my grandmother right after the show. meantime, we want to update you on a story we first told you about on "gma" friday about a new atm fee jpmorgan chase was testing out in two states.
7:39 am
they were charging customers $5 in illinois and $4 in texas. we were shocked when we heard that so we went to the bank for some answers, and they defended their decision, so we asked you to weigh in and, boy, did you ever. here are a couple of comments from our "gma" shoutout. one said, "i would never use a chase atm nor would i ever open an account with them just after they proved how greedy they really are." >> another viewer said, i think charging atm fees is just another way to nickel and dime the hard-working american." guess what. it turns out chase may be listening to this negative feedback. sources say jpmorgan chase has now ended its controversial test of higher atm fees for nonbank customers in part due to the good reporting of my colleague, bianna golodryga. good work. >> it was all of us. anyway, coming up on "good morning america," how caring for a disabled kangaroo makes life worth living for one woman in oklahoma and why they mutually benefit from this relationship and why it may be in jeopardy now. >> we're going to talk to them live in just a minute. and april fools. did you get taken in by any of the pranks running around yesterday? we're going to run down some of the best fake and real news and give you a little quiz. keep it here. going to run down
7:40 am
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7:43 am
in being his caregiver and the city council that is threatening to tear these two apart. >> christie carr owns the kangaroo named irwin. she says he brings joy to everyone he's around. but some city officials are now concerned that irwin could be a threat to public safety and are considering telling christie she can no longer keep irwin at home. they're both joining us. we've been waiting for this interview. christie, irwin, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, thank you. >> i like irwin's new suit. he's looking dashing. christie, i understand that -- >> thank you. >> -- he's made a huge difference in your life. you had suffered, as many americans do, with depression. can you tell us how irwin helped you heal? >> i was suffering depression. i had a stroke two years ago, and i was still having some side effects from that and was going through the depression, the grief of losing my grandmother a few years ago. when irwin came into my life, i had to concentrate on something
7:44 am
else. he had to have 24-hour care. he was completely paralyzed at the time i adopted him. >> and, christie, we understand that you've had irwin for a year now, so why is this just now becoming an issue with the city council? >> irwin and i do volunteer work for wild heart ranch. we were helping raise funds, and through that process we found out that we need to get a usda exhibiter's license. when we were in process of getting that, we found out there was actually an exotic animal or city ordinance which we didn't know about. so i went to them actually. we weren't trying to do anything illegal. we just wanted to get things cleared up. we had to write a letter. the city attorney is the one that had actually told the committee that she recommended a denial. she was going by the description of a kangaroo off of national
7:45 am
geographic, which is a wild kangaroo. irwin is a domestic kangaroo. we don't have wild kangaroos here. >> so, christie -- >> the kangaroos here are born on a domestic kangaroo farm where they were sold as pets. >> so sorry to interrupt you. let me ask you, what will you do if the city council comes down and says you can't keep irwin? >> irwin will not survive if he is not with me because of the care that he gets and because of the bond between us. i will have to move at this point in time. it'll have -- if they don't approve it, we'll have to move out into the county. there is a possibility if we raise enough funds for wild heart ranch that they will be able to enlarge the clinic as we've been planning to for several years and were wanting to put in -- on property cabins where on property volunteers will stay, and irwin and i will stay up there for awhile. >> well, christie, we wish you and irwin all the best. thank you so much for joining us and we do love that suit that irwin has on this morning. thanks for dressing him up for us. >> oh, thank you. >> thank you, christie.
7:46 am
thank you, irwin. coming up here on "good morning america" -- separating fact from fiction in the aftermath of an especially busy april fools' day. the aftermath of an especially busy april fools' day. especially busy april fools' day separating fact from fiction. the loss of interest, it, the lack of energy. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor about pristiq -- a prescription medicine proven to treat depression. pristiq is thought to work by affecting the levels of two chemicals in the brain -- serotonin and norepinephrine. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior, or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase suicidal thoughts and behaviors in children, teens, and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18. do not take pristiq with maois. taking pristiq with nset pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor about all your medications, including those for migraine, to avoid a potentially life threatening condition. pristiq may cause or worsen high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or glaucoma.
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7:49 am
so did you get pranked yesterday? >> nobody pranked me. i'm not popular enough to get pranked. >> no. >> me either. >> i didn't either. >> i should have done something for you. >> yeah. >> there are so many crazy stories out there. >> yeah, you should have. every day. >> there are so many crazy stories out there as i'm trying to say. we don't know what's true, what's fiction. jeremy hubbard broke it down for us. ♪ >> reporter: princess-to-be kate middleton caught on camera drinking, smoking, buying baby clothes?
7:50 am
unbelievable and untrue. the uk's "daily mail" got in on the long-standing april fools' tradition of hood-winking the naive. readers eat this stuff up literally according to this newspaper who reported its pages are now edible. >> we started looking at pet furniture needs. >> reporter: equally hard to swallow, ikea's idea of a good joke, a doggie highchair. >> dog comfort is paramount, so there is a hole in the back of the chair for the tail. >> reporter: google's gag, g-mail motion. a technology that lets you write e-mails by motioning with your hands. >> for example, to open a message, make a motion as if you were opening an envelope. to send a message, lick a stamp and place it down. >> reporter: spoofing has become sport on april 1st, so we decided to test your gullibility. can you tell which of these stories is real and which is fake? first up, scientists give apple ipads to zoo gorillas to see if they're happy. fake. but nice job with the photoshop.
7:51 am
how about this, a top university pays more than $30,000 for words of wisdom from -- wait for it -- snooki schooling rutgers students on how to rock that poof. scarily that's true. french president nicolas sarkozy uses a $20,000 armor-plated bullet and knife resistant umbrella to protect him from attackers? believe it or not, that's real. then there's the announcement from european airline ryanair that they're launching child-free flights because passengers like to avoid other people's little monsters. that one is fake, although a lot of people like the idea. finally, how about the oklahoma farmer who made a cutting-edge discovery. cows who eat hershey's can actually produce chocolate milk. chocolate milk from a cow? >> moo. >> reporter: sounds yummy. it also sounds too good to be true. >> i believed that last one. >> wait. >> that story came from our tulsa affiliate, and they did such a convincing job.
7:52 am
you should go online and check out the story. i like the ryeen air one personal. >> i wish they would do that. >> so say this's you are the father of a baby. >> i'm the one that doesn't want -- when he's crying, yeah, we do. >> thanks for coming in. we'll be right back. ack. but we all know kids would rather they just disappear. ♪ make me say la la la la la la ♪ [ woman ] now with a little magic from mom, there's an easy way to get kids he nutrition they need. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass but magically looks and tastes just like the fruit juice kids aready love. mott's medleys. ♪ la la la [ woman ] inviible vegetables. magical taste.
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7:56 am
unfortunately, bianna is not going to be with us tomorrow but she has a good excuse. you're going to interview former president clinton. >> i am. and we would like to get your thoughts. if you have questions for the former president, you can just e-mail us at we'll be sure to ask him what's on your mind. thank you for joining us today. be sure to watch and "world news with david muir." have a good day. >> see you. with david muir. >> see you. >> janelle: let's get a check on the forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. live look from sutro cam and notice all the cloud cover but it is quite mild and temperatures in the 50s around the bay area. 55 in redwood city as well as
7:57 am
oakland. cloud cover to keep us warm last night but we do have some higher elevations winds that are gusting to over 20 miles an hour. cooler numbers combined with the wind today making for a cool and breezy weekend. satellite and radar composite shows all the moisture being pulled up. maybe a little drizzle but overall it will be a dry weekend. we're not going to see much in the way of moisture. mt. shasta looking at some rain and few areas in sierra nevada. highs in the 50s, down from the lower 50s. low 60s in the southern sierra. we will look for cooler conditions in los angeles. they were in the 90s last couple of days. today 73. 68 in san diego. cloud cover all the way down the coast. today will be mild to start but with the breezy northwest winds at about 30 miles an hour. we'll see 50s return to pacifica
7:58 am
and 54 in san francisco. temperatures topping out around 70 in los altos. look ahead continued cool tomorrow but more sunshine, warmest day of the week, monday and cooler with rain by the end of the week. >> janelle: giant' fan remain in a coma and police are looking for two suspects. >> a midair scare sends a southwest jet diving for oxygen. join us next for the news at join us next for the news at 8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:8:
7:59 am
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