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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  April 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> transportation trouble on the ground. what is wrong with this picture? the ground. what is wrong with this picture? 7 news begins in 60 seconds
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>> going up and down up and down and looked out the window and all of a sudden i see that we are doing, we are landing. really fast. >> another mishap in the air. this on united flight headed for san francisco. >> passenger arrive back in the bay area this evening and what a story they have to tell. >> lillian is live in san francisco international tonight. lillian? >> l passengers ariff from new orleans tired yet relieved. first clue something was wrong was when the interior lights went out. you can see how the nose of the air bus 320 ran off the runway. passengers on the sfo bound flight say it was the landing like nothing they have ever felt before. after only a few minutes in the air united flight 4 97 went back to the
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new orleans airport for an emergency landing. >> instead of going down we were going too fast for the normal speed to land so the guy next to us said we are going to land hard. sure enough we landed super hard. >>reporter: problem started 4,000 feet in the air. crew detected smoke in the cockpit. the pilot then reported the instruments had stopped workin working. >> 4 97 we are declaring an emergency. we have lost all our instruments writ now and we are going to need par. >>reporter: the passengers didn't smell any smoke they could tell something was wrong. >> it felt like the plane was falling. and it wasn't gaining altitude and it was sort of just not working. >>reporter: for this couple, the return back to the new orleans airport was quick. during that time they say a lot went through their mind. >> you know we are both on the flight and our kids and what if we both died together and whereas our will and all of
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that kind of stuff. >>reporter: fortunately no one got hurt during that hard landing but the ordeal didn't end there. flight attendant deploy inflatable slide and ordered passengers to leave their belongings behind and get out of the plane immediately. >> they asked us then to run away from the plane. to far away from the plane in case anything did it was, it was unnerving. you turn around. it happened so fast you don't have time to be nervous. you turn around andd see the plane and like my goodness you see the impact of what you just went through. >>reporter: national transportation safety board safety board sent a team to investigate. preliminary report is expected within two two weeks. live at sfo, abc 7 news. >> thanks. >> another mid-air mishap triggered dramatic action by the faa. tomorrow aviation authorities will issue an emergency order for the immediate inspection of dozens of 737 s. the reason the huge hole that suddenly ripped open on the top of south west flight bound for sacramento. allen
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wong is live at the oakland airport now where south west hopes to get all the planes back in the air by tomorrow. allen. >> yes dan. south west cancelled some 70 more flights today as it continues lacking for hair line fracture and metal fatigue this problem dates back to 1988 when the aloha airline jet lost huge portion of the roof and flight attendant. it led to more stringent safety regulations but now those regulations now being scrutinized. >> if we find issues that need immediate attention we will issue l urgent safety recommendation. >>reporter: announcement of 80 more emergency inspections has experts saying the faa needs to the rethink its entire inspection process. >> finding out it is more important to look at the cycle on an airplane rather than the length of time it is in service or able. >>reporter: former national safety chairman for the airline pilot association l says the cycle of pressureizing and
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depressureizing a plane during take off and landing causes metal fatigue. >> if you remember taking a tin can and cracking it and crinkle it until it broke apart, that is the problem you have with aluminum so it becomes important to start looking at cycles. >>reporter: commuter planes like the 737 undergo motorcycl motorcycles because they take off and land more often. the sacramento bound south west plane that had the roof ripped open reportedly went through 7 cycle a day for 15 years. l this piece overlap this is piece. overlap is caulked underneath and this is where a crack can develop. more fatigue crack found on 3 other south west planes. over time l the 2 pieces may move somewhat independent of each other and that independent movement creates the hair line crack along the seam here. >>reporter: any current
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technology can be used that sends electrical current through the metal picking up any irregularity. could end up being part of the faa overhauled safety program. south west says the emergency inspection will not cause more cancellations because those 80 planes under scrutiny had already undergone a rigorous examination over the weekend. reporting live from oakland enter until airport, abc 7 news. >> okay thanks very much. transportation shall on the ground. muni blames human error for door open on moving light rail train at the transit agency promise that is employee will be held accountable. watch. as you can see the you tube video show as door staying open as train speedsu! between the van ness and church station during last friday evening rush hour. muni requires all doors closed before a train can move. the video shows the door does close as you can see here. >> the reward for information
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leading to the arrest of the 2 men who beat up a giants fan last week at dodger stadium jumped to 50,000 dollars today. 42-year-old brian stow of santa cruz was assaulted in the stadium parking lot after game. stow is paramedic. he remains in medically induced coma tonight. dodgers added 25,000 dollars to the reward fund today. giants announce they are donating 10,000. take a look. this is composite police sketch of the 2 men who punch stow and then kicked him while he was down. man accused of kidnapping j.c. dugard and holding her captive in antioch for 18 years is expected to change his plea on thursday. he will plead guilty to the 1991 abduction. attorney for his wife nancy says it is an effort to show compassion for her and for dugard who would not have to testify against him in court. by pleading guilty he will spend the rest of his life in prison while his wife may be able to win some sort of a dea deal. >> prosecution in perjury trial of former giant slugger bonds
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says a witness has found a key piece of evidence he thought was lost. bonds former business partner steve hoskins says he locate add secret audio recording of bonds orthopedic surgeon dr. arthur king. hoskins testified that he and king discussed bonds steroids use several teams but on the stand dr. king denied the conversation. prosecution wants to admit the tape as evidence but theless ang times is reporting the judge has said the statements on the tape are almost entirely irrelevant. >> i guess we'll have to find out as the court proceeds and find out the mystery of how this evidence that has been missing for 8 years suddenly pops up at just the crucial most dramatic moment in the prosecution case. >>reporter: the judge will recall whether to allow the recording as evidence once she has complete transcript. testimony is expected to resume tomorrow. >> meantime prosecutors begin cross examining the star witness in the bailey murder trial after admitted gunman geographically described the killing. former pl black
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muslim bakery janitor andre testified that he shot the oakland post editor twice in the torso. he then told the jury that he returned and fired one more shotgun blast into bailey's face. to quote make sure he was dead. l he acted on the orders of bay the fourth. prosecutors accuse bay of ordering bailey murder in 2007 to stop unflattering stories about the bakery. andre testified as part of plea bargain deal. >> thousands of union members protested across the bay area today against what they call attack on the middle class. hundreds of people march through san francisco financial district tonight as part of a series of events called we are one. rally nationwide mark the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of dr. martin luther king jr. local union leaders say workers in california stand in solidarity with public employee ins wisconsin who recently lost many of the collective bargaining rights.
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>> more to come this monday. president obama wants to keep his job. how he told support bears his plan to become the first billion dollar candidate. >> also. the high tech method for fighting off the world deadliest super bug. then this. >> it has been an honor to serve you for the past 8 years. >> we have a peak at the governor first role since leaving the governor's office. >> then later tonight. nature [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it'siber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good! it tastes good, so there can't be fiber in it! it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber. [ asst mgr ] it says so right on the box. [ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar,
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♪ [ male announcer ] old el pas. old el paso. feed your fiesta. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> closed captioning brought to >> president obama sent out e-mails and text message today announcing he will run for reelection. he released campaign video which he does not appearment it is called it begins with us and features grass roots supporters. >> i think it need to reflect the changes that we have seen in the last 2 and a half years then we had an under dog senator that nobody thought that he had a chance. now he's the president. >> i don't agree with obama but i respect him and i trust him. >> today filing allows the campaign to officially begin fundraising. he collected 750 million dollars in 2008 n.this
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campaign he's expected to become the first billion dollar presidential candidate. >> marine from santa clara has been killed while serving afghanistan. 21-year-old lance corporal harry lou died sunday supporting combat operation 5 most after deployed. his unit based out of hawaii was reportedly doing counter insurgent work with afghan national security forces. his death is under investigation. many governor brown signed a bill tonight that would transfer tens of thousands of non-violent felon to county jail instead of state prison. part of the governor effort to reduce prison overcrowding. measure would keep low level offenders close to their homes where drug treatment and mental health services are believed to be more effective. supporters say it will save money. opponent argue it will allow some inmates to be released early. group of people held rally today at the capitol to push for an immigration bill similar to the controversial one passed in arizona. bill which would
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toughen california immigration law written by the state assembly sole tea party member tim donnelly. it proposes ending sanctuary cities, enforcing immigration law against employers who knowingly higher illegal immigrant and makes it miss did he mean or to be in the state illegally. >> toyota announced today it begins closing american plants later this month because of parts are short annuals. earthquake and tsunami force parts makinger in northeast japan to close. temporary shut down will affect 25,000 workers but toyota says no layoffs are expected. instead workers will take training classes, vacatio vacation, or time off without ñacation, or time off without down last depends on when production restarts in japan. >> ibm researchers are developing small solution for big medical pra problem. they are cooking up nanoparticle to attack super bug like mrsa resistant to antibiotics. l we have the report. >> ibm research team in san
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jose is developing a new weapon in the fight against super bugs such as mrsa. mrsa is a growing strain of drug resistant bacteria that kills an estimated 19,000 americans every year. the big breakthrough is 50,000 times smaller than the thicknesses of human hair. >> this happens to be a class new my coke designed to fight path general and infectious disease. >>reporter: researchers working with the nanoparticle refer to them as ninja particle because they are attack is fas fast, accurate and precise. particle have electro magnetic quality. searching out the cell wall of bacteria resistant to antibiotics. here's a dangerous mrsa cell prior to treatment. and this is what it looks like after a nanoparticle encounter. >> go in. latch on. take your little nanoscissors out or
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nanothrowing stars out. pawvrj hole through. and let the gut spill. >>reporter: lab test indicate the nanoparticle destroy mrsa without affecting healthy or red blood cells. ibm has partner with scientist at the institute of bioengineering and nanotechnology in singapore. the hope is that computer technology can find its niche in modern medicine. >> exciting new area for us and allows to us basically leverage the things we have been doing over the last 20 years or so here at ibm and new chemistry synthetic method we developed. >> researchers new talking about pharmaceutical company. next goal is to take the science from the lab the human testing. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> law aimed at helping paralyzed californians faces key vote in sacramento tomorrow. backer of ab 1 any call it roman law after this
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man from free mochbility he was perilize entered 1994 during a college football game and has become a vocal advocate for spinal research. it adds 3 dollar surcharge of those kibingted of reckless driving in california. would it research help people like reed walk again. >> ab 190 does. without such taxpayer money it's so important. with our scientific know-how do it in california. >>reporter: 650,000 californians suffer from paralysis or other conditions that limit their mobility. traffic accidents cause nearly half of all spinal cord injuries in california. hope you enjoyed some wonderful weather today and over the weekend. things are change. >> yes they are. check in with spencer with more on that. consist that away for awhile. mild but not as mild at this hour around the bay area. 63
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in redwood city. 62 in oakland and antioch and losing my voice an temperatures in the 50's at all other locations. these are the highlights. cooling trend begins tomorrow although tomorrow is a pleasant day. much cooler along the coast an showers arrive on wednesday night. this afternoon we had a nice warm offshore flow that brought the warm weather out to the coast line. high pressure up to 82 degrees today at half moon bay. 81 actually. still pretty high there for this time of the year. satellite radar composite image cold front approaching. ridge of high pressure breaking down right now so cooling trend begins tomorrow with few extra clouds in the sky. then the pool of cold air drops down from the gulf of mexico ka and showers on top of that. start the forecast animation at 5:00 o'clock wednesday afternoon by wednesday night late wednesday night see showers developing in the north bay pushing south ward during the overnight hours and by 5:00 o'clock thursday morning the beginning of rush hour we see showers across most
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of the bay area. maybe even a little spot of snow on top of mount hamilton cold air filters in. by midmorning thursday we see trailing showers and cold air. snow at mount hamilton and mountain helena over in the sierra from the sweeping storm. a little bit of unceltsed weather later in the week. nice and mild pleasant. breezy near the coast. overnight low drop in the upper 40's to low 50's. not a very cool overnight period at all and tomorrow another pleasant day. just a little bit cooler than today. in the south bay dry conditions. mostly sunny skie skies. high pressure in the upper 60's to near 70 at campbell. 71 at los gatos. mid 60's mainly on the peninsula. 66 here and 59 half moon bay. in and around san francisco look for high of 63 downtown. 59 in the sun set district. north bay high will be mainly in the l upper 60's but low 70's in calistoga and nap a.nearest bay high generally mid upper 60's.
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oakland union city. inland east bay a little bit milder. low 70's the most part. upper 70's at walnut creek and dublin and pl near monterey bay look for high 60 near the bay. 70's inland. accu-weather 7 day forecast. cooler still on wednesday and windy. showers develop wednesday night continue through the day on thursday. thursday friday high pressure mainly in the 50's only up to about 60 in warmest inland spot then we warm-up over the weekend with high pressures coming back. a little bit of visit from winter past. >> thank you. >> arnold schwarzenegger return to acting. >> peak at his first hollywood role since leaving sacramento >> peak at his first hollywood role since leaving sacramento we'll be
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>> about patients celebrate after electing popular musician as new president. many might call michelle him sweet micky instead of president. he came from behind in the presidential run off to easily key feet former first lady. about his on stage antic that include occasionally mooning the audience along with wearing
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diaper andress he promises to change all that. he will clean up corruption he says in the island nation still reeling from last year devastating earthquake. >> well former governor arnold schwarzenegger makes his first acting debut since leaving office with his role isn't much of a stretch in some respect. >> it has been an honor to serve you the past 8 years. now i must say goodbye. i won't be back. >>reporter: he lends his voice to the lead character in the animated comedy series the governor nickname during the time in sacramento. story centers around former governor who lead as double life as family man and super hero. one of the show creators comic book legend stanley. >> we had not a very good looking basketball game tonight. huskies claim the crown tonight over butler as walker was lead dog on this championship. third title
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since 1999. highlights and coming up innnnnnnnnnnnnn oprah: drop the curtain, joe! erica kane, face to face with all her tv husbands. luke and laura, back together. angie and jesse.
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about it wasn't pretty but top dog in the men ncaa tournament and huskies defeat the bull dog and won earning well deserved title. butler making second appearance and first half walker driving draws a contact. 3 point play make. 13-8 pe end of the half mack from deep. butler up at the break. lo lowest scoring first half since 1946. second half turn up the defense. lamb with the steal and jam. huskies up 5. then walker. look at the finish. oh, my. he had 16 poychlts up 11. bull dog simply could not score. made just 12 of 64
11:30 pm
shots. 18 percent. lowest ever in an ncaa championship. and game that lacked style, fuchl c o nn had their most points. l. >> the tournament came out strong and we got a lot of confidence from the tournament we felt unstoppable. it was right. that's why we are national champion. best in the country. >> not always going to make shot. rarely 12 and 64. but tl they had a lieutenant to do with that. >>reporter: okay. sharks clinch title tonight with full house over the kings turning out for post season. 3 point shy of 1,000 in his career. first period shark off the big rae bound. joe is there. l jonathan quick and san jose 1 nothing. great pass to mark. goes top shelf first of 2 goal
11:31 pm
goals. 2 nothing shark. san jose explodes in the second. dan boil. back of the net. makes it 4-1. thornton converting off the rebound. 20th goal of the season. he end the night with nine 99 career points. shark take the pacific division title with a 6-1 victory. >> basketball hall of added 10 new members and both got the nod today. spent 13 years with golden state. he was awarded first pick in 1985. 5 time all star. 2 time all american at st. john's and 1985 won the john wood award for nation top player. >> when john called i was so happy he called early west coast time and he woke me up and i actually went back to sleep but i swlept a big smile on my face. i really did. >> i bet he did. vand veer one of only 5 division one coaches with 800 victory and 25 season stanford 2 national title. 20
11:32 pm
pac-10 title and been to the final 4 10 times. coach 1996 team in atlanta and induct entered august. congratulations to both well deserved and shame that don nelson in the hall of fame and hopefully his time will come. pl carolyn was still in school when she started. >> yes she was. >> all right guys. >> i was just wondering that. >> "nightline"up next. >> many next newscast begins tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> for all of us here thanks for watching. appreciate your time. for watching. appreciate your time. >> good night everyone you've got a strawberry pop-tart, but ve got a warm, esh baked strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? mmmm. i do. (announcer) pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls.
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