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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  April 6, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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more desmtds in the barry bonds perjury trial. >> the defense rested without calling a single witness. the judge dropped one charge leaving four counts. >> terry mcsweeney is live at the federal courthouse in san francisco. >> reporter: on this day when the defense had implied they
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might actually hear from barry bonds on the witness stand we got nothing. in fact as the drum rolled and there is nobody there. tomorrow at 8:30 the jury will hear closing arguments and start deliberating on the fate of barry bonds. >> the home run king came to court today as always with nothing to say to the media and before we found out he had nothing to say as a witness. the judge ruled one charge against bonds would be dropped. >> that particular charge was the one related to the so-called cream and clear the designer steroid which we thought was the centerpiece of the case. >> a slew of motions to have testimony dismiss redwood all denied including testimony from kimberly bell. then came the bombshell from the defense, an attorney saying the defense rests. >> so frankly this is the one of the weakest prosecutions anybody
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has seen in a long time. conventional wisdom, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. >> the jury is expected to begin deliberations. >> if there was ever a case that you can smell an acquittal, if the prosecution manages to pull out a conviction of bard with this evidence it's going to go down in legal history. >> johnson also points out if in fact the jury gets this case tomorrow afternoon as expected, bonds could be a free man in time for the san francisco giants home opener in the afternoon. >> cheryl: the reward for convict ago man who viciously beat a giant's fan outside a dodger stadium in los angeles is up to $1,000,000. extra security will be in for next weekends game.
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bryan stow remains in a coma. his company he works for is holding an fund-raiser. >> reporter: it's amazing the emotion that is gathered at this fund-raiser and the barbecue grills will be fired up from now until 8:00 tonight to raise money for bryan stow and his family. he is still in a coma following a dodger-giants game in los angeles. he has been a paramedic for american medical response since 2005 and his colleagues have rattled around him and the family. it includes a bake sale and silent auction all to raise money for bryan and his family and amr says the response has been incredible. >> it's small family based,
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everybody else out there has the same feelings to the senseless tragedy. so to see the support out them for his family, it makes a difference. it goes to show a few people can make a huge difference toward somebody. >> a lot of people planning to make a difference. hamburgers, chicken, those are some of the items being served up. there is no set price for this barbecue. amr is asking for whatever donation people are able to make. we have more information on the barbecue location here in san jose and if you are not able to make it by personally we have information on our website on how to contribute to the bryan stow fund. go to and click, see it on tv. >> cheryl: thanks very much. in antioch residents are holding a stop the violence rally after a gun battle that left three bullet holes in a nine-year-old
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veteran. monday night, two gangs fired at each other hitting people and nearby parked cars. fortunately the little boy had gone to the kitchen to get something to eat. two people were injured and one of them seriously. today's rally is at 3:00 at the coroner of sycamore. >> they are trying to determine what caused a fire in a residential hotel in the tenderloin district. it took hours to line up shelters for people that were displaced. most people were treated for showing inhalation. it started on the first floor and raced up the garbage chute of the six story building. >> smoke was coming in waves. it was to toxic in there. i was telling a friend, i was telling him, i have new respect for firemen. those guys...
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i can't put it to words. >> kristen: firefighters spent all night fighting flare-ups. >> cheryl: richmond city council worked late last night to stop plans for a casino after more than six years of back and forth debate about development. council members voted in favor of a motion about the mayor to discontinue discussion about the casino. the original discussion was to clean up the property and turn it into a resort including a hotel, convention center and casino. last year 58% of richmond residents voted against the casino. developers say the resort would not be profitable without the gambling cop opponent. they could end up suing richmond trying to get millions of dollars back. >> it looks likely that the federal government will shut
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down as the debate heats up. it's estimated 80,000 federal workers could be affected and you may be impacted, as well. janelle wang is here with more. >> expecting a tax refund, irs may be slow to process it. what about a spring break? may not happen and all possibilities as the government shuts down in three days. >> friday at midnight is the deadline and if they don't reach a budget deal the nation could face its first government shutdown in 15 years. >> this is most predictable economic crisis in this country. this is something we can preempt. this is something we can stop. we owe it to ourselves and children and grandchildren and owe it to our fellow countrymen to get the debt under control. >> republicans refuse to take the extra steps. every time we agreed to meet in the middle they moved where the middle is. they said no when we met them
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halfway. >> despite the fighting the senate's third ranking democrat. >> i would say there is a little more than a hope, glimmer of a candle but not a full bright burning candle yet. >> reporter: democrats and republicans are using different numbers to describe the stumbling put but republicans want $61 billion in spending cuts, democrats and president obama are pushing for $33 billion saying any more could have too big of an impact on the sluggish economy. this is what could happen. american troops on the front lines in iraq and afghanistan may not get paychecks. tax refund you are counting on you might have to wait and national museums and parks across the country including yellowstone and yosemite may close to visitors. >> certain services are exempt in shutdowns including military
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operations, air traffic control and criminal investigations. a three minute phone call with president obama, speaker boehner says he is hopeful a deal can be reached before friday's deadline. a controversial case of school punishment. what happened to an eight-year-old boy when police say teachers couldn't control him in class and say officers went way too far. >> and fewer trains and higher appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. california is going to face stiff competition for billions of dollars in high speed rail funds given up by the state of florida. 21 other states have applied for the federal aid when it became available when florida's governor cancelled the process. they are now reviewing 90 applications. the high speed rail plan would link san francisco and los angeles with a train traveling 220 miles an hour making the trip in 2 hours and 40 minutes. the line would later be expanded to san diego and sacramento. >> they will vote on a tentative deal to close a huge budget. if it passes, trains will be eliminated from the 86 runs on the weekday schedule. three stations, one in san
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francisco would be closed. passengers wo would pay 25 cents more 'per treip and ten dollars more for parking per month. special veernts event trains would continue. they are facing a $30 million deficit in the next fiscal year. >> today the san francisco board of supervisors will consider charging entrance fees after botanical gardens at golden gate park. they have been charging $7 fee to help bridge a budget deficit but only raised $59,000. not the projected $250,000. they say the fee has resulted in a drop of visitors. supervisors will hear arguments that people that want to make the park free for everyone. they are defending a decision important an 8-year-old boy that went into a rage at a school. he was in a class with kids with behavioral problems. recently he got angry and
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started spitting and even threatening teachers and students with a sharp piece of wood that he held like a knife. >> it was a situation that had to be diffused and had to be done very quickly. no one went home injured that day. >> the police officers, they didn't try to talk to him. you find out what it is that is bock in him. you don't ask him to stop and then spray. >> on this interview. the mom says she has filed a complaint with police. she acknowledged this was the third time the police have been called to the school to deal with the boy. he recently been transferred to another school. >> lisa is in for mike nicco. >> the temperatures are going down and we have rain to talk about. low snow levels. forecast is coming up. >> plus, new details about
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britain's royal wedding. there is one question even prince william won't know the answer to until the very last minute. >> and the procedure to make you look years young are.
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>> kristen: britain's prince william and kate file the world will be watching when they marry it's not an exaggeration. there be 7,000 journalists covering the wedding with 60 cameras along the procession route. we're learning new details. queen say the titles will take and press release will send out the exact moment as kate arrives at westminister abby finally revealing the dress. >> i think the reason kate has been so important to keep it under wraps because she generally wants to surprise
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prince william. she wants him to say, wow. >> we bet he will. the wedding will take place at buckingham palace. >> and we're hoping good weather for the event, too. >> fabulous weather here today. >> you want to get out for a walk or bike ride, enjoy the sun feel warm compared to tomorrow. cold air and rain and wind today. take a look, sky7hd, isn't this beautiful? this is the golden gate bridge and marin headlands. it would be a great day to get out and enjoy anything. kind of gusty on the water. we are looking at temperatures around the bay area on the cool side this morning. in fact, it's 56 degrees in hayward and still cool in marin, 55 in san rafael. napa was 59. we have those gusty winds to
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thank for that and' airport, gusting to 30 miles an hour. concord gusting to 21 miles an hour. and not so bad that the wind will continue to pick up in the east bay hills all along the coast. then we've got an arctic cold front and late season cold front on the way to bring showers tonight. chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. it's going to move out of here rather quickly but leaving the cold air behind. a couple of cool days and then get the rain gear. here is the system that brought the cooldown, next one bringing the moisture and cold air. temperatures will be definitely a little cool but not as cool as what we're going to experience tomorrow. this is a fast mover. it's going to come in overnight but because of the cold unstable air and sunshine behind it, showers will stick around the morning overnight tonight. here we are 4:00 in the morning, showers all the way down through
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the east bay, the south bay and then look what happens throughout the rest of the morning, cold air slides in until 8:00. you've got cold temperatures and a little snow mix here around lake county, also around mount ham i will top. with the cold air, we have a possibility of thunderstorms. 3:00 maybe showers and finally the rain moves out just in time for the weekend. 65 in santa clara today. definitely cooler in the south bay with the wind picking up here, half moon bay, 58. mid-60s redwood city. in mid-60s for petaluma and vallejo. near east bay a breezy one in san leandro, 65 and out over the hills, a little warmer and you'll have that wind and higher elevations, 67 in hollister, breezy in monterey. >> here is the seven-day forecast, the showers throughout much of the morning will be more widely scattered tomorrow. look at the numbers, thursday and friday, in the 50s.
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increasing clouds on monday. so a little bit of everything coming up. >> cheryl: contra costa supervisors have agreed to provide a $10 million loan to help doctors in san pablo to stay afloat. they are warning the hospital they must find a long term solution. the hospital says the money will give them time to rethink their mission to keep the largest emergency department open. a similar who loan was given to them in 2006. latest money will come from county reserves and not affect services or require cuts elsewhere. >> kristen: not that vampires are needed because they don't age but a new cosmetic procedure named after them. it's called the vampire facelift and quite different than botox. they draw a patient's blood
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separating platelets and blend with a protein mixture and inject it back in the skin. it lasts 15 months and causes no allergies because it's the patient's own blood. where the procedure is popular -- beverly hills, of course. >> we have more ahead including the library of congress preserving the anthem? >> we'll be right back.óa
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are you trapped and don't know how to escape your addiction to cigarettes? one out of two regular smokers will die prematurely from smoking. you don't have to be one of them. escape the trap. say "enough." for free help to quit smoking, call the california smokers' helpline at 1-800-no butts. southern california announced shutting the concord office and cutting
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125 jobs. most were call center representatives. function will be done by a texas firm software. they will help employees find work through a job fair. >> today at 4:00, oprah and her staff go vegan for a week. then at 5:00, sticker shock sets in over president obama's fund-raising dinner later this month. and role in stopping certain kinds of cancer. >> kristen: library of congress is saving favorite stongs. >> take me out to the ballgame is being preserved along with 24 other recordings. >> this year's selections klurl kli, stand by me. >> and let's stay together. i'm not singing that one. >> you're not singing? >> and also stand up comedy were
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can chosen for cultural significance. >> we will keep our day job. >> today we'll see temperatures really average despite the winds and it will be warmer than what we are going to experience. ten degrees colder and rain comes in overnight. it will be with us in the morning commute and clear out thursday night, freezing temperatures friday morning. if you are like me you have the plants and flowers and all the nice stuff in the garden. you will need to cover those up. slowly we warm up sunday and monday. >> and have a great day. thanks for joining us. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is comingngngngngng
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