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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  April 8, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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in the news this friday morning. breaking news in san jose where ice on the road may be to blame for an accident that injured a chp officer. we'll check both directions of interstate 880. >> we'll govern 30s in the north bay and 40s in the south bay. >> and watch out for those icy conditions. we also very cold and slippery through the south bay. bay bridge toll plaza, no delays. >> also in the headlines, four hours, barry bonds jury begins deliberating charges. >> and 15 hours and counting before the u.s. government shuts down unless congress and the white house reaches a lags minute deals on budget cuts. >> i'm kristen sze.
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>> i'm eric thomas. >> topping the news a chp officer is hospitalized with possible broken leg following a frightening crash in the south bay. the officer had stopped to help another driver who had spun out and crashed possibly on ice. terry mcsweeney is live near the scene at 880 and stevens creek boulevard. that is where the accident happened. >> that is absolutely right. we're maybe 200 yards away from that. first let me show you you about the chp officer, non life-threatening injuries, a broken leg and some injuries to his face but non life-threatening. when you see pictures, you may be surprised about that. let me show you right now what may have caused that accident. this was coming down at 2:00 in the morning, a report of a very severe hailstorm out here and ice on the road. now, take a look at the picture what happened after. that a black pickup truck was involved in some kind of an
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accident pulled off to the side of the road. chp officer pulled up, got out of his vehicle and see what he could do to help the person in the black pickup truck. that is when a vehicle came along and hit the schp chp. the white pickup truck stopped at the scene. other officers responded and the on officer was taken to the hospital hospital, a broken leg and final injuries were there. we have unconfirmed reports that the person that was driving the white vehicle was taken into custody. there is also a report out there always reported out there that there was an arrest made in the indication. we're trying to see if that can be confirmed. we were looking a moment ago the hail counsel hire and 15 minutes ago, another strong hailstorm
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occurred. there may be more. so word for everyone else is please be careful this morning, in the middle of your morning drive on this april day, you could get hit with some ice, hail on top of your car. please drive carefully. >> we are looking still some moisture and very cold temperatures. already you see the rain-snow mix in the higher elevations but with the moisture in place, take a look, south of san jose, campbell we are looking moderate rain. this is going to stay with us the next several hours. the area of low pressure is not out of picture yet. to the west around 280 still looking at wet weather. further around to the east and north, dublin, 580, hayward and san leandro some light shower activity. notice we'll see this rain move from south to east, but we still have it over the water looking
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for a slick commute. >> kristen: this cold front brought all sorts of wild weather. wind, rain and hail and even a tornado. twister touched down around 4:00 a mile north of interstate 880. it blew down tree limbs and damaged rooftops along suisun valley road. >> it was fast. i said the branch, now i think about it, i started running. one of my customers because the wind was so hard. >> kristen: drivers on interstate 80 through fairfield got hammered by nickel-sized hail stuck to their windshield. >> eric: the jury will start deliberating when court resumes. they heard four and a half hours of heated arguments yesterday.
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they must decide on the counts. he admitted he used drugs provided by anderson but he claimed they were flax seed oil and a balm for arthritis. most of the witnesses testified against him had an ax to grind or financial motives. >> pg&e says it may not pay state regulators on fines. san francisco chronicle says a veiled threat is found in papers when the california puc. pg&e says questioning is not limited, it will seek due process of a full hearing which would likely run well past the august agreement for pg&e to hand over missing records of one-third of its network. it's all part of the investigation into last september's san bruno gas
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pipeline explosion that killed 8 people and destroyed 38 homes. >> eric: 4:35. the clock is ticking on a deadline on a government shut down if a budget deal is not reached by midnight tonight. you can see from a live count down there is about 16 hours and 23 minutes or so to go. president obama insists he wants an answer by congressional negotiators this morning. it would directly affect hundreds of thousands of workers and risk havmg the economy. emily schmidt has more. >> reporter: four white house meetings in three days and still no deal. now that the budget deadline is hours away and he expects an answer early this morning. >> i'm not prepared to express wild optimism but we are further along today than we were yesterday. >> senate majority leader harry reid left for the senate floor and said work would continue
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through the night. spending cut range is $34-38 billion a major sticking point is federal funding of planned parenthood. if there is no deal, paychecks stops for federal workers. president obama cancelled a trip to indiana to focus on the budget negotiations and the government shutdown mechanism is already moving with federal agencies preparing to shut down at midnight. >> kristen: high school students from vallejo is awaiting developments in washington. government shutdown is threatening to alter their plans to an upcoming trip to d.c. choir members from st. vincent high is heading for to the capital for a competition. the up trip was planned since the start of the first year. for most of the students it will be their first trip to d.c. >> if there is nothing to look
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forward to, like the smithsonian and lincoln memorial i don't know how we would be able to spend our time in washington. >> it kind of shows you how it goes in washington, sometimes they don't agree. a lot of times they don't agree. >> kristen: the choir raised $15,000 for their trip. they also put in $35,000 of their own money. >> eric: san francisco giants and fans will be back together for the first time this season at at&t park this afternoon for the season home opener. there will be extra security at today's game after bryan stow was savagely beaten. the game time is 1:35 and hosting the struggling cardinals. pre-game festivities is the raising. world championship banner. brian wilson can't wait. >> let the madness begin in the city.
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this is something we've waited for for a lifetime. the community is coming together and we're owl world champions. >> eric: the giants had a rocky start on the road but look for cheers and place when they are welcomed back to the home field. all three games this weekend are sold out. >> are giant fans likely to see the crazy weather? >> sleel sleet, hail. that kind of stuff. >> no, i don't think so. it's a perfect day. cool temperatures in the south bay. south of san jose, look at meridian avenue, pretty good downpour. it is cold out this morning. we still have moisture in the air a little further to the west. in the hills we have a rain-snow mix and then to the east. lighter returns, san leandro,
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castro valley, hayward, much lighter rain but out towards the hills looking at a rain-snow mix and temperatures in the north bay, they are really cold. we are talking some 30s this morning. you add a little wind into that and it is going to be a freezing warning in a couple of hours. 43 in san jose. highlights, frost in the north bay. isolated showers mainly in the south and east bay. dry weather builds in this weekend. but today for the giants, 57 degrees. 50 in oakland and chilly night with slowly warming temperatures and pretty nice system ahead. >> good morning. i wanted to emphasize especially in the south bay, possibly hail and ice on your commute, on your way to work you might encounter that. this is 280 and 17 interchange near the place northbound 280 and this is highway 17 turning
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into 880. so be extra careful. so far no major accidents reported around the bay area. we'll show you live shot at the interstate. you see the roads are slick. headlights on north 101 and 880 is open through san jose right across your screen. >> kristen: thanks a lot. it's 4:41. >> the morning commute could be more expensive for bus and ferry riders in the north bay. drivers on the golden gate bridge may share in the pain. >> kristen: new argument bay area drivers may have caught
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showers this morning. be prepared. lisa argen has the weather for the home opener for the giants coming up. >> fasten your seat bills. a transit director got the bombshell for raising fares. director dave snyder suggested golden gate bridge tolls should be raised 5% per year over four years. marin independent journal says the district district toll manager says it could be easily collected from electronically. >> and the board overseeing caltrain is putting off a decision over fare hikes. they face a $30 million deficit. they want to raise fares and charge more more park and close three stations and eliminate baby bullet trains but at a meeting yesterday many riders
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voiced their opposition to the changes. the board agreed to look for other ways to balance the budget. board members will look at the issue again in would weeks. another red light camera controversy. this time in daly city. a driver caught on camera got the citation dismissed after his lawyer claimed the city's contract with the red light camera maker violates state law. an attorney says daly city delegated responsibility for signs that warn drivers to redflex the company that installed the cameras. vehicle code says the city has to maintain the signs. >> anybody who gets one of these tickets in daly city from april 1st forward should be challenging the ticket, set the matter for trial and challenge it based on the contract. >> the city followed all of the requisite things necessary that to be sure we're in compliance.
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>> eric: a city attorney waws if other ticket holders go to court daly city will present more evidence that it is in compliance. >> what defense attorney said about gays in the military. >> and the piles of debris from the japan earthquake and how its floating toward california and the entire west coast of the united states. >> plus, now you see it, now you don't. at noontime, a former oakland hospital that is going out in style today. >> and welcome to the neighborhood. falcon family living in san jose city hall gets a little bit bigger. ♪ [ female announcer ] why choose between delicious
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good morning. we've got storms across the mid south and heat in parts of south. airport delays just in chicago. if you want to check your weather across the country, wait to do that is check the website at
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>> kristen: thanks a lot. it's now 4:48. more fallout from the disaster in japan. all kinds of debris swept up by the tsunami even houses and cars are now floating the pacific and slowly making our way to the coast. now more from tokyo. >> enormous chunks of towns washed out to sea are now being floating in open waters. sailors from the u.s. navy seventh fleet say they've never seen anything like it. houses and cars bobbing in the ocean are a threat to shipping traffic. >> it stretches 500 miles across the pacific, like new york all the way to michigan and it's headed straight to the united states. >> it will move with a powerful current called the north pacific gyra carrying 200,000 destroyed buildings. they say a year from now we'll
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see things that easily float, boats and children's toys, two years out, fishing supplies and nets will come ashore. three years, shoes, plastic furniture and even entire dining stets. sat reminders of a disaster so enormous, parts of japan will finally come to rest half a world away. >> eric: secretary reports gate is in iraq today on the eve of the eighth anniversary the fall of baghdad. he says the united states could extend troop presence beyond the 2011 pullout if iraq asks for that. he met with iraqi president yesterday. he said this is probably his final trip to iraq as the pentagon chief. he also met with troops and allowing gays to serve openly will have little impact on the armed fourth and readiness. head of marine corps he has not
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seen any anxiety in the field. department's communication system is looking for signs for further trouble. transmissions were interrepresented yesterday. the trump was similar to problems that have cropped up in the past few months. this time it affected firefighter communications as well. they fixed it within two hours. police department says they used other means to dispatch calls during the time. they expect to bring a new system on line this summer. >> if everything goes as planned a navy hospital in oakland will fall to pieces. the old hospital is right now being rigged with explosives for an implosion scheduled for noon today. the world war ii vintage hospital is last building still standing at the former naval base. it's expected to collapse inward on itself. the concrete is lined with
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asbestos which must be cleaned out to make way for a master plan housing and retail project on the 167-acre site. >> kristen: if you felt a little shaking around the time, that would be the implosion of something else. >> that's right. it's been a crazy couple weather days but not unusual for april. we'll warm up quickly when the sun does make an appearance. part of this afternoon, live look temperatures continue to drop this morning. cold air mass still in place, damp air mass in place. live doppler, south of san jose, highway 85. cambrian park rain is pushing to the south. light to moderate rain and 101. be careful as you head out this morning. to the west, the rain-and-snow mix go in the higher elevations west of saratoga. further to the east we do have
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light rain in the hills of the livermore valley. hayward, union city, fremont, 880, slick pavement out there. there could be slick ice. 36 in napa this morning. numbers continue to drop through the next couple of hours. 43 in redwood city. 37 in half moon bay. patchy fog along the coast. isolated showers today. drier weather this weekend. here is a look at that low. powerful upper-level low that went down into the valleys and brought some big storms around napa and suisun. did you hear about the tornado that was reported? we do have the cold air in place and continue to seat shower activity throughout the morning hours mainly in the south and east bay. this low will sink further south into southern california. we will look for temperatures to slowly rebound.
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59 in san jose. starting out with light rain, clouds. then a little bit of sunshine for you. 58 in menlo park. isolated shower this morning. san francisco, 57. you will be drier than you were yesterday expect for the fact, breezy winds. not as gusty as yesterday. starting out cold, 60 in sonoma. 59 in union city. windy and a little damp to start. a little bit of sunshine. should be a nice afternoon on the way to a better weekend with numbers in the upper 50s to low 60s. best chance of rain will be here in the central coast area. south bay. numbers climb about five degrees tomorrow. still a cold morning. warm effort day of the weekend should be sunday. north bay rain but all in all, feeling warmer and brighter later on today. good morning. get ready for the cold commute. look out for the black ice, especially those icy conditions
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in the south bay. i want to show you other cameras around the bay area. it's been pretty quiet this morning since 4:00, there haven't been any accidents. southbound traffic looking good true walnut creek. san mateo bridge, the road work on hayward side of the bridge in the eastbound direction should be cleared in the next five minutes. check out 101 in millbrae, traffic light as you move northbound there up towards san francisco past sfo. mass transit systems good start reporting no delays. always get traffic when you want by going to our website at >> eric: the army is giving up parks in dublin that took five years to reach. they will get the area to build
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a community. the company grease to make an $80 million upgrade of the army base including maintenance and medical and training buildings. next for this transfer actually begin in 2002. >> kristen: they discovered a new side effect of freeway air pollution. they are linking exposure to pollution particles and rain damage in mice, including signs of memory loss and alzheimer's. particles as small the one thousands the width of a hair has an impact on brain health. >> san jose city hall has new resident. a four falcon chick and this is video from the had city hall falcon cam. they are holding a naming
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contest. you can find out how to enter on our website at >> kristen: congratulations to both of them. more news ahead, a chp officer is injured while helping a driver involved in an accident. next at 5:00, the role the bone chilling weather may have played. >> make sure and wear orange and black today. a preview of the san francisco giants home opener coming up next. >> eric: lawyers have had their say. now jurors in the barry bonds perjury trial get down to business deliberating his legal fate.
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