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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 9, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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only at denny's. good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. we have a deal. with just an hour left before a government shutdown, democrats and republicans strike a deal. historic cuts in spending. but no freeze on funding for planned parenthood. what does it mean for you? and why is there an even bigger budget battle just weeks away? storm front. look at this amazing video. a massive hailstorm hitting oklahoma overnight. and twisters touching down in virginia. and this is really just the beginning. we are heading into a weekend of nasty weather. hail and tornadoes, predicted for 17 states. and now, the midwest is bracing for what could be epic flooding. "idol" double-standard. "american idol" viewers are outraged as the odds-on favorite to win is voted off.
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now, fans are asking, why is it nearly impossible for a female singer to take the "idol" crown? and the battle for your sole. it is war between two high-end shoe designers. at issue, does christian louboutin own the right to all shoes with those blazing red soles? he's new suing yves st. laurent for stepping all over his signature design. and let the record show that, dan, you pronounced those designers' names in one take. >> i've seen the names on my credit card statement. >> very impressive. blame it on the wife. we do have non-shoe news this morning. check it out. we have the lincoln memorial side-by-side with a live shot of the statue of liberty. why? because both of these national attractions will be open today. but if things had gone differently in capitol hill last night, these two attractions
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would be shut down. but at the 11th hour, democrats and republicans cut a deal to keep the government running. in fact, it wasn't until after the deadline that the house finally passed a bill to fund the government for the coming few days. >> the resulting compromise calls for $38 billion in budget cuts. that's much more than democrats wanted. but less than what republicans, specifically, the tea party, had called for. it was 11:05 p.m. eastern, when the president came out and talked about the deal. calling it a tough budget for tough times. >> like any worthwhile compromise, both sides had to make tough decisions and give ground on issues that were important to them. and i certainly did that. some of the cuts we agreed to will be painful. >> there's something important we want to highlight this morning. there are much bigger budget battles right around the corner, over things like raising the government's ability to borrow money and reforming programs like medicare.
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the coming debates over trillions of dollars. >> it's not over yet. let's go right to our senior political correspondent, jon karl, who had a ringside seat for all of this. he's in washington for us this morning. jon, you've been following every tick tock of this battle. and it really did come down to the wire. >> reporter: right to the midnight hour, bianna. we or on the brink of a government shutdown, when finally, there was a breakthrough. it was less than an hour before the midnight shutdown deadline. >> i'm pleased that senator reid and i and the white house have been able to come to an agreement that will, in fact, cut spending and keep our government open. >> reporter: a last-minute deal to avert the first wartime government shutdown in american history. >> we didn't do it at this late hour for drama. we did it because it's been very hard to arrive at this point. >> reporter: it went down to the wire, with republicans fighting to get more spending cuts and to strip all federal funding for planned parenthood. in the end, they gave in on planned parenthood, but forced the democrats to accept several billion more in spending cuts.
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the final deal cuts federal spending by $38.5 billion over the next six months. it's a level of spending cuts democrats had previously called draconian and extreme. >> some of the cuts we agree to will be painful. programs people rely on will be cut back. >> reporter: earlier on the day, a war of words raged. and all sides prepared for a shutdown. >> if that sounds ridiculous, it's because it is ridiculous. >> we're not going to roll over. >> not on our watch. >> no way. no how. >> we just say no. >> reporter: the sniping went late into the evening, before a breakthrough. >> we've agreed to a historic amount of cuts for the remainder of this fiscal year. >> reporter: the deal won't be voted on until next week. but minutes after midnight, the house approved a stopgap measure, to keep the government funded until thursday. it was a sigh of relief for federal workers, tourists and those waiting for tax refunds. >> a lot of people are working people. and they depend on that. i'm a single mom. i depend on it, as well.
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>> reporter: in many ways, this was the easy part. a battle over a few billion. when in the coming months, there will be an even bigger, tougher battle, as the government reaches the limit of how much money it can borrow, with a $14 trillion debt. so, dan and bianna, this one, really, as difficult as it was, truly is a lot easier than what's around the corner. >> thanks, jon. i want to expand on that for just a minute. stick around. i also want to bring in cokie roberts, our abc news political analyst, also in washington this morning. cokie, good morning to you. >> hi. how are you? and, jon, you've been up all night. looking good, my friend. >> reporter: hey, you know. adrenaline. >> it's adrenaline. so, cokie, let me pick on you a minute, and we'll go back to jon. as you heard jon say, this is a precursor of the big fights down the pike. given all the brinksmanship and bluster that went into this relatively small-stakes fight, how much faith do you have that our divided government is up to the job of handling the truly big issues?
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>> it's going to be very tough. they really do legitimately disagree about all of this. but it's interesting to listen to how the president is handling this. he referred last night, when he was there in front of the washington monument, and again in his radio address today, to the fact that they worked together to get a tax cut done in that lame duck session last december. now, they've gotten this done. he's pointing to cooperation, not division, because he's learned that that's what works for him. his numbers go up when they cooperate in the polls. and he keeps talking about acting like grown-ups. a very smart word to use because the public, as a whole, is tired of washington's politicians acting like a bunch of babies. there is a caveat to that, though. even though a full, almost two-thirds in our abc poll said shutting down the government would be a bad thing, 55% of the people who said they identify
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with the tea party said shutting it down would be a good thing. so, you're still going to have that group of people fighting on everything when it comes to cooperation because they don't think that that is something that they were sent here to do. >> jon, let me go to you, to the adrenaline-fueled jon karl. how confident are you, as somebody who covers the capitol, very intensively, that these politicians in this divided government situation, are up for the job of handling the bigger issues headed for us? >> reporter: i'm not that confident at all. two data points on that. one, even as we approached midnight and they had to vote on a stopgap measure to keep the government's lights on as they get this deal through the house and the senate, rand paul shouted from the back of the chamber, i object. i vote no. it was a voice vote. he represents, you know, minority in the senate and in the house, frankly, who was willing to stop at nothing to really cut far more than the president or democrats or most republicans would even dream of
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cutting. so, you know, big battles ahead. the other thing is, even as the deal was announced, mitch mcconnell said, we're looking forward to the debt-sealing vote, when the government votes whether or not to raise how much money can be borrowed. and the republicans are saying that one they were really willing to fight on. they were willing to give in more here because they see that as the big battle. >> jon, you've really been working hard. we appreciate you joining us this morning. and, cokie, always a pleasure to have you, as well. thank you very much. jon mentioned the debt limit being the big issue ahead. when i met with president clinton last week, he said the republicans in his opinion are playing russian roulette if they don't extend that. it's not just heated throughout washington. it's heated throughout the country. and, ron, you've been following this. >> that's right. when the congress was still negotiating and looked like we were heading for a shutdown, we reached out to viewers on facebook and twitter to see how they felt about it. they were angry, as you can imagine. when we asked them again, after a deal was reached late last
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night, more replies and still more anger. kim ruth tweeted us that they handled the thing horribly and scared the american public and their own workers. and robin ammon tweeted us that she thought everyone acted, quote, very poorly, like a bunch of bickering schoolgirls. and on facebook, anna ayala told us, they should be working on reducing gas prices now, not tomorrow, today. it should be noted, as cokie mentioned there, in our last abc poll, when the subject came up, 31% of americans said a government shutdown would be a good thing. but the majority, almost two-thirds of them, in that survey, said it would be bad. of course, you can sound off by finding us on facebook or twitter at at "gma." a lot of people out there ticked off, if i can put it that way. >> indeed. you talk about twitter, with a lot of fluency for a man who is not yet on twitter. and there's a lot of pressure on you to join. >> you're calling him out. >> any day now. dan and bianna, any day now. >> all right. thank you, ron. >> we'll be waiting at our computers.
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we turn, now, from the political storm in washington, and here on set, as well, to the severe weather sweeping across the midwest and the south. 17 states are now bracing for hailstorms, tornadoes and potentially massive flooding. meteorologist casey curry is joining us this morning from our houston station affiliate, ktrk. good morning, casey. >> good morning, bianna. yesterday was another rough day. rainstorms tearing across parts of the midwest and across parts of the southeast. this is hunter, oklahoma. take a listen to what severe weather sounds like. this is baseball-size hail. that's not just a saying. this is actual baseball-size hail that they measured in oklahoma yesterday. in addition, we're also watching the potential of tornadoes today. and yesterday, we had two reported injuries in virginia. we're continuing to see a major severe weather threat possible today through parts of the upper midwest. this could be a big problem. stay tuned to your local abc stations if you are, especially in the central plains and the
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southeast. and in north dakota, they are sandbagging because they've had massive amounts of spring snow melt. and to make matters worse today, they're expecting more heavy rain. in fact, along the red river in fargo, they're expecting their third-highest crest later on tonight. back to you, dan. >> big story, casey. thank you. we'll continue to follow that throughout the weekend. let's go to japan, now, where it has been nearly a month since that huge earthquake and tsunami. and still, we know so little about how dangerous the situation at that nuclear power plant is. this morning, american troops are in japan, working to contain the disaster. bob woodruff is there, as well. he has the latest, right now. >> reporter: the struggle to control the crippled fukushima nuclear plant is truly, now, a global effort. at a u.s. air base outside tokyo, a specialized team of marines from maryland is standing by. trained in emergency evacuation and decontamination, they're ready to spring into action, if the situation takes a turn for the worse.
7:12 am
how long are you guys going to stay here? >> we're here until the job is done. and the japanese people are comfortable enough with their capabilities on the ground that they don't require our assistance. >> reporter: and in atlanta today, a huge, russian cargo plane, loaded a colossal german-made pump that's being shipped to japan to help cool the reactors. nearly a month after the devastating quake and tsunami, another piece of unwelcome news. the government announced a ban on rice farming in radiation-contaminated fields near the nuclear plant. already sales of several vegetables have been restricted. and radiated water leaking into the pacific ocean has had a dramatic impact on the fishing industry. at the world's largest fish market in tokyo, some dealers told us their business was down more than 80% since the quake. this woman says, she's not so worried about herself. but more for how this disaster could affect her daughters. >> that was bob woodruff
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reporting. thanks to bob. let's get back to ron claiborne, the twitter abstainer. >> the twitter stand by. we'll talk a little later about that. good morning, everyone. police in california are searching for the man suspected of setting off an explosion outside a synagogue in santa monica. that was on thursday. the blast shattered windows and punched a hole in the synagogue and sent a 300-pound metal pipe crashing into the roof of a home next door. the explosion was originally thought to be an accident. no one, however, was injured. and a washington state woman who falsely claimed that a black woman threw acid on her face last august, has pleaded guilty to lying to a police officer. 28-year-old bethany storro received a one-year suspended sentence. she also apologized to african-americans. and arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords is planning her first big trip since she was shot back in january. her staff is preparing for her to attend her husband's space shuttle launch in florida. that's at the end of april. she has not been seen in public
7:14 am
since she was wounded by a gunshot wound to the head. and baseball slugger manny ramirez is retiring, rather than face a second suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. ramirez, who was playing this season for the tampa rays, was facing a 100-game ban. but the 12-time all-star outfielder sat out 50 games in 2009, for violating baseball's drug policy. he's now retiring. and finally, tiger. tiger woods, is making a run at the masters golf tournament in augusta. tiger woods is within three shots of the lead after his best round at augusta since his last win, back in 2005, at the masters. woods is looking to snap his 20-tournament winless streak. the longest in his career. he hasn't won since the sex scandal broke back in late 2009. looking good right now. >> and if you had bet on one gorilla by the name of colo, you would have had your money back. >> colo picked tiger woods. >> picked tiger woods. >> and also picked -- >> and paul, the octopus. now, there's colo. >> and unlike me, of the ncaa basketball championship.
7:15 am
he picked uconn. i took butler. go with the gorilla. >> the columbus zoo, one of their star attractions there. genius, i guess, in the betting world. >> apparently. for now, at least. he's on a tear. we're going to keep following as long as he remains on this tear. we want to turn to the weather. and from houston affiliate meteorologist casey curry, from my hometown. good to see you, casey. >> good morning. we are continuing to watch, not only the threat of severe weather today. we just talked about that. now, the heat, in parts of the country, feeling more like june than april. yesterday, houston hit 90 degrees for the first time this season. and probably the first of many. in addition to the heat, we've also got some very chilly temperatures across parts of the west. 45 in billings. 42 in salt lake city. and later today, again, severe storms stretching through the central and northern plains. and back down through the ohio valley.
7:16 am
back to you, dan. >> all right. thank you. we've all played through the nightmare scenarios in our minds of what can happen to us or our loved ones out on the highways. out of all of the possible situations the one you may never have considered is getting hit by an avalanche. that, however, is exactly what happened to one family in washington state. and abbie boudreau has their incredible survival story. >> yes. a big slide came through and nailed the car behind me. >> reporter: ken parker's family was in that car. on their way home from spring break vacation, when they were hit by an avalanche.
7:17 am
>> then, it just all came as a crush. >> reporter: they were driving on interstate 90, about an hour east of seattle, when out of nowhere, a wall of snow and ice smashed into their windshield, shattering it. these pictures were taken right after the accident. parker's two, young daughters were sitting in the backseat. his wife, trapped in the passenger seat, covered in snow and glass. >> i heard my wife. it wasn't a scream. but it was -- you know, it was just a yell from my wife, as everything caved in. >> reporter: he dug through the snow piled around his daughters and got them out. but his wife, roxanna, was still stuck and in pain. within minutes, washington state patrol showed up and rescued her. >> we're happy nobody got seriously hurt. and everybody's able to talk about it. >> reporter: parker went back to the scene of the snowy crash site. the wreckage still there.
7:18 am
>> i got a shopping list my wife gave me of things i needed to retrieve out of this car. she told me to be sure i got that, no matter what. >> reporter: his family now home safe. a miracle, parker says, they made it out alive. >> we just cheated death. we had to be close to dying, my whole family, and we cheated it. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news. >> terrifying story. we want to turn overseas now, where a 75-year-old woman from the former soviet republic of georgia was in court on friday, charged with a high-tech crime. she shut down the internet. not for her neighbors. not for her town. but for most of her country. and the country next door. but she says it was an accident. mike marusarz has the details. >> reporter: imagine if the internet simply shut off. no twitter to tweet. no facebook to friend. it happened once on "south park." >> is your internet working? >> no. nobody's is. >> what's happening?
7:19 am
>> reporter: and it happened in the small countries of armenia and georgia this week. the person who pulled the plug, this 75-year-old woman. police say aiyastan shakaryan severed a cable while digging for scrap metal. she pled her innocence in court friday, saying she's never heard of the web. i do not know anything. i swear i did not do such a thing. but the georgian ministry claims she also confessed. so, how in the world does the worldwide web shrink? slicing two countries from cyber civilization. >> it's like taking a big pair of scissors and cutting a telephone line. >> reporter: the internet is a web of fiber optic cables, stretching around the world, over the river, through the woods and even to grandmother's house. hey, grandma. did you get my e-mail? except in armenia and georgia, where there are fewer cables. >> it's a system that's really meant to be very limited. there's not a lot of backup or redundancy in place. >> reporter: but could it happen
7:20 am
here in this country? well, not really. >> because there's so many backup systems in place here, so much redundancy built in, the internet traffic just kind of spreads out and goes somewhere else. >> reporter: the web surfers in georgia and armenia weren't so lucky. it took at least 12 hours to reconnect. and that 75-year-old woman faces charges of property damages, that plunged the people in her region into the digital dark age. for "good morning america," mike marusarz, abc news. >> so, this got me thinking. dan, i'm from a former soviet republic, as well, moldova. so, i did my homework, investigating to see if some relative of mine could cut off the internet there. moldova has 38 internet providers. armenia only has three service providers. >> moldova, so advanced. it produced bianna golodryga. clearly advanced. >> i don't know about that. coming up, "idol" shocker. america was stunned when front-runner pia toscano was voted off "american idol."
7:21 am
but what's even more shocking is how poorly women do on this show. so, what's behind this trend? also, retail therapy. a new study says the more you shop, the longer you live. can hitting the mall really be the secret to a healthy life? you've been stuck in the garage, while my sneezing and my itchy eyes took refuge from the dust in here and the pollen outside. but with 24-hour zyrtec®, i get prescription strength relief from my worst allergy symptoms. it's the brand allergists recommend most. ♪ lily and i are back on the road again. where we belong. with zyrtec®, i can love the air®.
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coming up, we'll tell you the drama that's behind high-end
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♪ it's the last time i'm moving on ♪ ♪ i'm throwing on my louboutins ♪ ♪ i'm throwing on my louboutins ♪ throwing on my louboutins. that's dan's favorite workout song in the morning. aside from that, a topic of huge debate among people who really love shoes. christian louboutin, a high-end retailer. beautiful shoes. they're known for their red soles. now, christian louboutin, is suing another high-end shoe designer, yves st. laurent, because he says he's taking some of the design of his shoes. >> i don't know a lot about shoes. but i think it's fascinating that the designer puts the red on the bottom of the shoes apparently because it attracts men. >> it attracts my eyes. it's something in movies. everybody loves the red sole. we'll see how that ends up. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is saturday, april 9th.
7:31 am
also coming up, you may consider shoe shopping a form of therapy. bianna might. debatable. as it turns out, there might actually be something to the idea that going shopping is good for your health. we're going to tell you what a new study says about shopping and the impact it has on your life. we're going to begin with the event that shocked the nation this week. no, not the potential government shutdown. the other big story, the elimination of pia toscano from "american idol." she was considered one of the top contestants. but could her exit from the show have something to do with the fact that she's a woman? jeremy hubbard is on this story. there are woman-haters out there? >> reporter: what a stunner. i guess so, apparently. some are calling this one of the most shocking eliminations ever. pia, just the latest in a parade of feel contestants kicked off in recent years. it's been years since a female won "american idol." critics say that underscores the underlying sexism among voters on tv's most popular show. >> the person who leaves us tonight, after the nationwide
7:32 am
vote, is -- pia. >> reporter: it is the jaw-dropper that shocked the judges, baffled contestants, dumbfounded fans. >> i'm disgusted. i might not even watch it. >> i felt so horrible for her. >> reporter: when pia toscano was sent packing thursday, she was the fifth female in a row booted off the show this season. does her "idol" demise, reveal a pattern? ♪ big wheels keep on turning >> reporter: does "idol" success depend on the singer's sex? >> if you look, the last three seasons of "american idol," three out of the four final contestants have been men, every, single time. with only two women left now, it looks like we're heading in that same direction. >> jordan sparks. >> reporter: not since jordan sparks won four years ago has a female taken the "american idol" crown. there are several theories for that. for one, young girls may be casting the majority of votes. and hormones rule. >> i think they're more likely
7:33 am
to vote for cute boys that they can put on a pedestal than some gorgeous girl they're going to have feelings of envy for. >> reporter: female fans have long bolstered the careers of male pop stars, from the beatles to the jackson 5. from boy bands, to bieber. of course, some girls supported pia. >> i am a fan of pia. i was really sad when she went off. i felt like crying. >> reporter: maybe it wasn't her sex. but her persona that led to pia's departure. some said she was too robotic. didn't show enough personality. or maybe this time, it's randy, j. lo and steven tyler's fault. >> i think the judges are somewhat to blame. there's not been a lot of criticism. there's been, you're great. and they're not offering guidelines or direction for the viewers, in terms of who is doing well and who is not doing well. >> reporter: whatever the reason, pia is gone. and not since daughtry and jennifer hudson were sent packing early, have viewers been this astonished. ♪ i'm singing for you >> quite a voice.
7:34 am
if you thought you were distraught over pia's exit, it's nothing compared to how she felt. pia had to be escorted off by a medic, she was so shaken up. she said she was light-headed. but things are looking up, as they often do with talented singers like her. she's reportedly already met with music label executives. so, she'll probably have a record deal. >> she has a beautiful voice. a lot of outrage. >> we saw it. >> saw it in the piece. we want to hear from you at home, as well. you can tweet us, if you're outraged or if you think she should have gone. jeremy, thanks for coming in. >> you got it. let's get the rest of the morning's headlines, with ron claiborne. >> good morning, dan and bianna. jeremy, you can leave now. thank you very much. good morning, everyone. in the news, the government remains open for business. lawmakers reached a last-minute budget deal late last night to avert a shutdown. the agreement includes $38 billion in spending cuts. it does not freeze funding for planned parenthood, as some republicans had demanded.
7:35 am
in syria, some government activists are calling for daily protests. this following a bloody demonstrations yesterday. at least 32 people were killed there, on that day, friday, including 25 people were killed in 1 city when syrian security forces opened fire. and in egypt, tensions are rising between the military and protesters in that country. protesters are back out in tahrir square today, after one person was killed and hundreds were beaten by soldiers in an early-morning raid. and finally, a california zoo is preparing for a rare walrus birth in captivity. these are the first-ever ultrasound pictures of a baby walrus in utero. only 11 walruses or walri, have been born in american zoos. >> walri? >> walri. covering all bases. and now, to the weather and casey curry from our houston affiliate, ktrk. >> good morning, ron. we're now talking a cold, pacific spring storm that's bringing some hail to southern california.
7:36 am
let's take you to santa clarita yesterday. this is what it looked like. more looked like snow than hail. but there it is, covering the ground. the mountains around l.a. saw some snow yesterday. today, that storm system pushes out into the rockies. we're expecting a foot of snow in areas like flagstaff. two feet of snow in the mountains of utah. that same storm system will track on eastward and bring severe weather over much of the nation in the next few days. today, we're focusing in on the dangerous weather, in the far northern plains and down into the central plains. tornadoes will be likely today. this weather report has been brought to you by volkswagen. bianna and dan? >> casey, thank you. dan, do you know what this is? >> a shoe. the red bottom. >> this is art.
7:37 am
art at its finest. the red sole on the bottom of a woman's shoe means you probably spent a lot of money and a lot of time at the store. it also means that you're wearing christian louboutin shoes. >> a name i hear around christmas. >> our producer called them christiane. now, the shoe designer is suing a competitor, saying they're stealing his trademark red. linsey davis steps in and takes it from here. ♪ >> reporter: j. lo sings about them. sarah jessica parker dons a pair or more in "sex and the city 2." even oprah wears the crimson-soled shoes on her show. the red underside has become a signature since 1992, when designer christian louboutin first painted red nail polish on a pair, and then trademarked the design. >> every woman on the street knows that a christian louboutin shoe has a red sole. >> reporter: now, the designer is seeing red over a
7:38 am
competitor's shoe. yves st. laurent launched tribute, tritoo, palais and woodstock, with a red sole. so, christian louboutin is suing ysl, alleging the fashion house ripped off his trademark. >> it's like peanut butter and jelly. this is an iconic shoe. >> reporter: the suit alleges the location of the bright color on the outsole of a woman's pump, is said to provide an alluring flash of red when a woman walks down the street or on the red carpet of a special event. it further goes on to say the red sole mark is causing confusion among the buying public. louboutin is suing for $1 million in damages. and asked a judge to order ysl to stop manufacturing the designs. louboutin will cost $445 to $4,000. the red-soled shoes by ysl are between $600 to $800. the buying public includes a lot
7:39 am
of celebrities, who can afford to buy the high-priced heels. seems like they're always throwing on their louboutins. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. >> a legal battle. dan, i checked. christian louboutin makes men's shoes. >> really? interesting. i would look good with a splash of red. coming up on "good morning america," can you shop your way to a longer life? a new study says shopping is actually good for you. really? >> i think so. and music from ian axel is the soundtrack to "your week in three words." we'll hear from you, coming up. surprisingly priced at $15,995, the 2011 jetta has arrived. discover german engineering and premium style on the jetta s with best-in-class rear legroom, as well as no-charge scheduled carefree maintenance, all standard. that's great for the price of good. hurry in, and for a limited time while they last get a 2011 jetta for $179 a month.
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well, if there were ever a time that my husband should watch the show, it's right now. we know shopping may not be good for your wallet. but it may actually be good for your health. that's right. a new study from taiwan suggests that a daily shopping trip may be a key to staying healthy. especially for older people. we shop for necessity. we shop for fun. but now, should we be shopping for our health? >> it sounds absolutely true. >> i think that could be possible. >> i'm hoping that it's true. >> reporter: it turns out, retail therapy may be for real.
7:43 am
a brand-new study out of taiwan found that older people who shop every day live longer than those who shop only once a week or less. >> it doesn't make sense that you would become healthier by shopping. >> reporter: but think about it. and it does make sense. shopping involves physical activity, social interaction, and keeps the mind active, as you hunt for those deals. >> shopping's great exercise. especially now that the weather's breaking. >> reporter: not to mention the shopper's high from finding something for cheap. >> i enjoy shopping. it gives me a boost. >> reporter: and get this. the study says men may benefit the most. >> i guess i should shop more often then. >> do i believe in the study? yes. am i going to start shopping more? i don't think so. >> reporter: and you don't have to spend to get the benefit. window shopping works just as well. but it may be harder to look than to buy. >> i think i'm going to start shopping more. and "gma" medical contributor, dr. marie savard, is here to talk more about this. thanks so much for coming in. this is a fun story. aside from the obvious, how seriously should we take this study?
7:44 am
>> well, it is fun and interesting. but i don't think we need to take it too seriously. although, there is something to it. >> what is that? >> i think, when we're talking about seniors, 65 and older, they're getting out of the house. think of the things that happen when you go shopping. you're moving. a little exercise, as we just mentioned. perhaps you're shopping for healthier foods. you're going daily for fresh foods. and then, the social engagement. that's a big factor when it comes to longevity. getting out. having a purpose in life. >> and it's interesting that they say it can actually be more beneficial for men. how is that? >> i don't know. first of all, this is done in taiwan. so, there's a different culture. i'm thinking about in this country, it's women who do all the shopping. and perhaps, as men get older, they suddenly have nothing else to do. they don't go to work. they've lost their sense of purpose. going out is perhaps an adventure for them. anything that changes up your mind might make a difference. that's my guess. >> we should note that the study also says it's not about making a purchase. it's about being out and about, window shopping. that you get the same benefit, as well.
7:45 am
>> that's right. and your financial health, i believe, really impacts your physical health. if you're spending more than you have, you're going to lose sleep, have stress. the message is not spend money. the message is get out there and get involved. and find a good deal. >> it's interesting that this comes right after we did a christian louboutin segment. we have shoes on the mind. so, go out and shop. there's a serious note to make that there is an opposite effect you can see in people that overshop and have high debt. that can cause stress and medical conditions, as well. >> no question. and in fact, a small number of people, especially young women, can really become addicted to shopping. so, it is a serious problem. i think it's a cute tag line. it really does make the message for older people, get out. being involved. shopping in some way might make sense. but we're really not saying spend money. >> it is such a thrill when you do get that bargain that you wanted to. when you barter for something. it's always a nice sensation. >> i think every woman knows about the retail therapy effect. cheaper than the couch. >> we can go out and shop and be healthy. >> no red shoes for me. >> we appreciate it.
7:46 am
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this for tomorrow ♪ ♪ embrace the past and you can live for now ♪ ♪ and i will give the world to you ♪ ♪ speak louder than the words before you ♪ ♪ and give them meaning no one else has found ♪ ♪ the role we play is so important ♪ ♪ we are the voices of the underground ♪ ♪ and i will give the world to you ♪ ♪ say everything you've always wanted ♪ ♪ be not afraid of who you really are ♪ ♪ 'cause in the end
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we have each other ♪ ♪ and that's at least one thing worth living for ♪ ♪ and i would give the world to you ♪ ♪ a million suns that shine upon me ♪ ♪ a million eyes you are the brightest blue ♪ ♪ let's tear the walls down that divide us ♪ ♪ and build a statue strong enough for two ♪ ♪ and pass it back to you and i will wait for you ♪ >> that is beautiful. there are a lot of really good ones. one in particular that really stuck out at us. can we cue this back up? the one with the dogs.
7:52 am
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denny's. america's diner is always open.
7:56 am
a little discovery here. dan doesn't have red soles. but check his jacket. is that a louboutin jacket? >> i'll see you later, everybody. welcome everyone. let's get a check of the forecast now. >> good morning to you. good saturday. hope you of enjoying your day. beautiful shot from sutro cam. looking back to the golden gate. looks like a great forecast.
7:57 am
look at napa. 30 degrees. frost advisory set to expire in a few minutes. otherwise lots of 40s all around the area. we'll probably dry things out after a wild weather. drying out today partly to mostly sunny and slight chance of rain by monday. whole weekend is looking pretty good. high pressure is settling across the west. this area of low pressure pushing out to the east. still a few scattered snow showers possible around lake tahoe but not expecting any huge accumulations. no chain controls for 80 or 50 if you are he had up there. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for today. great skiing conditions all across the mountain areas. forecast looks like this, we'll sigh temperatures in the 30s and 40s throughout the morning hours. 50s by the afternoon. we'll be kind of cool especially here in the city. bring that jacket or sweater if you are heading out and about.
7:58 am
cool this afternoon. warmest locations inland will be the mid-60s. still looking pretty good. seven-day forecast is showing kind of a slight chance of a shower for monday up in the north bay and temperatures in the 60s. we warm things up thursday and friday. have a great weekend. janelle. >> janelle: thank you so much. coming up next. >> i'm pleased to announce the entire federal government will be open for business. >> last minute budget deal by congressional leaders keeps the federal government open for now but federal services like national passport day at the post office ha3q
7:59 am
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