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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 12, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. runway collision. overnight video of a scary accident. one of the world's biggest passenger planes crunches into a small jet at one of the world's busiest airports. murder by numbers. the grisly body count rises, as police find remains of more victims of a possible serial killer on long island. we take you in deep in tick-infested brush. "gma" exclusive. the woman at the center of the brett favre sexting scandal on what really happened. >> he was like that guy at the bar that just could not get the hint. >> why she is speaking out now. >> people are starting to think, she's a gold digger. she's a home wrecker.
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i'm none of those things. >> and the revelation that will surprise everyone. ♪ you gotta to for it you take the good. you take the bad. it's the unforgettable tv reunion more than 20 years in the making. "the facts of life" cast here on "gma." ♪ to learn the facts of life and good morning, everyone. you think you've seen it all. and then, you see this. that massive, double-decker jumbo jet, smashing into that commuter plane at jfk last night in new york. the airfrance jet still there at jfk at this hour. >> no one was hurt. but they did have to evacuate that plane very quickly. we have a new twist in donald trump's attempts to make headlines by questioning president obama's citizenship. now president obama's sister is
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a coming to his defense. and many top republicans are saying that trump's strategy could undermine the republican effort to retake the white house. that's ahead. and you have the interview with jenn sterger. >> she's kept a very low profile until now. she'll explain the one reason she had for finally giving this interview, what hurts most about it. and, robin, i have to tell you. talking to her over an hour, made me think again about so much we've heard about this case. we'll get to that later. first, let's get to the scary collision at jfk airport. a jumbo jet ready for takeoff, clipped another plane that just touched down. lisa stark has the details. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, george. as you mentioned, no one was injured but it could have been much worse. the world's largest plane, the airbus a-380, clipped that plane and spun it like a top. it was all caught on videotape. on the right side of your screen, the world's largest commercial jet.
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on the left, a small, regional plane. watch closely at this video obtained by wabc news, as the massive airbus 380 passes, it clips the delta tale and spins it a full 90 degrees. take another look. in just three seconds, it's david versus goliath on the runway. >> runway 22 right, turn left on ail foe. hold short, echo. >> reporter: the airfrance a-380, bound for paris, was taxiing from the terminal to the runway for takeoff. the regional jet had just landed from boston. 66 passenger and crew. it was nearing the gate. and it was getting to the taxiway known as mike, when the planes got too close.
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>> roll the emergency trucks to mike. we've been bit by an airbus. >> who is this? >> comair 53. >> attention all, emergency equipment, taxiway 33 and mike. >> reporter: those aboard the small plane scramble ed down th jet's stairs. >> i understand he believes he hit the regional jet. and i understand they are evacuating the regional jet. >> the plane shake very, very violently. next thing we knew, we were told to hurry out of the plane. >> reporter: the airbus 380 has been flying for more than three years now. the giant, double-decker plane has a wingspan of 260 feet. so large, not many airports can handle it. obviously this, is one that thought it could. there will be a full investigation to see what went wrong and who was at fault here. and these kinds of accidents on the ground at airports -- on the ground, i should say at airports, are the ones that keep aviation safety officials awake at night. they are a big concern. george? >> i'll bet they are. that's like a yugo getting rammed by an suv on the highway.
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>> very much so. but thankfully, no one was injured on either plane. meanwhile, another grisly turn in the search for a serial killer. police are narrowing in on several people of interest right now. more human remains were found on monday, not far from where eight other bodies have been discovered. our andrea canning is at the scene on long island. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we'll get to those possible persons of interest in a moment. we're learning the killer could actually be living a normal life here in this community. first, look at this tough terrain the searchers are dealing with. we have 100 police officers combing this area, filled with brush, poison ivy, ticks out here. and this is the perfect place to dump a body. >> we found three human remains so far. >> reporter: it's been one gruesome discovery after another. >> officers discovered what appears to be a human skull. >> reporter: bringing the total to at least nine sets of human remains on this stretch of beach
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alone. >> we want to bring to justice this animal. >> reporter: at least four of the bodies are known prostitutes who advertised on craigslist. the rest have yet to be identified. the police and the fbi have been meticulously combing through this thick, tick-infested brush. using helicopters, horses, fire truck ladders and cadaver dogs like this one. how important are cadaver dogs in terrain like this? >> the dogs play an incredibly vital role. they are using their noses to locate the decomposition odor being put off. >> reporter: wally zions, a former nypd homicide detective know what they're up against in their search effort. >> you see it's easy to dispose of a body. either under the brush or dig it up. >> reporter: what does it tell you that he dumped the bodies in this incredibly dense area? >> it tells me he knew the area. he knew that an area where not many people are going to go to. >> reporter: and the manhunt is tricky from a psychological
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standpoint. the killer is believed to be above average intelligence and leads a normal life. authorities tell abc news there are several persons of interest, even links to law enforcement. is there another serial killer he could be like? >> he could be a copycat of the btk killer. he was an animal control officer who killed ten bodies from 1991 to 2005. knew everybody. had roots in the community. pillar of the community. churchgoer. >> reporter: and the fbi's behavioral analysis unit is also on scene. experts say this killer could have an i.q. of over 120. he could be social and organized. robin? >> thanks, andrea. joining us now is brad garrett. all these bodies found in the same area. how are police going to determine if it's the same person or more people involved here? >> the real key is, do all these
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bodies relate to each other, for starters? you look at the crime scene. you look at what's at the crime scene. apparently the first four were found in burlap bags. that can be a possible lead. the connection between how the victim met the bad guy is extremely important. did he call them all to a particular hotel on long island. that's a potential lead. this is going to get solved by gum shoeing, basically. finding people out there that knows this guy. and he probably does work on long island, lives on long island, or grew up on long island. he can be the type of worker that goes there at a particular time of the year. long island is obviously busier in the summer. so, he clearly is comfortable with that road. >> a lot of dots to be connected to be able to solve this. we have heard that one of the remains is that of a child. how does that fit a possible profile? >> obviously, we don't know.
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but it's not uncommon that these women have children. and did he get into a situation with one of them that her child was there? and so, he just disposed of the child as another witness. >> and we've been hearing how they've been saying that it's possible that they had some kind of law enforcement background, the person or people involved in this. what makes them think that? >> i think because he's using prepaid cell phones. he's making calls from populated areas. and those two things, primarily, are telling them, could be. but the thing of it is, it could be an intelligence officer. it could be somebody from the military. you can learn this stuff on television. we don't need to jump into law enforcement exclusively. >> just don't know at this point. >> exactly. >> i know you're staying on the case for us, brad. thanks very much. we're going to turn to washington now. even though he may be only toying with the idea of a white house run, donald trump is drawing the kind of fire that comes with a full-fledged campaign. on sunday, president obama's top political adviser called him out
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for questioning the president's citizenship. and now, the president's sister is joining the fray, too. jake, she's been keeping a fairly low profile. why take this on now? >> reporter: she is on a book tour, promoting a children's book, when she was asked about this bizarre conspiracy theory. it's as persistent as it is erroneous. it is the lie that will not die. the notion that president obama was not born in honolulu in 1961, as stated in his certificate of live birth and backed by the state of hawaii. contemporaneous birth announcements. submitted by the state department of health. and the president's half-sister, in an interview that will air tonight on cnn's "piers morgan." >> i think it's unfortunate. he was born in hawaii. there is a tremendous amount of proof that has already been presented. i think that it is time for people to put that to bed. put it to rest completely. >> reporter: this time, the birther nonsense was resurrected by real estate developer and
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would-be presidential candidate, donald trump, who put forward a number of false accusations. such as the claim that the released certificate of birth doesn't have a serial number. or a signature. and on and on. trump is likely doing this to appeal to republican primary voters. a fox news poll from this month shows that 37% of republicans falsely believe the president was not born in the u.s. compared to 47% who do. some fear this nonsense will undermine the potential field. independent voters, worried about jobs and the economy think the birther conspiracy theories are ludicrous. >> the vast majority of republicans and vast majority of americans accept that he's a u.s. citizen and capable of being president. >> what do you think about donald trump banging about this every day at the moment? >> well, i think it's a shame.
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and i think that my brother should definitely be president for a second term. >> reporter: and, robin, the concern among republican officials is that republican presidential candidates will be forced to respond to this nonsense. and they will either pander to the nonreality base or risk alienating them. that's a choice no politician ever wants to face. robin? >> seems like a no-win situation, jake. thank you. always, the economy a hot topic with all of this political season. and a new sign that the price of gas could be headed for an all-time record. jim avila is with our new haven station, wtnh, on the road, checking out how high the prices could go and how people are dealing with it. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this, of course, is the highest april of recorded gas prices in history. in fact, there's lots of problems all across the nation when it comes to gas prices. among the hardest hit, here in new england. but as we are seeing, as we go down the road here, bargains at gas stations are really hard to find.
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connecticut has some of the highest prices in the nation. often higher than $4 a gallon. >> you have to figure out where you want to go before you leave the house. >> reporter: but you know there's an app for that. it's called gas buddy. it seeks the best priced gas in the neighborhood. just-released government figures show the highest prices right now are in the northeast, midwest, and california. at a station in bakersfield reaching $4.89 last week. one economist says, with every dollar hike in gas prices, people are forced to spend 5% less on the rest of their household budget. something angela lewis is familiar with. she already uses coupons to cut down on grocery costs. as prices rise, she's planting a virtual farm in her backyard. >> i researched how to can vegetables and fruits. in addition to that, my husband is going to make a chicken coop for us. >> reporter: she's not the only
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one seeking alternate ways to save money on gas. >> probably driving a little bit less. taking the bus a little bit more. >> i'm just going to head out to indiana where prices are cheaper outside the city. >> i'm thinking about buying a bicycle. that might help out. >> reporter: just six weeks ago, we did a story about a station in orlando, already charging more than $5 a gallon. >> costs $5.39. >> i think we'll be going somewhere else. >> reporter: today, that station is charging $5.59. >> i think the higher prices are here to stay. we don't think they'll be going back down to $3.50 on a nationwide average anytime soon. >> reporter: and all this is coming before the heavy driving season of summer. which means we could see more $5 gas in other locations. george? >> thanks, jim avila for that. we're going to turn to japan. one day after the earthquake, the nuclear crisis is officially one of the worst radiation accidents ever.
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regulators raised the crisis rating last night to 7, the same level as chernobyl after leaks in the reactors. bob woodruff has been tracking that. and he's just outside the exclusion zone with the latest. >> reporter: whoa. another day, another jolt. our cameras rolling, as the magnitude 6.3 aftershock rattles windows and tests already-frayed nerves. unsettling news, too, at the fukushima nuclear plant, as the japanese government determines that the crisis has risen from a level 5 to a level 7 accident, the first time that's happened since chernobyl 25 years ago. >> under these situations, i think it's prudent to get people out because once you're exposed to radiation, you cannot undo the radiation. >> reporter: the decision came because the amount of radioactive iodine already released could have widespread health effects. in the farming community just
7:16 am
outside the exclusion zone, radiation levels have been elevated for weeks. now, the government is ordering residents here to relocate within 30 days. are you angry about this? i am absolutely sickened, he says. i hate those nuclear plants. this man has been raising dairy cows here for 35 years. he is now forbidden from selling his milk. he cannot even take his animals out because the soil is contaminated. so, now, each everyone, he pours his milk into a tank, drives up a hill and dumps his milk and his profits into a ditch. now, you should know that we're about 25 miles away from the nuclear facilities. but we're not dangerous here because we are going to be here for a short period of time. and for people who live here for long periods of time, they're concerned about them. they're going to try to get them out of here after about 30 days. george? >> right. no one has a good handle on the long-term effects.
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bob, thanks very much. now, let's go to juju chang with the rest of the headlines. hey, juju. >> good morning, everyone. we're getting new images of major flooding in the upper midwest. a 30-mile stretch of this interstate in north dakota is simply under water. five rivers are overflowing, some at record levels, surrounding homes in muddy water and stranding livestock. a man suspected of bombing a california synagogue has been arrested at a synagogue in ohio. a rabbi there recognized him. the homemade bomb sent a 300-pound chunk of concrete into a nearby home. police do not believe anti-semitism was a motive. pakistan is demanding the cia drastically reduce the number of agents in that country. it's the latest sign that relations between the allies are strained after the arrest and release of a cia security officer accused of killing two pakistani men. and the identical twins who claim mark zuckerberg stole their idea for facebook, have lost what may be their final legal battle.
7:18 am
an appeals court says tyler and cameron winklevoss need to move on. they were not able to renegotiate the settlement with zuckerberg. they have $160 million. it doesn't go so far as it used to. >> $80 million each? that's not bad. let's go to jeff in for sam. wouldn't it have been nice if we continued the 80-degree weather we had yesterday. not going to happen unfortunately. way to sell it, right? you can see right now, severe weather in parts of the water of virginia and northern florida. might be large hail and gusty winds over 70 miles per hour. and north of that area, yes. we have the 80-degree heat. we're getting rain during the day today. potentially 2 inches over the next 48 hours. from new york city north and east. go
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>> and more from jeff in our next half hour. being stuck in an elevator, it's bad any time. especially miserable for more than two dozen people at a new york city subway station trapped for over an hour. their ordeal, well, caught on camera. john berman has their story. >> reporter: for so many people, this is the image of sweaty, nerve-racking, claustrophobic hell. 28 people trapped in an elevator. it happened here in new york at this subway station, when the elevator got stuck underground for an hour. in this video posted by a passenger, you can see it was hot and getting hotter. a young asthmatic girl needed to be fanned. however calm they may have seemed, you can hear the relief when a firefighter arrived. >> i'm not going anywhere. everything's okay. >> reporter: and it was okay, as they were pulled out, although the girl got a bit anxious because, well, nature.
7:21 am
>> i gotta pee! >> reporter: the city says the problem was newly installed hoist ropes. little consolation for those of us riding elevators every day. the thing about an elevator is who you might be stuck with or when they last bathed. for instance, i haven't brushed my teeth or showers for more than 12 hours. the people on the subway elevator were lucky. no 127-hour james franco arm cuttings. or the incredible ordeal survived by nicholas white here in new york. more than 40 hours on an elevator. it's the kind of thing that has us all hitting "door open." for "good morning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> favorite part was when the firefighter's foot. whoo! >> john had some fun with that. coming up, a "gma" exclusive. in her first interview, the woman at the center of the brett favre sexting scandal speaks out. >> i was approached one day at the beginning of the preseason
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but they are not looking for any suspects. investigation comes just one day after concord police arrested a suspect in connection with a deadly stabbing a at concord shopping center. update on the morning kloot commute. >> pretty slow ride because of this accident on south 101 and silver and it's blocking all the litigants and traffic is moving 20 miles an hour from the central freeway down to the 280 interchange. at the bay bridge toll plaza, unfortunately traffic is backed up to the 880 overcrossing and slow in the bay area northbound 280 in san jose up towards cupertino. when we come back, mike has a look at the weather forecast. oprah: all new. a laugh-tacular "s.n.l." class reunion starring tina fey. did i notice -- >> a situation? oprah: chevy chase, jane curtain, dana carvey, and tracy morgan, next "oprah."
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welcome back. we are looking down from mount tamalpais and some of the clouds that are lingering over the bay area. 30s around santa rosa, napa and los gatos, rest of us in the 40s. we'll be just like yesterday afternoon, low to mid-50s 60s upper 50s along the coast. clouds will roll in tonight. our best chance of measurable rain is tomorrow and just a chance. ♪
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i think that's been a lot of the perception that's been put out there. is that i asked for it. and it couldn't be further from the truth. >> it's a "gma" exclusive. the woman at the center of the brett favre scandal, finally speaking out about the staggering allegations that jolted the nfl and the admission that we think will surprise you. i know it surprised you, george. >> it did. and "the facts of life." i asked people on my twitter account, if you like jo, blair, tootie or natalie.
7:31 am
and charlie simon and whoopi goldberg will be here. and first, my interview with jenn sterger no who got caught up in a sexting scandal with one of the top nfl players. she had just began her dream job with the jets. >> he might be in trouble here. >> reporter: he was new to the jets, too, nfl superstar, brett favre. a three-time mvp, husband and dad. >> i'm not going to get into that. >> reporter: last fall, text messages, hard-core photos, voicemail, all online. the nfl investigated. favre denied the worse. silent. being called everything from a gold digger to a home wrecker, she is speaking out now. what happened to your life? >> turned upside down.
7:32 am
you know, i was trying to go to work, do my job. but how are you supposed to report on the news when you are the news? it was tough. it was embarrassing. it was humiliating. >> it seems like you knew there was -- in the moment, nothing you could say to make it better. >> i didn't want anything to do with it. that's the thing. i didn't want anything to do with it in 2008. i don't want anything to do with it in 2010. i still don't want anything to do with it now. the only reason i feel i have to give this interview is because, for me. for my family. this has nothing to do with brett favre. it doesn't. i just want people to know me and know that i'm not a gold digger. and i'm not a home wrecker. >> we have a developing story. >> allegations dwofing quarterback brett favre. >> reporter: the story broke in 2010. but the messages were sent in 2008, when jen worked the sideline as game day host for the jets. she was there, thanks to a big
7:33 am
break in college. at a florida state game in 2005, brent musburger called her out. >> 1,500 americans coming to florida state. >> it exploded from there. within a month, i was getting phone calls from "maxim" and "playboy," asking if i would be interested in posing. both of those were a dream of mine, wanting to be a model. it was one of those chances. you just have to run with it. >> reporter: and you ran with it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: posing for "maxim," and "playboy." a column in "sports illustrated." then, the jets. >> it was like, jenn, here's a microphone. entertain these people. >> reporter: you're on television and you're inside that football culture. kind of explain what it's like for someone like you to be in the middle of it all. >> there is nothing that feels quite as awesome and walking through tunnel in a game day in
7:34 am
the meadowlands. it's just this surge of electricity. i can't explain it. it's amazing. >> reporter: and in the stadium that year, so much buzz about brett favre. after 16 years with the packers, he joined the jets. before long, sterger was in his sights. >> i was approached one day at the beginning of the preseason games, by a man wearing a jets badge, employee badge, who asked me, how would you feel if brett favre asked for your phone number? what would you say? and i just looked at him, my smartass help, and said, i would say i like my job an awful lot. and i've been told i look remarkably like his wife. have a good day. and i walked away. that was the end of it. >> reporter: so, you didn't give -- didn't give the number. >> no. >> reporter: but somehow, he did get it? >> somehow. >> reporter: the text messages followed. then, voicemails.
7:35 am
>> i'd love to see you tonight. just got done with practice. if you can make it, it would be great. >> reporter: when you get them, what would you do? >> i was more so trying to figure out who i was interacting with. there was no actual, hey, jenn, it's brett. >> reporter: how did you figure out it was him? >> just clues. they would always give me the pieces of the puzzle. 40 years old. gray hair. new to the team. that only fit a few guys on the team. no. only one. >> reporter: he's the big star. he's it. >> it wasn't flattering, if that's what you're implying. >> reporter: no? >> no. he's married. and more than anything, i feel that it was intimidating than anything else. >> reporter: why answer? >> why answer? when all of this happened, i consulted several people. i said, hey, this is the situation that's going on right
7:36 am
now. i said, i really don't know what to do. every, single one of them gave the same answer. if you like your job and you want to keep it, i suggest you be quiet. do your job. >> reporter: leave it alone? >> don't complain. >> reporter: did you send him a text saying, if this is you, smile at me? >> no. i don't really recall all of the texts. i don't know what was in them. sorry. >> reporter: but there's one thing she knows for sure. >> i don't know him. >> reporter: never met him? >> i've never met him. we've never met. there's never been an introduction. we've never been any closer than this. and that was in passing in the tunnels and stuff before and after games. that's it. >> reporter: i think that's going to shock just about everyone who has had a passing acquaintance with your story. never met him? >> no. >> they never met. >> never met? >> not once. when we come back, what jenn thought when she saw those photos on her phone.
7:37 am
what she did then. and what she wants from favre now. >> i realize, i'm in a lot of trouble. i realize how serious it is. and this isn't going to go away. [ boy ] there's something inside your mcdonald's happy meal.
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and we are back with more of my exclusive interview with jenn sterger, the new york jets tv host caught up with in a sexting scandal with brett favre. it was all investigated by the nfl last fall. they concluded that jenn did nothing wrong. but fined favre $50,000 for not cooperating with the probe.
7:41 am
sterger is speaking out now. here, we learn how she handled those persistent and increasingly graphic messages. what's happening in the back and forth, then? is it pairing? >> it's staving him off. i'm busy. i'll talk to you later. i'm busy. i'm busy. he was like that guy at the bar that could not get the hint. >> reporter: so, he steps it up? >> i guess you could say that. >> reporter: favre allegedly sends sterger several pictures by phone. pornographic photos of himself. when the pictures come, what do you do? >> i realize i'm in a lot of trouble. i realize what this is and that it's not going to go away. >> reporter: but you're absolutely confident, you didn't do anything that would make him think, this is okay? >> no. >> reporter: and when he did, he didn't -- no encouragement? stave him off.
7:42 am
try to, you know, sort of keep on doing your job. >> i staved him off. and i did my job. >> reporter: after these few exchanges in the 2008 season, it seems like he had gone away. they stopped? >> they disappeared. >> reporter: sterger left the jets around then and started to work on a show called "the daily life." but sterger picked the wrong friend to confide in. a blogger behind the website deadspin. he broke her confidence and published all of the details in august 2010. >> i didn't want it to get out. i dealt with it. and it was over. the story comes out. and it's like someone punches you in the stomach because, you dealt with it, you dealt with it by yourself. you kept quiet. but then, when everybody knows, it's out there in the public like that, there's this perception of you that people
7:43 am
automatically start to think, oh, she's a gold digger. she's a home wrecker. i'm none of those things. i've never met the man. >> reporter: you confided in this blogger. how did he get the texts and the pictures and the voicemails? >> i have no idea. that's something you have to talk to him about. >> reporter: you did not give the texts, the voicemails, the pictures to the blogger? >> no. >> reporter: you did not take money for them? >> no. i haven't made a dime off anything in this whole situation. not from the pictures. not from favre. that was never an intention of mine. >> reporter: he's reported that he paid $12,000 to a third party for them. and i think a lot of people wonder, how would someone else, a third party, get your texts and voicemails and those pictures? >> i wish i could answer that. >> reporter: did you ever give them to anyone? >> i shared them with individuals when i was asking for advice. but that's it. >> reporter: so, presumably someone you knew betrayed you for money.
7:44 am
that's got to hurt. >> i don't think there's an aspect of this whole thing that really doesn't hurt. >> reporter: and what hurts most of all, the idea that sterger manufactured this media hype to propel her career. >> it's never been my intention to ever play victim in this whole thing. but because the way i looked, i don't feel sorry looking at the girl that i was in 2008. look at how i looked. people would say i asked for it. i think that's been a lot of the perception that's been put out there is that i asked for it. and it couldn't be further from the truth. >> reporter: you want nothing from brett favre? >> absolutely nothing. it was never my intention. i don't want anything from him. i never wanted anything from him. >> reporter: does he owe you an apology? >> i don't really care if he gives me one or not. i just want to move on. >> reporter: do you owe anyone an apology? >> i don't think so. i didn't really do anything wrong.
7:45 am
if i owe anyone an apology, i feel bad for my parents. i'm sorry that they had to go through this. i'm sorry the families involved had to go through this. they're the only people i would apologize to. i closed the chapter on it two years ago. and i never thought i would have to relive it, watch it play out in front of everyone else. >> reporter: if you finally did meet brett favre, what would you say to him? >> i don't plan on that happening. i don't plan on that happening. >> as for favre, he has admitted to leaving voicemails but denied sending any graphic pictures to jenn sterger. the nfl said it couldn't confirm that he sent the pictures but fined him $50,000 for not cooperating with the investigation. we reached out to brett favre for comment. but he chose not to response. we'll have much more on
7:46 am
"nightline" tonight and tomorrow on "gma." and jenn sterger's take on the investigation. we go to jeff smith from wabc. sam champion is on vacation. hey, jeff. >> we go to north dakota. this is from cass county. courtesy of wday tv there. northwest of fargo. 60 miles of county roads have been shut down in that county, which is the most populous in the state of north dakota. amazing images from nasa. the blue earrings on the left-hand side, on march 7th that was all snow pack. look at what happens. snow melts, less blue on cover. and the red river gets bigger. we have a cold front moving in. spreading more showers in that area. could some more rain and snow later on in the week.
7:47 am
now, here's a look at what's coming up on "gma's" morning menu. what's the cast of everybody's favorite sitcom up to now? the reunion you'll only see on "gma," "the facts of life" together again. the royal in-laws. how charles and camilla are getting kate ready for her big day and her new life. and another ballroom blooper for kirstie alley. she lost her shoe. but she never lost a beat. all the highlights from "dancing with the stars." [ female announcer ] letting go of your cigarettes can be hard.
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7:52 am
i'm exhausted just seeing that. >> you still have 17 days to go. >> oh, my goodness. coming up, we have details, new details in the former uva lacrosse player accused of killing his girlfriend. what both sides say what happened. also, woob by goldberg is here talking live about a show also, woob by goldberg is here talking live about a show with nuns, sequins and songs. rry juice drinks. k r they're made with my sweet, ripe blueberries, picked right from the bush, and they're good for you. taste real good, too! to give you an idea, let's whip up a quick sample. or you could just try this. [ chuckles ] yeah. ocean spray blueberry juice drinks -- real blueberries, real good. how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there? how about eating soup to get there? campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition,
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7:56 am
jurors in the barry bonds perjury trial are set to resume deliberations this morning for a third day. the jury listened to testimony read back to them yesterday from a former bonds assistant who said she once a suns saw bonds receiving an injection. she is accused to lying to a grand jury about alleged steroid use. let's check in with mike now. >> started by comparing today to yesterday. yesterday temperatures around the mid-50s in san jose and san francisco.
7:57 am
today we'll be a little warmer. more sunshine today and a little breezy at our coasts. sprinkles tonight and scattered rain possible. >> southbound 101 still sluggish from san francisco from an earlier accident around silver and slow to the downtown area. >> news
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ you take the good you take the bad ♪ ♪ you take them both and there you have ♪ ♪ the facts of life the facts of life ♪ ♪ there's a time you got to go and show you're growing ♪ ♪ now you know about the facts of life ♪ ♪ the facts of life when the world never seems ♪ it is a fact of life. nine glorious seasons of schoolgirls made us laugh on the sitcom, "the facts of life." now, they're reuniting for the first time since the last episode. the hilarious cast reunion you do not want to miss. and cynthia mcfadden brings us that. i was tweeting before. what characters did you relate to most?
8:01 am
she sent me, i look like tootie, felt like natalie, wanted to be blair and best friends with jo. amen to that. >> people some fun this morning. also, how is kate middleton really getting along with her future in-laws? there's some reports that kate is with camilla. we'll get a report on what it takes to be member of the royal family. who is out of the ballroom after last night? tony dovolani here with us his morning on his after dance review. kirstie alley lost a shoe. didn't miss a beat. >> two weeks in a row. one fall. and one lost shoe. >> i know. i know. but still, she made it work. >> she did. we were just talking about this. a bunch of nuns running around backstage. kind of threw me off. they're part of whoopi goldberg's next act. they will join us live coming up later. changing gears now, we're going to begin with the latest on the former university of
8:02 am
virginia lacrosse player, charged with killing his ex-girlfriend. ashleigh banfield has been tracking the case and on what both sides say really happened that fateful day. >> reporter: a stunning victim. a stunning murder. when star lacrosse player yeardley love was found beaten to death at her university of virginia apartment last year, no one could believe her all-star boyfriend was to blame. but police say george huguely confessed. he's now facing first-degree murder for the crime. love and huguely had been dating on and off. her roommate testified she found love facedown in a pool of blood. her bedroom door smashed in. an emt also testified there were bruises on her chin. her eye was bruised and swollen. and that love wasn't breathing and had no heartbeat. >> as a defense, it's not good enough to say, i didn't mean to kill her. if he has the intent to commit a violent assault and she dies, he can be convicted of murder. >> reporter: george huguely did not appear in court. but his family and friends filled two rows.
8:03 am
his attorneys say he was shocked to find out yeardley was dead. saying, i could not have done anything that could have done that. >> he did not believe that such a thing could have happened. there was testimony in court, that the scene in the apartment was far different from reports that described it in the days after the incident. >> reporter: love's family and friends were in court, too, filling row after row. her sister, lexie, quietly crying. if he is convicted, he could face life in prison. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news, new york. let's go over to juju chang with the news. >> good morning, again, guys. good morning, everyone. the faa is investigating the collision of two jets at jfk airport here in new york last night. an airfrance a-380, the largest commercial airliner in the world, with more than 500 people onboard, was taxiing from the terminal to the runway for takeoff, when it clipped the tail of a delta commuter jet, spinning it around. thankfully, no one was hurt onboard.
8:04 am
authorities in japan have raised the severity level at the damaged nuclear power plant to 7, the highest possible. that's because of the radiation of iodine that's already been released. chernobyl received a 7 rating. but the plant in japan has only received about 10% of the radiation released in that disaster. the mayor of washington, d.c. has been released from jail after spending seven hours behind bars. he and dozens of other people were arrested during a sit-in to protest the congressional budget deal, that bans the city on spending money on abortions for low-income women. gas prices have risen another 11 cents in the last week alone. average prices have topped $4 per gallon in california, alaska and hawaii. and some stations in three other states, illinois, connecticut and new york, are charging $4 or more. the $4 mark often convinces drivers to cut back spending in other areas. and that could derail the economic recovery. a jewelry store robbery in hawaii was caught on camera.
8:05 am
but watch closely. it didn't turn out to be a robbery after all. the bad guys couldn't break the glass in the cases. one of them even fired a shotgun. but they left empty-handed. and speaking of jewels, costco is known for selling things in bulk at low prices. but it only has one of these. a solitaire diamond ring. the stone is almost 7 carats and is set in platinum. it can be yours from costco at $1 million. that's a deal, a discount. time for the weather with jeff smith, who is outside. i guess maybe costco is a girl's best friend. what do you think, jeff? >> what was that? >> maybe costco is a girl's best friend, now that it's selling diamonds. >> don't they have wedding dresses over there, too? >> absolutely. >> we have holly from new hampshire. she came from new hampshire and made a great sign. you can say it. >> it says, good morning, gram, from new york. >> there you go. you got on tv. let's check out what's going on in cincinnati right now,
8:06 am
courtesy of our abc affiliate wcpo in cincinnati. nobody knows cincinnati like wcpo tv. they've had flood advisories and over an inch of rain in the last 24 hours. we head over to graphics right now and show you what's going on. rainfall will be heading towards the northeast and the mid-atlantic states. a cooler day today. could be over an inch of rain in the i-95 corridor through tomorrow. dry in vegas. there is some rain moving in in the pacific northwest. maybe some severe storms. eastern north carolina to
8:07 am
robin, we'll send it back up to you. >> all right, jeff. now, for the first time since the show ended more than two decades ago, the cast of "the facts of life," all together once again. the classic coming-of-age sitcom, about a girls boarding school began in 1979, my senior year of high school. and ran for nine seasons before ending in 1988, when i graduated from college. i'm just kidding. cynthia mcfadden sat down with these ladies. and oh, my goodness, i've been looking forward to this. >> it was great fun to meet them backstage at the tvland awards. and i have to say, the women themselves are just as irresistible as the characters themselves. ♪ you take the good you take the bad ♪ ♪ you take them both there you have ♪ ♪ the facts of life >> reporter: it was the show that brought us the good.
8:08 am
>> tootie. >> reporter: and the bad. >> we are in trouble. >> reporter: and delivered it in a way that made us laugh. >> oh. >> reporter: blair. jo. natalie and tootie. under the watchful eye of house mother, mrs. garrett, who scolded, hugged and inspired them throughout their adolescence. on screen and off. so, sunday was a night as big as the first coed school dance. all together again for the first time ever at the tvland awards. >> what a great opportunity to say thank you. thank you so much for being so kind for so long. >> reporter: as adults they do seem unscathed, as though they escaped the child star curse. something that soon-to-be 85-year-old charlotte rae, who played the lovable mrs. g, tried to point out. >> i am so proud of my girls. they all turned out to be straight. >> reporter: meeting them backstage, i wanted to make sure
8:09 am
i understood precisely what mrs. g was going for. when you got up there tonight and said my girls turned out so straight, what did you mean? >> i meant that with good parenting and -- >> reporter: some people in the audience didn't take it the right way. you meant they all turned out to be great people. >> i was thinking like a tree that grows straight to the sky. >> reporter: got you. >> what did you think? >> reporter: that's what i thought. but people that followed after you. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh. >> reporter: one cast said, we didn't turn out so straight like those "facts of life" people. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: being together seemed to bring out the devil in all of them. >> you hit me again, i'm going to lay you out. >> reporter: just like in the old days. kim fields was the youngest on the cast. >> mrs. garrett, come quick. the pig is loose on the bus. >> reporter: she was 9 and roller skated through the first
8:10 am
season. >> the roller skates got me the job. i was small for my age. so, they put me on roller skates to make me taller. i'm grateful for the wheels. what do i say? >> reporter: let's go down memory lane for a moment. i mean, the first episode of season two, when jo arrives in the motorcycle delivery outfit. >> our delivery boys usually use the rear entrance. >> delivery boy? >> reporter: a lot of the dynamic on the broadcast was between the two of you, right? and the sort of yin and yang. >> that was one aspect. >> it was a central component. >> reporter: it was really central. i was surprised about the two of you became friends and lived together afterwards, right? >> we've always been friends. i mean. >> we were acting. >> it was a character. >> reporter: there were bumps along the way. it was hard not to grow up. but growing up on television, especially when you're cast as the perfect pretty girl. >> i haven't been dateless since 1979.
8:11 am
>> reporter: and you gain weight, it's even harder. they sent you away to a weight loss camp. >> a fat farm. three of them. >> reporter: did it hurt? >> oh, yes. of course, it hurt. it did at the time. >> reporter: the fat farms didn't work. she didn't lose weight. but the producers made a good call. to just let all of the girls be themselves. >> i'm so grateful that it turned out the way it did, that i looked like a normal teenage girl. we looked like normal teenage girls. you didn't have to be a size 2. >> reporter: that wasn't the only way the show was unique. it was a really radical thing to have all the lead characters be female. in the day, that wasn't done, right? >> it was radical to be the person of color, on the show and to be treated as an equal. to be treated the same across the board, it was astounding. >> and i have to say, as nata e natalie, being overweight,
8:12 am
people come up to me and say, it was so amazing to see an overweight character that wasn't a joke. >> may i help you? >> i'm looking for blair warner. >> reporter: it was the first television series ever to have a cast member that had a disability. >> it says i don't have cerebral palsy. i'm drunk. >> reporter: blair's cousin geri, played by geri jewell. >> i have to tell you something funny about that t-shirt. that t-shirt i made, i didn't know how to spell cerebral palsy. i didn't know how to spell it until i did "facts of life." >> reporter: the highest rated of all 209 episodes was when 1 of the girls lost her virginity. it was a story line originally meant for blair, until lisa whelchel refused to do it. >> somebody has to do something at this point. let it be me. it would be spread over the course of four episodes. >> reporter: while they did learn plenty from their long-running show, they didn't get rich doing it. >> we got paid.
8:13 am
and we had residuals. then, it faded away. >> reporter: i'm interested, though. a lot of people at home think, when you're on a sitcom, you're making $1 million. >> well, i am. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: yes. that is oscar winner cloris leachman, who took over from charlotte rae, for the last two seasons. >> we don't exist in the time of now, when you do have $1 million-plus salaries per cast member per show. but i think the important thing for us was not just the financial blessing that it was. but also, in so many other areas. >> reporter: and it is those blessings that they're celebrating, like coming together. lifelong friendship and admiration. especially for their beloved house mother. >> to be led by our most gracious and amazing, fearless leader, the very amazing star of our show, charlotte rae, was just extraordinary. and we love you, charlotte.
8:14 am
♪ taking a chance on love >> reporter: i understand that you have a birthday at the end of this month. i know everyone here wants to join me in wishing you a very happy birthday. so, we have a birthday cake. instead of singing "happy birthday," would you indulge me? would you do it? ♪ you take the good you take the bad ♪ >> reporter: come on. you can do better than that. >> we can do this for cake. >> reporter: you can do it for cake. ♪ you take the good you take the bad ♪ ♪ you take them both and then you have ♪ ♪ the facts of life the facts of life ♪ ♪ there's a time you got to go and show ♪ ♪ you're growing now you know about ♪ ♪ the facts of life >> i've had that song in my head all weekend, robin. it was really nice. it was like hanging out with girlfriends. they do not disappoint. i had a ball. >> you should see the messages
8:15 am
from people who remember the show. they really relate to all of the characters, in one way or another. and we got tweets about george clooney when he was on the program. >> i had a picture of george clooney. we had to cut it out for time. and awarded the person who got the most trivia questions right. it was lots of fun. >> that whole night, tvland, i think, having the show like that. and then, "the cosby show," i think they got an impact award. >> they did. and we hung out backstage. >> you had a great time. >> you have to come back from vacation more often. >> i'm having so much fun. >> thanks, cynthia. you can go to our website for behind-the-scenes video of our "gma" reunion. and to see more of "the facts of life" cast, watch the tvland awards next sunday, april 17th. up next, daunted by your future in-laws? try marrying into the royal family. new details on how kate really gets along with charles and camilla. out f living? 7
8:16 am
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8:19 am
in today's "royal diary," with 17 days to go until the royal wedding, we look at the growing bond between two potential queens.
8:20 am
princess-to-be kate middleton has become best friends with camilla parker-bowles. nick watt explains how it happened. >> reporter: kate middleton is marrying the man she loves. but she's also signing up for a life we cannot imagine. she's joining the first. every movement scrutinized. her life, a soap opera. her image, everywhere. just yesterday, pda. and that's big news. kate is now william's co-pilot. >> i'm fortunate. i do a job i enjoy. and i have catherine. >> reporter: she's getting training and friendship from a perhaps unlikely source, camilla. >> i think there's a kind of almost sort of maternal bond between camilla and the soon-to-be princess, catherine. there's a genuine friendship there. >> reporter: when william was away in new zealand, charles and
8:21 am
camilla invited kate to the ballet. recently, they were spotted lunching together. a very long lunch. one fellow diner heard someone say, is that a crumpet? >> camilla obviously knows what it's like to be thrown into the sort of spotlight. i mean, who better to get advice from than camilla? >> reporter: because camilla has seen all sides. remember when she was reviled as the woman who broke up charles and diana's marriage. she was dubbed the rottweiler. but she played her royal role perfectly. she won public affection with flickers of fun like her reaction to the engagement. >> it's brilliant news. i'm just so happy for the both of them. they're also happy. it's wicked. >> reporter: prince charles we hear is also very fond of his son's love. >> he's very, very welcoming.
8:22 am
and very friendly. yeah. i kind of -- it couldn't have gone easier, really, for me. >> reporter: he's even helping kate with wedding planning. >> he's over the moon, actually. and he's had a lot to do with the wedding, which is really, really nice. he's so unbelievably busy. and yet, he makes time to help kate out with the music and stuff like that. >> reporter: kate seems like she was born for this. she loves shooting, fishing, horse riding. the kind of things the windsor clan like to do together. >> she is at ease at the royal palaces. all the things i think diana wasn't. >> reporter: for kate, the firm is friendly. and her closest confidant, and it is a mouthful, camilla, her stepmother-in-law to be. nick watt, abc news, london. >> check out our "royal diary"
8:23 am
blog. that leads up to our special coverage of the big event at 4:00 a.m. eastern on april 29th. good morning, america. okay. so, your teen just got a driver's license. and you're panicked. for good reason. car accidents are the leading cause of death among teens. so, think twice before you give your child a used car. make sure you get it fully checked out by a mechanic. and make sure your teen never drives with a cell phone or food or more than one friend in the car. and what can you do to gather with your teen to make their driving safe center go to for the answers. [ male announcer ] it's 2011. wonder where the durango's been for the last two years? well, it toured around europe, getting handling and steering lessons on those sporty european roads. it went back to school, got an advanced degree in technology. it's been working out -- more muscle and less fat. it's only been two years,
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[ male announcer ] only walmart has low prices every day on everything you need for easter. backed by our ad match guarantee. save money. live better. walmart. san jose city council may finally take a vote on how to regulate medical marijuana clubs in the city. they have been considering the issue for more than a year and a half now. meanwhile, several groups have formed the silicon valley cannabis coalition. san jose has who are an hundred collectives and the mayor and several city council members have proposed cutting the number of dispensaries to ten and limiting where they can operate. let's get an operate on morning commute with frances dinglasan. >> there are two extra slow spots, one is in san jose 280,
8:28 am
jammed from byrd up to keep teen oh because of a mblgtd crash. second hot spot this morning is probably too much of a surprise, it's at bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up toward the foot of maze. >> meteorologist mike nicco has >> meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast righghghghghghghghh paul ? oh, hey, charlene. what are you doing ? this is to help me with my online investing. i'm so overwhelmed by jargon and trading tools and data that i need to get as much blood to my brain as possible, just to make sense of it all. touch the ball. whoa ! get sharebuilder from ing direct. hey, my headache's gone.
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in land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil, there are just three natural ingredients. sweet cream, canola oil and salt. discover land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil. temperatures are still cool an santa rosa and redwood city. 39 and rest of us in the 40s. low to mid-60s. breezy along the coast and mid to upper 50s. it will be warmer tonight with clouds and patchy drizzle.
8:30 am
best chance of her rehabilitate rain will be tomorrow. warming trend still slated for the weekend. >> thanks so much. the news continues now with "goo ♪ praise the lord praise the lord ♪ ♪ raise it raise it, raise it ♪ ♪ raise your voice [ cheers and applause ] whoopi goldberg turned "sister act" into a smash movie. now, she's taking her act to broadway. >> didn't have any trouble waking up this morning. >> exactly. all of the nuns running around all morning. also, tony dovolani is here.
8:31 am
you saw what happened last night. kirstie alley on "dancing with the stars," she lost her shoe. second week in a row, a mishap for kirstie alley. will that knock her out? we get the expert opinion from tony dovolani. and also, carly simon. she has a children's book out. and i did not know she had a special connection to baseball legend jackie robinson. and she has a good friend with her, too. we have a little treat. >> might hear her sing a little bit. our next guest, you might know her as jack bauer's daughter, kim, from "24." she is going to try comedy. alecia cuthbert is here. you are starring in the show "happy ending." what is it about? >> it's about six really close friends in chicago. who are kind of going through different phases of their lives and love.
8:32 am
some are getting married. some are finding love. my particular character. >> she leaves her groom at the altar. >> that's right. that's where you find my character in particular. the friends bring her back. and all this sort of awkwardness ensues, seeing her fiance get back on the dating scene. >> and you said everybody tries to stay friends. >> yeah. >> despite the breakup, yeah, which is difficult because which side -- who's side do you choose? and who do you stay friends with? >> the royal couple to be is so grown-up about this. they're inviting their exs. >> i was shocked when i heard that. that would be weird. i don't know. >> wasn't going to happen at my wedding. before we go, we have to ask you about "24." kiefer sutherland was here.
8:33 am
and said a movie may be in the works? >> site may be. >> right now, part of "happy endings." >> thank you so much. now, to jeff smith with the weather. >> we have people from all over the place. locally from sayerville, new jersey. jill from iowa. how is your time here? >> a little bit. a little bit of shopping. >> window shopping, too? >> sojo. >> let's head to washington, d.c. right now and check out what's going on. rain is about to move in any minute now. it will be coming down hard for a while. up and down the i-95 corridor. it will be up over an inch of rain during the next 48 hours as a low pressure stalls in that area. 77 in vegas. it's dry in texas. waco gets up to 80. chicago, 58. ta
8:34 am
this weather brought to you by walmart. >> thank you, jeff. it's classical week on "dancing with the stars." and kirstie alley had a moment, straight out of the classic fairy tale, cinderella. she lost her shoe on the dance floor. tony dovolani has all of the highlights for us. tony d., you're such a great friend to get up early. before we get to kirstie, what happens with her, the music. i think it was more challenging for everyone. wasn't it, tony? >> it was fantastic. we were able to see ballroom dancing in its rawest form. the music is classical. it was beautiful. we had incredible artists come
8:35 am
in and join us. and talk about dancing to the very rawness of ballroom dancing, where it started. it was a very special night and full of events. >> yeah. full of events. i have to tell you. i agree, having the live orchestra, it was so elegant. but kirstie, last week, the fall. this week, the shoe. what's going on here? she was very graceful getting the shoe back on. >> it will make it interesting for next week because i mean, this week, i said to america, what could possibly go wrong? you've already taken the fall. what's going to be next? and of course, the shoe. the cinderella story. it was the funniest day because she tried hard to put the shoe back on. and she only got two of the toes in. and then, completed the dance. i give her a lot of credit for that. she was very funny right after. she takes things with such light heartness, that you can't help but love her.
8:36 am
she's been so great for the show. >> she's been a fan favorite. and seeing her with maks, she's softened him a little bit. at the top of the leaderboard, chelsea kane. >> i think she's doing a great job. risky choreography. they keep hit young. and mark is doing a great job of keeping it interesting for her. we don't know who her audience is. but she leaves her mark. >> len gave mark a hard time last night about the choreography. >> he did. but at the same time, i give mark a lot of credit because len famed to mention that mark put a lot of the classical moves in there. and that's unfortunate. that's unfortunate. >> tony, i think a lot of people agree with you. hines ward, come on. he's doing so great. and you would think he'd get a little -- higher scores than he's getting out there. >> after i watched the dress
8:37 am
rehearsal, i honestly thought he would be the top score last night. with his paso doble, i was saying 9, 9, 9. when they came up with that score, i thought, this is surprising. the guy really performed to the music. he gave it all he had. i was very surprised. but at the same time, maybe this will rally the pittsburgh steelers fans and will vote him all the way to the end. >> the terrible towels are out right now. people are saying, don't worry. they'll protect him. tony, who do you think we'll see going home tonight? >> you know, this is a tough choice because we have some people that have made some really great improvements, like -- the wrestler. >> chris. >> chris jericho. its escaped my mind. i was trying to remember his real name. chris jericho has made some good improvements. but i think he might be in trouble. petra might be in trouble. even li'l romeo, i think.
8:38 am
the people that stay at the same level normally end up being in trouble. >> all right. we'll have to find out. we don't know. we hated to see you and wendy go last week. >> you're sweet. and i do want to mention that i give sugar ray leonard a lot of credit for being in tights. >> i do, too. >> tommy hearnes is feeling really good right now. >> you're the man, tony. thanks so much. i know we'll be talking to you throughout the season. have a great day in l.a. you'll find out who will be the next to leave the dance floor tonight on "dancing with the stars" at 8:00, 9:00 central right here. join us on twitter. carly simon live, next. come on back.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
that is carly simon singing "take me out to the ball game." it's with her new book, "take me out to the ball game." i never knew about her connection to baseball or to one of the game's legends. she's here to talk all about it. your family loved baseball. you took jackie robinson, who broke the color barrier, into your home in 1964? >> yes. there's still evidence, that stanford, connecticut, where we
8:42 am
were living, was a segregated community, even though they tried to put it politely behind the doors and under the skirts. my mother got ahold of rachel robinson, jackie's widow, and became her closest friend. and she said, meet me on the highway. i will take you in my car. we will go around to all of the real estate people. we'll go to the newspapers. we'll go to the priests. we'll go to the rabbis. we'll go to the schools and make a big deal out of it because this should not be happening. that's what happened. she ended up taking rachel around with her to see a lot of land. >> they lived with her. and you learned about baseball from jackie robinson. >> yeah. he taught me how to hit over the right field center. i so wanted to be a baseball player. it was my whole life. >> now, you get to sing about it.
8:43 am
>> yeah. >> you brought us something brand-new. everybody thinks they know "take me out to the ball game." look at this. peter yarrow of peter, paul and mary. he published the book. but why talk when peter yarrow and carly simon can sing? >> rumors. ♪ take me out to the ball game ♪ ♪ take me out to the crowd ♪ ♪ buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks ♪ ♪ i don't care if i ever get back ♪ ♪ 'cause it's root, root, root ♪ ♪ for the home team if they don't win ♪ ♪ it's a shame 'cause it's one, two ♪ ♪ three strikes you're out at the old ball game ♪ >> yay.
8:44 am
>> that's the part that everybody knows. but tell me about katie case who comes up in the second set of lyrics, who is the star of your book. >> well, jack norworth, who wrote the lyrics, i'm told was on a train passing by yankees stadium or giants stadium. and i don't know what he used, tin pan alley or what was his intention. but he wrote the words and gave them to a friend of his who was a composer. he set the words to music. and it's just about entered the greatest songs of all-man kind. >> you can hear it if you buy the book. and on the cd, as well. >> it's a great book. and the song is, of course, the unofficial mascot song of
8:45 am
baseball. and it's sung in just about every seventh inning stretch everywhere with every major league baseball team. >> carly simon, thanks very much. we'll be back with "sister act." ♪
8:46 am
♪ going to the bank without going to the bank... that's a step forward. with chase quickdeposit on your smartphone, you just snap a picture, hit send and done. chase quickdeposit. take a step forward and ♪ we just keep ons.e jun keepin' on ♪ ♪ keep on the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average more sales than other agents. experience, certainly. but maybe it's also because they care about the markets they serve and the neighbors who rely on them.
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nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. ♪ the broadway show "sister act" may have more sequins than one season of "dancing with the stars." i know you remember in 1992, the whoopi goldberg movie of the same name. she is the producer of the broadway version. and whoopi is here. you're the producer. >> isn't that odd? >> not at all. >> this production people actually can sing.
8:48 am
>> unlike? >> unlike me. i was warbling. trying to get over. our nuns and particularly the young lady playing deloris is amazing. this is -- it's a fun show. it's great for family and kids and grandparents. i'm really proud. >> kit and kaboodle. >> yeah. >> tell us the differences and similarities between this and the movie? >> we're both black, clearly. but the differences are, it's a younger deloris. and she's not working her way up from the bottom, you know. everybody can see it and hear it. but she's with the wrong man. that happens. and she ends up with the nuns. and that's similar. and the music is by alan menken. so, it's quite new and -- >> original music? >> yeah.
8:49 am
motown was being used for something else. but alan has written an amazing score, more in the disco era, which is when it takes place now. so, it's kind of fantastic. >> you're not going to sneak on stage? >> no. i snuck in london, only because they needed me. but nobody's going out. none of these nuns are not going to be on stage at any point. it's lovely. >> okay. we need to clear the stage. >> let's go. >> the real stars are coming. "sister act" stars patina miller as deloris van cartier, whoopi's character in the film. here they are with "take me to heaven."
8:50 am
♪ ♪ i've been thinking about you since receiving your call ♪ ♪ can't see living without you you've got me ♪ ♪ mind, soul body and all ♪ ♪ praying and praying every night and each day ♪ ♪ hoping that you'll drop a line ♪ ♪ pray and i pray till you sweep me away ♪ ♪ straight to cloud number nine ♪ ♪ you are simply too divine take me to heaven ♪ ♪ take me to ecstasy
8:51 am
i'll give you all i've got ♪ ♪ when you strut your stuff and do your thing ♪ ♪ i can't help surrendering ♪ you're so strong you're so sweet ♪ ♪ you're what makes me complete ♪ ♪ take me to heaven take me to kingdom come ♪ ♪ i'll take any vow just take me now ♪ ♪ you know just how to thrill me ♪ ♪ i want to praise your name i get up more ♪ ♪ i pray and i pray every night and each day ♪ ♪ hoping you'll drop me a line ♪ i pray and pray till you sweep me away ♪
8:52 am
♪ from all over time ♪ you are too divine take me to heaven ♪ ♪ take me to paradise give me a feeling ♪ ♪ make me feel so nice tell me what you want ♪ ♪ take me to school ♪ i'm here for you take me higher ♪ ♪ take me higher take me to heaven ♪ ♪ take me to heaven take me to heaven ♪ [ cheers and applause ] #t#t#t#tt
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
come on. can you think of a better way to start the day than this right here?
8:56 am
peter, thank you. carly, thank you. whoopi, patina, you can sing. >> the best class, by the way. >> when does it open? >> the 28th. >> you can follow us all the time on twitter and facebook. and watch "world news" with diane sawyer later today. >> we shouldn't kick up our legs since we're with nuns, right? >> go for it. >> we're just going to hang out here. when she hits that high note -- are we still on? or switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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it can also lead to serious dental problems. [ male announcer ] new act total care dry mouth is alcohol-free and has fluoride to strengthen teeth. stronger teeth and dry mouth relief. street. >> u.s. energy energy secretary will join governor brown as they sign the most renewable energy mandate into law. it requires one-third of the state's electricity come from alternative sources within ten years. >> meteorologist mike nicco is here now with a quick check of the forecast. >> looks like mostly sunny skies. breezy and upper 50s along the coast the it will be warmer tonight but clouds could drop patchy drizzle and chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. >> ten minute delays on bart due to a medical emerg


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