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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  April 14, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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home when they heard sirens. >> me and my buddy noticed that the police officers were getting some juveniles out at gun point. >> he turned his cell phone police officers ordering four young people out of a car. >> the police and making sure they don't shoot no body. >> keep your hands up. >> right of the frame. the police officer demands the phone. >> i am going to take the phone for evidence. >> the officer drove up and basically said he was taking my phone for evidence and i was like, what why? >> rather than give it to the officer, he handed the phone to the friend who took it into the house. the officer put dushane in handcuffs. >> i don't think he had probable cause to arrest me. he was cited with interferring with a police officer.
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he never did give police his phone and he posted the video on youtube. >> this is wrong on so many different lemps. there is a violation of the fourth amendment here and first amendment implications and there is a common misconception among the police officers. >> the police spokesman told abc 7, on the surface of things, we have concerns about what we have seen. we are currently conducting an inquiry in the incident and prepared to take appropriate or corrective action if necessary. >> i am going to take the phone for evidence. >> as a law abiding citizen and i am a notary and mental health administrator, and i feel like that i was very much violated. >> now, the police told me it is unlikely they will formally file charges against dushane. as for the police action on
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the street here on saturday afternoon, turns out that those young people the police stopped were not the robbery suspects police were looking for and they, too were released. >> laur athank you very much. >> the departure of bart general manager dorothy dugard is shrouded in mystery as she leaves with a million dollars. pay out is raising a lot of questions. >> it sure is. there is a lot of talk about the reasons for dorothy dugar's ouster. no one is talking about the official reason. >> i don't like it. it is a waste of money. >> it is not just bart riders critizing the million dollar golden parachute going to dorothy dugar. the severance and $350,000 to
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avoid a lawsuit comes out of the transit agency operating budget and bart employees are not happy. >> they could have taken that money to use and fix the system. >> during her final board of director's meeting, dugar heard praise and thanks, that from the same board voted to fire her, and a vote that was rescinded because it violating public meeting laws. >> i want thank her for her leadership in balancing the budget and labor negotiations, and on extensions. >> dorothy dugar is a talented woman worthy of my full support. >> it will be next to impossible to find a replacement that is worth a million dollars . >> eep though the agency had a surplus, dugar's reznition came as no surprise. >> clearly the board and
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majority of the board made decisions months ago and the board and i reached an agreement and resolution of those issues and i will be leaving bart and moving on to the next chapter. >> there have been calls for her reznition since the bart response to the oscar grant shooting. as the agency searches for a permanent replacement charrle wakeman will be the interim manager. >> it was a shame she was forced out of the job she did well. >> her last day is april 22nd. new interim general manager was in retirement and brought out after brought to general counsel and interim general manager twice. his ament comes with controversy. one board member criticizes and said it overlooked current
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general managers. >> two men arrested for looting after the verdict in the oscar grant shooting trial have been order to pay $25,000 each and restitution to the owner of a jewelry store. they were part of a crowd of 200 who stole thousands of goods from jc jewelry. the pair was subdued by the oakland neighborhood law corp. >> federal investigators released 500 pages of documents from the san bernardino bern pipe line disaster. it is part of the ongoing investigation deadly explosion. abc is live in san brurno. >> the 500 or so pages released by the national transportation safety board on quick initial plans, do not appear to contain significant information. it might require time to analyze all of it. there were interviews done last fall . the crator created by the
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explosion, still sits as a scar here in the neighborhood. a daille reminder of the devastation, a successful conclusion to the ntsb investigation and a probicable cause nailed down would q. a long way to healing the pain in the neighborhood. is this amateur video from the ntsb shows a blow torch roaring out of the pipe line. it is what the first employee would have seen arriving 15 minutes from the blast. he saw it from the freeway . tried to call in to dispatch center but the cell phone signal dropped out and when he being get through it was hard to hear. the week after september 11th explosion he told ntsb investigators it was loud and sirens and roaring of the fire and difficult to hear on the phone. san brurno native saw the raging gas fire from the freeway driving north from the peninsula.
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>> every city i came north, i realized that the fire was further north. it is in san bruno. >> he remembers problems with his phone. >> i was across the canyon and there was no way. the cell phones were down and it was scary. >> the pipe line explosion and fire killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes . ntsb arrived the next day to begin the investigation and in march held a public hearing in washington d.c. and the final with probable cause is expected before the one-year anniversary of the disaster this fall. nely bishop and her husband bill ran from their house and eagerly awaiting the investigation. >> it is a huge catastrophic and how it happened, we all want to know. >> the documents released today comprise 13 interviews and transscrips of 13 introduce with pg&e employees
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of different ranks and no real explanation as to why they were released today and not earlier along with thousands of pages of transcripts back in march. in san bruno abc 7 news. >> search under way for two pit bulls that attacked a woman and killed a dog in the park. it happened around midnight and the victim said the pit bulls were running loose with no one else around. they attacked the 13 year old husky named shadow and attacked dawn marshall wilson as she tried to stop them. >> they didn't seem to want to attack me . you know, i can't say that that would be true for the next person that comes along. but they didn't seem to be interested in me as a person and they were after the dog. >> her dog's injuries were so severe, the animal had to be put down. they are checking the neighborhood for pit bulls but have no leads.
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>> a medical marijuana dispenary could are shut down but not because of the location. abc caroline tyler reports that the permit to sell pot is challenged by city council. >> the hearing was over before it began. >> i will recuse myself from this matter. >> dimittri shelton once worked for the city's attorney office and recused himself . this case pitts the city against the oakland canabas institute. she signed a contract and paid current owners a million dollars. but the city said she purposely avoided going through the process to get a permit. >> she knowingly violated our municipal code. >> because of that? >> the carrot and flaw that should make her ineligible to have a limited permit.
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>> there are only four permits for medical marijuana dispensaries in oakland and and change of ownership has to be approved. year a superior court judge sided with frank and suggested that oakland's rules are confusing. >> they have a permit system in oakland with a lot of unwritten rules and when somebody want to transfer that permit, it is hard to do because there are no written rules. >> the hearing was ordered to determine if the permit should be approved and that decision is now on hold. in the meantime, hundreds of patients, continue to go to the oakland cana bas institute that surprisingly is right across the street from the police department. the mayor has no problem with that location. >> i think it is okay, because it eliminates the criminal activity that other cities have. >> the city tried to get the landlord to evict the cana bas
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club. that hasn't happened and the date is not set yet for a new hearing. live in oakland. caroline tyler abc news. >> teaching gay history in the california school system. >> i can't bring my son back. >> a mother's plea to protect gay stunes from school bullies . also tonight, a public salute to the victim of a senseless act of violence and the good samaritans who helped to save her life. >> later, tables turned on nuclear power. find out why demonstrators want two well known californias to be shut down. >> how much are credit card poigns really worth? i
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. the san diego district attorney held an award. among those honored a group of good samaritan who saved the life of a young teen who was brutially assaulted. >> you are going to hear. >> among those honored a secretary and lawyer and financer and a doctor. these are the good citizens who saved the life of lauren shawler. on may 19th, 2007. as a backed away he slashed at me. >> lauren was 15 when she was attacked at twin peeks bakery by a violent paroleee. he stabbed her repeatedly. the lawyer was in the baker
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and went to his aid but thomas stabbed him. >> stabbed in the chest and one thatured my lung on the right happened side . left a knife in my ribs. >> financial analyst saw kubas stumble outside. he pulled the knife out and the assailant and i kick today away under a car. >> and smallen chaced thomas down the street and flagged down a cop who made the arrest. >> she almost died when the jugular vein was severed. he saved her life by stemming the bleeding. >>im grateful to make a difference in lauren's life. >> school secretary helped chang and called 911. this is the stuff heroes are made of. >> how life can change in just
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one second. you can go. it can be so pleasant and lovely to horrific in a snap. >> but on that day four years ago. good triumphed over evil anders came together to do the right thing. they are like family to laur yen her parents. >> we had lots and lots of time with them to get to know them as people. >> lauren is now enjoying life as a college student. >> life is good? >> very good. >> abc 7 news. >> what a story. the state senate man dated schools teach gay and lesbian and transgender history. if approved by governor brown, california will be the first state to require a curriculum. oppons claim that it will add to the burden and also what parents may find
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objectionable. the state assembly sponsored a bill on the antibullying bill. it was passed by an emotional plea by a mother who said her son was harassed since sixth grade . >> i can't bring my son back. but the california legislator can protect young people across the state like seth who. >> and the measure would help administrators respont to the harassment and have a database. >> and california will take the keys away from lawmakers who have din cars from lawmakers. they take advantage of free cars and gas and maintenance. but the california citizen's commission eliminated those perks.
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the move will save cash-strapped california two million over five years. some lawmakers for large rural districts feel unfairly targeted. >> if i didn't have a car. i would have to visit constitients less. >> i found it difficult to hear about the sacrifices other people are making . >> and taxpayers pay for the car accidents like the one four years ago in which former secretary of state crashed in four vehicles. that cost the state $400,000. >> temperatures are inching up and showers are expected. >> we were looking at clouds. here, what about those clouds. >> yeah. >> those clouds are not producing rainfall but make a nice picture. live view from the estbay camera and looking at the western sky. we have high clouds passing over and not causing precipitation in the moment but there is some moving in
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your direction. temperatures in the 50s and inland areas of the east bay. we have low 60s and south bay and santa cruz, we have low 60s and these are the highlights, little bit warmer for the next few days and slight chance of light rain, mainly in the northern most part of the viewing area and chance of light rain sunday night and monday. even as it gets milder there is a greater chance of rainfall . satellite radar shows high pressure ridge weakening right now and approaching warm front brings us a next chance of rainfall. it will start at 7:00 this evening and by tomorrow morning we'll see light rain developing in the northern most part of the viewing area . that will continue through tomorrow night and saturday morning and we'll draw a line. see, there it is. from northern sanoma county and that area will receive light rain from the approaching system . then sunday night and monday.
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all of the bay area has a chance to see light rain. >> overnight tonight, we'll see conditions become cool but not cold. morning lows will drop in the low to mid-40s and inland east bay and south bay and right around the bay and coastline. lows to the mid-to upper 40s. cool and not cold. tomorrow mild weather continues in the south bay. we'll see high temperatures around or just above 70 degrees . on the peninsula mid-to upper 60s will be the highs and pen in san mateo and 70 in mountain view . upper 50os the coast . half moon bay. highs of 60 in the sunset district . 64 degrees . wider range of 64 . 66 in nevada . santa rosa and again to the farth are north. you can see a better chance of rainfall from clover dale and clear lake. 67 will be the high from napa .
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mainly mid-to upper 60s and 68 in castro, valley . inland east bay upper 60s to low 70s and 71 in livermore and monterey bay. highs of 64 and cent in santa cruz . morg feign hill and solinas. this is the mild weather in the weekend. slight chance of rain in the northernmost part of the viewing quar. sunday will be dry early and chance of rain sunday night and monday morning and dry weather after that. it is getting milder by august. >> it is. thank you. and coming up next. south bay family raises objections to the military opponent of a military commander and why the white oprah: all new -- six years old, literally chained in a closet, tortured by his own family -- now, he is ready to tell his story for the first time. >> next "oprah."eñfçfçfxfxfxfxgñ
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a south bay family is outraged over president obama by mccrystal picked to oversea the families. the former -- mccrystal told tillman's family he was killed in a firefighter when he knew he was killed in a friendly fire. >> it is not an appropriate choice. someone who has a heart felt desire to help families would not have been involved in the cover up of the soldier's death. >> the white house issued a
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statement saying what the tillman family endured is a tragedy that shouldn't be repeated but mccrystal has the unique understanding of the challenges military families go through every day. >> there is a shock to daytime tv lovers. two of the networks best known soap operas are cancelled. all my children will be go off. one day to life. >> general hospital will remain on the air but soaps will be replaced by food and life style programs there. is a link to offer feed back at abc 7 >> still coming up new at 6:30. congress oaks a budget bill to keep the budget running and exclusive interview with
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president obama on the next big money battle. >> future of the california's nuclear power plant and why critics want this one off line for good. >> also a 100,000 for anyone to design a app to help bridge to design a app to help bridge a divide.
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>> the bipartisan budget measure to avoud a government shut down sailed throughout house and senate today and sent to president obama for his signature. the plan finances the government through the end of the budget year and includes a record 38 billion in cuts. house speaker john boehner called them unprecedented but a first step in the long fight against spending. >> it signals to job creators that we are serious about stopping washington's spending binge. >> the other battle is raising
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the national debt limit. in an exclusive interview with george stephanopoulos, president obama anticipates a fight from the senate republicans that have hinted they might vote no. >> the burden will fall on the democrats in the senate to make it happen. but both chambers we'll need votes from the another side. >> the house passed two resolutions one to defund planned parent hood and block funding for the affordable care act. >> and antinuclear protestors demonstrated outside of the public utilities commission in san francisco this morning, they say the disaster in japan should be a wake-up call in california. mark has more. >> comparison in california and japan shakier than the faults. but protestors believe that nuclear is so fought for disaster potential no new plants should be built and licensing for existing
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shouldn't be renewed. >> they stood in front of the state building and lined up inside to voice opposition. >> nuclear power is insane. it is absolutely insanity. >> more than one making the connection between the power plant in the canyon and the company's deadly national gas pipe line. >> why should we have confidence that pg&e is meticulous and safe operating a nuclear power plant. >> the disaster in japan raised concerns about a potential for a earthquake and tsunami. but the fault lines are not the same as in japan. seismic structure does not produce tsunami. one of the organizers told me it doesn't matter? >> what happened in fukushima was the result of multiple incidents and accidents and unanticipated consequence that is could not have been predicted. >> the executive director of western state legal foundation
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said it is enough thoothat nuclear production has unresolved risk. >> radio active waste that is there hundreds of thousands of years. >> outside of the hearing, representatives listened and would not comment on camera . puc does not decide issues of nuclear safety that. is overseen by the nuclear regulatory agency. puc holds the purse strings for the power plants and can decide how much rate payers are charged for the energy produced. paul clanon is the director. >> have you seen anything that leads you to think that puc would not fund. >> they are not rushing to judgment. we are learning the lessons of japan and will make judicious decision. >> vuseen anything to believe that they will not be funded. >> we'll do it based on the facts and no one is rushing to conclusions here.
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>> you could argue one lesson for japan it is better to be forth coming with information. >> the company is asking for a delay in the listening renewal and nothing to do with the current climate of distrust over san burno or fukushima. pg&e said it would be better to wait until the seismic studies are complete that will be around december of 2015. caroline. >> mark, thank you. >> radiation levels in the fukushima power plant dropped enough for police to search through the debris today. dressed in white protective suits they searched for bodies. they believe a thousand bodies are stuck under the debris. the emperor visited the earthquake and tunce -- tsunami ravaged zone for the 50 time today. more than 400,000 people are
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vorced to evacuate. south of market neighborhood. a man on fire running out of an adult book store. he was caught on fire in the superstore. there was a crash and bright lights coming from the video booth . firefighters who happened to be nearby doused the flames but not until he suffered life threatening burns on 90 percent of his body. >> head of u.s. traffic control system resigned after four controllers nodded off on the job. faa officials and leaders from the controller union plan to visit the airport next week. they want to emphasize the importance of professionalism and saying alert. the agency plans a top to bottom review of air traffic control. >> this is ridiculous and outrageous and the kind of behavior that we will not stand for in the department of transportation. >> and the faed reno airport
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to assign one controller in overnight hours before the mishap where the lone controller fell asleep. that forced the air ambulance to land without assistance . they have added a second controller >> and disappointing day for google on wall street. revenues are up 20 percent and earnings up 18 percent and the numbers fell below analyst projections. google stock fell on concern that a hiring spree would cut in profits. dow jones managed a 14 point gain despite unemployment claims. google held back the nasdaq and s&p 500 barely moved. >> the bay area realtors have the best months of march in four years last months and largely because prices have fallen 5.3 percent from a year ago. >> coming up, a new rehab tool for stroke victims. 3 d technology to help you get
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>> a new technology is helping elderly patients regain balance and flexibility. they work out with their virtual self. here we go. get ready. at age 74, bill huges doesn't play basketball but her avattar does. beal is rehabing from cancer
6:39 pm
in costa county . strengthening her balance with a interactive exercise system. >> it feels believe it or not like fun. >> beal moves the infra-red camera is capturing her body in 3 d and her movements are related to avattar, the character playing the game on the creen. when she bend and twists. her avattar does the same. >> that is okay, you got it, good. >> i am a little tired but happily so. >> bernie is an optional therapist with the company that developed the system . enchanges their upper and lower body far more than simple gaming controls and encouraging them to stretch and using initial motion . >> it enables the patients through movements and drive the rehab programs. >> beil needs the help of a
6:40 pm
therapist but she made strides using the system. >> like my friends to visit and notice the difference in my balance. you have to have balance and i need more of it. and there's new research backing this type of rehab. a new study found that using virtual reality games led to significant reduction in patients that suffered strokes. they had nearly a five-time higher chance of recovering their strength in their limbs than patient who is did not. >> coming up next. michael fenny on how to get the most from your credit card rewards points and the hundred thousand reward for anyone who
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>> there is a reward for approximate anyone who can help build a application to
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help with the digital divide. here's more on how to cash in. >> we encourage states and cities and townships to the public databases to developers and we challenge developer to build great apps with that data. the goal for the community is to get the 33 percent of the americans who does not use broadband to get involved. nonusers don't see the relevance on line. there is there is a kind of aps that might be able for the money. there is mobile phones. there is no doubt they are able to make the connection. it is like opening the candy store.
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and she wants to make her job easier. ! it is for public safety and that would let communities be involved. >> this is the first time to turn to aps is service. is copplications. . and they have reward points. >> but how do you get the best value. >> mike fenny has the answers. >>im draze for reward poigns. >> that is what it is all about. besides airline, merchandise and hotel rooms and tickets for the rodeo for your reward
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points. but as we found out not all rewards are created equal. >> hundred. and dawn keeps track of the reward points on her credit card so she can book free flights. with six people in her family she has saved thens of dollars . >> we have gone to california and we have gone to france and spain, and italy and we have gone all over the world using our miles. >> and her plane tickets the best way to spend the miles and reward points. you can get computers and tvs and mattress. >> best value is an airline ticket. the way we calculate the value. compares the miles to the actual cost of the item. >> actual price of the domestic flight is $350 and that divided by 25,000 miles to get a ticket and each one is worth 1.4 cents and if you
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have to use 35,000 miles, the value of the mile is a penny. >> find merchandise with points and miles is a worst deal. one flat screen cost 78,000 points. >> a tv like that retailed for $400 and divided by 78,000 means that they are worth half a cent. hotel stays, using poigns may be worth it. but do math, deals vary . air travel is the best way to spend your miles. they don't make it easy with blackout dates and other restrictions. dawn said you have to be persistant and flexible. with a little effort she manage to book a trip for her family tho to china. >> we have unbelievable memories and it is golden. >> consumer reports said if you have a few to use up. best deals are newspaper and
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magazines subscriptions. >> that is good to know. >> we'll be spending them. >> a group of bay area attempting to navigate the stretch from the islands to the golden gate bridge is still in the water tonight. they started the relay at 6:30 and raising money for the wounded warrior project which supports service members and fam faps. the swimmers are approaching the golden gate now but not quite by 7:00 tonight. they don't expect to arrive until eight or nine. they are farther along than that. >> i think the weather is good for a swim. >> we'll check in with christian. >> i am over here. >> yeah, sorry about that. we realized the camera was in our direction. >> right. that is a good thing. >> and here is a time lapse view from the high definition
6:49 pm
camera showing clouds low level and midlevelev screaming in over the bay. we saw a lot of sunshine today as well no rain yet and tomorrow morning we'll see the rain in the northern most viewing part of our area . through tomorrow and saturday . high temperatures tomorrow. mainly in the upper 60s to low 70s. you will find nice pleasant mild weather in tahe friday through sunday and mild temperatures and cloudiness in the sky and no snow likely and look at south other than california. there is a high of 88 degrees on saturday and almost up to the 90 degrees mark with modern condition in san diego. here is the 7 day forecast. chance of showers in the northern most part of the viewing area . most will be dry and mild weather through the weekend and chance of light rain sunday and monday and dry for the remainder of the forecast period.
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>> thanks, and a man who ended the shark season last year could be the key to winning it all this year. larry beil
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join me at 9:00 on channel 13 >> hump back whales and they have a catchy tune and here on 11:00, over the counter diet pill that forced this woman to get a liver transplant. right now to san jose in the shark tank and that is where larry is with the first playoff game, larry? >> and i heard the whale sound like what the fans are making. but they are real. but spring time in san jose means time playoff time for the san jose sharks. it is an annual spring ritual. fans stream in the parilion, game one between the sharks and la kings is minutes away to get the playoff series started. they were up and down and then they were way, way down and
6:54 pm
finish up, up, up and carried them to the title . last year, they had the best record in the league and made it to the western conference finals. this year they are flying under the radar and no one talking about them as cup conteppeders . the sharks are just fine. they had 7 players score 20 goals. this is a well balanced teep. >> we have been able to win the gapes in the last two months waus because we have a contribution from everyone. we don't rely on just three. we have depth and overall team play makes us feel good. in the playoffs, it comes down to the hot goalies. they hope he can repeat his brilliance from a year ago when he led chicago to the stanly cup. >> it is game one . great to have him on our side. when you go against a stanly
6:55 pm
cup goalie and he beats you . you get him next year tis always nice. >> this series marks third time that two california teams will be meeting in the post season. first time it happened was 1969. the oakland seals played the la kings and your oakland seals that played in the oakland colsiium arena and renamed. (no they are down in the dungion and she made her way through the skelton and king tut's team and found pictures from 42 years ago. seals were owned at one point by charlie fenny. later became the cleveland barrons. they are four games to three . we move on to nba news and the warriors have announced the general manager larry riley
6:56 pm
will return next season and a little bits of a surprise twist, warriors named bob meyers giving up his agency business and joining the warriors as manager . heel move up at some point. the question is where does this leave the head coach in the first year in the hel'm. he led the warriors . he squeezed the talent out of a under sized goal and roster. this is a no brainer. they want keith smart back. >> first year coach did a great job getting us to a better place last year . we have a lot to learn and get better at . so as we grow with him. there is no stopping us. >> i have to see whether joel, the owner, feels the same way. there could be a lock out to affect things for the golden state warriors. what happened on the pga tour.
6:57 pm
talk about pure misery in the texas open. kevin, posting the second worst score ever on a hole. the hole was a par four and took him 10 shots and just to get out of the forest and he shot a 16 for the whole. he was four under for the rest of the day and finished with a round of 8 over 80 . you thought you had a bad day. yeah. it was great compared to kevin's. sharks and cinings and we'll have the highlights later tonight. >> that was brutal. >> thanks, larry. >> that's it for us . that's it for the this eof abc 7 news. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 9:00 and 11:00. bye-bye.
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