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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 15, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and there's breaking news. tornado warnings. >> large tornado on the ground. >> storm chasers capture it all. deadly tornadoes, moving across the middle of the country, killing at least four in two states. this oklahoma school, completely flattened. my exclusive interview with president obama. he takes on his fiercest critics, his own mistakes and donald trump's challenge. >> most people feel pretty confident, that the president was born, where he says he was, in hawaii. he doesn't have horns. home invasion. a country music singer's relative, dragged from her home into the woods by a stranger wearing camouflage.
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this morning, her family pleads for her safe return. and "black swan" bombshell, who really did all of the dancing in the role that won natalie portman an oscar? her ballerina double breaks her silence in her first television interview. an abc news exclusive. and good morning, everyone. that dangerous line of storms, still very active right now. number of tornado warnings all across the south. with those storm chasers following every moment. >> and we just got a report of another death now in arkansas. very dangerous storms. i'm just back from washington. that exclusive interview with president obama. the president did the interview just before his new campaign rallies. the campaign in chicago. i could tell he was warming up. i'm really surprised he took on the birther controversy. i thought he would take a pass. he seemed to love talking about it. >> and the manner in which he took it on, too. >> big smile. >> with humor.
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and also, we have a royal exclusive this morning. we have the first look at where kate middleton will spend her last night as a single woman. >> they have done a huge makeover of that suite just for her. >> they really have. just for her. first, let's start with what's happening in oklahoma right now. all of the tornadoes that ripped through the heartland overnight. and clayton sandell is in hard-hit oklahoma, for us this morning. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, robin. it's hard to comprehend the catastrophic power of this tornado. it left a path of destruction one mile wide and nine miles long. this is all that's left of the only elementary school and high school here in town. the students weren't here at the time. and it's a good thing. because this is all that's left of a grade school classroom. take a look at this over here. this tornado was powerful enough to overturn this car, and with it, overturning the lives of hundreds of people here.
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>> whoa! that's violent. >> large tornado on the ground. large tornado on the ground. >> reporter: the twisters rolled in right around dinner time. residents say it felt like a bomb. they had only moments to flee. >> we're here for the tornado. >> reporter: two public schools totally destroyed. literally a pile of rubble. >> anybody home? >> reporter: hundreds of homes are destroyed or damaged. residents were forced to conduct their own rescue missions, looking for survivors and those still trapped. some spent the night in their cars after their homes were destroyed. officials who can't even reach some of the hardest hit areas are calling it a nightmare. >> it's bad. we can't get to a lot of places we need to, without using chain saws or heavy equipment to move the trees. >> reporter: and really, the only way to tell that this was a school is to look around at the dozens of mangled desks that now litter campus here.
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these tornadoes are moving east, toward arkansas, where they have already killed three people. robin? >> clayton, thank you. thankfully no one was at the school when that tornado hit. wabc's lee goldberg is in our weather center right now tracking the storms. what do you see, lee? >> and robin, we're now learning of the a sixth fatality. the one in arkansas, a 6-year-old boy crushed by a tree. these are the same storms that were in oklahoma overnight. they're now going through mississippi, tennessee. from nashville, to birmingham. these storms will last right into the weekend. the storms can bring heavy rain, strong winds. dangerous lightning. listen to the watches and warnings from your abc stations. right now, the weather continues to be severe throughout the day. george? >> thanks, lee. now, my interview with
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president obama, since he announced his re-election run. we talked about everything from the birther battle, to the rising gas prices worrying so many of you. and the president began by brushing back the criticism of congressional republicans who said his blistering budget speech on wednesday has poisoned the well of bipartisanship. >> absolutely not. look, if you look at my speech yesterday, it was not so much a critique of what the house republicans proposed as it was a description of what they proposed. >> reporter: i feel like there's no common ground there. >> here's the thing that i think is good. everybody now agrees that the deficit has to be cut. we can come up with some very serious spending cuts that democrats and republicans can agree helps to put us on the right path. the key from my perspective is making sure it's balanced. >> reporter: you have to extend the debt limit by may. and your job is a lot tougher because of your vote in the senate against extending the debt limit. when did you realize that vote was a mistake? >> i think that it's important
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to understand the vantage point of a senator versus the vantage point of a president. when you're a senator, traditionally what's happened is. this is always a lousy vote. nobody likes to be tagged as having increased the debt limit for the united states by $1 trillion. as president, you start realizing, you know what? we can't play around with this stuff. this is the full faith and credit of the united states. so, that was just an example of a new senator, you know, making what is a political vote, as opposed to doing what was important for the country. and i'm the first one to acknowledge it. >> reporter: i asked our viewers for questions for you. thousands came in. >> gas prices? >> you guessed it. i want to show you louise ross, from chester, new hampshire. why not release at least some of the oil in our reserves before gas reaches $5 a gallon? if that's rainy day fund, it's pouring out. give us a break. that's what it's there for. >> i think we are monitoring the situation very closely. the strategic petroleum reserve was designed for when oil actually shuts off.
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having said that, i understand how big of a strain this is on family budgets. now, one good thing that we did was, in december, with republicans, we were able to pass a package of tax cuts that has helped to buffer some of that strain on families. >> reporter: but you're not ready to release the reserves yet? >> the reserves are something, that i think we have to be very careful about. and we don't want to catch ourselves in a situation in the middle east where we're using it now and it turns out we need it later. >> reporter: why should americans re-elect you? >> i think we've gone through 2 1/2 of trying years that we've seen since the great depression. during that time, not only have we been able to yank this economy out of a very, very deep recession, not only have we been able to stabilize the financial system and get the economy to grow again. not only have we now produced
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over 1.8 million jobs, just in the last year, but what we've also been able to do is to make this society a little fairer, more competitive. >> reporter: unemployment's higher. the debt's higher. >> we still have to put more people back to work. we have to bring the deficit down. internationally, obviously, we still have enormous challenges. i think i'm equipped to help us finish the job. >> reporter: i wonder how you size up your potential opponents. all of us have been struck by donald trump rising in the polls by attacks on your background. what do you make of that? >> over the last 2 1/2 years there's been an effort to go at me in a way that is politically expedient in the short-term, for republicans. but creates, i think, a problem for them when they want to actually run in the general election, where most people feel pretty confident the president
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was born where he says he was, in hawaii. he doesn't have horns. >> reporter: outside, the president expanded on the theme, explaining why trump's attacks may actually help him. >> the vast majority of americans, across the country, democratic or republican, really want this election to be about growing the economy, getting control of the deficit, preparing the future for our kids. and my suspicion is, anybody who is not addressing those questions -- >> reporter: is in trouble? >> is going to be in trouble. >> reporter: thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> you can see the whole interview on my bottom line blog at in your interview, the president also touched on the anger over those air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job. a top government official resigned over the incident. but what's being done to make sure that no more of them happen? lisa stark has the story. >> can't seem to get ahold of the tower here.
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>> reporter: the cases of sleepy controllers have certainly woken up the white house. and president obama made it clear that falling asleep on the job is unacceptable. >> the fact is, when you're responsible for the lives and safety of people up in the air, you better do your job. >> reporter: the uproar has cost the man in charge of air traffic control his job. hank krakowski resigned from the faa yesterday. but is there a broader problem? are there enough controllers? do they get enough rest? in fact, the faa and controllers union have been studying the fatigue issue for over a year now. and their report finds that acute fatigue occurs on a daily basis. and fatigue can occur at anytime on any shift. sleep experts say controllers are ripe for exhaustion, often bouncing between day shifts and night shifts. >> when we're constantly having to adjust to different work schedules, our body is always playing catchup. >> reporter: even worse, overnight controllers work in
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dim lighting with little stimulation. and long breaks between radio calls. yet, they have to remain vigilant. >> that's exactly the type of task that's hardest to maintain, when you're at the wrong point in your biological rhythm. >> reporter: what's the solution? well, one recommendation from the government study, allowing controllers to take scheduled naps, with breaks as long as 2 1/2 hours, to allow for both sleeping and waking up. now, that may seem like a long break in an eight-hour overnight shift. but sleep experts say it is critical. it will truly help. it may be a tough sell politically, though. it's taken decades to get new fatigue rules for pilots. no reason to think it would be any easier for controllers. george? >> there is a great demand for it. lisa, thanks very much. now, to the kidnapping that's rocking the country music community in a small town in tennessee. singer whitney duncan is making a passionate plea for the safe
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return of her cousin, who was last seen being dragged from her home by a man in camouflage. linsey davis is on the scene in tennessee with the latest. good morning, lynn linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. we're at the command center at the fairgrounds. the search for holly bobo fans out from here for miles. all over town, there are pink ribbons and posters like this posted of holly. her mother's plea, simply heart wrenching. >> holly, i love you so much. please, try to get home to us. and if anybody knows anything about her, please. please, help us find her. >> reporter: holly bobo has been missing since wednesday morning. her brother called 911 and said a man wearing camouflage dragged the 20-year-old from the car port of her family home toward the woods. >> it might have been somebody close, somebody who knew her routine. or when i left, when she left,
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or when my daughter left to do to school is what i've got in my mind. i don't know that for sure. >> reporter: the community is offering a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to the nursing student's safe return. >> just anybody that can help, come on and help us, please. >> did you see anything that is not right? >> reporter: the family asked for help. and they got it. on foot, on horseback and atv. hundreds of volunteers continue combing the woods and fields surrounding their home in western tennessee. >> if this was my daughter, i would want everybody doing this for her. >> we do pray for holly. >> reporter: parsons is a close knit community with little crime. the abduction has left many of the 2,500 residents stunned and prayerful. >> it's amazing, this community, what they've done. they have not stopped since the time they were mobilized and said go, they have not stopped. >> reporter: bobo's cousin is country singer, whitney duncan. she recently tweeted, lord, have mercy. i feel like i'm walking in a nightmare.
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safe to say, her whole family feels that way. >> i just want her back. >> thank you. >> reporter: the search continues around the clock. but the weather is causing a big hindrance. in the forecast, heavy rain, high winds and even the possibility of tornados. george? >> oh, my goodness. thank you very much. let's go to juju chang with the rest of the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the biggest attempt yet to hold wall street accountable for its role in the financial crisis. regulators are in talks with jpmorgan chase, citigroup and other banks to settle fraud allegations related to the toxic mortgages. "the wall street journal" reports the settlement could surpass the record $550 million goldman sachs paid for misleading investors. the japanese government has ordered the operator of that devastating nuclear power plant to compensate those away there their homes.
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48,000 house holds get an initial payment of $12,000. ford is expanding its recall of the best selling f-150 pickup. more than 1 million trucks from model years 2004 and 2006, are being recalled because of problems with the air bags. and finally, a seismic shift in daytime television. with ratings down, abc is replacing two long-time soap operas with lifestyle shows. by mario batali and tim gunn. "all my children" and "one life to live," ends in january. that's the news at 7:15. >> any of our friends, susan lucci and cameron mathison. i used to schedule my classes in college around "all my children." >> really? >> yeah. i did. not ashamed to say it. a lot of kids did it. i was one of them. >> we used to call it all my kids. we would sit around and watch. >> mine was "the odd couple." >> that says so much. let's get over for the weather again. wabc's lee goldberg in for sam champion. good morning, lee. >> good morning, guys. this line of storms, really resilient here. moving through parts of tennessee and mississippi. there's a new tornado warning
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south of but not including jackson, tennessee, right now. an incredible line moving towards birmingham. to the north, there's a blizzard going on in parts of nebraska and kansas. blizzard warnings in this hour. parts of i-80, motorists have been stranded for many hours. in terms of storm reports, we've seen over 200 across the area. that includes ten tornadoes. and the severe weather threat will move east today. places like atlanta, nashville, and louisville, under the gun as we go into tonight. that's the weather across the nation.
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looks like we're in stac >> looks like we're in storm track mode this morning. more weather in the next half hour. robin? >> lee, thank you. the diet pills alli and xenical promise safe weight loss without starving yourself. 40 million people have tried it. but now, for the second time if five years, a consumer group is calling for these drugs to be taken off the market.
7:18 am
dr. richard besser is here to talk about the growing controversy. we're going to talk about it again. what are the concerns? >> public citizen is concerned. they want fda to remove these drugs because of concerns of liver failure, kidney stones and something called pancreatitis. let me put the numbers into perspective. there's 40 million people who have taken these drugs. for liver failure, they've identified 13 cases. kidney stones, 73 cases. and pancreatitis, 47 cases. it's very, very rare. there's no studies to show that these are actually caused by taking these diet drugs. >> what is your recommendation, if you are taking one of these drugs? >> let me put it this way. the drugs aren't very effective. over the course of a year, you may lose five pounds over people who do diet and exercise. there's side-effects, people know, the cramping, loose stools. those kinds of things. but if it works for you, there's nothing i'm hearing here that says you shouldn't take it. if you develop belly pain, which could be a sign of a more severe side-effect, stop and talk to your doctor.
7:19 am
but there's nothing here that i think that says these should be taken off the market. there aren't other diet drugs to offer to people. >> you've been consistent about saying this and feeling this way. >> i'm not a big diet drug fan. but there's not a lot to offer to people who are trying to lose weight. we know diet and exercise on their own are not very effective. >> it doesn't work all the time. >> that's right. >> thank you, rich. we should tell viewers, glaxo smithkline, the maker of alli, tells abc, gave us a statement. gsk stands firmly behind alli. its safety has been established through 100 clinical studies, involving 30,000 patients. i want to switch gears right now. this is is a story that may fall into the category of too good to be true. it's a video that has gone viral showing soccer star, david beckham, sinking three soccer balls into three garbage cans from 60 yards. the fact it's an ad for pepsi, made jeremy hubbard take a closer look. >> david, you think you can hit that trash can over there? >> reporter: we knew he could bend it. but who knew david beckham could do this?
7:20 am
>> no! >> reporter: there's no way he could do that again. three times? come on. >> yes! >> reporter: sit pure athletic ability? or digitally enhanced stunt? he may be holding the answer in his hand. take a close look at the diet pepsi. >> that's part of the discussion that the market wanted to have. maybe it's real. maybe it's fake. but it's awesome. >> reporter: i guess it could be the real deal. i mean, how hard sit to get this into that? only one way to find out. okay. so, we did use some editing. but they all do, don't they? how else could you catch a football through a piece of drywall? or score the world's longest basketball shot? either we are being fooled by marketers. or the sports world is overrun with superhuman athletes that
7:21 am
can do this with a tennis ball. this, with a golf ball. or this, with a pair of nikes. david beckham insists these kicks were 100% real. let's hope the guy famous for bending it isn't bending the truth. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news, new york. >> look at him jumping up and down. >> i believe jeremy. >> absolutely. becks said he had five or six hours of practice on the beach before doing this. i just don't know. i don't know. >> had to have thousands of hours of practice. the world's best soccer player. there's no way. when i first saw this, i couldn't stop watching it. i watched it three times. i wanted to know. i wanted to see it. >> i say we issue a challenge to becks. come here to times square and do it again. coming up, how many of those amazing ballet moves that won natalie portman an oscar were really her dancing? the ballerina who says she is the real black swan speaks out.
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in an abc news exclusive. why stink bugs are making a stink in homes across the country. we'll tell you what you can do to stop them. that's coming up. coming up. ♪ ♪ are you having any laughs? ♪ if other people do, so can you ♪, ♪ have a little joy [ female announcer ] how does your next week look? why not get away and book royal caribbean cruise at today?
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♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate, from nestle. >> eric: state regulators have approved a $120 million rate hike to help pg&e to maintain natural gas pipelines.
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residential gas bills will go up about 40 cents a month but the increase could hit 6.50 by 2015. it will require pg&e twice a year in how the money is being spent. they say the increase was already in the works before the san bruno pipeline disaster. let's get a look at friday traffic. >> traffic is recovering? san jose in northbound 101 and still sluggish past 85. there is a new spinout around dakota but traffic is slow southbound. what you'll find traffic is lighter than normal everywhere around the bay area with this live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, delay free. >> eric: when we come back, mike will have a look at the weekend will have a look at the weekend wewewewewewewewewewewewewewewewe paul ?
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welcome back. kind of an ominous picture, from mount tamalpais this morning. stray chance of a shower in the north bay today and tomorrow. high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. already, our destination, east bay and south bay, high who's and low aod for the rest of us. another chance of rain sunday night into monday and cooler next week.
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when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. ♪ george and i, we love this movie. who is the real ballerina behind the beautiful moves in "black swan"? you know natalie portman won an oscar for that role. but did she do as much dancing as everyone thought? her ballerina double speaks out this morning. it's her first television interview. she's talking to elizabeth vargas. she's not happy. >> she wants to set the record straight. >> remember "flashdance"? >> jennifer beals. >> there was controversy in that movie, too. >> there was good dancing in that movie, too. >> especially that splash. it's two weeks until will and kate's wedding. and our exclusive first look, at where kate middleton will spend her last night before going down
7:31 am
the aisle. i guess she's going to have to get used to style, and she will, that night. >> that's a good way to start, george. and the amazing story of the mom who gave birth to two sets of identical twins at the same time. >> that's one full house right now. >> went from one to five, with kids like that. first, a disturbing case in california is raising concerns about the dangers of internet dating. a los angeles woman has filed a lawsuit against the country's largest online dating service,, claiming she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on the site. the alleged victim is speaking out. and andrea canning is here with more. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the woman being referred to as jane doe, would like to remain anonymous and spoke to us in shadow. her allegations are in dispute. but she raises a good question. should online dating sites do more to screen online sexual
7:32 am
predators? too scared to show her face, this ivy league graduate who works in film and television, wanted to meet someone special when she went on the dating site, she met this man. and they met up in west hollywood. >> he said all these things that made him sound like a nice guy. >> reporter: she agreed to meet him again. but she claims on the second date, things took a dark turn. >> i got out of the car. he got out of his side. he followed me into the building. went up the elevator. we walked to the front door. i opened the door. and he went straight into the bathroom. and then, came out of the bathroom. and he jumped me. >> reporter: she says after the alleged attack, she went back online and discovered wurtzel had been convicted of several counts of sexual battery. charges are pending against him
7:33 am
in this case. wurtzel's attorney denies the allegations. >> what actually went on, was consenting sexual encounter. two, consenting adults, who went on a second date. and went back up to her apartment. >> reporter: now, she is filing a civil suit against >> never in my wildest dreams did i think i was going out with a criminal. >> what we're asking for, when someone uses their credit card to pay, that they basically run the name through a federal sex offender data bank. >> reporter: the lawsuit asks for a temporary restraining order that would prevent new members from signing up until such a measure is in place. a representative tried to speak at a news conference but was removed. he spoke to reporters outside. >> it's impossible for a company over 1 million subscribers and 10 million members to do a thorough and complete background search on people. of course, doesn't want to give a false sense of security. >> and internet dating sites don't generally do a background check.
7:34 am
for criminal history on the people who register. no state has a law requiring them. keep in mind if you're looking for a mate online, it's dater beware. we were talking and it's really up to you to use common sense and protect yourself. >> it would be good to know that the online service is doing that. yes, if you don't know the person, yes. do something on your own. >> be careful. >> have a good weekend, andrea. >> thanks, guys. now, the bombshell interview that takes us behind the scenes of "the black swan." that's the movie starring natalie portman, who won her first oscar, playing a prima ball reen narks driven crazy by the demands of her role. she was given a lot of praise for doing much of the dancing herself. but we met the double that says she did most of the dancing. and elizabeth vargas is here. >> reporter: the moviemakers do not dispute that a dance double was used. the fight is over how much she was used. it's become an issue because it
7:35 am
was so focused on, natalie portman's physical transformation to a ballerina after only a year and half of training. it's led to an unprecedented squabble between the moviemakers and the star ballerina. in "black swan," natalie portman wowed movie audiences with her portrayal of a prima ballerina going mad. but this woman says she did many of the dance scenes. she is professional ballerina, sarah lane. >> full-body shots with actual dancing is me, that's why they hired me. >> reporter: it's your body? your feet? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: in this scene re-created for our cameras, natalie's face was superimposed on sarah's body. were you told you would get credit for this? were you told this was a secret? >> i didn't do the movie to get
7:36 am
fame or recognition or anything. >> reporter: after sarah gave a small interview to "glamour" magazine, about her role in the film, called "the real black swan," she got a call from one of the films producers. what did he say to you? >> if i would please not do any more interviews until after the oscars. that it looked bad for natalie's image. >> and the oscar goes to, natalie portman, "black swan." >> do you think that any of the people that voted for natalie for the best act res oscar would not have voted for her if they knew she didn't do all of the dancing in this movie? >> i can guarantee you it would have hurt. there was a lot of great dancing that sarah lane did that enhanced the performance and helped it win an oscar. >> they were trying to create an image, this facade that natalie had done something extraordinary. something that is pretty much impossible. >> reporter: to become -- >> to become a professional
7:37 am
ballerina in a year and a half. >> reporter: natalie's co-workers moved swiftly to defend the actress. costar mila kunis said natalie deserved all the recognition she got. the director said by his count, 80% of the dance shots in the film were natalie portman. is it possible his math can be correct and your version can still be correct? >> it's possible if you're counting the close-ups of her face, as actual dancing shots. but i don't call close-ups of her face actual dancing. an oscar is for acting. and she did an amazing job. >> reporter: are you afraid you'll pay a price for speaking up? >> you know, i don't care. i have so much respect for this artform, and the people who are able to do it beautifully. i want to stand up for that. >> and for the record, sarah lane says natalie portman deserves that oscar. that her acting was first-rate.
7:38 am
but as one person in the dance world said, natalie portman is an artist of the highest caliber in drama. sarah lane is an artist at the highest caliber in ballet. they say it was unfair and unseemly to denigrate sarah's contribution. as she put it, i put 22 years in blood, sweat and tears into those moves. to say that natalie portman did them after just a year and a half of training, she found insulting. >> and i was surprised. we talked about this off-camera. she didn't get a credit after the movie? >> she did not. she got a credit as a hand double. as lady in the lane, and six stunt doubles. >> do you normally get a credit? >> she didn't have a representative. the contract she signed said it was the producers' prerogative. according to her. she was well compensated to do the dancing. but it was not part of the guarantee. the point is -- is it a sleight of hand? is it deception to never reveal
7:39 am
there was a dance double? to never acknowledge that person in any of the glowing speeches? >> that's a tough one. i don't know if it takes away from natalie's performance. >> does the audience really believe that natalie's doing that dancing? and the answer is, largely, yes. most people asked thought she did do all the dancing. >> thank you. and the full report is going to be on "20/20" tonight. >> you can tell we can't wait. time, now, for the weather. lee goldberg from wabc in for sam. >> george, we're going to start out with spring snows again. this picture's from denver right now. the roads get slushy. the sun is strong this time of year. it's tough to stick. people doing the spring thing, riding the bikes. a few inches. and off to the east, the snows intensify. blizzard conditions in parts of nebraska and kansas and into the dakotas. we have watches and warnings to the north. six inches of snow. could go up to 12. we have severe weather in tennessee and mississippi.
7:40 am
>> now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." the name says it all. stink bugs, they may be able to invade your home. how do you stop them? where does the princess-to-be the night before her wedding? and later, emeril brings breakfast to times square. his recipe and early morning cooking secrets coming up. pooches and puppies, we are fed up
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it's spring. and stink bugs are back, invading homes and crops. this is what one looks like, if you're lucky not to know what we're talking about. they're have asia. spotted in mid pennsylvania in the 1990s. now, they've spread to 33 states. elisabeth leamy takes a look at the stink bug explosion and what you can do about it. >> reporter: stink bugs. 21,965 of them.
7:45 am
that's how many biologist doug inkly has counted inside his house since january 1st. it's turned him into a hunter. when we heard stink bugs had this house under siege -- thank you for coming along on this stink bug safari -- we asked entomologist mike rupp from the university of maryland, to meet us there. >> i have a vacuum on every floor. >> reporter: with sick fascination, doug counts them as he sweeps them up. he's spent $20,000 on new windows. and still, they are everywhere. >> i wear a night guard at night. and i didn't realize one was on my night guard. i put it in my mouth and closed down on us. doug dares us to crawl into the eves of his attic, where he once found 1,000 stink bugs in a single day. when we peel back the insulation, look what we found.
7:46 am
>> baby, check it out. >> reporter: mike takes dozens for his research colony. entomologists are looking for solutions like stink bug birth control. i take it from the fact you have one on your head, they don't hurt people. >> they don't bite. i've handled thousands of these things. never been bitten. >> reporter: but they do suck. suck the juice out of plants, that is. doug can't grow tomatoes in his garden anymore. >> when it's finished feeding outside, it's coming into your house. this is an invasive pest that will touch everybody. >> reporter: you will smell them coming. >> remember, this is television, not smell-o-vision. we have to find out what these guys really smell like. >> all right. >> reporter: mike has devised an experiment just for me. he warms the stink bugs so they release their scent. >> we'll see how long you can stand the smell of the stink
7:47 am
bug. good luck, kid. >> reporter: thank you. at first, the smell isn't that strong. i heard when they're scared is when they really stink. i'm going to try to scare them. boo. they didn't even move. feeling cocky, i decide to blow dry the bugs some more. oh. that is too much. okay. i was fine until i got up close and took a big, deep whiff. it's lick cilantro on steroids. >> absolutely. you didn't do bad. 4:37. >> reporter: but doug lives with these pests 24/7. and he has a warning for the rest of us. >> if you don't have stink bugs now, you probably will in the future. >> reporter: for "good morning america," elisabeth leamy, abc news. >> thanks for that warning. coming up, stick around. tori johnson's going to be here with her special weekend bargains, available only to "gma" viewers.
7:48 am
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and coming up, our royal correspondent is standing by to show you the amazing suite inside this hotel where kate middleton will be staying. >> he is smiling. must have gotten to spend the night there. >> kate will spend her last >> kate will spend her last r genie. you're wishing for... a tasty fiber cereal? well you don't want that one. kellogg's fiber plus cereal. the delicious taste of berries, 40% of your daily fiber... plus...wait for it... antioxidants! so, two more wishes! mmmm. mmmm. maybe later, then. [ female announcer ] kellogg's fiber plus cereal. positively delicious. the cream disappears but your wrinkles don't.
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7:56 am
a cabin cruiser stolen from vallejo washed ashore this morning on ocean beach. park service police detained the man on board and appeared to be intoxicated. he was also wanted on an outstanding warrant. the boat is still there on the beach. check in with mike. >> that warming trend begins today. mid to upper 60s in most neighborhoods. near 70 in the east bay and coast is in the 50s.
7:57 am
best chance of widespread rain sunday night. >> traffic lighter than normal. bay bridge toll plaza, barely backed up to the end of the parking lot. as you make your way across the san mateo bridge it looks fine but northbound 101 is slow because of an earlier stall. >> news continues now with "good
7:58 am
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♪ what a happy friday down in times square. and there you see the smiling face of sarah rue. we loved her on "less than perfect." we're only showing a tight shot. she has lost 50 pounds. you'll see how great she looks in a little bit. in a few moments, we're
8:01 am
going to reveal, more, as you said, about sarah rue. but the royal diary. you know what happens two weeks from today? the wedding. we've been counting down to the royal wedding. two weeks from today. and we're going to have where kate middleton will spend her final night as a single woman. we're going to show that to you. >> it is some suite. also, we have our weekend deals only for "gma" viewers. tory johnson is here. she will show you how you can get cheryl burke's bracelet for a whole lot less. i love doing this on friday. because it's friday, i was supposed to tell you about the two sets of identical twins. that's what they had the video set to show. two eggs were implanted. and they both split. two sets of identical twins. they went from having one child to four. >> that's one full house right now. you know what's happening
8:02 am
two weeks from now? >> the wedding. >> the royal wedding. we're going to go to nick watt in london to show us where kate middleton will spend her final night as a single woman. nick? >> reporter: good morning, robin. here on "gma," we broke the news that kate will spend the last night before she becomes a princess, at the goring hotel. and that has duncan larcombe, with a preview of her suite, which has just been given a $240,000 makeover. kate, her sister, pippa, and mum, carole, will share this suite on the historic night. a four-poster bed, with gigantic tv. a grand piano in the living room. a prototype of queen victoria's dress. even the wallpaper is silk. >> she will have a water-proof flat-screen tv by her toes,
8:03 am
where she can watch herself on television with the buildup. >> reporter: and here's her, um, throne. good grief. is something sacred? >> it's a cross between an antique shop and your granny's. it doesn't do it for me. >> reporter: and what wedding dress will kate put on in these very rooms? she's having three different dresses made, just in case the secret design leaks out. by the way, the queen did offer kate an apartment at buckingham palace. but kate chose this place. >> kate night be thinking about taking up the offer on buckingham palance. >> reporter: the royal cavalry is running reversals, with one minor mishap. these guys will accompany the newlyweds to the palace. and kate's final wedding appearance this weekend has
8:04 am
sparked concern over her frail figure. she's had her ring resized. and they're calling her waity katy again. but has a bride's quiet gone too far? >> people are asking the question, how much weight has she lost? and i think there's a lot of sympathy for kate. >> reporter: williams' final preparations were supposed to include dinner out with military buddies. but they turned him away. the chef was sick. not even a prince can get access to a restaurant in this country. i hope all this is not adding up to bad omens for the wedding. >> she has her whole life to live in the palace. one more thing we want to show you. this is on ebay. that's a jelly bean. and if you look closely at the
8:05 am
right angle, it looks like kate middleton. >> if you turn your head like this -- it was found in a candy jar. >> in sommersetsomerset, englan. >> and they're auctioning it off? >> on ebay. >> all those facts and much more online, and twitter goes by right there. at 4:00 a.m., next friday, two weeks from friday, april 29th, we'll be live on the air for the royal wedding. >> it will be a big day. right now, let's go to juju with the rest of the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with the deadly storm ripping through nation's heartland. two people were killed in oklahoma overnight, after a tornado touched down in the town of tushka. roofs were ripped off cars, tossed and a school was flattened. we'll have today's forecast in just a minute. the supreme court meets behind closed doors today to discuss fast-tracking a review of president obama's health care
8:06 am
law. virginia officials want the high court decide before lower courts weigh in on whether it's constitutional to require most americans to buy health insurance. a florida wife who has been missing since friday has been found alive and well. she asks that her location remain secret, because she is afraid of her husband. a former pro football star in the middle of an explosive murder trial took a turn. he had a case of real-life fatal attraction, that turned into a shocking verdict. >> a member of -- >> reporter: it's the crime that has all of chicagoland talking. >> reuter and her unborn child -- >> reporter: a beautiful, innocent victim, seven months pregnant, killed excuse-style.
8:07 am
her boyfriend, shaun gail, is under suspicion. >> is she dead? >> after a distaught call, shaun is questioned by police. >> here, another sports figure has done something insane here. >> reporter: you think it's another o.j. simpson. >> yeah. >> reporter: shaun points to a former girlfriend he says was stalking him. >> all indications point towards monica. >> reporter: after scanning shaun's computer, investigators discover a bombshell. monica had an ally. and there was another woman who was obsessed with his life. >> she is sneaking on his computer, reading every e-mail. >> reporter: at a nondescript
8:08 am
chicago denny's, the murder's details spill out. >> when you hid the gun, did you hide it real well? >> i put it in a pucket of cement and threw it into a dumpster, under tons and tons and tons of chicago trash. it's gone. >> reporter: you can tune in tonight to "20/20" at 10:00 eastern at shaun gayle's look at the investigation details, never before made public. finally, what happens in vegas doesn't always stay in vegas. this stamp doesn't show the statue of liberty in new york. it's a replica from the statue in vegas. a stamp collector noticed the difference in the air and the eyes. the post office says they like the photo anyway. lee is in for sam. good morning, lee. >> it's big daddy day in the big apple today. and you are here for?
8:09 am
>> an a cappella choir competition for the high school i work at. >> you're the principal there. >> i'm the principal. >> now, do you sing? >> yeah. >> i think your toes are probably singing this morning. 48 degrees. wow. hope it warms up for you. it will be in the 50s in new york city. let's look at the southwest. it is warming up. speaking of vegas, 90 by sunday. and warming up to 75 after snow in denver. the southeast is also nice and
8:10 am
good luck tonight in the competition. >> thank you. >> more on the weekend weather in our next half hour. it's a happy time for couples when they go from taking fertility treatments to scrambling for twins. but imagine not one but two sets of identical twins on the way. two boys, two girls, now 2 months old. claire shipman traveled to charlotte, north carolina, to see how they manage it all. >> reporter: everything in josh and miranda's house used to be perfectly predictable, under control, the way they like it. they fell in love. baby joslyn made three. and then -- the unexpected. >> i was shocked. i couldn't believe it at first. i was absolutely shocked. >> reporter: it's unthinkable,
8:11 am
really. identical twins, squared. one set of boys and one set of girls. take me through that moment of surprise. >> i remember thinking i cannot have four babies. i can't do that. >> reporter: yes, baby james and jackson are identical twins. and babies mia and madison, the same thing. all born at the same time. but how? miranda, who had trouble getting pregnant, had in vitro fertilization. two embryos were implanted. at most, two babies, right? but both of them split, creating two sets of twins. experts won't even guess how rare it is to have two sets of twins. >> i really was only able to find two others. and that was it. >> reporter: no surprise, that the double-double trouble has turned the crawford home from a well-oiled machine to -- >> controlled chaos.
8:12 am
>> reporter: having spent an afternoon in baby central, it seems the miracle has been handed to the right pair. they are both professional nurses and are organized. >> that's my duty. i'm on bottle duty in the morning. those are all ready to go. >> used to multitasking. used to doing a lot of running around. >> feed them, lay them down for a minute. get them up shortly after. bathe them. feed them again. nap. >> reporter: unbelievably, they haven't had any formal help since a batch of friends and relatives pitched in in the early days. >> after that, we said we got this. we were like high-fiving each other. like, we got this. >> the first night we fed them together. >> reporter: but come to visit
8:13 am
with free hands and you'll immediately be handed a special, little bundle. grandparents, friends, even errant reporters who don't remember how to feed an infant. even joslyn, just two, pitches in. and they know, of course, how lucky they are. all twins bring risks. imagine in a times two. carrying multiples to a healthy delivery date, which miranda did, is extraordinary. now, they're living in the moment. for one thing, learning to tell them apart. and are they thinking of any of this fun? >> we really are just going day-by-day. not really -- we're still like way in the moment. >> reporter: they may well have to live in the moment for the next few years. and inside these walls may not be what anybody expected. for some days, double trouble,
8:14 am
squared. i was a little envies yoious th they handled five. i have trouble handling two. josh will be going back to work. but they've had a lot of help from friends with donations and baby goods. >> you just made me miss having a little baby around. >> it was really sweet. >> looked like fun. thanks, claire. now, here's ann pleshette murphy with a quick tip. >> good morning, america. if there's one thing to keep in mind during a parent/teacher conference, it's that you both want your child to succeed. first, do your homework and come prepared. ask your child about school. and write down questions ahead of time. and don't focus only on grades. address all areas concerned. and what shouldn't you do at the parent/teacher meeting? for that answer and must-no
8:15 am
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cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines, including those for migraine, or if you have high fever, confusion and stiff muscles, to address a possible life-threatening condition. tell your doctor about alcohol use, liver disease, and before you reduce or stop taking cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. side effects include nausea, dry mouth, and constipation. is today your day? talk to your doctor... and go to for a free 30-capsule trial offer. depression hurts. cymbalta can help. our next guest says that she never once wore a bikini before
8:19 am
she was 30. but the actress is now, not just wearing a two-piece. she's modeling one on tv, as the national spokesperson for jennie craig. she went from a size 14 to size 4, and kept it off for nine months. to get an idea at what she's achieved, get a look at sarah rue before, and now. are you going to come out, sarah? come on, sarah. work it. >> that's the best i work. >> wonderful to see you. it's such a great feeling for you. >> it's very empowering and liberating and freeing. all the things you would hope it would be. and then, be terrified it's not going to be that. oh, god. i'm in a bikini. >> i like the pose, though. >> thank you. i like that one. >> congratulations.
8:20 am
you're married next month? >> yes. it's like 39 days or something. that's crazy. >> are you going to wear the bikini on your honeymoon. >> i thought you would say wedding day. but yes. and i stole my jenny craig bikinis. maybe a few ended up in my purse after the shoot. i'm all set for my honeymoon. >> tell us about -- we have an idea of how this works. how did it work for you? >> i knew i needed to make a change. and i felt i needed a program that told me what to do. i said at the beginning, you get your own personal consultant. and i said, i'll do whatever you tell me to do. i give. i'm not good at this. this is not my area of expertise. it's yours. i did everything i was told to do. at the time eat a 1,200-calorie plan a day. but the key is, like you see
8:21 am
before you, using volumetrics. >> is that portion control? >> yes. i'm thinking of adding tons of vegetables and fruits to what you're already eating. and i think something smart is thinking about your meat as not the main part of your plate. it's like the side dish. and the vegetables should be the main part. i would cut up fresh spinach and pour hot pasta and sauce over the pasta and the spinach would melt and become part of the meal. it's a way to trick your brain and make it think you're eating more. you are, but less-calorie food. >> you started. now it's -- >> now, i'm on maintenance. i'm on 1,700 calories a day. >> do you have cravings? >> i do. if people say, what do you do? i eat it. you can't sustain something that's impossibly hard and where
8:22 am
you're feeling deprived. that's the triple chocolate cheesecake that i eat pretty much every day. and i don't eat it with a fork. >> just go for it. >> you get your chocolate. you get your fixes in. i'm on maintenance. i'll just mainly eat my own food and sometimes have a jenny snack. >> and did you run a half-marathon or something? >> i ran a half-marathon. >> were you active before? >> i never had run before. by the time i finished running one mile, it was the greatest feeling in the world. and running 13.1 on that day, it was so cool. >> i know there are folks at home going, you know. there's so many people who have tried over and over. >> a million times. >> what do you tell folks? how do you get them motivated to do what you've done?
8:23 am
>> you really have to give over. the thing that's great about it is i had this consultant. you had a person who cared for you. and you have a person who supported you. i had never asked for help in my life. and i think i was embarrassed to ask for help. once i had her, i had someone helping. they need to find someone in your life that you can trust to support you. >> that's a good idea. all the best to you. >> thank you. >> you're looking fantastic. >> thank you. >> you've always been a great guest. emeril lagasse is going to cook something. i don't know if it's on the diet plan or not. but it's delicious. [ female announcer ] we invited real women to try new dove visible care
8:24 am
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8:27 am
that's a recipe i'm keeping. ( announcer ) turning complex data into easy tools. we're 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. >> terry: search continues in the san jose neighborhood for two pit bulls that attacked a woman and killed her dog in a berryessa park. victim says the pit bulls were running loose. they first attacked her dog and then she attacked the owner as she tried to top them. the injuries were so severe to the dog she had to be put down. they have no lead to is far. it's friday light out in the commute. >> unfortunately we have two serious accidents. one is westbound 80 at hill top, motorcycle crash in the lieutenant left lane. very heavy traffic.
8:28 am
in a new overturn crash reported in san bruno but you will see some of the light traffic, the bay bridge toll plaza completely delay free. delay free. >> we'll check in with mike and switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. ♪ ♪ oh, do it
8:29 am
♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. coffee-mate, from nestle. welcome back. mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 40s around redwood city and livermore. rest of us in the low 50s. already six to nine degrees warmer than yesterday and we'll be that much warmer in the afternoon. low 70s in the south bay and
8:30 am
mid-50s. it's not going to get warm at the coast. upper 50s for you. slight chance of a stray shower today and tomorrow. rest of us will get rain chances sunday night. >> the [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm walking on sunshine happy friday from times square. it's friday. emeril lagasse must be here. cooking up breakfast this morning. how are you? >> this is the last day, today. to get all of those breakfast in beds in. we're going to be choosing shortly. >> we'll be back with emeril in a minute. 12th season of his breakfast in bed contest. >> i don't know what you have on the menu. but i love it. >> broccoli, ham and english muffin casserole.
8:31 am
>> emeril will be cooking for us coming up. i tried this with my dog, k.j. she's getting older. it's dental care. not just the appearance of tarter and all that. it really can improve their health. >> we're going to try it. >> how did you get her to sit still like that? >> marty becker gave me tips ahead of time. but it's amazing how it improves their health. >> i would try it with daisy. charlie would bite me. >> have marty do it. this is the weekend. that means tory johnson is here with special sales only for "gma" viewers. you can find out why britney spears used candy as an accessory. we hope sam had a wonderful vacation this week. he will be back next week.
8:32 am
and filling in for him again, is lee goldberg from wabc. >> we're ready for the weekend. and joanne and her family came from florida. hey, nana. what's nana's name? >> betty maxwell. >> are you having a good time in new york? >> loving it. >> they're looking for good pizza. tweet us good pizza places in new york city. on to the weather maps. in the northeast, it's a cooler copy of yesterday. sunshine, boston in the 40s after 65 yesterday. 53 in d.c. it's nice across the country. but over the weekend, we have storms in the mid-atlantic. middle of the country quiets down after severe weather today. warm in the southwest. and the showers od
8:33 am
and i think you guys are from -- >> wisconsin. >> oh, yeah. what are you doing here today? >> oh, we're having a ball. >> yeah? and this is a big group. family? friends? >> friends. having a special birthday year. >> happy birthday. we won't say. george, this weather is sponsored by and brought to you by united health care. george? >> thank you, lee. we're to our series on where the weekend sales are. everything you're about to see is worn on the red carpet or out on the town by a celebrity. but these versions are just a fraction of the cost. tory johnson has worked her magic once again. you have fantastic deals. so, let's get right to it. >> sure. >> starting with stella & dot.
8:34 am
>> and cheryl burke didn't just where this on the red carpet. but she put this on her book cover, as well. for today only, 30% off for "gma" viewers. never goes on sale, except if you use this code, "gma" 30. >> this is from britney spears, the sugar factory. >> leave it to britney to create a bling lollipop accessory. they're regularly $22 to $25. but exclusively for "gma" viewers, you're going to save $10 apiece. use code "gma" 2011. and this promises to be the hottest accessories. 8 million sold. and we've got your girls covered.
8:35 am
>> 8 million? >> 8 million. >> what do we have next? omnipeace, this is a fascinating celebrity. >> they are all sporting this i con. today, through sunday, for "gma" viewers, you will save 30% on all of the tees, accessories, coin purses. you feel good about saving and contributing to a good cause. >> ellington bags. >> scene here on the red carpet. i saw a ton of pictures online of naomi wearing this bag. today only, everything on the ellington website, 25% off, exclusively for "gma" viewers. all of the bags on the site start at about $34. >> i love how you've gotten all
8:36 am
of the companies to give us deal for viewers of "gma." >> this is one of my particular favorites. it's a mom-turned jewelry designer-turned successful business owner. there's a picture i wanted to use. it would be my gift to you this morning, of brooklyn decker from the "sports illustrated" swimsuit edition. sorry. but i'll make it up to you. today, through sunday, off all of their bracelets in their stretchy collection, this is a small sampling, are regularly $19 to $75. but our viewers will save 50%, if they use code "gma" 50. i got a little bling for ali and the girls. >> those are great charms. >> yes. they're adorable. i love them. >> what do we have next? booginhead.
8:37 am
>> what is that? >> that's a pacifier. celine dion's kids have them. there's a little clip. when the baby spits it out. they're already pretty reasonable. but today, through sunday, you'll save 50%. a good opportunity to stock up and save using "gma" as the promo code. and they come in a ton of colors. >> i wish we had a few years ago. we used to crawl all over the mouse. >> and this is not all. we have exclusives for "gma" facebook fans. three, special deals. one is a coveted item from the judds. you can find out what the country duo is looking for. and the other one from oprah. when we come back, our favorite vet, marty becker, is appreciate the easy days, are what keep me coming back for more. [goat sounds] and the customer says, on the carpet." what? gonna be difficult. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer
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if you own a pet, like blue here, or if even you don't, you
8:41 am
have to laugh at this commercial. >> introducing doggy dentures, because tarter buildup is a contributing factor. >> you're kidding, right? just give me dentastix. >> doggy dentures are not an option, i should say. but keeping your dog's teeth cleaned is important. a healthy mouth can add two years to your pet's life. our favorite vet in the whole world, marty becker, is going to talk about all this. it's one of the topics in his brand-new book, called "your dog, the owner's manual." you've been working on this. >> a long time. >> we're going to talk about oral health. why is that so important? >> if we're humans, we all want beautiful teeth. for dogs, it's not a cosmetic thing.
8:42 am
it's a medical thing. there's bacteria that gets pumped into the bloodstream. it weakens the immune system. and it can affect the heart. as you mention in the intro, if they have good oral health, they're going to live two years longer. it's really important. and when you have a pet, the first thing is to get an exam from a veterinarian. no amount of preventive care is going to take care of an infected tooth. i tell my clients, hurts like a tooth ache, hurts like a hangnail. it causes problems. >> blue is 15, from the humane society of new york. give us some oopgs options here. >> you want to do daily oral care. that's the key. and they break it into three categories of a good job at cleaning the teeth, a better job of cleaning the teeth and the
8:43 am
best job of cleaning the teeth. a good job, everybody can do this. there's diets that are dental scrubbing diets. there's treats you can give, that are edible tooth bush. and you have a rinse you can put in the walter. >> these are good options. these are better ones? >> those take take of the tendency to chew. here, you have a spray on there. dental wipes you can use to wipe down the gums. and oravet prevents the plaque and tarter from attracting on the teeth. >> the best is to have a physical action of cleaning. there's finger brushes for the end of your finger. the key is, the toothpaste is meant to be swallowed. >> he's almost 14.
8:44 am
and the last visit, they said i needed to start brushing her teeth, which i started to do. and it's not the easiest thing, as you see right there. i didn't know if i was doing it the right way. i know you're going to teach us how to do it. george is here. >> this is blue's brother. >> i need to give you an "a" for that. that looked really good. >> really? >> i have amber here. never had her teeth brushed. if you have small dogs, do it on a counter at home. you want to put your finger in their mouth. and get them used to touching the inside of their mouth. you're a good dog. you're a good dog. then, you let them sniff the dental thing they're going to use. a good time to do this is after they've eaten or walked. little nervous here. you want to start a little bit at a time.
8:45 am
open their mouth up here. come here, amber. and start brushing. you don't have to brush the front teeth. just the side teeth. come on, amber. we're all having trouble here. >> come on. >> everybody's getting excited. there we go. oh, that's -- that's a good dog. did you have any luck at all? what you do is go along the side right here. open the teeth up. there you go. just grab right there. open up, blue. >> there you go. >> just a little bit here. there we go. that's an edible toothbrush. poultry flavor. the key is to make it pleasant for you and your pet. after a few days, they will love it and actually like it. >> it can add two years to their lives. >> it's important. >> congratulations on the book,
8:46 am
marty. >> thank you. >> we need to wash our hands, george. amber, blizzard and little blue came to us from the humane society from new york. you can learn how to a i dopt one of them on our website, we're going to get out and cook with emeril, right after .
8:47 am
not together, anyway. i'm in t.j.maxx every week. i used to think it was old school, but it's not. i get this season's designer clothes that i absolutely need... and i still get to eat. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you.
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that's right. i'm a maxxinista. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine there it is. you see embrill giving someone the surprise of their lifetime. the breakfast challenge for mother's day. he's made so many people happy over the last 12 years. >> the last day, george. it's april 15th. after you do your taxes, write down breakfast. >> my hands are clean. what have we got today?
8:49 am
>> we have a couple of breakfast alternatives with breakfast in bed. we have a very airy, light toast that i'll show you later on. i have a breakfast casserole that's really simple. you can make it the night before. get up in the morning and put your oven on 450 degrees. i'll tell you ant that in a second. what i'm using, you can use whole wheat or regular. i'm using english muffins. they're fresh and airy. little olive oil. we're going to put them right inside of our skillet. and a little salt. and a little pepper. >> soften those onions up. >> we're going to soften them up. cook these up about eight minutes or so. >> not too high heat? >> not too high. about immediate, immediate-high, at the most. we take a bowl. and we blanch it in salt and
8:50 am
water for two minutes to bring out that color. we take some good, country ham or whatever ham you like, you can use. we're going to dice that up and add the ham in here. >> okay. >> then, good, american, cheddar cheese. try not to use that processed stuff, if you can help it. all right. that's in the bowl. you mix that up, george. let's give this a little seasoning right here. we're going to use a little pepper. and we're going to use a little salt in here. take the vegetables and put it right inside our casserole dish. beautiful. we get a nice layer of that. now, what we're going to do -- i have four eggs over here. we're going to whisk the four eggs. i have a little bit of milk. you can use skim milk or whatever you want. here's the seasoning. i have a little paprika. george, i'm loving this technique you have right here, my friend.
8:51 am
cracked black pepper. some salt. >> nice wrist action. >> a little cayenne. the eggs, we separated the whites from the yolks. you can whip these. or you can add them in there. you're going to whisk it is pup you see how it starts to get air ray. the oven's at 450. you're going to take the liquid. now, we add the english muffins. i love english muffins. i love english muffins. and here's what we're going to do. we're going to add that into our casserole here, george. here's the great thing. you let this just sit overnight. when you wake up in the morning, 450. put foil on it. about 45 minutes.
8:52 am
take the foil off. turn the oven down a little bit. 400, 375 for another 30 minutes. when it comes out, sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on it. doesn't that look great. that's what we have. english muffin, broccoli and ham casserole. >> and french toast. >> we can lighten them up. >> that's it, baby. french toast. i have orange zest in it, with seasonal berries. a little powdered sugar. you whisk that up to make that batter. you're smiling down there. on a serious note, isn't that delicious? >> i didn't try that yet. >> you get the cheese flavor. you get the broccoli. you get the ham. there's fire guys. how are you doing? >> it really is great. you can do this the night
8:53 am
before. >> yeah. it's beautiful. >> that, right there is a cranberry frappe. excuse me, a cantaloupe frappe. it's delicious and healthy for you. as always, you can get any of thes ree byes on our website at >> most important of all, last day to get in your entry for the mother's day contest. >> bring them in. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 am
[ female announcer ] introducing purina one beyond, a new food for your cat or dog. emeril, thanks for a great breakfast. thanks to all of you for watching. follow us on facebook and twitter and at and watch "world news" with diane sawyer tonight. have a great friday. >> great weekend.
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. traffic delays on westbound near richmond following an injury accident. >> we're seeing is a seeing more motorcycle accidents. westbound 80 at hill top. overturned crash on the peninsula which created heavy traffic to san bruno. >> good morning. the warm air is bringing clouds this morning but we'll see more sunshine. low 70s in the east bay valleys.


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