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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  April 15, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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they and march shows the third straight month decline in jobless rate. >> i got reelection. >> she has felt the pain and sending out resume after resume on line. you go and submit. >> but there are encouraging signs for the new unemployment numbers that suggest that companies are beginning to hire. >> despite the loss, jobless rate dropped a pit. for march the number was 12 percent and lowest figure since september 2009. that is half a percent lower than a year ago. it is one that a million that the state lost.
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and we are seeing the job gains and average of the 126,000 a month . that is better than on a national scale. >> more people and rev news are already two billion above the forecast. and more in terms of income taxes . make sure they spend more and spending that means more corporate taxes . it may mean fewer budget cuts. and after receiving multiple job offers. she will be one more californian contributing as she starts. >> i got on with a world wide company and i am making more money than i have ever made in my life.
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>> despite the positive signs, 2.1 million californians are out of work. live in october abc sennews . it is scheduled for 26 . a bold rob caught by security cameras. >> the thieves got away with 50,000 worth of human hair. the owner posted the video on youtube and hopes that someone will turn the crooks n they kicked in the door and shattered the windows. davis said half of the valuable inventory was gone. >> i was frustrate pist off because i put everything i own and
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i feel so violated. >> they sell high end natural hair from india. >> the hunt is on for two pit bulls that mauled a woman and injured her dogo badly it had to be put down. 66 year old dawn wilson suffered bite wounds when she tried to rescue her dog. the neighbors say it is not the first attack. >> it is the fifth attack of pit bullings, not these same two, but in the neighborhood . i have a small dog, too. i have had to throw them in the trash can to protect them. and i knew i was in travel and i knocked on the door and no
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one was home. they had me cornered and they were there ready to attack me. >> dogs are described as a tan and black pit bull mix. activist are autopsying the site of a burial ground. they have vowed to block bull dozers from the site. native americans have protested the building on top of the burial site. >> we ask them to keep their hands off the last 15 acres of sacred burial ground that goes back 3500 years. they filed a civil right's complaint and claims that they discriminated on the basis of race.
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there is another hurdle. they are installing a seconds called a grillage. it is a prospect that will take 13 hours. the main tower consists of using four legs it is right at the point where we are putting the feet on top of the school. >> it will help to secower a 500 ton section supplied by cal tran. it will hold the cables on the 25 foot tower in place. it is expected to be completed in 20 13. and jerry brain they made the list.
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they equipment and responding to mudslide and ordered cal tran to assist in fixing damaging roadways. it can help businesss and homeowners in obtaining low interest disaster loans. >> san francisco believes there are gaps proposed that still need to be closed. this is first . emergency management officials said the preparations are a still certain. in a disaster, we know we are going to gab.
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that is a dibait and concern for a long time. number one challenge with the public was how do you keep calm and keep the facts out there rather than emotion and wrong assessments that might guide all of us. >> he is satisfied with the information he received from staff in the tsunami warning. >> he described it as timely and accurate. firefighters and national guard troops prepared for the dangerous job of fighting wild fires . they simulated what happens in a crash. they awn carry the crews on the front line. we need to prepare for the
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ineffable. helicopter crews have to hover inches bov the water line to fill up the tanks . laura anthony reports the uc berkly research tiny bacteria did the heavy lifting. >> thanks to a tiny microbe. the giant plume of oil in the gulf is largely gone. >> they can sense the oil and move toward it . they are oil seeking missiles. >> microbiologist led a team that spent months sampling the waters where the deep water horizon spilled. the disaster spill would four
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billion barrels of oil. >> we took the water samples. >> bp deployed a huge part of oil disbursement. >> this is from the microscope . we found that there was organisms down deep that were what we called cold blooded microorganisms . they could degrade the oil that was there. >> after months of sampling and study they found contamination near the well head but at 3600 and 4000 the plume had disappeared. >> we couldn't detect oil anymore in the deep plume. that doesn't mean it was not a ecological catastrophicy.
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it caused death of turtles and fishes and birds and long-term affects we'll study a long time on the organism. but the microbes look on it as a food and they got rid of it. >> hasen acknowledged other researchers are finding tar balls in beaches and water samples. much of that could be from the oil that seeps in the water every year. in berkeley laura anthony abc 7 news. >> still ahead. bay area annual robo games. we'll show you the real world challenges they present to young competitors. >> i am spencer christian. cloud and sun in the bay area. which one will win out over the weekend. we'll have the forecast comug up >> two friends rent one car. how 7 on your side gets the refund. >> later on, the preschool
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teacher doing double duty
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> we have breaking news. there is a serious accident in palo alto. a train crashed into a car on alma street. the northbound train was carrying 300 to 400 passengers when it hit the car an hour ago. there is no word if anyone on
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the train was hurt. we are trying to find out if anyone in the car was injured or killed. right now sam train is honoringical train tickets. >> former governor schwarzenegger came under fire for commuting the sentence of fabio nunez. it was one of his final acts as governor and refused to discuss it the reporter tried to pin him down as he was leaving a conference. >> good morning governor. >> don't ask me the same question. it is boring the hell out of me. >> i think a lot of people not to know. why did you reduce the sentence for esteban nunez. >> ther governor refused to answer the question and made snoring sounds. when she heard that, the mother of the victim was irate. it is outrageous and makes you
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so mad that a person abuses power and no soul and tries to get away with it. it is unbelievable. >> in 2008, san tose was walking with friends on the san diego state campus when they stumbled on nunez and three others. nunez did not stab santos but admitted to assault one with a night. fabian nunez pled guilty to manslaughter and assault in exchange for a reduced sentence. nunez and the man who fatally stabbed him got 16 years. governor schwarzenegger reduced the sentence by half. santos family is suing the former governor and in addition they are supporting a bill that requires the district attorney and families to be notified when a governor considers reducing the prison term. >> the district attorney would have fought for our case.
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we didn't have say snow because they snuck it through on the last day of his office and we signed it around 4:00 p.m. and no one got a heads up about it until january 2nd. >> and competitors across the country will engage in mort will combat. the contestants are robots. there is more to robo games than meets the guy. >> it looks like fun and games but the cost to build the combine robots can be two grand and not to mention an engineering team putting in design and practice. in this match upmentulous fer's foot stool one in his first ever competition. gary gen advised them every step along the way and competed every year in the
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robo games. >> they took the time to build it properly and we got the right part . they picked the time to learn how to drive. that is a big part of this game. >> veterans say a wedge design is the most stable and the fans love the daring design and the teams hail from as far away as brazil. each saying theirs is the best. >> are you hungry for victory . i don't see the enthusiasm. >> they are going to figure it out for us. >> to win, they have to figure out the steel or titanium . it will make a difference in terms of weight and output. they will have sofiscated
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robots. it what does it cross. watson, wow. this is david louie. >> we enjoyed a nice warm up today. >> and how long is it going to last. >> it will be a while. >> wow, it is rain coming our way. not for a couple of days. it is still beautiful and a lot of high definition and looking out over san francisco. right now we are looking at temperature readings in san francisco and in half moon bay . it is a mild evening and we'll have mild weather . it will continue until monday
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morning and that will be a period of wet weather . sunny skies . and up in the north bay there is light rain . most are sunny this afternoon . satellite radar composit . that is producing rainfall in cres sant city and well to the north and this system is bringing a chance of rain over the weekend. 5:00 sunday afternoon advancing cold front will be producing light rain and by then, later sunday even sunday night we'll see it in the bay area . then overnight we'll see wet weather spreading . don't expect it to be a mange storm. we'll see wet spots for the morning commute and sweeps
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through quickly and midday monday rather. late morning hours. we'll see the showers tape aring off and giving way to partial clearing. >> temperatures will not drop much. it will be mild and low temperatures generally right right around or 50 degrees. highs continue to increase . low 70s 71 in san jose and upper 60s to right around cent in palo alto . even the coast gets milder. north bay highs up to cent . 71 in and inland mild air and monterey bay hice of 71 .
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forinland to gill roy . here is the accu-weather forecast. they will thicken on sunday and light rain overnight. and monday morning. and clearing in the afternoon . mainly dry and it is dry and lots of sunshine. >> thank you. and just ahead. lifting off to get a look at earth from space. coming up. a school science project that is out of this world. introducing the thunderbolt by htc.
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immense power. scorching speed. the first phone strong enough to run on the fastest, most advanced 4g network in america.
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>> all new. oprah: 276 cars, 20,000 dancers, thousands and thousands of favorite things. >> "opra p producers' most
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unforgettable moments. oprah: the best-kept secrets in harpo histororororororororororor smart phone aps. and a new one will let you take the san francisco museum with you . deyoung unveiled the new app on iphone and apple this week . it connecks users to artist. and what we are trying to do is show a huge range of artist coming in to the museum. how do you interpert what we are looking at here. >> looking at the space and collection through different lens. that is what the app is made up of. >> people can use it as a tour guide through the gallery as well >> field trip from san francisco and into the earth's atmosphere.
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the school launched a space balloon from the preserve . the balloon carried a high definition video camera to record data. the opportunities will examine. we hope it reachesaltitude and takes pressure and external temperature. >> it is run by them. they have figured out what their needs were and supplies were. it reached analtitute of 76 thousand feet before it landed in a families home. newatted 6:30. the giant's fan who was assaulted in dodger stadium and new details that could lead police to his attacker. >> it is violent.
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large tornado on the ground. >> severe weather slams the midwest and we'll show you a town hard hit. >> and a closer look at the budget bill that averted a government shut down.
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>> an update on breaking news on the peninsula. one person was killed in the car seen behind the fire truck as a cal train crashed into it in a railroad crossing. service is delayed on the line between san francisco and palo alton by 60 to 90 minutes. the crash happened when the cal tran tracks cross on alma road.
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300 to 400 people were on board of the train when it hit the car. sam trans is honoring tickets and passes on the buses along the peninsula tonight. >> los angeles police department released a new description they hope will lead them to the man who boat up a man. the suspect on the left has a mole on his cheek and tattoos on his neck. suspect number two had tattoos on her shoulder. the woman was also listed as a suspect and with a 10 year old boy. according to the sister of victim the 42 year old paramedics is showing signs of improvement. he's breathing on his own without a ventilator and doctors are trying to ease him out of a medically endouced coma. >> spring storms spawn tornados that killed nine
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people in oklahoma and arkansas. two doid in tusca. hardest hit. the tornado was powerful up to flip over cars and destroyed the local high school. one survivor hid in a cellar. >> a vacume took all of the air and the cellar and felt like your ears and head was exploding. >> sen people were killed in arkansas. in crystal springs, lightning split a tree that fell in a home killing a 18 months old girl and her father as they slept. >> and atlanta is now under a tornado watch. >> president obama signed a budget deal that prevented a government shut down but that is not the end of it. he was caught on a open microphone talking about the gop how they tried to sneak their social agenda in the deal. >> first of all the budget
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deal that cut 38 billion from this year's spending didn't really do that. the budget deal passed the house the speaker praised it. >> they are bill cuts and signals to job creators that we are serious about stopping washington benge. >> that is mostly smoking mirrors and peel away the accounting tricks and the cuts amount to 352 million and little more than one-third of one billion . the deal has little to do with cutting spending. republicans pushed through government subsidized voucher for students in washington d.c. and cut the district of columbia abortion funding and limit a health care voucher . after his appearance in chicago. the president met private low with supporters and didn't realize an open mike picked up
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the. >> you want to repeat health care go ahead, we'll have that debate. you are not doing that by nickel and diming me in the budget. you think we are stupid? >> the president complains that the republicans would use the government shut down to push through their agenda. anyway tried to get cut to planned parent hood and health care. remember when the government signed the stimulus package. democrats put enough stuff in that to give the republicans plenty to complain. >> how spending for a salt marsh mouse in san francisco is going to help a struggling auto worker in ohio. >> 200 million for contraceptives. how does it fix an ailing economy. will you million for community action. this will not stimulating the economy.
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it is not. >> here's the real deal, if you have the advantage as the democrats did in 2009 when the econny was tarchinging or as republicans did, you will use that to press your agenda. neither side has credibility when they complain about it. our partners released the fact check of the budget speech he gave on wednesday. he misrepresented and exaggerate you can see it by going to abc sennews. >> kind of got you choked up. >> money scope headline. google's loss is the economy's gain. google stock fell eight percent today. they hired 2000 people in the first of the year. analyst are concerned that the google expenses are growing faster than the revenue. >> honda warns that vehicle shortages will be likely.
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slow downs was 50 percent and factories in north america will continue until early pay. >> consumer price index rose half a percentage in march. most due to the price of gas and food that forces people to cut spending onerving else. >> wall street disregarded that today. google held back . both it and the s&p 500 closed in positive territory and say goodbye to country radio in the bay area. the wolf abandoned the music form at and a internet teleconference by entertainer jewel . the bay area that is giving
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>> earlier this week when a silicone valley cisco announced it is dumping the flip. in doing so it laid off 550.ees. they are refocusing on what it does best delivering high speed equipment. david louie shows us a major reason why. >> fans don't have to pack the concert halls. country singer jewel is performing in san jose and live on every device there is that connects to the internet. >> i have fans all over the
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world and i don't tour all over the world. it helps me to stay in touch with the fans and it is not through a third party and i talk to them. >> and what makes interaction possible. a high def service. jewel fans were watching in las vegas and new york and san palo brazil. they could see her but may have foten she could see them as well >> i saw them talking. they appreciate a life performance. you can see people with your heart and emotions. it is perfect format for me . lets a bigger audience see what i do and why i do it. >> more than 30,000 fans watched on line. >> they come together and you will see magic happening.
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cisco is saying it is a new way for performers to perform. >> it is how high dev quality video can be transmitted miles and a well controlled network environment and at the same type be able to experience that you know, improve the quality. david loui. money scope. and michael fenny is up next to explain a car agreementt that didn't turn out as planned and the preschool teacher teaching
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>> have you ever booked a reservation on one card and tried to pay for it on another card. it should work but not in the
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case of two friends who needed help. >> the key word is theoretical. one common practice. i will do the booking and the other person covers the charges and be careful if you use on line booking companies with this kind of an arrangement. that tangled things up for a pair of friends renting a car. >> when ricardo and his friend rented a car they booked it through hot a simple enough deal until they put the charges on the credit card. >> i asked if it was possible to move it over to hurst. the said that is not a problem. >> they wiped the credit card and told him they would be transfer they took off in the rental car. >> my friend would get a refund. >> and however, that is not what happened.
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turned out hot wire did charge for the rental and hertz charged for the car and only cent - 70 in insurance. he asked for a 70 dollar refund. the company said no. >> he said that is your fault. we had no way of knowing you booked through hot wire. at that point. i told the manager, i will contact 7 on your side. >> he account ised hertwhere. hert z could not transfer charges because it cannot undo a transaction made by a different company. hot hertz was concerned that the representative misinformed the customer working to retrain in that locationn and hert wherereversed it on his credit card. >> i am grateful it was brought to light and thank you for helping me.
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>> the lesson here. the company that charges is the only one who reverses the transaction. it is something to be aware of when going through hot wire. >> michael thank you. >> san jose preschool teacher is teaching twins times 6. abc senhas the special connection in her class. >> derek has the hand up. and after teaching precool. holly thought she saw it all until she got a look at this year's class. >> i get jokes about what is in the water and are you seeing double. >> double in twins. 25 students in her class at explorer preschool, there are six sets of twins. michael and samuel . lidia and freddie and madison and logan . derek and trevor and nath an and audio and catalina and
6:47 pm
vera. it is not as confusing. three set of boy-girls and others, you got to see their personalities. >> the fact that there is so many twin system extraordinary but not exact low an accident. moms love to share ideas and with social media and blogging word spread fast. >> we became friend and networked and supported each other and that led to us ending up to the same school. >> it is a parent participation program . so for the parents of twins. volunteering in the classroom means double duty. >>im here a lot. but it is so worth it and great. two out of four is not bad. >> no one seems to know what the dozen twins said. and but the theme doesn't stop .
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both of the a's are twins. they are fraternal and not twins with each other . two of the parents have identical twin sisters. >> we tried to coral them for a group photoand it is not easy. the challenge has nothing to do with them being twins. first and foremost. they are preschoolers who just turned five. twin talk is quite adorable. >> we love each other . we get to play with each other. >> this could be the end of a nice story. but for connie. there is another chapter yet to be written. >> i have two sets of trip lets coming next year. in san jose carina ross abc sennews. >> how cute are they. the weekend is just hours away and looking good.
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it is powered by youtube and sunrise and santa cruz . it say gorgeous sky. thyself are today's highs and low cents and midcents . santa cruise had a high of 75. cool and and everyone else is warming up. tomorrow's high. we'll see lots of cents and lows to mid70s and mid-60s near the bay . tomorrow evening at open colsiium. as are taking on the detroit tig ares . right rain will develop . continue and dry out. we'll have a mainly dry week.
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thank you, spencer. and things are looking better tonight for a bay area musician whom we profiled a few months back. >> it is a huge hit in the 60s . and year ago he was in bad shape physically and financially. that's when others got involved. >> they donated money to help me get out of it. and so, you know. help to pay my doctor work on getting healthy again. i did. i did. >> two organizations .
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go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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you can see >> join me at 9:00 on coffee
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table 20 cable channel 13. we'll show you what your waistline has to do with what you remember . then at 11:00, behavior tsa is looking for when they single out travelers for extra creenings. >> right now a look at sports. >> hockey. iared was suspended for one game. will sit out tomorrow night. dwighthad his head slammed in the glassment the sharks don't release spectacular injury information but he almost certainly suffered a concussion . it is unclear when he will return. stolh delivered the hit that the nhl is cracking down. the kings were away repeatedly in overtime. they ended with a one and home
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loss in over time would have been devastating. and it is worse if we had the game in the overtime. it would be hard for us . so i think now we have and how we are playing. >> it is yes, you got to look at stats, they don't lie. it is an automatic win on the seris and want to protect the home ice area and worked hard in the playoffs and time to take average of it >> warriors introduce the new assistant general manager today. bob meyers will have input on to who will coach next year. meyers grew up in the bay area and went to the u.c.l.a. and succeed larry riley. first order of business. warriors won 10 more gapes under smart than a year ago.
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but fell short of making the playoffs. >> it is upon us to make a decision in a timely manner and helps the organization and smart and we all need to have some ideas of where we are going in the future but not under the gun here. >> the kings haven't moved to anaheim yust yet. they have until may second to relocate . that gives sacramento officials time to sweeten the last-ditch appeal made by mayor kevin johnson. >> mayor johnson said there was a lot of additional dollars available that improve the king's performances and the economic performance in sacramento if they stayed. >> all about the cash. >> after melting down on one hole kevin kadu was laughing. it was so bad it was comical. the more he tried to blast worse it got.
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he took a 16 . so 12 over on that hole. other than that he was having a great day. >> the crazy thing about the game. one bad hole shoots you out of the a tournament. that's what i did. i shot no such thing but what if. >> second round, jerry rice going green. and plus six today . matthew gogin underneath. with that shirt can't miss him. >> glowing in the neon. >> yikes. >> i can compete with him on that. >> i think he would have beaten me. >> that's going to do it for us. i am cheryl jennings. >> for larry and spencer, closed captioning services, inc.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- a community college professor of literature from oak ridge, tennessee... a chemical engineer from west chester, ohio... and our returning champion, a housewife from brooklyn, new york... whose 2-day cash winnings total...


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