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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 16, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. a massive tornado outbreak wreaks havoc across the south. there are at least 120 reports of twisters across 8 states. the damage, devastating. the death toll, rising. and this storm system is not over yet. the spring squeeze. gas prices now rising faster than ever, with a record high now due as early as memorial day. five states have $4-plus gas. and more are expected to hit that mark this weekend. and check this out. it has come to this. a gas station attendant clinging to a car owned by somebody who is trying to drive off
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without paying. abducted. new clues in the search for a tennessee woman taken from her own home by a man disguised in camouflage. her lunch bag has now been found. and now what we know what her brother saw on that fateful day. we're live on the scene. it is the ultimate ego trip. an entire country for rent. you get customized street signs. you get to print your own money. and 35,000 people at your service. we'll tell you how much it costs to have a vacation you will never forget. we here on weekend "gma," we like to think we live in bianna's world. but can you imagine what it would be like if she was allowed to rent an entire country? we were trying to think about this morning. and one of the things you get to do if you rent this country, is you get to name the streets. we thought bianna's way would be a good town. you always get your way. >> that's the sign i have at home, too. >> we're just kidding, of course.
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she is the anti-diva. we'll tell you more about this tiny country called liechtenstein. or is it lichtenstein? >> you weigh in at home and tell us how you any it should be pronounced. also, it's the world's largest producer of sausage casing. did you know that? >> oh, i did not know that. much more on that coming up. also, president obama caught on tape talking to supporters, apparently not knowing he was being recorded. this happened at a fund-raiser in chicago, where he candidly described the meeting with republicans from his very specific point of view, of course. republicans are now reacting. we're going to tell you what they are saying. coming up. also, the royal wedding. can you believe this, dan? it's now less than two weeks away. >> the rehearsals have already started. kate middleton and her groom's best man, prince harry, managed to have a quick run-through for the big day. we'll have more on that coming up. remember that viral video where the bride dances down the aisle?
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now, there is a royal parody of that. you'll want to see it. it's an amazing piece of video. >> and the actors look a lot like them. >> they do. the queen breaks it down. we're going to get to the vicious tornadoes pounding the south this morning. jackie meretsky is on the story. jackie, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, dan. we're going to be waiting for the national weather service to go in and confirm many of those storm reports. and it seemed like the tornado reports just kept on coming. more than 100 on friday alone. the death toll, now, stands at 16 over the past 2 days, including 7 in alabama that we just learned about. across the south overnight. powerful twisters, like this one, spotted in jackson, mississippi. >> not good. not good. >> reporter: knocked power lines, uprooted trees and smashed cars across mississippi. >> we got two. three. >> reporter: the tornadoes were part of a powerful line of storms that marched eastward,
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causing more destruction. heavy winds and rain, drenching the talledega speedway. >> it came through like 20 seconds. just, boom. just like that. >> reporter: northwest of atlanta, dozens of cars were trapped by heavy rains, while falling trees and downed power lines left thousands without power. >> power out all across this block. this seems to be the only area. >> reporter: the worst of it is in oklahoma and arkansas, where residents are still reeling from tornado damage. in arkansas, at least seven were killed, including a man and his daughter who were killed after a tree fell on their mobile home. in oklahoma, much of the town of tushka is completely destroyed, including the town's only school. >> it's just horrible. it's all gone. it's just bye-bye school. >> it was big and it was black. >> reporter: leonard ray left his shelter after the storm to
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find his home in scattered pieces. and his fishing boat stuck high in a pine tree. >> yeah. 40 -- 40 years of work. never seen nothing like that. >> and taking a look at the radar. we already have storms bubbling up in georgia. you can see a good storm system rolling through macon. and we do have a severe weather threat. new tornado watches, from the florida panhandle all the way north to charlotte. our severe weather threat extends all the way up the atlantic, as far north as south jersey. and the national weather service has issued a moderate risk in the eastern carolinas. that means the possibility of a few long-track tornadoes. >> all right, jackie. we'll come back later for the weather report. newly-released numbers confirm what most americans have already noticed. gas prices are rising faster than ever. the national average now at
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$3.82, up over 5% this month alone. five states have seen $4 gas or greater. and two more may hit that mark today, including new york state. jeremy hubbard is in new york with much more. good morning, jeremy. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. the prices are shooting up literally as we speak. moments ago, as we were setting up for our story here, the attendant came out and jacked up the prices another 10 cents a gallon at this new york city gas station. $4.09 a gallon, $4.13 for full service. and the normal summertime prices are expected to peak early this year, memorial day. just around the corner. a record-shattering 30 cents to 40 cents more a gallon. that's what some analysts predict we will be paying for gas in the coming weeks, well above the all-time high of $4.11, set back in july 2008. >> we've seen gas prices go up a penny a day for the last week or so. and all signs seem to be aligned right now to make gas prices go up. >> reporter: this year could be a budget-buster. that round-trip road trip from
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atlanta to miami in your suv that cost $280 last year, will run you $95 more this year. traveling from san francisco to seattle and back, gas will cost you $500, $125 more than last year. then, there's the steeper tab at the grocery store. food costs up 3% from a year ago. due in part to higher gas prices. >> we don't drive as much. that's for sure. i'll wait. i can hold off another week. >> reporter: hamburgers for your memorial day barbecue will be 40 cents more per pound than last year. milk, up 15 cents per gallon. >> i usually try to find a sale on something. i could not find anything that was marked down. >> reporter: food costs are so high, they're stealing tomatoes by the truckload, in florida. thieves made off with more than six loads of tomatoes and other food, valued at $300,000. and fuel thefts are popping up, too. at a gas station in new jersey, this driver speeds away after dragging the station attendant with him. the attendant is okay.
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police are still looking for the driver and hoping incidents like these don't increase across the country, as gas prices tick even higher in the next few weeks. and sometimes those prices are ticking higher mid-pump. on new york's long island, this week one gas buyer was filling his tank, when the pump stopped. the price shot up 6 cents. and the pump started all over again. he was able to get a refund. but the prices are ticking higher sometimes without a moment's notice. >> incredible, jeremy. thank you. will gas prices break that record and head even higher? let's bring in our "gma" economic expert, wendy bounds, for more on that. >> ticking up mid-pump. >> we expect to see gas prices go up. and now, it's a matter of when we're going to see over $4 a gallon. why is it rising so fast, though? >> we've seen increases for 24-straight days almost. we usually hit the peak on july 4th. it looks like it could be even sooner that we hit this peak. couple of things going on. we have concerns about continuing supply disruptions in the middle east and north
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africa. oil futures trading higher. but you have to look at increasing worldwide demand for oil, which is the fundamental thing for gasoline, in countries like brazil, china and india, and the u.s. all these things are coming into play. >> the energy department is now saying the average household is going to be paying 8% more on gas prices. food is going up, as well. what does that mean for the bottom line? >> we still aren't seeing the huge wage increases. and we still do have high unemployment. so, there's a limited pot of money in the household. so, it depends. is $4 a gallon the magic pain number for us where we start to decrease our demand for gasoline? will we stop driving on to disneyland? will we not go out to dinner as much? there's only a limited pot. something has to go. there will be a ripple effect
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for other parts of the economy. >> how big of a summer effect can we expect to see? people going on vacations and road trips. will that change at all? >> this is when people will make up from the cold winter with the rest of the family. it will affect how people travel. but the little decisions we make. will i drive across the river to go to the restaurant? or just go home and save on the gas? i think all of these things come into play. but the other items we buy, the new washing machine, the new car, the new tv. again, it's a limited pot of money. if i'm pulling out $20 every week, every couple of days to fill my gas tank, something has to give. >> it's not just at the gas station. the grocery store, as well. >> you have to eat and get to work. so, you have to cut somewhere. >> one of the major concerns for households across the nation. thank you for coming in, wendy. we appreciate it. dan? >> thanks, bianna. thank you, wendy. when you have a mic on, you never know when somebody is listening. president obama was reminded of that the hard way, when his private comments blasting republicans went public. the mic was supposed to have
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been turned off, but it wasn't. david kerley is at the white house this morning with the latest on that. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the white house is a formal place. the columns. the pomp and circumstance. the measured words of the president. when we get one of these unvarnished moments, it gives us insight into what the president is really thinking. back home from fund-raising -- >> hello, chicago. >> reporter: -- the president spoke publicly. but at a smaller gathering, without reporters and the microphone accidentally left open, the president was much more candid about last week's budget battle. >> you want to repeal health care? go at it. we'll have that debate. you're not going to be able to do by nickel and diming me in the budget. you think we're stupid? >> reporter: this was in the oval office, who were trying to attach social issues to the budget bill. >> put it in a separate bill. we'll call it up. and if you think you can
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overturn my veto, try it. but don't try to sneak this through. >> it did pull the curtain back on pretty high-level negotiations on the budget. you got to see the character of the president. and the character of the negotiations. >> reporter: but the white house makes no apologies, saying the president's comments are similar to what he told george stephanopoulos on thursday. >> the key from my perspective is making sure that it's balanced. and that's what mr. ryan and house republicans don't do. >> that means revenues. >> it doesn't just mean revenues. we have to look for spending cuts wherever we can find them. >> reporter: while some republicans pounce, calling this a self-serving version of events, analysts noticed a more forceful tone from the normally guarded president. >> he is no-drama obama. when you get these flashes of insight about how we is behind closed doors, it heightens his reputation for leadership. >> reporter: the president, this morning in his weekly address, he calls the republican budget,
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the wrong way for america. it's a message he'll keep up all next week. he's swinging through west and some private fund-raisers. i have a feeling his microphone will be closed. >> david kerley, thank you, reporting from the white house this morning. moving on, now. take a look at this. this was one of the most popular online poker sites in the world. where hundreds of millions of dollars changed hands regularly. the fbi has now shut it down. you see the fbi has taken over the site. they've shut down the two largest online poker sites. this bust is part of the biggest crackdown on illegal online gambling ever. dan abrams is here with this. what are the companies accused of doing specifically? >> a law was passed in 2006, outlawing online gambling. that's one of the issues. the other issue is wire fraud and money laundering. in essence, what the government is saying is, they've created a fake system out there. they fooled the banks. they lied about what they were doing. >> they hid their profits.
7:14 am
>> they hid their profits. all of this was in effort to circumvent the law. they're not saying it was just in violation of the law, but other violations, as well. >> a lot of americans participate in online gaming. is this the beginning of the end for this? >> unclear. there was a movement towards legalizing online gambling. many people believe it would eventually become legal. the question now is, is this going to push it more towards making it illegal? or is there going to be a ground swell of people saying, it's time to legalize it. in the short-term, it will be tough to move forward with legalizing it. in the long-term, i think it's almost inevitable. >> in terms of eradicating it, it seems tough like a game of whack-a-mole. you shut down the companies that work offshore, and somebody opens up a new website, right? >> these were the big guns in this arena. they almost legitimized what was happening because they were so big. one had a partnership with the
7:15 am
wynn resort. these are major, major companies. and the government said, you were allowed to do it offline. but when you started coming here, with u.s. players and you started engaging in the shenanigans with the u.s. banks, that's when they got into trouble. >> they were sponsoring players in the poker world series. these were established companies. >> we're talking about $3 billion here. and a lot of people, a lot of americans, who have played these games, probably thinking they weren't doing anything illegal. >> dan abrams, thanks for coming in. we appreciate it. let's go to ron claiborne and the other headlines. >> good morning, dan and dan. and good morning, everyone. in the news this morning, five nato troops and four afghan soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber detonated a vest in eastern afghanistan. the nationalities of the troops that died are still not known. the taliban has claimed responsibility. in texas, wildfires are
7:16 am
sweeping across hundreds of thousands of acres in a resort area 120 miles west of dallas. dozens of homes have been destroyed. and hundreds of people have been evacuated. a firefighter was killed battling that blaze. today marks the fourth anniversary of the virginia tech massacre, when 32 people were gunned down in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. the school will commemorate the occasion with a 5k run and a candlelight vigil. and the father of kyron horman, the oregon boy missing since last june has a new way to keep his son's memory in the public eye. horman will set up booths at two portland events to distribute flyers and buttons to re-energize the search for his missing son. and finally, professional golfer kevin na was happy to shoot par on the 9th hole at the texas open on friday. that's because it took him 16 shots, 16 shots to get the ball in the same hole the day before.
7:17 am
he had a couple of lost balls. in the trees. he got caught in the brush. he even swung and missed once. another golfer said he had a kevin na hole, which is a cruel way of putting it. >> that's probably what i would look like out there. >> that's not the record. the record is 18. john daly did that on a par 5. >> he's become something of a folk hero. he wrote down 16. most golfers lie about it. >> he had to ask his caddie. how many strokes was that? he kept swinging and swinging. bad day on the course. it's never a bad day when jackie meretsky is joining us. good to see you. >> thanks, bianna. what is spring? spring is really just the transition from winter to summer. and winter has a firm grip on aberdeen, south dakota. take a look at this. over half a foot of snow fell. this is in a massive storm system gripping that part of the nation. another aspect of this system is the flooding rains.
7:18 am
we're expecting some heavy rain to fall with the heaviest amounts, possibly two to three inches in portions of ohio, as well as pennsylvania. meanwhile, the rest of the nation, severe weather threat, especially in the eastern carolinas, where we could have long track tornadoes. we're watching that very closely. dan and bianna, back to you. >> all right, jackie. dan, in your lifetime, you rented a car. right? probably an apartment. >> yes. >> how about a country? >> i would love to do that. nothing would make me happier. >> well, that's what's happening.
7:19 am
a for rent sign is hanging in the most unlikely of places, over the tiny country of liechtenstein. >> tomato/tomato. >> i was right. just let the record show. >> you're always right, bianna. >> so, what's the going rate for renting your own country? and what do you get for your money? t.j. winick has the story. >> reporter: rolling hillsides. quaint villages. 35,000 loyal citizens. this can all be yours. for just $70,000 a night. welcome to liechtenstein. the hottest new vacation rental property or rental country in the world. any idea where it is? >> no. >> near monaco. >> in europe or something. >> inside of italy. >> reporter: it's actually just 61.7 square miles. sandwiched between switzerland and austria. >> liechtenstein is one of the more prosperous countries in europe. lots of old architecture. cows and green pastures. castles.
7:20 am
it's got a little bit of everything. >> reporter: well, the liechtensteiners are also a little lonely. >> sometimes small and forgotten. this is one way they can keep the name out there. >> reporter: the rental promotion is the brainchild of marketing firm rent-a-village. they promote highly-customized settings for events, corporate retreats, conferences and more. for all that dough, you won't just get one hotel room. you get more than 500 of them. you also get to rename city streets and print your own currency for a day. how is that for vanity? they won't just let anyone in. ♪ drop it like it's hot drop it like it's hot ♪ >> reporter: last year, rapper snoop dogg reportedly tried to rent liechtenstein to use in a music video. he was turned down. apparently they will say yes to a birthday, wedding or bar mitzvah. and if you have a hard time leaving, you can always ask for a late checkout. for "good morning america," t.j. winick, in new york. >> if they won't allow snoop, i'm not going.
7:21 am
coming up next, we're going to switch gears. we have a serious and sad story this morning. there's a desperate search going on for a young nursing student who was abducted from her home by a man wearing camouflage. we're live on the scene with the latest this morning. and get them to the church on time. kate, her bridesmaids and best man, prince harry, prep for the royal wedding at westminster abbey. but was the groom there? stay with us. anyone who grows things for a living will tell ya...
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i know what's going down first. denny's. america's diner is always open. ♪ everyone at home is doing a double-take right now. that's not the wedding rehearsal that took place at westminster abbey yesterday. i wish it was. that's a parody of the royal wedding. but look at these look-alikes. >> it's uncanny. they really do look like the real deal. i don't think we'll see a spank like that. >> if only. if only. >> this is actually an ad, isn't it? >> it's an ad for t-mobile. it went viral over the past few days. and it's just uncanny how these actors really do look like members of the royal family. that does look like westminster
7:31 am
abbey. and the guests look like dignitaries from around the world. they actually appear shocked when the wedding procession begins. it's just eye candy, really. >> we'll get into that coming up a little bit later. good morning, america. i'm dan harris. >> i'm bianna golodryga. good to see you folks at home. that video is something we'll be talking about, as well. and "your week in three words" is ahead. >> we have such a cute shot of this little kid, getting his first hair cut. there he is. we'll show you that and a lot of other cool stuff coming up in "your three words" in a few minutes. first, this morning, we're going to go to the massive search for a young woman who has gone missing in tennessee. she was taken from her home by a man wearing camouflage. this morning, there are new clues. and linsey davis is on the story in the small town of parsons, tennessee. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. and the search does continue this hour for holly bobo, including in the woods right
7:32 am
behind me. we're learning more about the last time the 20-year-old was seen. and apparently why her brother didn't intervene when a he saw a man walking off with his sister. investigators say they believe holly bobo knew she was in danger as she was led away from her home by a man in camouflage, near her home. >> we believe what we know, and i'll tell you, he actually had an arm holding her. and so, we feel that she knew that she was in fear of her life. so, she was complying with his command. >> reporter: contrary to initial reports, police now say bobo wasn't dragged by her alleged abductor. they say bobo's 25-year-old brother, who saw the incident, thought the man was bobo's boyfriend and didn't realize she was being abducted until later. meanwhile, as the search expanded on friday, investigators found items they believe belonged to bobo. >> we did find a lunch purse that was dropped. >> reporter: throughout the day
7:33 am
friday, hundreds of volunteers fanned out throughout the area. we joined a search team as they went out into the woods. you kind of feel like you're looking for a needle in a haystack? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: our cameras captured one discovery that appeared to get investigators' attention, duct tape, which vol volunteers say had blonde hair stuck to it. police wouldn't say if it's related to the case. holly's cousin, country music star whitney duncan, tried to give searchers hope. tweeting, i can't thank y'all enough for helping to find holly. keep it up until she is home with us. when officials asked for volunteers, more than 1,100 people lined up. so many, they had to turn dozens away. some never had met holly. others, childhood friends. >> she was a very good person who i would never have dreamed it happened to. she didn't need it to happen to her. she was doing something with her life. you know? >> reporter: today, we're talking about an expanded search area. more agencies coming in.
7:34 am
more helicopters. more canine units. and hopefully some better weather. the severe weather from yesterday hampered the search efforts for several hours. dan? >> linsey davis, reporting this morning. thank you. as you mentioned, an incredible response from the local community there. joining us now with the latest on the search, from bible hill baptist church in parsons, tennessee, is lieutenant brad wilbanks. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, dan. >> you told us earlier, that even though you didn't find holly, it was a productive day because you were able to clear up rumors. can you tell us more about what the rumors were and how you dispelled them. >> of course our goal is to find holly. agent mehr with tbi was able to put some rumors to rest. maybe change the wording. the word dragged, i think, the word led should have been used. had a lot of misconceptions out. the brother, the boyfriend. that kind of thing.
7:35 am
i was glad to see agent mehr was able to do that. it put the county at a little more rest. >> clearing the brother and the boyfriend as suspects here. how important is the discovery of her lunchbox? >> it's positive identification. it's a clue. they're analyzing all types of information in their center now. >> there's also a report that some blood was found in the driveway of her home. can you confirm that for us this morning? >> yes. yesterday in a press conference, agent mehr was able to confirm there was an area of blood found outside of the door there. >> and linsey davis, our reporter on the scene there, caught the scene on camera where you see some duct tape found in the woods. did that turn out to be a valuable lead for you? >> well, you can imagine the number of people we had out yesterday, that they found several things. identified it. authorities bagged it and carried it back to tbi. they went through several things during the night.
7:36 am
>> tbi, the tennessee bureau of investigations. you alluded to the fact that there are so many people out searching this morning. it's not uncommon in the wake of a crisis like this to see a community rally around a family in question. but what we're seeing in parsons appears to be extraordinary. would you agree with that? >> absolutely. we see things on tv, and tornadoes hit different towns and they come together. and that's a good thing to see. but yesterday, i learned the new meaning why they call tennessee the volunteer state. >> truly fascinating and encouraging to see. we're learning why they call it the volunteer state. lieutenant brad wilbanks, we appreciate your time. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> we should say good luck in that search today. let's check the rest of the headlines. >> good morning, everyone. in the news, more than 100 tornadoes have battered 8 states throughout the south, leaving more than a dozen dead and homes destroyed. there is more to come. jackie meretsky will have more on the storm's track in a
7:37 am
moment. there's new video inside japan's fukushima reactor number 4. the u.s.-made machine was used to measure temperatures inside the reactor. tepco, who runs the reactor, reports the fuel pool temperature is double its normal level. and the food and drug administration has approved a new electronic device to fight aggressive forms of brain cancer. it disrupts the growth of the cancer cells. those receiving the new treatment has the same life expectancy as those undergoing chemotherapy. they expect far fewer side-effects. an understandable reason for rubber-necking on the highway. drivers on the new jersey turnpike saw a black bear perched 20 feet up in a tree. animal rescue workers were able to get the bear down safely and back into his car. >> maybe more complicated than rescuing a kitten, i think. >> yeah. time for weather. jackie meretsky, weather, please. >> thanks for the strong intro. all right.
7:38 am
let's talk about severe weather that caused extensive damage in north fulton county, georgia. in fact, one woman barely escaped when a tree came crashing down on her car. looks like the winds could have been gusting to 60 miles per hour. now, as far as today's storm track goes, as the cold front extends eastward, we'll see another severe weather outbreak. we usually have to wait until the afternoon to get everything cooking in the atmosphere. but storms are erupting in georgia. and we could see the possibility of tornados in the eastern carolinas today. and storms as far north as south jersey. elsewhere in the country, we have snow in the dakotas. high and dry beautiful weather in southern california.
7:39 am
this weather report has been brought to you by pet smart. dan and bianna? >> thank you, jackie. coming up on "gma," missing in action. where was prince william when kate and harry went down the aisle for the royal rehearsal yesterday? and a father/daughter moment you don't want to miss. you want to stick around for this. stay tuned. >> it's "your week in three words." and sometimes... they get sad. they enjoy morning runs, even afternoon naps. and like us, pets can se extra support to help maintain their health. that's why petsmart #now offers gnc pets™ - a line of supplements designed to help keep our pets as healthy !as we keep ourselves. petsmart. we love to see healthy, happy pets.™
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♪ dan was telling me, this is his favorite music. the royal wedding theme song. >> i have it on my ipod. yeah. >> it's time for our royal diary. the big wedding less than two weeks away. it's a tightly scheduled event, with every moment accounted for. lama hasan has new details on how the day will run like clockwork. >> reporter: good morning. guess what? prince william will have to wait a nail-biting 45 minutes before his princess bride shows up. 45 minutes. can you imagine what that's going to be like for prince william at the altar? nerve-racking. everything has to go according to plan. so, the secret rehearsals have started in earnest.
7:43 am
little did the public know that the private visit included the son-to-be princess, kate middleton, who was rehearsing for the big day. but there was no sign of the groom. before you start getting any ideas, he was in wales, working where he is continuing to fulfill his duty as a search and rescue pilot. best man, prince harry, and kate's younger sister, maid of honor, pippa, were joined by the young bridesmaids and page boys that will accompany the bride down the aisle. they were ushered in and out of the back of the abbey to keep their visit hush-hush. here's what else we know. george michael will be releasing '70s classic, stevie wonder's "you and i," as a wedding gift for the couple. ♪ god has made us >> reporter: how romantic. donations will go to a children's charity. and the singer got the royal approval.
7:44 am
tweeting, i got a text saying, they liked the song, which is the only green light i cared about. hooray. what a fantastic day. i'll go to bed a happy, lucky man. and we now know the minute-by-minute details of events on the wedding day. everything is so well-coordinated that every v.i.p.'s arrival has a specific time. the marriage service begins at 11:00 a.m. local time. that's 6:00 a.m. eastern and 3:00 a.m. on the west coast. so, start setting your alarm clock. and, yes, that famous balcony appearance. just like his parents did 30 years ago, will take place at precisely 1:25 london time. hopefully, filled with a romantic kiss. with an audience of about 2 billion people watching on that day, there will be many more rehearsals to make sure the entire bridal party feels comfortable in such an elegant and historic building. now, the question. will kate keep her prince
7:45 am
waiting on the day and be fashionably late? or will she stick to the schedule? my bet is, she will turn up on time. >> i'll see you next week in london. thank you. kate middleton is making some news in the u.s., as well. not that kate middleton. it's this kate middleton. the american kate middleton. she's a massachusetts resident whose facebook account was deactivated because the social network believed she was impersonating the other kate. she works in a bike shop. she has a good sense of humor about this whole thing. one thing she isn't jealous of, is william isn't her type. that's a problem i have. so many bianna golodrygas running around. >> such a common name. concord, mass, a couple of towns from where i grew up, kate middleton's facebook page has been restored. stay on top of all of the latest royal wedding news with us. on facebook, our real account, that won't be shut down.
7:46 am
and twitter, as well, leading up to the special coverage of the big event on april 29th. 4:00 a.m. eastern. >> are you ready for it? >> are you ready for it? >> are you ready for it? three alarms set? >> indeed. coming up on "gma," do you remember your first hair cut? don't miss our "your week in three words" coming up after the break. the conversation, and the food make all who enter feel welcome. a place that feels as warm with a crowd... as it does with just a friend. it's a place you'll find town house crackers. because they're part of what makes your place the place. ♪ welcome to town house. where good times reside.
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time, now, for reports from the home front. your home front. it's "your week in three words." and the song this week is by molly marlette. check it out. ♪ i like the pieces i was trying to get back ♪ ♪ i lost my back starting over across the ocean ♪
7:50 am
♪ don't look back i won't look back ♪ ♪ it's so calming to forget this place in time ♪ ♪ don't look back i won't look back ♪ ♪ so, here we go we could chase the sun away ♪ ♪ this is home no matter if we go or stay ♪ ♪ whenever we go you'll be mine ♪ ♪ you'll be mine ♪ my heart goes slow my mind is racing ♪
7:51 am
♪ faster than it goes i can't stand still ♪ ♪ i won't look back if you don't look back ♪ ♪ so, here we go we can chase the sun away ♪ ♪ 'cause this is home no matter if we go or stay ♪ ♪ always going to find you wherever we go ♪ ♪ you'll be mine you'll be mine ♪ >> always makes us smile. >> you never get tired of it. >> the little kids. i love that first hair cut. adorable. we're looking for royal wedding shoutouts for your three
7:52 am
words. if you have a message for will and kate, we'll pass it along to them. the wedding is approaching, obviously. >> huge "your week in three words" watchers. >> yes. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. introducing purina one beyond we all want fewer chemicals. new all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gentle on skin. try new all free clear oxi-active.
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we're sitting here planning we're sitting here planning our trip to liechtenstein. i really think we should take over the country for "gma." >> they only have 38 cops. they can't handle it. >> thank you for watching abc news this morning. we're always online at twitter and facebook. we'll have more later today on "world news" with david muir. have a great day, everybody. good morning. let's check with meteorologist lisa argen with the weekend forecast. >> golden gate bridge you can
7:57 am
check out the towers there at 700 feet and low clouds and a layer of cloud mix throughout the day today. numbers warmer than yesterday, 8 degrees warmer in fremont. 56 for you, 50 in napa. 52 half moon bay. hayward starting out warmer as well as redwood city. cold front is to the north of us where it's going to stay today. weak high pressure stays to the south of us. a mixture of clouds and sun with more clouds favoring the north bay. as for today, hot numbers in the south land, 91 in los angeles and 98 in palm springs, rain to the north, clouds in between and we will see this sink south tomorrow night. increasing clouds tomorrow. warmest day of the weekend will be today and by 8:00 tomorrow night, chance of showers in the north bay and east bay. here is the front that will push in through monday morning.
7:58 am
we may see a quarter of an inch in north bay. temperatures in the upper 60s with partly cloudy skies in san rafael. 72 in napa. from time to time more clouds in the north bay. sunshine, palo alto, 70. do you believe by the monterey bay, 74. in the santa cruz, low clouds hanging around monterey, slight chance of showers into monday. next, protestors are camped out in vallejo this morning trying to keep an indian burial ground from being developed. >> a man is shot to death while driving near an3q
7:59 am
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