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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 17, 2011 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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deadliest storm in decades. this morning the devastation from dozens of tornados stretches across parts of north carolina and virginia. more than three dozen people are confirmed dead since the tornados first hit oklahoma last thursday. good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. they continue to search for more victims in six states hit by the devastating storm system. twister started in oklahoma, moved into the deep south and then up the carolina coast. north carolina is especially hard hit as the report shows. >> i'm getting out of here. >> late saturday across the carolinas they say it felt like hell on earth. an incredibly strong line of freak storms rained down more than 90 tornados. part of the state looked like a war zone. view from the sky, complete devastation.
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these homes were obliterated. it ripped off roofs and ruined lives. >> my granddaughter's room is totally demolished. it's like a bomb. >> in wake county, the winds ripped off the roof of a building. the flying debris sandwiched a man in a car. >> the building came down on the passenger side and i was hoping the glass wasn't going to break out. >> southeast of raleigh. of this half of this was pulverized. a manager required the customers back to the store and incredibly nobody was injured. >> everybody was on the ground crouched, as that time, the roof was coming off. >> just down the road this factory was demolished. in st. stephens, south carolina the roof of a church collapsed.
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they say god was watching over and no one was injured. thousands were left without power. the governor declared a state of emergency. >> we've been assured we'll have whatever federal support we need. >> the storms also hit virginia. a woman tried to cross out a washed out bridge. they didn't make it. a 9-year-old girl is still missed. they pulled a 9-year-old boy to safety. >> power companies were out through the night trying to tear through the broken tree limbs and repair the power lines to hopefully restore power to thousands of people that slept in the dark last night. a pacific flight is finally en route to hong kong after being grounded at sfo overnight because of a fuel leak. airport workers were unable to quickly stem the flow of fuel so about 350 passengers were forced to get off the plane and go back to the terminal.
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the leak eventually repaired and the flight was cleared for takeoff this morning. >> the head of the faa announced new rules in effect for air traffic controllers designed to ensure that no one else falls asleep on the job. in the past few weeks, seven have nodded off raising concerns about air traffic safety. >> there are about 4,000 aircraft in the skies over the u.s. at any given time according to the faa. air traffic controllers keep those planes from flying into each other and assuring they land safely. news that another controller was asleep at the screens concerns many of the passengers. >> flying is risk it's not completely safe but to worry and it comes down or not whether there is more safety.
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>> knowing that people that are controlling the air are sleeping. >> the faa confirms that seven air traffic controllers have fallen asleep on the job in the last month. the president of the air traffic controllers association. >> we have a fatigue issue and we have a high stress occupation that works 24 hours, 7 days a week. >> the faa started adjusting controllers' schedules. no incidents were reported but analyst ron wilson says they have managed to safely operate within the difficult schedules for years. >> there were some controllers on a night shift for three weeks and then they go to day shift for three weeks and then they go to swing shift for three weeks. some of that overlaps, it boils down to sleep deprivation. >> lack of sleep can affect controllers' ability the same way as alcohol does. they have announced that we are
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taking important steps that will make a real difference in fighting fatigue but we know we need to do more. >> one major changes where one flight controller is on duty, another will be added as a back-up. ron wilson says there is no need to fear the skies. >> i don't consider them unsafe. pilots are aware of this. they train for this. >> along with schedule changes, the faa might also consider letting controllers nap during their breaks which is now a firing offense. >> the head of the faa on monday will be traveling nationwide to visited air traffic control centers around the country talking about performance and safety. president obama is coming to the bay area. he'll be the guest of honor at a townhall meeting in san francisco this wednesday. the event is called, share the responsibility, shared
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prosperity. he will discuss his vision of narrowing the deficit. they will focus on topics such as women in technology and start-up america, a jobs program. do you have something to ask the president? anyone can submit question on the white house facebook page. >> this morning police are investigating a shooting that occurred in a parking lot of a san leandro restaurant late last night. the victim has been taken to eden hospital in castro valley where he was undergoing surgery for multiple gunshot wounds. they say the victim was eating dinner and left to go to his car when where he was attacked in what might have been about a robbery attempt. they found the man in the parking lot outside chii's. >> he had been eating in the restaurant. he was approached and an altercation took place and the
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assailant shot the victim several times. >> police are still looking for that unknown assail a and the suspect. >> san francisco medical examiner is working to identify a body found floating in the water. that body was recovered yesterday morning. authorities had been looking for a missing boater since last weekend. that 52-year-old man disappeared in the surf off ocean beach after his boat capsized. a second man was rescued in that incident. new developments this weekend in the case of an accused serial killer. joseph naso is accused of killing four northern california women between 1977 and 1994. detectives say he lived in an apartment building in san francisco's mission neighborhood back in 1981. they say he filled three notebooks describing how he wanted to describe margaret
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pristol. she lived downtown down stairs. he made a to-do list of women he wanted to kill. she was number ten on the list. he moved away in 1992 and she and her husband called him crazy joe. >> it's going to take long than they thought to get the nuclear power plant in control in japan. >> and tomorrow, marks the anniversary of the great earthquake. next, how one of the last remaining survivors plans to mark the 1906 quake. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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in japan the tokyo electric company announced it's going to take six to nine months to get the crippled nuclear power plant under control. meanwhile, reports show high levels of radioactive sea water near the plant. the level of arrive iodine spiked to 6500 times the legal limit. officials say this could mean there are new leaks at the site. >> a special moment in japantown's peace plaza in san francisco yesterday. 300 foot flag was unfurled and photographed from the sky to raise money on relief efforts in
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japan. the organizers hope to inspire other cities around the world to hold what they call raise the flag as high event. >> in 1906 the biggest catastrophe in san francisco and japan was the biggest one on that donated money than any other nation. >> the event was held in con destruction with the ongoing cherry blossom festival. they are hoping to raise $100,000 for earthquake relief. they are holding a thousand dollar a plate fund-raising dinner in san francisco. in san francisco the city is remembering that 1906 earthquake on the anniversary of the temblor. there will be a series of commemorative festivities starting tomorrow. the town fan is where messages and information were relayed to survivors. today one of the last of three survivors will speak at
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luncheon. he is 105 years old. this year the ceremonies will be dedicated to japanese quake victims. you heard one gentleman hear how they helped out before and we are helping now. >> we do have a few clouds. in san francisco, 56 degrees at sfo. we are looking at a west wind 20 miles an hour. airport delays of 37 minutes. a look at more clouds, some rain coming our way next. also ahead the earthquake construction project in oakland that is building a better future for many families. xtxú
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now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld hundreds of volunteers are helping to build homes for needy families in oakland this weekend. green building event is part of bay area's annual event of earth day. they will grow from the foundations to the roofs in seven days. the goal is to build seven three bedroom homes. >> i'm not surprised you said there were delays at the airport. the fog is still hanging in there. >> the on flow we're seeing, it
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will be cool in some spots. heavenly enjoys the sunshine. tahoe airplane 54 degrees and 58 partly cloudy. rain moves into the mountains, maybe half an inch to three-quarters of an inch in the northern sierra. back home, emeryville numbers in the 50s. sunshine downtown and also beginning to see some sun along the peninsula and south bay. 68 in mountain view. 58 in san jose. highlights, partly cloudy skies this morning with light rain arriving later on tonight through the overnight hours. showers lingering throughout the day tomorrow. here the advice amp picture. skies are a little more broken but you'll notice a swath of stratus off shore. that will be allowing for temperatures that will stay on the cool side. 50s on the coast. we don't have a lifting mechanism to bring the rain to
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us but it happens tonight. you can see the rain from eureka 57 and 76 partly cloudy in sacramento. onshore flow helping to cool down los angeles, they were in the low 90s. 95 in palm springs. here is what is going to happen. a couple areas of low pressure and they will slide to the south. the front will, and you'll see the rain arriving at around 10:00, sonoma county and as it heads south, scattered showers but it's the overnight hours where we begin to see light rain. for the monday morning commute, 8:00, we get showers. authorities bay this is where the front will favor sonoma and marn counties and then scattered showers, south bay and the santa cruz mountains. rainfall amounts couple hundredths about a quarter of an inch from mendocino county and point reyes, quarter of an inch.
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but elsewhere, lighter amounts so enjoy the dry day. 69 in campbell. on the peninsula, looking at upper 60s, redwood city. 59 in half moon bay. san francisco, not a bad day, a few degrees cooler than yesterday at 63. in the north bay, bodega bay, 57. we'll have the clouds and have some sun breaks and mid-60s for san leandro and union city. out over the hills, a little more sun warming up into the 70s for danville and concord. 62 in monterey and 66 in santa cruz. enjoy the day today. today will be one of the warmer days because you notice the temperatures trail off and we do have a series of weak systems that that will flirt with the north bay bringing clouds. next threat of rain on wednesday and maybe into thursday but we're not really going to warm up. temperatures will stay below normal overall. this is a weak system beginning
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kind of late to be talking about rain. >> we'll take it. so we're saying on thursday, just a little bit of rain. >> i haven't put it yet but a minor event. >> the sharks played in l.a. in the third game in the series against the kings. here is shu. >> good morning. sharks had a wake-up call with their series against l.a. as they steel one at the tank. you have to hold serve at home. sharks drive against the power play. jack johnson rips a shot. in front of the net, can't see it, he can't stop it. 1-0 kings. on another power play, drew finds the back of the net and 2-0. he smoked one past him. it's now 3-0.
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joe author son, thorton, 4-0 and series tied at one game 3 tuesday in l.a. >> i am disappointed in our team. if you look at the game it's hard to find two or three guys that needed to come pete in the level they needed to. >> we had a missed opportunity, that's for sure. >> there is nothing there. we've got to go out and win a game in l.a. that is our focus and we have two days to think it and get ready for the next game. >> robert johnson starting to play like championships. looking for their win with barry zito on the hill. facing joe saunders, see ya. second jack of the season 2-0 g-men. d-back fans, miguel rips one
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down the right field line. game tied at 2. later in the frame, he pops up the bunt. zito makes the catch but sprains his right foot. he would leave the game. and moto comes in allowing one run and striking out four in the process. then in the seventh, game tied at three, freddy sanchez coming up with a single to left. three r.b.i. night for sanchez 5-3 giants the final. >> and two game series against tigers, catches one swinging. a's come alive, grounds one down the left field line. we're tied at 1. next batter, matsui and was all good in oakland except for
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brayden with leaving with left shoulder stiffness. a's go on to win it 6-12. >> n.b.a. playoffs in full swing and finals right here on abc7. we tip off in the west with an intriguing match-up between the mavericks and blazers. blazers trying to upset the mavs in the first round. and auldridge with a pretty hook. they are down 77-76. nowitsky, now they are up by four. shot clock winding down. jason kidd buries it and pulls away for an 89-82 victory. >> orlando center dwight howard is on. alley-oop, he had 46 points magic up by 2 but atlanta owned the night. one handed one and crawford for three. he had 23. hawks take a series lead with a
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10-point victory. >> 50-yard indoor war is back. sabercats have the best offense, averaging better than 64 points a game. they want to improve 4-2. san jose down by 14. but the joe montana of arena football, fires a strike. sabercats within 7. their third touchdown hookup of the night. siek cyber cats complete the hookup with a victory. san jose earthquakes 3-0 loser to the new york red bulls. have a great day. up next at 9:30. actor nicholas cage was arrested last night and is out of jail. we'll tell you the charges he faces. >> and will of california voters.
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we'll tell you about that, video does not match the story but we'll let you know coming up.
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welcome back. this morning, police are investigating a shooting that occurred in the parking lot of a san leandro restaurant late last night. the victim is in the hospital in castro valley where he has undergone surgery for multiple gunshot wound.
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victim was eating dinner in a chile's restaurant and went to go to his car when he was attacked. when police arrived they found the man in the parking lot outside the restaurant. they are still looking for a suspect. this weekend family and friends are remembering a young bay area marine who died two weeks ago in afghanistan. lisa amin gulezian reports from golden gate national cemetery where yesterday harry lew was laid to rest. >> lance corporal harry lew, was a son and friend to so many. >> hundreds remembered the santa clara high school graduate who died while on watch duty in afghanistan on april 3rd. his death is still under investigation. >> it's really sad.
9:31 am
to be here for this reason. >> he enlisted a year after graduating from high school. he was deployed in december. he was supposed to return from afghanistan in july. >> it's my first time dealing with any kind of death to someone i'm close to. it was really hard. i don't know how to handle it. feel like i'm going to come home >> friends and family see him everywhere and in everything and these shirts and even in this balloon launch in his honor. >> one, two, three! >> but the smiles quickly faded once the 21-year-old arrived at his final resting site. national cemetery in san bruno a long line of mourners including congressman mike honda and
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congresswoman judy chu watched in silence because this meant goodbye. [ "taps" playing ] >> reporter: in san bruno, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> oscar winning nicholas cage was arrested in new orleans last night. charges of domestic abuse and disturbing the peace. >> an unflattering mugshot to go along with unflattering allegations. they say cage was heavily intoxicated when he got into an argument with his wife in front of a home he insisted they were renting in the french quarter. he allegedly grabbed her by her arm and tried to get into taxi. when officers showed up, cage dared them to book him. he was bailed out of jail by dog
9:33 am
the bounty hunter. when asked to get him out of slammer, dog said, quote, i am truly a dedicated fan of mr. cage and not be granting an interview as i respect his privacy. this is what i do for a living. aloha, the dog. >> cage's wife does not want to press charges. >> cage has battled booze before on the big screen. he won an academy award of a portrayal of a down-and-out drunk in leaving las vegas. >> leaving las vegas. >> drink myself to death. >> and for the 47-year-old ones married to lisa presley for 108 days, it's problems with spending but he currently owns the irs millions of dollars. >> he was reportedly making $50 million a year and still going
9:34 am
broke at the same time. >> he has been forced to sell off some of his treasures including a castle and this rhode island home sold earlier this month at a $9.5 million loss. back on gma he talked about his troubles. >> everybody makes mistakes. when we make mistakes sometimes it can be a great lesson because it puts you into looking for something. some people say you have to be a sinner before you can be a saint. >> his movie career hit or miss with big hits, usually followed by multiple flops. both opened just ago and both bombed. his career choices are driven by much needed paychecks. but will they keep coming? >> this is not a tumble, this is really a minor thing. i will be shocked if the domestic abuse charges stick. life will go on for nicholas cage.
9:35 am
>> a medical marijuana dispensary right across the street from oakland police headquarters could be shut down but not because of its location. >> we're hearing was over before it began. >> i will recuse myself from this matter. >> he recused himself from this matter because he once worked for the city attorney's office and it pits the city against the operator of the oakland cannabis institute. donna frank signed a contract and paid the current owner more than a million dollars, but the city says she purposely avoided going through the process to get a permit. >> we're saying she knowingly violated the municipal code. >> and because of that? >> because of that, its character flaw that should make her ineligible for having a permit. >> there are only four permits for medical marijuana
9:36 am
dispensaries in oakland. any change of ownership has to be approved. but last year a superior court judge cited with frank and suggested as her lawyer does that oakland's rules are confusing. >> they have a permit system in oakland, it's a lot of unwritten rules. when somebody wants to transfer the permit, it's very hard to do. >> the hearing was ordered by the judge to determine if the permit should be approved. that decision is now on hold. in the meantime, hundreds of patients continue to go three to the oakland cannabis institute which surprisingly is right across the street from the police department. mayor has no problem with that location. >> i should think it's okay because it eliminates criminal activity other cities have. >> a date has not been set for another hearing. by the way, the mayor says oakland is considering allowing four more dispensaries to open. >> the san jose city council may
9:37 am
ban pot clubs altogether when it moves on tuesday. the council tentatively approved zoning laws for the medical marijuana clubs but it could not agree on the language so councilwoman nancy powell suggests they should ban them. mercury news mayor chuck reed agrees. >> lisa argen has been away for a couple weeks. welcome back. you are bringing a little.... >> yeah, right. a little rain but not until later today. but we'll stay dry. last hour we showed out picture. we were in the sun and now we have fog and onshore flow with us. what that means and when the rain is coming, next. >> also we'll have more on our top story this morning, the new devastation caused by severe
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[ male announcer ] big news for allergy sufferers. prescription strength allegra is now available without a prescription. same exact medicine, same full prescription strength. allegra. now without a prescription. updating our top story, at least 40 people are dead hit by a series storm that passed through six states from oklahoma and going on to devastate north carolina and virginia. there are parts of -- the counts
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are rising. some 90 tornados swept through the state in what is being described as the worst spring storm in more than 25 years. north carolina's governor has declared a state of emergency and expects federal assistance. it's just a sad to see all that going on there. here in the bay area, lisa argen is along with talk about our weather forecast. >> fog is the show impacting sfo where we had delays. you can see the golden gate bridge and low clouds but almost a summertime pattern. it's beginning to clear in some spots. we do have a cold front that is going to bring some more clouds. here is a look outside of our studios. you'll notice the bay bridge. some lower clouds, temperatures with that stratus overnight didn't fall too much. we're in the 50s. 60 in mountain view, a little sun coming in. 61 in concord. you are looking at a nice afternoon in concord. 56 in napa and clouds will be
9:42 am
entering the north bay later on this afternoon. partly cloudy skies this morning. light rain arriving later on tonight and showers linger for much of monday. that means cooler temperatures. here is visible picture, stratus along the shoreline, beginning to pull back on the peninsula and south bay. but we do have that front that will begin to fill in from higher and mid-level clouds. in the north bay later on this afternoon, but it's pretty far away. we'll look at the rain to stay up to the north until probably about 9:00 tonight. later on today we're looking at 70s in fresno. low 70s in the yosemite. and rain is moving in if you have plans next week off it on will be rainy in the mountains. 80 in los angeles. we do have this weak front that eventually slides south, stays with us overnight into monday. it brings the temperatures down. here is the time line, 9:00 tonight, you will notice it's
9:43 am
pretty far to the north and then by midnight, it begins to slide south. the morning commute, it will be a wet one, in fact the showers lingering right on through 3:00 tomorrow and by 5:00, maybe a few scattered showers in the santa cruz mountains and into the south bay. rainfall amounts anywhere from a tries about tenth favoring the north bay. not a big system. kind nuisance system bringing the numbers down and today, onshore flow even impacting the south bay with highs in the upper 60s. we saw mid-70s and cooler today, 67 in cupertino. 65 in san mateo with the upper 50s at our coast. pretty darn chilly here, 63 in the city. that is down two to three degrees from yesterday's readings and notice the 50s from the stinson beach and 68 calistoga. more clouds from sonoma to marin this afternoon with 66 in san leandro. still partly cloudy skies and
9:44 am
the warmest numbers will be in our inland valleys. danville, 72 and livermore, 72. monterey bay, look for sun, 60s from santa cruz to low 60s in monterey. accu-weather seven-day forecast, once the front moves through, cooler air is with us. highs only in the mid to upper 60s. it will be dry on tuesday. next week's system, a threat of rain just north of golden gate. >> you were saying a few airport delays? >> 37 minutes at sfo. >> and a group of strangers that came together to save a life four years ago came together last week to be honored to celebrate the young woman who survived that frightening ordeal. vic lee has the story. >> we're going to hear some incredible feats.... >> among those being honored today, a secretary, a lawyer, a finance either and a doctor. these are the good citizens that
9:45 am
saved the life of lauren shaller. >> i was walking away, he kept looking at me. i. lauren was 15 when she was attacked at this twin peaks bakery by a violent parolee. scott thomas. he stabbed her repeatedly. a lawyer was in the bakery. he went to lauren's aid but thomas begin scab go him. >> i was stabbed in the chest and the one that punctured my lung on the right-hand side. >> financial analyst jonas saw him stumble outside with a knife still in him. >> we pulled the knife out. i kicked the knife away under a car. >> economy chased thomas down the street and flagged down a cop to ho made the arrest. shaller almost died when her vein was severed.
9:46 am
he saved her life. >> i'm grateful to have the opportunity to save lauren's life. >> beth helped chang while calling 911. this is the tough heroes are made of. >> how life can change in just one second. it can go from being so pleasant and so lovely to so horrific in a snap. >> but on that day four years ago, good triumphed over evil. strangers came together to do the right thing. four years later they are more like family to lauren and her parents. >> we had lots and lots of time with them to get to know them. >> lauren is enjoying life as a college student. >> life is good? >> yes, very good. >> vic lee, "abc 7 news." >> still ahead, a long running perk for state lawmakers finally runs out of gas.
9:47 am
speaking of gas, just how high are prices expected to go this summer? we'll tell you what the
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enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. look from the tam cam showing you a cool are day on tap today. thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate the company. >> the already sky high gas
9:50 am
prices could reach record shattering territory as soon as memorial day. >> it's going up a penny a day for the last week or so and all the stars seem to be a aligned to make pricing up. >> what was the all time high? it was 4.62 back in 2008. it's going up daily. a strip to seattle and back will cost you $500. experts say u.s. stock miles have dwindled by more than 31 million barrels in the last eight weeks. by high demand and low production. >> the free cars used by state lawmakers are soon going to be history. they but the brakes that cost taxpayers millions every year. nannette miranda has the story from sacramento.
9:51 am
>> a taxpayer provided car is one of valued perks lawmakers have. it comes with an unlimited gas card and free maintenance but not for long. >> the state is broke. >> the california citizen compensation commission stripped them of the perk and will give each legislator a $300 transportation allowance. it saves the state more than $2 million over five years. >> i think everybody has to share in the pain and these are cuts which have to take place. >> car benefits have long angered taxpayers especially during tough budget times when the average to each lawmaker is $7,3500 a year. public pay foz are accidents, too. carol midden's multi-vehicle crash cost nearly $400,000 to cement. >> the taxpayers are always there to clean up the mess from
9:52 am
state government. >> lawmakers say the districts encompass several counties, $300 a month doesn't cut it. they say it takes eight hours one way to visit the longest constituents. >> i would have to visit them less. >> about two-thirds of lawmakers 80 of 120 take advantage of the state vehicle. those who don't have one say the perks seem excessive given the times. >> i found it very difficult to be up here and hearing about all the sacrifices that other people are making. >> lawmakers are saying they are starting to feel punitive. they cut their pay by 18% already, nannette miranda, "abc 7 news." >> still ahead, it's more of than a competition, a global grudge match is playing out san mateo this weekend. budding designers at the robo
9:53 am
games are developing career skills that will likely be in demand.
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and seniors group, please show the numbers at 9:00. there you go. one ticket sold in southern california with winning combination capturing the $11 million prize. jackpot resets to $7 million for wednesday's drawing. it's been a competition like few others. all the contestants are robots but the game has taken just as seriously if the contenders were flesh and blood which they are behind the scenes. they put in hundreds of hours to get ready and spend as much as $2,000 to design their robot contenders. competitors have come from all over from alaska. robo games from now but a sense of what may lie ahead. robo games today and tomorrow, robots doing the weather. >> i hope not. we do have clouds and i can tell
9:57 am
you the onshore clouds from marine layer. you can't really tell you about a little sun along the peninsula and south bay. here the time line of the rain. so this generated by our computer. you'll notice that by later on tonight, you got spotty showers, light rain, here is the morning commute with light rain around the bay area. it continues into monday afternoon. so a cooler day tomorrow. a dry day today. 67 in oakland, 68 in palo alto. so we will see sun today. >> sounds good. thank you lisa. next newscast starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm carolyn tyler, have a great sunday everyone.
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