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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: everyone has heard the news that bryan stow's medical setback. he coworkers, along with firefighters throughout the south bay, organized this fundraiser here in san jose. there's a silent auction and raffle. followed by a hockey match. minute items includes sharks paraphernalia and individual players. the money will go to help pay for stow's medical bills. his coworkers said it was tough to hear his condition hasn't gotten any better. >> at it terrible. something as a paramedic, we understand what head injuries entail. every one is different. no two are the same. we just hope the best for him. we are all still in shock. >> hong in -- hang in there keep playing and staying busy, keeps our mindes occupied in a positive direction. and miracles happen, and the power of prayer happens. just not over yet.
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>> reporter: stow remains in critical condition at an l.a. hospital. there's a $150,000 reward for information leading to the people responsible for attacking him. as for the fundraiser here at sharks ice, it's scheduled to continue for in the next few hours. >> alan: san leandro police are investigating a shooting outside a restaurant that left one man badly injured. it happened last mid-michigan. a 22-year-old man was in the parking lot with his girlfriend when her, boyfriend confronted them. >> he had been eating inside the restaurant. shortly after he exited carrying his food, he was approached by the assailant and altercation took place, and the assailant shot the victim several times. >> alan: the suspect has been arrested but police don't know the motive nor shooting. the victim was taken to eden hospital in castro valley and is listed in critical condition.
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a body found saturday morning near fort funston in san francisco is that of a missing marin county boater. 53-year-old roger christensen went missing last weekend after the 43-foot tug boat he and another man were on began taking on water near ocean beach. the second man was rescue bid the coast guard in rough waters. san francisco coroner identified christiansen through fingerprints. californians are being called upon to support the state's community colleges and their students. and rock star mc hammer led a rally near the oakland coliseum this afternoon. organizers of the event, called hands across california, want to establish an endowment to provide scholarships to students can attend america's largest system of higher education. several events took place around the state. >> we have a challenging economic times. it's important for students to have the opportunity to have additional funding to go to college to purr f-pursue their
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careers. >> alan: potential fee increases could make community college unaffordable. hands across california comes 5 years after hand across america raised money for the homeless. commercial fishermen are hoping this is finally in the season that puts them back in business. it's been three years since a real salmon catch. cecelia vega says many of them are already having serious concerns. insure. >> that's the king. another name for a chinook. >> the people who sell salmon and those who love to eat it are ready to trade the he frozen stuff from alaska for the local stuff off the california coast. >> in previous years we had a line of people holding on to their salmon, waiting in line to get them cut up. >> reporter: sadly, this has become the familiar silence of salmon season. california hasn't had a real season in three years.
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>> if crab season i any indication, people have been lined up the pier in line to buy crab. >> reporter: with crab season in its final days, commercial fishermen are gearing up to head out may 1st for a long overdue salmon catch, low sam moon migration to the sacramento river has caused a shutdown of the industry but it could be the most fruitful season in years. 730,000 salmon are expected to return. not everyone is convinced the fishermen will find them. >> got guys that rub all over the place to try to find them. >> that may be easier said than done. with skyrocketing fuel costs, jim anderson spent $1,200 to fill his poet. fishermen no longer have the time or money to wait or -- for a bite.
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>> the guys can't afford to scout and look for fish. they're stuck at the dock waiting for somebody to find fish and then the whole group will bolt. >> so far, we have some very, very good fishermen fishing out of here, guys that know what they're doing, and they're not finding them. >> a sign the salmon season may not be smooth sailing. abc-7 news. >> alan: transportation secretary ray lahood says new rules are being put into place to keep air traffic controllers from snoozing on the job. yesterday the federal aviation administration suspended another air traffic controller for falling asleep at work. this is the seventh incident since the start of the year. the faa odd mitted -- admit it chronic fatigue is widespread. >> we cannot allow controllers to fall asleep and control
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towers, and we have taken steps to begin changing schedules for controllers, to change schedules for managers. >> alan: the new rules give controllers at least nine hours off between shifts compared to the current eight hours. the faa does not allow controllers to sleep at work, even during breaks, but that could change, too. tomorrow marks the 105th 105th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. today the city honored one of the last three known survivors of that quake at a survivors lunch. bell del monte is 105 years old but doesn't remember much of the earthquake for a pretty good reason. >> i was only three months old. but i heard plenty of it after. >> alan: there will be a series of activities tomorrow morning, starting at 5:00, with the laying of a wreath at the fountain. followed by the annual gilding of the fire hydrant that saved
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the mission district. and lefty o'doole's bloody mary survivor breakfast. >> towards rip across the country from oklahoma to north carolina. some survivors tell how they made it out alive. also, how the tokyo power company plans to deal with the crisis at fukushima nuclear power plant. the tax-filing deadline is fast approaching. americans are crashing in on deductions and credits. >> leigh: we're seeing low cloud pushing in over san francisco bay. high and mid-level clouds to the north will filter in overnight, and the rain returns this week.
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: the death toll stand at 45 after a storm touched off a series of tornadoes. at least 60 tornadoes swept across north carolina alone yesterday. 21 people died in north carolina. that includes 11 in one county. some folks lost their homes but lived to talk about the storm's fury. >> when i looked out the front window, i seen this twister coming. it was just twisting. i told my wife, hit the boardroom.
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-- bathroom. the whole roof flew off. >> she was in the shower. they found her under the shelves. >> alan: the north carolina governor declared a state of emergency after visiting downtown raleigh and other areas today. in japan, the company that runs the fukushima nuclear power plant has a plan to contain the plant in six to nine months. the first stage would focus on the cooling of reactors, then reducing the level of leaking radiation. the company would then attempt to decontaminate radioactive water and lower radiation levels in evacuation areas, and the final stage is a cold shut down of the reactors, and the company would cover the buildings, possibly with an industrial cloth. there's no word on when evacees might be allowed back in. >> the next big budget battle on
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capitol hill appears to be over raising the country's debt limit. today, timothy geithner talked about the risks of not raiding the debt ceiling. >> we would tip the u.s. economy and the world economy back into recession and depression. it would make the last crisis look like a modest crisis. >> alan: he said house republicans have assured the president they will vote to raise the debt limit. up next, the tax filing deadline is just a day away. how much we're saving with tax deductions. and there is a chance of rain in the forecast. leigh glaser will tell you about that. >> mike: the giants and a's going in different directions. the d-men lose a heartbreaking in arizona, and trevor cahill
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>> alan: as the tax filing deadline nears, half of americans pay no income taxes at all because there are so many tax breaks that in 2010, 45% of
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u.s. house hold were able to restitution their tax liability to zero. an independent watchdog group that's the tax code gives americans $1 trillion a year in credits, deductions and exemptions. among the biggest tax breaks, the home mortgage interest deduction which saves americans $77 billion. next is the $1,000 per child credit. and taxpayers save $40 billion by deducting state and local income taxes. the tax filing deadline, bill the way, is at midnight tomorrow. if you were wondering why taxpayers have an extra three days to file, that's because of last friday's holiday in the district of columbia. they impact tax deadlines. >> leigh glaser is here -- excuse me. one more story. thousands celebrated sailing this weekend in oakland's jack london square.
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the event not only features some of the newest boats, it also highlighted a special project, the pegasus project offers kid a chance to learn about sailing first hand. more than 8,000 kids have gone to sea with the project. there were also displays from the coast guard on boating safety. now let's get to leigh glaser. >> leigh: what a great day to do some sailing. pretty stiff winds, up to 30 miles-per-hour, and looking at oakland, the cloud are start took thicken up. low clouds near the coast, and high and mid-level clouds moving in, in advance of a cold front that's going to bring the bay area rain tomorrow. a west cooler wind today. 54 in san francisco, and 57 in oakland. 65 in san jose. we look for the light rain to
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arrive overnight. it will be a rainy start to your monday, and then we gate break on tuesday, and then another chance of showers as we head into mid-week. take a look at the cold front. the past day or so it's been pretty much hung up along the north coast, but in the last few hours it's starting to sag south. and live doppler 7hd picking up some rain, decrees extent -- crescent city and chico. the north coast getting rain last night. it's slowly starting to sag to the south, and this is going to mean a wet commute tomorrow morning. 7:00 tonight, the cloud starting to fill in. and going to be tomorrow morning, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, the rain starts to move in beginning in the north bay first and then spreading to the south bay, where around lunchtime or so and as this moves through,
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the rains turn to scattered showers. rainfall amount, maybe a half inch. the rest will see maybe a quarter inch, maybe less than that here's a look at the lows with the cloud moving in. we keep everyone in the 50s. 53 for concord. livermore, 52. 53 for san jose, increasing clouds there, and 54 for san francisco. highs tomorrow will bring it down a few more degrees with the rain in the forecast. low 60s for san jose. milpitas, 61. at the coast, 57 for half moon bay. palo alto, 52 tomorrow. these numbers are below where they should be this time of year. a rainy start for san francisco. tomorrow morning, reach a high of 58. 6 # in santa rosa. napa, 6 #. oakland, 60s. interior east bay with the rain showers tomorrow, concord, 62,
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63, brentwood, and santa cruz, 60. the accuweather seven day forecast, we see the rain pull out on monday night. tuesday is dry. a little warmer temperatures inland, near 70. another chance of showers will hit us on wednesday and thursday. and those mainly in the north bay. then friday, saturday, and sunday, we're going to warm things up, sunday, easter sunday. right enough it's dry and mild. but some computer models may want to bring in a few showers. >> alan: on to shu. one of the start giants' pitcher inside agents trouble. >> mike: a tale of two cities with our local teams. medical report. barry zito's mri showed a foot strain, ending his streak of 360 regular season starts without missing a turn due to injury. the g-men broke out the heavy lumber in arizona to no avail. josh -- to the fourth, giants
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down 3-0. huff to right-field. it's gone. then in the sixth. 4-2 d-backs, buster posey changes that. a rocket down the line. we're tied at 4. next batter, the panda, packing some punch. back-to-ing a blasts. giants on top. bottom eighth, two outs to ryan roberts. an rbi single. ties the game. we go extras. bottom 12, two men on, lopez facing drew. he singles to right. can justin upton get around? he is in there and the d-backs have the 6-5 victory. >> the a's pitcher dallas brayden left the game yesterday with shoulder stiffness in his arm and doesn't feel confident he will make his next star. andy sandberg checking out the a's and tigers. trevor cahill put on a show for
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him. jackson swinging, in the fourth rayburn, take a seat. a's bats came alive in the fifth after a base loaded walk made it 2-0. josh willingham finds the hole in left. dejesus scores. the a's win their second straight. 5-1 the final. >> the ninth ranked oregon beavers and stanford. oregon up 5-2 and adding on. reed uncorks a wild pitch. stanford rallies in the ninth. smokes one into left center gay. double play but too little, too late. beavers get the sweep. >> in seattle, cal, three game sweep of washington with a 4-3 victory. >> the sharks are licking their wounds after they got a beatdown at the tank. the sharks were outplayed in every aspect. earl penalties were from
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defensemen. quick saved 34 shots on goal to even the series at a game apiece. >> as i said last night after the game, sometimes when you get humbled, as bad as we got humbled, it's more effective than losing in overtime. >> mike: nba playoffs. lakers and hornets. kobe pulls up baseline. 34. l.a. trails by eight at the half. chris paul was up to the challenge in the fourth, a little fade-away of his own. here nets up 7. now under two to play. paul with the dagger, top of the key, 33 points, the here nets stun the lakers, 109-100. the wasn't the only upset. spurs and grizzlies. fourth, spurs down one. bynum connects from deep. san antonio up two. under 30 seconds to player,
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shane battier with the answer, rattles down the three. memphis up one. last call for the spurs. down three, richard jefferson, three off the rack. grizzly's shot. 101-98 nationwide stone bray in hayward and the sun wasn't around. the round would be called due to fog. so it reverts back to the 54-hole leader and that means daniel chopra is your champion. >> jimmie johnson wins the nascar at talladega, and mike conway wins his first izod indycar race in long beach. >> alan: coming up, the family friendly film "rio" atop the weekend box office.
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>> 17 of them and one on the way. >> alan: americans flew to reee this weekend.
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the fantasy flick took in $40 million in its debut. another new release, "screen iv" opened in second place but with lower sales at $19 million, and "hop" slipped into third place. move sphroirs you to watch. that's is for us here at abc-7. thanks for watching. good night.
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