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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  April 18, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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look at downtown san francisco, where it is dry right now. however, i'm tracking some scattered showers. i'll show you where they are and where they're going and how it will affect your morning commute. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in for frances. we have an accident in san jose already. we have that coming up. >> neighbors on the peninsula are forced to shelter in place after a mysterious odor begins emanating from a home. police end up calling out a hazardous materials team. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. 105 years ago from right now, san francisco slept unaware its world was about to change to forever. be changed forever by the 1906 earthquake and fire. we have the back and forward coming up in a live report.
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it's 4:31, make it on morning. indeed, the 105 anniversary of the san francisco earthquake and fire. more on that coming up. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. on the way to work this morning, yeah, mist and drizzle. even ran into patchy fog on the way in this morning. but is there real rain on the way, mike? >> what is your definition of "real rain"? >> the one where i have to turn the wipers on and leave them on for extended period. >> yes. but it will be scattered. not all of us will have to do that. i ran into drizzle and ran the windshield wipers three times. that's where we're dealing with it. windsor -- good morning, by the way. to bodega bay. it's in valley and you find it in the higher elevations. here you go with the more intense and more long duration showers toward the northeast. slide down in the afternoon and give us probably a
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better chance of wet weather then. let's find out how it's affecting the morning commute, if at all. here is sue hall. good morning. >> it possibly could, yes, mike. the slick roads. we have an accident reported already. southbound 87, guadalupe parkway in san jose. blocking the left lane. past kirtner. no real delays past the scene. we do have heavy fog and windshield wipers are needed on the golden gate bridge. you can check southbound. you can see the mist and the lights. waldo grade is slippery as well. bay bridge toll plaza, light and heavy fog advisory is reported. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. 4:32 now. in the news, hazardous materials investigators have left the scene this morning at a redwood city apartment complex where a tenant may have prepared a toxic mix in the bathroom of one unit. earlier, other residents were evacuated from the building. police said they were called by the mother of a 15-year-old boy who barricaded himself in the
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bathroom of his apartment. three police officers and three firefighters had to strip down and be hosed off after being exposed to the chemical. >> we could be doing all of this and it turns out to be nothing more than a stink bomb. it could be something more seres you and we handle it this way because we want to be prepared for anything that could happen. >> authorities said the boy was passed out in the bathroom. the first responders tried to give him cpr before hazardous materials team ordered everybody out because of the toxic exposure. when we find out what the subject was, we'll let you know. los angeles airlines flight from los angeles to sfo was forced to return to lax after a problem developed with the plane's autopilot. united flight 494 had just taken off when the pilots realized they couldn't turn off the autopilot. they immediately turned the aircraft around and were able to land the plane safely. nobody was hurt. the passengers were eventually put on another flight and made it to sfo without any further incident. pg&e could face fines of
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up to $400 million, if state investigators find faulty record-keeping contributed to the san bruno natural gas disaster. pg&e is to answer questions about its record-keeping practices in a hearing this morning before the california public utilities commission. the utility already faces, has already fined pg&e for $3 million for failing to meet document submission deadlines. the national transportation safety board investigator of the san bruno explosion found discrepancies in documents rivering to the rupture -- referring to the ruptured pipe. utility records described the pipe that burst as "seamless." it actually had been welded along the length. 4:34 now. 105 years ago today the ground shook under san francisco, sparking a fire that destroyed much of the city. today, memorial ceremonies and remembrances will begin at 5:00 a.m. that's less than a half-hour from now. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live at lotta's fountain. terry? >> reporter: yeah, the crowds are already beginning to gather at this fountain.
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this is significant at market and 3rd street and kearney. this is where people came following the earthquake to post notices, "have you seen my father?" "if you are alive, please meet me here tomorrow at 5:00." notices of desperation were posted at lotta's fountain. you can see the crowd gathering here. the island here is pretty much filled up. right now, take a look at a man who was around for that 1906 earthquake. bill del monte. 105 years of age. survivor of the earthquake. now, keep in mind, this earthquake was a 7.8. it killed 3,000 people. it wasn't so much the earthquake. the pipeline bringing water to the city broke as a result of the earthquake. fires could not be exteng wished and they raged -- extinguished and they raged. survivor bill dell monte was only three months old at the time. >> the earthquake, that's for sure.
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i was only three months old. i heard plenty of it after. >> yeah, this morning, the commemoration will be forward-looking. it will be dedicated to the japan earthquake. that happened just last month. thousands of people killed by that earthquake. what can we learn from that earthquake? what can we learn from the '06 earthquake? again, san francisco will have another one. no one knows when. coming back here at lotta's fountain, talk about a different time. see the water coming out of the fountain? that's what lotta's fountain was all about in 1906. it's where people brought horses to be watered. we will have a commemoration. be live at 5:00 and 11:00, the exact moment the earthquake hit. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. the time is 4:36. the giants fan who was brutally attacked at dodgers stadium is back at a medically-induced coma this morning. he suffered seizures when doctors tried to take him off the sedatives.
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brian stowe remains in critical condition. abc7's lilian kim has more. >> reporter: since doctors started weaning him off sedatives on wednesday, friends and family were holding out hope that brian stowe would wake up. instead, his seizures started coming back. he's been placed back in medically induced coma. >> i haven't lost hope. he is so loved by so many. he is such an amazing person that i just feel like he is not going to leave. he is not going to leave us. >> stowe with was severely beaten at the dodger stadium parking lot at opening day. the suspects responsible are still at large. in interview with espn, the family detailed the extent of injuries. >> in the brain, where the two come together, it had split. doct doctors said that he has done over 300 surgeries like that. he has never seen anything that bad. >> in fact, doctors told the family, nine out of ten people wouldn't have made it through the surgery.
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they say the fact that stowe did shows that he is a fighter. that's what they are counting on. >> we have faith and how strong brian is. he is stubborn and he has a lot of will-power. we just say "you can do this." >> stowe's mother said frank mccourt, the owner of the dodgers called her to express his sorrow and that he hired former chief of police for security at the stadium. >> that was abc7's lilian kim reporting. 4:38 now. salmon season is almost upon us. just two weeks away now. commercial fishermen are pessimistic about prospect of good salmon hall. there is the fact that the sport fishermen that salmon season already opened come back empty-handed. then there is the problem of the spiralling fuel prices. it cost jim anderson $1200 to fill up his boat. he like so many other fishermen can no longer afford to cruise waters
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looking for salmon and sit idly by waiting for them to bite. >> there is where the concern lies. the guys can't afford to go scout or travel around looking for fish. they are stuck at the dock waiting for somebody to find fish. then the whole fleet will bolt. >> fishery regulators say record number of salmons are expected to return to open waters, what is less certain, however, is whether fishermen will be able to afford to find them. that would be a shame. 4:39 now. let's check the weather forecast. i referred to it as "real rain," and obviously mike didn't like that so much. sustained rain. how about that? >> i didn't say i didn't like it. it just wanted to know what you meant by it. that's all. >> okay. >> real rain. >> sustained rain. >> that's what i was thinking, too. sustained rain, something that would cause you some problems or some issues if you are trying to get around. unlike what we are dealing with this morning. >> sustained rain falls mainly on the plane, you know. >> keep working on that.
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24-hour change, most of us the same, if not a few degrees cooler. antioch five degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. what are the temperatures? temperatures as you step out. low 50s in the north bay valley. low to mid-50s most other neighborhoods. mountain view, san jose, antioch around 57 degrees. this afternoon, not much warming because of the cloud cover. the breeze that will be coming ashore. chance of showers throughout the afternoon hours. we'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s. may hit a few mid-60s around the central valley. around monterey, low to mid-50s. stray shower in the afternoon hours. until then, watch out for the pollen. the tree pollen could get you once again. light rain showers and then we have a break tomorrow. and another chance tuesday and thursday. the storm track starts to head north. warming trend friday, saturday. good morning, sue. >> we have heavy fog
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advisory around the bay. bay bridge and golden gate bridge span. we have an accident in san jose still blocking a lane. southbound guadalupe parkway, highway 87 past kirtner. checking a stall. westbound 80, past central. could be blocking a lane there. no real slowing. all public transit reporting on time. no delays so far. take a look at the golden gate bridge where the fog is heavy as you pay your toll, southbound 101. light behind the toll plaza this morning. at the bay bridge, but heavy fog at the deck. mike? excuse me, eric? >> we look a lot alike. people do it a lot. still ahead, new demands for apology after southern california republican sends out offensive e-mail about president obama. and the nation's gasoline crisis grows. next, the latest state to join the $4 a gallon club. clclcd u
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good morning, everyone.
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4:43 on the abc7 morning news. a live look at the san francisco airport. we won't know about potential delays for an hour and 15 minutes but you can see at the top of your screen, cloud cover over the airport. and pretty well over most of the bay area. we'll see what effect that having on us. and on the roads as well. coming up in a few minutes. new york has now joined the select club of states where gasoline prices now top $4 a gallon. california, one of the first states to cross that line. other $4 clubbers are alaska, connecticut, hawaii, and illinois according to triple-a. michigan where the price of gas is hovering at $3.95 could be next with indiana, nevada, washington, wisconsin close behind. gas prices have risen for 26 straight days. and indications are there will be no price reversal anytime soon. especially with the summer driving season here. president obama comes to the bay area this week for an online town hall meeting and facebook and for a major
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fundraiser. the president will use the facebook event on wednesday to discuss his vision for narrowing the budget deficit. he will also answer preselected question submitted on the facebook page. later he will attend a $35,000 a plate fundraiser for his re-election campaign. he will also hold a lower price fundraising event at the san francisco masonic auditorium and will be the president's second visit to the bay area in as many months. the pressure is on for southern california party official to step down after she sent an e-mail ethe picketing the president as an ape. it showed president obama's face superimposed over the head of baby chimp, circulating the web with caption "now you know why there is no birth certificate." sent by marlin davenport. calls for her resignation are coming in from the naacp as well as members of her own party. >> shocked and offend and i immediately applied to her
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and told her that this was dripping with racism. it was sent in poor taste. she should never send an e-mail like that to me again. >> shaming the face of america. it's a form of racism. it is blatant racism. >> davenport said she had no plans to resign and sorry if she offended anyone. 4:46. coming up, new twist in a plan to convert one of san francisco's best known hotels to condominium complex. why developers could be back at square one. plus, the major clean-up this morning following one of the largest tornado outbreaks in u.s. history. the company that runs a crippled nuclear power plant in japan reveals its plan to contain a nuclear crisis.
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it's an unbelievable deal. so why wait? act now! act now! like he said... ♪ welcome back. 4:48 on monday. check out the temperature swings across the country from 41 in fargo to near 90 in dallas and phoenix. low to mid-80s around new
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orleans and miami. around the carolinas in the 70s. 57 in boston. low 50s with rain in seattle and portland. take a look at any flight arrival delays or departure delays. we have arrival delays in chicago o'hare. departure out of boston. check out our flights at the tracker, eric? >> mike, thank you very much. it's now 4:49. nuclear safety officials say radiation levels inside two reactor buildings at the japan crippled nuclear power plant are so high it would not be safe for workers to enter. a robot went into the reactors earlier today to take the radiation measurements. workers have not gone into the building since the first days after the plant cooling system were damaged by the march 11 earthquake and tsunami. japanese nuclear safety official says the radiation must go down before workers are allowed inside. he says right now, it's a harsh environment. federal aviation administrator randy babbitt and air traffic controllers
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chief paul rinaldi will be in atlanta to address the problem of sleeping employees. babbitt and transportation secretary ray lahood already announced changes to scheduling practices to confront the problem of controllers falling asleep on the job. this includes longer time between shifts and rescheduling two controllers to work overnight instead of just one. besides atlanta, babbitt and rinaldi will visit airports in dallas/ft. worth, kansas city, chicago, new york, washington, d.c. no california stops are currently scheduled. crews are working to restore power and clean up the debris left by a weekend of violent weather. it included more than 240 tornadoes that devastated a swath of the country from oklahoma to alabama, and arkansas to north carolina and virginia. at least 45 people were killed. abc's peggy bunker has more from north carolina. >> this deadly storm barrelled across six states unleashing tornado, hail and flash flooding. 62 twisters ripped through
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north carolina, killing more than 20 people and flattening homes and businesses. >> there was pieces of all kind of metal, boards. a complete spiral. >> the worst spring storm to hit the state in two decades. north carolina governor said portions of the tornadoes across the state nearly brought her to tears. >> it's a hard time. thank god there weren't as many lives lost. >> emergency workers are still looking for victims. >> the manager of this store in stanford is called a hero to ushering employees and customers to safety as the storm hit. >> everyone was on the ground crouched. by that time, running to the back, the roof was coming off. >> after looking at all that was gone and destroyed homes splintered in piles of wood. many wondered how they
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survived. >> the part is here, the other part is here. but my family and i are here. that is god's greatest lesson. >> many families across the region are thankful this morning because it could have been much worse. >> i look at that. yes, we lost the property. but just property. >> peggy bunker, abc7 news. >> you never failed to be impressed by the power of mother nature and the power of the tornadoes. they rip things apart. >> tornadoes like that, you need to get underground. carolina don't have basement. building code in the carolina are less lax than other part of country because they're not used to the severe weather. >> they get hurricanes, don't they? >> they do. so new construction along the coast has to have it. as you move inland to raleigh, two-and-a-half hours from the coast, not as much. that many tornadoes, wow. >> talk about what is going on here. much quieter. we have our chance of seeing weather. light showers.
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eric wants to know if they are real rain. >> are they real rain? can they bench press 400 pounds? that is a real rain. >> it could move a car if it's heavy enough, because it could make it slick outside. we'll see less than a tenth of an inch. you can see the moisture moving in ahead of the system as it is becoming foggy and misty. with drizzle around the bay area this morning as we look at downtown. take a look at live doppler7 h.d. radar returns up across the bay and moving to san pablo bay to ocean beach and up to pacifica. your drizzle may be more like light rain. over the last three hours or so, you can see this moving ever so slightly to the south. the southeast. it is going to move top to bottom across the state today. low to mid-50s, most of us dealing with this morning. mild. upper 50s around antioch, mountain view and san jose. we have low to mid-50s around the monterey bay and also inland. cooler today, light showers anytime today. more showers wednesday and
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thursday morning. then dry and warmer into the weekend. as far as the highs today, they will be much cooler than yesterday. some areas ten degrees as we have low to mid-60s in the east bay valley. upper 50s to low 60s along the east bay shore. as you head down to south bay, we have the low to mid-60s, with 63 in los gatos and campbell. peninsula, 59 in millbrae. low 60s for everybody else. mid-to-upper 50s along the beaches today. with upper 50s around downtown and south san francisco. we have upper 50s to low 60s through the north bay valley. the most likely area to see measurable rain. beaches, mid-to-upper 50s. around the monterer bay, upper 50s. look at what will happen across the state. we'll have mountain snow down to 6,500 feet. in the shasta mountain, 8,000 feet. high snow level on top of it today. so all the passes there will just wet. it will be wet at lake level. 48 degrees.
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we have 85 at palm springs and the upper 60s around l.a. and san diego. bring it back home tonight. pretty mild again. maybe not as wild this morning with the mid-to-upper 40s in a lot of areas. even a few low 60s as some clouds will be hanging around. as far as what is happening, we have a front stationary. sandwiched between three areas of high pressure. it hangs around and you can see scattered showers that develop in the morning and the afternoon hours. they will move from north to south. again, leave us less than a tenth of an inch of measurable rain. tomorrow should be warmer without the rain. cooler wednesday and thursday with the chance of rain. it should be warmer friday, saturday and sunday. have a great day. here is sue. >> all right, mike. we have slick roads this morning because of the heavy fog. we have a fog advisory on skyline boulevard. highway 1. also on the golden gate. and richmond-san rafael and the bay bridge. an accident still blocking lanes here in san jose. this is the guadalupe parkway. southbound 17 past kirtner.
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no significant delays past the scene. heavy fog and limited visibility. go to san rafael, southbound 101. you will see traffic. the headlines heading northbound. taillights headed southbound. you can see activity in here. maybe a little bit of slowing heading to stall san rafael. the golden gate bridge, heavy mist on the span. you can barely see the cars coming through. plaza is light. slick roads. once again, fog on the deck. before you leave the house, check out the click on bay area traffic. eric? >> i must agree with you on that, sue. very good site to find. 4:56 now. proposed plan to allow towers portion of the san francisco fairmont hotel to be converted to condos has been rejected forcing the owners of the historic hotel to consider selling it. the "san francisco chronicle" report investors needed green light from hotel workers union for the deal to go forward.
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after months of talks, developers presented the plan and it was voted down by more than 300 hotel workers. they say condo conversions will cost them jobs. nob hill hotels are struggling because they sit far from the convention that south of market hotels attract. next on abc7 news at 5:00 a.m. -- the new information police released they hope will lead them to convicted kidnapping suspect. pg&e faces a big deadline today. people of san bruno will be watching carefully. i'm amy hollyfield. the story coming up. the chancellor of the cal state university system comes to c.s.u. east bay today. coming up, the vocal greeting some students plan to give it.
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