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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 18, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning to you. here is a live look from our roof cam here in downtown san francisco. we have some fog. drizzle for the morning commute. even light rain showing up on live doppler7 h.d. i'll show you where it is. >> good morning, i'm sue hall in for frances. heavy fog is the story. we have slick roads and we have all the details coming up for the monday commute. >> i'm amy hollyfield. live in san bruno. people are watching carefully to find out whether pg&e violated the law. the story straight ahead. it is the 105th anniversary today of the san francisco earthquake and fire. we'll take you live to lotta's fountain for a remembrance. it is 5:00 a.m. on monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. depending on where you are,
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you could be driving through mist and drizzle or full-fledged showers later on this morning. let's find out from mike which one you have now. >> good question. here are the showers around petaluma, novato. shower activity and like around pinole, hercules and san francisco. zoom out and you can see that's pretty much as widespread and heavy as it gets. when you have green on the radar, it's not that heavy. you need to use the wipers a couple of times. the roads will get more slick as this moves to the southeast. we have another batch that will move through during the mid-morning to mid-afternoon hours. even once we get through this. we'll have more today. today will be showery and cooler than yesterday. let's find out if the slick streets are causing problem. sue hall has traffic. >> they will cause problems. we have slick roads reported around the bay. you mentioned drizzle and heavy fog reported. we have limited visibility in certain areas.
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an accident blocking the lane here. southbound 87, guadalupe parkway in san jose. past kirtner. no real significant delays past the scene. you have might find some emergency crews there. let's check your mass transit this morning. no report of any delays. we have heavy fog. you can see it down on the span of the golden gate bridge. light behind the bay bridge plaza. eric? >> thank you. pg&e is facing another big deadline, involving the company record-keeping and whether the record keeping contributed to the explosion and fire in san bruno last fall that killed eight people. abc7's amy hollyfield is live at the public utilities commission headquarters in san francisco. amy? >> reporter: eric, a lot of people here in san bruno, which is where we are this morning have little faith that pg&e is going to be able to provide these documents. the big question is did pg&e violate the law. conventional wisdom is that pg&e will be found guilty and fined at least $400 million. but the california public
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utility commission will look in to whether the loss contributed to the disaster. at issue is the fact that pg&e didn't realize what kind of pipe it had in san bruno. the record on the computer showed it was seamless. when, in fact, it had been welded together. it is important because seamless pipe handles more pressure than welded one. authorities want the see documents showing what other kind of pipe pg&e has. and pg&e has not been able to provide those documents. according to the "san jose mercury news," pg&e already has indicated it objects to the tone of this probe. with the attorneys telling the paper this probe seems to be starting with presumption of guilt, which is contrary to america's perceptions of due process. lawyers for the families of those hurt and killed in the september blast will likely be watching this investigation very carefully. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you very much. 5:03 now.
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hazardous materials investigators said a 15-year-old boy committed suicide in a redwood city apartment complex by inhaling a toxic mixture in a bathroom of one of the units. residents were evacuated from the building late last night because of the noxious fumes. police say they were dalled by the mother of the boy after he barricaded himself in the bathroom of their apartment. three police officers and several residents were exposed to the material and had to strip down and be hosed off. police said they are all okay. residents have been allowed to return into their apartments. police have not released the identity of the boy. santa cruz police released a sketch of a suspect who they say tried to kidnap a 16-year-old girl in santa cruz last week. the girl told police the suspect was sitting in a car when she walked by. and yelled at her to get into the vehicle. when she ignored him, another man got out of the car and told her to get in. the girl ran away. police describe the car as a rust-colored, 1980s sedan
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with a dent in the passenger door. it's just about 5:05 now. san leandro police are investigating a shooting outside a restaurant that left a man badly injured. it happened saturday outside chili's restaurant. the ex-boyfriend confronted them. >> had been eating outside the restaurant. shortly after exited carrying the food, approached by the unknown assailant and an altercation took place. the assailant shot the victim several times. >> the suspect has been arrested and police say they don't know the motive for the shooting. the victim remains in critical condition. this morning, san jose police are looking for the killer who broke into a home and shot and killed a 25-year-old man. it happened early sunday at a home in the 1500 block of south capital avenue. police say a 23-year-old woman called them and reported that an intruder broke in her house and shot her male friend.
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the victim's name cannot be released. it was san jose's 14th homicide of the year. faculty member and students at california state university east bay are planning to hold informational picket line at the hayward campus this morning. they want to send a message to csu chancellor charles reid who is scheduled to visit the site today. the demonstration is part of protests that took part on csu campuses last week. student and faculty are calling on reid to make delivery of quality education to students his highest priority, including ensuring that students have adequate number of classes and teachers. californians are being called to financially support the state community colleges and their students. rap star hammer led a rally near the oakland coliseum yesterday. organizers of hands across california want to establish an endowment to provide scholarships so students can attend the state's community colleges. >> it's important because of course, we have challenging economic times and it's important for students to have the opportunity to have additional funding to go to
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colleges for the careers. >> several hands across california events took place around the state. potential fee increases could make community colleges unaffordable for many students. 5:07 now. time for a check of the forecast. just saw mist and drizzle, and patchy fog out there. where i saw it, mike, it was dense. >> that's the key. you keep nailing the weather outside this morning. good descriptions. it's patchy at best. most of the stations are saying 10 miles visibility. it's thick when you find it. it could be troublesome. temperature wise, the same as yesterday morning. five degrees cooler in antioch. temperatures running in the low to mid-50s. latest, still antioch and mountain view around 57 degrees. as we head in the afternoon hours with the threat of showers. and on shore breeze. we should see temperatures fall short of yesterday. upper 50s to low 60s. farther inland you get, may get to middle 60s around
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fairfield, and antioch. possibly up near cloverdale. as far as around the monterey bay, you will be the last area to see the rain. you will have the sea breeze kick in. 59 at monterey. low 60s for the rest of the bay, as you head inland low to mid-60s. pollen count before the rain hits. guess what is high again? yep, trees. you got it. accuweather, the seven-day forecast. warmer and dry tomorrow. another chance of rain will move in for wednesday through thursday morning. but thursday afternoon, through the weekend, it looks like it will be dry and warmer. good morning, sue. >> good morning. slick roads could be an issue for commute. we have slow traffic around the bay due to heavy, very heavy fog and limited visibility, too. the earlier accident in san jose, southbound 87, guadalupe parkway is gone. this is highway 101 at 280. no delays here. you can see the traffic is moving really well this morning. no problem. as i mentioned, heavy visibility. go to the golden gate bridge. this is also san jose.
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limited fog there. only in patches as mike said. i don't know if we have the golden gate bridge to show you. the fog is on the deck. heavy, as you can see. up and over the waldo grade. you will need window wipers and slick roads there. bay bridge toll plaza, light coming to san francisco. once again, heavy fog advisory reported. it's down on the deck, you will need your windshield wipers there with limited visibility. eric? >> thank you, sue. 5:09 now. there are only three living survivors of the 1906 earthquake fire in san francisco. at least one of them could be on hand when the city remembers the disaster at lotta's fountain this morning. abc7's terry mcsweeney is live right there at lottta's. terry? >> reporter: right here at the fountain is where one of the three survivors of the 1906 earthquake is. the other two unable to make it because of their age. bill del monte is here, as a number of luminaries. major ed lee is here. police chief and fire chief
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hayes-white is here as well. they are all here to express the serious side of this. there will be celebrating here shortly. they will sound a siren. there is going to be singing of the song "san francisco." accompanied by the san francisco conservatory trumpet ensemble. there will be a celebration type of atmosphere. but also they are remembering the destruction done in 1906. the earthquake hit at 5:11 a.m. it broke the water main of san francisco. fires broke out. there was nothing anybody could do to stop the fires. the city burned. there is also a tie-in this year. they are going to be remembering last month's massive earthquake in japan. which killed thousands. the san francisco earthquake was a 7.8. and killed 3,000 people. let's take a look at the pictures from yesterday. this is bill del monte, having a lunch in his honor.
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being remembered. he was only three months old at the time. of course, has no memories of the quake. but he certainly remembers the aftermath of the quake. the destruction was here for years. again, the destruction was massive. no water available to the fire department, unable to stop the flames. the city burned. all people could do is go to the hillside, nearby twin peaks, protero hill and watch the city burn. countdown. five. four. three. two. one. [ siren ] >> reporter: sirens being sounded here in san francisco. at market and third. and kearney.
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to remember the exact moment that the earthquake hit. it's not just to think back. the police chief, the fire chief, emergency personnel are here. san francisco department of emergency management is also here. to let people know that there is going to be another earthquake tomorrow, ten years, 20 years, nobody knows, but the point is to be prepared for it. again, a serious aspect of this. also there will be the singing of "san francisco, open your golden gate." that is the same song they sang after the 1989 quake when the world series resumed out there. the celebration, commemoration goes on out here. moment of silence is going on right now to remember the 3,000 people who died in the 1906 earthquake. that happened 105 years ago right now. live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> all right, terry. thank you very much. perfect timing there.
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5:12. still ahead, the call for san jose to not just limit but eliminate its medical marijuana clubs. also, a last-minute tax tip you don't want to overlook. how education could be the ticket to sizable deductions. and the online dating service that is looking to start going deeper in the backgrounds of its members. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. good monday morning.
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5:15 now. the city council could take action tomorrow to slash the number of medical marijuana clinics in the city or ban them altogether. they tentatively approved zoning laws for pot club at a meeting tuesday but councilmembers couldn't agree on proposal to cut the number of clubs from current 110 to just ten. councilwoman nancy pile is now suggesting the city ought to just ban the clubs altogether. according to our media partner "the san jose mercury news" mayor chuck reed agrees with piles' idea. . if you waited until the last minute to do your taxes, time is about up. it was a busy night at the h&r block along van ness avenue in san francisco as people tried to get the returns finished before today's midnight deadline. even if you waited to complete your return, you can file taxes electronically and avoid the lines at the post office. >> people seem to like that. everything is taken care of. we can track it. they can track it. or get e-mail from the
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i.r.s. that says we received your return. >> this year's tax deadline was pushed from the traditional april 15 date to today because of a holiday in washington, d.c. obscure holiday. there is one extra tax tip this morning. if you are a last-minute tax filer. t.j. winnick has more. >> reporter: you have time to get the american opportunity tax credit. it allowous a credit for each eligible student and covers four years of undergraduate education and provides $2,500 in tax credit on the first $4,000 of qualifying education expenses. including tuition and fees. your income must be under $90,000. or $180,000 of married and filing jointly. up to 40% of the credit is refundable. meaning, even if you owe uncle sam nothing you could
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get cash back. don't overlook the lifetime learning credit. it provides a tax credit of up to $2,000 for tuition and fees for any level of college education, including graduate schools and job skill class. there are income restrictions. you can't claim both credit for the same student in the same year. this is t.j. winnick with today's tax tip. hello. >> hi. >> 5:18 now. you have less than seven hours to get the taxes done and in the mail or flying along the wires, or through the air electronically. >> or turning in the i'll do it later form. >> oh, yeah. you can do that, too. [ laughter ] send the money. they want the money now. >> yes. >> exactly. >> okay. >> let's check the forecast. see what the numbers look like. >> they are going down. lower and lower. not like the tax bills unfortunately. >> no. >> or our water bills. now that the rainy season is coming to an end. we still have a chance of rain.
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just not enough this time of year to keep up with the growing vegetation. as the warmer mornings and the warmer afternoons are really sprouting. the greenness, the sprouting of the trees. s.f.o., i expect a few delays developing later. thicker clouds will move in. right now, they aren't reporting any to speak of, which is good news. i'll keep an eye on it for you. so can the flight tracker at take a look at the live doppler 7h.d. best rain along 37 from novato to vallejo. then we have light rain around the peninsula. right around s.f.o. it's hard to see on the one shot. we even have radar return showing up along 24. now to antioch. again, very light this morning. but it is producing some fog. and some drizzle. all right. accuweather temperatures. i'm all confused this morning. can i get a monday mulligan? low to mid-50s around.
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air temperature in antioch, 57. monterey bay and inland we have the temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s. highlight. we will keep cooler temperatures at the top. that is what all of us will feel. not all of us will get light and showers as they will be scattered in nature. more showers possible wednesday and thursday morning. drying trend and warmer weather for the weekend. south bay, low to mid-60s today. you can see the rain coming down from time to time. 59 in millbrae. rest of the peninsula in low 60s. mid-to-upper 50s in the coast. downtown san francisco, upper 50s. mid-to-upper 50s at the beaches. north bay valley, upper 50s to low 60s. best area for seeing the possible tenth of an inch of rain out of showers. upper 50s to near 60 along the east bay shore. low to mid-50s in east bay valley. monterey bay, upper 50s for carmel and monterey. low 60s elsewhere. 60s inland. for tonight, the temperatures run in low to
5:21 am
mid-40s. inland areas, concord and antioch warmer in the upper 40s. we have the upper 40s around the bay shore with the mid-40s along the coast. stationary front not moving. high pressure to east and north and high pressure to south sandwiching it. and the reason why it's having a slow move toward us, but you can see by noon, one of the better chances of the widespread showers. then during the evening commute, in the evening and overnight hours it washes out. left with fog tomorrow morning. most of tuesday will be dry. watch as we head to wednesday morning. a few showers with the heavier rain moving in wednesday afternoon to the evening hours. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- you want some warm weather. saturday and sunday will be back in the upper 60s to low 70s away from the coast where we will still be in the upper 50s. hi, sue. >> good morning. we have some kids' spring break this week and some last week. we'll follow the commute as we head out this morning. this is san rafael, southbound 101 past the civic center. no reports of any delays,
5:22 am
though, as the taillights are headed to central san rafael. we find no problem heading toward the bridge bridge. once you get up and over the waldo this is what you will find. heavy fog. you will need windshield wipers over the waldo grade. the span is wet, as you can see. looks slick there. no report of delays so far. no metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's very light this morning. once again, we have a thick fog advise rit for you, as you head westbound to san francisco. that deck may be as slick as well. before you leave the house this morning, check the website the traffic update right there on bay area traffic. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. still ahead. latest setback for rebels fighting gaddafi in lib yeah. mexico scores what it calls a major victory in fight
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welcome back. monday morning. 5:25. says it will begin screening the clients by using the national sex offender registry. the dating service says it resisted the service for years because it can be unreliable but the online dating site feels enough improvements have been made to screen current and new members. it comes after a woman filed a lawsuit against a company claiming that the man she met on the site sexual assaulted her. a spokesperson for emphasizes the screening should not give users a false sense of security. 16 people are reported dead after rebels against
5:26 am
muammar gaddafi continue to retake mizrati. they were pounded with mortar round and rocket-propelled grenades. many of the rebels are moving north to securely held territory. in eastern libya, the government forces also shell the eastern side of adabia. the front line rebel town that is the scene of fierce fighting in recent weeks. the mexican navy captured a leader of a mexican drug cartel. authorities presented martin omar estrada luna, to the media in mexico city. the navy also paraded 11 others, including several women who were captured along with him. estrada is believed to be behind the murders of at least 146 people buried in mass graves in a mexican border state. mexican authorities offered award equivalent to more than $1 million for information leading to his
5:27 am
capture. next at 5:30 -- the problem that forced a san francisco bound flight to return to l.a. minutes after take-off. >> did pg&e violate any laws with the record keeping of its pipeline? state regulators and residents of san bruno would like to know. i'm amy hollyfield. i've got that story for you up ahead. >> the giants' fan attacked at a dodgers stadium game suffers a set-back. next at 5:30, his family opens up about his chances for recovery. >> can you tell it's spring by looking at this temperature map? 41 in fargo. 47 minneapolis. flight delays in chicago. 42 today. but snow this morning. then you look at 90 in dallas and phoenix. it's a pretty quiet pattern but it is causing the delays as i mentioned. flight delays to o'hare and flight departure delays out of boston. flight tracker, ♪ it's the way you bring out the sun ♪
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this is a live look from emeryville this morning. you can see the low clouds hanging over san francisco in the bay area. drizzle, fog, even some light showers. not only this morning but this afternoon. i'll show you where they are right now. with live doppler7 h.d. >> good morning. i'm sue hall in for frances this morning. skyland boulevard, highway 1, try to get the morning commute off to a good start. all that and more coming up. >> i'm amy hollyfield live in san bruno where state regulators will be closing in on pg&e, as it investigates the pipeline explosion that happened here in september. the story coming up. >> also this morning, neighbors on the peninsula are forced to shelter in place after a mysterious odor begins emanating from a home. police call out a hazardous materials team. crews work to restore power and clean up the debris left
5:31 am
by a weekend of violent weather, tornadoes in five states killed at least 45 people. good morning, everyone. 5:31 on monday. thanks for joining us. kristen is off. i'm eric thomas. pg&e has potentially expensive deadline to meet today. company officials will face tough questions from state regulators about whether its record keeping contributed to last fall's san bruno explosion and fire. that is pg&e's record keeping. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san bruno to explain. amy? >> reporter: did that record keeping violate any laws, eric? the p.u.c. regulators are working hard to hold pg&e accountable. you can bet that the residents of san bruno are also watching this very closely. pg&e hasn't been able to provide the critical safety documents, so it's widely believed that the utility will be found guilty. possibly fined $400 million. the state also wants to know if this record keeping or lack of violated any laws
5:32 am
and contributed to the blast in september. pg&e has already indicated it will push back. arguing it wasn't required to keep records when it installed its older pipes. and attorneys for pg&e have told the "san jose mercury news" that the p.u.c. seems to be starting this investigation with the presumption of guilt. pg&e taking issue with that. this investigation will likely be very closely watched by the victims here in san bruno. and their attorneys. live in san bruno, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> amy, thank you very much. 5:32 now. united airlines flight from los angeles to s.f.o. was forced to return to lax last night after a problem developed with the plane's autopilot. united flight 494 just taken off when the pilots realized they couldn't turn off the autopilot. they immediately turned the aircraft around and they were able to land the plane safely. nobody was hurt.
5:33 am
and the passengers were eventually put on another flight. they made it to sfo without any further incident. a set-back today in the condition of the giants fan who was severely beaten at dodger stadium last night. bryan stow's family maintained a constant vigil at his side. they were hopeful he would be able to come out of a medically-induced coma last week. but when the doctors tried to wean him off the sedatives he suffered seizures. stow has been placed back in the comatose state and is in critical condition at l.a. hospital. his family remains hopeful. >> we have faith. in how strong bryan is. he is stubborn and he has a lot of will power. we just say, bry, you can do this. >> the two suspects who beat stow remain at large. there has been an outpouring of support for stow. paramedic who is also the father of two. there are several fundraisers for him occurring almost daily. this morning, investigators say a
5:34 am
15-year-old boy committed suicide at redwood city complex by inhaling a toxic mixture in a bathroom of one unit. residents were evacuated from the building late last night because of the noxious fumes. they were called by the mother of the boy after he barricaded himself in the bathroom of their apartment. three police officers and several residents who were exposed to the hazardous material had to strip down and be hosed off. police said they are all okay. residents have been allowed to return to their apartment. police have not released identity of the boy. it was 105 years ago this morning that the earth shook and the sky burned in san francisco's great earthquake and fire. [ sirens ] >> the sirens sounded at 5:11 signals the time in 1906 when the city crumbled and then resulted in the years that followed. people woke up early to gather at lotta's fountain on market at third street. mayor ed lee, interim police
5:35 am
chief and fire chief joanne hayes-white led a moment of silence. they were joined by one of only three survivors left by the quake who was only three months old at the time. crews are working now to restore power and clean up the debris left behind by a weekend of violent weather. more than 240 reported tornadoes devastated a swath of the country from oklahoma and alabama to arkansas, north carolina and virginia. 45 people were killed. abc's peggy bunker has more. >> this storm barrelling across six states unleashing tornado, hail and flash flooding. 62 twisters ripped through north carolina, killing more than 20 people and flattening homes and businesses. >> there are pieces of all kind of metal, boards, just a complete spiral. >> it's the worst spring storm to hit the state in two decades. north carolina governor
5:36 am
beverly purdue says touring the tornado-ravaged portions of the state nearly brought her to tears. >> it's a hard time. that's all i can say. >> emergency workers are still searching for victims. the manager of this lowe's hardware store in stanford is called a hero for ushering customers and employees to safety as the storm hits. >> everybody is on the ground crouched. you know, and by that time, as we were running to the back, the roof was coming off as we were running. >> after looking at all that was gone and destroyed. homes now splintered to piles of wood. many wonder how they survived. >> it's part of my house there and the other part is there. my family and i are here. and that is god's greatest gift. >> many families across the region are thankful this morning because it could have been worse. >> i look at that and yes, we lost the property. but it's just property. >> peggy bunker, abc7 news.
5:37 am
it is 5:36 now. just about 5:37. tough, violent storms back there. but for us, a little bit of rain today. mike? >> a little bit that pales in comparison to what they have been dealing with over the weekend. for us, here you go. the live doppler 7hd. good morning. radar returns in the golden gate bridge and moving to downtown san francisco. the san rafael up to rodeo, hercules, richmond, vallejo, and up 80 to fairfield. across 780 over toward martinez and concord and a few sprinkles around the east bay hills and in the east bay valleys. especially around the trivalley. this is moving to the southeast. this is just the beginning of what will be a day with waves of light showers that will amount to a tenth of an inch of rain. if you have outdoor activities this atch, i don't think the ground will get too wet. you will still be able to play. look at visibility. at the reporting station. sue and i have been showing you that there is patchy fog. watch out for that.
5:38 am
talk about the temperatures. they will be in the low to mid-50s when you step out right now. but only in the upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon. because of the cloud cover and the breeze off the ocean. monterey bay, light showers here, too. upper 50s to mid-60s inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast -- dry tomorrow, but another chance wednesday and thursday morning. then dry and warmer for the weekend. hi, sue. >> good morning, mike. that fog is pretty thick out there. we have got advisories on the bridges. we will tell you about the slick roads as well. first, oakland now where we have a stall. southbound 880. right there approaching embarcadero. slow traffic in that area right now. southbound 880 in the oakland area. we have slow traffic westbound highway 4 out of antioch. this is typical, the speeds slowing to 25 miles per hour. toward pittsburgh and concord. the mass transit on time this morning. this delays. we have fog advisory on the bay bridge. the toll plaza is light. metering lights are off. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. 5:38 now.
5:39 am
still ahead, the new demands for an apology after a southern california republican sends out an offensive e-mail about president obama. and the nation's gasoline crisis grows. next, the latest state join the $4 a gallon club. ♪ oh oh oh
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you gotta try new honey bunches of oats raisin medley. mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate baconalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld.
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5:41 on monday. new york has joined the select club of states where gasoline prices now top $4 a gallon. california was one of the first states to cross the line. other $4 clubbers are alaska, connecticut, hawaii, and illinois. according to a.a.a. michigan, the price of gas is $3.95 could be next with indiana, nevada, washington and wisconsin close by. gas prices went up for 26 straight days now and indications are there will be no price reversal anytime soon. the pressure is on for southern california republican party official to step down after she sent an e-mail depicting the president as an ape. picture showing president obama's face superimposed over the head of a baby chimp is circulating the web with the caption "now you know why no birth certificate." it was sent by marrilipilyn
5:43 am
davport. calls for her to resign come from the naacp and members of her own party. >> i was shocked and offended and immediately replied to her and told her it was dripping with racism and sent in poor taste and she should never send an e-mail to me like that again. >> shaming the face of america. it's a form of racism. it is blatant racism. >> davenport said she had no plans to resign and is sorry if the e-mail offended anyone. 5:43 now. sandwich chain subway cutting out some of the salt. the bloomberg business report coming up. new twist to convert one of san francisco's best known hotel to condominium complex. why developers say they could be at square one. major clean-up underway this morning following one of the largest tornado outbreaks in u.s. history.
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good morning. 5:46 on monday. you can see the radar returns moving across the state. they are a little more impressive than what is reaching the ground. some of the snow will climb to 8,000 feet in the sierra.
5:47 am
5,500 feet in shasta mountain. 58 in big sur. mild everywhere else. upper 60s, chico and sacramento. 74 in fresno. 85 in palm springs. here is eric with more news. >> thank you. 5:47 now. change of pace here. no one knows for sure how many slave laborerers are brought in the u.s. each year, but the bay area was among the first to crack down on the crime and is where people from all over the world come to learn how to combat slavery in their countries. >> for me, it ends up being fascinating work. >> these people are furiously scribbling down notes while expert in field of slavery and labor exploitation explain what his job is all about. >> we find victims and then we have to help them through the survival process. >> san jose police lieutenant john banick runs a human trafficking task force with officers from his department, the f.b.i., ice, the u.s. attorney's office and several other agencies.
5:48 am
>> just in the san jose area, we identified over 150 trafficking victims in the past few years. we know we are just barely scraping the surface. >> that is why the police can't do it alone. lieutenant is talking to enrollees in abolitionist academy in san francisco. where volunteers from the bay area and all around the world are gathering to find out what human trafficking looks like and what they can do about it. the academy is sponsored by the anti-slavery group not for sale. >> initially the campaign was all about helping people become aware of the problem of trafficking and slavery. within a couple of years awareness is great. but it's important to get people engaged in what they can do. >> i feel this issue has been long neglected in modern society. it needs to be addressed. >> i think what is important about the academy is it kind of connects the modern abolitionists, the normal person to the wider
5:49 am
movement. that is what we need to end slavery. >> in the bay area we're most familiar trafficking in the sex trade. young women brought to america and forced to work as prostitutes until the police or time catches up with them. there are other types of trafficking. >> only about 20% of the victims have come from the commercial sex trade. victims are coming from domestic servitude. other type of service, debt bondage and that occurs throughout the country. >> these students will go to their community and try to practice what they preach. or together with public and private organizations to get people free. how do you spot someone who may be trafficked? they can't come and go as they please. they work long hours for little pay and they may appear anxious or paranoid. >> to me this is more than
5:50 am
another cause. they are actual people, lives violated and people enslaved in ways i don't think we quite get in this time and in this century. >> they take what they learned in their community and teach others how to spot slave trafficking. if you'd like more, go to we have a link on our website to theirs at you don't think of it, but it happens. >> amazing. 5:50 now. let's talk about tornadoes. there were a lot of them this weekend. >> it started friday. the storm prediction center labelled everything. you see the red triangles that signify where the report of the tornadoes were. the lower left of the screen, friday, 113 of them across the southeast up the
5:51 am
mississippi weather to midwest. saturday it jumps to the carolina and lesser extend virginia and maryland. yesterday i counted the triangles on here. there were 90 in north carolina on saturday. these are unofficial right now. they will do the sur vase of the damage and get official report. it gives you an idea, 126 tornadoes. pretty much a four-state area on saturday. with three-quarters falling and damaging north carolina. i thought we'd look at it in a different perspective. look outside at what is going on. low clouds and drizzle and fog. you don't see it in this picture because it's scattered in nature. looking southeast from downtown san francisco. port of oakland in the distance under the bay bridge. let's talk about what is going on, as far as live doppler7 h.d. northern contra costa county to delta communities with the best radar return right
5:52 am
now. some of it is drifting underneath the radar. watch out, you may need windshield wipers one or two times, anywhere you are traveling. mild, low to mid-50s in most neighborhood. antioch and mountain view at 57. monterey bay and inland we have the low to upper 50s. cooler today will take over all the neighborhood. light showers from time to time. more showers wednesday to thursday morning. dryer and warmer weekend. for today's 24-hour temperature change, one degree cooler in san francisco. fremont, two and oakland three. santa rosa, seven-degree drop. concord is 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. 13 hours and 17 minutes of sunshine before it sets. around 7:46. east bay valley low to mid-60s. in the south bay today, low to mid-60s for you also. 59 in millbrae. everybody else in low 60s. mid-to-upper 50s along the
5:53 am
coast. downtown and south san francisco. upper 50s to low 60s in the valley. upper 60s in carmel. low to mid-60s in the rest of bay and inland. you will likely see scattered showers this afternoon. less likely than the rest of us. temperatures fall to low to mid-40s in north bay valley. mid-to-upper 40s for the rest of us. a look at the stationary front hanging around. moving toward us. but it will fall apart. we have waves of showers. in the evening commute, they will fall apart. we will warm two to four degrees. coolest weather is thursday. 10 degrees warmer by sunday. sue? >> no major hot spots this morning. kids are on spring break. some were off last week. san rafael, you can see it's
5:54 am
crowded southbound 101 past the civic center. no issues to report. you will run into fog over the waldo grade. you will need the windshield wipers. heavy fog on the golden gate bridge. dense fog advisory. you can see there. the traffic is light. it's all the way down on the span. roadway is slick there. we have a stall approaching dublin on al costa boulevard. southbound 680 in the dublin interchange there. we don't have major delays. light behind the toll plaza at bay bridge. we have thick fog on span westbound to san francisco. before you leave the house, good idea to check us out. we will get you where you're going. click on bay area traffic. eric? >> sue, thank you very much. 5:54. gas prices going up again. here is bloomberg jane king with the moneyscope report. >> good morning. nasty surprise at the pump. triple-a puts gas prices over $4 a gallon on average, in six states, including california with other states close behind.
5:55 am
look out if you are traveling on the this week. price is more than $5 at a station in the nation's capital. almost as high near yosemite national park and san diego, too. possible progress on settlement between bank and state attorneys general investigating how the banks are handling the foreclosure. they tell bloomberg they reached agreement on some terms but are arguing because the banks are refusing to reduce size of mortgage that homeowners owe. subway is getting healther. "usa today" says they are cutting sodium in the entire sandwich line by 15%. compared to 2009. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. the proposal to allow the tower portion of the san francisco fairmont hotel to be converted to condos has been rejected forcing owners of the historic hotel to consider selling it. the "san francisco chronicle" reports that investors needed green light from the hotel workers union
5:56 am
for the deal to go forward. after months of talk, developers presented their plan and was voted down by more than 300 hotel workers. they say condo conversions will cost them jobs. nob hill hotels have been struggling because they sit far from the convention business that is south of market hotels attract. hundreds of volunteers are helping to build homes for needy families in oakland. the four-day green building event started saturday and will end tomorrow. the goal is to produce seven three-bedroom homes for low-income families. the event is being spearheaded by habitat for humanity east bay. the buildathon is part of the bay area annual celebration of earth day. 5:56 now. just ahead on abc7 news at 6:00 -- picket lines go up today go up in hayward as the cal state faculty members send a message to the visiting chancellor. >> i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco, where the 105th anniversary of the big 1906 earthquake is being
5:57 am
remembered with a heads up. the next time there is a big quake, the first responders may be you. i'll explain in a live report.
5:58 am
5:59 am
i'm terry mcsweeney live in san francisco. where the 105th anniversary of the great 1906 earthquake is being remembered. also, we're getting


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