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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. terror from the clouds. >> large tornado, on the ground. >> oh, my god! >> the massive tornado outbreak all caught on tape. >> oh, no, it's coming back. look at this. >> one man side-swiped on the highway. and meet the store manager hero who saved 100 people. sam is on the scene. in north carolina. target london. the royal wedding in the cross hairs of an extreme any splinter faction? how terrorists could target this celebration. and new clues on the kidnapping of holly bobo. her cousin speaks out in an emotional "good morning america" exclusive. >> we're a close family. we're just trying to hold it together. and funny money on this tax day.
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the outrageous deductions on tax returns. body oil? a bikini? a blinged out amish buggy? and good morning, everyone. we know that this has been a difficult weekend for many. the historic outbreak of twisters. so many caught on tape. look at this incredible scene. two tornadoes on the ground, side by side in oklahoma. >> the damage left is almost incomprehensible. hundreds and hundreds of homes destroyed in 14 states. this is the worst destruction from a spring storm in over 20 years. >> at least 45 people killed, 241 tornadoes. our abc news team has been on the ground all weekend. >> up to 62 tornadoes touch down in north carolina. the most dramatic. at this lowe's store.
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see how little of it is left. but it's also an amazing story of survival. sam is live there in sanford, north carolina. good morning, sam. >> good morning. north carolina was hardest hit by this particular outbreak. the tornado that moved through here in sanford was on the ground about 63 miles. that's incredible. when it blew across here, it tore apart buildings, tossed the cars around, shut down that building, tore it down as well. remember, that's just 1 of 241 tornadoes, 14 states, 3 days. >> i would say it's coming straight toward me. >> reporter: steve was in his truck as a tornado barreled toward him. in wilson, north carolina. >> you hear the rain? >> reporter: his camera rolls. as debris flies through the air. it's not a safe place to be, but
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steve is strangely calm. >> yep, there goes the roof off a house. i was just trying to keep the camera on it and watch what was going on. at the same time, trying to calm my sister down on the phone. i love you. i was surprised how close it was to me. it passed about 100 yards beside of me. i guess i wasn't afraid. because it happened to fast and was gone. >> reporter: it's taken days to get a clearer picture. take a look from the air. destruction as far as the eye can see. countless homes and businesses destroyed. millions of dollars in damage. in sanford, the lowe's was torn apart by a massive ef-3 tornado. with winds up to 60 miles per hour. 100 people were inside when the storm hit. it's about 3:20 when a giant black wall comes over this parking lot. glass is shattered. cars are tossed together. pieces of the building throne around.
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in that building, people lived to talk about it. >> i saw customers, i ran to the door, i said, get in the house. that was crazy, i know. but that's what i said. i saw a giant gray cloud funneling. thank goodness our store managers and everyone, we just gelled together so well. it was perfect team work, like we had practiced it. no one, no one not even had a scratch. >> reporter: due to the work of many lowe's employees. including the store manager. mike's team corralled employees and shoppers as the store front blew in and rushed them to the back. you were just corralling people and funneling them fast to the center of the back of the store. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: how did you know that was the right place to go? >> because of the safety plan. >> reporter: and as we walked through the pile of barbecues in front of what is left of the
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store, i can tell you this, it's very rare of a storm this size to have a good news side to the story. this one does. however, robin when we come back with weather, we'll talk about the weather forecast. probably more severe weather. probably more tornadoes. >> as you know, so many dramatic stories playing out block to block. after all of this destruction. we're going to bring you two of them. starting with david kerley in raw raleigh, north carolina. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. a remarkable story of survival. really, it's your worst nightmare. the howling winds, trees are falling, and you can't hold on to a baby in this terrifying tornado. how could that happen? >> there goes a roof off the house. >> reporter: look at what the winds did to these mobile homes. shredded. inside one of these trailers, 3-month-old aiden, being taken care of by a cousin.
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the baby's mother was napping in another trailer. >> i heard glass shatter. i covered him up to keep stuff from falling on him. the whole side of my trailer came down. >> reporter: completely exposed to the twister. covering and holding baby aiden as tightly as he could. but it wasn't enough. >> the winds took him straight out of my arms. >> reporter: the wind just out of your arms? >> just took him out of my hands. >> reporter: a horrifying moment. robinson now alone, frantic about aiden. >> i thought he was gone. >> reporter: moments later, the tornado was gone. robinson got up. all he could think about was aiden. then, the little boy, lying on top of some wood several feet away started crying. >> i don't know what to call it. >> a miracle. >> this little baby, 3 months old, flying out of my arm.
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>> reporter: i asked him, what's next? he's staying with relatives right now. i said, getting another trailer? another apartment? he said, i think i'm going to try a house. george? >> boy, that is a miracle. as we see so often, this kind of tragedy brings out the best in so many. steve osunsami is just down the road in north carolina. good morning, steve. >> reporter: there's an incredible story to what's happened here. the damage to this home and the young woman who was pulled from inside by her neighbors. this tree directly behind me fell on the very spot where she was taking shelter in what used to be this cast iron tub. as the tornado came barrelling down, maya knew what to do. she immediately ran to a second floor bathroom and took shelter in the tub, something she had
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always been told to do. >> she was alone. that hurts me. >> reporter: but the tornado was so strong, it blew over this massive oak tree, splitting the house in two. maya was in the tub, it crashed down to the first floor. >> she went to the bathtub for safety. >> reporter: this morning, she's hospitalized, on a ventilator, and fighting for life. all across the state, there are scenes like this. one house destroyed, the one next door barely touched. >> yep, there goes a roof off the house. >> reporter: as the tornado hit, this family went to the neighbors. >> we started running. >> the first tornado i have ever seen. >> reporter: when that house was hit, it was nearly destroyed. it's set to be condemned this morning. the rizzo home is still standing. they've taken their neighbors in. >> we would do it regardless.
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it's help thy neighbor. >> last night, she put her 4-year-old son to bed in his neighbor's house. >> mama loves you. he asked to see his room. we told him he couldn't. he got sad then. but he's been very strong. >> reporter: the family took us to their broken home and said they believe god has a plan. they say the houses are destroyed. but the families are strong. george? >> and their spirit is strong. thanks, steve. >> something like this brings people together. george, we're going to head overseas now. new terror concerns as the royal wedding day approaches. security being tightened. even more, officials worry that an extreme splinter faction could try to launch major attack while the world watches. our brian ross joins us from london. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, robin.
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british security officials say that there's a concern of the royal wedding and the crowds that it will draw will be a tempting target for terrorists. there is concern that violent irish groups, including the real irish republican army may be preparing a strike here in the coming weeks. the official concern was on display just last month. when prince william and kate toured northern ireland with security at an extraordinarily high level. future royal couple represents a power couple, british rule over northern ireland is perceived as the enemy. >> i think they would not have fear of carrying out an attack on an event like the royal wedding. >> reporter: largely unnoticed outside of northern england, a splinter group has ignored the peace agreement meant to end i.r.a. violence.
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>> everybody has to take that on board. that there is something new in play here. >> reporter: there have been more than 40 significant terror attacks in the last year alone in northern ireland. a policeman was killed by a bomb just two weeks ago. >> if you're not with them, you're against them. and they will murder you. that's the sort of tyrants they really are. >> reporter: prince william's father and mother were bomb targets of the old i.r.a. 25 years ago when they attended a duran duran concert in london. >> it remains the holy grail of these kind of organizations. >> reporter: police officials say the resurgent i.r.a. terrorists are well-armed and killed bomb makers. >> the component parts for rocket launchers. >> reporter: the rocket or mortar launchers are the most
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troubling. they could launch a huge bomb over security walls more than 300 yards away. there's no specific intelligence that the wedding will be a target. but with that 300-yard range, a terrorist could be across the thames river and still hit westminster abbey. >> this is about delivering pain and death. that is not in doubt. that is what is so worrying about this campaign. >> reporter: again, there is no specific threat intelligence about the wedding. by mi-5, the agency that handles domestic terrorism has changed their focus to irish groups. as well as raising the specific threat level from moderate to substantial. >> have the royals been targeted like this before? >> that's right. in 1979, the i.r.a. blew up and killed one of the queen's cousins, lord mount batten. a mentor to prince charles.
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and the attack at the harrod's department store that killed six people. robin? >> that is something that you do not forget. . >> we'll have all the details surrounding the royal wedding, leading up to the special coverage of the big event less than two weeks away. now to the latest twist in donald trump's potential presidential run. politico reports that trump is now talking to potential campaign managers and taking on president obama and the republican challengers in the race. john berman is on the case. >> reporter: he's on tv, on the stump. now he's at the top of republican primary polls. we know he has a big ego. but he swears he has big ideas and also, an enormous, well, see for yourself. donald trump's new message. size matters. his is -- >> much bigger and much more
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powerful, much stronger than anyone really knows. >> reporter: really? compared to mitt romney, he insists -- >> i'm going to have a much, much bigger -- >> reporter: a bigger what, you might ask? >> net worth. >> reporter: now he's attacking mitt romney's bank account. estimated at several hundred million dollars. >> my net worth is many, many, many times mitt romney. >> reporter: trump is everywhere now. sitting at the top of republican primary polls. this weekend, at a tea party rally in florida. >> we're fast becoming a country of broken dreams. >> reporter: bold statements about his business acumen. >> i bought a house in bankruptcy court for $41 million. and sold it a fairly short time later for almost $100 million. >> reporter: and perhaps bizarre statements about new york's airports. where he lands his private jet. >> and it's like coming into a
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third world country when i land at laguardia. >> reporter: and he continues his much criticized and most would say false rant about the president's birthplace. >> obama is unwilling or unable to show his birth certificate. >> reporter: to which analysts say -- >> it means he's off there in the nutty right and is now an inconsequential candidate. >> reporter: but trump swears he's doing it for love. love of america. >> i don't do it for myself. i'll be doing it for the country. >> reporter: the totally selfless donald trump. his show put out a press release saying that on their final episode, trump might set a date where he could announce he's running for president. but that couldn't about ratings. his bosses at nbc say they doubt he will run. they say it's about the donald being donald. >> if he does run, they have to take "celebrity apprentice" off the air.
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remember when fred thompson, he said he was going to run, even the reruns of "law & order" had to be taken off the air. >> send in questions to my blog. tell me what you think about his run. let's go to juju with the morning headlines. good morning, george and robin. good morning, everyone. new rules at keeping air traffic controllers awake on the job are expected to be in place by the end of this week. the faa will require nine hours of rest time between shifts sin stead of eight. managers will be required to work early morning hours. authorities in japan admit it could take nine more months to stabilize the nuclear plants damaged in the tsunami. the president of the power plant was heckled in parliament when he tried to apologize. there was an encouraging sign in japan. toyota resumed production at its japanese plants. drivers in six states are
7:17 am
now paying an average of $4 a gallon for gas. new york is the latest state to top the $4 mark. michigan and indiana are close behind the first six. the national average is now $3.83. and it doesn't get any closer than this. watch the photo finish of sunday's race at talladega. jimmie johnson is in the blue car. and watch this. who won? with a fraction of a second ahead, as in 0.002. that ties for the closest finish ever. i mean, literally photo finish. >> but dale earnhardt jr. helped push him across. >> they were bumping? >> he was pushing him. they're teammates. he was helping him. he knew he had the better chance and helped him across. it was exciting. let's get back out to sam in hard-hit north carolina for us. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin.
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it's nice to hear your voice. i feel like i haven't seen you in about two weeks. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on. the flooding. the northeast. the passaic river is at historic levels. we expect lighter rain there. heavier rain later on in the week. flooding in the middle of the country. the rivers are cresting. they're kind of receding in the area in the next couple of days. grand forks, third highest crest ever. that's the weather around the nation.
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>> and we are live in sanford, north carolina. robin? george? >> good to have you back, sam. thank you. it's tax day. you would not believe some of the things that people try to write off. jeremy hubbard looks at the jeremy hubbard looks at some of
7:20 am
the craziest claims. >> reporter: $65,000 of payments to prostitutes? that's what a new york lawyer once claimed as a medical expense on his taxes. but dubious deductions proved no problem for chesty love. she said her implants are a stage prop. a tax court judge agreed. a professional body builder was able to deduct the cost of posing oil from his taxes. posing oil? this cpa said that you would the surprised what the tax code allows for. >> if they're ordinary and necessary, they're deductible. that's all of the internal code says. >> i need some deductions. >> reporter: before you get creative -- >> okay, marge, you required 24-hour nursing care, bart was wounded in vietnam. >> cool. >> reporter: just keep in mind
7:21 am
uncle sam has its limits. a pittsburgh furniture salesman paid someone to torch his business, the i.r.s. said he could not deduct that expense. so much for leading the simple life. and earlier this year, an ohio tv news anchor tried to claim $20,000 in business expenses for things like a bikini and thong underwear. the i.r.s. reaction? i guess your unmentionables shouldn't be mentioned on a tax form. for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news. >> deduct an arsonist? >> we have some last minute suggestions. on our website. the country music artist's emotional plea for her cousin's return. the latest on the search for holly bobo. plus, one man's daring campaign to catch a thief. and the interview with diana's bridesmaid. came pain to catch a they have. >>
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hey buddy, wattaya lookin' a-oooh.
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♪ just love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just kiss me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love pg&e could face fines of up to $400 million if state investigators find faulty record keeping contributed to the san bruno natural gas disaster. pg&e is to appear this morning before the california public utilities commission. the national transportation safety board investigation
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of the san bruno explosion found discrepancies in documents referring to the ruptured pipe. utility records describe that pipe as seamless. the burst pipe had been welded along the length. sue hall is in this morning for frances. [ loss of audio ] >> all the way in and -- >> our apologies about sue's mike not working. but when we come back, mike will have a look at the forecast. >> all new. oprah: 276 cars, 20,000 dancers, thousands and thousands of favorite things. >> "oprah" prodursrs' most ununforgettable moments. oprah: the best-kept secrets in
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welcome back. a live look at sfo where we have flight arrival delays
7:28 am
of 34 minutes because of the cloud cover and earlier light showers. still a few sprinkles out there but a look at live doppler7 h.d. fairly quiet. the temperatures are pretty mild. low to mid-50s in most areas. 57 in antioch, mountain view and san jose. in the afternoon hours we i'll have scattered light showers but the temperature is cooler. the big story. upper 50s to low 60s. one to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. rainfall amounts less than a tenth of an inch. it shouldn't a big problem. low to mid-40s in north valley. rest of us in upper 40s. cooler tomorrow, warmer tomorrow afternoon before
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♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ catch those burglars. security cameras are not just for banks anymore. have you seen any of these thieves? we'll meet one man turning the tables and what you can learn about keeping your family safe. it's a small world after all. especially if you live in this particular armt. it's so tiny, the bed is just two feet from the ceiling. can you fit everything you own in here? we'll meet the woman who calls this home. a rough week end for nicolas cage. just after this video was shot, he was arrested. we'll have the latest. and also with the big day
7:31 am
fast approaching, barbara walters is here are personal, new footage of will and kate you have never seen before. >> a big special tonight. >> she's looking forward to bringing that to us. but first, new clues in the case of a 20-year-old tennessee woman missing since last week. holly bobo, the cousin of whitney duncan, was abducted right outside her home. linsey davis has the latest for us. >> reporter: right here in the woods, they found her lunchbox. to learn more about holly, we went to her family, and sat down exclusively with her cousin, whitney duncan. with the same kind of emotion she would normally save for her music -- ♪ first time that i ever saw
7:32 am
your face ♪ >> reporter: -- she talked about her cousin. >> she's a good christian girl, shy, quiet. and then when you get to know her, funny, sweet, amazing. >> reporter: she fought back tears. she described her as a home body that was like her little sister. >> the family is trying to be strong. it doesn't seem real. that's the last phone call you expect to get. we're trying to hold it together. >> reporter: the only thing that gets them through right now is prayer. that, and the community's support. >> it's really moving. makes us feel great that people care so much. they're trying to find her and they want her home. >> reporter: she's had many sleepless nights since wednesday morning, when holly's 25 dreerld brother watched from inside the family home as man in camouflage led her into the woods. only when he found blood on the
7:33 am
driveway did he suspect something one wrong. >> please, please try to get home to us. >> reporter: friday afternoon, police expanded the search area. they found her lunchbox. investigators asked for 200 additional volunteers. more than 1,100 showed up. one volunteer found this duct tape and said it had blonde hair stuck to it. ♪ who will all our sorrow share ♪ >> reporter: most of the questions were directed to above. >> we're not going to stop searching. >> reporter: investigators are asking the public for help. >> think about smg somebody you know who may have cleaned out a car, reported a vehicle or atv
7:34 am
stolen, excessively cleaned the atv or some unusual behavior. >> reporter: officials are hoping that someone will know something. >> we just want her back. if anybody knows anything that they might not feel is important. anything, any details, anything weird they have seen. i hope they'll come forward with any information to lead to feting her back. >> reporter: her final thoughts? >> we need to go search. that's it. >> reporter: $the 25,000 reward continues to grow. families hope that people will continue to make donations. invest faters have received more than 250 tips they're currently following up on. robin? >> all right, thank you very much. for more, we turn to the director of the tennessee bureau of investigation.
7:35 am
mr. gwynn, thank you for your time this morning. are you any closer to determining what could have happened to holly? >> we have over 250 leads. that we're running. we have a good bit of evidence. we have asked for the community's support. so we feel like that yes, we're closer just by the fact that the word's out. so many people in the community that are involved. and the next analysis of apiece of evidence could be a key to solving this particular incident. >> and that evidence, are you referring to the blood in the driveway and the hair in the duct tape? >> the blood. there was a lunchbox we believe belonged to holly that was found several miles down the road. there is every evidence. we're analyzing that evidence at the crime lab as i speak. we're hoping, we're combining all the efforts that we're doing
7:36 am
right now, that we will come to a conclusion rapidly. >> and as you said, sir, an incredibly tight community there. is the feeling still that it was someone she possibly could have known or is this a random act? >> well, you have to believe based on the rural area, the wooded area, the dense wooded area t that it would have to be someone that's familiar with the territory. with the area. someone that's hunted there or lived there. that's why it's so important for the community to really think about people around them, what they were doing last wednesday. what they've been doing since wednesday. if there's someone acting differently or had a week, an atv that they wanted to try to get rid of or clean excessively. those types of things are very important right now. >> you want people to search
7:37 am
their memory bank for suspicious activity. >> of anybody they may know. we have not eliminated anyone from this case. so we need everybody to really think about who is in choose contact with them and if there's anything different with that person beginning wednesday morning. >> well, mr. gwyn, i know you want to get back on the job. thank you for spending time with us this morning. the search continues. >> thank you. >> and yes, they are back out there this morning, searching. time now for the weather and sam champion. he's in sanford, north carolina. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. we're on the ground here in sanford. north carolina so hard hit by the weekend outbreak. let me show you time-lapsed video. we're talking about an ef-3 on the ground for 63 miles. that's incredible.
7:38 am
that long, on-the-ground or the they doe doesn't happen very often at all. about 160-mile-an-hour winds. 241 tornadoes, 14 states, 3 the days. there's a storm system in the midwest that's got rain and snow with it. the next couple of days, it becomes a big player. there are winter watches and warnings out already. montana, north dakota, chicago gets light rain-snow mix. it will be a big and here's what's ahead on
7:39 am
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[ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. for millions, facebook has become the best way the keep up with friends and family, find out what is going on in the world. now it's a crime fighter, too. more and more people are setting up video cameras to keep their homes safe. and posting wanted posters. it seems to be working.
7:43 am
hey, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, george. the man who lives here had his home broken into twice in one week. he had a video camera rolling. this is where thieves kicked in the front door. >> the first time, the door would have had to have been replaced. >> reporter: they took his laptop. two days later, they were back for more. this time, his security cameras caught it all. watch as the burglars peer into the door. later, another camera catches them hauling off his flat-screen tv. now with their faces, he's fighting back. >> as quickly as i had the images on my facebook page and started asking friends to put them any where they could on the off-chance someone recognizes them. >> reporter: these cameras cost about $200. they take high-quality pictures.
7:44 am
plenty of thieves are getting caught on tape. it's incredible evidence that's giving birth to a modern version of the want posters of the old west. this video of a man climbing in a window landed him behind bar. these men ransack a home in new albany. one of the victim's friends recognized the robbers. in an atlanta neighborhood, cameras rolled on these kroox. police soon arrested them all. >> we were able to connect the two burglaries together from the videos. >> reporter: barry is hoping for similar success. >> the value of what was stole season not great. but the violation of my property, i think someone needs to be held accountable for. >> reporter: take another look. do you recognize these guys? so fafr, the police have not made any arrests. the images are so clear, barry
7:45 am
is hoping someone will recognize them and call police. george? >> thank you. coming up, how small a space could you live in? you have to see this to believe could you live in? you h[ male announcer ] believe imagine facing the day with less chronic low back pain. imagine living your life with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported. signs include abdominal pain and yellowing of the skin or eyes. talk with your doctor about your medicines,
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got a question for you. how small are you willing to go when it comes to your home? one woman pear pared it down to basics to live in new york city. john berman invited himself over to see if he could fit in. >> reporter: for felice cohen,s the not much, but it's home. literally, it's not much. >> if michael jordan were to stand, he could touch both
7:50 am
sides. >> reporter: you can fit 27 of these apartments in the average home. >> i have had nine people here. >> reporter: was it like a phone booth? >> like clowns in a volkswagen. >> reporter: a whopping two chairs. a desk, a kitchen. >> i have a dish, a fork. >> reporter: a closet and a bathroom. her internet tour has more than 3 million hits on youtube. many of the questions have to do with her bedroom. up there. say you wanted to have a, shall we call it, a sleep kroefr, is that possible up here? >> it's very doable. for the most part, when you're inmat, you're not doing call sten ix. you're pretty close. there's plenty of space up here. >> reporter: we'll take your word for it. she's an author and professional organizer, which comes in handy here.
7:51 am
the key to living like a lilliputian. stacks, bins, you have to strip away everything you don't need. almost everything. you're willing to make compromises. not when it comes to boots. >> exactly. >> reporter: notice the boot tower in the corner. she's lived here for three years. it's about testing her skills and it's affordable. less than 1,000 bucks a month. >> i wanted to live in new york. this was the ultimate organizing challenge for myself. >> reporter: you must throw crazy parts in the place. >> crazy. people hanging from it, literally. >> such a good house guest. $700 she pays for that. >> she's clearly not claus row foebic. >> she's not shy. did i hear all those details? coming up, nicolas cage's
7:52 am
big drama in the big easy all caught on tape. now, protecting your home brought to yoi you by orkin. did you know when you travel, you may end up carrying back home nasty bugs? get the answers now at abcnews.c ♪ [ upbeat ] [ announcer ] who could resist the call... of america's number-one puppy food brand? with dha and essential nutrients also found in mother's milk. purina puppy chow. we all want fewer chemicals. new all free clear oxi-active. a free clear detergent that's tough on stains and gentle on skin. try new all free clear oxi-active.
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7:56 am
salmon season is just two weeks away. record numbers of salmon are predicted to return to local waters. but commercial fishermen still see sports fishermen coming back without a big catch. plus the rising cost of fuel is scaling down the profits. so they are worried about the season. check in with mike now for a look at the forecast. >> thank you very much. scattered sprinkles, flight arrival delays at sfo because of the low clouds. we have temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s with more showers this afternoon. less than a tenth of an inch of rain. sue? >> we have an accident in brentwood still blocking lanes there. tanker truck spilled 6,000
7:57 am
gallons of milk. traffic controls in the area. bart experiencing delays of ten minutes out of cost row valley, dublin/pleasanton area. >> thank you. the news continues now with "good morning america." do you know what's in your spread ?
7:58 am
7:59 am
in land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil, there are just three natural ingredients. sweet cream, canola oil and salt.
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discover land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil. ♪ hey, baby, i think i want to marry you ♪ boy, we have a good-looking audience or what on this monday morning, george? they're all decked out. >> so well today. >> they know that will and kate's big day is coming up. they have the hats and tiaras to match. >> it's something. we're counting down right now. you'll be in london on monday. but tonight, a big special tonight for barbara walters. on abc's "20/20." she's got an inside look going back to princess diana's wedding. she'll talk to the 13-year-old bridesmaid at the time, who had to carry that 25-foot long train. we'll hear what diana had to say
8:01 am
on that day to comfort her. >> looking forward to having barbara with us. you look great. thanks for playing along. even when i came out, i was like, what are they doing? what are they doing? they're being a very playful crowd. also, becky worley is on the job again. all these products with big promises. so she's going to put the tide pen to the test. does it really work? becky will find out. and reese witherspoon will be here. talking about her biggest costar yet. the movie just opened last night in new york. she'll be here in a little bit. >> huge costar, gigantic coming up. this weekend, a tough one for nicolas cage. the oscar-winner down in new orleans. not so easy in the big easy for him. a very dramatic scene on the streets of the french quarter. andrea canning upstairs has the details.
8:02 am
>> reporter: good morning, robin. nicolas cage is in new orleans filming an action thriller. during time off, he was arrested on domestic abuse and disturbing the peace charges. police say he was heavily intoxicated and violent, striking cars and allegedly pushing his wife in a heated argument over a rental property. maybe he didn't like the lighting. he can be seen closing his eyes in this unbecoming mug shot. >> he taunted the police. he said, go ahead, arrest me. they tried to send him home. finally, they did arrest him. >> reporter: before the arrest, the couple appears to be arguing in this thattoo parlor. add another dash of hollywood, dog the bounty hunter bailed him out. he released this statement. i performed my duties as a bail bondsman. this is what i do for a living,
8:03 am
not the show. aloha, the dog. cage was escorted out of jail through a hidden tunnel. hit movie after movie. ♪ i wonder why i do like i do >> reporter: has turned the eccentric actor into one of the highest paid leading men. in "national treasure" he lived large. it's the real life spending that's landed him in trouble. he has a pair of apartments on new york's fifth avenue. dean martin's former home, properties in new orleans, england, and rhode island. last year, he admitted owing nearly $14 million to the i.r.s. he's been forced the sell off a number of properties like this ocean front home at a loss of $9.5 million. his personal life has seemed turbulent. in december, a romanian tv station broadcast this moment of cage losing his cool outside of a nightclub. >> get off me! get off me. >> reporter: and in january, he
8:04 am
addressed some of his troubles on "gma." >> if you're a good person, you're going to make mistakes because you trust people. some people will lead you in the wrong direction. if you can learn from it. i've had those experiences. >> reporter: his wife is denying any physical contact. and doesn't want to press any charges. police say she had no visible injuries. just last month he was escorted home after causing more trouble at a french quarter restaurant. >> yes, he has had his worries. thank you, andrea. let's go to juju. we're getting a clearer picture of the aftermath from the historic outbreak of tornadoes down south. 241 tornadoes were reported. from oklahoma to virginia. causing the worst destruction from spring storms in decades. killing at least 45 people. homes and buildings were flattened. a lowe's home improvement store was reduced to scrap metal. slammed by winds of up to 106 miles an hour. a fast-thinking store manager
8:05 am
helped save 100 lives. the governor of texas is asking for federal help. wildfires, fueled by the driest conditions in nearly 100 years burned across 1,000 square miles. a homeless man is being blamed for a fire that destroyed eight homes in austin. a dating website,, has agreed to screen its members against the national sex offender registry. a california woman is suing the site, saying she was sexually assaulted on a date. for the first time, we're hearing from the family of the san francisco giants' baseball fan severely beaten in los angeles. bryan stow is still in a medically-induced coma. the father of two was wearing a giants jersey when he was attacked by two men in dodgers' gear. in an interview with espn, the family said they were not expecting such an outpouring of public support.
8:06 am
>> the people that we meet that don't know him, they come up and hug us and it's -- it's what gets us through. >> stow's prognosis is uncertain. the doctors say 9 of 10 people would not have survived the initial surgery. here's certainly fighting. we wish him the best. a story of survival in the tornadoes in north carolina. these three little puppies that you're about to see have been returned to the owner. she broke down trying when she saw her dog and three pups again. they're all she has left. their new names? twister, lucky, and miracle. that's the news at 8:06. time for sam champion. who is covering all these storms down south. hey, sam. >> hey, good morning, juju. we're in sanford. rarely do you get those great stories like that. the story about finding the dogs. and the survivors inside the lowe's store here. the management team had a plan. they got everybody hustled to the back of the store. but i want you to meet some of
8:07 am
the folks that ke we have met along the way. this is one of the reasons i love my job. listen to kim thomas as she talks and the storm. >> i was laying down. just praying, praying, praying. i was patting one girl and a little girl's legs. two different people. we were just, you know, trying to comfort them as well as comfort my own self, i'm sure. >> you're a mother. >> yes. >> okay, because now, i can hear you. i can hear this part of you when you're like, get in the house. i can hear that. and the mother part of you where you're like, i'm just patting the people to try and comfort them. we just fell for these people here. they are so wonderful. they don't want to take credit for saving lives. they're handing the credit off to other people. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you what is going on. one more storm system moving into the northwest. a big player for severe weather later in the week. much in the middle of the country. we'll talk about that. into the northeast, not much in the way of heavy rain. some flooding going on.
8:08 am
so any rain is not good news. a little layer of cold air to the north. from chicagoland into the dakotas >> and we are live in sanford, north carolina, this morning. george? >> thanks, sam. hurry back. we're in the home stretch now. less than two weeks to go until the royal wedding. our prime time coverage starting tonight with a special, "william & catherine: a modern fairytale."
8:09 am
it's an inside look at the couple, told by the family members and those people who know them best. who better to get them talking than barbara walters. >> we got the people that will tell us how stubborn will was as a child. people who knew kate. my own letters from princess diane that, whose image hovers over this whole thing. >> we have a clip. >> this is william at about the age of 2. >> that. >> camera. camera. that's it. the people in there. look at them. see the faces. trapped. >> wow, that is one telling piece of video. >> did you hear what his father says? trapped. >> such his life in some ways. >> i think he would like to get married in a small town somewhere. nobody does it like the british.
8:10 am
such an extravagance. >> i think you make a good point. he's also been so wary of the press. in the last couple of weeks, he seems to have relaxed into it a little bit. >> i think he knows he has to. we talked about diana. we have a young woman who was her bridesmaid. >> india hicks. >> and she'll show us the actual bridesmaid dress. as will her mother, show us her bridesmaid dress from queen elizabeth. this is what she described on the wedding day. as a member of the bridal party, the view from inside was quite different. and rarely described. in 1981, india hicks was just 13 when she was asked by prince charles, her godfather, to be a bridesmaid. july 29, 1981, you were with die can that while she was getting
8:11 am
dressed. what was she wearing? >> she turned up in a pair of jeans. i have this lasting impression of her with a diamond tiara on her head, dressed in jeans below. while they fitted the tiara to see what it would look like. >> was she watching what was going on on television? >> absolutely. she was intrigued by it. for her, it was new to see herself on television. can you imagine? her whole life going before her eyes. she kept pushing people out of the way. >> let me see myself. then they put this dress on. what did you think? >> i thought, a princess. i did think princess. all brides have that sense of being the center of attention. but she had that star quality. >> reporter: india kept a wedding scrapbook. >> 10:55, diana is arriving. the trumpeters will trumpet. >> reporter: india was there
8:12 am
waiting with bridesmaid sara armstrong jones, the prince's niece, when the princess arrived at st. paul's cathedral. out comes diana with that train. >> that train. and all crumpled. a big, crumpled mess comes out. >> reporter: india and sara's job was managing that train. were you terrified? >> it was more that i had a job to do and the job wasn't going right. >> did lady diana say anything to you? >> she was sympathetic. she turned around and she said, do you best. >> reporter: and she did. as 750 million viewers watched. >> that must have been so nerve racking. >> what we don't know is what kate's going to wear. diane sawyer and i are coanchoring from london. we'll find out then. the other thing that is funny, india hicks' mother, lady
8:13 am
pamela, was a bridesmaid for queen elizabeth. and she talked about, on that day, the tiara broke. only at buckingham palace could you say, get me another one. >> you must have great memories about that day. when princess diana got married. >> i have happy memories of the wedding. sad memories of covering the funeral. this will be the fourth royal event i'll be covering. nobody does it like the british, the parades, the horses, the trumpets. >> and nobody does it like you. you and diane will start the anchoring along with robin. you have a busy day today. >> i do. on "the view" we have michelle obama and jill biden with us. you'll find out why if you watch. >> of course i'm going to watch. i might do it on the treadmill. but i'll be watching. "william & catherine: a modern fairytale," tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. and india hicks will help us with the coverage all week.
8:14 am
when the coverage kicks off from london on monday. join us on facebook and twitter. the special coverage of the big event is at 4:00 a.m. eastern on april 29th. when we come back, becky worley puts new products to the test. so that you don't get stung. >> oh, got one. s to the test. >> oh, got one. ♪ what you getting out f living? 7 ♪ what good is what you've got ifyou're not having any joy? ♪ ♪ ♪ are you having any laughs? ♪ if other people do, so can you ♪, ♪ have a little joy [ female announcer ] how does your next week look? why not get away and book royal caribbean cruise at today?
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it pays to discover. you know, we see a lot of big promises made in commercials. but do the products deliver? well, our becky worley put herself through it all. to uncover the truth in advertising. she joins us from her lovely home via skype in oakland. hope you had a lovely weekend. >> i did. you see ads on tv and i think, really, really? i go out and put the products to the test. >> you wouldn't dry your clothes
8:19 am
with an iron. >> reporter: commercials have only seconds to convince us of their message. the claims are dramatic and bold. >> neutralizes the vennom from all insections. >> reporter: first, victoria's secret new product. their bra will bump you up two full cup sizes. the bra experts measure me. >> you are a 36 a. >> reporter: now, for the big france formation. they came out before me. wow. my girls are seriously lifted up. wow. >> you are now a 36 c. >> reporter: i am not the "a" i used to be. but as for the ads, they live up to the promise. >> she is a real class act. >> reporter: tide promises their
8:20 am
stain-removing pen helps eliminate even the toughest stains. let's start with a little vino that's nice, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: the tide to go pen did a good job on the test spot. oops. what else son the menu. how was your dinner? can you pour some of it on me? oh, that's plenty. >> significantly improved. >> reporter: so, the tide pen did indeed deliver on the promise. >> just add water and posz it in. as the dryer heats up, mr. steamy does, too. >> reporter: never ironing again? this, i gotta see. the clothes will come out wrinkle free. add water, throw it in the dryer. the shirt clearly still has wrinkled. it's a mess around the collar. for comparison, i dried this
8:21 am
shirt without mr. steamy. his promise is all wet. >> have you been stung by a wasp, hornet, or fire ant. my wife and i invented this ointment. >> reporter: stop the sting. the only way to test it is to get stung. twice. i'm surrounded by 80,000 bees all to test an ointment. but first i have to make them mad enough to actually sting me. oh! now that i know what it feels like, i don't want a second one. o! two bee stings, one gets ointment, one gets nothing. here goes. okay, start the countdown. it's been about 3:00. both hands hurt. at about 5:00, the hand with no on it event was swelling, throbbing. the stops the sting hand was
8:22 am
hurts less. and it wasn't swelling. 30 minutes later, i feel pain to the tip of the nonointment finger. this hand, no pain. this stuff works. while some products' promises are real pain, others, like stop the sting, really do live up to the buzz. oh, it hurts all over again. we'll do a little bit of housekeeping here. the folks at mr. steamy, we contacted them. they said they have sold millions of mr. steamy dryer balls. when used as directed, mr. steamy delivers great results. we have links and full reviews at >> more info on the bee ointment. >> my son got stung by a wasp. within seconds -- it should just
8:23 am
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pg&e could face fines of up to $400 million if state investigators find faulty record keeping contributed to the san bruno natural gas disaster. pg&e is to answer questions about the recordkeeping practices in a hearing this morning before the california public utilities commission. pg&e is already facing a $3 million fine for failing to meet document submission deadline. the national transportation safety board examination found dock meants referred to the ruptured pipe. utility records describe the pipe as seamless. it had been welded along the length. get an update now on the morning traffic. sue hall is in for frances. >> yes, we still have a bart delay. ten minutes now. out of castro valley in
8:28 am
dublin-pleasanton area. switching traffic on the track. fog on the golden gate bridge. no delays there to pay your toll. however, we have issues at the bay bridge. past the toll plaza. accident in lane number two there. eric? >> sue, thank you. when we come back, mike when we come back, mike takes a look at the bay area switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
8:29 am
welcome back. live doppler7 h.d. returns, most off the napa county. otherwise, just sprinkles and flight arrival delays in s.f. obz. check out the flight tracker at mid-to-upper 50s now. upper 50s to low 60s today with scattered showers, less than a ten of the an inch.
8:30 am
more rain wednesday and thursday morning. >> thank you very much. the news continues now with "good morning america." ♪ you've got a friend in me you've got a friend in me ♪ everyone getting in the royal wedding spirit. we count down the big day, leading up to our special royal wedding coverage, on april 29th at 4:00 a.m. >> i am chuckling. it's a record-setting morning here. the tiniest horse ever born here is with us. so who does he get to hang out with? the unexpected friend of little einstein in his dressing room right now. >> i think einstein is growing since the last time he was here. also, reese witherspoon will be here live.
8:31 am
she has a huge co-star, her biggest ever. and a new crime thriller from someone that knows a tring or two about crime, lead prosecutor in the o.j. simpson murder trial, marcia clark is here. and she has her first novel. >> looks and sounds a little bit like marcia clark. and sam champion is back with us. you're in hard-hit north carolina, and so many people tweeting, because a lot of areas were affected, like in my home state, jackson, mississippi, hit by a lot of tornadoes too. >> you get 241 of them in three days, just about everybody's got a story to tell. we're going to go from tornadoes on the ground to snow in the air on the same weather map.
8:32 am
about 6 inches of snow from bismarck to fargo to minneapolis. this is wild. in the fact that even chicagoland could get a little snow mixture and a little bit of a collection. nice and mild in the south. atlanta, 80 degrees today. raleigh, durham in the triangle area, we're going to get to 71. it's the cold air in the north. the clash of the two, we expect it later this week, there will be another round of severe weather
8:33 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by purina. i want to take time to say, as long as we have been covering severe weather. we have only come across this situation twice. when a plan of action is known, and they can get people moved right away into a safe place. and everybody inside the building behind us, almost 100 people, survived that tornado, an ef-3. a powerful story. all right, sam, thank you. oscar winner reese witherspoon is one of the biggest stars there is. her new movie, "water for elephants" she has a costar that is positively ji cantic. everybody is thinking, are you talking about robert pattinson? >> when is the interview about to start? we were talking. >> we have to get caught up. i enjoyed what we were talking about. and the big star, can we see
8:34 am
rosie? from -- yeah, she's named ty. >> that's me training. i trained for three months. i worked, i went to circus school. they brought me out to her facility and i trained with her. it was incredible. >> that's you? >> yeah, that's me? >> see that gymnastics from your youth is coming in handy. >> i was a little bit rusty. >> you stuck the landing. you did a lot of your own stunts in the movie. >> yeah, i didn't do a lot of the horse stuff, because it made me nervous. i had this great gal who did a bunch of great stuff for me. the director encouraged me to do the elephant stuff. against my better instincts, i ended up doing it. it was incredible. >> let me tell you, if people liked the book, they're going to love this movie. let's talk about it. how would you describe it?
8:35 am
>> well, it's a -- "water for elephants" is based on the incredible book. it's just a love story, set in the 1930s circus. i really -- i really love this character because she's a woman stuck in a relationship that is very difficult. a guy comes into her life and shows her there's another life and that maybe she deserves a second chance. >> that is skrak b. >> yeah, rob pattinson. it helps that he's supercute. >> it doesn't hurt. i don't know you were in a movie before but his part got cut out. >> yeah, i didn't realize it either. one of my girlfriends said she read an article. you played his mother in the movie. i was 27 playing 40. he's the child i gave up.
8:36 am
he is so cute. >> how was it working with him? >> it was great. we had a natural rap port. we have a great relationship. we joke around a lot. he's sweet, hass a supersnis family. >> very grounded. for all the attention he receives, he's very grounded. >> you can tell he has a nice family. that's a big part of it. >> you do, too. let's play a clip here. your character, marlena, is taking to jacob, about your husband, who we vhaven't talked about. >> i was 5, for an entire year, i pretended my moment was something else. and that i was a silly. and i was just dreaming when i was a girl. that one day i would wake up and run home.
8:37 am
and then, the circus came to town. and august was right out front. as soon as he looked at me, i knew i would never live with strangers again. so we got married. and you know, i'm a star attraction. >> there's something about her. >> i was watching the movie. >> oh, so good. the premier. everyone was loving it. christoph waltz plays your husband. >> he's such a good actor. brings so much dimension. he played all the different levels. it's so nice. >> everybody on screen. you can tell, with the horses and stuff, i'm delaying the talk about something else that is going on in your life. congratulations. we saw the pictures in "people"
8:38 am
magazine. it was so incredibly sweet. >> thank you. lucky me. >> your new husband is anything but what your husband on screen is playing. i love how in "vogue" magazine, fans from oklahoma came up to you and were going on and on. >> i have the greatest fans ever. they come and hug me, we have long chats. i chatted with george yesterday. on columbus circle. he said, aye, i'm george, i need to talk to you. he said, i love your husband, i think he's a good guy. i said, thank you, george. i feel the same way. i have great conversations with my fans. i had gals from oklahoma. it's nice when people support you and they -- i've been in the business for a long time. people watched me grow up. lots of changes in my life. so much love coming at you from
8:39 am
so many different places. i love it. >> it does come from a place of will have when people ask you. but, you know, kudos for pulling off the wedding. no helicopters above. >> it was great. a really nice day. >> good for you. thank you, reese. always good to have you here again with us. "water for elephants" opens on friday, april 22nd. coming up next, thrills, friday, april 22nd. coming up next, thrills, chills, and her take on today's
8:40 am
8:41 am
we need to solve the problem. the state budget crisis threatens our economy... and our schools. loans to small businesses on hold. job creation at a standstill. 30,000 teachers already laid off. can we really afford billions more in cuts? $13 billion more devastates our schools, our safety, and the california we know. it's time for lawmakers to finally get the problem solved now. our kids and economy can't afford to wait.
8:42 am
all through the o.j. simpson case she was front and center. now, marcia clark has put all that experience from the l.a. district attornattorney's offic her new book, "guilt by association." how are you? >> i'm good. it's amazing. >> you get to transform everything you know into fiction. seems like your lead character
8:43 am
is something like you. >> a little bit. she's better than me, cooler, hipper. i think i'm jealous of her. >> was your -- it must have been so incredible to all of a sudden be on camera every day in that trial after you had been toiling away in the prosecutor's office for what, how many years? >> 14 years. it was unprecedented. it was hard to understand what was going on. i remember the first time i saw the press coverage outside, they had the scaffolding up three r stories. they were standing -- i don't know how to describe it. it was called camp o.j. i went in and out the back of the building. i went out the front door for the first time in i don't know how many months. i was stunned by what it was. and then, of coursing being recognized on the street was weird. very weird.
8:44 am
>> now you have this book, "guilt by association." >> i got to take the part of being the prosecutor and make it reel. we get the case the die they find the body. we work it up with the detectives. you go out and interview witnesses. talk about crime scene analysis. you get to do a fair apt of investigative work and the legal stuff. in the book, i focused on the investigative work. in other books, like the next one, more courtroom situations. >> already working on the next one? >> done. >> let's talk about some other cases in the news right now. you would do the investigative work as well. we've all been watching the case in long lie land.
8:45 am
the serial killer. nine bodies found so far. on the beach. it doesn't appear that the prosecutors, the investigators, are any closer to solving it. >> very tough case. a very hard thing. what you have in this situation is a body that is found in a site where it was not killed. person was not killed there. that means you're missing a great deal of evidence from the start. if you have a crime scene, the body is found where the person was killed, you have a chance to find something left behind by the killer. when you have what they call kind of unceremoniously, a body dump, which is what this is, you have a crime scene in one place, we don't know where, and the body found at another. there's less opportunity to find evidence from the killer. and then, on top of that, the elements, es pose your. >> wipe away all the clues. you investigate serial killer
8:46 am
cases out in l.a. is this the lassic m.o.? >> it can be. it indicates someone a little starter nan the average bear. you have a variety of serial killers. >> before we go, i want to ask you about the amanda knox case. the appeal is going on. you say it's almost like a retrial. it seems like she might get off this time. >> it's very interesting. it's a completely different process. in the united states, when you have an appeal, after season is convicted, the appeal is a review of the evidence. it tells you if there's an error that was committed. in italy, it's a do-over. you get a new jury, new judge, recall the witnesses. >> they're changing their testimony this time. >> very hard on the prosecution. analysts saying the evidence,
8:47 am
the dna found on the murder weapon, alleged murder weapon, may not be sufficient to link her to it. >> what is your gut on this one? >> i don't know. for the first time in my life, and i wake up in the morning with 15 manies. i'm not sure. i'm not sure. >> marcia clark, thanks so much. the first novel, "guilt by association." ♪ i thought it was over here...
8:48 am
♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
8:49 am
really? >> of course you'll remember einstein, who was born, at the
8:50 am
time, the world's smallest miniature horse. it's been a year. we decided to invite him back. he's here with his owners. they've written a new book called, a friend for einstein. they brought einstein's friend along, lily. >> good girl. >> happy birthday, first, to einste einstein. when he was first born, he weighed less than an adult cat. is he full grown? >> he's prelty much there. he's been eating like a horse in the last few weeks. he's grown a little bit. he was six pounds when he was born. >> and lily, making friends with george in a big way. >> instein was so small he couldn't play with other horses. not with his mother.
8:51 am
he had to go out in search of a friend he could play with. he found lily. this little boxer. and some other neat animals along the way. >> instein is nervous. never been to the big city. a little skittish. >> his first time in new york. >> what explains why he's so small? >> it's just an anomaly. we don't know. he might have had a throwback in his ancestry who is just really tiny. his parents are fwrad of horse called the miniature. >> sorry about that. >> how will you be celebrating einstein's first birthday? he missed the shoe. a little precelebration. >> his birthday is this friday.
8:52 am
he'll be one year old. 600 people attending a surprise party for him. he knows all about it. the 600 people don't. it's at an elementary school near where he was born. >> the book is aimed at young children. they are, too, struggling to find friends. >> that's true. we were inspired watching him and being with him. >> don't worry. he's doing great. >> i think of him as a 3-year-old child. he has bratty moments. >> we roll with it. >> and in the book, you take the beautiful photos as he's trying to befriend a rabbit, a turtle. it's adorable. >> we had a lot of fun doing it. we roamed around 130 acres and took about 6,000 photos. we have 26 sweet photos that we thought were one of a kind. a snapshot in time. >> what are you feeding him
8:53 am
here? >> an apple. >> thank you so much for bringing him along. and the book is called -- >> "a friend for einstein." >> we'll be right back.
8:54 am
8:55 am
really all over the place
8:56 am
today. we're trying to keep them under control. >> look at robin. >> just making sure. >> if you have any questions for donald trump, send them to my bottom line blog. follow us all day long on check out "world news" with diane sawyer tonight. have a great day. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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people gathered in san francisco early this morning to remember the great earthquake and fire of 1906. the sirens sounded at 5:11 a.m. signals the time 105 years ago when buildings in the city fell. city officials were joined by one of only three known survivors left from that quake. mike is here with a look at the forecast. >> thank you. you can see the dark clouds behind, eric. those are dropping drizzle. even scattered light showers this afternoon. we have less than a tenth of an inch. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s. cooler today. more rain possible wednesday. sue? >> mike, we are going to san rafael. southbound 101 is jammed. the earlier accident cleared out of the lanes. southbound 680, an accident before la voena. fog on the golden gate bridge.


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