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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  April 18, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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sky7-hd is live over the crash. a fatal crash on highway 80. that is causing huge gridlock in a bonnie at the berkeley -- albany at the berkeley line. >> highway patrol says the white ford explorer was going 60 to 70 miles per hour when for some reason it swerved into the center divide, flipped and rolled several times. they believe a family of four
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was inside. >> the man behind the wheel was killed. the others, a woman, 10-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy have major injuries. you ke so the c.h.p. has open the far left lane. some vehicles are moving past the crash scene right now. the other lanes are still closed. >> the sig-alert is still in effect there. here is another look at the accident from one of the live cameras. initially, all the lanes were closed for close to an hour. traffic backed up for it seems like miles. the c.h.p. says because of the sig-alert it will take several hours before any more lanes are open. we will continue to follow this and bring on-air and online bring you the latest at >> on to other news of the day. there was a new remembrance today to add to the 105th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire in san francisco. this year's event included a
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moment of silence for the thousands of victims of japan's earthquake and tsunami. terry mcsweeney has more. >> lotta's fountain is where people game 105 years ago to post messages to search for missing family members and friends. today, san francisco city officials returned with a message about getting ready for the future. at exactly 5:11 this morning, sirens wailed in downtown san francisco. the exact time 105 years ago the silence of that morning was broken by the sounds of rumblings, buildings collapsing, people screaming as a 7.8 earthquake hit san francisco. san francisco mayor ed lee says let us all prepare for the next big one. >> today is about not only minding ourselves, but in light of what has happened in japan, get ourselves more ready. i think we have the tools. >> one of three people still alive today who survived the 2006 quake, bill del monte attended this morning's survivor's break fast at lefty
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o'doulle's. only 3 months old at the time of quake, he remembers playing in the rubble that remained years later. >> all there was, was the three walls. we'd climb up the first, second, third floor. even in wintertime. when it would rain. it would be a lake in the middle. we'd be paddling the piece of board. >> this morning's event in san francisco was also to remember victims of last month's earthquake and tsunami in japan. at the sequoia country club in oakland, a silent auction and golf tournament scheduled by coincidence on this date to raise money for the hurting japanese. >> i like to try to make them have a little hope for the future. now they lost everything. family, memories, belongings. >> while that went on there, mayor lee addressed awareness here. >> the most important thing is be ready yourself. talk to your family and neighbors and communicate with each other about being ready. >> very interesting.
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i have find out today that back in 1906, the nation that stepped up with the largest am of contribution to help san francisco rebuild was japan. the find out more about getting ready for the earthquake and fundraiser today, go to terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. in japan, officials say is there are indications that rods inside one reactor building are damaged. robots entered three units today and found raidcation levels were too -- radiation levels were too high for repair crews to go inside and say it's the first sign of damage to the fuel rods. they have not gone in the building since the plant cooling system or damaged in the tsunami march 11. plant officials are hopeful they could stick to their plan for cleaning up the radiation leak. and stabilizing the plant by the end of the year. so they can begin returning tens of thousands of evacuees to their home. that double disaster left more than 27,000 people dead or
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missing. >> back in the u.s. gas prices nationwide increased for 26 straight days. according to triple-a. the average price now is $3.83. that is 29 cents higher than a month ago. analysts expect much prices to keep climbing this summer. here in california, the average is $4.20. drivers in oakland and san jose are paying around $4.21. the most expensive gasoline? san francisco. $4.26. meantime, oil prices fell to nearly $109 a barrel today in asia. prices are up 29% since mid-february. analysts expect rise in fuel costs to hurt crude consumption and likely trigger drop in oil prices. today, saudi arabia's oil minister says the global oil market is oversupplied, damaging hopes that opec will soon cut the output or raise it to bring down prices. saudi arabia is the largest world oil exporter. in a meeting this morning,
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lawmakers simplified the plan for the high-speed rail project. because of a lack of federal funding, panel proposed limiting it to a single rail system. the original proposal was for two rails including features like a two-story viaduct. the scaled-out proposal would have it run on the existing cal-train track system from san jose to sacramento. student and faculty members staged informational ticket today in hayward. during a visit by a chancellor. they're upset by the budget cuts. amy hollyfield joins us. this prompted increased security. >> there was a lot of police today, cheryl. it was interesting to see. the protest is over but they have left their mark. take a look at the plaza out here in front of the administration building. chalk art with several messages. pictures in case that chancellor charles reed wants to stop and do reading. students and faculty rallied outside the building for an hour yeah at the cal state east bay.
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the target is chancellor reed on campus dealing with the presidential opening they had here at the university right now. students are upcelt about the tuition hike. they say they just can't take it anymore. >> what is happening right now is that the csu and state of california is committing suicide. we are not going to be able to sustain current education for people of the state unless we invest in it. >> this is the second protest in a week. last week here at the cal state university on campus there were demonstration. here at the 23 campuses, the campuses around the state. all of them protesting increases and smaller class sizes. chancellor reed we're told is not available for comment today. i saw him in the administration building but they said he would
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not come out to talk to us. interesting how the university responded. police officers at the stairs, president's office. protest was peaceful. it's over. they are calling for the designation and would like them to fight stand-by-side. they don't feel like that is happening. live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. a setback over the weekend in the recovery of the giants fan who was severely beaten at dodger stadium. doctors placed bryan stow back in medical coma. he is in critical condition. he had taken off sedatives but he suffered seizures. no suspects have been arrested but there is an outpouring of support for stow who is a paramedic. across the state, fundraisers raised thousands of dollars to pay for his medical bills. . i head, ticket scalpers are
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common at sporting events and concerts, right? now they're popping up at yosemite. >> violent weather and it's caught on video. massive tornado outbreak in several states kills dozens of people. emergency crews are out assessing the damage. >> and combatting slavery. with volunteers from the bay area and the world are learning about human trafficking and what they can do about it.
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in a massive storm system that swept across 14 states in the south and midwest. the national weather service says it's the worst outbreak on record. north carolina was hit the hardest. as many as 62 tornadoes let homes in flattened piles and 21 people in that state alone were killed. >> the sadness for this destruction people's lives and property. then the resilience is there. i told the national president the incidents were saturday and we were all devastated. we did an assessment yesterday. even yesterday, mr. congressman, there was the beginning of a rebirth. >> 240 tornadoes were recorded in the storm. nobody knows for sure how many slave laborers are brought in each year. but bay area is among the first to crack down on the crime. it's where people come from all over the world to come and
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combat slavery in their countries. >> for me, it's fascinating work. >> they're furiously scribbling down notes while an expert in field of slavery and the labor exploitation explained what his job is all about. >> we find victims and we have to help them through the survival process. >> the san jose police lieutenant runs human trafficking task force with officers from his department, the f.b.i., i.c.e. u.s. attorney office and several other agencies. >> in san jose we have run this in this area and we're just scraping the surface. >> they can't do it alone. they are talking to enrollees in an abolitionist academy in san francisco. where volunteers gather around the world to find out what trafficking looks like and what they can do about it. they are sponsored by the
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anti-slavery group not for sale. >> initially it was all about helping people become aware of the problem of trafficking, slavery. in a few years we realized awareness is great, but it is important to get people engaged in what they can do. >> i feel this issue has been long neglected in modern society. it needs to be addressed. >> i think what is important about the academy, it kind of connects the modern abolitionists, the normal person to the wider movement. you know, that's what we need to end slavery as a global movement. >> in the bay area, we are most familiar with trafficking in the sex trade. young women brought to america and forced to work as prostitutes until the police or time catches up with them. but there are other types of trafficking. >> only about 20% of our victims have come from the commercial sex trade. the victims are coming from the domestic servitude. other type of service, debt bondage. that occurs routinely throughout
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the country. >> these students will go back in their community and try to practice what they have been preached, work together with public and private organizations to get people free. so how do you spot someone who may be trafficked? well, they can't come and go as they please. they work long hours for little pay. they may appear fearful or anxious or paranoid. >> for me, this is different than just another cause. because there are actual people, there are lives that are being violated. there are people that are being enslaved in ways that i don't think we quite get in this time. and in this century. >> so the students will take the information back to their communities and teach people. if you'd like to get more involved we have a link to the academy on our website look under see it on tv. >> we hope you can help with that, too. important story. meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> scattered light showers for us now. flight arrival delays in s.f.o.
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of 34 minutes. we will take a look back at friday and saturday. according to the s.p.c., reports of 233 tornadoes. i'll show you where they were. >> wow! mike, thank you. plus, president obama has invitation for you to take part in a town hall meeting in the bay area. the questions you will be able to ask the commander-in-chief. >> and they've stopped making of a pill aimed with connection to the aids virus. x/x/çcçcçcçcñcuhutututlslslslxlx
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hi, everybody. i just wanted to take a minute to invite you to a town hall meeting on the economy that i am holding on facebook headquarters this wednesday, april 20. >> the white house posted the steub tube video of the -- youtube video of the president this morning. president obama will discuss his vision for bringing down the deficit at the town hal meeting this wednesday in palo alto, facebook, streamed live. you are invited to commit questions to mr. obama on the white house facebook page. at
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>> cool. >> pretty cool. >> speaking of cool, there is cool weather out there. i had spritzes on my window today. >> it's light. we have some falling behind me. that is the key this afternoon. nothing like what they dealt with in north carolina. 133 tornadoes. that's the center that reported from friday's storm. most were in alabama. go to saturday's storm and see them all in north carolina and west virginia and maryland. the triangle is the tornado. i counted 90 in north carolina. longest on the ground for 63 miles from here to stockton. the winds up to 160 miles per hour. you saw the lowe's store, the one that hit that lowe's story.
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take a look outside. the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge wet right now. it's turning into fog and drizzle. .01 to .02 so far so it looks worse than it is. take a look at the live doppler7 h.d. there you go. up and down the peninsula. we have the radar returns. a few in the east bay valley but they are moving to the central valley. this may be the last good push of scattered showers. by 3:00 or 4:00, they should move out. we're in the 60s in livermore, antioch, fremont, redwood city and southward. mid-to-upper 50s west and north of that. we have low to mid-60s in salinas and gilroy. the big story, coolest temperatures today. light showers. more showers tomorrow. and in to wednesday, and thursday morning. then it will be dry and warmer this weekend. temperatures today from 1:00 to
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11 degree -- 1 to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. start in the east bay where we have the low to mid-60 today. we have upper 50s to mid-60s in the southern end of the east bay valley. we should have a lot of mid-60s in the south bay today. low 60s a mid-60s on the peninsula. mid-to-upper 50s on the coast. up 50s in downtown and south san francisco. north bay, mid-to-upper 50s in your beaches. the rain will hang out here. snow elevation is 8,000 feet in tahoe today. tonight, no rain. less cloud cover. cooler, low to mid-40s in north bay. a quick stationary front hanging over us. it will fall apart. the rain chances will diminish quickly. look at it real quick and you can see by 5:00 or 6:00, it's gone. this rain should not be heavy
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enough to keep you from enjoying those. a break tomorrow. look how much warmer it is. the coolest weather is wednesday and thursday. the 70s will return from the coast for the weekend. >> thank you. a highly praised medication is being stopped in a test with african women. it was being given to thousands of african women but partial results showed no sign the drug is doing any good. family health international announced the new results today, a non-profit. it launched the study two years ago. the finding is disappointing because a different study last falcon included trivada helped prevent infection in gay and bisexual men when combined with condom, counseling and prevention services. ticket scalpers found a new cash cow. national park. yosemite is the biggest target. competition to secure one of the 900 camp sites available at the park heats up.
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scalers begun selling camping preservation to highest bidder. they found dozens of ads on craigs list and permits to sale for scalper prices now that yosemite requires a permit to climb the peak on weekends.3q copd makes it hard to breathe so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life. but with advair, i'm breathing better.
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today at 3:00, what the meal you eat on a date says about your relationship. then at 5:00, watchdog drup accusing a santa cruz via tech company of mistreating animals in the name of science. new study reveals how dangerous it may be to mix alcohol and energy drinks. we have the stories later today at 5:00. >> well, thank you for joining us here on abc7 news. >> we'll leave you now with a look at traffic back up on interstate 80. >> caused by a single vehicle accident. fatal accident. we'll tell you more about this coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 and #:00. and #:00. avoid interstate 80.
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