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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  April 21, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. i'm amy hollyfield. live in san francisco. president obama gave a rallying speech in san francisco last night. to get his supporters fired up for his re-election campaign. you will hear from the president coming up. >> also in the headlines, the caltrain board meets this morning to consider a plan that would hike fares but avoid service cuts and station closures for now. >> showers we talked about yesterday are here this morning. we're looking live in san francisco where one moved through. i'll show you where it's going with live doppler7 h.d. and possibility of more rain this weekend. >> roads are wet. we had a car that went down the embank in the vallejo. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> oakland school gets
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welcome news. the district says it's canceling layoff notices to hundreds of teachers. good thursday morning. 4:31 on this rainy thursday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. megan mentioned the slick roads we've got because of the overnight rains that mike mentioned. be careful behind the wheel. how long will the rain be with us? good morning. >> good morning. a couple more hours. it's light and variable. sometimes it picks up in intensity. other times it's light. other times you drive through a street or highway or interstate, where it rained already. it's just wet. bulk of the moisture across the south bay and to east bay shore. 580 southward. hayward, fremont, union city, to milpitas. drizzle there. we have some around redwood city, mountain view, sunnyvale. heading to cupertino and los gatos. heading to the north bay, mainly cloudy right now with the pockets of drizzle. a big picture shows the bulk
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of the storm stays north. notice thunderstorms for second day in a row around reading and chico. snow in sierra. we have a couple more hours before we get a break. talk about the commute. >> we have a problem in solano county that could be attributed to the roadways that went off the roadway and down embankment in vallejo. at the 780/880 connector round. 780 to eastbound 80. emergency crews on the shoulder there. caltrans working on the bridge. various lanes of westbound 84 are blocked off until 5:00 this morning. >> thank you. 4:32 now. president obama's bay area visit sends later this morning with a fundraising breakfast at san francisco hotel. it's his third fundraiser in the bay area in two days. abc7's amy hollyfield is live in san francisco. the president raised money in an appearance last night.
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>> this trip is about raising money. the fundraiser will pick up at the st. regis this morning. last night he spoke at a crowd at the masonic auditorium. the topics range from the re-election campaign to the budget proposal. >> if we want to reduce our deficit, yes, we need to cut spending but we need shared sacrifice. that means ending the tax cut for the wealthiest 2% of americans in the country. we can afford it. >> the event sold out. 2,500 seats were all sold. $10,000 ticket bought you access to the president of vip reception. the cheap seats only cost $25. the 40-minute long speech seemed to impress most of the crowd. >> i think his speech was phenomenal. very powerful. very driven. very believable. >> really, really good. but again, very general. so, didn't really speak about anything specific.
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which he could have done. but i guess we're still early in the stage of the campaign. >> reporter: the president addressed the fact that many of his supporters are frustrated with his performance the past two years saying there are times when he felt frustrated, too. he said democracy is complicated and messy and said change is not simple. he's expected to raise $3 million while he is here in san francisco. drop in the bucket, though, considering the big picture for his campaign. the re-election campaign goal is raise $3 million -- sorry, $1 million here. goal is $3 billion. a lot of money. live if san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> it is indeed. amy, thank you very much. 4:34 now. the president arrived at the masonic center last night to the sound of protesters. >> mr. president, we want money for jobs. we want money for education. >> demonstrators from just
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about all sides of every issue use the president's visit to try to get attention for their cause. protesters followed mr. obama all day yesterday at every stop he made, including a private fundraiser in pacific heights. however, president obama's supporters far out-numbered his critics. the president kicked off the visit with a town hall meeting at facebook headquarters in palo alto. he was joined on stage by facebook's notoriously casual ceo mark zuckerberg. >> my name is barack obama and i'm the guy who got mark to wear a jacket and tie. >> that gathering was streamed live on facebook. the president defended his budget plan, including a proposal to raise taxes on wealthy americans and he criticized the deep cut misrepublicans are pushing for. he made a pitch to younger voters. >> get involved, especially the young people here. your generation. if you don't give us a shove or give the system a push, it won't change.
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you will be the one to suffer consequences. >> 30% of president obama's facebook friends are under 25. 29% are 45 or older. other news, caltrain board of directors is set to hold a special meeting today to vote on a proposal that could avoid drastic service cut. caltrain staff has come up with a plan to get $3.5 million by deferring maintenance and borrowing from a capital fund. officials say that would avoid closure of any stations and cut to the strain schedule. however, prices will still likely increase. 25% saw -- rather, 25 cents on one-way fares and $1 a hike in parking fees. starting today, real-time parking information will be launched in some neighborhoods. the smart meters and sensors will be used to detect where parking is available in seven pilot areas. officials say this will reduce the carbon footprint
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of drivers driving around in circles looking for parking. the information will be available through a new iphone app released today or going to a new city website. for a link, you can start with our website click on "see it on tv." sunnyvale fire investigators are looking for the cause of an apartment fire that left a woman dead. about 40 firefighters spent more than an hour trying to bring the blaze under control. fire crews found the 71-year-old victim inside one of the units. investigators are sifting through debris. trying to determine what started the fire. >> we have our fire cause investigators here. that doesn't mean they suspect arson. but they rely on their expertise to go through a fire scene. >> one firefighter was treated for smoke inhalation. red cross was called in to help people displaced by the fire. the victim's name has not
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been released. this morning, oakland school district officials plan to cancel layoff notices for hundreds of teachers. "oakland tribune" says the school district plans to spare 80% of the full-time positions that face elimination. now only 35 kindergarten through 12th grade jobs could be slashed because of budget reasons. a dozen teachers without proper certification to teach english learning students will receive layoff notices when the final notices are sent out may 15. right now, 4:38. check on the weather forecast. and the morning showers but they won't be with us all day, right? >> correct. they should be gone by noon. we should see sunshine. i should say we will see some sunshine. be more positive about it. a look at the satellite and the radar. you can see a curl motion right there. radar return to the north. that is the low passing by. now it needs to drag the cold front across the bay area. it's doing it right now. once it does that. look at the clearer air
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behind the system. we still have clouds this afternoon. expect to see plenty of sunshine. kind of breezy in some areas. look at the winds in napa. gusting up to 36. 15 in hayward and livermore to 20 in fairfield. so it's going to be tough go as the front comes through, as the winds will be kind of fast at times. all right. the temperatures if you are stepping out. 48 in santa rosa. san rafael, half moon bay. low to mid-50s until you get to san jose at 58 degrees. there you see the rain tapering as you head through the 8:00 hour. by noon, upper 50s to low 60s with partly sunny conditions. it will become partly cloudy by 6:00. mid-to-upper 50s along the coast, half moon bay. rest of us in the low to mid-60s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, dry tomorrow, a little bit warmer. we still have pockets of light rain possible this weekend. again, there are pockets, which means not everybody will get them.
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they're light. which means it won't last long. again, i urge you not to change any plans to be outside over the weekend. slight chance monday. a warming trend for tuesday and wednesday. hi, megan. >> good morning. thank you, mike. we have seen a couple of spin-outs this morning. but the good news is everything is on the shoulder. we have don't have anything now blocking any lanes. if you are getting ready to leave the house, you should have a smooth commute awaiting you. south bay, live look at 280. at the 17 overcrossing. no delays right now heading northbound through downtown san jose area. we have roadwork in mountain view. southbound 85. the ramp is closed until later this morning. orinda z the earlier car fire eastbound 24 has been cleared. we had several emergency crews out there. right now, the traffic is moving nicely in both directions of 24. especially heading toward the caldecott tunnel on 24 westbound.
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good morning. 4:43 on the abc7 morning news. live look at the sutro camera toward san francisco. is that right? yep. what you can't see here is the light rain. and even drizzle in parts of the bay area that is falling down on us. it won't be falling for very much longer. mike will tell us how much longer coming up in the weather cast. san francisco mayor ed lee says he is about a week away from announcing his pick for the city's new permanent police chief. lee was left with picking the department top cop in january. after outgoing mayor gavin newsom appointed chief
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george gascon to be district attorney. gascon second in command was named interim chief. the police commission whittled down list of applicant for chief and submitted three candidates to mayor lee on march 15. he has not said if godown was among the three. in bailey trial, they watched hour-long video. it showed bey laughing about the journalist. abc7's cecilia vega reports. >> reporter: for the first time, the juror saw for themselves key piece of evidence in the chauncesy bailey murder trial. video that showed bey laughing about the murder. >> reporter: the video was taken days after bailey was gunned down in downtown
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oakland. investigators tricked the former leader of your black muslim bakery, his half-brother and associate recording them as they sat together in police department holding cell. in the hour long video they alternated from laughing and whispering. bey tells the court the night before they raided the house he took the shotgun used to kill bailey out of the bedroom closet and handed them over to the associates accused of carrying out the hit at their request. in the video he says he was not there when the fatal shots were fired. >> bey told investigators he knew he was recorded inside the holding cell but lied to confuse the police. but outside the trial the lawyer said it's unclear if he knew they were listening to the conversation. the prosecutors say it shows bey iv gleeful about the murder. in oakland, cecilia vega,
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abc7 news. 4:45 now. coming up, free ride in walnut creek. while downtown trolley service everybody likes is coming under fire. plus, the proposal to add a fee to the soft drinks you buy. why supporters say it could help save schools and children's health. blind sea lion unable to return to
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can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less
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per serving and are now weight watchers-endorsed. try green giant frozen vegetables with sauce. [ speaking spanish ] ♪ [ male announcer ] old el pas. old el paso. feed your fiesta. welcome back. time for lower 48 forecast. getting cooler across most of the country. warm weather to miami, new orleans, dallas, phoenix, mid-to-upper 80s. 90s in phoenix. we have low 60s around new york, to 66 in d.c. i should say the low 50s around seattle. in to portland. check out the flight and looks like philadelphia right now has flight departure delays and severe weather is possible. along kansas city. and line down to dallas. there could be delays there, too. the flight tracker.
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eric? >> thank you. coming up on 4:49. you might think a free trolley service would be met with open arms. in walnut creek it is coming under fire. critics say it's a courtesy the city can no longer afford. abc7's laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: for 20 years the city of walnut creek subsidized free bus service. the free downtown trolley runs every 20 minutes. from the city's busy shopping area to bart and back. some say it's an idea that's time has come and gone. >> we are in a downturn. >> former city council candidate justin wadell believes the current council had no business voting to continue paying $200,000 per year to keep the trolley free. >> under the prime conditions where there is no economic downturn and we're not facing extreme budget cuts. i think it's a great service to have. the problem is that we are in a downturn. >> the trolley is part of the larger county connection bus service. walnut creek pays its fare
4:50 am
box subsidy out of downtown parking fees. many of the riders shoppers, recent study shows a majority of people who use it as a way to get to or from, work or home. >> we have 1,000 people a day that ride this centrally. those are 1,000 people going do and from work, as well as going to and from shopping or going to and from school. if those people weren't riding the trolley, they would in fact driving cars and sitting in parking spaces and making the downtown streets more congested. >> it's keeping people from needing to park, and they drive around look for a parking space, helps employees get to and from. it's a success. >> laura anthony, abc7 news. >> 4:50 now. $1.5 billion plan to redevelop treasure island could get a big boost today. san francisco's planning commission is set to vote on it this evening. it would have housing with a transit hub and shopping
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area. 400 affordable housing units had to be dropped from the plan when governor brown announced a cut of $130 million in redevelopn't funding. this plan has been in work since the navy left treasure island in 1997. this morning giants fans bhieth surprised to see the team popular players when they go to the bank. buster posy will give out tickets to upcoming giant games at select bank of america banking centers in san francisco. he will be handing out other baseball-themed items to customers. b-of-an is keeping locations a secret but officials say'sy will be at the -- say posey will be at select banking centers between 10:00 a.m. and 12:30 in the afternoon. all you have to know is the indicator. when he does this, he gives you the ticketed. >> mine is this. change it for weekend. had to be this. >> this is rain in the bay
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area. [ laughter [ laughter ] >> good morning. rain, good sign. you don't see much of it here on live doppler7 h.d. it's definitely out there. this is a live picture from sutro tower. this is picture from the last hour. rain is undercutting the radar. sfo is reporting rain. fremont, hayward and san jose. you can see the low-top clouds bringing us the light rain. watch out for slick streets. mild. upper 40s in santa rosa, san rafael, low to mid-50s for the rest of us. san jose is warmer spot at 58. salinas at 59. the rest of the inland is mid-50s. talk about how the rain will taper quickly. by the end of the morning commute, it should be over to lead us to pockets of sunshine this afternoon. it will be dry. we will be between systems tomorrow. scattered light rain for the weekend. take a look at what is going
4:53 am
on. weak elevations to the north. high is working together. high with the clockwise slow. the low will push the front through. when it does around 8:00 or 9:00, the rain is over. we'll look for sunshine this afternoon. at 5:00, the rain line showing up. computer model has a good handle on this. there you go. bye-bye by 8:00 or 9:00. there you go for the afternoon sunshine. rainfall amounts are going to end up around ten to the a quarter of an inch. like we talked about yesterday. higher amount in the north bay, where mount st. helena had three-quarter of an inch. but again, who tllives up there? 4,000 feet. we have low to mid-60s on the peninsula. mid-to-upper 50s on the coast. south san francisco. upper 60s around saucelito. 56 in bodega bay.
4:54 am
low to mid-60s in north bay valley. low to mid-60s throughout the east bay shore. oakland and castro valley around 65 degrees. mid-to-upper 60s for east bay valley. walnut creek to dublin. 58 at carmel. low to mid-60s for the rest of the monterey. tonight, 50 in oakland. everybody else in mid-to-upper 40s with partly cloudy conditions. what will happen in the next couple of days? a pretty progression flow. the area of low pressure comes through and they will squeeze out pockets of light rain. especially on saturday to a lesser extent on sunday. tuesday and wednesday, looks like we are going to be warmer. megan, somehow traffic? >> good morning. we're off to a great start for your wet thursday morning commute. we did have a couple of earlier problem spots but they have been cleared. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems making your way
4:55 am
through the tolls heading to san francisco. heading out of san francisco, stalled car, eastbound 80 at treasure island. blocking the slow lane. eastbound 84, right lanes are blocked between university and thornton avenue until 6:00 this morning. if you are taking mass transit, bart is reporting so far all trains on time. as well as ace, muni, caltrain. for the latest traffic update, go to our website click on the traffic link under abc7 extras. >> good advice. thank you. 4:55. two american security experts say they found a hidden file that allows iphones to keep a record of where the phone has been and when it was there. they create a program to let them store their details. no information that it's
4:56 am
transferred to apple. the cash trap school could generate $1 billion every year by taxing soda. a 1% tax on soda and sweetened drinks would raise $233 for every student in state schools. funding would be raised for the childhood obesity prevention. they say they would need equivalent of $14 billion 12-ounce condition of soda to raise the money to help the school, local agency and anti-obesity program. based on a bill by assembly man of carm -- bill monty of carmel. sea lion found shot on the beach last year will live out his life in cusshy new home. silent night, his name, blinded by the shotgun pellet and considered unfit
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to live in the wild again. another sea lion will live with him in a pull refurbished for him. at&t ups the ante against phone rivals. that's next at 5:00. have you felt frustrated with president obama in the last two years? he has been frustrated, too. sample from the speech last night in san francisco coming up. >> bicycle riders may hit a speed bump on the golden gate bridge. coming up, why the c.h.p. officers may soon be clocking them.
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