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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 22, 2011 11:35pm-12:00am PDT

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tonight on "nightline," price spikes. runaway gasoline costs, jack up prices across the board. from food to flowers to house paint. we look at why a few extra cents here is fueling economic anxiety everywhere. celebrity ministers. dearly beloved. now, a romance written in the stars. >> now pronounce you man and wife! >> can be saled forever by a star. we meet the celebrities who are officiate your wedding for a nominal fee. and, royal obsession. there's the queen's quarters, the altar to charles and the diana suite. follow us into the home of the
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collector of roil bric-a-brac who has all the others beat, if you dare. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," april 22nd, 2011. >> good evening, i'm terry moran. we're going to begin with the price of gas. the average cost of gasoline is now at a two and a half year high, with talk of a possible $6 a gallon gas this summer. speaking in reno, nevada, yesterday, president obama warned that price gouging on gas sales would be punished. but the worst part about the high gas prices you see everywhere may be the prices you don't see, the hidden costs for things like shipping that increase what you pay for everything from flowers to food. here's neal karlinsky with that. >> reporter: in seattle today, there is something that could keep a cancer patient from getting chemo treatment. it's robbing the profit margin
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from this pizza before it is even made. and it's pushing commuters to ride to work with complete strangers. gas prices. you've heard the news. gas is expensive. but there is a hidden cost, too, and the impact is reverberating through a bigger slice of daily life than you might imagine. >> i think twice before hopping into my car and going anywhere these days. >> reporter: barbara hayes is a volunteer driver for the very sick and old. you really see a differences in your bottom line now. >> i used to think that. it is just, you know, three cents a gallon more what's that? but it's turned out to be a dollar or two more, and when you're filling up with 10 or 15 gallons, it really adds up. >> reporter: barbara's meticulous logs tell the story. her nearly 100 miles of volunteer driving a week add up to roughly $60 a month.
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she can't afford it. you can't see it, but gas prices loom large over ere plate served at this restaurant. jessica sky bolt says the owners are eating a massive cost increase because they are afraid of losing customers if they raise prices. so, what is it doing to your budget? >> it is -- our food costs are through the roof. >> reporter: a walk through the restaurant's kitchen shows the domino effect. gas charges have pushed pork chops up 20 cents a pound. sirlo sirloin, nearly a dollar a pound. bacon's up 40 cents a pound. >> the increase is bacon, $75 increase per week. >> reporter: $75 a week? >> yes. >> reporter: just from the price of gas? >> from the price in gas. >> reporter: and at olympia pizza right next door. >> reporter: how do gas prices affect the pizza business?
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>> a lot. i think a lot. every week i have a new product coming in, always i see new prices going up and up and up. >> reporter: not to mention his own gas bill because he shops local markets for fresh ingredients. >> it's a problem because i figure out one month cost me around $175 more to $200 a month. >> reporter: in your gas money? >> just my gas money. >> reporter: it's not just the food. the basic businesses of every town are affected, from the grocery store to florists and movers, now adding fuel surcharges. and everything from toothpaste to plastic water bottles and even house paint is going up, as a result. want to fly somewhere? fuel prices are pushing airplane tickets up 7% just this month. and consider this. every $1 increase in the price of gas is estimated to cost the average household $1,000 in annual expenses.
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>> it was always a question of, what was the tipping point for the consumer with gas prices? the number that we're looking at now is really the tipping point is, you know, $4.50, $4.75, closer to $5. if we hit $5 a gallon, that is not only a very real impact for consumers, there's a psychological impact, as well. >> reporter: some commuters are already being driven to extre extremes. >> good morning. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., leana ferguson is a bride to be turned something called a slug. really, she's desperate to save money for her wedding, so, she's trying this organized form of legal hitchhiking and getting a free ride from a stranger who wants to beat traffic and needs an extra person to get in the car pool lane. then, she takes the subway the rest of the way. >> it was interesting. he was eating sun flower seeds, which kind of grossed me out, but that's the kind of thing you have to deal with. >> reporter: in return, leana says she's saving $200 a month by leaving her own car at home.
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if you're looking for a bright spot in all this, just look north. canadians are flocking across the border because pricey as a tank of gas is, it's still cheaper here than much of the rest of the world. i'm neal karlinsky for "nightline" in seattle. >> the real cost of high gas prices. thanks to neal karlinsky for that. just ahead, you don't have to marry a celebrity to be in a celebrity wedding. now, you can hire a star, like kathy griffin, to stand in as your minister while you tie the knot. what's all this? big news! we have another way to help you save. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ]
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>> announcer: "nightline"
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continues from new york city with terry moran. >> do you, television viewing public, take tori spelling to be a legitimately vested minister? and do you, viewer, take kevin smith to be a priest? through good jokes and bad, until the end of his regular podcast. well, if you replied i do, i now pronounce you fit to enjoy the following report on celebrity ministers. you may now kiss chris connelly. >> reporter: from tv bachelors -- >> you may now kiss your bride. >> reporter: to bridezillas. >> i'm going to [ bleep ] kill that [ bleep ]. >> reporter: seems like every couple wants not a timelessly traditional wedding ceremony -- >> no! >> reporter: but one that reflects their own individual tile. >> okay, can we get going? ♪ viva las vegas >> reporter: and while it's been possible to get married by a celebrity impersonator, like jesse guerin.
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>> promise to love her tender? >> reporter: overseeing these vows as elvis. now couples are hiring an actual celebrity to wed them. not the king, of course. but a recognizable name all the same. now recognizable? well, don't be expecting the likes of robin williams from "lie sense to wed" or "doubt's" phillip see more hoffman. celebs that are available tend to be of the upbeat. tori spelling has done it. >> tony and dax, it is my honor and privilege to pronounce you committed partners in love and in life. >> reporter: d-list diva kathy griffin. >> i am allowed to use any profanity i want, including [ bleep ] jokes. however, i am forbidden from using the word [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and she hasn't shied away from her candor. >> you may screw the bride! >> reporter: but that's white wedding stuff next to the alter ego of movie director, writer,
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podcaster kevin smith who is doing for holy matrimony what he once did for film comedy in the '90s. make it for money and a lot dirtier. >> that's why i manually masturbate caged animals. >> show me $5,000 wedding other than an elopement. >> reporter: smith's weddings take place here. each is part of a regular podcast. >> suddenly goes from 50 people or whoever is here in the room to potentially the entire world gets to hear your wedding and the more interesting the people are, the better it is. and if you are getting married here, you are really interesting. >> reporter: it's michael and scott's wedding day. and if you are wondering when they're planning to change out of those hockey jerseys -- they're not. this is a hockey-themed wedding. complete with hockey-style wedding cake, cuts and bruises face paint and ticket-style invites. >> it has the date, 2011, the row is 2.
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and the seat is 12. >> reporter: the l.a. county couple are season ticket holders and never miss a game. but through 16 years of togetherness, they've had no official ceremony. >> why we held off for so many years is that nothing fit. >> nothing was appealing. >> and this fits. >> reporter: if you are getting married in hockey jerseys and you're making me wear a referee jersey and you're gay, and you're here, and you are huge hockey fans, we're in for a great show. >> reporter: part of jay and silent bob -- >> sound like barbra streisand. >> maybe it's because i got this tubby bitch playing her greatest hits in my ear all the time. >> reporter: smith shows how easy it is to get ordained. >> when you finish this paper work, you'll be ordained. can you commit marriage. and go. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: fix that. that's a lie. fix it. i happen to know it's a lie. done. oh my god. a minute and a half.
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let me kiss the ring. >> reporter: as michael and scott take the stage, with those in aten dense all wearing jerseys -- >> i love a gay wedding. nobody ever plods the straights, man. >> reporter: smith is ready for a no holds barred q and a, much of it not that suitable for broadcast television. >> there's always one memory, one sexual memory that will stick out. you guys got one of those? >> yeah. >> reporter: and some sweet questions, too. >> all right, give me three beautiful worlds that would describe scott, for you. >> sweet, honest and real. >> three words about michael. >> smart, tough and sensitive. >> oh, the sensitive part gets me. >> reporter: soon, it's time for the actual ceremony. >> i scott. >> i scott. >> take you michael. >> take you michael. >> to be my husband. >> to be my husband. >> reporter: even for a celebrity, joining two people together -- >> i love you. >> reporter: can be heady stuff. how do you feel like, once the
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say moanny is over -- >> you feel like god him or herself, because you just bound two people in holy matrimony. by the power vested in me, and this here building smodcastle, i no pronounce you, michael and scott, married. kiss now. >> reporter: it might not be for everyone. at a reception back at their home, michael and scott are delighted by their decision to have a celebrity tie their knot. >> it was like he was a friend, though we never met before. exactly the way we wanted it. >> reporter: i'm chris connell little for "nightline" in los angeles. >> a lot nicer than i expected. thanks to chris connelly for that. next up, we're going to get a look at what may be the world's wackiest collection of royal memorabilia. it's 30 years of buckingham palace, crammed poor to ceiling. [ male announcer ] those with frequent heartburn
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star trek, elvis, the yankees. for whatever reason, some figures inspire such cultish following that the hard core faithful are apt to turn entire
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rooms of their homes or in some cases, their entire homes, into the gaudy shrines. well, as nick watt finds out tonight, the british royal family falls into that category, too. >> reporter: before you even cross the threshold, you can tell something weird lurks beyond. >> welcome to heritage house. >> reporter: thank you. >> i'll show you around. here we are. >> reporter: good grief. um -- wow. >> where do we start? >> reporter: indeed. crammed into this little house, royal trinkets collected over 30 years. from a william baby doll to a mock throne. >> i do sit on my throne sometimes. >> reporter: what's that? >> oh that's prince charles as a gnome. >> reporter: and that's a jar of jelly infused with a piece of
11:57 pm
diana's hair. photos of marg let's own family get just one shelf. how many individual pieces do you have? >> all together, if everything were out, all together, it would be about 10,000. >> reporter: 10,000. and you would notice if i stole something? >> i would, yes, yes i would. >> reporter: i'm not going to, but -- >> i wouldn't think so. >> reporter: she'd know because this is not random. there are sections. the queen, front and center. prince charles occupies what should be the dining room. prince andrew, under the stairs. this is your home. your tv is there, you can almost see the tv from here. >> yes, yes. that's where i watch my royal videos. >> reporter: of course. of course. >> reporter: sometimes squashed next to tourists from japan and america who come to stay. is this, i mean -- i -- why? >> i just enjoy collecting, on
11:58 pm
the royal family. such a fascinating subject. you know, you -- you just couldn't get another family like it. >> reporter: but in a sense, she's like a stalker from a b movie. what do you think the queen would like if she walked in this door? >> i'd like to think she'd feel at home because all her relations are here, and she is, as well. >> reporter: she's met the queen, and gave her a cake. was she friendly? >> yes, very nice. she makes me feel very emotional and i always feel like i'm going to burst into tears, i want to say, thank you for what you've done for us. >> reporter: okay, i will never really understand this adoration, so, let's just wallow in it. through the back is the diana room. >> would you like to see it? >> reporter: absolutely. just look at all this. >> i met diana act six weeks before she died and i was wearing this rosette. she came to our local hospital. and she threw back her head and laughed when she saw it and she
11:59 pm
said, oh, you have got it bad. she wanted to build a william and kate conservatory but the planning department wouldn't let her. she'll buy the house next door if it ever comes up for sale. she's insatiable. and guess where she will be wedding day? front and center. look out for her when you're watching on tv. i'm nick watt for "nightline" in london. >> she does have it bad. thanks to nick watt for that. and tune into "nightline" monday and all of next week. we're going to crash that royal wedding. my co-anchor cynthia mcfadden is there. she'll bring you it all live from london. late breaking news now. severe weather in the st. louis area. at least seven tornadoes reported there. the airport sustained significant damage with windows and road s torn up and a shuttl bus carried to the top of a terminal. there have been reports of minor injuries only, thankfully. the storm is now moving into parts of illinois. we hope you checknt


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