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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  April 23, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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good evening everyone. the debate is on over whether a peninsula city should let a private company take over an some service. in two weeks police operations will be taken over by the san sn mateo sheriff department, and now they're deciding the fate of the fire department. lisa amin gulezian is live in san carlos with more on the story. >> lisa: you know, it's not uncommon for city agencies to consolidate to save money. mel bray and -- mel be a and san bruno fire departments just did
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it. now san carlos is considering something that is outraging firefighters. >> trying get rich. >> lisa: firefighters are working overtime this weekend. they're not fighting fires but they are fighting for what they think is best for this community. now, with that the bell possibility and san carlos fire department is dissolving. san carlos needs a new partner. >> the city of san carlos is making an attempt to privatize the fire department. >> lisa: the city's consultants are recommending allowing a private security company to run the department, or team up with redwood city's fire department. >> we do a lot of joint training with redwood city, share the fire marshal. >> lisa: the firefighters want the public to stand witch them -- stand with them and their preferred choirks but according to the mayor, those choices would retain the same
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staff, not close fire stations and save more than $1 million, but going private could save even more. >> we're not trying to throw people out, but there needs to be a very different structure and a very different way to approach these services that allows san carlos to move forward. >> the way things have been going, and the fact that the proassessal -- proposal is still on the table, if have concerns. >> the concern involves many from changing from a public agency to a privately operated one. >> we have concerns, being that be feel we should be in the business of providing a high level of service, not one for making a profit. >> residents are divided. >> worse comes to worse, it's okay to join red wood city but not private company. >> we should do whatever the makes the citizen the safest. >> lisa: the city council is
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expected to make a decision and vote on the issue monday night. live in san carlos, lisa amin gulezian, abc-7 news. >> alan: hundreds gathered in lincoln square for the launch of a camera security system meant to prevent crime. the cameras were installed inside and outside the center after the police were reduced. after success of similar surveillance systems in china town, the neighborhood crime prevention council recommended the cameras. and the citizens should be protected. >> it's not easy to get the police to be patrolling in the little time and area. so we're hoping this camera system will deter crimes. >> alan: the system was paid for by local merchants and the advisory committee on crime. >> after two days fire crews
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have contained a stubborn warehouse fire, at the apple storehouse in watsonville. it forced firefighters to battle flames from the outside. a popular apple cider, mart martinellies is stored there. >> in st. louis, lambert airport is expected to re-open after a strong tornado did serious damage. the airport is closed with dozens of flights cancelled, including one to san francisco international airport. the storm damaged hundreds of homes in the surrounding area. richard can thank you has more. >> firs storms, including tornadoes, struck five states. lambert airport was shut down when fierce wind tore the roof of the con expowrs disciplinerred the glass in doors and windows. >> the doors blue in on the
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terminal and been bag lang claim. >> this security video shows some of the chaos and confusion as the tornado struck. people ducked as the wind bloke grass. on the tarmac, equipment and planes were knocked around. this one had a piece of its fuselage torn back and a shard of metal driven into its tail. but injuries were minor. >> when you look at the devastation, it's a miracle there were no fatilities. >> even sew, the human toll is terrible. dozens of nearby homes were damaged or destroyed. stunned residents picked through the ruins. one man took shelter in this basement but lost everything else. >> walk up the basement steps and stick your head out of where the basement door used to be, and there's absolutely nothing there. no walls, no -- nothing. no roof. it was everything was gone.
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>> reporter: the same storm system toppled trees and ripped roofs from homes in illinois, and the threat of more rain has them filling sand bags along the banks of the white river in indiana, making this a holiday weekend memorable for all the wrong reasons. richard cantu, abc news. >> alan: in the persian gulf, yemen's president has agreed to resign after weeks of violent blow tests against his regime. this weekend, security forces opened fire on antigovernment protesters. the deal was announced today by a senior government official and mandates that the president leave office within 30 days and handover power to his deputies. he previously insetted on serving out his term not 2013. the afremont provides him with complete immunity and also members of his rental -- regime.
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>> here in san francisco, several hundred people rallied in support of the people ofem man. the rally was endorsed by amnesty international. >> a big earth day celebration today at san francisco's civic center plaza. and this year's earth day festival brought multicultural musics and sustainable living activists to the city. they're encouraging people to look for green solutions and integrate those practices into their everyday lives. vendors set up showcases like the clean air zone, with biodiesel vehicles and state of the art bikes. they also had yoga classes and cooking classes. germany is launching an investigation into smartphones
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that track your location. ahead, why companies are collecting your data, and what you can do about it. if wal-mart picks the south bay as a testing ground for it new delivery service. >> leigh: ", we have seen just about everything today. some sun, clouds, some moist and drizzle. we may see some showers for easter sunday. stay with us. we have the forecast coming up.
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>> alan: a german watch dog agency is demanaged archesz from apple over whether itz iphones and ipats are seek secretly
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collecting information on it users. government officials have given apple until june 10th to respond. the controversy doesn't just involve apple. tech contributor has more on why companies are collecting your data and what you can do about it. >> you take your phone with you everywhere. so when security researchers discovered that apple iphones are logging location data, and now the news that google and android phones are logging your location. this data could be used to build incredibly huge database. >> the iphone can be an itracker and an itracker can be used by a predator.
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>> i downloaded a program on my computer that takes all the location data apple is store on my phone and then shows it on a map with my phone in the car i drive a route through san francisco, even down crooked almost lombard street. but it shows only the grid. android phones are precise. google says their phones collect cell tower locations, wi-fi routers and your phone's gps data and all location sharing is opted in by the user, and any information is anonmowz. >> these units can check e-mails, text-messages, and data messages from the phone. >> law enforcement has not been willing to be transparent how they're using these devices and
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what information they're accessing,. >> reporter: the michigan state police assured us they only use these tools if a search warrant is untakenned or the owner gives per. >> control should be in our hands, not apple or google. >> alan: google says you can opt out by changing the sets, but with apple, there is no opt-out option. >> wal-mart is testing a new grocery delivery service in san jose. the service is called, wal-mart to development customers can order goesries, health and beauty products and household supplies. wal-mart will then drive those goods to your home. there's no time if or when the service will expand to other areas. wal-mart is trying to challenge amazon which launched a similar service in 2007. >> the royal guest list. find out what will be attending prince william and kate
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>> alan: if you care, we are now less than a week away from the royal wedding, and today buckingham palace released the guest list. david and victoria beckham will be there, as well as guy richie
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and elton john, and while sarah ferguson will not, her daughter will attend. this is not a state affair so the obamas will not be there, but lots of kings kings and qued two dozen members of prince william's unit will a tend. we'll bring you the royal wedding live next friday, april 29th. also have a special edition of "20/20" from 9:00 to 11:00 p.m. now let talk to leigh, who has been watching ought for the easter bunny. >> leigh: may be a little wet there we have seen everything, clouds, mist and drizzle along the coast, and we may see a little bit more of that tonight and tomorrow. this is a live look from the san jose cam. you can see the overcast there. right now, took at 65 in san jose, mountain view, you're at 65. san francisco, at 60.
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we have 59 right now in napa, and an in half moon bay. they're reporting a little drizzle, and so is san francisco and even the hire elevations of mt. tamalpais seeing light shower activity. we're going to continue with some cloud overnight. also some local drizzle. showers or maybe just a heavy drizzle expected off and on tomorrow. and i think it's going to be a total washout. we'll see a better chance of showers as we head into monday. this is a weak system. most of the energy to the north of us. around the bay area, it's low level moisture just off the coast that will tick kick in here overnight. live doppler 7hd showing most of the activity to the north and towards south lake tahoe, the higher elevations picking up the snow and rain, and around the bay area, not picking up much in the way of heave precipitation -- heavy
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precipitation, and a chance of showers on easter sunday exhibit could just be that heavy mississippi and drizzle. the forecast model is overdoing this. by 10:00, 11:00 tonight, a little more of the moisture feeding in, and if you're planning on going to sunrise services tomorrow, sunrise will be at 6:23, and we approximately lobly -- probably see a little low-level moisture and then most of this pulls out in the afternoon. lows tonight in the 40s and 50s and clouds moving in, and highs bring you down a few degrees. 64 for san jose. don't be surprised especially, half moon bay and pacifica, if you have heavy mist and drizzle. 61 for san francisco. north bay, santa rosa, 63. on the east bay, oakland, 64 degrees. 62 for hayward. even interior east bay locations
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could see drizzle as well. con cord, 64. and watsonville, 65 degrees. the seven-day forecast, a better chance of seeing showers for the entire bay area. on monday, then the rain pulls out of our extended forecast. wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures in the 70s return. >> alan: talk to shu. the giants were depending on their ace, tim lincecum. >> mike: giants have not met their stride. timmy hudson sends them
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>> mike: we had a great pitching matchup at at&t, tim lincecum and tim hudson. the g-men struck first in the second, ross, the single to center. pat burrell waived -- waved home. a play at the plate. lincecum not sharp. mccloud scores. game tied at 1. in the fifth, practiced pratt to again, the giants, no answer for hud son. gets sher -- -- one out short of
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a complete game. giants lose their third straight. 5-2 the final. >> the sharks can close out the kings at the tank with a victory. this team has been so up and down, who knows what this roller coaster will offer tonight. there's been 29 goals scored in four games, two games went to overtime, and everybody has contributed. mcclellan claims adversity proceeds growth, and she sharks hoping to stunt the kings growth. >> the big thing is the mental preparation, showing up to the game, put your work boots on and being prepared to meet their challenge. >> they're going to play desperate. so we got to match the intensity. we can't come out the way we did in game two, and i'm sure they'll come out that way. >> also in san jose, earthquakes the double header, 1-0 quakes.
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second half, 85th minute, game tied. the shot is deflected. trujillo is there for the rebound and buries it. chivas gets it first win of the season, 2-1 the final. >> to the hardwood. nba playoffs. tipping off in the wild, wild west. dallas and portland. what a finish. blazers out to win their second straight. rip city. in the third, all mavericks. dallas, its largest lead up to 23, but brandon roy brings the blazers back. then he hits the three and one. the four-point play ties the game. roy wasn't done. pulls up, off the glass. 18o his 4 in the -- 18 of his 24 in the last. blazers even the series at two apiece with the victory. in the east, pacers looking to avoid a sweep by the bulls. indiana was ready to play in the
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second. granger, submitting defender -- splitting defenders. then price, from deep. got it. pacers up. here comes the running of the bulls. under 20 seconds to leave. noah and the foul. chicago down one. five seconds left. last chance. why is boozer shooting? indiana stays alive. >> cal loses to arizona state 6-0, and stanford beats ucla 500. and at cf, we may have a new number one in the world and his name is not tiger or phil or allen. >> alan: kids searching high and low for some special treats. at it an early start to the easter egg minute san francisco. ÷
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>> alan: coming up at 6:00. a billboard battle i raging in the bay area between evangelicals and athiests. what the two groups are fighting about. join us at 6:00. the easter bunny arrived a day early for kids in san francisco. accomplish. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> alan: the kids were fining age all over golden gate park this morning and took advantage of the carnival rides, inthreatables, entertainment and food. it's part of t


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