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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 24, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, am good morning, america. this morning, chaos at the airport. our first look inside that st. louis terminal as a twister hits, tearing up the roof, shaking airplanes and destroying homes all over the area. big oil, big profits. consumers' pain at the pump translates into huge profits for the oil companies. how big? we're about to find out and it's going to set off a huge debate across the country. >> trump heads north. donald trump takes another significant step toward running for president heading to new hampshire to meet with voters but this morning, new questions about the donald's interests in politics. we're going to take a look at his voting record. and live from the royal wedding. the big event is just five days away, and we're live in london as the city gets set to host one of the biggest weddings ever. this morning, the royal family's final trip to church before the
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big event. join us as we begin our coverage live from the royal wedding. hey, everybody. good morning and happy easter. my co-anchor and weekend compadre bianna is over in london this morning ahead of the big day. hey, bianna. >> hey, dan. i wish you were here. it is so beautiful and sunny in london. what a scene we have here. easter sunday is gorgeous in the college gardens here, offering a beautiful view of parliament and big ben behind me, dan. as you can see, much of the royal family is going to church today. now, this is significant because it's the last time they'll be inside a church before the wedding at westminster abbey. everyone is going to today's services except for william and kate and prince harry, obviously very busy people, dan. >> i think they have a pretty good excuse. on this holiest day of the year for christians all over the
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world, pope benedict has said mass in st. peter's square in his easter blessing to the city and to the world, he calls for an end to the fighting in libya and urged diplomacy there. on a slightly less serious note for children, easter, of course, means candy and bunny rabbits and this morning we've got a pretty funny story about a college campus in california that was once overrun with bunnies, they were everywhere. now they've managed to rein in the rabbits. how did they do it? we'll tell you coming up and a whole new slew of details about the royal wedding, right, bianna? >> they continue to come in. all these new details. this is a massive security operation taking place in london right now. we've seen checkpoints going up. more street diversions. plus we have a lot more details about the wedding itself. dan, the seating chart is out and we'll tell you who got the best seats. it's not who you think. also we'll tell you which high-profile british politician got snubbed altogether and what does prince harry have planned for all the partyers who make it
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it will 6:00 a.m. the morning after the wedding? of course he has something planned. he will probably never go to sleep that night. >> that doesn't surprise me one bit and this royal snub is very interesting, bianna. we'll get back to you in just a minute. we'll start, though, with what is turning out to be one of, if not the worst, months for tornadoes on record. overnight in the town of cairo, illinois, a tornado tore through the small airport there, leveling one of the buildings. it comes just a day after a swarm of twisters ripped through the city of st. louis heavily damaging the airport there and that is where our jeremy hubbard is this morning with that incredible new video of the tornado as it hit the terminal. jeremy, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you can see the boarded up windows behind me here. airport officials now say the damage is in the millions of dollars and they've deployed a thousand workers to get this place back up and running. they hope to be 70% operational today, which is an amazing feat when you consider how battered this place was by the twister. security cameras captured the frightening instant the powerful
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twister strikes the terminal, terrified travelers running for cover from the flying metal, glass and debris. >> i think every one of those glass doors blew in and we all just ran to the bathroom. >> reporter: we know friday night's storm packed winds up to 135 miles an hour ripping the roof off the airport's main terminal, tossing planes around the tarmac. >> i just hung on for my life. the plane was shaking so badly. >> reporter: and leaving this shuttle bus dangling dangerously from a parking ramp. at least five people were hospitalized. countless others visibly shaken. >> just talking about it my heart starts beating pretty quick again. >> reporter: the tornadoes were part of two huge storm systems that tore through the st. louis area then rolled across the mississippi river into southern illinois creating a path of destruction that damaged at least 750 homes and leveled entire neighborhoods. >> we looked up from the staircase, and we saw the sky. i just walked up, and i just started bawling. i cried. >> reporter: with tornado season generally from april to july, 41 people have already been killed
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by twisters so far this year. last year the death toll was 45 for the entire season. and this month is shaping up to be the most active month for twisters on record. preliminary reports of 559 tornadoes in april alone, and forecasters are expecting even more this week. >> there are still more threats for severe weather here coming up for monday and tuesday across the southern plains and into the middle mississippi valley. >> reporter: back here at the airport officials say it could take up to two months to repair all the damage. again, this was just one to hit the area. the most powerful one packed winds of up to 200 miles an hour, the strongest to hit since 1967 but amazingly, not one reported fatality as of yet. bianna? >> such dramatic footage. jeremy, thank you. we want to turn to the economic news that's impacting all of us whether you're in britain or in the u.s. obviously i'm talking about the cost of gasoline. big oil is expected to show big profits this week when they release their first quarter
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earnings report and that could trigger more outrage for motorists who are paying nearly $4 a gallon for gas. david kerley has the story from washington. good morning. all eyes i guess are on exxon, david. >> reporter: they are, the biggest one, bianna. you know, americans are already unhappy about the prices they're seeing at the pumps, but we could see some real anger this week as these big oil companies start reporting how much they made in just the past three months. and we are talking some very big numbers. while prices have been soaring at the pumps, big oil is making big bucks, black gold. analysts expect the largest company, exxon, to report this week that its profits soared nearly 60%. that's $10 billion. shell expected to see a 22% gain, $5.9 billion. nearly the same profit expected for chevron too. >> i think they're thieves. >> reporter: dom zito sounds like a lot of frustrated american drivers. >> if you own stock in the oil companies, you're doing well but i think for everyone else, the
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consumers, i think it's hard on us. >> reporter: the price of crude oil has been pushed up 38% in the past three months, not because of any shortages. traders hear what might happen in libya and the rest of the middle east so they keep on bidding up the price. in fact, experts will tell you the oil companies aren't to blame because they don't set the price. >> exxon can't do much about that. it's good for them when they're high, but they don't have that much ability to change them. >> reporter: but that won't stop calls for a windfall profit tax or some other way to give motorists a break at the pump. president obama is calling for eliminating what he calls $4 billion in subsidies to big oil and while he knows there are other calls to crack down on big oil, he is warning there isn't much even he can do. >> like clockwork you see politicians racing to the cameras waving three-point plans for $2 gas. the truth is there is no silver bullet that can bring down gas prices right away. >> reporter: it is almost one
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day a week every day you're going to hear one of these companies giving profits out and you'll hear from the president most likely this week. he'll continue to say we got to cut these $4 billion in subsidies. it also allows him to call for more research and development of alternative energy. dan? >> not much you can do, though, about the slide in his poll numbers as a result of these gas prices. david kerley, thank you. the gas prices are having a huge impact on everyday life all over america, forcing people to change their day-to-day activities and even cancel easter sunday trips to visit family. t.j. winick has that side of the story from the side of the new jersey turnpike this morning. t.j., good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. here on the jersey turnpike gas prices went up 11 cents in just one day on friday. on my gas buddy phone app here, i'm able to find prices anywhere from $3.65 to $4.65 nearby and still these gas prices are crushing american drivers, forcing them to change their behavior not just on this easter
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weekend or vacation but down the road, as well. for vacationers across the country, it has begun. at mt. rushmore, 6,000 fewer visitors last month than last march. helicopter tours down 10% at the grand canyon, but as summer driving season is still two months away, the summer travel industry is in panic mode. one resort in wisconsin offering customers $40 gas cards. >> we're seeing them have gas guzzler saver plans for people to come in, gas buster deals for people, so in some ways they're anticipating this drop in demand before it truly becomes a very harsh reality. >> reporter: across the country families are grappling with how to survive the pinch and they're tweeting us videos of how they're coping. christine beale of flushing, michigan, tweeted she no longer drives her son to school, he takes the bus. >> you have to save up if we're going to go to that birthday party next weekend or go down to the tigers game then we're not going to do independent little trips during the week. >> reporter: leslie rakowski
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from westfield, new york, says gas prices are literally keeping her family apart. her husband who works in virginia used to come home every two weeks. now he can't as often because it costs too much. >> my husband is part time in arlington, virginia, and he comes back every few weeks to new york, that's a 400-mile drive, which costs quite a bit so he's been stretching the time in between the trips and not coming home as often. >> reporter: and in omaha, nebraska, tanesha johnson said she's had to curtail her kids' activities. >> my oldest didn't do volleyball this time because between paying for volleyball and paying for the gas to get across was just not feasible. and my little one, we just don't have the gas to do the extra play dates. >> reporter: with spring vacation just about over, the next big travel weekend on the calendar, memorial day, and according to aaa, the national average could be well over $4 a gallon by then. dan? >> and they're talking about $6 a gallon at some point. t.j., thank you.
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now to politics. and potential republican presidential candidate donald trump, who will stump in new hampshire this week, the state where the first primary is held, of course, this as new revelations about just how diligent a voter the millionaire reality star has been. john berman is here with more on that story. good morning. >> good morning, dan. we all know that donald trump has been very diligent when it comes to self-promotion and spectacle, both of which are big for business and politics, but when it comes to politics specifically, we're about to get a good taste of how he deals with the most important parts of it, namely, adversity and actual voters. when donald trump heads to new hampshire, maybe he'll try to change the state motto from live free or die to live free or -- >> you're fired. >> reporter: but the truth is the granite state is a lot less like a reality show and a lot more like reality. the self-proclaimed billionaire is far less likely to end up staying in a gold-plated penthouse than a red roof inn. a top trump adviser tells abc
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news he will meet with political advisers for the first in the nation primary state, but he'll also meet and greet voters, one of his first real forays into the often not so glamorous realm of retail politics. >> so this will be really interesting to see if this is the real thing or some sort of stunt to get donald trump's name in the news. >> reporter: on friday a new gallup poll found trump tied for first among potential voters but faced new questions about his voting record. according to the new york city board of elections, trump missed every republican primary from 1989 to 2010. while trump says it's not true, it might not sit well with republicans. still while trump refuses to give up his controversial and most would say false doubts about the president's birthplace -- >> there is a real question about the birth certificate. >> reporter: -- he does appear to be making inroads among some traditional conservatives. this was religious leader
7:13 am
franklin graham in an interview with christiane amanpour airing today on "this week." >> donald trump, when i first saw that he was getting in, i thought, well, this has got to be a joke, but the more you listen to him, the more you say to yourself, you know, maybe the guy is right. >> reporter: and it's not just franklin graham taking trump seriously, the republican governor of virginia says that donald trump has injected a dose of straight talk into this campaign. dan? >> the timing of the announcement of when he's going to run or not going to run, timing it with the finale of "the apprentice," interesting. >> yes, coincidence, who knows. >> yeah, who knows. john berman, thank you very much. of course, for much more on christiane amanpour's interview with the reverend franklin graham, stay tuned to a very special easter edition of "this week." now back to bianna now. >> dan, you still have time to come join me in london. it's waiting for you. >> i'll do my best, "b." >> but not much time. not much time. just five days to go until
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william and kate tie the knot, and the london police are working overtime to make sure nothing disrupts the event. with more than 500,000 people expected to line the streets of london on friday, this is an epic security challenge, and lama hasan joins us now with more on that. we've seen a lot of police and barricades. >> absolutely. good morning and welcome. british police are mounting the biggest security operation this country has seen in decades. there will be 5,000 police officers lining the route making sure everything is okay working round the clock. they know it's going to be overwhelming and a huge challenge, but they say they are ready for any kind of threat. british security services are leaving no stone unturned scouring every twist and turn along the route the royal couple will take on their special day, forming a so-called ring of steel, from checking sewer drains to the insides of lamp posts for explosives or any hidden weapons. >> we want to make sure that nothing compromises this event. we've got to be mindful of people in the crowd who want to disrupt it or get on to the
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route but we have policing of roads very robust taking place. >> reporter: specially trained sniffer dogs will check westminster abbey. police officers will monitor events from the air where they can keep a close eye. they will also have the ability to zoom in on anything that looks suspicious from buildings to people. and this command and control center. the priority, guarding the royals and their guests from terrorists. >> in the event that somebody with a firearm were to scale the barrier and get past the police and get past the military, you know, on the back of the carriage i think it's generally accepted now that all the livered foodmen are trained protection officers, and of course, are armed. >> reporter: and protecting them from anarchists. they don't want a repeat of this attack when an angry mob of protesters ambushed the limousine carrying prince
7:16 am
charles and camilla and pelted it with paint. now, there will be undercover police officers mingling through the crowds, as well, on the day, bianna. >> lama, thank you. dickie arbiter is here, former press secretary to the queen. good to see you. love the tie. in person it looks even better in person. let's talk about the security concerns. you obviously were here for diana and charles' wedding. can you compare the security then and what we're expecting this week? >> well, one of the things about security this time is that it is a well tried and tested route. it is a much shorter than charles and diana. just over a mile. charles and diana had just over two miles. so it's a longer stretch to cover. this one here around westminster and buckingham palace, especially all the buildings along the route are government owned so the likelihood of anybody being able to get in is very unlikely, and the ground is well tried and tested but they pull up drains and pull up anything that moves, anything that opens, lamp posts, even the control on the traffic lights, they open it up to check that it's okay then they seal it then it remains sealed. >> and how prepared are they to distract and keep the anarchists
7:17 am
that we saw just a few weeks ago from the actual scene of the wedding? >> well, they know who they are. the biggest problem they have is if they start drifting in on the various paths of the route as individuals, very difficult to spot them. they have photos of most of them and they'll be able to snatch them away. they have certain paths to remove people immediately if they pose a threat, they can remove people and search people, again, if they pose a threat so they know who they are. but there are other groups, there are other anarchist groups, muslim groups that want to demonstrate on the day, and the one thing police want to do is keep them out of the area. >> will the guests have to go through security searches themselves? >> they will. you have to remember in westminster abbey we have 40 members of the british royal family, 50 members of foreign royal, not only that we have service chiefs, we've got government ministers and the rest of the congregation, so they'll want to be sure it's absolutely safe. >> a lot of guests and a lot of security measures to take. but also wanted to ask you about something we talked about at the start of the show, the snub that the former prime minister tony blair and gordon brown were not invited.
7:18 am
is that considered a snub? >> no. it's not a snub. what they've done is drawn a comparison because margaret thatcher was invited and john major were invited and they're garter knights. that is in the gift of the queen. there is a connection there. the other connection is john major, when diana died, was a guardian to william and harry on legal affairs. so there is another reason why he's there. the other two, blair and brown are not garter knights. no reason why they should be there. and they're not friends. >> so i shouldn't be offended if i wasn't invited or dan wasn't invited back in new york. >> no. >> dickie, we'll see much more of you this week. to new york for the other headlines this morning. john berman is in for ron claiborne. good morning, john. >> thanks, good morning, everyone. the obama administration is urging yemen to move swiftly on a tentative deal to transfer power. yemen's embattled president agreed to step down in 30 days and hand power to his deputy in exchange for immunity from prosecution. president saleh has been a key ally in battling al qaeda.
7:19 am
syrian secret police reportedly raided homes of secret protesters saturday night aftered bloodiest attack in that uprising. security forces opened fire on thousands in funeral processions saturday killing at least 11. more than 120 people have been killed in the last two days. nfl star brandon marshall has been released from the hospital after being stabbed with a kitchen knife. police say the miami dolphins receiver was stabbed by his wife who was arrested and charged with battery. she said she was defending herself. marshall is expected to fully recover. and finally, the eggs are in place for today's annual underwater easter egg hunt in the florida keys. a scuba diver dressed as the easter bunny laid the eggs out along the edge of the reef. the underwater hunt will raise money for charity for needy kids like you need a reason to dress like an easter bunny to go swimming. now a quick look at today's weather, strong storms forecast from parts of texas to maryland and virginia, expect hail, damaging wind and a few tornadoes elsewhere.
7:20 am
>> all right. dan, bianna? >> thank you, j. >> all right. dan, bianna? >> thank you, j.b. you've got a knack for the weather thing. >> thank you very much. >> maybe you have a future there. coming up on this easter sunday, rabbits running rampant. this college campus used to be overrun by bunnies. now they found a way to keep the hares and humans happy. how? we've got details. and you can hear the bells live from westminster abbey. of course, we're going to have much more coverage from london. we're going to talk about who gets the best seats in the
7:21 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ and the bells are still ringing in full force from westminster abbey this beautiful sunday morning from london. dan, you see big ben behind me. here is a bit of trivia. do you know that it first started telling time in 1859? >> i did not know that. i did not know that. so how long -- >> earth shattering news here. >> that is just incredible. what else you got for me, bianna? >> we have a lot more coming up. you want to stay tuned to the show. we're going to have a lot more details about the wedding list, the seating charts, as well. what prince harry has planned for the hard-core partyers this morning after a very special guest drops by, none other than our own robin roberts stops by. that's how i roll, dan.
7:31 am
>> i know, you attract all the big stars. great to have you over there in london on this sunday morning. i'm dan harris in new york. it is sunday, april 24th. also coming up in this half hour, on this easter sunday we're going in search of bunny, actually we're revisiting long beach city college in california where last year at this time, the bunnies were running amuck. they were the scourge of the campus. but now the humans have made peace with the rabbits. how did they do it? we're going to tell you, but we're going to start this half hour, of course, with bianna in london with all the important royal news. bianna, back to you. >> i remember those bunnies from last year, can't wait to hear the story now. but, of course, we are going to begin in london where it's five days and counting to the biggest wedding in 30 years. we all know the only important equation on friday will be two becoming one but there are a lot of other numbers tossed around in the run-up to the royal nuptials. and lama hasan, you're here again. >> yes, i am, and you know us here at abc news have worked so hard to give you all the nitty-gritty details about the wedding day, but there are some
7:32 am
facts and figures out there you may not know about, for example, how many pints of beers will they be selling over the wedding period. well, here's a peek at all of that information and more. ♪ 1,900 people will be at westminster abbey as the royal couple exchange their vows. 650 will dine at the lunchtime reception hosted by the queen of buckingham palace, and only 300 lucky guests are invited to the dinner thrown by prince charles in the evening. 1 million people are expected to line the streets to catch a glimpse of the royal couple and those not invited to the wedding like most of us will be celebrating in other ways. 5,500 street parties will take place across the uk. last, over the wedding period, the brits will be served over 100 million pints of beer. can you say bottoms up? ♪ providing music during the
7:33 am
ceremony, two choirs, one orchestra and two fanfare teams. the couple will have two cakes and for prince william's wedding day chocolate biscuit cake, 1,700 biscuits will be used to make it. he used to love it as a kid being made from an old royal recipe. now to those beautiful red tulips in full bloom outside the palace. 26,000 will be cut before the wedding day after hot weather made them peak early. and finally, keeping the couple safe will be 5,000 police officers, 900 alone on the route from westminster abbey to buckingham palace with 187 well-groomed horses on parade and 35 police sniffer dogs on guard duty. whew. well, i hope i haven't overwhelmed you with all those numbers. i do have one more. according to google, 162 million web pages mention the royal wedding. i bit you didn't know that.
7:34 am
>> that's it? >> yes, that's it. >> great factoids this morning. i'm sure that will grow by the end of the week. thank you. we want to bring in our special contributor katie nicholl. good to see you side by side. >> i know. >> so many details to go through. we're learning more and more information thanks to you. can you tell us more about the seating chart because it's kind of surprising where people are being situated. >> do you know what, bianna, actually everything that's come out, the seating chart is the most fascinating thing to me because this is a royal wedding. they made it clear from the start, the couple, they didn't want it to be a state wedding. and if you look at the seating party, right at the front are all of their best friends sitting next to dignitaries, sitting next to royal families from around the world, sitting next to the prime minister and i think that's very special. it says a lot about this couple, yes, they're going to go according to royal protocol because they have to, but they're not letting their friends not feel part of the big day. they are all right at the top. and down behind the abbey, a
7:35 am
screen, and a knave. and that's where the prince of wales is and all the charities and all of the sort of -- i'm not going to say lesser people but not the immediate family and not the vips. >> helicopters hovering around us, probably security, as well. it is interesting because unlike diana and charles, william and kate have an inner circle of friends that they share amongst each other. >> they do. and diana and charles were allowed to invite 125 guests, that was it. this couple has been allowed to invite 1,000 friends, and i think that says so much about them, so much about this wedding and so much about how they want this to be done, but i think it's their day and what they always wanted. >> so we're also talking about the honeymoon. everyone wants to know where they're going. a lot of speculation about jordan. what are you hearing? >> well, you know what, there's speculation about jordan. i'm hearing that the king of jordan was invited to the wedding but that he hasn't come because the situation in his home country is so volatile. that to me just makes me wonder could they possibly go somewhere where there's so much unrest? i've heard sir richard branson has opened up an island.
7:36 am
>> and their family friends. >> their family friends and holly is going to the wedding and the great barrier reef is the latest. but you know what, i think this is all a gamble. i think people are hedging their bets. if you get to enough places you'll be right at the end of the day. my bet is william and kate already have it stitched up. and it's so remote we'll never guess. and good for them because this is their honeymoon. >> they've managed to keep so many things secret especially the dress. any more details or, no, we're going to have to wait till friday. >> i can't say i can exclusively reveal. you know what, this is the best kept secret of the wedding today. we still don't know. her favorite designer daniella issa helayel, her favorite label, was invited to the wedding, but i'm told she's not going there. there's something strange there. >> she's not going. >> she's not going. that's an exclusive. >> that's an exclusive, indeed. >> she's not going. and we'll have to wait and see who is dressing her. there's speculation it's not one frock it's three. we know she's changing for the evening. whoever it is, they are going to be a star within seconds of her stepping out from the hotel. that's where we'll get a look at
7:37 am
the wedding dress. >> it's going to be an all day event going through the evening and now we're hearing through the next morning 6:00 a.m., leave it to prince harry, breakfast party after. >> i mean it's harry in charge of your wedding, you know it's going to be going into the late hours. there are going to be bacon fry ups for the guests for the next morning. this is going to be the first royal wedding to have two royal wedding breakfasts. >> and maybe we'll be covering that as well come saturday morning. >> bianna, you and i will. >> 6:00 a.m. with price harry. all right. thank you so much. we appreciate it, katie. we want to go back to john berman with the other headlines. john, you can see how much security really is taking place in london. you hear the helicopter hovering over us. >> thanks, bianna. great, great stuff from london. good morning, everyone. in the news this morning, pope benedict is urging an end to the fighting in libya and calling for diplomacy. the pope led easter mass in a packed st. peter's square. the pope also gave his traditional easter greetings in
7:38 am
dozens of languages. the airport in st. louis is expected to be running about 70% of its normal traffic as it recovers from that powerful tornado, but the main terminal is expected to be closed for up to two months. doctors treating arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords tells "the arizona republic" she is now standing on her own and walking a little. doctors place her in the top 5% of patients recovering from her type of brain injury. and hide your wife, hide your kid, hide your pot? youtube sensation antoine dodson of that intruder song fame has been released after being arrested for marijuana possession. didn't see that one coming. now for a quick look at today's weather. ten states are under flood watches from oklahoma and missouri up to ohio. up to 6 inches over the next several days will result in widespread flooding. in the south, temperatures in the 80s with sunshine in atlanta and phoenix. rain and mountain snow likely from colorado to oregon. from colorado h@
7:39 am
>> dan? >> that gabby giffords news is incredible. >> is really unbelievable news. >> good for her. john berman, thank you. coming up here on "good morning america" we'll check in on those rascally rabbits at long beach city college. last year they were out of control on campus. we'll tell you what's going on this year and back to bianna in london for more on the royal wedding and a look at some british easter traditions. wedding and a look at some british easter traditions. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee.
7:40 am
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there are a lot of people even inside the building here at abc news who think john berman and i are actually the same person, so to prove all the doubters wrong, we're actually going to introduce this next story together. are you ready for this? >> i am. we can pull it off. >> not many colleges have a bunny task force but long beach city college in california does. last easter the campus was under siege by hundreds of the furry little creatures. >> and while they may look cute, the rabbits were causing some serious, serious damage. so the college decided to do something about the booming bunny population. and our very own david wright has the story. ♪ >> reporter: last eastertime this was the scene at long beach city college. hares here, there, everywhere. a campus under siege. how many bunnies do you figure you have here on campus? >> we've estimated about 300. >> 300 bunnies. a rabbit infestation so bad the local kids had a name for it. >> we always call it bunny college. >> reporter: this is the scene today. man and rabbit living together
7:44 am
in harmony. those fields torn to shreds a year ago now lush and green. no longer ravaged by rabbits. and instead of discouraging people from feeding the bunnies, it's now one of the campus' main attractions. so what happened? well, the bunnies that were breeding like rabbits have had their wascally ways curtailed. the college instituted an innovative program to capture, spay or neuter and then release the rabbits back to the campus. >> we probably have done 95% of our bunnies have been spayed and neutered. we have 70 that we've returned to campus and adopted 186 so far. >> reporter: the result, bunny college now has a manageable rabbit population, enough to entertain the kids but not overwhelm the groundskeepers. >> i don't think that it's dampened the experience at all for her. she's just happy that there's bunnies here so she doesn't really notice that there's less bunnies. >> reporter: and those bunnies
7:45 am
that can no longer live in the wild, they're put up for adoption. they're the third most popular pet to be adopted right behind dogs and cats. >> they are affectionate and have their own little personals. they're very sweet animals. >> reporter: and these bunnies get extra affection at this time of year. >> she understands the easter bunny and correlates the little bunnies with the easter bunny at eastertime. >> reporter: for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, long beach. >> you know, it hasn't dampened the experience for the students but no one asked the rabbits. i wonder how they feel about the whole situation. >> i can't believe they did that story without a caddyshack clip. >> gophers. >> i know but still that was a groundskeeper challenge. >> rodents. i understand you're in the rodent family. keeping it real right there. >> wow. >> we think this is the birth of a new show called two guys on a couch. what do you think? >> two guys on a couch talking about rabbits. >> an answer to "the view." we've got a future here. we want to tell you about some special digital product we
7:46 am
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>> hello. >> our very own robin roberts. >> great to see a familiar face. >> you got here yesterday. got a lot on tap for the show. >> we're going to be live from jubilee gardens and yesterday i hopped aboard one of those double decker buses because there's so much to see and do here in the fabulous city. so we'll give everybody a bird's eye view of what to see and we'll have a royal fashion show, as well. it's great having you here. but we have some royal all-stars. >> i'm just a commoner. >> no, no, we'll have royal insiders who will tell us what's going on. including tim gunn. >> i love him. >> he will have some of the hats that some of the guests will be wearing at the wedding on friday. >> i can't wait to see you in a hat. >> you know, i'm debating whether -- are you going with a hat or not? >> if you go with one i'll go with one. >> all right. we got to go shopping. >> not a hard job to do. >> not at all. i'm really looking forward to tuesday, too. barbara walters will be with me, and we're going to be live at kensington palace going behind the scenes. >> a huge week and barbara, diane, the whole gang will be here but all of the action
7:51 am
starts tomorrow. i'll be joining you, as well. >> i've got to get going. >> see you. >> all righty, now. >> got to love robin. coming up on "good morning america" some british easter traditions. stay with us. [ male announcer ] j.d. power and associates ranks quicken loans "highest in customer satisfaction in the united states." and if we're this happy about providing great customer satisfaction, imagine how happy you'll be receiving it. one more way quicken loans is engineered to amaze.
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we all know, of course we all know, of course, that here in america easter is a huge holiday. fun for kids especially but, bianna, it's also huge in
7:55 am
england, as well. >> it's a huge holiday here in england. we saw folks and families going to church this morning in their easter finest, and they also love chocolates just like i know you do, dan. they have their easter bunnies here, but they add a personal twist, as well. here's an easter bunny that we found that is a david beckham bunny. maybe we could have a lebron james bunny. big icon, sports icon in the u.s. you know, i was going to bring you back -- >> where did you go? >> i was going to bring you back a bag and souvenir. i'm right here. i was picking up a flag that i was going to bring back to you but i saw all that love between you and john there, i may go give this though robin. you got two guys on a couch. i figure two girls in a park. you know, that's a good show for you, as well. >> i have to admit that show two girls in a park would probably beat two guys on a couch hands down. hands down. i like the flag though. definitely bring me one back. >> i'll bring you one back. by the way, i'm not convinced that you're two different
7:56 am
people. maybe you're avatar. >> special effects are hard to beat on television. excellent watching you. have a great week. we'll miss you but i know you'll be back on the couch with us next weekend. i want to say to everybody watching, thanks for watching abc news. be sure to join us tomorrow for "gma" live from the royal wedding in london. we're always online at a special edition of "this week" coming up.
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